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Z.[Archive] The Unofficial DragonFable Timeline - Updated 5

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6/9/2007 11:12:47   
mighty mosquito

If you would like to submit a screenshot, post in this thread or send me a PM. I'm especially looking for Beta stuff, but please make sure it's a good screenshot and not just some random picture of a random area. To link to the picture, please provide the URL of the image itself and NOT of the site it's hosted on. To get the URL of an image, right click it and select Properties. If possible, try to edit the pic in MS Paint to remove the unnecessary clutter around the image. The ideal image dimensions are 750x450 for the game screen alone, or 750x550 if you wish to include the info on your character and a monster. It's up to you to decide which to use.

So, without further ado...

The Unofficial DragonFable Timeline

Blue: Game updates
Red: New quests
Green: Wars
Purple: New towns

NOTE: Since game updates now seem to be going up by increments of .01 with several minor upgrades, I will now only highlight updates that increment by .1 so as to not have blue text everywhere. That would be horrible!


-July 26: DragonFable website launched

-First successful alpha test by Artix & Co. (walking only)
-First DF monster tests: Fire Elemental, Earth Elemental, Undead Warrior

-DF style resistances established (as opposed to the 100% = neutral damage system in AQ)
-First successful DF test by Artix & Co, with battling and and the Fire Cave quest
-Town is given a name: Testopia!
-November 30: First DF beta test launched (Phase 1)
---Town: Testopia
---Monster: Fire Monster (later renamed Fire Elemental)
---Quest: Fire Cave
---NPC: Yulgar (no shop yet)
---Guest: Zorbak
---For Beta 1, silver is used as currency, though nothing is buyable; gems and gold non-existant
---Level cap set to 8
---The original five character skills: Double, Triple, Defend, Fireball, Water

-December 1: Beta test closed to fix database errors
-Random dungeon generator created
-December 6: Beta phase 1 relaunched with bugfixes and a few temporary weapons
-Eh... not much else for the rest of December.


-First item drop test; The Oozy Eye Blade is the first weapon found by Artix
-January 20: Phase II beta launched
---New monsters: Sneevil (with 15 HP!), Seed Spitter, Gorillaphant
---Monster Arena added
---Level cap increased to 11
---Random permanent weapon drops in the Fire Cave
---Yulgar's shop implemented
---Health/Mana potions implemented, offer full heals
---Silver and gem currencies removed, everyone gets 50 gold to compensate
---Random forest quest with many 2 HP Sneevils; created as a test of the random dungeon generator
---A whole load of bugfixes

-Twilly becomes a guest alongside Zorbak
-Random dungeon quests perfected (somewhat) by the DF team
-It's a slow month, people.

-Full character skill sheet created (would later become the Warrior class skills)
-Server temporarily down for expansion and upgrades for the following beta
-March 15: Phase 2B beta launched
---Town slightly expanded
---Sabrina's shop implemented
---New NPCs: Galanoth, Artix, Fae
---Warrior class created; all skills available except for Final Blow due to the level 11 cap
---First random dungeon quests: Root of all Sneevil, the Cave, and the Marsh implemented
---The Phase II forest quest is removed
---ShadowReaper of Doom added; Kolo is the first to buy it
-Ash Dragonblade mysteriously appears in town
-Doomwood quest implemented with Undead Warrior and Doomcrawler

-Elemental Attack released
-Female Warrior class arrives (finally)
-April 14: Phase 2D beta launched
---Barber shop released
---Character armor can now be customized upon creation
-April 28: Phase R2-D2 beta launched
---Mage class released
---21 staves released
---SkullStaff of Doom added; Roibup and Cyanda are the first ones to buy it
---Over 1000 people log in: DF finally reaches the fourth digit!
-The Grove released
-Brief experiment with 3v3 battling; gone after a day

-May 5: Phase 2I beta launched
---Rogue class released
---27 daggers released
---Twin Daggers of Doom added; Enzik is the first to buy it
-May 12: Phase U2 beta launched
---Can now level up in the middle of quests
---Inventory (sans color coding) and shop menus appearances changed to what we see today
-May 16: Phase 2L8 beta launched
---Town expands to what we see in version 3.0
---Zorbak, Galanoth, Artix and Fae disappear
---A new DF record: 2000 logins!
-Sneevil Treefort and the Mill are added
-May 26: First DF war; Undead Invasion war begins
-May 28: War ended prematurely by staff due to time constraints; three Darkness weapons (Nightfall, Midknife, and Night Vision) released as rewards
-Sabrina disappears from her shop and is replaced by Maryann, much to the confusion of the forums
-Cysero's shop opens up with a slew of non-buyable weapons due to the lack of Dragon Coins

