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Z.[Archive] DragonFable (3.0) Gameplay/Quest Tutorial Guide

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12/1/2005 20:37:31  1 votes
Eternal Chaos

I do not have a DA but I can do the DA Quests anyways. >.< (Many people seem to misunderstand. I can't do the quests themselves, but I can still make entries on the quests.)
Tutorial Index Searching (Code not accurate right now)

The complete structure will be changed, so it might be a little confusing.

August 28th -- Hey...I'm working on it.


(Crynsos is to thank for the excellent maps.)

• Signing Up For DragonFable (DF.01)
• Exploring the Town (DF.02) [ Map]
- - Guardian Tower [ JPG]
• Character Skills and Abilities (DF.03)
- - Warrior (CC.01)
- - Mage (CC.02)
- - Rogue (CC.03)
- - - Guardian
• Battle System (DF.04)
• Utilizing Your Information Bar (DF.05)


* Some quests are in more than one location, but are only put in one of the sections.

• Ash the Town Crier / Town Quests (DQ.01)
- - The Cave (AQ.01)
- - The Grove (AQ.02)
- - The Marsh (AQ.03)
- - Elemental Attack (AQ.04)
- - DoomWood (AQ.05)
- - Spirits in the Inn (AQ.06)

• SureWood Forest (DQ.02) [ Map]
- - Renegade Camp - Bounty Hunting (SW.01)
- - Save the Mill (SW.02)
- - Watery Exploration (SW.03)
- - Forest Cave (SW.04)

• Warlic's Area (DQ.03) [ Map]
- - Willowshire (WS) [ Map]
- - The Fiery Heart of Mt. Shining Star (WA.01) [ Map]
- - It's a Dirty Job... (WA.02)
- - Monsoon Elemental Dungeon (WA.03) [ Map]
- - Floating Isle (WA.04)
- - The Deep Freeze (WA.05)
- - The Pyramid (WA.06)
- - AQ/DF Crossover

After the coveted AdventureQuest's success, and also numerous 'demands' by fans of their Archknight Game, of which only the first chapter was avilable to play, Artix Entertainment, LLC decided that they had an additional purpose in life...to take up the challenge of making a new game that used a similar style of game play as the walk around RPG world of Archknight, but enhanced with much more flexibility (different characters from different classes and regular content extensions for example…), better graphics, music and the ability to run alongside AQ’s own story, each game complimenting each other. Of course they were many suggestions made by current AQ players on the forum at the time for a game with these features pushing the AQ team to the decision of making this game…

After some time, Artix Entertainment announced their intent to make this game, which was shortly christened ‘Dragon Fable’…and for a while, there was a hype about the new game, but this was lost in the midst of time…for a while at least. The website for DragonFable was officially released on 26/07/2005 and was located by Google only a few days afterwards. The site was designed by Artix himself, the original creator of AQ, and with screenshots containing amazing anime styled graphics, the news about DragonFable began to slowly resurface and recreate a new hype about DragonFable in the AdventureQuest Community…

~ Introduction written by smartguy

Quick Links for Help

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Account Management

Registration Process

1) Create a New Account: For any game, you need to Create a New Account. Since this is only a Beta, though, you must learn the fact that the Server will be offline frequently, there will be more bugs than you'd expect, and that Artix Entertainment LLC can delete your Character Data at any given moment. Same goes with what you earned along the way. If you agree to these terms, please click 'Create Account.'

2) Terms of Use Agreements: By clicking "Accept" below, you accept all terms and conditions of this agreement. If you do not wish to accept this agreement you should click "Reject."

After accepting the Terms of Use Agreement (this is very important, as this is a legal agreement between you an Artix Entertainment, LLC. You need to read the Terms of Use Agreement very carefully. However, a lot of these rules are most definitely commensense. However, any disruption of the DragonFable Servers is a violation of Criminal and Civil Laws, and Artix Entertainment, LLC reserves the right to so seek damages from any such user to the fullest extent of the law. Also, violation of many of these rules will result in a suspension/termination of your DragonFable Account. You should read all of the Terms of Use Agreement thoroughly!

3) Signing Up: Next comes Creating the Account. This is a very easy process. First, choose your age. Selecting Ages 12 and Under does not let you register (you must certify that you are of age 13+), but selecting the other ages does. You need to select a username, and a password with at least 6 different characters (letters and numbers only, no spaces). Then, please confirm a valid e-mail address and click the box labeled "I agree to the Terms and Agreements." After doing so, you are led back to the Home Page.

4) Verify your Guardianship: You can do this only once per account, and cannot take it back afterwards. Enter your AdventureQuest Guardian Username/Password, and then your corresponding DF one. Current Stress Test allows Non-Guardians to play as well.

In DragonFable, you are able to walk around and explore the town like in ArchKnight. Many destinations await you in the Beta, so enjoy yourself, and get some fresh air! As your epic journey begins, you find yourself in a simple yet beautiful town. You observe your surrounds and notice an Inn beside you, an Arena to the north, and many other places to explore. You can start your journey by visiting MaryAnn's Inn. "Welcome to the Inn; how may I help you?" she asks politely. You have a choice of shopping or resting.

