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(AQ) Repost All that is evil is not dark

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7/9/2008 15:28:13   
Legendary Loremaster

The following is a repost of the Story that Immediately precedes manifestation which is being posted in anticipation of my newest Tale "Confrontation" which is a mind expanding and time bending journey following the path of two individuals to madness and just possibly back again. My previous two tales elucidate the events of Confrontation heavily and I recommend reading "War of The Words" on zard.mooncalled.com too (I don’t have it as a single file anymore so its too tedious to repost). Though "War of the Words" is a bit unpolished compared to the Later works, names of places change midstream for example, it was a prototype for the stories that followed and the events it describes will be retold from a different perspective in part in Confrontation. For its own part All that is Evil is Not Dark introduces the Devourer/Uncreator and tells retells the story of the first coming from the Drakel perspective including the fall of Xilar, who features heavily in "Confrontation", and the doom of the other races.

Anyway enjoy....



Topic author: Falerin
Subject: All that is Evil is not Dark
Posted on: Feb 23 2003 22:01:46

Jano found ruling as King's Regent to be a task that did not suit him well. Had others been asked they would have disagreed with his self-assessment and Draynor himself would be first to point out that discomfort with the position was a sure sign of leadership. Unfortunately for Jano Draynor was far from Derin embroiled in the war and the few people though he trusted Draynor's advisors he did not feel the connection with them that Draynor obviously did. Consquently the task of leadership remained uncomfortable.

Jano had hoped to that Tralin would return shortly and remove the responsibility of leadership from his head. This had proven a vain desire, for when Tralin did return it was only to ensure Jano of the urgency with which he needed to locate Draynor.

"If the king has placed you in control, you are clearly capable of the role. While I sympathize with your duress my own obligations as the prince of Derin and as T'palo require I carry my information to Draynor immediately." Tralin had said in that unemotional way he had, which to Jano would suggest not only a lack of sympathy but complete detachment had he not known the Drakel for a time and
seen his interaction with the likes of Darin.

"T'Palo?" Jano had asked unfamiliar the word but recognizing it as Drakel.

"There is no direct translation. Roughly it means 'he who is officially discharged with the bearing of messages and correspondence.'"

"Courier?" Jano suggested, thinking that the translation rather simply suggested exactly what Tralin said.

"No. A courier relays missives or messages individually. A T'Palo is quite different...."

"How so?" Jano asked, but Tralin was already engaged in another conversation preparing for his travels.

For three days Tralin remained in the city but in all that time Jano could not determine what he had learned that needed to be shared with the King, nor what made a T'Palo somehow different then a courier.

"Ambassador would be closer" Tralin had said after the conversation was raised again the evening before his departure. "But that too relates and idea and a concept quite different then that of T'Palo."

"Why can you not tell me what it is you have learned? I am Draynor's regent. It seems I ought to know what’s going on"

"Ordinarily I might agree, unfortunately however I cannot share what I have learned with you as it would violate both protocol and my word. Even should Draynor be dead I could not share the information with you without first going through in depth procedures."

"So you have vital information that may be time essential yet you cannot and will not share it based on some social custom. I never considered you beholden to Drakel etiquette, after all you already are well outside Drakel culture from all inspection"

"My relationship with the Drakel is complex" Tralin had said, repeating something he had mentioned before. "You would neither understand nor is it your place to know. It is true that I exist mostly outside Cultural norms for the Drakel people but in this I must uphold tradition. It is a matter of Grave seriousness that I do."

Jano had attempted to ascertain more but Tralin remained stubbornly detached and in the end Jano was forced to concede, because Tralin left the city as he intended. Jano was forced back to present by the presence of Cerin, Delnar's replacement as First Knight of Derin.

"Yes Cerin"

"I must speak to you urgently my Lord on a matter most grave. The information I relay may cost me my position, but it is serious enough that my oath and duty commands I act. Can we speak in private confidence?"

"Yes of course? Only what’s this about? Cost you your position? I do not understand?"

Jano withdrew with Cerin into the private meeting chambers and shut the bolt.

"You will, for it is with the fact that I speak with authority on this issue that will cause the trouble. My lord I am a communicant for the Water Lord?"

"You are what?" Jano said with confusion and thinking of Darin at the same time. Were all of his friends undercover priests?

"It is true my lord. I have been his servant for a very long time, but that is not all. It was I that disabled you outside of the school of knowledge."

"You what?" Jano said very confused and somewhat angered. This made little sense Cerin was in Neld at the time.

"Just so. I apported to Derin and followed your for sometime under instruction. When I heard you plan to go to Tralin I acted as instructed."

"You tried to kill me?"

"No lord, the powers forefend. The spell cast on you was designed precisely so that you would not die or suffer greatly."

"I see, well I am not sure what difference this makes. Darin is a communicant as well and he acted directly against the throne yet he serves as Draynor's commander"

"The difference my lord is that I am Knight of Derin, I am the First Knight of Derin"

Then Jano understood. Knights were sworn to serve their king above all else, they could therefore never be priests because that suggested their loyalty was to their god above their king.

"Ah. Never mind that for now. Tell me what you know that is so imperative."

"My lord, An army of light is coming to Derin as we speak."

"What? Why that’s wonderful, they can aid in fighting off the undead"

"You do not follow my lord. The army is marching ON Derin, they seek to take it. The water lord was most emphatic. This army sides with the Undead"

"An army of light marches in service to the Dark Lord?" Jano said flustered and completely confused

"Not so." Cerin said.

"I don't understand"

"Simply this. The marching undead are not in service to the Lord of Dark either"

"What? But..."

"It is difficult to comprehend my Lord but I assure you it is so. Though these undead are creatures of the Lord of Dark their are no more his servants then you are yourself. This army serves no the dark lord. And the army of light marches with them. An army of angelic beings that is as evil as it is light. The Brilhado or the Fallen."

"Well then we have no recourse. Call together the forces of the military that remain in Derin and the Knights. We prepare for the invasion. As to you, you will not get out of your responsibilities as First Knight so easily. Draynor appointed you, if HE decides you need to be removed then it is for him to remove you. For my own I need experienced man here. I am a spy not a general."

"My Lord" Cerin said nodding and set out to fulfill his orders.

"For my part I am sure Draynor would agree, besides I owe you for the 'cold shoulder' you so kindly gave me."

"My Lord" Cerin repeated and left to follow orders.

'Somehow that was less fulfilling then it seemed to be between The king and Darin.' Jano reflected 'It is much harder to get a rise out of knight I suppose."

