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AQ typos. Read the topic rules BEFORE posting.

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9/2/2006 2:04:21   
Icemaster Yeti
Snuggably legendary


Reporting a typo that is already in the listing in the "Known Typos" will result in an Official Warning.

The Rules:1) CHECK if the typo has already been reported, if it has your "Me too" post is unnecessary. If you have been told by an admin or moderator to post in typos because some problem that is supposed to be fixed persists, look at the threads at the bottom of this forum, post in the appropriate topic down there, if and ONLY if no topic on the subject exists should you post a new one.
2) No pictures! Links to pictures should be used instead. Also please do not use Bitmaps for the pictures. Convert it to a more space efficient type, such as JPEG or png.
3) If your typo is fixed please delete your post. I'll be going through and deleting all posts on fixed typos every couple of days.
4) If your post mysteriously disappears see above.
5) Make sure you're posting in the right thread.
6) Do NOT report typos for not having "perfect" grammar. As long as the words are spelt correctly, we are not that fussed about putatively incorrect grammar.

Known Typos (and this is a LONG list, and yes, I expect you to read ALL of it before posting YOUR typo):

  • "summon squirrel"'s description says: "Cast again to send SKULL away" - should say Squirrel
  • 4th epic quest episode, Robina by the sage's bedside says "destory the poison". That would be "destroy the poison".
  • At the start of Knight class training: Good luck to you! In the practice arena you will several opponents of skill levels below or equal to your own. - should be "you will FIGHT several opponents".
  • BlizZard description typo: "...hunting the cold wastelands in search of prey, often young adventures." - should be "adventurers"
  • Book in Aria's pet shop still says charisma controlling pet feature coming soon
  • Canyon of Lost Souls, right after your character says that they should have climbed down instead of jumping, the next dialog box has "palce" instead of "place."
  • Dracomancer Training: Adventurers see "Now you must make a decision. To becoem a Level 6 Dracomancer or higher, and learn the ultime Half-Dragon transformation ability, you must become a Guardian." - should be " To BECOME a Level 6" and "learn the ULTIMATE Half-Dragon"
  • Dragonfang Scimitar description: liberated in a great assualy on Mount Fear - should be assault
  • Dragonslayer AND Vampire Slayer quests .. every mission uses the word "Equiped" - should be equipped.
  • Dragonslayer armour, Level 10 ability: Call forth a massive Fire Dragon to unleach fiery terror... It should be unleash
  • DragonSlayer Armour, Poison Dragon ability desc: "in a cloud of posion" - should be poison.
  • DragonSlayer quest - if you fail the stat roll, it says "The illusive dragon is on the move" - should be elusive
  • Frogzard Part 2 - Frogzard Hunter says "with us again today is *THE* leading authority on Frozard lore!" - should be Frogzard
  • Gaurdian Tower guard STILL says "$12 to become a guardian" - it's 14.95 now, obviously
  • Gizzards description it says "These guys liek to eat a lot." - should be "like"
  • Gnuvain, when you find the Minotaur Form, says: ' I have given you the ability to shapeshift into the form of a strong minotaur! Hopefully this well help you on your adventures!' - should be "this WILL help you"
  • Gnuvain, when you find the Troll Form says: As a huge troll, you do triple damage with a lowered bonus to hit...trolls are slow afetr all" - should be AFTER
  • Great Frost Wyrm (Dragon) description: "Millenia ago, this dragon was Akriloth's nemesis." - should be Millennia.
  • Guardian Arena: After Underwater Melee, Mia says "More exciting events our coming next" should be "are" coming
  • Guardian dragon Jr.: "It I had hands" - should be "If I had hands"
  • Guardian Dragon sayings: "<Insert wity comment here> - should be witty
  • Guardian Dragon sayings: "I wish I could pay $12 and .." - should be 14.95
  • Hunt those Orcs: Warlic says "If you lose a battle or return to town, you will lose all of the FLINARIUM that you have collected." - should be FLARINIUM.
  • In the scrolling beginning of the Ninja quest, , they talk about the 'Ninujtsu Temple'. - should be Ninjutsu.
  • In the scrolling beginning of the Ninja quest, it says: "thousands of Adventurers of sought these shards" - should be "HAVE sought these shards".
  • Inside Nowhere: The throne scene "you're just a thone! how are you talking? - should be THRONE
  • Knight Armour: King's Blessing description, there's the phrase "If your are charismatic enough.." - should be "you are" or "you're".
  • Knight Armour: The description for the Armor Ascent move and the Mace Stun move both contain the word "powerfull"... - should be powerful.
  • Leeroy Jenkins quest, description on Travel map: says "hundreds of vamprragon eggs" - delete the extra "r"
  • Leeroy Jenkins quest, starting cutscene: Leeroy is referred to as "Leroy" a couple of times.
  • Mage quest: one of the 'relics' is the "Lightbringer Crsytal" - should be CRYSTAL
  • Out to Sea quest (via Aquella) - Captain Frolgar says "Thank ye for for joining me and my parrot Petey on this hunt" at the start of the quest.

