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The MaelStrom

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3/3/2006 0:01:16   

Sail East on the Travel Map
The Maelstrom is a massive whirlpool in the middle of the Great Sea which suddenly appeared.
Some powerful force under the waves must be responsible.
Brave the Maelstrom!

Sailing across the Great Sea, you find a gigantic whirlpool – a maelstrom which threatens to pull passing ships under the waves.
What could be causing this?

Rhubarb: Yarrgh! Avast, me hearty—ye need to exercise yer sea legs, eh? Take yer time – we must sail a ways a’fore the deepest sea is below us!
Aquella: There is a reason we may want to stop, though, good Captain. The maelstrom which is just off the starboard bow!
Twilly: Whatsa mail-storm??
Rhubarb: Nay, the lass said “maelstrom”, not mail-storm! It’s a mighty current of water that swirls in a circle. Powerful tides that collide are usually the cause!
Rhubarb: A maelstrom is usually strong enough to pull entire fleets down into Davy Jones’ Locker! Once a ship is the grasp of a maelstrom, there is no escaping it.
Aquella: I sense that the cause of this maelstrom is different, though. We must investigate it!
Rhubarb: Yarg! I’ll not be sailing any closer to that monstrosity!
Aquella: Then I shall go alone for now.
Twilly: !!! Oh nooo’s Aquella! It’s dangerous!!
Aquella: It’s the only choice. Captain, can you drop anchor here?
Rhubarb: Aye! Anchor’s aweigh!! Good luck to ye.

Twilly: I’m scared, Captain…
Rhubarb: Don’t worry, Twilly, she’ll be fine.
Rhubarb: *sniff* Hmmm… does anyone else smell sushi?

Aquella: Finally, I’m back! It looks like the maelstrom ha angered many sea creatures, you may want to keep your sailors on the lookout just in case they attack!
Rhubarb: …… Good idea. Thanks for the advice.
Aquella: It appears there is a BIG problem, everyone… I will need to go back down there, and I need help.
Aquella: Captain, you should sail back to the mainland and spread the news: The Mermazon and Sarkanian nations are at war!
Rhubarb Shiver me timbers!!!
Twilly: !?!?!
Aquella: You will need to wear a special armor to help you stay in these deepest waters without dying: the Aqwarrior Armor (15/50)!
Shop Opens.
Rhubarb: Now THAT is a strange looking armor, matey!
Aquella: It is time we acted! Good luck on your return journey Captain!
[B]Rhubarb: Take care of yourself, Aquella—May the Elemental Lord of Water watch over you!
You: But-- how are WE going to get back home??
Aquella: I’m sure the Captain will come back for us.
Rhubarb: Aye… and please, you can call me Rhubarb.
Aquella: Alright, let’s go!! Follow me into the water, and be sure to equip the Aqwarrior armor as soon as possible!

Aquella: Well, now THAT was quite a welcome! The maelstrom is really causing these creatures to go wild.
Aquella: As a Water Elf, I have some innate psychic powers… not as strong as Sage Uldor’s, but strong enough. With them, I have been able to understand why this war began!
Aquella: My psychic abilities are weaker on land then they are underwater. Here, my reach even extends to lesser creatures!
???: ……
???: Hmf! I bet she can’t translate my animal thoughts and project them to others, so that it seems like I am talking to them!!
Aquella: Our friend here just heard everything you “said”, Graggy.
Graggy: *grumble grumble*
Aquella: Graggy the krabb is my witness to this story-- he really gets around down here!
Aquella: As I was saying, I know what started the war between the Mermazons and the Sarkanians!
Aquella: It all began only a short time ago, when two young people realized they weren’t so different after all…
Aquella: The princess of the Mermazon realm, Sherah, met the prince of the Sarkanian kingdom, Merris, and the two fell in love.
Aquella: The two races had never been very friendly, but this was unheard of. A Sarkanian and a Mermazon could never be married!
Aquella: Their families tried to keep them apart, but their love was too strong. And one day—the two just vanished.
Aquella: Each nation blamed the other, saying they were hiding the Prince and Princess…
Aquella: The two nations became outraged, and began a massive war!
Aquella: The incredible forces unleashed in this war have become rifts in the bottom of the Great Sea. If the war continues, the Maelstrom could cause worldwide disasters!
Graggy: Disasters are not good.
Aquella: Thank you for that deep insight, Graggy. Now, it’s up to you and I to somehow fix this problem.
Aquella: It won’t do for us to simply tell each side the truth, that neither nation is holding the Prince and Princess…
Aquella: We will have to FIND Merris and Sherah and bring them back alive!!
Graggy: FIND them--? Do you realize how big this place is? The don’t call it the GREAT Sea for nothin’!
Aquella: That’s why YOU are coming with us, crusty krabb.
Graggy: *sputter*
Aquella: Graggy, we need your keen tracking ability as well as my psychic powers to find them. But first, we must fight our way through the battlefield! Lead the way, friend!

