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Well of the Water Lord's Tears

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1/23/2006 22:44:16   

Well of the Water Lord's Tears

Location: Travel Map > Travel South > Yenghaland

You: The Well of the Water Lord's Tears is an ages old legend that no-one has been able to prove one way or the other. Maybe I'll have better luck.
You: Many Adventurers claim that there are too many obstacles to overcome in the desert: the heat of day, the cold of night, the bandit tribes, the--


You: Giant scorpions and sidewinder snakes!
You: Whew-- I thought I was in trouble for a second there. But... what were they running from anyway??

You battle Chomper

You:Ugh-- I guess it only makes sense for something that eats icky creatures to BE an icky creature.
You: Huh-- got dark all of a sudden. But I don't see any clouds in the sky. And it's getting windy too!
Camelot: Hrrmmm Umff!
You: Oh-- hi there big guy. I hope you don't want to fight too.
Rashala: OF COURSE he doesn't want to fight! He's a camelot after all! Where are you from anyway, that you don't know a camelot when you see one?!
You: Well, sorry if I overreacted. I never actually saw a camelot before.
Berdaj: Rashala, what are you doing standing around? We need to hurry back to the shelter-- it will be upon us in no time at all!
Rashala: I know!! You, Stranger-- come with us if you want to live!
You: Wait a second-- just what was the "IT" that will soon be upon us??


You: Sandstorm!! Camelot-people, wait for meeee!

After you catch up with the nomads, you wait out the storm in their shelter...

You: Thank you for letting me take shelter with you, Rashala.
Rashala: You are welcome, Stranger. My people, the Yenghal of the Skraeling, are generous by nature. We have very few possessions-- and those we do have, we do not mind sharing.
Rashala:I need to ask you-- what is it that has led you here in your travels? We see few outsiders.
You: You might think me silly, but I am searching for the Well of the Water Lord's Tears. The legend say that it appears only one every thousand years...
Rashala: -- and the last time the Well was written of was nearly a thousand years ago. My people think you outsiders are fools to harbor hopes of finding... legends.
You: Can you help me? Have you or any of your tribe that seems unusal lately?
Rashala: No. But this is a place that is forbidden to us, and the reason why has been lost to history. A stranger as yourself might venture there, but I cannot take you.
Rashala:I will tell you more in the morning. For now, stay warm inside-- the air gets cold enough to freeze your breath while it's still in your lungs out here at night!
Salamander: GRONK!
You: Oh no-- a salamander!

Salamander burns the hut down.


You fight Salamander Hatchling

You: I am sorry for the loss of your friends, Rashala.
Rashala: They were not my friends, Stranger.... They were my brothers.
Rashala: This land is a harsh one. Our uncle died two moons ago, and our parents are long gone. I will need to find a new family. But first I have a promise to keep to you.

In the morning, Rashala takes you to the Forbidden Place she spoke of, and the two of you part ways...

You: The forbidden place... is a mirage. Rashala said some of her people ventured there and were never seen again.
You: .....
You: Sounds like a challenge. Time to find out what is hidden in the middle of this desert!
You: Whoa! What on Lore is that??

Jagos pops out of the sand

Jagos: I am Jagos, Protector of the Sands and servant of the Lord of Light! Stand and face me, or flee!

You fight Jagos

You: You're not back for more already, are you?
Jagos: No-- you are more formidable than you appear. Hrm... now that we are done with the "introductions", I must warn you. If you wish to go further and find the Well of the Water Lord's Tears, you might not live to tell the tale.
You: So it IS real! Why are you guarding it?
Jagos:I do not guard the Well... I guard the desert's secrets. The Well has it's own protectors.You have bested me, and so you may go on. But the secrets you find may trouble you for the rest of yor days.
Jagos:I will heal you now, for you will surely need the strength.

You enter the mirage and find that it is definately real. Vegetation surrounds a deep pool of water...

You: This is amazing! Only magic could account for something like this! I wonder what Jagos meant by saying the Well has "it's own protectors"?

An Energy Dragon drops from the sky.

Energy Dragon: Hahahahaaa... Puny human. This land belongs to the Energy Lord.

You fight Energy Dragon

You: Never thought I'd make it past that dragon... I wonder if I can make it past whatever it is that shows up next!!

Nalu comes out from the well.

You: Uh... ...oh... *gulp*
Nalu: I, Nalu, Sentinel of the Water Realm, thank you for freeing me, mortal. For a thousand years I have stood watch over this sacred wellspring, until I was overcome by the powerful dragonkind of the Energy Realm.
You: Just what IS a Sentinel, anyway, Nalu? And what's so sacred about this well?
Nalu: Sentinels are material manefestations of the Elemental Lord who created them.
Nalu: The Well holds the Tears of the Water Lord.
You: I guess that would be why it's called the Well of the Water Lord's Tears. Why did the Energy Lord want to possess them?
Nalu: He did not want to possess the Tears-- he only wanted to keep them out of the reach of Water Lord's followers.
Nalu: The war fought among the Elemental Lords so long ago was futile-- no single Elemental Realm could dominate all others. The creator, had made all in balance, and in balance all will remain.
Nalu: But take this knowledge back with you mortal: the greatest threat to the world of Lore is one that has destroyed many other worlds and has already visted ours...
Nalu: ...It will come again, and when it does, its' intent will be to leave nothing behind. Now I must go, back to my master. I leave you a token of her gratitude.

You obtain a Water Lord Tear

That must be one of the Tears. I wonder what it does... and how much it might be worth. And I wonder what that "greatest threat" could be?!

You go back to battleon.

Guardian requirement thanks to Archlist.

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