-June 2: Phase 2.999999 beta launched
---Surewood Forest added
---Bandit Camp added
---New NPC: Robina the Hood
---Zorbak returns! Woo!
-Doomwood monsters temporarily buffed for 06/06/06; Doom weapons recieve an eerie red glow for the day
-DF release announced for midnight on June 9th, but is pushed to noon due to complaints about time zones
-DragonAmulet prices announced: $19.99 for one character, or $29.99 (limited time offer!) for everyone on your account, $5 buys you 2000 extra DragonCoins
-June 9, 12:04 PM: DF steps out of beta! (Phase 3.0 launched)
---DragonAmulet released with 200 DragonCoins for people who upgrade
---Many previous monsters recieve HP boosts (Sneevils have 5 HP now! Let's all celebrate)
---121 (!) weapons released
---Level cap increased to 26
---Potions now only recover 100 HP/MP rather than a full heal
---The portal in town activates and Warlic's area opens with several new quests: The elemental caves (fire, water, wind and earth), the Pyramid, the Frozen Temple, the Armor Paint Room
---DragonAmulet exclusive quests become accessible
---A new DF record: 4800 logins!
-June 16: Phase 3.14 launched with the new war
-New town: Willowshire
-June 16: Willowshire Dragon War starts; Robina and Ash available as NPCs for 3v3 battling
-June 19: War ends, final battle with Gorgok the dragon released
-Due to complaints about mages being overpowered, the mechanics of warriors and rogues are changed
-The "Cysero Rebellion" begins on the forums and the founders are featured at Cysero's shop, supposedly having overthrown the orb
-The Monster Arena becomes the Guardian Tower (though the arena still exists inside); little activity due to the Willowshire war
-First edition of the Guardian Armor released; no skills yet

-DragonFable becomes available to the public as a stress test
-Three eggs (Rough, Smooth and Weird) are released in certain quests, rarity causes many complaints on the forums
-The eggs mentioned above become rare; common versions available at Cysero's shop
-Many forumers participate in a test to help with the upcoming balancing issues
-July 13: After 23 days, Gorgok finally leaves. Willowshire dungeon quest released, Guardian Blade purchasable
-Haunted Inn quest released
-The eggs hatch into a Slime, Tog and Wyvern; Rare pets get a different look from the common ones
-Balance Day mayhem! Monsters and weapons get buffed, EXP tables lowered dramatically, giant hot dogs mysteriously appear in town, Skullator annoys everybody
-Another DF record: 6000 logins!
-July 26: Phase 3.141 launched
-A temporary quest is released to test level scalable monsters. Takes place inside a whale. Weirdness.
-One year anniversary of the DragonFable website
-The DragonFable prologue is officially in production

-Geopetal and Icemaster Yeti promoted to staff
-Town name contest begins, three names are mentioned by the staff (Swordfall, Falconreach and Heroshire)
-Rescue mission quest in the bug cave released; a young Aria becomes a temporary guest
-August 11: First DragonFable/AdventureQuest crossover quest released in the crystal caves
-The Cysero Rebellion finally ends; the rebels are booted out of his shop and a brand new orb sits on the counter
-Pay-By-Cash finally accepted as a method of payment for Dragon Amulets
-August 18: Phase 3.14159 launched
---Can now save starting equipment at the Guardian Tower
---Player vs. Player test implemented
---The Unsqueakable Farce, a special joke weapon for PvP, appears; Element Bacon?
-August 25: Phase 3.14B launched (YAY! No more pi continuations!)
---Pet shop released, though without any quests
---Aria's grandmother makes her debut
---Twilly moves to the main town screen
---PvP battling can now be done by character ID rather than randomly
-A DragonFable milestone: 10000 logins! Congratulations on reaching the fifth digit!
-The Pet shop quest opens; seven pets available if your character could brave the very first DF stat roller and tame them all
-Three meteorites are available in certain quests; like the old eggs, both rare and common versions exist
-A serious bug is discovered where people could buy items at Cysero's shop only to recieve duplicate copies and lose many DragonCoins; is fixed by the staff with a rare DC refund