  • Plasma Dragons quest: "The plasma dragon workers were busy carrying loads of rock away from somewhere. Thet must have been digging a massive tunnel...." - should be "THEY must have been digging .."
  • Potion bags: All say "You currently have more then 4 potions" - should be THAN
  • Ring of Malinius quest: Go to Granemore Cemetary - should be Granemor
  • Ring of Malinius quest: Robina said "Quinlltaddle Road" in her speech bubble, but the button below reads "Quilltaddle Road" - one must be wrong :)
  • Ring of Malinius quest: Southern Parhclip Valley! - should be Parchlip
  • Robophant says "Login magic" not Moglin in description
  • Sea Titan description: An inhumanly powerfull beast that answers to no one save Water Lord - probably should be "save the Water Lord"
  • Shinobi Shozoku Armour description: The armor of Ninjas! Buy this only if you want to train as a Ninja and learn dealy abilities such as Swift Slash, Dual Katanas, Sui-Ka and
  • more! - "deadly" abilities
  • The Great Divider description: "This blade captures the force of WInd between... " .. should be Wind.
  • The Pit - "a long time ago Heros tried" - should be "Heroes"
  • Undead Terror quest: Artix: There's a creature in these woods call an Undead Terror, but few have seen it... - missin the ED in called.
  • Valencia - Blade of Awe story "One you have found a Stonewrit ..." - should be Once.
  • Valencia (customising the Guardian Plate): You can change it as many times as you would like when I am Town - missing the word IN before town
  • Valencia (still talking about the pet rock: If he will not show you were it is... - needs to be updated to reflect the new Warlic's shop, where you mix a potion to get it.
  • Valencia (talking about the pet rock): I know that Mage Warlic keeps one arround his shop somewhere. - There's an extra R.
  • Vamp/WW 3 - Chico says "A rather nicely dress vampire queen" - should be dressed
  • Vampire armour: "Congratulations! You have slain your Lycan enemy. But there are many more challenges awaiting you as you increase your Lycan powers" - should be "Vampire powers"
  • Vampire Slayer L5 ability - says Lycanthrope - should be Lycanthropy
  • Vampire Slayer quest - E asks you to kill "Kyte" - should be Khyte
  • Vampire Slayer quest - E's name changes to Galanother when accepting first quest
  • Vampire Slayer quest - it says "make a thrown out of guardian bones" - should be throne.
  • Warhawk shop description: "For rogues and rangers, a warhak does 3 hits of wind damage..." - Warhawk, obviously
  • Warlic's shop says you can change your "appearence." - should be "appearance".
  • Wizard Robes L4 ability: says "different opjects" - should be OBJECTS
  • Zombie Comander - missing 'm'

    Newly added updates (and yes, I know there are duplicates, gimme a break)

    teleporter in the gaurdian tower and click on 'Battle Carnax' it takes to warlic. He says 'It calls itself CARNAX, and if released, it will wreak untol havoc...' - UNTOLD

    Gnuvain in the Wizard Games, it says in his description, "Gnuvain is known for trraveling the coutryside". traveling is spelled with two 'R's, and countryside is spelled without an 'n'.

    fire vampragon's description says "...and heals you little with it's own special attack" should be "...and heals you a little with its own special attack" (add an "a", delete the apostrophe)

    Necromancer Class quest, one of the monsters is Paladin Soldier, and in the description it says: A crossbow-wielding solder of the Paladin Order. Should be "soldier"

    Epic Quest Part 11, when you encounter Hekara, he says : There is a tribe of cyclops just ahead who who helped me by giving me this bag of water. "who" is duplicated.

    The % is missing from the Guardian Firezard's description. It currently reads "This critter is a tamed Zard trained to fight other monsters! His attacks grow stronger as you level up, to a maximum of 350damage!"

    Necro class: 9 Undead Mutant attack, it says "Call forth an Undead Giant that to inflict over 5 times the damage single devastating attack at the cost of recieving no stat bonus" ... replace it with: "Call forth an Undead Giant that inflicts over 5 times your damage in a single devastating attack, at the cost of receiving no stat bonuses!"