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"I don't know what evil is but whatever it is I am For it 100%"


Falerin, Feb 23 2003 22:18:23

The Undead moved through the dank darkness struggling hard to hold on to his identity in spite of the crowd that milled around him in single-minded determination. Much of his past was already lost in the haze of mob mentality. The more powerful forms of undead, those who no longer had need of flesh, seemed to be able to think more freely, but the flesh of life was a fetter, still it was necessary for what had been intended.

"I come my king" Delnar whispered in a quiet way "I come... I know what drives my brethren. I come..."

Keeper of the Lore
"I don't know what evil is but whatever it is I am For it 100%"

Falerin, Feb 25 2003 13:57:34

Xander parried the undead and moved through the thronging masses pressing toward the Derenian army with purpose. Not far off the Brilhado were being battled fervently by the Shadow Guard but the mood was grim and the odds did not look good. The only fortunate thing was that those who were killed by the Brilhado did not rise immediately as undead.

"They don't carry the curse and so don't transmit it." Myr said "Don't assume that will be a protection however, necromancers can work their magic on even the long dead who have not been put to rest."

"Well then work on putting them to rest you full. Aren't you a priest!"

"What? Oh yes of course? Only I don't know how to get close enough without encountering the Brilhado myself?"

"Come up with something...."

"Your faith in me is moving Xander but not founded. I was a thief before I became a priest not a warrior or tactician"

"You can be claiming helplessness. I have seen how the guild of thieves handle themselves in a fight..."

"Well I do know a thing or too how to handle a dagger in the Shadows, but where the Brilhado go Shadows flee"

"Look I need to figure out my part and you need to figure out yours... Come up with something."

Xander brought himself back current he had crested through the line of undead and stood at the edge of the plain. Apparently the undead were instructed to take the city and not given orders about the fleeing citizens. Few dared a head on battle through them.

"Hail Stranger" Xander said to the tall Derenian who seemed to command the army. "I hope you be friend as we need it"

"Indeed Lord Xander, we come to the aid of Stone Deep. Though the coming of the Light Demons is startling to us and we debate our course."

Xander was startled that the stranger knew him. Not so much by the fact that his name was used, but more by the fact that a Derenian would know which of the Vandarian's living in Stone Deep was him. His name traveled but he had not, remaining true to his post over the war with Derin. He looked at the man more closely and became aware of the man standing at his side. He was well armored and his uniform bore the rank General Commander, with a start Xander recognized the man...

"Darin?!" He asked with incredulity "You were reported either dead or the traitor who brought the undead upon us. I did not widely believe either rumor, but a turncoat? You were a fanatic I would never have considered you likely to turn traitor to the Crown of Derin, no offense my lord" This last was directed toward the leader.

"Roaming undead armies make strange bedfellows Xander" Darin stated "In truth I am a vampire"

"A vampire!" Xander started his hand on his sword

"I mean simply that I latch on to whatever can give me life."

"Do not believe him" The Leader said "He pretended to want to remain behind in Derin when we set out, but he was most eager to see the front."

"Bah" Darin snorted

"I know you well enough Darin, the strangers estimate is surely accurate... I find I am at a disadvantage however. You know me, and I know your General Commander but I do not know you..."

"He" Darin chuckled "Is Draynor high king of Derin. And don't look now but the advancing sunlight is driving back the undead, and the Brilhado as well."

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Falerin, Feb 25 2003 14:02:17

"Lord Xander, Lord Xander!" Amgar shouted breaking into the conversation abruptly "The Brilhado and the undead withdraw!"

"Why should the Brilhado be concerned with the sun. They are creatures of the light"

"Likely" Darin guessed "Because their allies flee as well"

"Maybe but it is worse my lord!" Amgar cried out

"Calm man" Xander said "What is it..."

"When the Brilhado saw Myr the cried in delight and grabbed him.. I heard them cackling that they had found it...."

"The Brilhado have flown off with the Communicant?" Xander said barely comprehending

"Yes my lord!"

"Oh My."

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"I don't know what evil is but whatever it is I am For it 100%"

Falerin, Feb 27 2003 13:10:48

Myr felt incredibly cold. The world was darkness but far from the comfort, the communicant normally took in darkness this was something else. This was a negation. Myr pondered this for a moment. Some defined darkness as an absence of light. Others defined Darkness as a substance to itself. Myr recognized that in times both definitions fit. Certainly, shadows formed whenever light was blocked but anyone who spent time among the shadow stuff knew that it had a substance separate from anything that was light. Yet somehow, this darkness remained different from that, as if it had an existence all together different but lacking the capacity to perceive it or at least to understand it his mind provided an illusion based on something familiar. Fortunately, it chose something that, while disconcerting to many, was comforting to Myr, as a communicant of the Shadow Lord. This allowed Myr to analyze that something, at least until he came to the realization that it was truly alien. The closest comparison that he could draw was that of undeath. There was Life and Death and then there was Undeath, these creatures were neither alive nor were they dead they existed in some other state that fell between and was somehow a negation of both life and death. This felt similar, the thing he perceived was unlight, neither darkness nor light but some violation of them both.

Not only was this thing alien but also somehow violating as if its very essence was invading his body, his mind and even his soul, as if this thing could read him not only mentally as his god and the other communicants could, but at some very basic level of substance, read him, take him apart mentally and put him back together in some other combination as befit him. It was in these musings that Myr became convinced that either the unlight itself or something within the unlight possessed sentience. There was, in fact, a mind here, a mind that fell outside the realm of Myr's comprehension! Myr felt a great chill for the only minds he had ever felt of this nature belonged to the powers. Yet Myr could not place this mind in any frame of context whatsoever.

It was then that the searing pain began and he heard the distinct sound of twinkling laughter it was then that he felt his body being torn apart and reassembled repeatedly just as he had imagined it. It was then that he felt his soul violated and corrupted and his mind pillaged and plundered. He felt his mind and soul violated and reorganized just as his body was at whim. A dark sense of great dread overwhelmed him for a moment and then to his conscious horror but subconscious delight the feeling was CHANGED from without from dread into pleasure. His actual thoughts were mutated. This thing surveyed his fears and changed them into his joys. Surveyed his joys and changed them into hates. Surveyed his loyalty and turned it into treachery. With a sinking sense of dread, he found himself thinking how wonderful it would be to kill Xander and the rest of the city and eat their corpses while resurrecting their souls as undead. He felt this sickening twisting. Then at once the feelings subsided and he returned to himself, but he was given a certain knowledge that if the effects were allowed to remain he would change. His conscious mind would struggle with his subconscious drives for a while but in the end, those animal drives would take victory and Myr would have become what he imagined. This knowledge and sensation filled Myr with a sense of such personal violation that he just walled up within himself.

‘I have free will’ His mind insisted furiously ‘I cannot be made into something, I do not desire…’

To Myr’s utter horror the laughter returned a sound at once deep bellowing laughter and high musical chortling. It was a laughter that was as much a contradiction as the unlight.

