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=AQ= 2024 Summer Season of Gifting - Community Prizes

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6/7/2024 14:36:27   
  The Hollow
AQ Lead

In the ancient forests of Lore, where light barely touches the ground and mushrooms grow to enormous sizes, the Fungibushi tribe thrived.

Tibbles the Merry Elf will soon be making a joyous return to AdventureQuest's Summer Season of Gifting!

This year's gifting contest promises double the excitement with two sets of prizes up for grabs. First, we have the coveted community prizes: the Fungibushi set. As players shower each other with gifts, specific gifting milestones will unlock fantastic rewards for the entire AdventureQuest community, fostering a sense of togetherness and shared accomplishment.

But that's not all! Tibbles also celebrates the top gifters as elite "Giftmasters." These exceptional individuals, recognized for their incredible generosity, will be rewarded with the exclusive Warwolf Prime set. This unique set showcases their remarkable giving spirit and elevates their status as true champions of gifting.

We need your creative input to help mold the extraordinary powers of the Fungibushi set. As we delve into the mysterious depths of its mycelial might, we invite you to share your suggestions on how this fantastic fungi-themed gear should function.

This suggestion thread for the Fungibushi set will remain open until the contest begins on June 27th. We will then compile your top three suggestions based on player feedback and post a poll, allowing players to vote for their preferred functionality for this set!

Update: As long as the proposed concepts harmonize into a cohesive set of gear, players can provide as much or as little detail as they deem appropriate! Our main objective is to release a set that garners widespread enthusiasm and approval from those it is designed to serve. Typically armors feature a normal attack along with a secondary attack or skill. Fungibushi will follow this pattern and have two different attacks. However, the Warwolf Prime armor will have an expanded suite of four total attacks - two for the mounted configuration and two more for the integrated power armor mode. Additionally, the pets accompanying each set will each have two distinct attacks. For the Warwolf Prime set, the ranged cannon will be 100% proc with two different firing attacks. The Fungibushi set's ranged kunai is open to either be 100% proc or not. At this stage, we haven't designated any special attacks for the other weapon types, but that could potentially change based on suggestions.

Due to the positive reception of the custom weapon skin prize for our top 5 Giftmasters, we're bringing that prize back again! But this time around it will not be limited to only weapons, and we're adding the option to create custom shields skins instead. We have also created an excellent daily prize giveaway for the contest featuring the Lunartide Bracer Misc.

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6/5/2024 18:22:38   
Grace Xisthrith

I love the art on the Fungibushi set, it looks sick. I can't wait to think up a suggestion
AQ  Post #: 2
6/6/2024 0:44:23   

Could we get info on the animations that each item has?

For example: Are there animations for potential weapon specials/skills? Is there more than one attack animation for the armor? etc.
Post #: 3
6/6/2024 1:31:23   
ming shuen

Looks cool. Love the art. Seems like a Earth / Water set. Whoever incorporates SC lean into their suggestions will have my vote.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 4
6/6/2024 22:10:04   

This art is great :) Devs really outdid themselves with the contest art this year. Everyone also had great ideas for this set too! Picking a top 3 for the poll was tough, but I support (in no particular order at this point) Grace Xisrath, Telcontar Arevdui I, and Dardiel (#17).

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AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 5
6/7/2024 0:32:57   
Aura Knight

Well without too much thought into it, first look at it makes me expect it to end up being FD earth/water and possibly wind with effects of poison, healing and some type of accuracy lowering effect. Maybe poison eater effect on pet to heal our mp or sp. Misc is probably some type of heal item or some booster we toggle. Shield enhances poison or heals with toggle to swap. Wind, water, earth for the melee, magic ad range weapons. Melee lowers defenses, magic inflicts a poison and let's have range one cause bleed. Sure I'll leave it at that.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 6
6/7/2024 1:04:15   

Fungibushi (Sporin')
Misc: Element Resist Misc
Poisons deal +20% damage, and while there is a Poison on the Monster, you deal +15% damage.
MC: Compresses a skill:
Sporeburst: QC. Usable once per turn. Remove up to 200% Melee worth of Spore on the Monster and deal Melee %x1.2x0.5 Spore-Element damage. Heal HP equal to the damage dealt. The x1.2 is to account for the Misc's Poison damage boost that would get removed (Neko also does this).
Pet: Pet with two modes
MC: +4.25 BtH.
Status Mode: Deals x0.2 damage. Apply a [Damage Dealt]/[Expected Damage]x32% Melee Pet Element Spore. Expected damage in this case is 8% Melee since it's 40%x0.2. This effect is capped at 64% Melee.
Damage Mode: Eat up to 80% Melee worth of Spore on the Monster to deal up to +200% damage.
Shield: Element Shield
Flavor Effect: Take +20/1.4% damage to apply a 12.5%x[Hits]x[EleComp] Melee Element Spore on the Monster at the end of its turn, with Hits being the number of hits it connects on you. This caps at 4 hits per turn.
Weapons: 0-Proc Melee/100-Proc Ranged/0-Proc Magic Element Weapon
Flavor Effect:
Melee/Ranged: Take +(10/1.4)% damage and -6 MRM. At the end of every turn, apply a [Damage Dealt]/[Expected Damage]x20% Melee Weapon Element Spore. This effect is capped at 40% Melee.
Magic: Take +(10/1.4)% damage and -6 MRM. At the end of a turn you cast a Spell of the Weapon's Element, apply a [Damage Dealt]/[Expected Damage]x50% Melee Weapon Element Spore. This effect is capped at 100% Melee.
Melee/Ranged: The first turn you attack, increase the power of the Spore you apply by 50% Melee. This is independent of the normal cap.
Magic: Compresses a Spell that follows Weapon Element.
Armor: Element Neutral Armor with 42% Allied Element secondaries.
MC: Compresses one skill and two toggles.
Skill: Propagate: QC. All max Power Spores halve their Power and apply new Spores equal in number and Power to the number of Spores affected by this effect.
Toggle 1: You can change to FD or Spellcaster lean once per battle.
Toggle 2: Lock normal and Bow/Wand attacks to Element and gain EleComp to damage. Spells of the same Element cast while this is toggled also gain EleComp to damage.

Spore is a new DoT Status Effect whose damage is considered Poison. It's always permanent and is worth the same as Siphon. Unlike Siphons, Spores do not heal you (kind of). Instead, Spores increase their own Power based on the damage they deal divided by the Monster's Resist to avoid double dipping on Resist.
For example, a level 153 1 Power Spore deals 50 damage against a Monster with 130% Resist to that Element. So, we treat this damage as 50/1.3 = 38.46 damage. Since 100% Melee at level 153 is 404 damage, this is 38.46/404 ~ 0.095 = 9.5% Melee. Spores are permanent and worth the same as Siphons, so a 1 Power Spore is worth 200% Melee. A 9.5% Melee Spore is thus a 0.0475 Power increase to the Spore. So, after the turn, the Spore becomes a 1.05 Power Spore.
Every instance of a Spore is its own thing like Panic. They cap at 0.6 Power each (I've tentatively decided this). When they cap, they become essentially HP Siphons and heal you for the damage they deal.

(Thoughts: I kind of rushed this, so I'll likely be revisiting the numbers and ideas in the future to change them.
Anyway, as usual for me, this is an exploration of some fairly unique mechanic ideas. The core is Spore itself, which is a variation of a ramping effect that bypasses the turn-delay stuff, which doesn't seem like it'll ever be revisited . In this case, it's a varying ramping effect where its damage feeds itself. If you're thinking that a higher Power Spore will feed itself faster, then you'd be correct. It's balanced by the fact that you're paying even more for not getting the Siphon effect since the Status Effect costs double what it should to get this ramping. I'd be happy to see this kind of idea applied to the other DoTs. The rest of the set thematically follows this damage-based ramping, with every instance applying more Spore the more damage you deal. I've also included two methods to use up the Spores immediately if you're not interested in this ramping playstyle.

I'm of two minds with regards to the caps. I've currently set them at double their expected value, but I could also change it to their expected value with a clawback of 0.5 using the Soft Damage Cap formula. Both methods have precedence, and each have their pros and cons. A double hard cap makes it easier to reach that doubled value but is hard capped at that set value. The soft cap makes it harder to reach that doubled value (it requires dealing 4x the expected damage to reach doubled value to be specific), but you're not limited past that.

I also limited the design of this set in two major ways, which you may have noticed. The set does not use Status Rolls and, outside of the Magic Weapon and standard Misc upkeep, nothing uses resources. I wanted to keep the set very accessible to players even with little good gear because this will be always available to everyone. Status Rolls with Status Potency is really strong, but there are quite a few gear requirements involved. The pure Poison Potence Shield is an unavailable Premium while the alternative costs Tokens, for example. Resources are similar. Essence Orb is pretty readily available but only for Guardians, and outside of it, most of the better resource generators cost Z-Tokens or are Premium.)

Removed Elements and associated compression costs.
Fixed an error with calculation that made it so Spore ramping was 1/10th the amount it should've been.
Reduced cap of Spore due to it taking way too long to reach thanks to feedback from Telcontar Arvedui I

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6/7/2024 7:54:05   
Telcontar Arvedui I

Status of my Fungibushi submission: Completed! (still might make minor changes here and there if I receive feedback)
EDIT @ Final 12-hour stretch! Apparently there's a possible spell and 2nd pet to unlock? Updated submission to reflect this possibility.

* * * * * * *

Misc: Reishi Dashi
- Costs 28 %Melee in SP. (110 SP at L150).
- Down-trigger Effect: If the opponent is not Poisoned, gain BtH and reduced incoming Earth damage. This is still a down-trigger effect, so the effects add up to be worth 20 %Melee in total (so assuming the reduced Earth damage is worth 15 %Melee, that's 5 %Melee worth of BtH gains).
- Spends MC (and if necessary, a portion of the up-trigger effects power) to allow toggling between 2 different up-trigger effects.
- You hover on the misc for a Battle Log message saying what effects are present, and you click to toggle between up-trigger effects should the up-trigger condition (opponent is Poisoned) is met.
- Since the down-trigger takes a 8 %Melee penalty, and the trigger can be a player-controlled variable, therefore the up-trigger should receive a 8*1.5 = 12 %Melee bonus, to be worth 40 %Melee.
- Up-trigger Effect 1: If the opponent is Poisoned (this is the default up-trigger effect, in case the opponent starts the turn healthy and then gets Poisoned by player-side actions), you replace the down-trigger effect with incoming-damage reduction against all (8?) elements. This emulates Element Shield, so assuming {Shield_multiplier} = {Cost}/1.4/1.1, a 40 %Melee budget results in 0.7403x reduction to incoming damage.
- Up-trigger Effect 2: If the opponent is Poisoned, you can instead replace the down-trigger effect with an increased BtH worth 10 %Melee (should be +8.5 BtH), plus an additive boost in outgoing player damage (affects weapon-based, spell-based, and proc-based stuff) worth 16.5 %Melee, plus equal buffs to STR/DEX/INT worth the remaining 13.5 %Melee (given how +50 to a single stat is worth 17 SP in misc costs, this should provide +50 to all 3 mainstats).

Shield: Kinoko Sara-Tate
- Earth, Magic > Ranged > Melee blocking.
- Compresses a toggle that increases incoming damage by (25/1.4) percent. In return, each opponent’s strike (up to a total of 4) in that turn causes you to attempt to inflict a 4-turn Earth Poison that is worth 12.5 %Melee, +0 save roll.

Proposed Stats at Level 153
Melee 11
Ranged 13
Magic 16

Earth -26%

Armour: Lacquered Wood Ear Yoroi
- FD armour, Magic > Ranged > Melee blocking.
- Earth as primary element. Flavour effect: Water/Darkness secondary, and Fire treated as an opposing element, overall may result in reduced blocking.
- Normal armour attacks have a chance to deal either 2 or 3 hits per turn. 3 skills.
- Skill #1: Psilocybin Focus - Toggle between FD and Spellcaster leans, usable once per battle, armour lean persist between battles until changed again.
- Skill #2: Mushroom Cloud - Efficient Spell-based Earth skill. 2 hits, damage and cost follows weapon type (so it costs SP if you're holding a Melee/Ranged weapon, MP if Magic), EleComp increases damage. Baseline 150 %Melee output, but deals halved damage (so from baseline 150 %Melee to 75 %Melee) for each hit to have a chance of inflicting 4-turn Earth Poison. +0 save roll.
- Skill #3: Bursting Spores - Regular Spell-based Earth skill. 4 hits, damage follows weapon type, costs SP, EleComp increases damage. Eats up to 200 %Melee of Poison present on the opponent, converting it into Daze instead. This conversion takes appropriate penalties due to autohit and having no save rolls, with Daze's stun-rate and duration calculated in a way similar to Mogdin’s Paralysis mode, or Werewolf’s Snarl skill. If the opponent has Boss Boost, Freedom or Immobility Resistance, eat Poison to boost damage instead.