Town Shops and Inns

MaryAnn's Inn - Shopping and Resting (Screen 3)

At MaryAnn's Inn you can choose to shop for items as well as rest. Shopping allows you to either view, purchase, or sell items throughout the Inn. She a bit short on items for the time being, but she says to "Check back again soon; new items will be arriving shortly." If you wish to sell an item make sure to click the "Sell" Tab next to "Buy."

Huh? - Rumors

Sabrina who? What are you talking about? I have been gone from the inn visiting a sick relative. The inn has been closed for weeks. It is sort of strange...I do not remember having some of these items for sale. I definitely do not remember these Doom thingies. These Doom weapons keep glowing at night. Really creepy! I think I am going to get rid of them if I cannot sell them soon.

Sabrina said before: "Is it true that the Undead are attacking town? Um...maybe you should get one of the Doom Weapons while they are...um...still in stock. Where did I get the Doom Weapons? Um...a friend. No, wait...a traveling salesperson!"

Resting - "You are welcome to rest here for free. Each time you visit the Inn your Health and Mana will be restored to full."

Cysero's Shop - Talk to the Orb (Dragon Coins - Screen 4, Middle Building)

"Hi, this is Cysero. I'm not here right now but my orb can help with all of your magical weapon needs. Please leave a message after the chime. *GONG* Welcome to Cysero's shop. I make and sell only the FINEST magical weapons. But they don't come cheap...I accept payment in DRAGON COINS only. Please, feel free to browse and examine all of my wares. BUT NO TOUCHY!"

The Great Cysero Rebellion of 2006

Lord Asparagus: !Viva La Revolucion! Welcome to the Dragon Coin Shop. Cysero is currently...unavailable. But feel free to shop!
Cysero: Wel...to Cysero's...I ma...sell...*Static* FINEST...magical weapon...cheap...
Lord Asparagus: The great Cysero Rebellion of 2006 is underway! Cysero shall fall!
Nikemorya: Um...the only thing that fell was his crystal ball.
Maestro911: For the last time...it slipped!
Nikemorya: Hero_Killer is going to be mad, he wanted to be the one who broke that thing.
Rimblade: Shhhhhh! I think someone is coming.
[All of them hide behind the counter.]
Cysero's Orb: *Bzzzzzzzz* *Bzzzzzzzzzz*
Nikemorya: Coast clear?
Lord Asparagus: Um...why are we hiding? This is a rebellion!
You: My apologies for asking...but what are you guys doing?
Maestro911: A rebellion! So that I can proclaim myself "The New Mad Weaponsmith of DragonFable!"
Rimblade: I thought you just wanted to be mentioned in the design notes?
Lord Asparagus: Slim chance they will mention it in the design notes...everyone knows the game developers never do anything cool with the players.
Nikemorya: Yeah...I wish they would do SOMETHING to show us that they read the Forums.
Rimblade: Yeah, it would be so cool to be in a game.
Nikemorya: Do not get your hopes up Rimblade, is is NEVER going to happen.
Maestro911: NEVER...
Lord Asparagus: EVER...
You: Well, good luck getting the game guys. You are on the forums right?
Everyone (Except You): YUP! See you on the forums.
Everyone (Except You): YUP! See you on the forums. The great Cysero Rebellion of 2006!

Yulgar's Shop - Shopping and The Mill Quest Access (Screen 4, Right-most building)

Well met [Class]! Feel free to browse through the store! I make and sell a wide variety of Weapons.


Yuglar: My name is Yulgar and I run the Weapon Shop here in town. Behind me is my new apprentice Konnan.
Konnan: Wow, a real adventurer! I am honored to make your aquaintance. I am learning how to make basic weapons now. Soon, my mage friend is going to teach me how to enchant them with fire!
Yulgar: Talking about new weapons, I am going to need a shipment picked up in two weeks if you are looking for work. Check back then. In the mean time, see if I have anything that might aid in your next quest.

Late Shipment - Quest Access (Save the Mill)

The local lumber mill is late on their delivery. Do you have time to stop by and see what is wrong?

Ash DragonBlade - Town Crier (Screen 3)

You can talk to Ash DragonBlade in town, who is standing just outside of Maryann's Inn. He says, "Hello there! My name is Ash and one day I dream of becoming a Knight and protecting the world just like you. He also gives you access to the following quests.

1 • The Treefort
5 • The Cave
6 • The Grove
7 • The Marsh
7 • Elemental Attack
8 • DoomWood

Rumors - "The Portal near the tower is activated! I hear it teleports you far away to the mountains where Warlic the Mage is currently living."

A Knight?

You: You want to be a Knight?
Ash: Yes! My dream has always been to be a Knight...but I am too young to even train for the tests. Even if I was old enough, I am not of noble blood so I would not even be considered...*sighs and frowns deeply*
You: Well...you could save a Princess or something...then a king would have make you a Knight, right?
You: Uh oh...what did I just say? He is not actually gonna try to...nah...he would never do it. *Coughs* Yes! Definitely...if you were to save a Princess you would become a Knight.
Ash: Thank you so much!!