‘Indeed’ A voice returned ‘You cannot be made into anything you do not desire or have the capacity for. It cannot be done. Yet what already resides within, that can be magnified and expressed? Your own tendencies toward frustration and competition with your friend Xander? Your own sense of power at gaining while others lose. You once were and ever are a cheating lying thief. Deep down. You know that you are EVIL, that you have no goodness or purity. That you have no love. That all of these things are layers and layers of illusion. I cannot make you do anything. I can only bring to Light that which you already harbor inside, that which you already nurture and wonder about.’

The voice faded as it spoke and at the end, its proclamation of Myr’s ultimately base nature had become a deep whisper. The voice was alien, something completely foreign to his experience, yet to Myr’s mind it could only be a God. What other then a power could have such strength and will? Myr could not place it try as he might he could not convince himself that it was any power he encountered in his service to the temple. For all its malevolence toward Myr, personally, he would suspect it for being the Lord of Light but it mocked the light and chided Myr for it. None of the other elements fit within this things nature. It was not water, nor fire, it was neither wind nor energy. Indeed as Myr considered the thing, he found that in this creature there was some negation of all of these, a sense of non-energy, a sense of empty coldness that defied fire, and hollow flame that mocked ice. This thing had and used all of them but twisted them all into its own image. Its own reflection. However, what or who could it be?

Myr could not reflect for he was jarred by the withdrawal of the unlight and an awareness of the world around him. He felt the cave floor beneath his body a moment before waking from his unconsciousness and looking about. He glanced around himself and considered the scene around him, and it was then that he began to feel true and complete terror…

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Falerin, Feb 27 2003 21:02:28

Xander moved to respond to Amgar but jumped back startled by a loud popping noise and a sudden rush of air. His starlement was not lessened by the equally sudden appearance of a Drakel. He mind swam were the Drakel siding with the Brilhado and the Undead?

"Tralin!" Draynor exclaimed "What are you doing here son?"

"Son?" Amgar said confused

"Not really" Darin replied "But he is the adopted Crown prince of Derin. He is likely old enough to be Draynor's father"

"Grandfather" Tralin responded "Unfortunately I have no time for pleasantries. My lord I need to speak to you at once but first we must locate the Communicant in this city a man named Myr"

"Your a bit late" Darin said brusquely.

"What?" Tralin asked

"Our communicant was just abducted by the Brilhado"

"The Brilhado have been here?" Tralin asked startled "So the rumors are true. Abducted you say...?"

"King Draynor, Prince Tralin, Commander Darin I do not wish to be rude but I must part your company. We must re-gather and try to make prepares for their next assault on Stone Deep"

"Yes of course..." Draynor began but Tralin interrupted

"You need not bother. They will not return. At least for a while"

"What?" Xander asked

"How do you know that?" Darin echoed

"I know it because they already have what they came for." Tralin responded simply.

"What they came for?" Xander asked

"Beyond a doubt. They came for Myr..."

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"I don't know what evil is but whatever it is I am For it 100%"

Falerin, Mar 02 2003 22:23:08

Myr recoiled from the swarming undead all around the milled mindlessly in the Darkness a strange blue light coming from a portal hanging in the air some distance below. Hundreds of Thousands of the living Dead Teeming with unlife filled the cabin, but of the Brilhado that took him there was no sign. He was among the enemy but they took little note of him only moving to stop him if he approached the portal.

Myr tried to contact the Shadow Lord but this place was neither dedicated nor of the world on which he was born and the attempt was met by a frightening feeling of blank emptiness.

While Myr was distracted one of the undead moved toward him. Myr recoiled from him. He wore the symbol of the kingdom of Derin.

"You are Myr" The creature spoke in a hollow whisper.

"Yes..." Myr responded cautiously

"You will take me to my king" The creature responded

"I will what?"

"I will help you escape from this place and you will lead me to Draynor king of Derin..."

"Who are you?" Myr questioned intrigued "You are not like the others."

"No." He responded "I am Delnar Death Knight of Derin"

"What? Draynor employs undead?"

"No. Not really. No more questions. Talking is hard... Come..."

Myr followed the Death Knight and too his surprise the other undead left him alone in his presence. The came to the portal.

"Quickly. The portal will close for the day soon. Do not worry these creatures will not follow you into the light."

"And you can?"


"You are very strange."


"I..." Myr swallowed and then left little other option entered the blue nothingness.

Keeper of the Lore
"I don't know what evil is but whatever it is I am For it 100%"

Falerin, Mar 03 2003 22:45:46

"Move" The undead ordered coldly "We must press on away from this place."

"For the powers sake why? Can't you see I am drained. I have been walking for 5 hours at least in rocky terrain, and to do so I had to flee a terror no living man should ever face." Myr grumbled plaintively

"Living?" Delnar responded "I assure you no man now living or dead should have to see it... Look at me. I am a hideous violation of all that is life, all that is purity. Nonetheless we must make distance"

"Why You said the undead would not follow us..."

"Yes... but they are tireless and once darkness comes they will overtake you if you stop. Further I cannot make any promises about the demons."

"There was something evil in that place. Something worse then the undead combined"


"What is it..."

"Don't you already know?"

"I know only that it held me in contempt in malice"

"He wished to break you down to wear your will. Till you submitted to him. He want's you."

"Me?" Myr asked incredulously "Why?"

"Because he needs more followers among the living, because you already are a communicant and will take less time to prepare. Only get you to betray your god and he can have you."

"But what is he..."

"Can you not reason that for yourself Communicant"

"The only thing I could compare him too is a God but that cannot be"


"Only the light lord would be so hostile toward a communicant of the Lord of Darkness... that was NOT the light lord"

"Since when do the powers fight their enemies adversaries directly. They have their own politics. No they leave the mortals to fight themselves. Except this one..."

"He is a God?"

"You doubt that feeling his power?"

"He is no God I know of..."

"You know then all there is to know of the Gods and their origins?"

"No but... who is he..."

"The Lord of the Void. A Power of Madness, Evil, Corruption and Venom. A negation of creation itself. The Uncreator."

"The Uncreator?"


"What is the Uncreator? Why have we never heard of him before..."

"What could you have heard, when he has come he has been victorious."

"I don't understand"

"The ancient races were crushed under his malice when last he came to our world. Few survived his onslaught. Those few either by joining in his wickedness or sheltering themselves from the storm in seclusion. Only when there was naught left he wanted or could conqueror did he leave and did the powers rebuild with the help of the Lord of the Spirit. The cycle continued and for much time his attention was elsewhere fighting the same battle. Now he has come back."

"For what"

"To Take... To consume."