-September 8: Phase 3.14C launched
---The meteorites crack open and reveal odd transforming weapons, the CorDemi Codex series
---The CorDemi Codex weapons can still be found in some quests, but with an overpowering rarity
-The first stackable item test begins at Maryann's shop
-A temporary quest is released to test acquiring stackable items from quests. The whale from the monster balancing quest returns
-September 12: Phase 3.14D launched (Yes. It really is Tuesday.)
---Several bugs and issues with the stackable item test are fixed, including the infamous "inventory full" glitch
---Inventories become color coded; purple means DA only, red means level too low
---The new innkeeper's drawing is available to the public; naming competition starts
-DragonFable characters and NPCs suddenly recieve ears on their heads
-First stackable item quest opens; Yulgar is able to forge new weapons if you collect Azhite Ore in a jungle quest
-Logins tip the scales at 12000 with the release of above quest
-The new inn is released; Maryann leaves, is replaced by Serenity
-Final voting period for the new town name begins
-The first weapon specials are implemented; exists only on the three level 1 DragonCoin weapons
-September 20: Phase 3.14E launched (What? Another non-Friday update?)
---A special challenge quest is released versus the Scrapyard Trog
---The Floating Cave becomes accessible exclusively to DragonAmulet holders; "Phantom DA" textbox glitch fixed at its portal entrance
-Dr. Voltabolt, the new crazy mad scientist, appears; offers his stackable item quest against the Junkyard Driller (Srapyard Trog above)
-Town is officially renamed Falconreach! The name won by over 700 votes in the town name poll
-The Doom weapons leave Sereinity's shop; are now available with the mysterious new NPC (the Mysterious Necromancer) for a higher price
-The Doom weapons also recieve specials, with a chance to "doom" your opponent and cause 5 Darkness damage per turn

-New town: Oaklore
-The Oaklore Forest preview is launched along with several of the basic quests
-The path to the graveyard west of Falconreach is removed. It now leads to the bridge to Oaklore Keep
-Another new record: 15000 logins! Login records will now only be recorded if they are multiples of 5000
-A new quest is released featuring Sir Jing's energy weapons; recommended for levels 1-5
-October 13: A special Friday the 13th war starts; essentially the Undead Invasion (see May) monsters featuring Jason-like hockey masks
-First appearance of Defender's Medals; no shop yet
-October 15: After 1,000,000 waves of monsters were slain, the boss fight against Deadwood Destroyer is released. The three beta war weapons used as rewards, plus the 13th Ring
-Due to a massive protest led by Amdusias Furfur regarding the re-releasing of the beta Darkness weapons, Artix changes the war rewards
-The Defender's Shop opens at the defunct Town Hall; items can be bought with Defender's Medals obtained from the war
-Extra inventory space can now be obtained using Dragon Coins
-New town: Amityvale
-October 20: The Amityvale war begins, starting with "Night of the Living Pumpkins!"
-First DF stat boosters: Three level 1 items are released as rare war drops, each adds +1 to a stat
-Artix appears for the first time since he departed in Phase 2L8, though you technically hadn't met him yet in the beta phase
-As a celebration to 2,000,000 DF accounts created, the level cap is raised to 29; first cap increase since Phase 3.0
-October 26: 3,000,000 monster waves later, the boss fight against Jack Strife and Pumpkin Pi (sigh, more puns...) is released; first appearance of the Necromantress
-Similar to the Azhite Ore quest, the Moonglow search opens up at Amityvale
-October 30: Phase 3.14F launched (By gad, it's been a while!)
---The first version of the "stat trainer" is released, which consists of six categories you can increase at will for a price without fighting an actual trainer

-A new quest is released East of Amityvale that takes place inside a well; essentially an allusion to a previous design note story
-The message displayed in item descriptions is changed slightly
-Several Sneevil-based quests are released at Oaklore Keep; first appearance of Sneevil Ninjas and Sneevil Gladiators
-Linus obtains several upgrades, including the Royal Penguin Shrink Ray; can be upgraded at the pet shop
-November 17: Frost Dragon war starts at Falconreach
-A special quest is released for DA holders to recover Fire Gems; can be combined with Defender's Medals to make fire weapons
-New login record: 20000!
-November 20: War ends, final battle with Dragonmaster Frostscythe and Glaisaurus the ice dragon released
-A special Thanksgiving quest is released with Dr. Voltabolt and his mechanical monsters; a bazooka-toting turkey pet is the prize

-New town: Aeris Battlespire
-First version of the Aeris Battlespire PvP arena is released
-The old PvP test disappears
-December 8: Phase 3.14G launched
---The infamous 100 Room Dungeon is released
---Capes and wings appear in-game for characters
---Aeris Battlespire upgrades: PvP ranks, rewards
-DragonFable gets its first major sponsor: GameTap!
-New town: Frostvale
-December 15: A Frostvale Tale is released; battle monsters to reach Icemaster Yeti's lair!
-As a Christmas present, all characters temporarily recieve a free +5% Crit. bonus
-December 20: Icemaster Yeti's lair is reached; saving the Moglins nets you some rewards, the first DragonFable presents and the invention of Frostval!