Reens' Potion House - Potion Refills (Screen 2, Right-hand side)

The Potion House has a sign with a potion. "Oh, Hi! Did I forget to put the sign on the door again? I'm not quite ready to open yet, but would you like to try some samples?" Once I finish getting everything straightened away, I'll be stocking potions and enchanted rings. Oh, and I'll be teaching alchemy as well. Remember...don't use too much sulfur! *boom*

Refill Potions

Ok, there you go. Two health and Two mana potions. That should keep you going for a while!

Patch's Barber Shop - Hairstyling (Screen 2, Left-hand side)

The Barber Shop has a sign with a pair of scissors. You'll find it west of Maryann's Inn. You can enter there and customize your hair color, style, and facial color. Inside you'll meet Patch the Barber. "Patch is the name, cut'n hair is mah game. Used to sheer sheep...but this is close 'nuff! Have a seat! Listen 'ere, get bold wit yer hair laddy! Dunn be one of dem hair sissies...show the whole wurld the inner ewe! Now, I'm new te town and te cuttin hair...but how hard can it be? Besides, if I get it wrong ye can always grow some more!"

Warlic's Portal - Quests and Exploration (Screen 7, Right-hand side)

Warlic's Portal allows you to access a number of quests. Many of these quests requires a DragonAmulet. The following quests can be accessed through Warlic's Portal.

DragonAmulet Required

• The Deep Freeze
• The Pyramid
• Armor Paint Room
• Waterfall Secret Cave

No Amulet Required

• The Fiery Heart of Mount Shining Star
• It's a Dirty Job
• The Grove
• Floating Isle


As you progress Levels, you'll have to fight more and more monsters along the way (this is where you will have to also take the top passage to fight more Fire Monsters for greater amounts of Experience). Your Levels will increase as you gain enough EXP, and you will gain an additional +5 HP, MP, Stat Points, and +1 Skill Point. The screenshot of that is shown here. Note that Stat Trainers do not exist as of the moment. You can view your current experience with the XP Bar.

(I'm hearing things about changes in EXP requirements...some might be wrong. I'm getting lots of PMs, but I'll check back to the 'Pedia too to find information. PMs with additional info would be nice. I had a few confirmations by Raveboy for now, and those are in parenthesis.)

To get to:
Level 2: 100
Level 3: 100 (400)
Level 4: 200 (900)
Level 5: 300
Level 6: 500
Level 7: 1,000 (3600)
Level 8: 3,000 (4900)
Level 9: 4,000 (6400)
Level 10: 5,000
Level 11: 6,000 (10000)
Level 12: 9,000
Level 13: 12,000
Level 14: 15,000
Level 15: 19,200
Level 16: 24,200
Level 17: 29,800
Level 18: 37,100
Level 19: 54,100
Level 20: 62,300
Level 21: 81,800 (40000)
Level 22: 150,000
Level 23: 300,000
Level 24: 500,000
Level 25: 500,001
Level 26: 500,002

Level 2: 100 -> stays at 100
Level 8: 3,000 -> 4,900
Level 11: 6,000 -> 10,000
Level 21: 81,800 -> 40,000


Levels 8 ~ 12 thanks to itsmechrisa and kauthor.
Level 12 Correction thanks to SLC.
Levels 22 ~ 23 thanks to klem70.
Levels 24 ~ 26 thanks to doubleoh4 and goldhawk2.

[CC.01] Warrior Abilities

[Level 1: Innate Normal Attack] You run up to the enemy, giving them a hard whack with your sword, dealing 100% Base and Random Damage.

[Level 2: Double Attack] This ability can be used with no additional cost after performing a successful Normal Attack (this means HIT the enemy). You deal 2 strikes of 100% Base and Random Damage each. Double Attack should be performed often as it has no MP cost and still does a good amount of damage.

[Level 2: War Cry] WarCry is best used against mobs with higher HP, such as when facing bosses (Fungi, Elementals etc.) It only increases your damage slightly but is still useful for such a low MP cost and such a long duration.

[Level 3: Triple Attack] The Triple Attack can be performed after a successful Normal Attack. If you miss on the first hit for the Double Attack, but hit on the second, you can perform the Triple Attack. However, if you miss the last hit, you can't perform it. It will deal 3 hits of 60% Base and Random Damage.

[Level 4: Defender's Stance] This move, which costs 20 MP and 1 additional turn, gives you +80 Blocking Defense for 2 turns. "I am ready...bring it on!" It's useful only when you're having a hard time blocking attacks, but otherwise shouldn't be used often.

[Level 4: Mana Strike] Mana Strike can be used to rid of the opponent's Mana. Depending on your Weapon, it'll do 100% Base and Random damage (so make sure you equip your most powerful Weapon). It's only 5 MP so when it becomes of use the cost isn't too much. However, few monsters are capable of using Mana Points so far, so it should not come into use until later in the game. (Thanks to doofus141 for the notification of Minx Fairy's MP use)

[Level 5: Stun] Stun is quite a costly move, but is pretty worthwhile to use in times of danger. Being able to Stun an enemy for three turns is quite impressive, though the MP cost is 20 - which is quite high. When facing packs you will only be able to target one monster with it, so be aware. If the enemy parrys or blocks the stun, the stun will still continue to take effect.

