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Geoto Clan Stories

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10/5/2006 15:43:41   
Legendary Spiker

Post your stories about Geoto here.

This thread can be used to post any stories you want about Geoto however it is specifically designed for short stories.

Any Stories can have their own thread in Creative Writing however if it is only short you may want to add it to the whole.

Have fun!

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5/27/2010 16:02:15   
Legendary AK!!!

A short story...

The mighty mace

On a small island far to the east of Battleon, named Paxia, lies a clan of mighty warriors called Geoto.
They call themselves the clan of earth, due to their close ties with nature, especially the soil and rocks, elements that even form their clan base.
The clan leader is the creature named Geotal, a creature of great power, wit and wisdom. It constantly watches over Geoto and it`s clansmen, making sure that everything is in order and the clan becomes stronger and better with each day.
But life is not always peacefull in Paxia. Like everywhere else in the world of Lore, danger is always present and sometimes battles must be fought.
Once, a great number of monsters was unleashed by an unknown evil on the lands of Geoto, and it was time for the clan of earth to go to war. Even if the clansmen aren`t fond of battle and don`t like violence, every fighter, ranger and wizard mobilized.
The battles lasted some time, but in the end the creatures were either dead or banished. The wizards and rangers had played a big part in the gain of victory, while ironically, the fighters of the clan had had a hard time penetrating the tough hides of the monsters.
Hearing that their current weapons weren`t very good at slashing and piercind through some creatures, Geotal decited that is was time Geoto had a weapon specifically made for it`s fighters, a weapon so powerfull that it would need everyone`s involvement in order to complete it.
Thus the operation started. The smiths of the clan began gathering and smelting iron ore for the hilt and the top part of the weapon;
The masons, after searching for the toughest of rocks, started making the main part: the blunt piece of hardened rock that would be used to pummel and even pierce the strongest of armor, shield or hide.
The masons also thought of a clever way to hold all the pieces together, by crafting granite rods which went through the hilt and main piece, connecting with the iron top, making the weapon more sturdy.
Even the rangers helped, by using hardened leather straps as safeguards that tightly held everything in place.
Last but not least, the wizards cast magic onto the weapon, making it so that while in battle, the weapon could attack all by itself, keeping the wielder out of harm`s way.
After many weeks of planning and hard work, the Geoto weapon was completed: a formidable mace that showed the pride, skill and might of the clan.
Since then the mace helped many fighters defeat even the toughest opponents.

The End

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8/12/2010 23:22:44   

The Element Thief
Paxia is in chaos. The race of Garitia which emerged from the ruins of old conflicts are destroying clans bit by bit. Amongst all of this havoc, elements are being stolen by a mysterious thief. Will the conspiracy be uncovered and Paxia saved?

The Element Thief
Paxia is in chaos. The race of Garitia which emerged from the ruins of old conflicts are destroying clans bit by bit. Amongst all of this havoc, elements are being stolen by a mysterious thief. Will the conspiracy be uncovered and Paxia saved?

Chapter One: Geotian Perspective

From the journals of Quoustox of Geoto, servant of The'Galin:

I chanted the final incantations and hoped for the best. I felt the spirit's energy begin to flow into the stone. For one brief moment the spirit possessed the stone before slipping away back to Death's Realm. I nearly jumped with joy! The experiment hadn't been a complete success but I now knew that the earth necromancy I had spent the past few months trying to develop was possible. I thought back to how far I had come as a necromancer. From struggling to learn the basics from a few tomes left by my dead father, a necromancer who had sought refuge on Paxia from Sanctus, to truly learning from Diviara during the time of The'Galin. Now I was closer than ever to achieving my vision of earth necromancy: pulling a dead soul into a stone body. The strength and durability of stone with the mind of the being that possessed it. It could create invincible soldiers, immortality superior to becoming a lich, perhaps even bringing large structures such as the Geoto base to life!

Deciding that I had worked enough for the night (that's right even necromancers need sleep) I gazed out the window of my tower. I saw what once had been a fertile valley,now a battlefield. Oh, the wars... they continued to bring devastation to Paxia. As much as I dislike them I cannot say that I try to stop them. I really have no choice but to attempt to make the wars continue. For if they were to stop I know what would happen. Paxians united in an all out attack against the remaining members of the Network. I admit Lore would be better off without some of the members of the Network, but there are many Paxians who, if an attack on the Network were to occur, are unable or unwilling to make the distinction between those who, like me, are true servants of The'Galin and those who served that madman Cartwright. So for my safety and that of other true servants of The'Galin, the wars must go on.

I was about to turn away from the window and seek sleep when something ignited the sky with light and then went hurtling down towards the ruins. Lights in the sky were a common sight on Paxia, usually from some weapon being used by Drakel serving one of the clans, but I know Drakel weapons well and this was not one of them. I decided to investigate first thing in the morning.