Proposed Stats at Level 153
Melee 48
Ranged 49
Magic 53

Fire 105
Water 45
Ice 88
Wind 82
Earth 40
Energy 96
Light 96
Darkness 45

Pet: Mooshi-mushi
- Earth pet, can toggle between Enthusiastic Headbutt mode and Affectionate Rubbing mode.
- +20 Poison Potence on both modes. This is valued at 5 %Melee, so the pet will get overall reduced damage. If it did not act, deals 5 %Melee of damage to the player, similar to Scarab pet.
- Enthusiastic Headbutt mode: Headbutts the shin (or where most shins are expected to be), similar to the Scarab pet attack animation. Minimum 2 hits, -5 BtH lean, deals damage with no other effects.
- Affectionate Rubbing mode: Attack animation similar to Bun-Banneret's 4-hit, as in it tries to rub its back on the opponents' leg. Sacrifices majority or all of the remaining damage to attempt to inflict 1-turn Daze.

2nd(!) Pet:
- Earth pet, can toggle between Charging Tackle mode and Poison Spore mode.
- +10 Poison Potence on both modes. Originally +20 Poison Potence is valued at 5 %Melee, but this pet's attack can either inflict Poison or benefit off of an already-present Poison status, so reduced Potency as a balance mechanic. Again, pet will have to sacrifice MC (2 %Melee) plus 3 %Melee (which is 7.5% of pet overall damage) for this. If pet does not act, deal damage to player (whether 2.5 or 5 %Melee due to halved Potence, I leave to the devs to decide).
- Charging Tackle mode: Attack animation depends on pet anatomy, so no defined suggestions here. Minimum 2 hits, -5 BtH lean. If opponent is already Poisoned, consumes up to 37 %Melee of Poison (if possible, only reduces the power, not the duration, of the present Poison) to bring the pet damage output up to 74 %Melee (double its original damage).
- Poison Spore mode: Scatters poisonous spore, animation could be similar to the FunGuy monster's special attack, as this is less dependent on pet anatomy. Halve pet damage (so -18.5 %Melee) to inflict a 4-turn Poison. Poison infliction is automatic, therefore apply appropriate autohit penalties to Poison power.

- 5 hits. Regular spell (200 %Melee output).
- Has SP and MP variants, of course.
- Shows as Unknown Element in the shop. Reasons below.
- First hit is always Earth (or whatever the set armour's primary resist is), outputs 40 %Melee.
- Subsequent hits eleseek between Earth/Water/Darkness (the armour's primary and secondary resists). This results in the spell taking overall 24 %Melee reduced damage (15 %Melee because eleseeks between 3 elements, using The Fathershed Moment sword as reference, then *2 because it's a spell, then *160/200 because it doesn't affect the first hit's output.) The eleseek should respect EleVuln/Eleshield statuses on the opponent, if possible.
- Each hit of the spell takes a further 90% reduction to damage (so every hit deals 4 %Melee in direct damage, subsequent hits 3.4 %Melee), to attempt to inflict a 4-turn Poison of the spell hit's element. (Infliction attempts happen on every spell hit, in case it's not clear.)
- Poison infliction naturally uses LUK for minor stat roll, and one of the mainstats for major stat roll (Highest between STR/DEX if SP variant, INT if MP variant). Opponent uses END/LUK for resist rolls as normal.
- MC: Each poison infliction attempt has a -20 save roll in favour of the player.
- (if this is too wonky balanced-wise, either have the 6 hits cycle between 3 elements of the armour's primary/secondary resists, or have all 6 hits be the armour's primary resist element)

Melee Weapon: Fungai-no-Odachi
- Sword, can actually toggle between 0-proc Melee mode, and 0-proc Ranged mode. Resets to Melee between battles.
- Second toggle allows switching between pure damage mode and Poison mode.
- Pure damage mode has no extra effects.
- Poison mode costs SP, reduced blocking and reduced weapon damage (total cost should be valued at 35 %Melee, with at least 15 %Melee being SP cost). Each hit attempts to inflict 4 turns of Earth Poison with appropriate power, up to 4 attempts.

Ranged Weapon: Shuri-Matsu
- 100-proc Earth Throwing Dagger/Grenade. Toggles between regular mode and autohit mode, no true special on either.
- Regular mode has 50/50 chances of doing a 2-hit or a 6-hit attack. Sacrifices (no more than 30) %Melee in weapon damage in order to attempt to inflict 4 turns of Earth Poison with appropriate {Hits/Attempts*DEX_ADAPTATION_FACTOR} power. +0 save roll.
- Autohit mode is 3-hit. In addition to the autohit, it also must cost 10 %Melee (or less) SP per turn for a chance to inflict a 4-turn Earth Poison, +0 save roll.

Magic Weapon: Enoki-Take-Boki
- Earth Staff/Sceptre. Toggles between 0-proc and 100-proc mode.
- Both modes trade 10 %Melee from weapon damage to allow Earth spells to inflict 4-turn Earth Poison (does not require the spell to hit, therefore take appropriate penalty to Poison power), +0 save rolls.

* * * * * * *

Design notes here.

I agree with the notion that this set should be easily accessible to the whole playerbase. However, I'm also of the opinion that my suggestion should not pose difficult challenges to the devs' workload. Which is why I tried my best to suggest effects and mechanics that are a) already present in other in-game items, and b) generic enough that a significant portion of the playerbase should be able to incorporate some, if not all of the set items into their equipment builds.

My Fungibushi suggestion focuses on the mushroom theme and its narratively-associated Poison status. Like many players, I also feel that (F2P-friendly) Poison support equipment is under-represented, so this community donation set would be a great chance to introduce such gear. Most of my suggestions, from FD/Spellcaster leans to a Poison Potence pet, reflect this “introduce more F2P-friendly gear related to said mechanic” stance. I picked a secondary status in Daze because stun is still an often-useful mechanic in the player’s arsenal, and leaned into the magic mushroom lore for this. (Get it? Magic mushrooms? Heh.)

However, IMO there are aspects in this proposal that can set it apart from others that also lean into Poison as the overarching theme. Narrative-wise, I'm leaning into magic mushrooms and feudal farming societies as secondary themes, so there's no weirder stuff in my suggestion like zombie-ant fungus or actually-sapient mushrooms. No, these are just giant magic mushroom farmers that further enchant their humungous fungi into tools and weapons. Mechanics-wise, the biggest one is that the Poison inflicted by these Fungibushi items lock the Poison duration to 4 turns upon infliction. The goal is to lean into a defensive playstyle with sustained output by default, and to lower the difficulty when it comes to converting the Poison into other game mechanics. I understand this runs contrary to the convention outlined here, so if the devs decided to not follow the duration-locking aspect of this suggestion, I’m okay with withdrawing my submission entirely.

Lore-wise, Poison infliction involves injecting magic mushroom spores into the opponent's body or form, acting as a foreign agent that takes up required space and causes unwanted effects. Mechanics-wise, infliction is achieved primarily via weapons, with the shield and efficient armour skill providing secondary infliction sources. The misc and armour's final skill then takes advantage of the inflicted Poison to achieve boosted longer-term performance and instant gratification, respectively. The pet is intended to be primarily a +20 Poison Potence support, and I do not want to double-dip into the Poison status, therefore the pet inflicts Daze to match the armour's final skill.

I deliberately suggested varying Poison powers, and the costs paid to activate the Poison infliction chances, between each weapon type in order to lean into each mainstat's archetypical playstyle.
- INT builds can quickly dole out a one-two by casting the armour's built-in efficient skill with added-on effects from the Magic weapon, then go straight into Eating the inflicted Poison by casting the final armour skill.
- STR builds (or 0-proc DEX builds) synergise the 0-proc weapon's Poison mode with the shield’s toggle for a less immediate but higher potential output. Ideally requires 2 turns of attacking, plus a cast of the efficient armour skill, to achieve Poison levels equivalent to a single Magic-weapon-boosted-efficient-armour-skill cast.
- Finally, DEX builds are offered a minimal SP upkeep avenue with the 100-proc Ranged weapon to sustain the misc's up-trigger for as long as possible. Should require at least 3 turns of attacking in non-auto-hit mode, plus a cast of the efficient armour skill, to achieve Poison levels equivalent to a single Magic-weapon-boosted-efficient-armour-skill cast.

For other set pieces,
- The armour includes a FD/Spellcaster lean toggle to allow Spellcaster lean synergy with the Poison-eating potentially buffing the damage of the final armour skill. Yes, the Poison-eating skill is a downgrade from 4-Metre Harvest Skeleton Attack. This is because it's main role is to serve as a stun spell, and it already has the advantage of being compressed and Elecomped into a (potentially Spellcasting lean) armour.
- Misc is intended to be a generic Poison support, providing options to enhance the user's offensive/defensive capabilities against Poisoned opponents. I deliberately applied the principle of conservation of %Melee here, as I've found conflicting misc design standards when I was looking up recent infosubs and discussing them with other players (like @RobynJoanne). Considering that it has trigger effects, the misc still came out to be very powerful IMO.
- Like the misc, the pet is also intended to be a generic support item, but instead of gaining advantages after Poisoning the opponent, it instead offers support from the get-go via Potence. And yes, I also applied the principle of conservation of %Melee, instead of simply equating pet MC to 5 %Melee and thus the full +20 Potence.
- Shield has a modernised Poison-on-hit toggle to serve as an alternate option to the Chimera set shield (hopefully revamped soon). The toggle should ideally turn the FD armour lean’s 0.8x damage intake into 1x.

- W.R.T. the 2nd pet, I designed it to be a more specialised pet for CHA-builds, being able to inflict Poison, AND also consume it for increased direct damage output. Yes it looks like I copied Sapphire, but no I did not, AND I refuse to push the pet to levels as overpowered as they did. 74 %Melee damage output is already very close to Plush Nugget (<78 %Melee) levels, and given Ianthe how balanced Ninja Lawyer Assassin, I will not push the line. Also avoided eating status to recoup resources for similar reasons. Devs can swap the 2 pets around the milestone tiers if they see fit.

- Since we're treating the spell as a bonus milestone reward (though let's face it, the chances of not reaching it is close to zero), I thought I might as well incorporate liberal amounts of versatility into the design. Taking design cues from The Watershed Moment, I nevertheless limit the Ele-Seeking part in order to align thematically with the set. Even so, it turns the proposed spell into a non-seasonal, dedicated DoT status bomb for Earth, Water, and Darkness elements in its current proposed state, which is something the game has yet to have.

If the devs do not like Earth as the whole set's main element, I'd be happy with using Darkness, Water, or even Wind as the primary element. Just swap the secondaries around to accommodate in the armour design (if primary Wind, then Water/Darkness or Earth/Darkness secondary). Fire should remain an opposing element because the biggest danger to fungi is heat and dehydration.

* * * * * * *

Lore descriptions here. I am unable to write for the second Pet because of time constraints and lack of artwork for reference.

Misc: A swig of the strong broth invigorates your mind and body, improving your aim and reducing incoming Earth damage! You find your sense of smell to be especially improved, and you can sniff out toxins in your opponent's body...?! (Costs xx SP to use)

Shield: This enchanted basket makes a decent shield – and you can lower its enchantments to let the mushrooms within burst their spores!

Armour: The regalia of the Fungibushi warriors represents the promise between the people and the enormous fungi they cultivate – to grow and thrive together, and to strike back explosively at any foreign aggression.

Pet: Bred and trained to be a guard and companion, this calf has yet to shake off its enthusiastic, friendly habits – but that still works for you, because nobody likes inhaling poisonous magic spores after a headbutt to the shins!