[Level 5: Multi Strike] Multi Strike will come in handy against the packs of less powerful monsters. It should be used often with monsters like the pack of 3s (Earth Elemental, Mushrooms, etc.) since you can be able to deal a better amount of damage in less time (80% Base/100% Random is impressive). The 10 MP isn't really that costly, considering the fact that you not only get a pretty powerful attack, and that it's very efficient (Note: converts to Ranged).

[Level 6: Throw] Most people would consider using Multi Strike instead, but Throw was never that useful considering the fact that it only deals 100% Base and Random damage like your normal attacks. The only difference is the Ranged Conversion, which really isn't useful for the time being. Plus, considering the fact that you're wasting 10 MP for it isn't worth for it to be used.

[Level 7: Trip] Trip also uses 20 MP like Stun, but can't really come into use right now. Since monsters can't "run away" yet, you won't find it of much use. It does very little damage, and for such a high MP cost - only perform this skill once it becomes of use.

[Level 8: Aimed] The Aimed Ability gives you +20 to hit. However, this does not mean an additional 20 damage! It simply means an extra 20 BtH when facing a monster (for one strike). It still deals 100% Base and Random damage. The MP isn't too costly (5 MP) so use it if you have a hard time hitting a monster.

[Level 9: Power] It's a decent bonus for 10 MP, although the Double and Triple Attacks would be much more useful and efficient (no MP cost either). It could be used for a little extra damage, so cast at will.

[Level 10: Strength Strike] Being able to reduce the enemy's damage is impressive, particularly against monsters that can hit larger numbers like the DoomCrawler. Their damage is reduced by 20% (a whole fifth!) for 10 turns (longer than you think). Though you can only use it once every 3 turns (disabled for two) it is still a good ability to use for means of protection. Plus, it only costs 5 MP. This will be great as you face harder monsters in the game.

[Level 11: Wound] It's normally available at Level 15, but for the moment it is indeed available at Level 11. It's a pretty efficient move for longer battles where you want to deal all the damage that you possibly can. The 20% Water Damage may be a bit weak at first, but afterwards the 5 Metal damage for 10 turns will help a lot (50 damage over that time period). Plus, it's only using 5 MP, which is a really efficient cost.

[CC.02] Mage Abilities [ Bar]

[Level 1: Innate Normal Attack] Your Mage's casting will deal 100% Base and Random Damage and convert the attack to Magic.

[Level 2: Arcane Shield] Arcane Sheild is the equivalent of the Warrior's Defender's Stance and the Rogue's Smoke. It should be used if you're willing to spare an extra turn to not get hit. It's best to use when there's more than one enemy attacking you (since otherwise, you could be using Sleep, Blind, etc.).

[Level 3: Power Boost] It gives a +15% Boost for five rounds; for a small cost of MP. Normally, it's not worth the trouble to waste a turn using this move. However, if you think that some extra damage against packs of monsters could be useful, then you might want to use it. It's not essential, but it helps.

[Level 4: Meditate] Meditate is an excellent move for mages to regain their Mana Points (MP). It has no MP cost and will let you regenerate 10 MP. It does cost a turn though, which can make a life-or-death difference if you waste that turn. If you need MP and have HP to spare though, then it's not too bad.

[Level 6: Elemental Blasts] ( FireBall, Ice/ Wind Strike, Lightning) These attacks convert your Weapon's Attacks. And, a bit here from Cysero: "There is a little bit of additional damage also. Spells do Min2 - Max2.5 of equipped staff. So if you have the Willshaper 4-10, double damage 8-20, Fire spell 8-25. The there's always PowerBoost for 8-25 + 15% damage. Use that against a Water Elemental (who is weak to fire damage) and KerPOWZER! -Ouch"

[Level 6: Sleep] Sleep is an excellent move! As the cost of only 5 MP, you can put your enemy to rest for three turns! Best not to use this when facing packs, though, since the others can't be stopped (as you can only stop one monster). It's nice to use them on powerful monsters like bosses (after taking out the minions), though, since they're powerful and have high HP. Use these moves to your advantage!

[Level 8: Blind] Blind makes a single enemy have a 50% less chance of hitting you for four turns. Not nearly as useful as Sleep since with Sleep, it's impossible for the enemy to attack. However, this effects their attack for five turns, not three.

[Level 10: Mana Blackout] Mana Blackout is fairly useful, but if the opponent doesn't use their Mana Points, it shouldn't be bothered with at all. However, it is quite useful against (Deft) Minx Fairies, since it doesn't allow them to full-heal once their MP is all gone.

[Level 10: MageFury] MageFury is an excellent spell, and should be the one your mage uses most frequently. It has not only excellent damage (100% Base/150% Random) but it's a great multi-hit with a low MP cost and no cooldown at all. Use this technique to your advantage!

[Level 12: Root] This move prevents enemies from fleeing the battle, although that option to flee isn't yet available in DragonFable. Has a high MP cost of 20.

[Level 15: Acid] Very similar to Wound and Poison, Acid makes the enemy suffer about 3-5 Fire damage for ten consecutive turns. Very useful for high HP enemies.

