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The Farm

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1/24/2006 22:31:00   

The Farm

Location: Travel Map The Farm aka. Zorbak's Apprentice OR Battleon Yulgar's Inn Speak to Yulgar Mail! Letter from "Z"

Yulgar hands you a strange letter written in the form of Moglish. Luckily you know the Moglish language well. The letter is signed simply "Z" and asks you to meet in front of Seahawk's house on the outskirts of town.

You: Hmm... Hello? Anyone home? Seahawk?
You: .........
You: I wonder if I should go inside and see if he's okay?

Go into Seahawk's shack

Seahawk's door is locked are you a good enough theif to pick the lock?
Difficulty: 50
Stat used: Dexterity

Winning the roll mkes you take 85 damage then you advance to the next dialogue
Losing the roll takes you to the next dialogue.

Stay outside and wait.

????: HEY!! What do you think you're doing?!
You: Zorbak!! I should have known.
Zorbak: Who ELSE would it be?
Zorbak: You are too ebil for your own good!
Zorbak: Soooo... you must have gotten my note. You and your friends have caused a lot of trouble for me in the past, but that's forgotten now.
Zorbak: I think it's time we all became friends and helped each other, don't you?
You: ...................... You must be joking.
Zorbak: Mehehe.... *ahem* Not at all! I'm being un-dead serious! I mean DEAD serious! I really like you! I want to be your best buddy!
You: Now you're scaring me.
Zorbak: And what is the first rule of friendship?? Thats right! "Help your friends"! I'm really happy that you are here, because I need some help...
You: Hmf. YOU? Need help? But I thought you were a powerful dark Moglin necromancer. You created armies of undead to do your bidding!
You: WHAT could you possibly need my help for??
Zorbak: Ehhh... It is not a WHAT, but a WHO. I can't seem to get rid of him!!
Zorbak: No matter where I go, he is always there!! I can't sleep at night! My hands are shaking! PLEASE in the name of the Elemental Lords, HELP ME!!
???: Zorbak!! There you are!!
Zorbak: gaaaahhhh!
Seahawk: Hehe, I was beginning to think you were avoidng me!
Seahawk: So, are you ready to get started?? I can't wait! Learning the necromatic arts from a true legend such as yourself will be a real honor!!
Zorbak: Do you see what I've been dealing with??
Zorbak: Let's all go behind the house so no one sees us practicing the dark arts!!
You: What are you waiting for Zorbak? Let's go!
Zorbak: grrr

You go to the back farmyard with Seahawk and Zorbak.

Seahawk: It's great that you are here with us! Having an audience will encourage me to try my hardest.
You: No problem, Seahawk. I think Zorbak will be a great teacher, by the way!
Zorbak: Hmf. Oh can I speak to you alone for a moment?
You: Well. Okay.
Zorbak: psst... I really need your help on this one. I don't do this often, but... I'm BEGGING you... Please try to this... crazy person to leave me alone.
Zorbak: ............. Pretty please with sugar on top??
Zorbak: ............ I swear to you, I will try to tame my ebilness!
Zorbak: I promise that I will not play with my truly evil brother Kabroz anymore?
Zorbak: .............
Zorbak: I will replace the skull on my staff with a bouquet of fragrant roses?
Zorbak: .............
Zorbak: Can I stop begging now? This is embarassing.
Zorbak I'm supposed to be EBIL! It's hard for me to say no to someone who wants me to train them. But training is NOT something I know how to do! There is just nothing written about it in the Ebil Handbook!
You:??????????? There is an EBIL HANDBOOK?
Zorbak: Oh yes there is, but you're not supposed to know that. Forget I mentioned it. So, are you going to help me or what? This could be bad for my reputation!

Try to convince Seahawk not to be a necromancer
Can you convince Seahawk to not study under Zorbak as a necromancer?
Difficulty: 70
Stat Used: Charisma

Seahawk: hmm... you know what? Maybe I shouldn't be a necromancer after all. Sorry about that, Zorbak. It's just that, sometimes, I get too excited about things.
Seahawk: I hope I didn't hurt your feelings...
Zorbak: Mehehe--- *cough* I mean, noooo, no, you didn't hurt my feelings! That much. It IS a little disappointing, but what's an ebil Moglin to do? Just have to roll with the punches, you know.
You: It looks like my job is done here. I'll see you later, Seahawk.
Seahawk: Wait! Before you go I have been reconsidering. I think I want to become a Cleric, and then later maybe take on Knight training, and focus on becoming a Paladin at one point.
Seahawk: Could you recommend someone to teach me the ways of light and healing?
You: Actually, yes I can!
Zorbak: !!!
Zorbak: Bah!! How can I just stand here and let you do-gooders plot to hinder my plans to conquer the world and build my grand EBIL EMPIRE????!!
Zorbak: I will watch you both fall at the feet of my dark servant Skrow!!!
Zorbak: GET THEM, Skrow!!!
You: I'll handle this, Seahawk!

You fight:
Level 25 and Below: Skrow (30)
Level 26-49: Skrow (60)
Level 50+: Skrow (90)

Seahawk: Thank you, my friend! You have truly shown me the error of my ways. I will always be grateful!
You: No problem Seahawk! I'll be there if you need me.

If you lost the stat roll or picked Let Seahawk do whatever he wants to do
Seahawk: Sorry, I am sure that I want to learn how to be a powerful necromancer from Zorbak himself!
Zorbak: Eeerrrghhh...
Seahawk: I'm ready any time, Master Zorbak!
You: It looks like my job is done here. I'll see you later, Seahawk.
Zorbak: Actually, I really think YOU should stick around. Ahem.
You: Why should I stay??
Zorbak: Well, uhhhh... you see... Seahawk is a new student, and... new students take time to fully grasp the basic concept of necromancy. Yeeaaahhh... that's it. He might make a lot of mistakes.
You: Ooohhhh... and you might need ME to clean up these mistakes?
Seahawk: Please have some faith in me. I know I can be a good Necromancer!
Zorbak: eeeggg... PLEASE do not use "good" and "Necromancer" in the same sentence.
Zorbak: Okay, first lesson: How to make something dead. Any good Necromancer must first know how to do that. Before you can make something UNDEAD you must first make it (or find it) DEAD.
Zorbak: Now for my demonstration.

A butterfly flies accross and Zorbak shoots it.

Zorbak: Okay Seahawk! Now show us what you can do! Reanimate this disgustingly colorful butterfly.
Zorbak: It shall become an undead minion of mine, a tiny spy who can flutter unnoticed amidst the forces of good! MuhhaHAAAHHAAA!
Seahawk: Okay, master-- I will try!!
Zorbak: Focus, focus...

Seahawk's spell backfires and launches all over the farmyard.

Zorbak: ...........
Zorbak: That's not good.
Seahawk: What happened?
Zorbak: You overcharged the butterfly with dark energies. And now those energies have randomly fallen across Seahawk's vegetable fields.
You: What is so bad about that?
Zorbak: Trust me. You do NOT want to know. I suggest everyone RUNS AWAY NOW!!!
Seahawk: I'm uhhh... going to follow the words of my master.
You: What could Zorbak be afraid of??


You battle:
Pea Ditty
Tommy Toe
Gregg Plant
Crazy Cornelius

You: I did it! I saved the world from the ebil mutant zombie vegatables!

After completing either scenario.

Buy Zombie veggie pets!
Here you enter a shop where you can purchase Garlic Vampire and FrankenCarrott pets.

Play quest again!
(Find the other ending)

Leave Seahawk's farm

Location update by Nova Gryphon.

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