-The presents obtained from the war's end open revealing Frostvale cloaks and the Frost Pwny/Black Ice Pwny pets
-Cysero's NPC finally appears, absent ever since his shop opened in May of 2006
-The Guardian tower goes through several odd phases due to Cysero's gags
-Thursday's quest in the Amityvale Haunted House is released
-The second part of Thursday's quest is released in her garden; the werewolf, Lon, at the end is the first DF monster weak against Silver
-The Doom Weapons can now be upgraded at a hidden shack in the above quest
-Third Thursday quest released at the Yaga stone circle
-January 26: Phase 3.14H launched
---Amityvale Invasion war begins
---Similar to the Fire Gem quest during the Frost Dragon War, a special quest is released to recover Purified Bloodgem Shards for defender's items

-February 2: Amityvale Invasion war is won, boss battle with Lord Frydae XIII at the Amityvale Guardian Tower released
-Sir Vey's quest series featuring the VerMen and Mollo Mind Serum is released
-The first Hero's Heart Day quest is released; essentially a precursor to Snugglefest
-February 16: Phase 3.14I launched
---The Snugglegram armor featured at Hero's Heart Day can be temporarily obtained from dungeons as a transforming helm
-February 23: Flying Eyeballs invade Falconreach; the War at See begins
-A special test server featuring Flash 8 is released; essentially better animation, faster loading times and the intro of the new DF logo

-March 2: Boss fight against the Irismancer released; a foreshadowing to the dangers of the Doom weapons is revealed
-March 9: Build 4.0 launched (oh my goodness!)
---Several graphics are updated, including the character select screen and the EXP/gold screen from defeating a monster
---The new DragonFable logo takes permenant residence (see Old Town Photos for the previous logo)
---All characters, new and existing, now start at the intro quest outside of Oaklore
---Default town for new characters is now Oaklore, not Falconreach
---Oaklore also recieves a minor makeover; path to Falconreach moved
---Character animation is made more lifelike and less static
---New NPC: Captain Rolith
---Several new quests are released at Oaklore, including a quest to save the priestess from the intro quest
---A quest series featuring the Dragon Egg in development (only the first two parts available); can be accessed by talking to Twilly at Falconreach
---New login record: 25000!
-The third part of the Dragon Egg saga, featuring Robina's quests, is released
-A prelude to an upcoming war against Xan the fire mage is released; essentially a battle against Bassault
-March 21: The Wrath of Xan!
---Phase 1 of the war: Fire monsters raiding Falconreach!
---First implementation of a "town HP" system; if the war takes too long and the town's HP reaches 0, it will be destroyed
---Also the first implementation of a war chest; a chest can randomly appear in a war wave containing Cysero's powerful ice weapons
---March 22: Phase 2 of the war: Grams pet shop is destroyed!
---King Alteon sends his 500,000 knights, plus the Elite 299, to defend Falconreach
---March 23: Phase 3 of the war: Disaster! King Alteon's forces get wiped out and Xan is now attacking from the west!
---A special quest is released to rescue King Alteon; success gets you knighted as the 301st Elite! (don't ask about #300)
---Yet another new login record: 30000!
---March 25: The fire army is defeated with town at 1% (go figure); an unwinnable boss fight with Xan is released
---Plot device: Xan spares your life, plans to pay Warlic a visit
---First implementation of a gold donation system; gold donated by players is contributed to rebuilding Falconreach
---Ash Dragonblade recieves a new look
-March 29: Total donation figures: approximately 4,147,000,000 gold. Cripes!
-1,000,000,000 of this gold is used to rebuild Falconreach into its current appearance (old Falconreach is scattered across the screenshots)
-New NPC: Nythera
-The Last Board of Falconreach can be traded in for some Stone weapons or some belts
-The fourth and fifth parts of the Dragon Egg saga released with Valencia and the Vultragons
-New NPC: Valencia
-A second path in the Surewood Forest entrance screen is added; leads to Valencia and the giant golden statue for sale