    The shop in Frostval shows Ice Dragon Egg ( pet ) doing damage of 6-15. However the Encyclopedia says 3 hits of 3-5 ( 9-15 ). The shop should read 9-15 instead of the 6-15.

    Before you do a mage quest, Warlic tells you "Their are 4 large chambers on this floor" when it should say, "There are 4 large chambers..."

    In one of the new books in the library, the one about Pae,
    it says "it will disable you movements"
    when it should say "it will disable your movements"

    Again in pae's book it says "reptilians of your king eat insects." it should say "reptilians of your kind eat insects."

    Isle D'Oriens Library: In that green book it says: The accused Harlck would pay dearly for kicking her. It should be Harlock. In the same book. 'She was modest and happily accepted the acclaim but also gave credit to all others who in the room' You think it should be 'but also gave credit to all others who were in the room'?

    On the intro screen to the Ninjitsu area, it says "... Over the centuries, thousands of Adventurers of sought these shards..."

    Z-token shop: Orc Bombs~ "Orc Bombs! These amazing little devices never seem to run out. Monster hate being blown up by these things. Two hits of ranged fire." should be monsters.

    Z-token shop: Jester Disguise~ "Become a Jester in this wicked outfit! You acrobatic ability lets you doge attacks better than nearly any other armor" should be "Your acrobatic ability lets you dodge .."

    Pae quest: http://img78.imageshack.us/img78/9866/typo7ye.png underlined word should be "thought"

    In the 'Into the Portals' quest Warlic says there are threee types of portals that a wizard can learn to manipulate. should be "three", obviously

    Necro class - if you die before Lich is fully charged, the popup says "You are not ready to become a Licl", should be Lich

    When I joined the Nautica Clan, I got the message "Are you positive? Again, may I remind you that there is no way to remove the Aerodu Clan name once you gain it..."

    in vamps vs lycans 3 after saphiria lures the moglins in, your char says "a rather nicely dress..." i looks like it should say dressed

    Tharg Hide: This armor, made from the Hide of the Terrible Tharg, is hgihly resistant to fire attacks .. blah blah .. Should be highly.

    when you become a vampire, it says "You suddenly start to feel stange", should be strange.

    In the death's domain quest, if you get to the Frostvale Moglin who sends you to save her babies, the description of the fire creature is "This creature has been burning down nearby buildings. Somewhere in the building you can here the faint cries of a baby Moglin!", here should be hear

    The Elite Ice Katana's description says, "This katana has been overharged with power..." should be overcharged

    Dragonhand's description: "This "weapon" is a dried, shrunken dragon head. There is a curse on them. When 100 were bougt" (It should be bought.)

    Darklaw description: darklaw says that is does 50% extra base base, shouldnt it be base damage

    ALL potion refill bags say, if you have more than 4 potions: "You currently have more then 4 Health potions!" PLEASE change it to "THAN" .. this has been reported before.

    In Frostvale, Chilly calls it “Frsotvale"

    Full Server message from Artix says that "guardians can log in anytiime"

    Sea Squirt, description is missing an “a”. “He has quite _ mean streak for such a little guy

    Explore Paxia quest welcomes you to Gatta Island

    Paxia Quest: Energy dots say Dynami CLan instead of Clan

    Frost Colossus’s description says Frost Collosi
    *All item descriptions have been fixed as of today. (At least the ones reported in this thread.* Reens

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  • AQ MQ  Post #: 1
    9/6/2006 18:38:12   
    Alexor Vash

    In the Earth Spikes description, it has Earth Fury written instead.

    EDIT: It doesn't have Earth Fury's DESCRIPTION, though. It just has Fury written instead of Spikes. Just clearing that up a bit.


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    AQ  Post #: 2
    9/8/2006 0:33:35   

    When doing the search for Nightbane, after you get the letter a defeat the monsters, it takes you to the menue to go to Safaria's Castle, the bridge, and etc. When you go the the Wolf King's den and fight Damfeldork the Weredragon his description has a few typos.

    This Were-Dragon is very weakened from the war with Nightbane's armies, but a cronered enemy can be the most dangerous.

    Should be weak since it's used after an adjative and Cronered should be cornered.

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    AQ DF  Post #: 3
    9/10/2006 8:59:28   

    in the dragonslayer quest theres a dragon called "grumblethe dragon" i thing=k this is meant to be "grumble the dragon" its just a missing space.

    Also you CAN say weakend. But the other is right.