Melee weapon: Laugh at a blade of the mushrooms, and suffer the indignation of its wielder – be it strikes that cut you down outright, or turns your body into nutrition for the very same fungi.

Ranged weapon: These hardened pine mushrooms are enchanted in two ways – you can ensure they always strike true, or explode mid-air to scatter spores and fungi shrapnel!

Magic weapon: A brilliantly improvised enchantment from a retainer turned this household broom into a potent weapon during an assassination attempt many, many spore-cycles ago.

Spell: Battleon wizards have unraveled the intricacies between the Fungibushi tribe's magics and the natural affinities of the fungi they enchant as armaments. Now the Fungibushi enchanters - and you, too! - can cast a spell that directly "enchants" their opponents with a targeted spore-burst!

(I might do extra log messages for clickables and cursor-hovers, but not a certainty at this point)

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AQ  Post #: 8
6/7/2024 9:47:08   

Updated - made further edits such that I'm happy with both sets, with just one or two tweaks maybe needed. Any comments or suggestions, let me know!
Updated 2 - culminated ideas into a third suggestion set, see bottom of this post, that I'm very happy with and would encourage feedback on - Currently putting this forwards as my #1 suggestion.

If you are only planning to read 1 set, please scroll down to set 3, the final one in the post. Thanks!

Set 1 - Poison/Regen notes:
- Poison/Regen themed suggestion, to be maximally mushroom. Can rename the poison to something slightly more appropriate like Decay.
- Ambivalent on element - thinking water, or earth, or dark. Possibly water/earth dual. Prefer water to fill FO water niche.
- Like the idea of some FSB inclusion but haven’t concluded anything yet - is this a thing?

Effect: Poison clone of Lovestruck scope effects potentially dropping one of BtH or damage uptriggers, and without the QC celerity, replaced by:
MC: Compresses a skill: QC poison eat to give HP regen effect, 3 turns. Costs SP, consumption doesn’t reduce cost but boosts the Regen Power.

MC: compresses 3 modes (if this is too much pls let me know and I'll drop the Regen Eat):
Normal Mode: Attack, sacrifice 75% damage, tries to inflict poison
Regen eat: same animation as Normal mode, but Consume x% melee regen on player to boost poison inflict. (A la cosoma defboost eater, but the damage boost goes into poison)
Alt Mode: Consume Poison on the Monster to heal SP, a la GhostHound

Shield: Element Shield
MC: On click poison imbue, a la Grinning Jack, split costs between HP and SP 50/50 ideally.
Flavor Effect: Take +20/1.4% damage to apply an on Dodge Regen effect. Capped at 4 hits per turn. (a la Trickster's shield, but instead of HP heal, goes into regen status) - thinking of cutting this as it just feels janky. Would replace with a standard +10 poison potence (not +20 due to the imbue)

Weapons: 0-Proc Melee/100-Proc Ranged/0-Proc Magic Element Weapon
Flavor Effect:
Melee/Ranged: Take +(10/1.4)% damage and -6 MRM. Poison inflict on hit.
Magic: Take +(10/1.4)% damage and -6 MRM. HP Regen effect on spell cast of <element>. Or 3 elements, eg. water, dark, earth as seems appropriate thematically.
Melee: HP regen effect on hitting poisoned enemies, a la what heroic titan misc does for burning, but instead of direct HP goes into HP regen effect, 2 turns.
Ranged: As per melee, but can also click to shift from 100 proc to 0 proc.
Magic: Compresses a 0 damage poison spell.

b]Weapons OPTION 2 - I've added this as a cleaner alternative that I think fits somewhat better, inspired by Infernal Champion.
Melee/Ranged/Magic: Toggle on to lose 20% Melee in damage from any weapon/special/spell attacks attempted vs foes with any Poison status on them, you then replenish SP worth (20 x (Hits/Attempts) x 1.075 / 0.85)% Melee at end of turn when attacking Poisoned foes. Can toggle HP or SP.
All 3 compress an efficient -75% damage 4 turn poison skill/spell, depending on version.

Armor: element/lean
Flavour: -MRM for an Initiative boost (your mycelial connections let you perceive so widely that you often can get the drop on opponents) OPEN to changing this but initiative penalty ideas haven't come to fruition as yet.

MC: To compress 1 skill, two toggles.
Skill 1: Poison eater SP cost skill, choose either to boost damage, or get an HP Regen effect, 3 turns. Type varies with lean - Spellcaster is a spell-type, FO is a weapon type
To be more different, if people preferred I'd be open to replacing this with a QC skill which eats Poison and gives choice of a player side damage boost (either omni-elempower or just a flat +x% damage a la poelala), or HP regen effect. Ie the same ability, but QC and not tied to the attack. Would presume spells would get /2 of the boost. In this case also, toggle 1 would utilise attack animation 2.
Toggle 1: On weapon attack or spell cast, attempt to apply a poison (as per Typhon Panic toggle).
Toggle 2: Switch FO/Spellcaster lean (FO or FD, I'm happy to change as people prefer.)

Set 2 - Fungibushi 2 - Return of the Mold: notes:
- Again, not strictly wedded to element, be it single or dual. Again, a preference for water simply to gapfill. But we do have a water spellcaster already so idk.
- As set 1 - FSB? (I like the idea of some FSB inclusion but unsure this is a thing)

“The Mold” mechanic - renamed The Cold effect but END save perhaps?

Misc: element Resist Misc
Effect: The Mold potency, + 0.65* damage taken from monsters afflicted by the mold.
MC: Compresses a skill, eat the Mold for elevul a la monster lord, or regen, your choice. Unsure on stats if any, TBD

Pet: <element> Pet with two modes:
Toggle - inflict the mould (~=>75% damage goes into this) or eat The Mold for an SP heal.

Shield: (Dual?) Element Shield
On dodge inflict the Mold. Take and extra damage, to strengthen this effect, with SP cost toggle to double potency, a la titan fall shield.

Weapons: 0-Proc Melee/100-Proc Ranged/0-Proc Magic Element Weapon
Flavor Effect:
Melee/Ranged: Take +(10/1.4)% damage and -6 MRM. Inflict The Mold on hit
Magic: Take +(10/1.4)% damage and -6 MRM. When casting, Spell of the Weapon's Element (or 3 elements, dark/water/earth?) attempt inflict The Mold per hit. pays wep. damage perhaps also/instead of, uragiri like.
Melee/Ranged: Autohit toggle.
Magic: Compresses an efficient, auto-hit spell

Armor: Lean: FO, but see toggle below
-MRM for an Initiative boost, as suggestion 1. "your mycelial connections let you perceive so widely that you often can get the drop on opponents" OR
NB very open to changing this to "Initiative penalty, -x, if opponent goes first they get +50% damage BUT after their attack attempt to inflict The Mold" - need numbers but thematically pleased with this.
MC: Skill compression:
Skill: Attack and consume The Mold for pure damage nuke - “death cap” OR consume The Mold for HP heal.
Toggle: Spellcaster/FO lean toggle once per battle.


Set 3: A mix of ideas, Pure Poison:

I've really enjoyed looking at people's sets and I've made a blended set, based on my first suggestion mixed with Sapphire's suggestion, and Telcontar's as my set 1 and his have many overlapping effects. (I particularly think that regardless of the set mechanics, Telcontar's naming is a winner). I think it is cohesive and would be an excellent asset to Poison playstyle, working for multiple different builds (but not every single one, as this is possibly too limiting).

I would be inclined to put this forward as my #1 suggestion, but I do think that if anything close to this was selected, this would be fantastic. (For example, Telcontar's or Sapphire's original, or this suggestion but with some items swapped out for other suggestions.) Having said that, I tried to make this maximally cohesive within the set.

Element: Again, I'm not strongly pushing for any specific element, and if this suggestion gets sufficient traction I'll solicit community advice as to what the main element(s), and elemental resistance spread should be.
Update - also if sufficient traction, I'll plan for and discuss with players about the revealed 2nd pet and spell. The 2nd pet lends itself nicely to splitting the eaters - one for damage, one for resource heal, but I'm open to discussing this.

Effect: Poison clone of Lovestruck scope, without the Celerity Skill, replaced by:
MC: Compresses a skill: QC poison eat to heal MP or SP, player choice. Once per turn limit. Capped at some x% melee poison, standard.
Tweaks/Alternatives: After some feedback, thinking on curbing this a little whilst keeping the flavour. Considering making this not QC, but if this kills the attractiveness of the item then I'd like to avoid that, and I think the QC resource heal will be very useful provided it is somewhat balanced. Hence, am actively looking for any other player feedback on whether this would be preferred as QC or not, or on an alternative appropriate compressed skill. The resource recovery fits very delightfully imo so reluctant to change that significantly. A fun(?) alternative and shout out to the group suggestion would be to make the QC MP/SP heal into Spirit seed, so it doesn't eat your turn but isn't instant and therefore less abusable. A complete alternative would be a QC poison eat for ele-empower, either omni or set-element specific.

Pet: element Pet with two modes
MC: Skill compression
Normal mode: No special effects
Damage Mode: Consume Poison on the Monster increase damage a la cosmos, per Sapphire’s suggestion
SP heal Mode: Consume Poison on the Monster to heal SP, a la GhostHound

Shield: Element Shield
Sapphire’s shield suggestion: “Variation of doomlight shield, kind of. +5 poison potence as a MC. Pays -6 MRM to do (doomlight did (20/1.4)% damage backlash.) Here, this shield does (10/1.4)% damage backlash the poison status, harm element split by 2 turns. The other half of this , since the backlash power is half of doomlights, is causing all weapon attacks, skills, and spells to inflict a separate...” <element> “…based poison.
Tweaked V2/Alternative: As above, but with an increased damage taken payment instead of MRM loss, dropping the "all attacks" effect as this is achieved by the armour, and splitting this cost+MC between inflicting backlash poison on enemy, and +10 potency. Happy for anyone to correct my numbers, I find it very hard to keep track of changing standards from existing items.
So: MC: Poison potency +10,
Effect: Take increased damage but inflict a backlash poison. (the Titan's fall shield's "You take +(15/1.4)% = ~+10.7143% more damage" effect going completely to pay for a backlash poison)

Weapons: 0-Proc Melee/0-Proc Ranged/0-Proc Magic Element Weapon
- Compresses an Efficient skill to eat poison for damage (same mechanics as Edge of the End weapon, ideally same hit count but at least 4, potentially without the fake void trigger TBD- welcome other's input here, as well as whether this should be Efficient or not)

Armor: FD/Spellcaster (see toggle)
Flavour: Sapphire’s Poison heal effect - but just for HP. (“Pays -9 MRM and MC (5%) and -10% damage to cause all poisons to heal SP or MP based on 25% of poison damage done”) *NB numbers need looked at
Toggle 1: Spellcaster/FD lean shift (Once per battle? If needed for balance)
Toggle 2: Toggle to pay SP for Typhon Shard panic-style poison inflict on weapon attack, spellcast (any player attack essentially).
Addendum: Adding an elecomp'd Spell/Skill based on player feedback. My concern was this was stacking too much, but if this can be paid for by gold cost that would be ideal. Feedback on this welcomed.
Skill: Standard damage spell/skill, same element as the armour, type (Spell or Weapon based Skill) changes depending on either a) Lean or b) Weapon held type, based on popular opinion. Receives elecomp to damage.

Set 3 Item Notes and Justifications:
- Misc: Mine and Tel's both look very similar, with a Lovestruck scope style effect, and I think this + some resource recovery really round out the set.
- Pet: Extra resource recovery, plus a poison eater damage pet which we do not have. Open to dropping the resource recovery aspect if people much prefer some other effect, but I think Poison eat -> SP has a lot of value in giving poison builds more sustain, and this extra SP on top of the misc is synergistic with the armours poison inflict.
- Shield: Sapp's shield perfectly rounded out this set, provided the potence and another source of poison infliction.
- Weapon: A slight curveball, but I figured too much poison infliction in the set overdoes it, and there are some decent poison inflict weapons already out there, but no good weapon-based eater skill exists as far as I know. Attaching the eater skill to the weapon instead of the armour makes it play more nicely with a FD set up in the armour, as if I want to I can switch out to an FO. I also was a big fan, and know other people really liked Edge of the End, so it made good sense. Ideally this skill is also high hit count.
- Armor: A strong flexible source of Poison inflict, as well as lean toggle to make it widely accessible, and makes thematic sense from a Mushroom warrior -> Mystic/Magic mushroom theme. Sapp's Poison heal inherent ability helps sustain, and I changed to HP to better work around the set with the misc, and also I felt it made most thematic sense, but this could be reasonably be swapped/changed.

