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2/6/2024 0:35:35   
And Pun-isher



This thread is for the discussion of the balance of the general features of the imminent stat revamp. This is where players can provide formula and balance concerns about the new features in general and stats relative to each other. Is anything broken? Do you anticipate any broken interactions or technical concerns we seem to be missing? Example topics picked from the discussion thread would be concerns about monster balance and overall inter-build fairness.

This is not a general discussion or general opinion thread. To provide feedback beyond this point, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the concepts of balance in the context of AQ ( Explained in this thread). Feedback must be concrete and presented in a constructive manner. To that end, we will have to be stricter with its content. The more grounded in the game's concepts a point is, the more likely we are to be able to work with it.

This thread is set to open at a point after noon EST on Tuesday the 6th.

Current summary of upcoming changes:



Base Behavior Changes:
  • Enable "Warrior Lean": FD armours deal 100% outdoing damage and take 80% incoming damage.

    Style Bonus:
  • +10% to all weapon damage.
  • Counterattack: inflict damage when attacked, hit or miss, for each hit. Worth [2.5% Melee of an expected player attack] per hit, follows weapon type+element but doesn't get weapon effects


    Base Behavior Changes:
  • Ranged attacks once again have a baseline of 100% melee.
  • Adaptation: After each successful Ranged hit, the lean shifts by -0.75 BtH. After each miss, the lean shifts away from damage and towards accuracy by +4.25 BtH. The effect on damage would be a multiplier of 85/(85±LeanMod) damage. The maximum values are +/-20 BtH. If not performing any Ranged attacks, the lean change is frozen. When using an autohit attack, the lean does not shift nor affect the attack.

    Style bonus:
  • Weapon special attacks gain bonus output increasing logarithmically with their proc rate. With a power budget of 10%, this means 100 proc weapons will get a boost of 15% before being affected by DEX's adaptive behavior.
  • +4.25 BtH


    Base Behavior Changes: None.

    Style Bonus:
  • Wallbreaker: Value adjusted to a 15% melee style bonus. Formula buffed to +[(INT/ExpectedINT)*(100-MonsterEleMod)/130]%


    Base Behavior Changes:
  • ENEMY ONLY: Reduced health scaling.

    Style Bonus:
  • [Implemented] Increased status resistance
  • [Implemented] Increased heal resistance
  • Once per battle, break out of and remove any stun effect. We're evaluating if the engine will allow this to trigger before item effects like Werepyre's Unstoppable.


    Base Behavior Changes:
  • Pet and guest accuracy is now based on [Mainstat+CHA] instead of DEX+CHA.

  • Guest stats adjusted to account for paying a third of the actual cost of their output:
  • Base guest output reduced to 45% Melee from 60%
  • Base guest Cost increased to 30% Melee from 21%

    Style Bonus:
  • Guests gain Ferocious Strikes: A flat 22.2% chance to have double output (Damage, status effects, etc).
  • Increase guest output by +5% Melee (50% Melee total)


    Base Behavior Changes:
  • Removed: Bonuses to blocking. No longer a part of the accuracy formula. Accuracy percentages remain the same; it simply doesn't take LUK to reach maximum accuracy.

    Relevant Accuracy Changes: Implementing a global accuracy floor. No attacks can be brought below a 5% chance to hit, regardless of other modifiers. This is a minimum result, and is unrelated to auto-hit and auto-block mechanics.

  • Added: Lucky Break. This is a player-only feature that gives a (LUK/50)% (Max 5% before Style Bonus) chance to cleanse one affliction and grant a buff worth 50% Melee.

      Lucky Break buffs are chosen as follows:
      - Non-stunning DPT effects (Burn, Bleed, etc) become Regeneration.
      - EleVuln becomes EleShield.
      - Damage or accuracy reductions (Choke, Panic, Blind) become Elemental Empowerment.
      - DefLoss becomes DefBoost.
      - Effects with a chance to stun you (Fear, Daze) would be cleansed with a 50% chance at Celerity.
      - Secondary stat reductions become a boost to the stat being reduced.
      - Main stat reductions become a boost to your main stat, using your held weapon's corresponding stat as a tie breaker.

    Style Bonus:
  • 15% additional Lucky Break chance.

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    2/7/2024 10:33:32   

    Lifting from the Design Notes (and I am aware that the 20% valuation has since been adjusted to 15%),


    The Style Bonus is unlocked upon reaching 150 in a stat, beginning at a quarter of its power, and scales up to its full value with every 5 points until reaching its full 20% melee value at 250.

    Level capped Guardians and X-Guardians have 750 points of stats to allocate in a 250/250/250 spread, earning themselves 45% Melee worth of Style Bonuses.

    However, a level capped Adventurer only has 675 points of stats to allocate in a 250/250/175 spread, earning themselves... if my math is right, 32.8125% Melee worth of Style Bonuses.

    My proposal: Include an Adventurer tag check, such that a 250/250/175 stat spread allows for the 45% Melee worth of Style Bonuses.
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