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Mysterious Crater

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2/5/2006 23:01:29   

Mysterious Crater Quest

Location: Travel > Travel Map > Sail East > Crater

Mysterious Crater: What could this mean? (Search!)

You have heard of a mysterious crater located just inland of the Gulf of Kyed, across the Great Sea to the east. And you are not one to turn down a chance for adventure!

Explore the area for clues about the crater:
  • Western Woods (top left) – You hear many species of birds and insects in these woods.
  • Gulf (top center) – The Gulf of Kyed is notorious for being a breeding ground for the monstrous Malgru fish.
  • Eastern Woods (top right) – From the trees on this side of the crater you hear various scary growling noises.
  • Dark Cavern in the Crater – This cavern seems to have been here long before the crater was formed. The entrance is blocked though.
  • Water Fall – (you are now in the crater near the waterfalls)
      «You»: Very strange… there is a lot of water coming down from the Gulf, but it’s not filling up the crater. It appears to be soaking into the hard ground in seconds.
      «You»: It doesn’t seem possible…
      Mercuria: Appearing from the waterfalls That may be because it IS impossible.
      «You» Whoa! Where did you come from?
      Mercuria: Where I come from is of no importance at the time. What IS important, however, is that you listen closely to what I am about to tell you.
      «You»: Okay, I will do my best to––
      Mercuria: ––If you are speaking then it is unlikely you are listening. Now remain quiet!
      «You»: ……………
      Mercuria: That is better. Now, I believe you have come here out of curiosity. Nearly every culture has a bit of wisdom that says those who are too curious are bound to get into trouble.
      Mercuria: What you have found here is a mystery. You now have more questions than answers. Your curiosity is even greater than it was before.
      Mercuria: Therefore, I would think there is a good chance you will meet an untimely end before long. What do you believe this crater means, oh Curious One?
      «You»: ……………
      Mercuria: You are allowed to speak when I ask you a question.
      «You»: Whew, I thought you were testing me!Well let’s see … I don’t know what this crater means.
      Mercuria: Well then… it appears that you and I have something in common.
      Mercuria: I am as perplexed as you are. I have been here for days and have yet to discover more about this mystery. .
      Mercuria: I have, however, figured out the mystery of the water. Only one thing could explain it. The crater was created by magic and is held by a spell of unchanging.
      Mercuria: The magic prevents anything from changing the crater’s shape. The water is not soaking into the ground—it is disappearing.
      «You»: How could it just disappear? Where does it all go?? And who—
      Mercuria: in your face SILENCE!!!!!!!! I did not ask you a question.
      Mercuria: As I was saying before you so rudely interrupted me, the water is disappearing. But why was the water flowing here in the first place?
      Mercuria: There is no sign of a stream continuing to flow beyond the other side of the crater. And so…before the crater was here… something ELSE was here.
      Mercuria: Something that would need water. A lot of water. So much water that it had to pull it from the gulf of Kyed, rather than use a simple well.
      Mercuria: I must leave now, but you are free to ponder this mystery further. We will meet again, I am sure.
      Mercuria: You might want to search the forest around the crater if you want a fight. I heard some terrible monsters have been stalking those who stray near the forest’s edge.

      The mysterious Mercuria mentioned that you could search the forest around the crater if you wanted to fight… Or you could just go home.(Back to Town)

      <After that ‘conversation’ with Mercuria you are probably in the mood to battle a monster. You use the clues regarding “hearing terrible monsters” and “forest’s edge” to find something other than “There is nothing here”>

      Harpy: Aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!! I smell foooood…… Tiiiime to eeeeeaattt!!

      1 BATTLE
      Level 25 and Below: Harpy
      Level 26-49: Harpy Warrior
      Level 50-70: Harpy Matriarch
      Level 71+: Harpy Queen
  • Broken Catapult (bottom left) – An ancient machine lies ruined in the sand. Could this be evidence that a civilization once lived here?
    • Look Closer

      Upon closer expection, you see that the machine appears to be made out of wood.

      ???: Hello, explorer. I have been watching you for a while now. You must be very curious about this machine. Actually, so am I.
      «You»: Who are you? I didn't even hear you coming!
      Manny: Call me Manny. I'm an explorer like yourself. But I have been living here for a while now. There is someone else I have seen around the Crater as well... a woman.
      Manny: She was a bit rude to me though. Not had on the eyes, though.
      Manny: I suppose you would like to see what this machine actually does? I'll need help gathering materials to fix it. Think you can be of assistance? Wait a little bit while I fix it.

      Manny: Great! We have enough material! Stand back while I fix this machine.

      You stand back while Manny the carpenter begins rebuilding the ancient, mysterious contraption.
      You decide to continue exploring and come back later when it is done!
      If you leave, you will have to help Manny rebuild the machine again.
    • Wait here.

      Manny the carpenter has fixed the ancient, ruined machine-- and it seems to be a catapult of some kind! Now, just what will you do with it?

      Manny: It was hard work, but this project is complete! Use the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard to crank the catapult.
      Manny: I'm off to visit my father, thanks for all the help!
    • TEST

        Looks like Twig has teleported himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. What would you like to do?
      • FIRE TWIG.

        Aim with your mouse and avoid the rocks and birds!

        If you miss...
        Twig: Hiya Bwackawke! I just had a weirdo dream! I was fwying all over the place!
        Blackhawke: Yeah... Too bad you had to wake up...
        Twig: I wuv being your fwend.

        If you succeed..
        Congratulations! You have launched Twig into a nearby school of fish. As thanks, he'll follow you around on your adventures. Get Twig! (10/55)
        Twig: Weeee'rrre gonna have sooo much FUN together!!!!

    • HOP ON:

      You are shot towards a rip in the sky and end up in Isle d’Oriens.
  • Go back.

    Entry thanks to Khat. Guardian requirement thanks to Archlist.

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