Additional changes:
- Added a tweaked Shield alternative after discussions with other players.
- Added some misc notes
- Added a possible armour skill/spell to better make use of the spellcaster lean.

Set 3 Playstyles and combos with existing, and design thoughts: (to be expanded upon)

- The aim here is to a) provide f2p with a flexible set that can be played together, or with existing current and future poison gear. I think poison items have been released in good quantity but these items all fill gaps and not all of the items are overly accessible or fully f2p.
- With that in mind, this set currently combos with Nemesis pet, armour, spell, and misc, particularly in the set misc, though I'd be interested to see how nemesis armour celerity poison skill would play with the weapon eater.
- Further, it could be worked with the Mermazon armour, weapon, and spell (I always thought the QC poison eat Drown inflict was slept on NB this is still bugged as far as I'm aware, to attack twice if you do a spell/skill afterwards), hopefully giving these items a bit of a boost.
- Chromatic channeling synergy for warriors, but I am less experienced with this so am unsure how this might play.
- We are possibly missing a good f2p poison spell, but I guess zorbak's ultimatum could work for this although it is seasonal. If the set is earth, would synergise very nicely. Soul siphon exists but needs updating and I think it is bugged in how it stacks as it has an old siphon. When this is updated (positive manifestation) could be very good.
- Immediately makes any poison inflict pets/guests more usable, and there a number of f2p options.
- Fantastic synergy with recent Chupacabra (Moonlit predator) weapons, whilst not overlapping in use-case, and these can be swapped in or out. This is partly why I didn't want another "imbue spell with poison" type weapon or standard poison inflict weapon, and the armour toggle provides this in a separate stackable form already. Hopefully the Chupacabra weapons remain accessible through RA encounters? And if not, they will presumably be at least somewhat seasonal. Regardless, the aim is for the weapons to fill a specific niche that is currtently vacant, whilst being fun to use, and swappable in play for alt basic poison inflict weapons if desired.
- Not quite f2p or so accessible, but currently Snake Master Strike would combo very nicely into the weapon-based eater skill as a fair 2 turn combo.
- Not f2p combo: would be interesting to see the play with Cauldron z-token shields.

- Combo/playstyle within the set itself, are if you have the resources, could weapon skill+armour poison toggle to repeatedly eat+inflict, along with the shield for bonus inflict attempts +potence. Pet to heal and restock resources for this, or eat for all-out offence. Misc to make you less squishy against inappropriate elements but given it'll be *0.65 or *0.7 damage taken or similar, obviously not enough against appropriately powerful monsters.

Other general notes + specific ideas that I love/feel should be in game:
- Love Jeanne’s armour suggestion toggle 2 generally, but particularly for same-element spells getting elecomp effect, 10/10
- Uskius' specific "eat poison to boost next spellcast" is a 10/10 idea, and could also be applied to general attacks (although maybe this just becomes ele-empower?).

- NB it is interesting given the design space at present, but it is very hard not to overlap somewhat with other suggestions - I can see why often the suggestions are blended (or so I’ve heard). - I have now made blended set lol

Major changelog:
- Taken "Click to switch to charge mode, a la spacefarer’s frost cannon (Small SP cost, then 4 hit, boosted damage.) Retains poison on hit effect (is this boosted by the charge? If possible)" out of ranged set 1.
- Tidied pets to match 2 animation description
- Tidied up set 2 skills to match 2 animation description. (Took out skill 3: Skill 3: The Mold inflict skill or imbue or spell tbd - Changes w/ toggle below, spell w/SC, weapon skill w/FO).
- Edited pet set 1
- Edited Shield set 2 to be better focused, and more thematic.
- Added a blended set 3!

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Weapon: 20 Proc Melee/Ranged/Magic Earth/Water Weapons
Can click the weapon to swap between Earth/Water, in Earth mode the 20 proc weapon special deals full damage but has no added special effects and hits for Earth damage, in Water mode the 20 proc weapon special loses 50% of its damage but applies a 2 turn poison on the enemy and hits for Water damage.
Can click the weapon to apply a 1 turn elempower buff to the player, Costs SP(MP for the magic weapon) but the weapon is unable to be swapped from for 1 turn.
Full Set Bonus: In Earth mode the weapon gains Elecomp to damage, In Water mode the weapon gains poison potency instead (Halved due to the weapon having a poison)

Shield: 20 Proc Earth/Water Shield (The shield is dual resistant, covers Earth/Water at the same time but covers less damage compared to a normal shield)
The Shield has a Weapon proc built into it similar to the Weapon when you hit the attack command.
Can click the Shield to swap the Special from Earth to Water, In Earth mode the Special does full damage but has no added effects and hits for Earth damage, in Water Mode the Special loses 50% of its damage but applies a 2 turn poison on the enemy and hits for Water damage.

Armor: 20 Proc Earth/Water Armor, Neutral Lean 1x outgoing/incoming (The reason for this lean choice is Weapon Specials do not gain damage from FO lean but FD lean wouldn't work either due to the chance based nature of 20 procs, unless you are a warrior with Warrior lean but wanted this set to be available to as many different builds as possible so ended up with Neutral lean)
Armor has 2 skills: The first skill is a chance based 20 proc special similar to the Weapon/Shield of this set, can swap the special between Earth/Water with the Earth mode doing full damage but no added special effects, with the Water mode losing 50% of its damage but applies a 2 turn poison on the enemy.
The second skill pays SP(MP if a magic weapon is held) to increase the damage of proc based specials that are not 100 procs and allows proc based specials to chaincast that are not 100 procs(If 2 or more chance based specials were to activate at the same time they would activate while this effect is active instead of only one)
About the second skill damage bonus it would scale depending on the proc chance of the proc with the lower the % the stronger the damage bonus similar to the DEX bonus for 100 procs but in reverse.

Pet Earth/Water Pet
Can click the pet to toggle between Earth/Water damage has 2 attacks.
The first one deals standard damage no special effects
The second one only activates when the player does a proc based special and is forced to activate. If the pet is in Earth mode the pet does boosted damage but no special effects, in Water mode the pet deals 50% less damage but applies a 2 turn poison.

Can click the Misc to swap between HP/MP/SP upkeep costs for the Misc.

My Thoughts I wanted to make a fun set focussed arround proc based specials since I feel like they could use some love. The second effect of the armor is more of a fun gimick than a strong effect in my opinion, the chance for any one of these specials to activate is 48.8%, any 2 is 10.4%, all 3 is .8%. I thought it would be really fun for the once in a blue moon chance of all 3 activating all at once. The Neutral lean on the armor ended up being a coincidence since when I was thinking of what lean to give this set I felt like Neutral lean would be the best given the nature of chance based special and FO/FD not being good fits for them but Neutral felt like it could work.
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Telcontar Arvedui I

This is a "I'd like this set to be on the polls besides mine" post. Decisions not final until June 27th, when this suggestions thread closes.

@RobynJoanne, post #7: I definitely dig the novelty of Spore as a status, and also hope that if it gets implemented, we can expand its "positive feedback" mechanic to some of the other DoT statuses. And props on going all the way to make your set accessible to the wider playerbase, although I imagine 0-END builds might have some trouble unlocking the set's maximum potential as they lack the HP to survive that long? Or maybe they could funnel all that saved-up SP into a defensive Guest. Another thing - if we're basing Spores off of Poison like Siphon then the Power value (on the tooltip) should be equal to {value in %Melee / 10}. That would mean a post-infliction cap of 2 Power equals a cap at 20 %Melee per turn., which can be easily achieved or even surpassed (and thus wasted) on the Shield and Magic-weapon-boosted spells. There's probably stuff that I missed, but yea my gist is that the cap may need revising, particularly when you're implying that each turn of weapon attack / shield / spell equals separate Spore inflictions. EDIT: Ah gotcha I did not account for the positive feedback mechanic and permanent duration in the %Melee valuation, thanks for clarifying it. And anyway, yes, thanks for giving me credit on the 0.6 power cap on Spore - I did run calcs and found that under best-case scenario (Optimal spell-boosting on the magic weapon), a player can start off on 0.5 power Spore but it'll still take 4 turns to cap 0.6.

@Dardiel, post #17: I like your proposed implementation of tradeoff mechanics here. While similar to @RobynJoanne's Shrooming submission, yours explicitly required the item to remain equipped, while her wording has me concerned that players can just spam QC clickies and then swap to another set of gear to further min-max on the tradeoffs, a la Mason Choking. However, I do have a question - you mentioned that the Fungibushi Code costs are applied or swapped when an item is equipped, but the bonuses require clicking an already equipped item, so does that mean you're allowing for mix-and-matching between different costs/bonuses? Finally, I know you to be accomplished at working out balance within the game mechanics framework (the fact that Ranged Adaptation is accredited to your resume speaks volumes), but it would still be dope if you flesh out further details while adhering to this concept. Get it, dope? As in doping? (I'll see myself out)

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@Telcontar Arvedui I
A 2 Power Spore would be worth 400% Melee. It wouldn't be achieved in a single infliction, even if I changed the caps to soft caps, which is why each Spore is a separate instance. Siphons are worth double Poisons, and you need to pay for the permanent duration at once. I may be missing something here, but I think it's a fine cap. You are correct that survivability could be an issue with just the set's own effects, but the relatively few resource costs let players deal with that using the myriad of other options available.
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I agree the set should be poison-focused based on thematic sense, but I don't agree than poison support is lacking. 2023 actually seemingly released 85957957 poison items, most of which were poison siphons...which I happen to like. I also don't think going with basic ideas because it's been coded before makes for much fun, tbh. So I will try and spin it with some new ideas if I can.


Lean- FD

Element- Earth

Flavor-Pays -9 MRM and MC (5%) and -10% damage to cause all poisons to heal SP or MP based on 25% of poison damage done. (Or make the math equal out to 25% of damage done with what's paid in). SP or MP is determined based on trained stats. If STR or DEX is the highest , it's SP. If INT is the highest, it's MP. IF STR/DEX=INT it's SP that's healed.

Skill 1- Ele-Locks + elecomps the weapon, including 100 procs and weapon specials. Pays 50% melee sp/turn or 50% melee MP/turn to inflict a 2 turn 2.5 power poison. (based on weapon type held) Weaponheld/luck v. end/luck.

Skill 2- 200% Melee spell based skill that Pays SP or MP (based on weapon held) to eat poison . Half of the amount eaten goes towards damage, the other half goes towards SP regen effect (ranged/melee) or a MP regen effect (magic)

These effects are designed to attempt to recoup resources spent to use resources more for the other effects.


Variation of doomlight shield, kind of. +5 poison potence as a MC. Pays -6 MRM to do (doomlight did (20/1.4)% damage backlash.) Here, this shield does (10/1.4)% damage backlash the poison status, harm element split by 2 turns. The other half of this , since the backlash power is half of doomlights, is causing all weapon attacks, skills, and spells to inflict a separate Earth based poison. (These are regular poisons, not siphons)


All 3 versions have a built in skill. Ranged and Magic versions are 100 proc. Magic version costs MP.

All 3 have a button to cast a quick cast skill/spell with appropriate penalties. Can attempt a 2 turn earth or harm ele-seeked poison siphon that does 0 damage (pure poison), but upon clicking the button you get 3 options.
A. Option to target HP's. This heals HP = to damage dealt.
B. Option to target HP's. This heals MP = to damage dealt * 1.5.
C. Option to target HP's. This heals SP = to damage dealt * 1.125.
50% saves. weaponheld/luck v. end/luck

Attacks from the melee/ranged weapon pays 10% damage to inflict a 2 turn dual harm/earth elevuln. (pre-fired, 50% save)
The Wand (magic) pays spell damage to do the same after any spell-cast. (element doesn't matter)


Toggle, 2 modes

Mode 1. +25% poison damage
Mode 2. Causes your pets and guests to inflict a harm poison.


Toggles, 2 modes. MC is poison potence 10.

