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Airship Quest

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8/11/2006 2:33:11   

Airship Quest

Location: Isle d'Oriens > Scene with Lady Tomo > Click on the top left tree

«A cloud, Humidius floats down from the trees.»

Humidius: Need a lift? I found this strange object in the sky, looked like a boat from where I was. I'm going to check it out. If you want to join, hang on!
  • Hang on to the Nimbo! - Continues the dialogue
  • No thanks, I get airsick. - Humidius floats back into the trees

    «A short cutscene shows you going higher up, towards a flying ship.»

    As you finally reach the ship, you get a strange feeling that something is amiss. Humidius can't keep up with the altitude so you will be on your own for a while. Look around the ship for anything suspicious.

    «A Drakel, Magnae Ama exits from a room on the ship to greet you.»

    Magnae Ama: Welcome to my ship little one! I am Magnae Ama. You may have already met my partner Vince, if not, then you haven't been looking hard enough.
    «You»: What is this place? How in the world did you get a ship to fly?
    Magnae Ama: This land is littered with impossibilities, its all a matter of harnessing the right ones. My partner may have given up his Drakel roots as a warrior, but I continue to train up here.
    «You»: Impossibilities? What do you mean by that?
    Magnae Ama: I have no time for your questions puny warrior, I have a ship to run!
    Magnae Ama: Feel free to walk around, but beware of your steps. This is a warship, not a playground. Also, stay out of the basement.
    «You»: Why? What do you hide in the basement?
    Magnae Ama: More questions? The basement hold the engine room, a place which you do not want to play around in. Unless you want to send us crashing into the ground.
    «You»: ...

    «Magnae Ama reenters the room and shuts the door.»

    «You»: ...That was creepy...«The door opens and Magnae Ama exits the room.»

    Magnae Ama: What happened? What have you done to my ship?
    «You»: Your ship? Your ship just attacked me!
    Magnae Ama: Don't be foolish, it is you who is attacking my ship. These are my training grounds, I warned you to be careful.
    Magnae Ama: You have caused enough damage for today, leave this place, you are no longer welcome.
    «You»: But my Nimbo has left, how am I supposed to get down?
    Magnae Ama: Your problem, not mine. Either you jump, or my blade throws you over.

    «Magnae Ama approaches you.»

    «You»: Ack!

    «Humidius reappears.»

    Humidius: Ready to leave? I can't stay up here much longer. This ship is venting a strange gas which is blowing me away!
  • Let's go! - Return to Isle D'Oriens
  • I'll stay - Continues the dialogue

    Humidius: Suit yourself, I won't be far so when you're ready to leave return here and I will pick you up.

    «You play a minigame, navigating the ship. Click on everything possible to find a hidden entrance. You will face battles along the way, and backtracking causes you to battle them again. Below are some messages you can get while clicking around.»

  • This sack is filled with high powered Drakel explosives. Back away... very, very slowly.
  • This crate is sealed but it is almost certain that it is filled with some sort of weapon.
  • This crate smells of rotting food.
  • This sack is filled with some sort of animal feed.
  • A jug full of water.
  • A box made from a Flok-Ta'ar tree... whatever that is.
  • An empty crate.
  • This sack is filled with high quality smithing pellets.
  • It's empty.
  • It's a box... what more do you want?
  • You have a sudden urge to sit in this.
  • This vase is filled with... syrup?«Eventually, after clicking around, a crate moves to reveal a secret basement.»

  • Enter the Basement

    «Scene: Airship Basement»

    «You»: This place smells horrible! No wonder she tried to keep me away. Looks like there is enough animal feed in here to keep Aria's pets fed for a few lifetimes!
    ?: Halt! Who goes there? Trespassing eh? Fear me!Guard: No fair! You're bigger than me!

    «The Guard slides away, dropping a mysterious fragment in the process. "You found a puzzle piece." appears upon clicking on it. You commence the next minigame, to search for such puzzle pieces. Click on everything along the way.»

