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Saturday, June 1st Design Notes: Book 3: Convergence - The End of Magic (Part 1)

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6/2/2024 0:24:50   
Laeon val Observis


Saturday, June 1, 2024
Book 3: Convergence - The End of Magic (Part 1)
Hey there, heroes!

This week, we return to Book 3's finale! The penultimate quest of Book 3: Convergence has arrived!

Last time, after putting an end to Jaania's plans, you pursued Akanthus into the depths of the Fissure, and your dragon awakened the slumbering secret of the Mana Core...

Now, faced with Lore's destruction, what options even remain for you and your allies?

Head over to Outpost Yeden to play The End of Magic (Part 1)!

Also this week, a new cosmetic weapon is now available from the Dragon Coin cosmetics shop!

The long lost vampire blade, Bloodbuster, is now available for 400 Dragon Coins!

Starting yesterday, you can also earn 50% bonus Dragon Coins when you purchase select Dragon Coins packages! Dragon Amulet and DoomKnight packages are not included.

You can also earn 10 daily Dragon Coins for the length of June, up from the usual 3!

This week, we also have a number of updates, adjustments, and fixes to the game and UI!
  • The Char Info Box, Quick Sheet, and Full Char Info UI backgrounds have been adjusted in response to feedback.
  • Quick Sheet and Full Char Info UI have had some colors adjusted for readability.
  • The char info button design has been replaced.
  • When guests are added, you now have an option to swap to and from a UI similar to the old version by clicking the small red gem above the Char Info Box.
  • Clicking HP/MP bars now sets them to Percent view (can be clicked to swap back).
  • You can now open Quick Sheets during combat animations (And they will dynamically update for most effects!)
  • The order of Avd/Def has been adjusted in Quick Sheets (Now MPM, then BPD).
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Quick Sheet effects to scroll extra lines.
  • Fixed an issue where loading pet dragon while you had guest dragon loaded would not properly update the UI.
  • The Options menu has been updated.
  • The Credits are now hidden by default, and can be viewed by clicking the Credits button.
  • The Game Mode option selection has been updated to make it more clear that they are mutually exclusive.
  • Other options have been reorganized.
  • An option has been added to change Char Info Box to All Guests View by default when guests are present.
  • An option has been added to show HP bars above enemies when they are hovered over with the mouse cursort.
  • An option has been added to toggle the FPS counter (can still be toggled by clicking on its location).
  • FPS counter visibility is now saved to the Flash cookie and now persists between game sessions.
  • The notifications from clicking Options names been minorly adjusted.
  • Fixed an issue where using the Fogotten Spear line's special could cause fractional exp to be rewarded.
  • Fixed an issue with the Book 3 Timeline where the tracker required the completion of Espina Rosa to progress.
  • Fixed an issue with the Book 3 Timeline where the tracker improperly progressed (or didn't) after returning from Nieboheim.
  • Sir Pent's dialogue in the Book 1Oaklore Bridge has been adjusted to reduce confusion.
  • DragonWarrior's Dragon Fury now says it increases base damage instead of Boost (no mechanical change).
  • Chaos Lord Mystic will no longer crash when trying to purge a permanent effect.
  • Leorilla no longer enrages against permanent effects.
  • Fixed an issue where Titan battles were unaffected by X-Boosts.
  • DragonRider now recovers 1250 MP on basic attack.
  • Fixed an issue where Pandora Extreme had some messed up effect names.

And that's all for this week! DragonFable's anniversary month is upon us, along with Book 3's imminent finale! There's a lot to do and see, so we hope you'll look forward to what's to come!

DF AQW  Post #: 1
6/2/2024 2:36:18   


So that's where Akriloth Jr's been! I guess Amadeus wan't just holding on to that Dragon Amulet for the fun of it. Doesn't this make him a proper Dragonlord?

Akriloth's child seemed to be one of those loose ends that the story had forgotten about, so I'm glad to see him again after all this time!