Aquella: The trail has led us here, to an underwater cavern. But there is a complication…
Graggy: Yah gots THAT right, yah blue-skinned angel! See, my nose (figuratively speaking of course) says that the trail goes down the left cave.
Aquella: …while my psychic powers point to the trail going into the cave on the right. Which one of us do you want to go with?
  • Go with Graggy
  • Go with Aquella

    Who is right?
    Roll against your Luck to see
    if you made the right choice!

    You: Whoa!! Who are you?
    Nepto: I am Nepto… and you are either very brave… or very lost.

    Guardian requirement thanks to Archlist.

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    3/8/2006 21:57:20   

    Sailing across the Great Sea, you came across a massive whirlpool called the Maelstrom.
    It was caused by a huge war between the Mermazon and Sarkanian realms...
    ...a war brought about after the Sarkanian Prince and Mermazon princess fell in love and mysteriously vanished.
    With the help of Aquella and a krabb named Graggy, you have tracked the two young lovers to the lair of a strange new being.

    The Maelstrom Part 2 - The Tide of War

    Nepto: I am Nepto… and you are either very brave… or very lost.
    You: Wow… that was a very bright light.
    Nepto: Your mock flattery will get you nowhere. Now tell me, why have you come here?
    You: I’m not here alone, just to let you know. My friends should be here soon.
    Nepto: Is that supposed to be a threat?
    You: No, they aren’t very threatening. I just wanted you to know they were coming, so you wouldn’t feel the need to make another entrance and turn your light on and off again.
    Nepto: This is no mere “light”… this is an Elemental Orb of Water!
    Nepto: ahhh… A Water Elf and a delicious shellfish. These must be your “friends”. How lovely.
    Graggy: Hey, watch it pal… These claws were made for crushin’!
    Aquella: Please, Graggy… remain calm. For now. We need to find out who we’re dealing with.
    You: This is Nepto… and he was just about to tell us what he’s doing here, and if he knows where a certain royal couple might be. Isn’t that right?
    Nepto: Either that… or annihilate you. I AM holding one of the few Water Orbs.
    Aquella: We are not here for a fight. We only want to find Prince Merris and Princess Sherah, and get them home, so we can stop this war!
    Nepto: I can respect those intentions. I myself have been on a search in these deep blue waters for a long, long time.
    Nepto: You see, as far as I know, I am the last of my kind. My father is the only other I remember, and I buried him at the bottom of Heraklas Trench, 78 years ago.
    Nepto: I sensed your presence here, and the reason behind your search. I actually guided you here, telepathically.
    Graggy: sheeeeesh!! Is EVERYONE down here psychic or telepathic or whatever, besides me??
    Nepto: The Prince and Princess you seek never ran away. They were CAPTURED. By a race of creatures called the Pheron. Monstrous beasts who live only for destruction.
    Nepto: The Pheron have probably torn them limb from limb already. You may be too late, or have little time left to rescue them.
    Nepto: You must approach stealthfully, and kill any Pheron you see. You have no other choice—there is no reasoning with them.
    Nepto: I have a map to their den. There are two paths. One is more dangerous then the other. Choose wisely.

    Aquella: This undersea canyon seems to lead quite far before it angles toward the Pheron’s den.
    Graggy: Time to see who has the most endurance! Hehehe, I have a feelin’ that I’ll win this little contest!

    Aquella: This deep passage on the ocean bottom looks much shorter than the other route. But the large cavern it leads through likely holds larger monsters.
    Graggy: Larger?! Ha! One look at me and they’ll turn tail and swim away—you’ll see!

