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RE: Implemented List (READ FIRST POST)

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12/4/2007 0:10:46   
Ribarg! Zard contest winner

It dosent really matter, it's still a record of what they were and are in the list, so there isint much of a point in removing them
DF  Post #: 276
12/4/2007 15:35:29   
Tapeworm Shoelace

It'll confuse a lot of people to leave those links there, though. :/
AQ  Post #: 277
12/5/2007 20:51:04   
Ribarg! Zard contest winner

That is why i added a little note to the contest name ^^
DF  Post #: 278
1/9/2008 13:28:51   

The Bulk could be striked through, since it appeared in the Harvest Festival.
Ahh, it feels good to be back in this board.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 279
1/11/2008 12:39:38   
Ribarg! Zard contest winner

Im not sure I understand what you mean, are you saying it should NOT be added since it was part of the festival? I add implementations to the list regardless of where they appear and how long they stay.
DF  Post #: 280
1/15/2008 14:31:03   


The Bulk was added I suggest Slashing that off the to be implemented part :/
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 281
1/21/2008 10:53:25   
Ribarg! Zard contest winner

Ah, sorry I misunderstood. The bulk now is crossed off the list
DF  Post #: 282
1/24/2008 17:29:55   
Legendary KoO Snugglebunny

fax0r's wyvern enemy is now in-game.
AQ  Post #: 283
1/24/2008 19:15:32   
Ribarg! Zard contest winner

cool. As soon as it is added to the 'pedia I will add it to the list.

Edit: Added*

< Message edited by Zeshion -- 1/26/2008 15:07:56 >
DF  Post #: 284
1/29/2008 18:58:46   
Tapeworm Shoelace

Candy Cane was inspired by Richie Ritz.
AQ  Post #: 285
1/29/2008 20:24:27   
Richie Ritz

NO actually, i don't think so.
My suggestion is a monster, and even though it was suggested before candy cane the weapon was released.
I highly doubt there is any connection.

Please could a staff member confirm.
I think i will alter my suggestion so there is no confusion whatsoever.
AQ  Post #: 286
2/3/2008 15:15:40   
Ribarg! Zard contest winner

Yes, well considering the added item IS a weapon and he suggested a monster, im assuming that the two are unrelated.
DF  Post #: 287
2/6/2008 23:43:11   
Tapeworm Shoelace


Rayfish was suggested by Coronet.


ORIGINAL: Rayf Drayson

A new enemy stalks the Void. Well, stealthily swims the Void.

The Rayfish.

My namesake. A very old suggestion by Coronet. With amazing art by J. And coding by Kalanyr.



< Message edited by LightningBlade -- 2/7/2008 0:15:05 >
AQ  Post #: 288
2/7/2008 10:30:10   
Ribarg! Zard contest winner

I will need to wait until the monster is added to the pedia and will update this post when it is available.
DF  Post #: 289
2/8/2008 5:34:51   

The Glacial Short Staff by TheKholdOne (or Radagast; not sure). Still no entry though...

< Message edited by Crimzon5 -- 2/8/2008 6:38:02 >


Can you see the Visions?
AQ DF  Post #: 290
2/9/2008 20:10:22   
Tapeworm Shoelace

That would be because items made by staff members aren't put on the list. If they were, every item would be up there. >_>

Issues like this have cropped up a lot, Zesh. You should probably make a note to it in the first post.
AQ  Post #: 291
2/9/2008 21:20:40   
Ribarg! Zard contest winner

it already IS a note under the "staff creations" section
DF  Post #: 292
2/9/2008 21:58:52   
Tapeworm Shoelace

I would assume that most people don't realize that the people who created the item are staff members, hence the posting of them. So it's pretty nonsensical to put it down there as opposed to in bold print on the top.
AQ  Post #: 293
2/10/2008 18:43:59   
Ribarg! Zard contest winner

wether or not people figure out that a weapon was by a staff or a player if it has a person's name on the "suggestion" there will be a post about it regardless. I would rather not crowd the very top of the first post because then NO ONE would read it, rather than just get a few confused posts about who created the suggestion and where it belongs.
DF  Post #: 294
2/14/2008 13:41:21   
Jacky C Rulez

The Guardian Mecha Suit Armor was released after I made a suggestion for the Drakel Power Armor to be updated after the Drakel Animation update.

I didn't suggest the Drakel Power Armor in the Drakel Black Market, but I did suggest this version.


ORIGINAL: Jacky C Rulez

I'm sure we've all seen the AMAZING new updates to all the Drakel Monsters.
They are incredible, (and have been well worth the wait!)

I was just thinking, that in case this hasn't already been planned, (which it might have been) it would be good if the fantastic-looking new drakel power armor enemy design, was put into the Drakel Power Armor in the Drakel Market. I bought the armor, and put it on, but I was slightly disappointed when I saw it was the old design.

Then I thought that despite the AQ Team being great, they can't have had time, amongst all the new updates, to update some armor.

Nevertheless, I think it would look very, very good. It would also have a lot of people wanting to buy it, to look, and attack like the New Drakel Power Armor.

I hope that this is something that will be done, (even if it is not done, because I have suggested it!)

I really look forward to it

Jacky C Rulez

I suggested an update, but the new armor was released as I had suggested it.

I think that would count to go on the implemented list, but if not could a member of staff let me know?
Just wanted to know lol.

Jacky C Rulez.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 295
2/15/2008 5:26:52   


NOTE: This section is for suggestions that were thought up AND personally created by staff members. Also, from now on, this staff suggestion list will stay AS IT IS unless a NEW blatant staff suggestion is implemented. If ALL staff suggestions are added, then i might as well add every item in the game to this list. These are just the most recognizable of the suggestions.

Well, I did see that note but I didn't get what blatant meant. I mean, look at the results I got:

1. brazenly obvious; flagrant: a blatant error in simple addition; a blatant lie.
2. offensively noisy or loud; clamorous: blatant radios.
3. tastelessly conspicuous: the blatant colors of the dress.

Oh well, please accept my apologies...
AQ DF  Post #: 296
3/7/2008 18:46:21   

Vasil's 1*15 suggestion?-Not sure but I think the new 1*15 RA formulae was inspired by Vasil and made possible by Capt Rhubarb. It must've also been a pretty fast implementation.
AQ  Post #: 297
3/9/2008 19:39:10   
Legendary KoO Snugglebunny

No, Vasil's suggestion bears no resemblence whatsoever to the new RA formula.

Heal Deep Wounds was suggested by Dragonmind and is now implemented.
AQ  Post #: 298
3/16/2008 21:05:13   
Ribarg! Zard contest winner

cool, thanks for the clarification chii
DF  Post #: 299
3/17/2008 5:44:48   
Legendary KoO Snugglebunny

Oh, links.

Heal Deep Wounds


Not feeling well? Bathe yourself in a nice blue glow of healing magic. (Heals more than 104 hit points). 10% Chance of a 4x Heal. The ancient scroll containing this powerful healing spell was found by Dragonmind.


-- Actually, I'll add this myself, heh.

< Message edited by Chii -- 3/17/2008 11:25:47 >
AQ  Post #: 300
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