[Level 18: Final Blast] Final Blast gives the user a +100 to Critical, meaning if the hit connects, then there will be a 100% of a critical strike. Very low MP cost of 5 - use it with powerful weapons to unleash its full potential! (However, it does have a cooldown of 14 turns.)

[CC.03] Rogue Abilities

[To be completed - I'm going to skip this part for now, since I need to get some other things in this guide done first (which really seem more important, for some reason). Sorry. ;_;]


Normal Attacking - Your Character will always attack first. You have a variety of option to choose to attack with, and you can select that with the Attack Menu, pictured below. As you can see, some of the pictures (in this case, Double Attack and Triple Attack) cannot be selected. When you do not have enough MP or the right requirement to use an ability, it will end up like that. You can only use one attack or ability per turn. Some of these options can only be obtained as you progress Levels.

Potions: Reens' Potion shop allows you to refill your potion bag free of charge! Potions will allow you to heal your Health/Mana by 100 points, and you can hold 2 of each. The HP Potions contain Red Liquid, the MP Potions Blue. Using a Potion will consume a turn (but does not affect guests), however.

Targeting a Monster - When you are facing more than one monster, you are free to choose which monster you'd like to target. To select your target, you can target the monster by hovering your mouse over it and clicking on it. Once it is highlighted, click the enemy. The Arrow will them move over to the monster you've selected. You can only target one monster, even if you use attacks like Triple Attack (the only exception to this is the Multi-Hit Ability). Check here for the Picture. You must hit one monster with all three hits, not like hitting 3 monsters each with one hit. If my picture isn't good enough, consider Pae's.

Twilly and Zorbak - You can have Twilly join your part when you reach Level 3. Simply go east of Maryann's Inn/Yulgar's Shop and find a tree stump on which Twilly stands (just west of Surewood Forest). Zorbak is in Surewood Forest ( Screen 8) and will go with you if you are Level 5+.

Resistances: In DragonFable, resistances are not the same as they are in AdventureQuest. So, how does it work?

200 = Normal Negative Damage
100 = 0 Damage
50 = 50% Normal Damage
20 = 80% Normal Damage
0 = Neutral
-100 = Double Damage

This next concept is thanks to esbem, with slight rewording, additions, and explanations from myself.


Lets see how this works:
You fight the Gorillaphant, which supposedly has 50 Earth Resistances and -50 Wind Resistance. You have two Weapons, which are the Fawn's Rose Blade (1-18 Earth*) and the Cold Hammer of Moglin-Smacking (2-10 Wind). So how does it work?

When a monster has 50 Earth Resistance it means that you will do 50% of the normal damage. That means Fawn's Rose Blade should do .5 to 9 damage. As for the Wind, it takes 150% damage (not double damage). That means that it should do 1.5(2) to 1.5(10), or 3 to 15 damage. Simple as that.


Inventory: This is where you can store all your items. In your inventory you can have four types of items. You can be able to store up to 20 of these items. Weapons are used as offensive Equipment against monsters, while Belts and Rings are used as defense against them. Junk items, however, are not equipable but can be sold for larger amounts of gold (2% Drop Rate only!).

- Weapons (Swords/Maces/Axes - Staves - Daggers)
- Belts
- Rings
- Junk Items

Quests Page: This Page displays the information about the Quest with an Objective (description), and some information for you at the bottom.

Temporary Items: Like in AdventureQuest, DragonFable has its own fill of temporary items! Check the section above for more information.

Options: A page will opening after selecting this function displaying many preference options. You can change the Graphics (Best > High > Medium > Low), Sound Controls (Volume from 0 to 300 in increments of 10 and Music/Sound Options), and Switching Between Characters. *If you Switch Characters while in your Quest, you will not be warned and you will lose your unsaved progress!*


Ash Quests and Town Quests

Level 5 • The Cave
Level 6 • The Grove
Level 7 • The Marsh
Level 7 • Elemental Attack
Level 8 • DoomWood
-------- • Spirits in the Inn

[AQ.01] The Cave - "A cave full of Elementals. Duh."

"A nearby cave has beem overrun by elementals! I heard a lot of magic items can be found there."

In order to experience the terrors of the Cave, you must be Level 5 or higher. When traveling through the Cave, it's generally going in one direction. However, there are split paths here and there, so you must experiement with the paths for youself. Remember that if you want to heal yourself you can go back to the start and use the Healing Disc, or if you are lucky and find one, then use that.

Random Monster List

• Water Elemental
• Wind Elemental
• Earth Elemental [1/3]
• Primary Element/Elemental Servant (2) [Boss]

For monsters in packs, the Multi-Hit Attacks (Multi-Strike, Fury, and Wild Daggers) are most useful (particularly against Earth Elementals). The Wind and Water are more powerful than most monsters at the moment. It's not surprising, since you need to be Level 5 to access this quest.