    Guard: Back for more? This time I won't give you any chances!Guard: Bah, had dust in my eye!

    «The Guard slides away again, dropping one more puzzle piece.»

    «You»: I must be getting closer, I can hear muffled cries...
    Guard: Yaaaaaaaaah!Guard: I better get help...

    «The Guard slides away once more, dropping yet another puzzle piece.»

    Guard: This is the last time someone pushes me around!

    «A short cutscene shows the Little Guard being placed into a very large machine by a crane.»Guard: Time to feel my full power of giant awesomeness!

    «The Big Guard raises one arm, which opens up to reveal loads of rockets. The scene zooms in on Big Guard's arm.»

    Guard: Super-Ultra-Mega-Rocket-Power!

    «The arm shakes a little, and a flag pops out with the message "I O U ROCKET JUICE -ZORBAK-" with an evil face in the O. Click on the red light above the flag to proceed. You will obtain one more puzzle piece. The Big Guard retreats, allowing you to click on the strange circle on the metal gate.

    Solve the puzzle with the collected puzzle pieces. You can only access it if you have all eight (8) puzzle pieces. Once the puzzle is solved which looks like this, many gates open to reveal...»

    «Scene: Engine Room, "The Prison"»

    «Many strange creatures are attached to gas masks all over the engine room. Magnae Ama enters the scene.»

    «You»: You monster!
    Magnae Ama: I told you to stay away, this place is not meant for your eyes.
    «You»: This is torture! Release these creatures immediately!
    Magnae Ama: Release them? Are you mad? These creatures are keeping us in the air! They breathe out an ultra-light gas only found within their lungs, which I use to keep us above ground.
    «You»: I don't care if it sends us crashing into the mountains below! Release them now Drakel! Or I will release them for you!
    Magnae Ama: Have it your way human, but I warn you... Drakel don't give up easily. Let me show you what centuries of Magiscience can do to a creature...

    «Magnae Ama leaves the scene. Several beams of light fall on a creature, whose body starts to glow.»«Magnae Ama and you enter the scene.»

    «You»: Its over Magnae...
    Magnae Ama: The ship! It's falling! Without the gas, we'll crash into the rocks. Follow me human, free the rest of the creatures and let us leave. No use losing any more cargo over your stupid mistakes.
  • Run!

    Magnae Ama: There's no way off human, looks like its over for both of us. But before we crash, I need to know one thing... Why did you do it? You knew we'd fall if you fought back.
    «You»: I had to, I could not leave those creatures chained like that under your ship. It was the right thing to do.
    Magnae Ama: The right thing? Even at the cost of your own life? You may have weak skin human, but I admire your strength. You'd make a great warrior in the Drakel ranks.
    «You»: Well, this wasn't how I expected to go, but at least there is a great view out here. Do you think if we jumped at the exact moment the ship is about to crash...
    Magnae Ama: -Ha! You never give up, do you?

    «Humidius floats into the scene.»

    Humidius: There you are! Quick! We have to leave! I only barely have enough energy to keep up with this thing!

    «Humidius surrounds the character, forming a white puffy figure.»

    «You»: Hang on to me Magnae! There's not much time left!
    Magnae Ama: You are noble, human, but we both know the cloud will never support us both. Fly away friend, fly as far as you can.
    «You»: ...Goodbye Magnae...

    «A short cutscene then shows you being brought away to safety by two Squibs. From afar, a blast can be seen on the airship, which begins heading for the rocks, breaking up in the process. On deck, the tilting of the ship causes cargo to fall all to one side. Just then, two Squibs enter the scene and pick Magnae Ama up and away to safety. A blast that covers the screen follows.»

    After going through the wreckage, it seems as if Magnae escaped to safety. She is nowhere to be found, but you have a feeling that you will see her again soon...
  • Return Home - You return to Isle D'Oriens.

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