-As an April Fools' joke, Falconreach is renamed ChickenCowreach and becomes infested with ChickenCows
-The final part of the Dragon Egg saga is released; your very own Dragon Egg is available for storage at the secret cave
-April 13th: GUARDIAN CLASS RELEASED!!! (boy, did that take a while!)
---The Guardian class trainer is available at the Guardian Tower; features a long string of quests to upgrade the Guardian Armor
---The Guardian Armor itself recieves skills which can be obtained using the above quest; several abilities are accessible only when the Guardian Blade is equipped
-The second Friday the 13th war released; very similar to the previous, except for a few rare drop items
-The Hydra's Cave is released, featuring some strong water weapons
-Falconreach Town Hall expands, featuring Mayor Rayf and the Evil Lawyer of Darkness
-The first DragonFable history book is created
-April 20: Boss battle against Deadwood Destroyer released
-A special cutscene featuring Drakath and Sepulchre is released; also the first appearance of the giant dracolich with a castle on its back
-Temple of the Four Winds quest released; wind weapons can be created here

-Prelude to war: Your Dragon Egg has been stolen by Chaos Weavers!
-May 3: Arachnattack begins, featuring Chaos Weavers and other spider monsters
-The Spider Slayer weapons, which can be obtained in the war, can be upgraded by collecting Spider Cents (PUN ALERT!!!) in a special quest
-May 10: Arachnattack ends, final battle against the Spidermancer released; your Dragon Egg gets recovered
-Dragon Egg release date announced for June 10th
-Three of Warlic's quests featuring Elementals attacking a mine released; first appearance of a random quest feature
-Aeris Battlespire recieves a shop upgrade
-A quest featuring Xan at the Lava Lake released; first appearance of an non-level unlockable quest (10 Elemental Essences from Warlic's mining quests)
-Six rare chests are released in certain quests, la Eggs/Cordemi. Can also be bought at Cysero's shop for 150 DragonCoins.
-The chests open up to reveal various items, such as helmets and capes, each gives good bonuses

-The egg release date is pushed ahead two days to June 8; caused by a huge wave of impatience on the forums
-June 8: Build 5 launched!
---Your Dragon Egg hatches!
---A lengthy cutscene is shown displaying the hatching of both your egg and Sepulchre's egg (a cute white dragon which he proceeds to turn undead)
---The first part of Lady Celestia's quests, Titans of Battleon, is released; you are transported to the future to fight on your fully grown dragon against the Exodus Titan
---The above quest also happens to be the second DF/AQ crossover quest; the first one was waaaay back in August, 2006
---The element and color of your dragon can also be chosen, plus the ability to bring your (perpetually sleeping) baby dragon along as a guest
-June 15: DragonLord class released
---The armor can be obtained and trained in a special quest featuring the Old Man of the Mountain

Photo Gallery

Alpha/Beta Days
The REALLY old DragonFable logo
Alpha battle test
Alpha quest screen
Old character info screen
The old town of Testopia*
Zorbak and the old potion shop*
The old Monster Arena*
Beta Fire Cave entrance*
Beta Fire Cave boss with old skill sheet*
Phase 2B town expansion*
Beta Artix, Fae and Galanoth (shadow of evil)
Old Inventory (Crynsos)
Old Temp Inventory (Crynsos)
The Phase II forest quest (Gardex)
*From the old DragonFable Screenshots page

Old Town Photos
The old DragonFable logo
The Cysero Rebellion
First "stat trainer"
Falconreach in winter (westward_ho!)
Cysero screws up
Cysero screws up again
ChickenCow Necromancer? (Mr. Irish)
ChickenCowFable! (Mr. Irish)

Undead War
War options
War counter at 100%
Sepulchre and Klatu
The DoomBlade!
Victory screen
Spoils of war

Willowshire War, part 1
War options, Gorgok in the background
Gorgok fight with Ash and Robina as guests
Victory screen

Willowshire War, part 2
Quest overview
Wrecked Guardian Tower
All four keygems collected
Lord Valorus

Friday the 13th War
War counter at 11%
War counter at 100%
Joke battlefield
Boss battle
End cutscene
Victory screen

Night of the Living Pumpkins
Amityvale, featuring Zorbak
Town meeting
Artix's introduction
War counter at 13%
War counter at 100%
Joke battlefield
The Necromantress
Zorbak's crush?
Boss battle
Victory screen

Frost Dragon War
War counter at 100%
Dragonmaster Frostscythe calling Glaisaurus
Boss battle
Victory screen