Earth Elemental Packs - Packs are great for taking down with the Multi-Hit Attacks, especially when you have a more powerful Weapon equipped. The damage varies a lot though, so whether or not you defeat them in one turn depends on how lucky you get (whether it be a critical strike, or just the random damage). Make sure to use Wind, since it'll deal 150% damage. Earth Elementals now have 25 HP instead of 15, making them just slightly more difficult to take down. However, it still shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Water Elemental

Taking a look at its stats, it can easily deal 8-20 damage! In addition, they have 9 to Melee, Ranged, and Magic! Plus, with a bit of extra Dodging and Blocking (+2) they're a very difficult opponent for the unprepared. In addition, they have a +5 Critical! Water Elementals are always alone because they are more difficult to beat than Earth Elementals (it has to be balanced). Since they deal both higher damage as well as have higher HP, you should tread with caution if you're not well equipped. It is advised to use a Fire or Energy attack, which will deal 150% of the original damage (don't use Water).

- Warriors: Strength Strike is an option for those who want to simply lower their damage. None of the other abilities are really necessary, other than the Double/Triple Attacks. They can be taken down pretty quickly by Level 5 anyways, so it's best not to waste Mana.
- Mages: Mages have a variety of options for defeating the Water Elemental. FireBall or Lightning is advised as it does increased damage (make sure to equip your most powerful Weapon).
- Rogues: You can choose to stick to the normal attack routine with Rapid Attacks and the like. You won't have any abilities particularly useful against this one; and the ones that are useful are simply a waste of MP and time.
- All: You should consider using Stun/Sleep/Distract if you're having trouble. The MP isn't too costly and this generally allows you to take it down with little to no trouble (thanks Aquadorian).

Wind Elementals - Similar to the Water Elemental, but definitely not as powerful. It can hit an 8-16 though (like the Fire Spider) and has a +2 Critical & Melee. Not as difficult, but can still be somewhat dangerous. I recommend using the Stone Element (Axe of Elders for Warriors/WillShaper for Mages/Drake's Claw for Rogues).

Boss Fight - These are the same as the Earth Elemental Packs, other than the fact that the Primary Element's HP is much higher (does depend on your Level, though). Multi-Strike/MageFury/Wild Daggers is preferable. Since they all deal the same amount of damage, it is wisest to rid of the two Elemental Servants as they have the least amount of HP (15), and then taking down the other (with Wind). See the Earth Elemental Strategy above for tips.

[AQ.02] The Grove - "A place for wishes and secrets, for madness and dreams."

"There is a magic grove which is now the home of corrupted forest creatures."

Random Monster List

Deft Minx Fairie (2)
Minx Fairy
SylphDrake (1/3)
[Boss] High Lord Madcap / Trickster / Prankster

[AQ.03] The Marsh - "A creepy swamp full of dangerous monsters...there may be a prize at the end. Like a Snacker Jax box."

"Not too far from here is a swampy marsh. It is rumored that the Imperial Mushrooms collect rare items."

Please note that your Experience Points and Gold will not save until you have entered the portal after defeating the Final Boss. This quest can be accessed at Level 3. When traveling through the Marsh, it's usually going in one direction, but there are are split paths! Just experiment with each path to find the right direction (this is like the old "Random Forest Quest"). Remember that if you want to heal yourself you can go back to the start and use the Healing Disc, or if you are lucky and find one, then use that. Below is the list of monsters that can be found throughout the quest.

• Tog
• Mushroom (1/3)
• LizardMan
• Fungal Escort & Emperial Fungus [Boss]

General - Unlike the Fire Cave, there is no particular set direction for the dungeon. Instead, the dungeon layout is random. It won't be easy to provide directions for getting through (though it is quite self-explanatory) but Battle Strategy can be provided. This is a generally intermediate quest, which is easier than the Cave but more difficult than that of the Root of all Sneevil and Fire Caves. All of the monsters use the Nature Element. They have no resistances, so you can use any Element of your desire (though the most powerful would be preferable).

General Battling - Though no exact stats are provided for their damage, they can't hit too high. All of the Fungi and the Tog tend to hit no more than a 10 (when not critical). LizardMan can hit a bit more but shouldn't be a problem. When fighting you can equip any Weapon (though the more powerful ones are preferable) as they don't have any resistances whatsoever (yet).
Rings and Belts won't help you at all. If you want to complete a battle faster, you should bring Zorbak or Twilly along (Zorbak is faster). There's no particular 'strategy' yet, but as long as you follow the Abilities tips above (DF.03) and use logic in battle, you should do fine.

Mushroom/Boss - Mushrooms will hit you for very low damage, considering the fact that it's a Level 3 Quest (normally only about 4 to 10 damage). Still, they do have higher HP than monsters like Earth Elementals, so it does take longer to bring them down. They don't use their 50 MP at all, so there's no point in using your Mana Strike. When fighting the boss, the only challenge to the boss is the higher amount of Heal Points, but its damage is the same. Multi Strike proves to be useful against these fungi.

LizardMan - LizardMan only fights alone. He's just as easy to beat as the Fungi though, and only have 5 more HP either way. If you can beat a Fungus, LizardMan is definitely just a pushover for you. LizardMan is slightly harder with a higher damage range of 6-20, but still gives more experience and gold. He does block a bit often though ( stats) so you should be aware of that.

Togs - Togs are typically simple. Fortunately they don't appear in packs but deal little damage anyways (their damage range is 2-8 only). They do block about as well as the LizardMan does, though.