    (Full heal after each if level 19 or Below)
    Level 25 and Below
    Malgru (15)

    Level 26-49
    Blecch (28)
    Frenzied Piranhas

    Level 50+
    Mutant Natator
    Malgru (90)
    Sea Titan
    Serlissa the Water Dragon
    Water Dragon

    Aquella: Right up ahead-- do you see it? A powerful glow is coming from that cavern.
    Graggy: Uh… you go in first… I’ll stay behind you and guard our rear position.
    Graggy: So… uhhh… there’s nothing here. Maybe we can just go now.
    Aquella: Shhh… I sense…
    Graggy: Really… I should probably wait outside and guard the cavern.
    Graggy: !!!!!!!! It’s one of them! Quick—do we attack it like that Nepto guy said, or should we wait and try to talk to it??

    BATTLE (Optional)
    Level 49 and Below
    Pheron (20)

    Level 50+
    Pheron (40)

    Aquella: Greetings… we come to you on a mission of peace. I… cannot hear your thoughts.
    Pheron: Your mental powers will not help you communicate with us. The Pheron are pure magic. Do you come seeking the other Fleshlings?
    Aquella: We are looking for two people. A Mermazon princess named Sherah and a Sarkanian prince named Merris. Have you seen them?
    Pheron: If you speak of the Fleshlings who share a deep empathic bond, then yes, the Pheron have seen them.
    Pheron: The Pheron have been keeping them.
    Aquella: Did you take them? Did you kidnap them??
    Pheron: You can ask them yourselves…
    Aquella: Merris and Sherah! What happened to you?
    Merris: As soon as we fell in love, we KNEW our two families would never understand it.
    Sherah: So we ran away together. Not thinking about what it might do to our two kingdoms.
    Merris: When our two families began looking for us, we were taken in by the Pheron. We needed a place to hide, and they were curious about us.
    Sherah: Not really about US, Merris… they wanted to understand the emotions of love better. We were a good choice of study subjects for them.
    Aquella: Do you know what is happening now, not far beyond these very caverns? A war has erupted between your two realms.
    Aquella: A war that threatens to destroy the entire ecosystem of the Great Sea, as well as your two families!
    Merris: NO… how could we know??! We have stayed away from everything for so long… We never wanted something like that to happen!
    Pheron: The Pheron know why this war began. It was NOT your love that caused it.
    Pheron: Someone went to each kingdom, and told them that the OTHER kingdom was keeping both of you. As each side denied the claims, they suspected the other of harming you.
    Aquella: But who would have done such a thing?? Who would cause so much destruction?
    Pheron: The same one who stole the Pheron’s Water Orb. Without which the Pheron will no longer have elemental magics to feed upon. And will therefore die…
    Graggy: Did you say someone stole your water orb?? Yah know what, I bet I know who did it…
    Aquella: I think I know too… but first we need to get the two of you BACK to your homes and explain what happened. This whole war is based on a LIE…
    Aquella: Getting Merris and Sherah back and telling the TRUTH should end the war in its tracks.
    Aquella: We have no time to waste. Pheron, allow us to take these two love-fish with us, and I promise, we will get your water orb back!
    Pheron: Your cause is noble. You need not risk your lives further just to save ours. Although that would be nice…

    You take the two lovers back to their homes and tell their leaders the truth. As they end the war, you return to the lair of Nepto!

    You: Hello once again. I wanted to come back and let you know your plan to get the Mermazons and Sarkanians to wipe each other out… failed!
    You: Oh… and you need to give that Water Orb back to the Pheron.
    Nepto: Or WHAT, weak surface-dweller? You will dare to TAKE it from me??
    You: …….
    You: Yeah, I WILL. And when I’m done with you, you’ll be fish-food.

    Level 25 and Below

    Nepto (30)

    Level 26-49
    Nepto (30)
    Nepto (60)

    Level 50+
    Nepto (90)

    Aquella: You beat Nepto, and now we have the Water Orb. Let’s take it back to the Pheron before it’s too late!
    Pheron: The Pheron thank you for returning the Water Orb to us! Now we may continue to thrive on its magical energies for another thousand years!
    Pheron: Please accept this ancient weapon as a reward.
    Shop opens.
    Pheron: Good luck on your journey home, brave savior.

    Maelstaff (Energy) (20/65)
    Maelstaff (Water) (20/65)
    Ultimate Maelstaff (Energy)
    Ultimate Maelstaff (Water)

    Guardian requirement thanks to Archlist.

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