A Frostvale Tale
Frostvale Tale tag
Maya's plea
Blizzy speaks
Fresh fish?
War counter at 100%
Inside Icemaster Yeti's lair
Icemaster Yeti, with Moglins healing
Frostvale saved
(westward_ho!, Camail)

Amityvale Invasion
War counter
Joke battlefield
The Necromantress's reappearance
Amityvale Guardian Tower (outside)
Amityvale war room with Guardian Ghoul
Lord Frydae XIII's room
The vampire!
Want to become one?
Guess not...
Boss battle
Victory screen

The Wrath of Xan
It's rainin' fireballs!
Battlefield, featuring war chest
Battle with Bassault
Phase 2: Grams pet shop destroyed!
Phase 3: Ambush!
End of the war: town at 1%
Xan's annoying laugh
Boss battle
Xan's ultimate attack
After the unwinnable battle
Twilly heals
Town's victory cry
The reward

< Message edited by mighty mosquito -- 6/19/2007 17:38:59 >
AQ DF  Post #: 1
8/6/2006 20:36:00   

Can't tell, but this was when the fire cave was the only quest - olden days. The weapon you see there was the ice titan, I believe. Also, grats on your hard work mighty, I'd be too lazy to start something like that .

< Message edited by 2bewitched -- 8/6/2006 21:22:53 >
Post #: 2
10/14/2006 16:07:07   
quin quan

not a pic of beta, but you may like this for a pic for the friday the 13th war

friday the 13th war
AQ DF  Post #: 3
10/15/2006 13:02:20   

Sorry, delivering them...

Got no Warchest pic, but prepared some others as well, as I didn't read this at first...

11% Of the War
100% Of the War
War Wave (Biggest One)
Joke Wave
Example War Battle
Boss Battle

And here some beta pics you requested:
Old Inventory
Old Temp Inventory

< Message edited by Crynsos -- 10/15/2006 13:13:41 >
DF  Post #: 4
1/3/2007 17:04:28   

I'll post some of the Frostvale war soon, and I only have one for the latest dragon war with me finishing it off in extreme mode. So be on the look out.

Frost Dragon Final Battle
100% IMY
IMY Cave Entrance
IMY Cave Room
Sepulcher & IMY

Thats all I got, hope it helps.

< Message edited by Camail -- 1/3/2007 17:46:56 >
AQ DF  Post #: 5
1/7/2007 14:07:46   
Legendary CDF

Nice job mosquito. Just thought I'd supply a pic of the inverted Guardian Tower before it's gone: Cysero's Experiment.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 6
1/10/2007 18:33:39   

And... a couple shots of Cysero's second "oopsie" for your timeline...

Up Close
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 7
1/10/2007 18:53:26   

Can't remember about that bonus crit being anywhere, but maybe it was just a bug, since the Longsword always gave +5 crit and we got 5 base crit now as well... they probably just forgot to delete the default weapon bonuses...

Btw, here are two screenies of the first "accident":

Middle o' Town
A bit farther up
DF  Post #: 8
2/23/2007 21:54:48   
Techno-tastic Leprechaun

Here's some pictures of the new war in Falconreach: WAR AT SEE!

Eye War Menu
Eye see them Cysero! (Falconreach)
Do you think they can see me? (Wave)
AQ DF  Post #: 9
3/9/2007 20:49:38   

-March 9th: Phase 4.0 launched
--- Oaklore Keep gets an upgrade (Captain Rolith is put in-game)
--- Several new quests, including Worst Prank Ever, The Black Dragon Box, The Sweetest Thing, and (most importantly) Return To The Intro.

< Message edited by senomi15 -- 3/9/2007 20:51:45 >
AQ DF  Post #: 10
3/31/2007 17:23:18   

If you want any of the destroyed town, feel free to use these:
Xan war
Xan backgrounds 2
AQ DF  Post #: 11
4/1/2007 15:21:57   
Techno-tastic Leprechaun

ChickenCow Event:

Mysterious training his next Apprentice
I am very sneaky sir (Guardian Tower)
Wasn't there a snake here? (Gram's Shop)
They're... they're everywhere! (Main Town)

War at See reloaded:

Do you think they can see me? (Wave)
Eye see them Cysero! (Main Town)
Bring it! (War Menu)

Sorry I didn't see your request to remove the char info earlier, but that's them without it, the ChickenCow pics should be good to go as well.

Friday the 13th (April 13th):

Guardian Tower
Joke Wave
Wave Counter at 1%
Main Town
Wave 1
Wave 2
Wave 3
Wave 4

< Message edited by Mr.Irish -- 4/13/2007 14:41:02 >
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