Mode 1. Pays half damage and possible extra to eleseek in order Inflict an eleseeked earth or harm poison. Element and poison eleseek.
Mode 2. Eats poison for up to +200% damage.

Full Set Bonus

If using the armor, weapon, and shield of the set, the weapon's 10% damage penalty is removed when attacking/casting and the armor's flavor penalties are removed (-9 MRM, 10% damage loss, and 5% MC are regained)

Note- The armor's flavor effect that causes all poisons to heal SP or MP work on all poisons, including siphons. You'll simply replenish more MP or SP than a normal siphon. This also works on every separate poison inflicted.

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Fungibushi (Shrooming)
Misc: Element Resist Misc
+50 End +50 Luk +10 BtH
MC: Compresses a skill. This skill and the skills of the Shield and Weapons will be explained later.
Pet: Element Pet with two modes, switched by clicking the body
MC: Compresses a toggle to switch to MP by clicking the head.
Both modes pay 20% Melee HP every turn to deal +50% damage.
Super Mode: Heals Player SP and deals x0.85 damage for auto-hit. This scales off Monster's Element Resist.
"Poison" Mode: Attacks Monster SP and deals x0.85 damage for auto-hit. This scales off Monster's Element Resist.
Shield: Element Shield
MC: Compresses a skill.
Flavor Effect:
Pay 3 MRM to gain -12.5% Heal Resist.
Weapons: 0-Proc Melee/100-Proc Ranged/0-Proc Magic Element Weapon
-10 BtH lean
MC: Compresses a skill.
Flavor Effect:
The Melee/Ranged Weapons pay their no-special bonus.
Melee/Ranged: Pay 15% Melee HP per turn. At the end of the turn, heal 15x[Hits]/[Attempts]x[85/75] Melee% SP. This has a 50% chance to be boosted to 31x[Hits]/[Attempts]x[85/75] Melee% SP for Melee and 35x[Hits]/[Attempts]x[85/75] Melee% SP for Ranged.
Magic: Pay 10% Melee HP every turn. At the end of a turn you cast a Spell of the Weapon's Element, heal 40x[Hits]/[Attempts] Melee% SP.

The Weapon, Shield, and Misc share the same skill Consume with variations on what they do. Consume is QC and usable multiple times per turn. Each use gives two 10% Melee per turn permanent Status Effects, one positive and one negative.
Weapons: x1.1 All EleEmpower and 1 Power Harm Burn
Shield: 10% chance to gain Celerity every turn (would require a chance based version of Celerity to be made as a Status Effect) and x0.9 Choke
Misc: 10% Melee HP fixed value Regen and 10% chance stun Apathy (Renamed Daze)
All these effects scale with Element Resist.
If you already have two of these effects applied and use Consume from one of the items of a different category, then there should be a corresponding positive and negative Status Effect of the same nature. Instead of applying the new Status Effect that corresponds, reduce the existing correspond by that amount and only apply the other Status Effect.
You may continue using Consume until the positive Status Effect of the item reaches 20% per turn (before Resists).
(Ex: You're fighting a Monster with 100% Resists and use the Weapons' Consume twice and gain x1.2 All EleEmpower and 2 Power Harm Burn. You then use the Misc's Consume. Its Regen isn't applied, and instead, the Burn's Power is reduced by 1. The 10% chance Apathy is still applied. You can use the Misc's Consume three more times. The resulting Status Effects on you are x1.2 All EleEmpower, 20% Melee HP fixed value Regen, and 40% chance stun rate. The values of the effects are all multiplied by Resist.)
The negative Status Effects cannot be removed outside of this mechanic and are not Lucky Breakable.

Armor: Element Neutral Armor.
MC: Compresses two skills and one toggle.
Skill 1: Lord of the Shrooms: QC. If the effects provided by Consume are on the Player, apply them to the Monster and then remove them from the Player. If the opposite is true, do the opposite. Usable once per turn.
Skill 2: Weapon-based skill for Melee and SPell/spell for Ranged/Magic with EleComp to Cost for the former and EleComp to damage for the latter. If Consume effects are on the Player, turn off the positive effects for a turn to reduce the base cost of this by the turn Melee % value of the effects.
Toggle: You can change to FD or Spellcaster lean once per battle.
While in the Armor, you can use Consume one more time when the positive effect reaches 20% Melee per turn. This extra use applies the effects, but they're not Status Effects and are instead tied to the Armor.

(Thoughts: My primary goal with this set was customizability. As some people may know, I really dislike FSBs. I find them a bad mix of poor balance, providing free numerical value, which breaks the very core of AQ's balance framework, while still being generally unappealing. I've always believed that a set should instead reward players for having multiple items of the set. I wanted a synergistic set that'd let you choose what effects you apply and how they're paid. Thus, I made this framework based on effects that have or could have positive/negative counterparts to counteract each other. Because they scale with Monster Resists, I could waive any penalties to keep the parity between them.

As for thematics, the Misc uses the fact that lingzhi/reishi is associated with the immortal Xian. The Pet is a blatant Mario reference, hence the Poison misnomer. Everything else was just chosen for synergy.)


Fungibushi (Way of the Shroom Warrior)

The core mechanic of this set is two counters: Mentality and Reputation.
Mentality is an alignment system of sorts. This is paid for by dealing -27.5% Melee damage and either paying 27.5% Melee SP or, if the Monster is a Skillcaster, giving it 27.5% Melee SP every turn until Mentality is capped. Positive Mentality is the pursuit of swordmanship through discipline, growing closer to emptiness, the pinnacle of swordmanship. Negative Mentality is the pursuit of victory at all costs, throwing away honor and swordmanship to embrace the basal shroom instincts. Mentality is increased when at >= 0 Mentality or decreased when at < 0 Mentality based on total damage dealt to the Monster between Monster turns. This is 1x[Expected Damage], capped at 4, per turn. Expected damage is 140% Melee. Mentality caps at 10/-10. The Monster takes +[Mentality]x10/1.4% damage. If Mentality = 10, this is removed, and all Weapon/Spell damage becomes Void Element. If Mentality = -10 when you would die, survive at 1 HP. Then, turn off this damage multiplier for 2 turns, heal 175% Melee HP, and heal HP equal to the damage the Monster takes from Poison damage until your next turn. All items of this set except the Weapon also have a dishonorable "mode" that's activated when you use the dishonorable effect for the first time. This mode is also active when Mentality is negative. If using a dishonorable effect while Mentality > 0, Mentality is decreased by 0.5, and because this would be a detriment, the effect is boosted by 55% Melee.
Reputation is the other counter, and it's a negative charge system. Each point of Reputation is worth 100% Melee. Reputation drops every time you fail a Dishonor roll by value/save. Dishonor rolls are considered Poison Status Rolls and are scaled by Mentality, ranging from -20 at +10 Mentality to +20 at -10 Mentality, so it's just -2x[Mentality]. Every time Reputation drops, the Monster's damage for the next turn is increased by half the Melee % of the change. The other half becomes a permanent damage buff on the Monster. (Ex: You're at -5 Mentality and use the Misc's Cheat to gain 25% Melee SP. The Dishonor roll is a +10 save, and you fail. Reputation drops by 50% Melee or 0.5 points. The Monster then gains +25/1.4% damage for the next turn and +2.5/1.4% damage for the rest of battle.)
Starting Mentality and Reputation change after a battle. Starting Mentality changes by [Ending Mentality]x[Monster Power]/250. This caps at 1/-1 starting Mentality and applies per Fungibushi item, so with all 5 items, it caps at a starting Mentality of 5/-5. Starting Reputation is similar and uses the same formula [Ending Reputation]x[Monster Power]/250.

Misc: Element Resist Misc
+50 Cha +50 End
+20% damage
MC: Compresses a skill.
Cheat: QC. Gain 25% Melee SP. Make a Dishonor save Mainstat/Luk vs Dex/Luk. Worth 25% Melee. For the rest of battle, the +20% damage becomes +15% damage, and Burns/Poisons deal +20% damage.
Pet: Element Pet with two attacks
Base: Deal +50% damage. MC gives +4.25 BtH. The Monster deals +20/1.4% damage.
Dishonorable Strike: Starts off the same as Base. Pay a further 10% Melee HP + 10% Melee SP and MC to inflict a 44x[Hits]/[Attempts]% Melee 1-turn Element Poison. Make a Dishonor save Cha/Luk vs Int/Luk. Worth 22% Melee. For the rest of the battle, the Pet's Base inflicts a 44x[Hits]/[Attempts]% Melee 1-turn Element Poison and deals -50% damage instead of dealing +50% damage.
Shield: Element Shield
Flavor Effect:
The first time a Monster hit connects during a turn, gain +12.5x[Hits]% a 1-turn All Empower. This caps at 4 hits. The Monster then gains a +25/1.4% 1-turn All EleEmpower.
MC: Compresses a toggle.
Barbed Shield: Pay 12.5% Melee HP + 12.5% Melee SP to inflict a 25x[Hits]x[EleComp]% Melee 1-turn Element Poison. This caps at 4 hits. Make a Dishonor save Mainstat/Luk vs Int/Luk. Worth 25% Melee. For the rest of the battle, the flavor effect's effect becomes a +12.5/1.4x[Hits]% 1-turn All EleShield.
Weapons: Element Weapon. Ranged can toggle between 0-Proc and 100-Proc while Melee/Magic are 0-Proc.
Flavor Effect:
At the end of the turn, gain Celerity. The Monster also has a 100/1.4% chance of gaining Celerity. If it already has Celerity, it gains 1 extra action.
If used with the Armor's Mushroom Return, instead of gaining Celerity, gain +100% damage.
MC: Compresses a toggle.
Pay 5% damage to gain +20 Poison Potence. Pay a further 20% damage to apply a +40/1.4x[Hits]/[Attempts]% 1-turn Weapon Element EleVuln on the Monster. Make a Dishonor save Mainstat/Luk vs Dex/Luk. Worth 20% Melee.
Armor: Element Neutral Armor.
MC: Compresses two skills and one toggle.
Skill 1: Mushroom Return: End your turn. Until your next turn, every hit the Monster attempts, you'll make a x0.5 damage counterattack at the same time. This counterattack is treated as a Player attack and receives bonuses as such (not EleLocked, so no EleComp). If the Monster's hit would connect, find the difference between the damage of the Monster's hit and the counterattack, and the lower damaging side alone takes the difference in damage. A miss is considered 0 damage. Counterattacks are capped at 4 hits per turn. This is multiplied by the number of actions the Monster can take if the Monster has Celerity.
Skill 2: Noxious Fumes: Pay 100%/125% Melee SP. 0 damage SPell. Apply a 40x[EleComp]x[Hits]/[Attempts]% Melee permanent Element Poison to the Monster and a 20% Melee 1-turn Harm Poison to yourself. The Monster also receives a -40/1.4% 1-turn Choke. Make a Dishonor save Mainstat/Luk vs Int/Luk. Worth 220% Melee. For the rest of battle, attacks deal -25% damage and apply a 2.5x[EleComp] Power 1-turn Element Poison
Toggle: Infighting: All attacks from both sides auto-hit. While Mentality < 0, this also multiplies damage by x0.85. Noxious Fumes also auto-hits and has an x0.85 multiplier on its permanent Poison.
This Armor starts off Neutral and then shifts to FD when Mentality > 0 and FO when Mentality < 0.

(Thoughts: So many people have made suggestions, yet it seems like everyone's forgotten the name of the set. Fungibushi has bushi, which many may recognize from bushido. Yes, this is a samurai set. So, I wanted to make a set that would recognize both the mushroom side and the samurai side of this set. This led me to the Mentality alignment system. The way I envision the story of the set, you're a mushroom who wants to go beyond the normal confines of mushrooms to become a noble warrior. Yet, your instincts are calling. Thus, the set has two different focuses, where pragmatism rages with idealism. Your instincts are strong, so the Poison side is arguably stronger with all the saves and EleComp, and it's also tempting by becoming stronger when your Mentality is positive. Like alignment systems in most games, Mentality grows stronger at the extremes. I wanted to come up with at least somewhat appealing effects at the most extreme. Thankfully, there's a concept of Void or emptiness in Miyamoto Musashi's swordmanship, which was just perfect for my purposes. I couldn't have come up with such a coincidence as the greatest samurai having Void be a dominant philosophy in his Niten Ichi-ryu style (I do wish I could have come up with some way to apply dual-wielding to further honor this connection, so I may revisit the effects later). Poison needed something similarly cool. I've been wanting to represent the pseudo-immortality that asexual reproduction provides, so here we are.