I awoke early, put on my travelling clothes and headed out after magically locking my tower. Not that many would willingly enter my tower anyway (especially after I decided to keep those undead creatures I found after that moglin attacked Nocturu). As I passed the main spire I heard a voice from behind me;

"Now where are you off to so early?"

I turned and saw Balubamboto, a mage of the Geoto who often stood guard here even when it wasn't his shift. I didn't blame him for being suspicious. He had fought long and hard against Cartwright's faction of the Network and didn't easily trust anyone who served The'Galin.

"I have no doubt you saw the light in the sky last night" I told him, "I'm going to investigate it."

"If you think I'm just going to let you go after it your wrong" he said, "I'm coming with you."

"Fine" I said, "If you can leave behind guard duty for long enough."

"I'm making sure that whatever this is doesn't pose a threat to our clan, so really I'm still guarding it" he laughed.

Silently we set off. Though I didn't show it, I was glad to have him with me. It was said that his skill in the magical arts was matched only by his devotion to Geoto, and I may have been glad for a companion that said more than "Aaaarrrreeeew."

Little did I know what a wild ride we were in for.

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11/2/2010 20:37:11   

Chapter 2

From the journals of Quoustox of Geoto, servant of The'Galin

We could see one of the old towers in the distance and knew our journey was nearly done. It had been an uneventful journey other than a few Bun-Bits.(whats with those crazy rabbits anyway?!)We finally arrived and looked down at the ruins from atop a hill.

"Look" whispered Balubamboto, pointing towards two figures standing at the base of a ruined tower.

"Lucians by the looks of them" I said.

Moving to get a closer look I saw a strange light, probably the same one I'd seen in the sky several night ago, within the tower.

"What could it be?" Balubamboto wondered.

Before I could respond, one of the Lucians raise his axe and strike the light. We then lost sight of what was going on as the Lucians were enveloped in a yellow fog. I turned and saw Balubamboto staring at the sky. Wondering what could pull his attention from the events in the ruins I looked up. More of the lights were descending from the sky. I heard a muffled shout come from the fog. I looked closer and could barely make out figures within. It looked like one of the Lucians battling some sort of creatures. Balubamboto rose to join the battle, but I motioned for him to stop.

"Let us wait and observe until the time is right" I said.

He nodded, though he clearly disliked the idea of of just waiting while the battle went on. As the battle neared its end it became clear that the Lucian would triumph over his foes. However I then saw two of the creatures perched on the cliff side preparing to strike the Lucian from behind. Balubamboto and I look at each and nodded. Soon he and reduced one of the creatures to ashes and I had the other swallowed up by the earth.

While Balubamboto kept watch over what was happening in the ruins, I knelt by the creatures ashes. With my necromancy we would soon know exactly what was going on.
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2/19/2014 0:26:19   

Land of Untold Wonder:

Chapter 1

For many years I have travelled the far corners of the world and witnessed the most beautiful things given to us by Creation.
But nothing has left me more astounded than the majestic A'Jil Duusu, or A'Jil for short.
Noble cat-like creatures sprouting curling horns from their temples,
much to the likeness of our beloved leader: Geoto.

Tracking a foul forest spirit, that was corrupting the land, I had become utterly lost.....
The trees of the forest grew so high and thick that no light ever reached the bottom,
It is not like our beautiful lush woods that change with seasons....
For days I stumpled around, finding a way out or a track of my prey, both were absent.

Losing all hope, I prayed unto the Great One, that he may guide my path across all the lands.
The silence of the forest was broken abruptly by a savage roar.
The forest spirit! I mustered my strength and ran in the direction of the sound.

Suddenly I left the trees behind me, finding myself in an oasis of sunlight in the middle of this dark endless forest.
A small pool of crystaline water was beckoning me so strongly that I ran without a concern for my surroundings.
When I had quelched my initial thirst, I looked around me and that's when I saw them.

It is because I mistook one of the A'Jil for the Great One himself that I can tell this tale today....
For in my ignorance I knelt down before it.
Had I threatened it or reached for my arms, mistaking it for a unintelligent beast, surely it would have ended me without an effort.

For a moment I feared that my time had come... I felt it's gaze piercing my very soul as our eyes locked
The braids in it's hair seemed to dance on wind, of which there was none, seemingly moving of it's own accord
Time seemed to stop entirely for what felt like an eternity.

The creature had deemed me worthy.

Realization of what had happened washed over me and I felt blessed by our Maker to stumble upon such magnificence.

It turned around and set for the forest, it's tail disappearing in the folliage before it was gone completly.
I felt sad, fearing that it was the last that I would see of these creatures...

However, fate proved me otherwise!

To be continued

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