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RE: =AQ= Victory Scroll (Update) & Champion of the Light Realm

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5/8/2024 4:01:10   

Can someone post the base amount that X-Guardians players will get now.

Why are all gold amounts off ??
AQ  Post #: 76
5/8/2024 11:13:49   

I'm showing 99.8M max for L150 x guardian now.


The gold boost for X-Guardians was mistakenly set at 10%, inadvertently raising their daily gold cap by the same amount. This issue has been resolved, along with the problems related to mob scaling!

+10% Gold and Experience was and has always been the X-Guardian feature that separated it from Guardian. You just killed the extra $5 feature

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Post #: 77
5/8/2024 11:53:48   

The +10% Gold and Experience boost to X-Guardians was part of the package of upgrading characters to X-Guardians, how is that a mistake, many people actually paid that extra amount for it. If you are planning on suddenly deciding to revoke it from the package just like that, it will be a disaster really.



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AQ  Post #: 78
5/8/2024 12:15:23   

Honestly if they'd raise the daily gold cap once again and also maybe further boost the Z-Token drop rate for X-Guardians I might consider buying more of those.
Post #: 79
5/8/2024 13:26:46   
Jakau Ryuu

With all respect, I pretty distinctly remember the X-Guardian gold boost being very deliberately set to 10% many years ago to match the EXP boost, specifically because only boosting experience meant that X-Guardian characters would have a harder time buying level-appropriate gear than regular Guardian characters.

In fact, here is a staff post from over a decade ago mentioning exactly that concern.

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 80
5/8/2024 15:28:18   

Looky, 10% Boost

That's what you see when you go to upgrade to guardian right now.
Post #: 81
5/8/2024 15:36:57   
Aura Knight

X-Guardian is 10% extra for both. Removal had to be an error done in a rush to fix some other issue.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 82
5/8/2024 15:37:23   

I guess Hollow made a mistake, as well as the dev who fixed the issue, for forgetting this detail.
AQ  Post #: 83
5/8/2024 15:39:20   
  The Hollow
AQ Lead

Apologies for the confusion regarding the 10% boosts for X-Guardians! The 10% gold boost has been restored, and Guardians now receive a 5% bonus for both gold & xp as well. The bug that prevented Adventurers from finding Z-Tokens after battles has also been fixed.
AQ  Post #: 84
5/8/2024 21:48:16   

The Adventurer Daily Ztoken drop and X-Guardian Gold Boost have been saved! Thank you devs, for this swift response given how rough patch this Scroll Update has been. Plus a nice little Guardian Bonus tossed on top of that.
Post #: 85
5/9/2024 0:39:45   

To add to the bug list if it hasn't been mentioned already, flipping between "pages" on the scroll will play a noise even if all audio is muted.
Post #: 86
5/10/2024 17:28:14   
  The Hollow
AQ Lead

These updates/fixes are now live:
  • XP bonus % now accurately displays your bonus.
  • Significantly reduced saving time, especially for capped players or encounters with no gold/xp rewards.
  • New scrolls with info for capped players or encounters with no gold/xp rewards.
  • Page-turning sound now adheres to the sound options.

    We appreciate everyone's patience as we navigate through these complex updates, your support and understanding have been invaluable during this process! As a token of our gratitude, every character that has journeyed through our realms between now and the release of the Victory Scroll on May 3rd, has just received 1000 free Z-Tokens.
  • AQ  Post #: 87
    5/10/2024 17:57:11   

    Post #: 88
    5/11/2024 6:15:56   

    That is so generous, sadly I did not get any for being away.
    Post #: 89
    5/11/2024 12:23:31   

    Taladosian set is where I go to get ztokens . Well today no tokens . I have max out gold for the day.
    SO I went back to try my luck on tokens , still no luck after over 110 kills .

    My second try there DooMG Jelly hit me for minus 7983962 gold .
    Has any one had this to you...
    AQ  Post #: 90
    5/11/2024 13:36:55   

    The monsters are coming back to get their Gold back
    AQ AQW  Post #: 91
    5/12/2024 9:17:12   

    I dont know if any one has noticed the reset time is off and it keeps changing .
    AQ  Post #: 92
    5/15/2024 12:45:47   

    Thank you Hollow and team for the great fix to the guardian token cap issue, as well as the generous offering of 1k tokens per character for active players!

    I would like to help report some further major bugs that I found while daily farming on my account since the new scroll update:

    1. I can get up to 2 billion gold from monster kills, after which I get 0 gold. AND, after which, I completely stop getting tokens, until I reduce my gold.
    How it was before: I can get up to 1.2 billion gold from monster kills, after which I get 0 gold. BUT, I can continue to get tokens until I reach the daily tokens cap.

    2. When I have 2 billion gold, and I sell a Gold Storage Chest, an error message pops up. Later, when I have reduced my gold and try to sell the same Gold Storage Chest, it says that the item cannot be found (it disappeared)

    3. When I have 2 billion gold, and I sell an item for 10 gold, my gold drops to 1.5 billion.

    I am unsure which of these are intended but I feel point number 1. is the top priority to be fixed.

    Also to add a suggestion: with the new gold caps, perhaps we could increase the value of Gold Storage Chests, e.g. 2 billion to buy and 1.8 billion for selling.

    Please help with this, thank you.

    < Message edited by PeeBall -- 5/15/2024 12:49:58 >
    Post #: 93
    5/16/2024 15:11:00   
      The Hollow
    AQ Lead

    Thank you for your reports! We've fixed #2 and #3 on your list. Resolving the issue of finding tokens after encounters that yield no gold and xp rewards is proving to be more complex, and we're actively working on a solution.
    AQ  Post #: 94
    5/17/2024 4:14:44   

    Regarding gold-related bugs, it is discovered that the gold value may exceed 2 billion and becomes a negative integer. Please help with this, thanks.
    Post #: 95
    5/17/2024 11:30:37   
      The Hollow
    AQ Lead

    Could you provide additional details on how that bug occurred? We've addressed a couple of bugs this week already that were causing negative gold counts.
    AQ  Post #: 96
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