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"I don't know what evil is but whatever it is I am For it 100%"

Falerin, Mar 04 2003 23:04:04

Tralin stood in the center of the room the others gathered around him in concern and confusion. His face was extremely somber, lacking completely his normal emotionless cast.

"Well Tralin" Draynor said "I believe you have our attention rather fully. I think it is time you reveal what it is you know. What is happening here?"

"It is a battle older than time itself. A conflict that stretches beyond anything you can imagine. The forces that direct these undead armies represent a corruption of all the elemental powers."

"I do not follow. The Dark Lord Does not direct them?" Darin asked quietly

"I can answer that myself" Xander answered quickly "No the Dark Lord has no control over these creatures, neither the undead or the Brilhado"

"Nor the Kresh or the other forces that align themselves with this evil" Tralin completed "The Kresh , Brilhado, and several others represent creatures that sided with this power in time immemorial. The Undead are relatively new to come to this conflict being relatively easy to come by and quickly increased in number"

"I think Tralin" Draynor responded "We need to know who this creature is and what his purpose."

"I for one wish to know how he knows it as well" Darin stated boldly "I trust Tralin himself, even with my life but I do not know of those he associates with..."

"Really Darin He is the Prince That’s no way to..." Draynor began but Tralin raised a hand.

"My Lord. Darin is quite in his rights to ask. He speaks with wisdom not hostility and therefore he deserves an answer. While I cannot tell him everything I can elucidate the situation to a degree. The undead are led by a force some call the Devourer Uncreator, what the Drakel know as the Uncreator. Drakel mages deduced his existence years before he arrived. A primal response to creation he can be seen as a corruption of all that is within it. He seeks his own advancement by nothing less then destroying creation and remaking it in his own image."

"I don't understand. Is the Uncreator a God?" Xander asked

"Yes and no. Certainly he is a God by any common definition, but he is at least as far removed from the forces you consider the God's as we are from the powers. He routinely undoes their work with a laugh. When he has come before destruction has followed."

"This is truly incredible Prince Tralin" Xander responded "But How do you know this?"

"I am T'Palo"


"A special emissary of the Drakel. T'Palo are cast off from Drakel culture in order to serve some specialized purpose or purposes. I myself am a researcher of magic and humans"

"So your loyalty is ultimately to your people then? You are a spy?" Darin asked

"Did you not listen. I am no more a spy then you are a traitor for joining Draynor's court. T'Palo is an honor but it is not voluntary. Unless the end of the age comes in peace I shall never again live freely among my people. I would either go mad or find friends and family among my new family."

"That aside?" Xander Asked "How do the Drakel know of this thing"

"As I said our researchers posited his existence long before humans walked in this land. We have since come to believe that he came before even we walked the world, but of our predecessors we know nothing we can only assume they were all destroyed. When the Devourer came we walled ourselves in cities we built to await the end. We did not believe we would win but we would hold him for as long as we could. Some few others went to ground in their own way suspecting his malice. Others such as the Kresh and Brilhado joined with him in his fell purpose. The others... they died... or worse. Their cultures, their beliefs, their art, their cities, all of these fell. From the smallest microbe to the Largest Tree. Every living thing not hidden was twisted or destroyed. The Drakel waited for time that he would turn his attention to our cities, but our magic held, the magic of thousands working in unison against him. Servants of all elements. The Drakel outlawed Elemental Specificity in order to protect us behind a front of unity. Some few, my family among them, resisted clinging to their ancient alliances. In the end, however, the battle was one. The Devourer did not even perceive us. Slowly the others that went to ground came out from the Darkness. For a while the Drakel did as well, but the world we found was empty, corrupted, a whole. So we returned to our cities except a few, the T'Palo who watched in the far distance. Then the other races began to appear and repopulate the world. In those days the powers themselves were said to walk on the face of the earth. I myself never saw them..."

"What?" Darin interjected "Are you suggesting you were alive when this happened? Histories go back at least 4000 years. You would have to be... ancient."

"No. I was not personally alive but a Tralin was... I cannot that to you more now. In time... maybe. Anyway The T'palo were recalled for more instructions. The discussions took well over 2000 years. In that time we stayed in our cities. The Original T'palo were too old to send out and new ones needed to be selected and trained. That process took nearly 1000 years itself. "

"Now wait. So how old are you..."

"I am 160 of your years old."

"What is the Average Drakel life span?"

"About 300 of your years. But there are complications I cannot explain. Suffice that we are from an older creation and the patterns of our lives are not exactly as the patterns of yours. In the end some 500 years ago the T'palo began to be sent out. With the instruction that they may not again live within Drakel society until the Devourer was defeated or the world came to an end. We knew that he would return, as he must. Creation returned, the Uncreator would as well. Finally the other emissaries began to appear. My own people were driven out as well, completely unable to accept the unification. I myself sought supplication and was return to Drakel society for a year, on the condition that I become T'Palo... and I did..."

"Many years past, but now the Devourer returns. The can be little doubt. He seeks something. Even as the Drakel seek something. Though perhaps somethings would be more appropriate in both cases."

"What things."

"We do not have all the answers. The Uncreator seeks to advance his position. Some places he seeks artifacts. And in others such as here his purpose is more sinister. He seeks to corrupt and take followers..."



"May the God's have mercy on his soul..."

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"I don't know what evil is but whatever it is I am For it 100%"

Falerin, Mar 05 2003 22:17:36

Jano stood at the edge of the clearing looking at the advancing Undead Army. Several of the Brilhado were with them but as of yet they remained neutral only watching. Jano had no illusions, this blockade obstructed their true goal in Derin, and so they would push through.
Sure enough after a few hours of the undead being repelled by the School of Thought's mages one of the Brilhado advanced and faced Jano directly.

"Surrender Human, You cannot be victorious" The Brilhado commanded.

"You can only surrender what’s your own Brilhado" Jano said doing his best to mimic the evident contempt Darin displayed in such circumstances. "This place belongs to Draynor go ask him nicely and maybe he will surrender to you."

"You believe insolence will cause us to waver or act in anger. How amusing. Such tactics may work on humans but you cannot taunt me into defeat, you buy only fatality." With this the Brilhado stuck a small group of soldiers dead with a blast of light.


"You have my answer Brilhado" Jano tried to fake bravado but inside he cringed he was declaring the Death of individuals one by one. Not to say that he believed they would not kill anyway. The feeling was increase by five more deaths. Jano realized with a sinking feeling that he either consigned the whole of his force to death or surrendered.

A bolt of blackness slammed into the Brilhado out of nowhere. Jano saw a Mage from the school preparing another. The Brilhado turned in fury and cast a large ball of light directly at the man. For a moment he seemed to resist the force but then his shield collapsed and he burst into white-hot flames. Other mages turned toward him but Jano saw it was a lost cause as the other Brilhado rapidly crossed the distance.