[AQ.04] Elemental Attack - "Elementals are pouring out of a Mage Portal...can we hold them off?"

"A mage portal is pouring elementals into a field near here. The Knights need help defending it!!"

You must be Level 7 or higher to enter this quest. This can be accessed by seeing Ash DragonBlade just outside of Maryann's Inn. The Elemental Attack Quest is for the hardcore farmers who seek to become stronger as well as obtain some nice items. At the finish of the Quest, you'll receive a total of 850 EXP and 59 Gold.

Random Monster List

Elemental Pack Attack Diagram

• Water Elemental
• Wind Elemental
• Earth Elemental

Capt'n Crush: The elementals just keep pouring through that portal! We are barely able to hold them off.
You: Elementals?
Capt'n Crush: Elementals are magical creatures summoned by mages. We do not know who is behind this...but he is evil! I have heard about your combat skills...and now that you are here we may have a chance! My soldiers will hold the line if you can drive the invaders back. Take them all out and I will give you one of our legendary maces.

It's your job to now slay all 24 elementals that lie in your way. Note that there are packs too, so check my Elemental Pack Attack Diagram. After you beat them all don't try to turn off the portal; it won't work. Instead, just simply head on back to Capt'n Crush.

Capt'n Crush: Amazing! You got all of them! Here is one of our Hammers as promised!
Pvt Billy Club: Capt! Looks like more of them are coming through the portal!
Sgt. Tack: Not again...
Capt'n Crush: If you can come back and lend us a hand, please do! We have a lot more Hammers. *Salutes*

[AQ.05] DoomWood - "A forest that has been overtaken by the vile undead."

"Undead have overrun the forest there! There have been rumors of an abomination being created there!"

You: I heard the Undead have over-run a forest near here. Do you know anything?
Ash: Yes, it seems an evil Necromancer has been hard at work just south of here. The forest is called DoomWood!

You must be Level 8 or higher to enter this quest. This can be accessed by seeing Ash DragonBlade just outside of Maryann's Inn. This quest is for those who seek a challenge - with both the normal enemies and the frightening boss. Like any quest, it's your job to slay the enemies and make your way past the boss to the exit.

Random Monster List

• Skeleton
• Undead Essence/Extract/Champion [Boss]
• DoomCrawler [Optional Challenge]

The Undead are actually harder than you might expect. Never attack them with Darkness moves and use Light instead. Take note that they only have a weakness of 10 (meaning you do 110% damage) so in some cases it would be wiser to use other Weapons (ex. Azure Gleam > Enzik's Dagger of Golden Light).

The Undeads attack with brute force, either with whacking you with their various Weapons, or with throwing their skulls at you. Beware, as his do 4-12 damage, and the critical rate is pretty high (5)! Use your abilities strategically. When fighting packs, always attack one of them until they fall (don't alternate your attacks). Multi-Strike is the best option to bring them down. If you're having a hard time surviving, always go back to the beginning to get a Full Heal before continuing. The boss fight is a three pack with a slightly more difficult Undead Champion, but as a Level 5 Warrior you should have little trouble with the right Equipment and strategy.

You might have a harder time fighting the DoomCrawler, though. Upon teleporting, ??? will ask you if you want to accept his master's challenge. You can choose not to fight his master, because the challenge is tough. If you do challenge the DoomCrawler and lose, the experience you got before will not be saved. Make sure that before you enter the portal you go back and full heal yourself, as the extra health proves vital in the battle. His attack does 25-30 damage, which means that you'll have to watch out.

As for abilties, always use them to your advantage. Stun/Sleep/Distract, Wound/Poison, Defender's Stance/Arcane Shield/Smoke, etc. Stun Abilities (includes Sleep and Distract) are great for keeping it from attacking, and should be more useful than the others. Wound and Poison are excellent moves as well for it can cut the DoomCrawler's HP little by little. Defender's Stance may help a little, but usually costs too much MP to do as well as Stun. Make sure you have two HP and MP potions (and Twilly) with you as well!

[AQ.06] Spirits in the Inn!

"Thank goodness you've come! I've got spooks that I need to get rid of. Lately, people have been complaining about strange happenings and have run from my inn screaming. There's talk of ghosts! Please, would you investigate and see what you can find out, maybe you can put a stop to them."


• Wisp
• Spirit

- Note that these can be in packs. The monsters in detail are (w/o using fake doors) ~

[Accurate Details]

1) Spirit
2) Spirit
3) Spirit
4) Wisp [2]
5) Spirit
6) Spirit, Wisp
7) Spirit
8) Wisp [2]
9) Wisp [2]
10) Spirit, Wisp [2]
11) Spirit [2]
12) Spirit
13) Wisp [3]
14) Spirit [2]
15) Spirit, Wisp [2]
16) Spirit, Wisp [2]
17) Spirit [2]
18) SoulKeeper, Spirit Guard [2]

--- Strategy Will be Done Soon ---


The Fiery Heart of Mt. Shining Star

Please note that your Experience Points and Gold will not save until you have entered the portal after defeating the Final Boss or if you Level up. Below is the list of monsters that can be found throughout the quest.