If the next quest is indeed the finale, then I suspect the premise of Book 4 may centre around the Hero finding a way to put Aequilibria back to slumber, which I suppose would involve working with our old Malerous friends again. But we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

A hype release to be sure, looking forward to part 2!
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 2
6/2/2024 2:56:04   

Absolutely amazing part 1. Y'all killed it, the good kind of killing it. Thank you guys for all the work you've done.


Jaania usurping the will of the mana core was well foreshadowed and a satisfying conclusion to her story line. It is a bit dark that she's stuck indefinitely with the two guys who ruined her and each others' lives all because they both wanted to date her, but I can see the significance of those three character arcs beginning and ending together. Masterfully done, 10/10.

I do find it odd that Valen bonded with the dragon who's previous caretaker he murdered, and who's father's corpse he reanimated as an undead war machine. I don't doubt this was considered in the writing, so I'm mostly just stating my own curiosity here. Despite being a reminder of Valen's crimes, I was still grinning like an idiot when his name was mentioned. Good memories of the fire war.

The art was beautiful as always, it was nice to see the new enemies designs. The only note I have here is that the pillar's attack grind the frame rate to a halt, so sometimes it feels like a battle to kill it as quickly as possible, regardless of which enemy poses the most threat. But overall a minor thing.

All in all, more than worth the wait.

Also, I'm super happy about the new guest view in the UI. Haven't had time to properly look through all the changes, but I just wanted to write this while the quest was fresh in my mind. I sound like a broken record, but this was a great release.
Post #: 3
6/2/2024 3:40:33   
Laeon val Observis


While the bonding process between "DragonLord" and dragon are a mystery still, you do make one erroneous memory. It wasn't Sepulchure/Valen who reanimated Akriloth's previous incarnation (while adding a Jr suffix is possible as in the case of Cryozen, Great Dragons -being facsimiles of Hatir and Dolaas- reincarnate). You might wanna review your Fire Orb/War arc.

< Message edited by Laeon val Observis -- 6/2/2024 4:04:32 >
DF AQW  Post #: 4
6/2/2024 5:27:55   

So close we are to reaching the end of this saga.


Curious to find out that Jaania wasted so much of her mana in our last fight that, even had she won out against us, she wouldn't have enough power to even pull off her plan to begin with. Guess that's what happens when you let pride and envy stand in the way of the pursuit of your own goals. At least now she's willing to recognize that all she's done was petty and her ultimate plans could have spelled disaster for everyone on Lore had she succeeded. Furthermore, it's good that she's willing to finally put her pride aside and understand that the Hero is genuine force of good that is needed in this world and that's something she's just going to have to trust will be enough to keep the people safe and that if we fail then it'll have to be enough for people to defend themselves in this world. Additionally, I find it somewhat amusing that Jaania poured so much of herself and her plans into changing the world into a more suitable shape, in her image of perfection, and now she's basically going to be forced to protect the world the way it is from an uncaring god that is bent on wiping clean the slate to start over.

Additionally, I love how Warlic lays it out flat the magnitude of the threat the Aequlibria poses because as anticipated we don't possess the means of outright stopping it with conventional force of something this powerful and even if we did succeed in killing it would result in the deaths of all those that live on Lore. Effectively, destroying Aequilibria would be equivalent of the real-world governments shooting nukes at Earth's core to stop natural disasters from happening. So, there's no easy way out of this outside of maybe restoring balance to Lore and cleaning up those anomalies and tears in the flow of fate to get the Elements to go back to sleep.

It's also surprising, and also kind not surprising, that Amadeus had Akriloth this entire time though it does make sense he would have preferred to have kept the newborn dragon close to him even before he was betrayed. I do wonder what this means for Akriloth in the future though since they are the Great Dragon of Fire and its kind of their responsibility to help maintain balance on Lore and protect the Plane of Fire.

Also, I find that final line of Aequilibria interesting: "Creation: Aspect of Order." Not sure what to make of it just yet beyond it's just engaged a new mode for the upcoming fight but I'm almost positive there's more here.