'So it is lost then.' Jano thought I cannot do anything

Suddenly the place turned black as night.

"C'ta defo Lin degi"

'Be gone demons?' Jano thought absently not following what was happening.

There was a high-pitched screeching and when then darkness past what Jano saw filled him with wonder.

A large body of Drakel cast spells at the Enemy driving them back. They acted in direct concert.

"Return to your city humans!" The Drakel commanded "We claim this encampment and the surrounding habitat in the name of the Drakel. Any who remain in an hour die."

Jano was at loss, the Drakel has saved him but they were seizing Draynor's land.

"Do not be foolish Human" The Drakel Added "Even should you defeat it you cannot survive killing us and facing the Brilhado as well. Leave"

Jano stood dumbfounded and then having no better answer gave the order to withdraw.

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Falerin, Mar 06 2003 16:14:38

"I am sorry Delnar I just cannot go on..." Myr sighed. "We have seen no sign of them. We have to rest. If I die from over exertion I am just as dead and they can still resurrect me as an undead then too"

Delnar assented "Alright but just for a moment. I guess I forget what it is like to have to eat, drink and rest. I wish I could still do those things."

"Have you tried?" Myr asked "Why do you believe you cannot"

"Well I can sleep, more or less, but the dreams that come in the sleep of undeath are terrible so I stopped."

"That may be because of where you were though. My own dreams were very troubled in that place."

"I suppose so."

"What about eating and drinking?"

"I haven't tried. They don't eat or drink so they don’t keep anything around."

"The Brilhado must eat"

"Yes but during the Daylight hours they go their own way. I suspect they eat then and not among us. Would you want to eat amongst decay and death?"

"I suppose not..." Myr paused "Yet Legends speak of undead who eat corpses. Ghouls. So you must have some capacity for it."

"Undead are not all the same"

"No. Still. Can you feel, smell, see, and hear?"

"Yes though touch and smell are slightly diminished. I suspect that both are a blessing. Feeling oneself in a state of decay and smelling oneself that way would be most unpleasant."

"To whom? Most undead are not sentient, not aware. I doubt it something they developed through evolution. It seems much more likely your brains own defenses sort through the inputs. I suspect you could taste as well. Assuming you do allow your organs to atrophy to nonexistence. Clearly you breathe, because you talk"

"Yes. But I don’t feel a need to breathe."

"I suspect if you ate you would need to breathe. Digestion requires air."

"Does it really?"

"That’s what I have been told". Myr responded and then paused considerately "It must have been terrible for you in that place. Being a Knight in life."

"It was less then ideal."

"Of course you must have been more resistant to the Uncreator then I was... I am base, as a knight you are pure"

"I think Tralin's magic protected me from him somewhat, but I felt his influence it would have been very easy to make concessions and then fall into his evil."

"If Tralin could deceive him then can't he stop him?"

"I don't for a minute believe Tralin did anything to the Uncreator. No his magic was on me. He made me unnoticeable, unintrusive, You did not notice me as I approached you at first either. So the Uncreator was not fully aware of me and he did not try too because I was beneath his notice anyway I think another member of the mindless automata."

"You are hardly a mindless Automata"

"No but I felt myself becoming one. I felt the bloodlust growing as well. I felt his corruption like and infection within."

"Can Tralin help you more you think"

"He can help me to die. Once we are sure Draynor knows what’s going on he can send me to my death in peace"

"Oh. You no longer fear death?"

"I did not fear it to begin with. Fearing death is not why I became an undead. Though I can see why you asked. Over the centuries many who chose to become undead sought to cheat death"

"Why did you become undead then Vengeance?"

"Yes and no. I became undead to finish my service and my oath to Draynor."

"Are you alright. You seem more distressed then normal?"

"You can tell that? How can you bear to even look at me?"

"I see a noble spirit who is overcoming his situation. You are worthy of being respected Delnar. You were First knight of your order and you would not even let death keep you from your purpose I cannot say as much. Though I can relate to it."

"How So?"

"I was a common thief. Or maybe a not so common one. I don't know, but I had even killed in the heat of a robbery. I had not wanted to but my own life was at risk. He was not the mark but rather another thief and he jumped me. Still I was not particularly moral In a year I went through more money then some went through in their lives yet I still considered myself the poor and downtrodden. The wealthy had it all, yet I likely went through more wealth then them and still I took. I had plenty of malice for the Devourer to use in my soul. Yet I struggled to overcome my station and when the church found me I latched on to a way off the streets. I already worshiped the Shadow Lord because he was the natural ally of thieves."

"I am not immune to evil thoughts you know Myr. I had my fair share of them. I engaged in enough malice for a dozen men when I watched your people kill mine in Neld. I felt hatred and disgust and I dehumanized them because of their ethnicity. I completely neglected any sense of honor I had in favor of expediency." To Myr's considerable surprise the undead began to sob, even more surprising to him was the fact that his dead flesh seemed to still produce tears.

"You must have cried allot in order to still maintain the ability."

"I have rarely stopped crying silently during my journey."

"So then you felt him. But you felt guilty right. In all of this? So guilty you sobbed openly" Myr moved over and without thought his pastoral instincts came to the fore, he placed his arm around the death knight’s shoulder.

"You are touching me. Does it not bother you to be so near rot and decay so near your own mortality"

"I don’t believe you represent my death. Rather you represent my salvation. You took me from that place, whatever other motive may have been involved how can I be other then grateful to you"

"I still could kill you. You are forgetting I am undead and that is unwise I may carry disease and I certainly carry the infection of undeath"

"Let me worry about that for now alright..."

"To take your own assessment, You are a very strange Man Myr of Stone Deep, citizen of Vandar..."


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Falerin, Mar 06 2003 23:13:20

The Brilhado swarmed all about their full malice turning toward the encampment.

"Where is he?!" The screeched "Where is our prize"

Draynor watched group after group fall, Tralin held them off the city proper but their advance left the people dead. Tralin had been truly startled and frightened by their arrival but the reason soon became apparent enough. Against all Odds the communicant had somehow escaped them and they sought him out with malice.

"No option remains. We must assault ourselves our they will kill us off one by one. Darin give the order to the FrogZard knights to ready charge. Sir Xander, on your honor bring me a sword."

"What?" Xander asked startled "King Draynor you cannot mean to take the front"

"I am no King here Xander, I am a soldier, and as a soldier it is my duty to lead my men. Even so what kind of king should I be to send others to their deaths but not go myself"

"My Lord" Darin objected "You cannot be serious you have seen what the Brilhado do. What kind of resistance can you offer."