• Inferno Elemental
• Primary Fire Element/Elemental Servants
• Lava Glob

Fire Elemental/Lava Glob Strategy Tips

If you're seeing a good Ice or Water Weapon to use, consider the following. There are other options, but these include the most powerful.

Warriors - Wave Striker / Ice Edge / Jagged Hook
Mages - Lapis Lazuki / Trident of Linea / Dew Drop Staff
Rogues - Frosted Stiletto / Dragon Lord's Prize / Sapphire Sliver

The Inferno Elementals have a resistance against Fire, but you can do twice as much damage with Ice and Water attacks. They shouldn't be difficult as they can't hit large amounts of damage, and don't often hit criticals either. Any Weapon should be able to take one down without trouble (except Fire). Their damage is fairly weak ranging from 1-12 so they shan't cause much trouble.

Lava Globs are a bit stronger than the Inferno Elementals dealing 6 - 12 damage per turn. Their resistances are also weak to Ice and Water, but only will take 50% more damage rather than 100% damage as of the Inferno Elemental. You should attack in the same manner as usual; since their HP isn't that high (32 HP). If they're in packs, use the multi-hit abilities to take them down.


Navigation Map

You walk into the cave as a number of Fire Monsters and Lava await your arrival. You'll enter the room with a Volcanic Fountain to the north. These fountains will replenish your Health and Mana to their maximum, and can be used an infinite amount of times. At the moment you won't need it but as your health becomes deleted by the Fire Monsters, you should come back here. Now, head to the east.

You find the first Lava Glob in your way. Don't bother attempting to avoid it, as it has stopped in your path. You'll have to take it down to go across. You'll only begin these battles when you run into an enemy. These monsters range throughout the entire cave they are in, so it is suggested (especially in the earlier levels) that you start the battles with maximum health - do this by going repeatedly back to the Volcanic Fountain as you find necessary. Plus, when you see a Fire Elemental/Lava Glob in your way, it could be in packs, but only displayed as one monster, so be careful!

Tip: When you are having trouble in the earlier levels beating groups of these monsters, a good idea is to use the Defender's Stance/Smoke/Arcane Shield so you get a little extra defense for 2 additional turns. Anyways, continue to head to the east. You'll find a 'fork' in the road, with one going southeast, and the other digressing to the northeast.

*Going Northeast* For now, at the lower Levels, you needn't bother going northeast as that leads to a dead end, with only more Fire Monsters/Spiders to cause you more trouble. Instead, take the southeastern path. This is rather a place to gain some much-needed Experience (later levels, for now, Level 1 & 2 players need only 100 EXP). You're given an extra six battles to go through, that is, if you want to take on a few loners, packs, and two 3-Packs.

*Continuation SouthEast* Continue along this road as you fight a pack of 2 Inferno Elementals, and then heading down the vast expanse of empty road. You've reached the 2nd fountain, where you find 2 Globs in your way. It is possible to skip the first one - simply carefully click downwards away from it. You might want to replenish your health with the Volcanic Fountain at this point. Great taste, less filling! The 2nd Glob, however, can't be avoided. Fight it. Win. You'll find another screen with a Skull Door in the center. Go ahead, and take on the Fire Guards (two Lava Globs) - you can't avoid them either way. Pass through the door later to find an Lava Glob and an Elemental - and slay them like you always have.

You're here! The room with the Portal, where you can finally save your Status. However, don't let this last Elemental Fool you - it's not just one of the normal ones, it's the Fire Lord! The Fire Lord starts with 30 HP at Level 1, and gains 5 Max HP every time you Level up. He also has 2 Fire Minions by his side, so you'll definitely need to be careful. A good idea is to focus on the Minions first, as they deal just as much damage as the Fire Lord himself, but with a lot less HP - 10, to be exact. Now, afterwards, you're done! Step into the portal, and pat yourself on the back.

[OQ.04] Arena - Level 1

The Arena is located just north of the Inn, and is used merely for a bit of extra EXP/Gold or just to have a little fun slaying monsters. The monsters within this Arena change frequently, for a bit of variety.

Monster List

• DeadWood (2)
• Flying Eyeball
• Slime (3)


Flying Eyeball



• I would like to give a huge thanks to Icemaster Yeti and geopetal for locking and unlocking this thread multiple times. They have never had a bad temper when I request a lock/unlock and definitely deserve some recognition!
• Crynsos for Various Maps.
• alac88 for the Mage Ability Bar.
• Thanks to Artix Entertainment, LLC for giving us all this wonderful opportunity!
• itsmechrisa, kauthor, SLC, klem70, doubleoh4, and goldhawk2 helped me get a bit of information for Leveling Up EXP requirements.
• esbem's help with Resistances is appreciated.
• alac88 for notifying that the Log was removed.
• Thanks to Evil_Eye_Revolution for the notification of the # of Wind Elementals in the Arena.
• Aquadorian for notice on Water Elemental Strategy; including the Stun/Sleep/Distract technique.

It would be preferable if you sent notices for corrections/mistakes to my Inbox by PMing me, instead of replying to the thread when it's open. Thanks for reading! Eternal out.

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