Let us find tranquility.
DF  Post #: 5
6/2/2024 10:45:15   
Baron Dante

So, with further updates to the UI, I guess this is a good time to ask if there's chance for further refinement (Keeping in mind that this is Flash and any given thing could just not be doable for reasons).
Would it be possible to also have the option for both the health AND % showing at the same time? The Health/Mana bars certainly have room for it. I get that it might look a bit cluttery, but it'd be an option that gives you as much useful info as possible with minimal time spent checking.

In a similar manner, and this one I get might be a bit tricky, but it is possible to look at the Quick Status Screen during a turn now, and see the effects apply in real time, at least if they're applied on hit. This can be useful in seeing what the enemy is applying at a glance, and I wonder if it'd be possible to somehow keep the QSS up during a turn to be able to do this for any effect.

I still have some issues with how it all looks, but I'd have a hard time articulating where my issues lie exactly, so I'll just leave it that. The additional info is definitely helpful.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 6
6/2/2024 11:16:50   

Just started watching videos on Youtube of DF again… man what a blast from the past. Going to try and recover my old info and play some. This game used to mean so much to me as a kid, boy do I feel old now. Major thanks and applause to the team that has continued to work on this game over the years!
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 7
6/2/2024 17:35:32   
Laeon val Observis

@Baron, these two bullets from the DNs post itself should answer your queries:

  • You can now open Quick Sheets during combat animations (And they will dynamically update for most effects!)
  • An option has been added to show HP bars above enemies when they are hovered over with the mouse cursor.

  • The first, used in concert with a toggled to on Keyboard Control setting in Options (the keyboard command to keep QSS active mid-animation or not is the Shift button), will allow you to figure out if your character (haven't tested if this works on guests, not that I really care about them anyway) sustained an effect from an enemy's attack. As for monitoring if your target enemy sustained effects from your side of the playing field, you'll have to ready your cursor near their QSS icon as Shift is not used at them (even then one should already know which effects -skill, trinket, or weapon special- are on-hit or not by keeping the Game Log display on).

    The second, while not perfect (Some enemies do not display HP bars even if said setting in Options is on. Encountered that on the spoons from that Falconreach Inn request), should be a reasonable workaround that will enable you to check enemy HP percentages (As you are aware that you can either toggle to HP or percent mode. The on-hover is always set to actual HP). Not really caring for the player's case as all our existing enemies that have execution mechanics (e.g. Kitsune and the recent Jaania Ex) never really gave a hint on that.

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    DF AQW  Post #: 8
    6/3/2024 2:48:42   
    spirit of greed

    It was a nice enough main story release

    It was nice to see Akriloth Jr again, guess we finally know what happened to him after all this time other than hints on discord, i know he's an ally but i hope we get to fight him with Sephiroth riding him in a simulation fight maybe? Maybe both of him and OG Akriloth.
    Interesting to see the Magesterium is how uninterested towards Dragons given how powerful they are and how much destruction they can do.
    Anyway i don't know how to feel about Aequlibria as the main villain/boss for this storyline. When Jaania appeared i thought it was her, same with Akanthus later on and the Doom device when it was showed. We just didn't really had much about it so far, no big build up or big foreshadowing (like Thanos in the MCU) only 1 mention in the Maleurous saga. I liked book 3 but i just can't be as excited to see Aequlibria as the main bad guy as i was for Sephiroth,Caitiff etc...
    Even though he wasn't my favorite villain by far i still wish we had at least 1 fight with Akanthus before his defeat. I also really hope the Doom device spreading all those doom didn't just get vaporized by Aequlibria but rather released and later on becoming a real problem like the Malerurous spirits were.

    Other than that i really liked how this quest brought back titan dragon fights. I remember during Book 2 we were told titans fights will be rarely done after how much it was used in book 1 and how boring it is. Something i never agreed with, if anything else it's nice to see more titan fights to make the combat system more fresh. I always love when we get to do special combats other than the regular beat him up with your weapon kind of fights. Would be nice to see the weird chess type of fight system from book 1 ravenloss saga to reappear also.