"I have spoken Darin. Give the order"

"Tralin, Please dissuade the king" Darin pleaded

"Yes really" Xander added

"While I share your concerns, it is not my place. Draynor is the King of Derin, the supreme commander of the Armies of Derin, it is his prerogative to go to battle. Xander bring King Draynor a Sword. Commander Darin you have had your orders, relay them"

Reluctantly Darin and Xander followed the tasks set before them. Equipped with a weapon Draynor his horse toward the front directly.

"FrogZard Knights, Soldiers of Derin, Friend Vandarian's we stand at a crossroads" Draynor said "We either stand and fight, or Stone Deep falls to the invaders. If any fear for their lives they are dismissed."

Draynor waited a moment but no one spoke or moved.

"Very well then" He said raising his arm and gesturing to a trumpeter "Charge!"

The men charged the Brilhado as ordered and Darin began shouting orders to the rear guard. Startled the Brilhado fell back a bit and the undead began to fall under the rapid onslaught. The tides were turned for but a moment before the enemy recovered however and the Devourer's forces pushed upon the men slicing them down. The Brilhado turned their fury on the front lines killing with rapid force and precision. Tralin unleashed bolt after bolt of magic at the Brilhado moving through his repertoire with force.

"Tralin" Draynor shouted over the men. "Now is the time to unleash the spell we discussed."

"My lord" Tralin responded and he opened his hands and nodded. The mages of Stone Deep concentrated their magic upon him and Tralin channeled it with directive. A blue light began to engulf him and suffuse the land around him. Tralin brought his hand down and a crackling bolt of lightning struck down from the sky expanding into a large doorway in the middle of the encampment.

"By the command of the Lord of Spirit I command you." Tralin shouted at the undead "Return to the place from whence you came."

Xander and Darin looked at each other in dumbfounded confusion as the undead began to heed the power of Tralin's magical imperative. Tralin stood for a few moments before crumpling to his knees his energy consumed by the powerful cooperative magic. The Brilhado became enraged by this and turned attacks upon some of the undead ordering them to return and annihilating several of them, but the power of Tralin held over them and they continued their flight.

Infuriated the Brilhado began to kill as many of the soldiers as possible in a jealous fury. The light moving out even toward them. Seeing it advance they increased their fury. Then the light began to fade and storm clouds rippled over the land. From the clouds a deep dark voice came and all light seemed dimmer.

"This world is not the Devourers yet. The shadows demand your departure in the name of Shadows."

Darin sought the voice and turned to his astonishment to see Myr standing on the far hilltop. The combined weight of Tralin's and Myr's magic took its toll on the Brilhado and they too began to flee. One of their leaders in defiance cried out in evil glee.

"If you take from us our communicant Dark Lord. Then we too will take"

"Myr was NEVER yours" Myr said in that same deep voice. "Now returned"

In fury a bolt of red light flew from the hand of the Brilhado striking Draynor and driving him off his mount with extreme force. He flew a good 10 feet before striking the ground.

The clouds parted in the sky and a bright light as white as a million suns streamed thought the Darkness striking the Brilhado. A voice from the heavens melodic and modulated filled the men's ears.

"You are no longer mine" The voice said severely "The shadow lord may take you" and then the light faded and silence filled the camp. Living shadows began jumping up and surrounding the somehow less luminous Brilhado. With terrible screams the Brilhado died even as the gateway Tralin summoned vanished from existence.

Darin and Xander rushed Tralin to Draynor's side, and they could already tell that he was dying from his injuries, Tralin's face showed, complete despair.

"Can you not help him Tralin" Xander Asked

"No. His injuries are fatal, and my energy is exhausted" Tralin turned to the king who stirred regaining weak consciousness.

"My king" Draynor said speaking to Tralin, "I seek your leave my lord"

"Father!" Tralin sobbed "Your people need you. I need you/"

"I am dying Tralin" Draynor said reaching and touching the Drakel's cheek "Please you must make it so they cannot resurrect me. Give me my peace and lead the people"

"I should never have let you go. This plan was madness."

"Tralin... they are gone are they not only a few hundred undead remain without guidance. In war their are casualties Tralin, I am a casualty of war. I love you Tralin."

Draynor turned and looked at Darin with purpose "Commander, Help my son. Show him how to be direct. He ..." Draynor's voice grew raspy "Tralin help Darin with court manners he needs to know when to show himself in and when to wait."

"King Draynor" A voice spoke a hoarse whisper, and Draynor turned and seeing something smiled, and then breathing his last the King Died.

Darin and Xander turned to face the speaker who dared interrupt at the kings last and immediately drew their swords.

"So Delnar" Darin said as Xander pressed on the undead advancing on them" the necromancers succeeded after all. Well prepare to follow your king to the grave."

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Falerin, Mar 07 2003 09:32:17

Myr flew at Darin and Xander with sudden force and ferocity enough to knock Xander to his knees. Fastening his hand around Darin’s wrist he raged “Stop it you pompous asses”

Xander had known that Myr had a reputation for fierce anger but he had never been the recipient of it himself and he was very startled. Whether from his station or out of some kind of fear the communicant had always remained civil with him even when their friendship had become exceedingly strained.

“That’s enough of your posturing” Myr added with fury.

Tralin turned and looked at Delnar in recognition his features twisted into a mask of pain and grief. “So Delnar it worked”

“Yes It Worked” Delnar responded “But what a curse it has been, what a horrible sensation to feel oneself torn apart from within, to feel their decay, to sense the corruption all around. To suffer through it all and only to come too late. Only to see ones king die before you even as you arrive.”

“What is this Tralin?” Darin demanded “I thought you put him to rest it is clear your magic failed.”

“On the contrary Darin” Tralin responded softly, apparently pained by the continued assault “I never told you I put him to rest”

“Yes you did. I remember asking you on the ship and you….” Darin paused

“Never answering. Indeed I went to my room and hid from you and Cerin the entire way home. I had to. I was exhausted and pained. No I did not put Delnar to rest; rather I raised him as the undead myself”

“YOU WHAT?!” Darin demanded horrified his doubts resurfacing with force “What is this Drakel, are you helping the enemy. Perhaps why the Drakel survived the Devourer was because they were in fact among those races that served him”

“I begin to share his reservations I fear Tralin, how can we know it is not so” Xander added

“You Insolent Fools!” Myr screeched and turned toward Darin directly “If your KING was a servant of the Uncreator he would hardly kill the Brilhado who are among his most dedicated and powerful warriors. And so help me If either of you so much as looks at Delnar crossly I shall strike you Dead myself.”

Darin backed up under this fury noting gathering shadows around Myr, which suggested that the Communicant was quite serious.