Dishonor saves are a part of an idea I've been wanting to implement for a while. Namely, it's the concept of a Status Roll save that still lets you inflict the effect at /save power even if you fail, but you then pay for it afterwards. I did need to figure out the cost, which led to Reputation. As for that's effects, it's just the idea that being dishonorable leads to the Monster being angry followed by a cooling off, with rage still simmering beneath the surface.

Letting players have starting Reputation and Mentality is my attempt to address another problem I've been thinking about for a while. For better or worse, charges have a major problem with popularity. Letting them accumulate forever leads to Kindred/Book of Burns, but removing them all at the end of battle also kills their popularity since most battles don't last that long. I've been thinking about a middle ground and decided to use something that everyone hates. I might as well get some use out of it. That's right. I used the Paragon/Golden Paragon/Zombie Axe Master/Devourer of Souls/etc (wow, we've had a lot of these items, huh) souls formula.

As for the effects themselves, everything's pretty straightforward. Mushroom Return's the highlight. Swallow return is, of course, Musashi's rival Sasaki Kojiro's most famous technique. I just wanted to give that a shout out. The effect itself is a copy of Medea's counterattack mechanic, which I love. Here, it's a representation of what I consider mushroom warrior's ideal: a clashing of swords in pursuit of the pinnacle of swordmanship. Well, that and I wanted a parry mechanic. Speaking of the ideals, mushroom warrior also would like things to be fair in such a duel. That's why all the warrior effects apply to both the Player and the Monster.

Some of you may recognize some quite a lot of similarities between this and my Wingweaver suggestion last year. You've got me. Robyn is a talentless unoriginal plagiarist hack.)

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Melee Weapon: The player takes increased damage, and to compensate attempts to Poison the monster for a couple turns based on hits/attempted; 0-proc but instead of bonus damage after missing the next hit auto-hits and has an increased Lucky Strike chance.
Ranged Weapon: 100%-proc, trades some damage to attempt to Poison the monster for a couple turns; after the player misses a hit causes the next hit to Auto-Hit and increases the strength of the Poison inflicted.
Magic Weapon: 0-proc, comes with two skills: one that consumes Poison to empower the player's next spell's damage, and another that causes the player's next spell to attempt to inflict a Poison on the monster that heals the player's MP equal to the damage dealt.

Shield: Attempts to Poison the monster for a couple turns based on how many times the player was hit/hits attempted. Trades some defenses to increase the player's healing, which is increased while the monster is poisoned.
Misc. Item: Resistance misc. that gives a boost to END and LUK; has a toggle to pay a bit more SP to automatically inflict the player with the Berserk status.
Armor: FD armor that has two skills: an overcharged one that trades most of its damage to attempt to inflict a Poison and Hallucination(Dazzle) on the monster for several turns, and one that is a counter strike skill that ends the player's turn, and after the monster attacks hits back with a strike that can consume Poisons on the monster for additional power gives the player a Barrier that can consume a Poison on the monster for increased power. The armor also trades some defenses for a toggle skill that pays some SP to heal HP when the player hits a Poisoned monster.

Pet: Can toggle between two modes, one which trades some damage to auto-inflict a Poison on the monster and player, and the other one which attempts to consume a Poison on the monster to inflict Confuse on the monster trades some damage to increase the power of the player's Poisons.

...in general, the set's art seems to me like it would be defense-oriented, Earth element, and based on Poison. Interested to see what it comes out as, as there are some cool suggestions already. :2]

((EDIT: Should've read previous posts a little closer; changed a few things. But on the other hand, I think that also speaks to the strong theme of the set's art. As another general note I feel the pet's art gives more of a enemy debuff vibe than a burst damage/heal one.))

Ideas Batch Two

Melee Weapon: Has an effect of attempting to Poison the monster when the player damages the monster(counting attacks and weapon type skills, as well as the STR style bonus, and Backlash and Dodgelash effects); this Poison's power is weaker initially but its DoT growth is higher than a regular Poison status(I guess the MC and another ~5% damage would go into this), so if the monster was affected long enough it could be stronger than normal. The sword is 0-proc and also comes with a toggle skill that lets the player pay some HP to deal slightly increased damage and gain a flat bit of SP at the end of their turn.
Ranged Weapon: Can toggle between 0-proc and 100-proc modes: in both modes the weapon trades some damage for an effect of attempting to poison the monster(with a poison like the melee weapon's). 100-proc mode has a trigger of the player taking less damage from poisoned monsters; in 0-proc mode, the weapon triggers to auto-hit poisoned monsters.
Magic Weapon: Pays some HP to make spells inflict a poison like the above weapons, and is a tome that comes with a few spells: an overcharged spell that trades some damage to attempt to inflict Fragile on the monster, a standard cost spell that trades some damage to attempt to inflict Hallucinate(Dazzle), an efficient pure damage spell, and a mana draw option that can consume a poison on the monster to regain extra mana.

Shield: Has an effect of healing the player's HP at the end of their turn if the monster is poisoned.
Armor: An FD armor that comes with two skills: one is an armor element weapon damage skill whose EleComp goes into reducing the cost and a bit into attempting to inflict a poison(one like the weapons); the second is a armor element spell-like skill that trades some damage to give the player the Mushroom Trap(Caltrops) status. The armor also trades some defenses for a HP cost toggle skill that deals damage to the monster when the player blocks a hit, and heal their SP equal to half the damage dealt.
Misc. Item: Boosts the power of the player's Poison statuses, gives elemental resistance, and heals a flat bit of HP. Can pay additional SP for a quick cast skill that removes Poisons from the player, potentially Poisoning the monster if there is enough power left over.

Pet: Give the player Status Potence, and trades some damage to attempt to reduce the monster's BtH.

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Might as well throw my hat into the fairy ring:

The Fungibushi Code reflects both the variety of the fungus and the determination of the samurai - each fungibushi item allows you to influence the advantage and the cost of your fungibushi code, and the strength of your commitment to the fungibushi increases the impact of the code.

Each item of the set is earth.

Spends 10% melee in HP each turn to generate 10% melee in SP.
Click to set your Fungibushi Code bonus to Reishi - you recover 15% melee HP per turn per item of the fungibushi set wielded. When the misc becomes equipped, your Fungibushi Code cost becomes "you take +15/1.4% increased damage per item of the fungibushi set wielded" until you equip a different fungibushi item.

Click to set your Fungibushi Code bonus to Cowdyceps - your pet's attacks inflict a Parasite Seed on the enemy (harm spirit seed that pays half damage to apply a permanent choke when the seed detonates) with the seed being worth 15% melee per item of the fungibushi set wielded. When the pet becomes equipped, your Fungibushi Code cost becomes "you have a [15% melee] chance to skip your turn per item of the fungibushi set wielded" until you equip a different fungibushi item.

0-procs; ranged weapons can be toggled to 100-proc.
Click to set your Fungibushi Code bonus to Deathcap - your hits inflict a spirit seed on the enemy (earth, 2 turn duration) worth 15% melee * hits/attempts per item of the fungibushi set wielded. When the weapon becomes equipped, your Fungibushi Code cost becomes "reduce your BtH by 15*0.85 = 12.75 per item of the fungibushi set wielded" until you equip a different fungibushi item.

Click to set your Fungibushi Code bonus to Psychospore - at the end of the monster's turn, reduce their stats by a total worth 15% melee per item of the fungibushi set wielded. When the shield becomes equipped, your Fungibushi Code cost becomes "at the start of your turn, you lose 15% melee SP per item of the fungibushi set wielded; excess SP loss becomes HP loss" until you equip a different fungibushi item.

Click to set your Fungibushi Code bonus to Bushiitake - you counterattack the first 2 incoming monster hits per monster turn; the strength of each counterattack hit is 15/2% melee per item of the fungibushi set wielded, and if the monster attempted fewer than 2 hits you store the unused couterattack value - when the stored value reaches the value of celerity, you gain a turn of celerity. When the armor becomes equipped, your Fungibushi Code cost becomes "your attacks and counterattacks have their damage reduced by a flat 15/4% melee per hit per item of the fungibushi set wielded" until you equip a different fungibushi item.

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I'll make a suggestion too! But just for some item names until I think some more on what I want them to do beyond have a focus on Spiritual Seed

Idea is a set that applies Spiritual Seeds to "bank" player resources for no immediate benefit until consumed by other parts of the set!
To make this apparent, the Spiritual Seeds it applies to the Monsters will have a 8-Turn duration, power adds to itself and does not increase the duration; this has no impact on the power of the seed as it still detonates all at once, but instead will be reduced faster by other items! That sounds like a fun gimmick for a "death clock" style item
Save could be a simple 50%
Misc: Fungibushi Matsusake (one letter difference from the Matsutake Mushroom, and conjoined with Sake, which could be stored in such a hooch bottle.
+END and +Spiritual Seed damage; effect ferments Spiritual Seeds on the Player and Enemy, reducing the duration of all seeds by 1 turn after player action

Pet: Bovine Bolete (double entendre + alliteration, a mushroom family known for their symbiotic relationship with trees, such as Aspen Bolete, which grow on the aforementioned Aspen trees, so if one grew on a cow it would be a Bovine Bolete!)
MC Compresses a toggle between two different effects, one for Healing Seeds on the player, and one for Spiritual Seeds
Eat a healing seed to gain a Regeneration Effect for 3 turns, other mode pays 50% damage to attempt inflicting Choke via invasive spores, while "stimulating" dormant seeds' growth regardless, reducing duration by 1 turn

Shield: Fungibushi Mycobiota (term used to refer to a group of mushrooms in an area)
This one I already know I want it to be a simple 20 Spiritual Seed Potence, as we don't have any potence effects for it

Melee Weapon: Fungibushi Nagameko (portmanteau of Nagamaki, a very long Japanese sword and Nameko mushrooms)
0 proc, MC Compresses a toggle between Damage and Status modes; No Proc bonus goes to a 40% chance to apply a Healing Spiritual Seed to the player, similar to Caissa
Status takes -25% damage and 15% HP damage dealt to apply a Spiritual Seed on the Enemy
FSB same as winter warden's, set the multiplier to 100 proc for being in an FD armor

Ranged Weapon: Fungibushi Esculentanto (Morchella Esculenta, the scientific name of the mushroom used as a reference for the art, and a Tanto, which is a short Japanese blade and could be thrown, in case it's a 0/20/100 proc)
Same as Melee weapon but 0 proc ranged
Magic Weapon: Fungibushi Enokinvoker (Enoki+Invoker, for a magic mushroom motif)
-12.5% Spell Damage and no-proc bonus go towards applying a Healing Spiritual Seed, MC compresses an Efficient MP Spell for (Element)
Kinda simple but I think the utility could be neat for tank mages! if possible I'd like to see an MP Seed, but IDK if that's plausible

Armor: Fungibushi Samumaitake (Samurai+Maitake, I didn't want the name to be too long)
-3 MRM for 20% Spiritual Seed Damage
Neutral Armor Or FD I guess...
Has a toggle and a skill
Toggle pays 15% HP to apply an equivalent Healing Spiritual Seed on the player, and -12.5% outgoing damage to recover SP when attacking a monster with a Spiritual Seed
Efficient Skill pays 50% SP and Damage to Apply a (Weapon Element)Spiritual Seed to the Enemy

*EDIT: I've added an idea for the set itself now too :) I hope it awakens an interest in a very neglected status

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Grace Xisthrith

I am extremely excited to post a Fungibushi suggestion that was worked on by a group of players over the last few weeks, and after many iterations and ideas and conversations we've got it finished. Those players who designed it will be listed at the end. It was extremely fun to work on in a group, and I hope there'll be more opportunities to do this kind of collaborative project for AQ again (maybe even officially! Who knows?) With that being said, I'll get into the set. The first section will be the simplified version, the second section will be the rationale, and the third section will be the mathematics (not proofread ) behind the items. We did our best to have loosely mushroom and loosely warrior adjacent themes. There are themes of poison, healing, and Spirit seed. It is an earth set. If you like what you see, please write a post supporting it :)

Shield: Toadstool Targe:
An earth shield used by Fungi Bushido all across lore, wielded not only for defense, but as a focus to meditate before battle. On click, the shield has three options, all of which heal via spirit seed.
-Tranquility with Self, the warrior focuses on themself so strongly they weaken their combat prowess, but are rewarded by a delayed heal to their SP.
-Tranquility with Foe, the warrior focuses on the monster, and removes any ailments on them while simultaneously empowering a delayed heal for themselves, HP.
-Tranquility with All, the warrior focuses on all things, healing both the monster and themselves, both SP and HP.