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    Post #: 4
    9/18/2006 10:41:36   

    On the seed spitter quest, when you collect a leaf after defeating it, the text message says " You've plucked yourself a Seed Spitter Lead" instead of Leaf
    Post #: 5
    9/23/2006 21:17:52   

    doing the new paxia quest, when your in the the ice clan, Glaciar says "I could not BEAR to see you straned in that pit". shouldn't it be stranded

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    AQ DF  Post #: 6
    9/23/2006 21:49:52   
    Ninja Paladin
    Lost, Wandering Goddess

    Black Pirate garb - the "G" in garb should be capitalized

    Dynami Clan Quest - As in Slide 3, the creatures say CLan. Clan should have a lower-case "L"

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    AQ  Post #: 7
    9/29/2006 16:07:36   

    When reading the books in the library. The book about Pae has the same loading message as the book about the creation of LORE.
    AQ  Post #: 8
    10/9/2006 16:05:17   

    In the Guardian Tower shop, the Fist of Light's description is "One of the eight elemental fists" when all the others say "One of the eight Elemental Fists."

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    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 9
    10/11/2006 16:55:41   

    Ah i caught one :O

    http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a130/scar_leader/O_O.jpg Says black knights, and darkness :O


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    Post #: 10
    10/20/2006 18:50:25   

    I found a typo thats pretty old. well not that old.

    Against Carnax, you use the Carnax blade.

    And as an element it says fire, not like the other fire weapons Fire.
    AQ  Post #: 11
    10/28/2006 20:49:59   

    in the mogga idols quest even though now its sorta irrelavent, the moglo-habilis are misspelled many times. about half the time in the dialogues from clan leaders instead of saying moglo-habilis they say mogo-habilis without the 'L'
    AQ DF  Post #: 12
    12/3/2006 16:18:42   

    When u visit paxus and click his arm that reads the glacius description it reads this http://img75.imageshack.us/img75/5296/misstypedworddn4.png frozon is miss spelled

    Link fixed

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    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 13
    12/7/2006 19:58:00   

    on the heat shards description its says "can attack with fire FRM within" instead of FROM.

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    AQ  Post #: 14
    12/8/2006 20:24:49   

    In the dark ghost canyon quest when your character falls down the canyon "place" is spelled palce.
    AQ  Post #: 15
    12/9/2006 20:27:23   

    In Pyromancer's Robes description,includes is spelt as inlcudes


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    AQ  Post #: 16
    12/10/2006 18:12:06   

    Ok, in the Sandy Clawgs description it says "Who know what he will do with them?" It should be "Who knows what he will do with them" Here's a pic typo?

    Found another one: When you're talking to Robina after you kill Snaty Claws, there's a capital L where Clawg is ( here)

    This is all found in the boss fight in Forstval past 3

    < Message edited by Reens -- 8/25/2007 11:19:07 >
    AQ DF  Post #: 17
    12/25/2006 11:30:06   

    Mu Glen says "....I need your help tp exterminate...." Should be "to" XD
    AQ  Post #: 18
    12/28/2006 0:11:38   

    in warlaics magic shop the 6th day of frostvale spell (darkness) is called 5th day of frostavle but in discription it says 6th

    *Not applicable any more*

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    AQ DF  Post #: 19
    1/1/2007 7:16:14   
    Dark Shadoe

    On the Legend of Frostval page there is a typo..it says power-ip winter shield, it is supposed to say powered up winter shield..

    < Message edited by Dark Shadoe -- 1/1/2007 7:18:23 >
    AQ  Post #: 20
    1/4/2007 20:45:16   

    the beast master writing is wrong he wrote this
    "if u want to lear nthe ways of the wild" when u first ask to become a beastmaster
    AQ  Post #: 21
    1/14/2007 18:31:55   

    The Beastmaster level 4 ability "Beastial skin" using Primal Garb is incorrectly spelled in both the description and the attack selections ( Beastial is not a word ). It should read "Bestial skin"

    EDIT - Appears to relate to above post ( The correctly spelled caption box had slipped my notice ) but thought I'd clarify what I've seen as beastial is a fairly common spelling error which fairly large numbers of people assume is correct. Hope that's ok.

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    Post #: 22
    1/15/2007 22:09:31   

    Sheila has a typo.

    < Message edited by DeadlyInjection -- 1/15/2007 22:10:41 >
    AQ  Post #: 23
    1/16/2007 17:12:51   

    the current war right after you save sheila and killed the void dragon sheila says "You CAM to save me, despite the danger. I told you to leave-- but you came anyway."
    AQ  Post #: 24
    1/18/2007 18:39:39   

    Bug in the cutscene, in guardian tower.
    mmm, bad screenie, he says:
    "I am getting a really bad vibe FROMN you

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    AQ DF  Post #: 25
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