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Willow Creek

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11/2/2005 19:59:52   

Location: On the Travel Map (just above the Crossroads) OR Speak to Aquella

If you spoke to Aquella to access this quest...

Aquella: As a water elf I spend much of my time listening to the cries of the sea. The waves whisper of many dangers out at sea and in Willow Creek.
  • Willow Creek?
  • What danger out at sea?

    Ask about Willow Creek.

    Aquella: I have heard that the town of Willow Creek has been besieged by a dangerous beast that devours farm animals at night. Can you look into this problem and perhaps help them?
  • Journey to Willow Creek
  • No, not today

    Nimrod: Welcome adventurer! We have a mission for you. The farming town of Willow Creek has reported creatures that have been killing their farm animals at night.
    Choose "I accept the mission!" or "No thanks. I'll pass."

    "No thanks. I'll pass." takes you back to battleon.

    "I accept the mission!" Continues the quest.

    Nimrod: We knew we could count on you! Visit the Church Elder in Willow Creek first. He will help you get started.

    Scene changes to Willow Creek.

    Church Elder: Welcome to Willow Creek! I'm glad my call for help has finally been answered.
    "What can I do to help?"
    Church Elder: Something has been attacking and eating our farm animals at night. Please go talk to the farmers to find out if they know anything.
    "Will they talk to me"
    Church Elder: Yes. They should. You are on a mission from the Guardians. But some may be more helpful than others.
    Church Elder: Use the town map to find and visit the four farms. Come and go freely. After visiting all four farmers visit them again. If you are badly hurt, please drink one of my full healing potions.

    Farmer Southwick: Howdy stranger. Why are you here?
    "The Guardians of Battleon have sent me. I've come to help make your town safe."
    Farmer Southwick: Safe? From those nasty Dwakels?
    "Is that who's attacking your animals at night?"
    Farmer Southwick: Of course that's who's doing it! They live in the caves outside town.
    "Where are the caves?"
    Farmer Southwick: Uhhhh... I don't know. Let me think about it.

    When talked to again.

    Farmer SouthwickYou again?
    "Where are the caves?"
    Farmer Southwick: Go away! I don't have time to talk to you! Come back later.

    Farmer Westin: G'day mate.
    "You look familiar? Have we met before?"
    Farmer Westin: No, I don't think so... why are you here?
    "The Guardians of Battleon have sent me. I've come to help make your town safe."
    Farmer Westin: That's right nice of you. My brother came over the other night, and he left some zards in the backyard. Please get rid of them for me.

    You fight a monster randomly chosen from the list below.

    Level 24 and below

    Level 25+

    Farmer Westin: Thank you mate! I don't know how my brother can stand being around those things!
    "what do you know of the creatures attacking the town livestock?"
    Farmer Westin: It's bloody awful! I almost lost three Shiela last month!
    "Is it the zards?"
    Farmer Westin: No, some say it's the nasty Dwakel Dwarves that live in the mountains, but I'm not sure. Try asking around for more information.

    When talked to again.

    Farmer Westin: G'day again!
    "Where do you think the monsters come from?"
    Farmer Westin: No clue mate! Try asking the other farmers.

    Farmer Northrup: You've come just in time!!!
    "What for?"
    Farmer Northrup: My attic is overrun with wasps! Please help us!
    "Yes! Of course!"

    You fight Wasp Swarm.

    Farmer Northrup: Thank you for dealing with those wasps. But I am afraid of the creatures at night attacking our farms.
    "What kind of creatures?"
    Farmer Northrup: Creatures with sharp teeth. One of my cattle wasn't totally eaten by the monsters. It had huge bite marks all over it!
    "Do you know where they came from?"
    Farmer Northrup: Isn't that why they sent you here? To find out?
    "Well yes. But any information you have will help me.
    Farmer Northrup: I don't have any time to help. But thanks for killing those wasps.

    When talked to again.

    Farmer Northrup: What? You again!
    "Do you have any information for me now?"
    Farmer Northrup: Nope, sorry. Go away!