Misc: Reishi Token
A mushroom token built to protect the player (flat damage reduction) and aid their recovery, particularly in spirit (healing resistance, passive SP regen). If the player significantly reduces the monster's damage, they'll be rewarded with healing. If they take normal damage, they'll become more vulnerable. Finally, on toggle, the misc heals the monster's body and spirit, but grants a more powerful delayed heal to the player, which is handy, because the misc costs HP to maintain.

Weapons: Matsutake Muramasa, Mycelium Edge, Enoki Enchanter
The weapons specialize in inflicting damage in a delayed fashion via Spirit Seed. They trade some of their damage and accuracy to inflict spirit seed, and are able to target any resource bar on the monster with the status. They have a small chance, like Nickelclad, to have significantly boosted output, and they can be clicked to fire off a damage skill, consuming available spirit seed on the foe. As well, the magic weapon is built around spellcasts rather than basic attacks.

Pet: Mooshroom or Bovine Bolete
Simply a pet with two modes, one to manage resources by eating spirit seed on the foe, healing resources by "seeking" your lowest resource like retro golden or communicant gear, and the other to inflict spirit seed on the foe, boosted to greater power by poisoning the player, and it lowers the duration of all spirit seeds (player and monster) by 1.

Armor: Morelamoto Musashi
An armor that can be used to tear through foes or shore up defenses (FD and FO toggle). It has an additional toggle that can focus intensely on defense, reducing the monster's damage and its own, or focus on offense, doing the opposite. Finally, there are two skills.
-Flow state: The bushido enters a state of absolute focus, but the price is heavy. One turn is skipped to meditate, and the monster gains greatly boosted damage and cannot miss, as well as the player being poisoned. The next turn however, as long as the player remains in the armor, they will receive greatly increased damage, accuracy, and crit chance for two turns. Their attacks will become elelocked (for mages, the attack button becomes a spell type attack), also increasing damage.
-Excessive Mushroom Propagation: Mushroom spores are spread so quickly and viciously they even damage the player (spirit seed). The armor trades damage to inflict spirit seed on the monster, following weapon element, boosted in power by the seeds inflicted on the player.

Poison, meditation, focus, flow state, delayed growth of mushrooms, we thought these lined up with mechanics that help and hurt the player and the monster. This would be one of very few item sets that can heal monsters, and provide them with direct bonuses, which is unique. This alternative source of payment allows the items to be extremely low resource intensive to use. The shield, misc, and armor don't have any SP costs whatsoever. However, this is only possible because of the benefits given to the monster, and the self damaging poisons and spirit seeds caused by the mushrooms. We hope this unique set of costs, and unique use of a rarely seen status, will make this set interesting and appealing, as well as its ability to play for FD and FO playstyles.

Math: (see near bottom for motivation to change turn delay bonus on spirit seeds.)
-Tranquility with Self: Takes player turn, inflicts a 1 turn duration -8.5 Blind (1 turn is skipped, 0 turn is active, so 10% melee) and a one turn .9x power Relaxed (renamed choke, 10% melee), and applies a 2 Turn SP Heal Spirit Seed worth (392x1.2x.85x.9~363 SP total)
-Tranquility with Foe: Takes player turn, eats up to 200% melee worth of negative status effects on the monster, and applies between a 2 Turn HP Heal Spirit Seed worth (404x100%x.85x.9 = 312 HP minimum, 936 HP maximum, on average)
-Tranquility with All: Takes player turn, applies spirit seeds (half HP, half SP) to both the player and the monster, which boosts the power of the player seeds to 240% melee (100% melee initial on player from the player turn, 100x1.4=140% melee initial on monster, so player is 240%), so the player will heal (404x.8x3x.85x.9/2) ~375 HP total after 3 turns, and (392x.8x3x.85x.9/2) ~363 SP after 3 turns, which 375/2.4=156 and 363/2.4=151 going to monster HP and SP over three turns, unless the monster is not a skillcaster, in which case it instead heals ~750/2.4=312 HP after 3 turns.
*if turn delay bonus of 5% melee per turn is accepted, these will all be boosted by 10-15% melee, because of their durations.

-Reishi Token gives 50 LUK (17 SP / 14.87 HP) and pays 15 SP (so actually 13.125 HP, just using more familiar SP numbers) to gain 20% damage but rerouted to flat damage reduction instead of an offensive boost, many miscs do this. (should be 30-40 flat damage reduction, depending on the standard devs use). Has a passive based on incoming damage, if the monster deals less than 1/3 expected damage, gain 20% melee in output (HP healing, .2x404=80). If it deals more than 1/3 expected damage, receive 10% melee in omni elevuln. This trigger / payoff versus detriment valuation I've come up with is totally arbitrary, for the effort / skill of reducing monster damage to 1/3, you gain twice what you lose if you don't reduce it. These numbers may certainly be edited by the devs, but I think it's a cool mechanic, rewarded for going ham on a defensive playstyle. For those worried about how strong flat damage reduction is, keep in mind this flat damage reduction is in place of normal elemental reduction.
-Reishi Token gives 12.5% heal res with MC, and as a flavor effect pays 10% melee in HP to heal 10% melee in SP (34 HP-38 SP).
-Reishi Token can be clicked to toggle into a mode which gives the player a 35%+10% melee healing spirit seed with 2 turn duration, and heals the monster for 12.5% melee in HP and SP (immediately, not a spirit seed), or 25% melee in HP if they have no skill. (35/1.4=25) (the %melee values are mismatched, 45% versus 35%, because of the turn delay bonus we're proposing for spirit seeds, 5% melee for each turn it takes them to land)
*to prevent heal res from being halved because of the healing synergy double dipping, all healing from the misc is divided by 1.125. This includes the 20% melee from taking low damage, the 10% melee in SP, and the 45% melee spirit seed. If doing this isn't an acceptable way to not double dip, devs can feel free to make it give 6.25% heal res instead.
-All in all, Reishi token will cost ~61 HP per turn to upkeep.

-Weapon: 0 Proc weapons that use their 0 Proc bonus to have a chance to increase status power. The ranged weapon has a 100 proc and 0 Proc toggle. Instead of tiny clickboxes, clicking the weapon anywhere brings up a menu, like MADM. 2 Options for Melee and Magic, 3 Options for ranged.
-On basic attack, the weapon trades 15% melee in damage, 8.5 bth (10% melee) to inflict 25% melee worth of 2 turn spirit seed on the monster, and it can be targeted to SP, MP, or HP (If that's too much, just SP and HP, or just HP). The magic weapon instead trades only 10% melee in damage on basic attacks, and inflicts 40% melee worth of spirit seed on elemental spellcasts. All saves are Mainstat vs END, +0, with MC making them -20. No Proc Bonus has a 33% chance to double the power of the infliction for melee and ranged 0 Proc, 40% chance to double for ranged 100 Proc, and ~45% chance to double for the magic weapon on spellcasts.
-Weapons also have a click skill: Standard weapon click skill that eats up to 400% melee of spirit seed on the foe, with the first 100% melee reducing SP cost (so it's free if there is enough seed). The melee and ranged 0 Proc weapon are weapon based, the 100 Proc weapon is bow type, and the Magic weapon is spell type, and costs MP instead.
*since the save is at 50%, the base power invested is 25% melee, and the turn delay is 2, we would have 25x2 + 10x2 % melee = 70% melee inflicted. On a lucky flare, the power would be doubled, but not the turn delay bonus, so 50x2 + 10x2 = 120% melee inflicted.

Mode 1: Resource Management: Healing pet, which chooses resources (MP or SP) like communicant set. Can eat up to 80% worth of seeds on the monster to increase its healing multiplicatively (or additively, if multiplicative isn't okay), up to a maximum of 3x power.
Mode 2: Seed Management: Pays 50% damage to inflict 2 turn spiritual seed, and also inflicts the player with a power 1 harm poison for 2 turns (20% melee) to inflict 40% melee worth (before save) of spiritual seed. Saveroll is CHA vs END, +0. MC goes to decreasing all seed durations on both monster and player by 1 turn as a flavor effect. If this is not possible...

-Flavor effect: Click the chest to toggle between player +10% elevuln and monster +10/1.4=7.14% elevuln, and 20 Player Flat damage reduction versus 20/1.4=14.28 flat damage reduction (rounded however is easiest for Staff).
-MC pays for compressing all the stuff, yippee!
-First Skill: "Intended" for FO. “Flow State” - Upon clicking the skill you become paralyzed (100% melee) and inflict yourself with a 1 turn Omni elevuln (50% melee, 50/1.4=35.71% elevuln), a 1 turn monster autohit (21% melee, Monster autohit = 15% melee x 1.4) and a 1 turn harm poison (29% melee, Power 2.9). After the monster attacks you, the following 2 turns you enter into: --
Flow State: The Mushroom Bushido is completely focused. There is 200% melee to work with, so +50% elempower for 2 turns (100% melee), +12.75 BTH for 2 turns (30% melee, not autohit because it's more abuseable), and gain 4.5x hypercrit (70% melee, 2 turns of +35% crit chance). This detects player luck, like Alchemist's Halberd, if Player LUK < 1/2 Expected LUK, instead of 70% melee in crit chance, you instead gain 70% melee more in damage, so 85% elempower for two turns. As well your weapon attacks are locked to earth, which includes 100 Procs, and gain elecomp to damage if using a Melee/Ranged weapon, and if using a Magic weapon the attacks become a free spell worth 75% melee and also gain elecomp to damage (similar to Dreamweavers spell attack, but actually gets elecomp). Importantly, the buff is locked to the armor, so it cannot be used with other gear, except weapons, shields, miscs. If possible and not complicated, having the buff remain when the player swaps back into the armor that turn, like the initiative buff, would be awesome.
-Second Skill: "Intended" for FD. Spirit seed infliction toggle: The Mushroom Bushido spreads the joy of mushrooms, whether the monster likes it or not. Pay 30% outgoing damage on attacks (15% on spells) to inflict 30% melee worth of 2 turn spirit seed (before saveroll). Because spores go whichever way the wind blows, the player is also hit by 25% melee worth of 2 turn spirit seeds, which inflicts an additional 25x1.4=35% melee worth of spirit seeds on the monster. 65% melee to work with, so: 65 / .5 (50% save) / .85 (hit accuracy) = 152.9% melee in spirit seed (one instance) each turn (+10% melee for 2 turns if turn delay formula change goes through). Spirit seeds follow weapon element, so they can be used in a defensive setting, except the player inflicted spirit seeds are harm.
-Third Skill: Toggle: Switch between FO/FD freely.
-For element spread, the armor will be 39 Earth, 42 Dark, and then all other resistances above 55 however best balances out. Light should be the highest element, as light is bad for mushrooms.

Final notes:

Everything is earth unless otherwise listed, like the above armor toggle. All the healing effects on various pieces of gear are not scaled by earth resistance, they take the normal x .9 penalty for always useful. We advocate that spirit seeds should gain 5% melee per turn they're delayed. The goal is for turn delay bonus to actually feel like it's worth investing in, unlike now when it's a pitiful 1.01x multiplier. There's a lot of potential justifications for this, but we can GBI it later if more detail is required : p . In short, because turn delay is really, really bad ATM, we want it upped to 5% melee per turn, and we can start that with this set, which is built around delayed gratification. Without a turn delay bonus like this, it's just objectively worse healing, since it's delayed.
The people who worked on this set are: Dizzle, KhalJJ, Maxtrigon, Grace, Yori, Gwen, Shamanknight, Red Blood, NightofLight, and Dardiel. If you like the set, please express your support with a post! :) Peace and love <3

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6/25/2024 11:40:33   

Love the artwork. I support the ideas of Grace and Sapphire as I find them they will bring the most fun and excitement.
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6/25/2024 13:03:46   

To preface, I support the following ideas from other players:
- RobynJoanne's first suggestion (Sporin') and second suggestion (Shrooming)
- Grace Xisthrith's suggestion

Another suggestion I'm putting forward for fungibushi, I'll try to be reader-friendly with it by splitting the info into 3 sections:
- Overview: No numbers, just vibes
- Detailed: No vibes, just numbers
- Motivations: Trying to explain why the idea is cool and not bad

The set has a beasmaster theme with a focus on pet buffs, reducing enemy blocking (with effects that gain bonus power in exchange for being punishing to miss with), and a new mechanic that allows for powering up the items. The set is earth element.