“You have been among the Brilhado your judgment has been affected Myr please stand aside” Xander pleaded

“Yes I have been among them. Surely, you heard quite clearly. I am not their servant and neither is Delnar. So help me Xander should you continue I will strip you of your mantle”

The group stood in silent disarray until Delnar bent down near the king. Afraid that he intended to raise the king in undeath Xander drew his sword and step forward in malice. Myr wasted no time a thin line of shadow flew from his hands and stuck Xander in the Chest Plate. The shadow grew as it extracted the shadow stuff from the armor and then began to lift away.

“Xander son of Calmar I strip from you the Mantle of the Shadow Guard and remove you from your position as Lead Knight of the Order at Stone Deep by my authority as Communicant and head of the church of the Shadow Lord. I excommunicate you from the temple of shadows as one hostile to the will of the Shadow Lord.” Myr’s voice changed then deeper more likes the voice that filled the clearing before the Brilhado was destroyed “However we are not without mercy and consideration of your circumstance. Your mantle and your privileges and your full position and title shall return at Twilight in 2 days hence should you demonstrate full and thorough repentance and remorse for your assault upon my chosen”

“My God” Xander said falling to his knees and it was then that Xander and Darin both saw the thing that convinced them.

Delnar sat there on the ground next to the dead king, Tralin at his side and both the King and the Knight were openly and fully crying.

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Falerin, Mar 16 2003 22:58:15

Tralin rose from the fallen King and Darin observed a frightening change in his demeanor. This day had seen all manner of emotion in the Drakel's normally expressionless face.

"Gather to me as many Mana Potions as can be had among the masses." Tralin commanded with cold deliberation.

"My Lord?" Darin questioned startled

"I have an idea what you are thinking Lord Tralin and I advise against it. You have channeled far to much energy already." Myr said "Even though you can restore your energy with potions you cannot repair the strain you have suffered so readily."

Tralin turned to Myr his face twisting into an expression of frightful malice.

"Do you suppose to instruct me on Magic, Communicant? Do you dare suppose you can educate me on risks and dangers?!" Tralin turned to Darin "As your King I ORDER you to do as I speak"

Darin looked about helplessly and then shouted to his men "Any among you who have magic potions bring them to the Regent at once!"

Within moments the order was followed and a large number of the precious blue vials were brought to Tralin who poured them together into a large goblet, he poured a small vial of emerald green liquid into the cup as well. Seeing this Myr Responded with immediate alarm.

"MY LORD!" Myr spoke angrily "You MUST not do what it is you are planning. You are no regent in Vandar. Xander have the Regent of Derin arrested."

"What?" Xander spoke with startlement "You have stripped me of my authority, I cannot. What does he wish done?"

"The emerald liquid is Caredanth. He prepares for transmogrification"

"He is making Metanoia potion?" Delnar said rising.


"Reconsider this Lord" The Undead said "You know the dangers of this potion more then any"

"I do. Which is why I shall make my decision alone without influence."

"You will die like the King, what will that leave" Myr said

"Jano is a capable Regent" Tralin said "He shall make a capable King"

"What is Metanoia Potion?" Darin asked eyeing the turquoise colored liquid.

"It allows tremendous bursts of magic" Myr said "At the expense of life energy. The translation of body to mind. It is very often fatal"

Darin turned to Tralin whose dark emotions ruled his expression. "You must not do this"

Tralin lifted the potion to his lips "On the contrary Commander. I am bound to do this."

Darin reached to stop him and Tralin whirled "Do not betray me Vandarian. Not now"

Darin dropped his hand and his head. "My Lord"

"Someone must stop this!" Myr commanded "Guards seize the man..."

"Do you reopen the war between our nations Communicant?" Tralin said "I am the heir to the throne of Derin. Within a week I shall receive coronation. You cannot win and you cannot dissuade my anger and my grief."

"Stand down" Myr sighed defeated

Tralin swallowed the potion and grabbed at his stomach instantly in pain. The pain passed and Tralin regained his composure. "Any undead that approach are to be cut down. Not one shall survive my wrath"

Tralin moved among the undead and shot bolt after bolt of sun bright light at the undead. Killing with purpose and without ceasing, Tralin's vengeance could not be resisted.

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Falerin, Mar 17 2003 06:45:51

Darin watched Tralin move with blinding fury, Undead after undead blasted by his anger. A few blindly fleeing his wrath came close and the army, obeying Tralin's command, milled them down with brutal efficiency.

"It is odd" Darin said aloud "I should not think I would feel pity for servants of the devourer, but here, I do."

Darin turned then to the deposed leader of the Shadow Guard. "I begin to wonder seeing this, just what kind of leader Tralin will make, I always took him to be meek but through this I see a deeper truth, he has the capacity to be a brutal tyrant"

Xander grunted and then looked at Darin fully "He is grieved and he is translating his grief in to fury, I have seen it before, especially in those who hold their emotions very close to them selves. It is like a dam breaking."

Darin looked at the falling armies with Tralin showing no signs of tiring or stopping. "Still if he keeps this up he will have no opportunity to tyrannize Derin."

"No" Myr responded. "For he will surely be dead"

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Falerin, Mar 17 2003 11:47:46

Darin would ever wonder just what happened in Tralin that day, he had never seen it’s like before and he prayed not to see it's like again. A machine of pure fury he cut a swath through the undead like so much offal. He cast bolt after bolt of the bright mix of fire and air known as solar flare.

During his training Darin had learned the spell but he could not cast it even once without being exhausted, The effects of Metanoia in full force however Tralin cast them by the dozens if not hundreds. Everywhere he went undead fell. It was perhaps the ensuing mass panic and fleeing from that daylight that should not be that saved Tralin's life. Demoralized and lacking direction a very large number tried to flee but found the Army of Stone Deep meeting them at one side and the Army of Derin on the other. As the few intelligent undead were brought down the remaining undead lost any sense of direction and indeed self preservation and the armies, heartened by their apparent great victory followed Tralin's direction utterly destroying any trace of undeath and undead activity.

Delnar fought some of the undead that came close and sought to go wear down the listless but Darin and Myr restrained him. "You will be mistaken for the enemy, and for the enemy there is no survival and no life this day"

Delnar looked at them then "Death is welcome."

"Perhaps but it shall not come by friendly fire in the heat of battle" Darin was matter of Fact and as the acting superior of the Derenian military Delnar obeyed him, though he found himself wondering, now that he could think, how the Vandarian had gone from being the head secretary of leader of the enemy to the Commander of the Derenian forces.

"I remember you" Delnar said then "You have changed."

Darin looked at the Death knight "So have you"

Delnar merely grunted and then seeing Tralin collapse rushed from Darin's side in spite of the expressed sentiment.