    Farmer Eastman: Hello there stranger. Why are you here?
    "The Guardians of Battleon have sent me. I've come to help make your town safe."
    Farmer Eastman's Wife: There's some Snayls in the backyard eating my garden. Can you take care of them for me?

    You fight Garden Snayls

    Farmer Eastman's Wife: Thanks! My garden is much safer now. How can we help you?
    "What do you know of the creatures attacking the farms at night?
    Farmer Eastman: It's horrible! They come at night, about once a month. Just when we think they aren't coming back, they show up again! I lost several chicken and sheep the last time.
    "Where do you think these monsters come from?"
    Farmer Eastman: I have no idea! Try asking the other farmers.

    When talked to again.

    Farmer Eastman: I'm sorry. I don't have anymore information for you.

    Farmer Southwick: You again!!! Alright, walk along the creek towards FarthWark Mountains. You'll find some caves. The Drakel Dwarves live in the largest cave. Now go away!

    The wrong caves will put you in battles with the following monsters:

    Left Cave:
  • Fire Mantik
  • Gnarl
  • Mud Golem
  • Toadzard

    Right Cave
  • Fire Cobra
  • Kresh
  • Nightzard
  • Whomp

    For the left cave, you fight six monsters, then a Treasure Chest, then three more monster.

    For the right cave, you fight six monsters, then a Random Monster, then three more monsters.

    After each battle:

  • Continue deeper into the cave.
  • Go back outside.

    At the end:

    You have reached a dead end in the cave.
  • Go back outside.

    If you re-enter the cave, you fight one monster and then reach the end.

    If you find the Dwakel's cave:
    You Fight 2 battles against Dwakel.

    Dwakel Chief: Why do you attack our homes? We are peaceful cave dwellers.
    You: Your warriors are attacking the town of willow creek!
    Dwakel Chief: That is a lie! We have no need to harm the people or animals of that town.
    Dwakel Chief: Something else is doing it. Something evil. Even we are afraid of it!
    You: Sorry! Maybe I made a mistake... I will return to the village to find out more information.

    Church Elder: The farmers are having a meeting. They plan to attack the Drakel Dwarfs in the morning.
    "That's a mistake!"
    Church Elder: You do not think it is the Dwakels that are invaing our town?
    "No! Something else!"
    Church Elder: The Farmers are very stubborn. Go search for clues while they are busy.
    "Good idea!"
    Farmer Eastman: We attack at dawn! We're ready to teach those Dwakel a lesson!
    "Oh no!"
    Farmer Westin: Where's Farmer Southwick? He's supposed to be here...

    You read Southwick's Journal.

    I explored a hidden cave today.
    Something in the cave bit me. I feel very strange now.
    The sickness is getting worse.
    I keep blacking out at night.
    And sometimes I wake up covered in blood.
    It happened again.
    The town livestock are getting eaten by a monster.
    I fear that I am the monster.
    I found the cave again.
    The hidden one behind the two trees to the left of the three caves.
    More animals have died this week.
    I know I am the monster.
    I will make the farmers think the Dwakel are the monsters.
    I will sleep in the hidden cave and attack from there.
    I have found no cure for the sickness.
    Nothing can save me now.

    Once you find the hidden cave.

    Farmer Southwick: How did you find me? Help me! I am a lost soul. Argghrghh! I think I will kill you instead.
    "We'll see about that!"

    You fight Werewolf

    Church Elder: I thank you for saving the town and saving the townsfolk from themselves. There is a vistor waiting for you at one of the farms.

    Farmer Eastman: My wife and I thank you for all your help!
    "You're welcome!"

    Farmer Northrup: Thank you so much for helping our town. We feel much safer now.
    "You're Welcome!"

    Farmer Westin: Thanks for all your help mate!
    "No worries"

    Nimrod: Congratulations! You have finished this mission with great success! The farmers are now safe again, but I am worried the Dwakel will some day seek revenge.

    You go back to Battleon.

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