On all 5 items; allows items to spend power to give the player a stacking buff, spread across equipped fungibushi items. Spores can occasionally be exchanged for a boost to guest Ferocious Strike rate.

Boosts CHA and Player-side BtH; includes a toggle to gain berserk and inflict defloss, a toggle to heal based on damage dealt, and a spell that gives pet celerity. Pays costs with self-inflicted bleed.

Inflicts defloss. Feed it SP to unlock a stronger attack.

Has defloss potence, a toggle to generate extra Spores and a toggle to damage SP and gain eleshield.

Provides eleshield based on Spores.

Features quad compression with earth/wind/water/dark.
FD, with a BtH penalty to give pet damage. At higher numbers of Spores, you gain pet celerity. Has a skill for permanent defloss, and another skill that allows a multi-hit attack.

New mechanic, a tracker attached to the player. Starts at 0 per battle, costs 10% melee to increase by 1 - has a soft cap, while soft capped you can Propagate and spend all Spores to get Ferocious Strike chance and bonus Spore gain plus a soft cap increase. Items can have Shroom Hivemind for free; Shroom Hivemind items get value from Spores, but the bonus is divided among equipped Shroom Hivemind items (referred to as Shrooms). Full explanation at the end of the suggestion.

Ferocious Strike Mechanics
The Spore mechanic and the armor interact with Ferocious Strike, and uses the following assumptions:
- CHA's style bonus for 20% FS rate is equivalent to +20% FS rate, meaning that additive bonuses from elsewhere would make FS available to characters without Charisma (eg +20% rate for a character with 0 CHA means 20% rate, but for a character with 250 CHA it means 40% rate).
- FS output is +50% melee, so 1% melee is +2% FS chance.
- FS rate going above 100% will overflow % melee value into raising FS impact.
- FS impact is equal to 50+bonus/FSRate % melee (with bonus being the % melee increase); this ensures the value of raising FS impact considers the actual rate so as to avoid having effects that are 5-10 times stronger than intended. Eg +50% melee into FS impact will always give an average of 50% melee per turn.

All costs for the misc are paid via bleed inflicted on the player with the appropriate % melee value. For the passive misc bonuses, presumably the bleed that pays for them is only inflicted the first time it's equipped on a turn (to avoid infinite self-bleed). The bleed uses player CHA/LUK vs monster CHA/LUK to remove.

+50 CHA
+10 BtH for player/pet/guest
+1 Spores per turn.

Click to open a menu with three options.
- Berserk: Toggle. While on, player/pet/guest have a -(8+Spores) berserk (Spores aren't contributing value here; it's functionally a flavor effect) and at the end of each turn inflict a 2-turn 15% melee omni-elemental defloss on the enemy (CHA/LUK vs CHA/LUK); MC is potency on the save.
- Rage Spore: Spend 50% melee in HP for a spell that pays damage for 2 turns of pet celerity.
- Hivemind: Toggle Shroom Hivemind (defaults to on; toggle is preserved between fights). While on, you heal for a percentage of damage dealt by you, your pet, and your guest. The heal % for each member is 2/X*Spores/Shrooms, where X is 1, 0.4, and 0.45 for player, pet, and guest; the heal is soft capped similar to Mason's choke, where the damage used gets ^0.75 if greater than expected, and this one also accounts for enemy strength - the soft cap is multiplied by expectedPlayerMaxHP/enemyMaxHP so that out-healing defensive enemies is harder but healing vs glass cannon enemies is less restricted.

Click the head to feed the pet SP - 20% melee in SP becomes 20 charges, to a maximum of 80 charges.
Attack 1 - Default: 0.5 base lean. Spends 25% melee in damage to gain 1 Spore and inflict a 2-turn omni-elemental defloss on the enemy (CHA/LUK vs CHA/LUK). Spores increase the defloss value by 2*Spores/Shrooms.
Attack 2 - Performed if charges = 80: 0 base lean (ie 0% random). Spends all 80 charges for +80% melee value. 4-hit attack with -15 accuracy lean. Spends 41% melee in damage, and at the end of the attack it inflicts you with a bleed with melee value of 50*misses/attempts; at the end of the attack it gains charges equal to 80*hits/attempts. Spores increase the attack's melee value by 2*Spores/Shrooms. If the attack becomes autohit, reduce the number of charges gained to 65.
Click the body to toggle Shroom Hivemeind (defaults to on; toggle is preserved between fights). While off, the defloss and damage of their respective attacks do not benefit from Spores.

Melee 0-proc, ranged 100-proc (3 or 4 hits average), and magic 0-proc with 0/0.4/0.8 base leans (ie 80% random/40% random/0% random). The melee version's base can be clicked to toggle between magic 0-proc and ranged 0-proc.
-15 accuracy lean
MC: 20 defloss potence
Spends 10% melee in damage to generate 1 Spore per turn after attacking. Gains damage worth a melee value of 2*Spores/Shrooms.
Click to open a menu with three toggles. Each toggle is preserved between fights.
- Aggressive Growth: Toggle. Become inflicted with 10% melee worth of bleed per turn to generate an additional 1 Spore per turn.
- Parasite: Toggle. Attacks damage SP instead of HP, with excess damage overflowing to HP. Deals *9/8 damage vs SP. Pays 20% melee in the form of a penalty for missing; at the end of the attack, gain a bleed with a melee value of 20/0.3*misses/attempts then gain a 1-turn omni-elemental eleshield with a melee value of 20/0.7/1.4*hits/attempts; for autohit, the bonus remains but the cost becomes a guaranteed 20% melee bleed. Magic version only has this effect on spell casts, with the appropriate power boost.
- Hivemind: Toggle Shroom Hivemind (default to on). While off, the weapon loses its damage bonus.

MC: At the start of your turns, you gain a 1-turn [5 + 2x Spores/Shrooms]% melee omni-elemental eleshield.
Pays 10% melee MRM: At the start of your turns, if the monster attacked you since your last turn, you gain 1 Spores.
Click the shield to toggle Shroom Hivemind (defaults to on; toggle is preserved between fights). While off, the eleshield does not benefit from Spores.

Full Defense, -5 accuracy lean 4-hit attack
Resist priorities are earth>wind=water=dark>fire=light=ice=energy; the intent is for the wind/water/dark to be as close to 39% as can be accounted for via balancing, with fire/light/ice/energy and blocking all suffering in order to enable this elemental setup. Moonchaser Rider has 39/3x45/4x100 resists with 45 MRM; if no more MRM can be paid and the 100 resists can't be increased, this would be a great setup.
MC: Two skills.
Pays 20 BtH (halved for spells/skills; about 23.5% melee) and after you perform an attack/spell/skill while in this mode you gain the following.
- +1 Spore *hits/attempts (10*0.65 = 6.5% melee, about 17% left)
- 1 turn of +75% pet damage *hits/attemps +5*Spores/Shrooms% -50% *misses/attempts (75*0.4*0.65 = 19.5% melee, 50*0.4*0.35 = 7% melee so 19.5-7 = 12.5% for 4.5% left); for autohit, the bonus is instead just the 12.5% melee so 12.5/0.4 = +31.25% pet damage +5% *Spores/Shrooms.
- 1 turns of about 13.3 pet BtH (13.3*0.4*0.85 = 4.5% melee)
If the pet damage bonus reaches +100% AND you don't have pet celerity, reduce the bonus by 100% for 1 turn of pet celerity then split the remaining bonus into two pet turns of that bonus.
If you end your turn without triggering the above, gain [2*Spores/Shrooms]/10 Spores.
Spore Cloud: Spend 20% melee SP for +2 Spores and inflict 10% melee permanent omni-elemental defloss (50% save, MainStat/CHA vs CHA/LUK).
Spore Burst (second skill, first use): QuickCast. Enter a charging state - in this state, all items lose Spore Hivemind and you can't gain Spores. Track the amount of % melee "lost" this way (ie store 2% melee per Spore per turn, and 10% melee per Spore that was blocked from being gained).
Spore Burst (second skill, second use): Perform an attack that uses the mode's other attack animation - two hits at 50% damage each, and for each 100% melee stored it repeats the attack portion of the animation for the same two hits at 50% damage.
Click the armor to toggle Shroom Hivemind (defaults to on; toggle is preserved between fights). While off, the armor loses its pet damage and Spore acceleration bonuses.

Spores function almost like charges, but granting passive benefits rather than being spent; functionally like a status of "boost the value of your items". The details of Spores are:
- 1 Spore is worth 10% melee. Since all Spores gained after turn 1 diminishes in value (eg a Spore on the first turn applies its value for 10 turns, while a Spore gained on the tenth turn only applies its value for 1), the average Spore only lasts 5 turns and therefore is worth 2% melee per turn.
- The Spore value of 2% per turn is divided among all items with Spore Hivemind. This is why Spore Hivemind is free - the only benefit the item gains is from an effect that's already been paid for, and having more items benefit will reduce the per-item bonus to mtaintin the per-turn value.
- Ideally, Spores can have a visible on-screen tracker at least during the player's turn (Similar to Neko or Kindred armor). It would also be ideal if the tracker could have a button, such as with Willow Plate.
- Spores held has a soft cap of 10. While at/above the soft cap, Spore gains are multiplied by [cap/current] but in exchange the player can click the Spore tracker to "Propagate".
- Propagate is QuickCast - the player spends all Spores to gain 80% of the soft cap as permanent Spore generation (80/10 = 8% of soft cap becomes Spores gained each turn) while the remaining 20% of the soft cap and any excess Spores are converted to 2 turns of bonus Ferocious Strike chance. In addition, the soft cap increases by 5 (increasing the required amount and by extension the impact of future Propagates).

This is basically just a copypaste of the warwolf suggestion (which is the one that came first) - I believe in this concept and things it makes plenty of sense either as sci-fi energy generation or as spore-based spreading of influence. The intent is definitely not to have warwolf get the PCF suggestion and fungibushi get the Spore suggestion, rather the idea is that if the idea loses the popular vote for warwolf it should still be considered for fungibushi.

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6/25/2024 16:48:41   
Grace Xisthrith

My top 3 are in order, my suggestion, Dardiel's suggestion just above, and Robyn's Way of the Shroom Warrior suggestion. Exciting to see we're almost to the competition
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6/26/2024 1:34:50   
 formerly In Media Res


Really minor and a bit late, but ppl were asking for the armour+shield balance math sheets: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1X1Ps32sJtyXg4Hf9MPY_tcDSzaSj3TxWd_top5eAdiI/edit?gid=552268509#gid=552268509

Download it to play around with it.

If your items' numbers don't line up then don't worry, we'll fix it when it comes to implementing it.
AQ  Post #: 22
6/26/2024 12:46:57   
Red Blood

Grace Xisthrith's one has my support and some small part of my work in it.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 23
6/26/2024 22:21:46   

+1 to RobynJoanne's Shroom Warrior suggestion!
I'll support Grace Xisthrith's suggestion as a fall back.

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6/27/2024 4:41:12   

Cool to read through suggestions

Sets I support in order: My own Poison set 3, RobynJoanne’s Sporin’, and Grace Xisrith’s group suggestion (disclaimer I had some input to this).

Further, given the obvious similarities between my own suggestion set 3 and Telcontar's, I would be supportive of his set, most particularly the shield, armour, and misc.

Also, concepts from these suggestions that I feel should be in game eventually in some form:

- toggle/effect to let same-element-spells as your armour get elecomp - RobynJoanne
- Eat status x to boost next attack damage/spell damage - Uskius
- Armour with Typhon-shard style poison inflict toggle (if not here, Chimeran?)
- Item with “heal x% of poison damage”
- Some kind of poison eater on-click weapon skill (likewise, Chimeran?)

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