    Seeing how the Rose is pretty much done after Akanthus ,Theo, Jaania and Amadeus is neutralized i'm interested to see what will happen to Rose, it will probably be in a disarray. I don't know what to think about the Rose anymore, it's done a lot of good and it has a lot of good people there who don't want to do harm but it did just as much bad, has a lot of racist and violent members and Jaania clearly couldn't oversee it perfectly. I guess the most violent members could do a mutiny and leave Rose? Creating another organization or just spreading everywhere on Lore? I mean if Jaania could rally so many people for 1 cause and create the Rose who can say others couldn't?
    DF AQW  Post #: 9
    6/3/2024 3:55:02   
    Laeon val Observis


    We've already confronted Akriloth in a simulation since June 2023, but considering your inclinations to Inn fights mostly to fawning over them than facing the terror, likely the reason why you missed it. And in case you missed my spoiler, and it is supported by a certain dialogue in the Maleurous Saga (go find it, as spoilers have a tendency of not concealing quote tagged items), Great Dragons reincarnate, so having a Jr suffix is likely to be a lack of understanding on their nature as cyclic beings on their owner's part.

    And if I may correct, are you mistaking our resident DoomKnight Sepulchure for the FFVII antagonist with all your pop culture references?

    < Message edited by Laeon val Observis -- 6/3/2024 3:58:50 >
    DF AQW  Post #: 10
    6/3/2024 4:41:11   
    spirit of greed


    I guess you're right we did had a challenge with Akriloth and his attendants and i guess you're also right Great dragons reincarnate. It's hard to remember all the challenges after there's almost 100 of them and it's just as hard to remember every Lore details, especially how little i get to play DF because of RL.
    I don't understand why the hostile tone though? I have no idea what fawning, FFVII or pop culture references are you talking about honestly, all i said was that it would be fun to fight with Akriloth Jr and Sephiroth even if i was partially wrong. Jeez sorry if my incorrect reply was that offensive.

    I admit after i reread i noticed i misspelled i meant to say Sepulchure not Sephiroth, sorry i just finished a 24H shift i'm a bit tired and it just happens sometimes, still i'm sure everyone know who i meant, it doesn't mean anything more than me being tired and distracted

    Arguing aside, there are things which i wasn't a huge fan of but overall i loved this release.

    Thanks for the kind words @Lee

    < Message edited by spirit of greed -- 6/3/2024 5:35:04 >
    DF AQW  Post #: 11
    6/3/2024 5:05:31   


    I don't understand why the hostile tone though? I have no idea what fawning, FFVII or pop culture references are you talking about honestly, all i said was that it would be fun to fight with Akriloth Jr and Sephiroth even if i was partially wrong. Jeez sorry if my incorrect reply was that offensive.

    You're fine. It's a known yet unspoken fact that Laeon frequently carries such tone regardless of the context or situation. Going so far to send essay long DMs filled with the same if not a worse hostile tone.

    As for the Inn Challenges, it's more than fair to forget which is what. Especially when the lore there is considered a "grey" area when it comes to the wider part of DF. Due to being simulations and the like.
    Post #: 12
    6/3/2024 5:06:20   
    Laeon val Observis

    Well, now you know why I tend to remain silent because it is an offset to the opposite scale of me not really mincing words (but oh I do try to adjust somewhat if I have any respect for lifelong learning, just not too much that it'll cause me an existential crisis).

    And if I am not mistaken, shouldn't-nay, isn't- the MCU be pop culture? And FF is Final Fantasy.

    Ah, didn't see that. Where have you been, prodigal "This has to stop" WDL? Was wondering why ya didnt' pop up for last month's Inn challenge. And surely you're not attempting to misconstrue others with that gray/grey area spiel of yours as I did provide a non-Inn link for our forumites (there could've been two, but not necessary yet), are we, just like how you did at Jaania Ex? So, are we up for another "this has to stop" spiel? As Palpatine put it, "We will watch... with great interest."

    < Message edited by Laeon val Observis -- 6/3/2024 5:45:18 >
    DF AQW  Post #: 13
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