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Falerin, Mar 17 2003 12:25:26

Tralin swum in the sea of his mind the effects of the poisonous potion in his blood subverting his body’s attempts to heal, demanding all of his energy being used to restore his magical fiber.

The Metanoia sought to consume him and Tralin was finding resistance extremely difficult. He has spent himself on his effort beyond fully he had not rested he had not done anything his mind had become all. Tralin felt himself dying and knew fully that Myr had been correct, he wondered then if it were worth it. Draynor's killers still lived and this strike against the Straggler's in the Devourer's army would not serve to truly dissuade them in the long term.

Tralin felt regret, regret that he had not chosen to act sooner, regret that he would not see his children grow, regret that as T'palo he would never reenter his home in glory. Tralin felt regret but the pain was possessed of Marked Clarity. Even in his dying the Metanoia did its work consuming his body in favor of his mind. Tralin mused over what using his magic to heal him directly would do. That cycle had been attempted. He dismissed it though he could foresee the results all to well. No conversion of energy was completely efficient so he would suffer a double loss and die even more quickly. What life force he gained would quickly flee and more besides to replenish his energy under the demands of the Metanoia.

Tralin had used the potions on many previous occasions. A large body of the school of though used them during intense research into cooperative magic, but this had been different. Tralin had used them to circumvent his body into allowing the most powerful magic’s to be wielded again and again. Even if physically intact he might die from the mental strain alone, but he was far from physically intact after his efforts.

Finally in peace Tralin accepted that he was to die. He trusted that his men would know enough to have Myr sanctify him, not that he expected the Brilhado to return quickly.

This musing of the Brilhado filled him with a sense of Dread, he felt then the touch of the Uncreator, his probing grasp. The devourer wanted him, meant to take him personally, sanctified or not.

Tralin turned then and saw Draynor who stood beside him and smiled. He was lead then to a great stone hall where men stood around him. At the center stood a figure of enigma, while Tralin watched his form shifted and he could no fix on him. Drakel, Undead, Handsome human, Demon, even in his most hideous forms the man maintained a figure of great beauty and of great evil. Tralin knew him at once as the devourer."

"Come to me Drakel" The Uncreator ordered and Absently Tralin followed commands "You have cost me much Drakel and in exchange I will gladly except your own unique service to my cause."

"I think not" A melodic voice answered from the table. "I have never surrendered his contract, though I have not held him as I held his family and I shall not surrender it to you know The'galin"

"Melaris you fool. You cannot resist me. When he dies he is mine and he is dying. You cannot save him, you cannot claim his soul as his soul is already in my thrall. A thrall it entered when he was so consumed as to lose all focus and give his life for an empty cause. I am after all the Lord of Empty Causes and meaningless sacrifices."

"He cannot perhaps" A new voice added at once feminine and masculine. While Tralin had no trouble seeing that The Water Lord and the Uncreator were decidedly male in aspect, he was unable to make such an assessment here. Rather full of life this one seemed to shift. Of the others Tralin could pick out the earth and water lords as definitively possessing female forms, but the fire, ice, lords wore amorphous elemental forms that denied all humanoid assessment. Who was this new voice, certainly not the Darkness lord.

No Tralin was sure not. The Darkness lord was not here.

"Lorithia you Claim him yourself?" The Water Lord, the one who had been called Melaris asked. "If so then I release his debt to you in full."

"We are grateful Calera" The voice echoed in the halls of Tralin's battered but extremely alert mind. Was his name Calera or was it Melaris, were they names or titles.

"Both and Neither" Lorithia echoed in his mind his thoughts filling him.

"This one is mine Brother, he has always been mine. He has served me since conception though he knew me not at all. Return to the world Tralin King of Derin, your time and trial are not done there. Hold on..."

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Falerin, Mar 17 2003 12:25:51

"Hold on" Delnar barked at Tralin again "You cannot simply leave me in this state with no guidance, You cannot leave your kingdom with know guidance. Hold on by the lords."

"I live Delnar now give me a moments breath"

Tralin rose to his feat weary and looked around. The Metanoia still played in his system and would for some time.

"Myr heal me please, Were I to heal myself..."

"Yes. Well I cannot say that I did not predict as much, you are most fortunate you aren't dead already. Myr then turned and fed Tralin some red fluid and herbs to help counteract the Metanoia while working his healing magic.

'Why was he absent?' Tralin asked Myr mentally not even noticing that this long unused skill of communicants came back with ease to him.

"He was not" Myr responded aloud and then added mentally 'he attended to you here. After the elemental lord's agreement against the devourer and in return of his debts to you'

'He was seen then'

'After a fashion. I was seen.' A deep voice echoed. 'I was seen in that you were not seen by the undead when you fell and your own men did not turn on my servant and anger me.'

'Why would they turn on Myr?'

'It is not Myr I speak of Servant of Lorithia, it is Delnar.'

'Delnar owes you no allegiance Shadow Lord.'

'That is true in the same sense that you OWE Lorithia no allegiance Tralin. It is an empty distinction I am sure you appreciate.'

'I understand'

'I thought that you would.'

'I would that one of you would explain it to me' Myr complained.

'In the fullness of time all shall be made apparent my faithful Communicant. Go now...'

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Falerin, Mar 18 2003 13:41:03

Darin considered Tralin and Myr with some considerable alarm. While Myr had fervently opposed Tralin's use of the Metanoia in the time since his recovery Tralin and Myr had become very close, as if the Drakel had not just gone berserk for all the world to see and killed the entire undead army. Alright to be fair it was not really an army any more just a battalion but still.

Delnar approached Darin then from the east. Darin had become used to the undead's presence by now and the addition of further magic’s by Tralin and Myr had suspended the Decay completely. Unless one knew directly that Delnar was not among the living there was no obvious outward way to tell.

"The Ship is Made ready Darin, Tralin"

"Are you sure you wish to stay in Stone Deep Delnar?" Darin asked the knight. A warrior that can not be killed would be a welcome addition to the Derenian armies."

"Ah but I can be killed, was killed, which is more the point. No Darin my obligation to Derin died with the King. I would have died to had Myr not persuaded me so fervently."

"Your friendship with Myr is a fascinating Beast. You have a fierce defender in him..."

"And he in me..." Delnar paused before continuing "One might say we saved each others lives such as they are... Tralin helped finalize my decision though. He gave me his leave and freed me of my obligation. I take up service to Myr's temple at the next new moons"

"Dark time is a little over a month and a half away what do you do in the interim?"

"I suspect keeping busy will not prove too challenging. The Brilhado and Undead are bound to return. Even if the original ones do not those located elsewhere in the Realms do. Myr was a prize... he was snatched from their grasp"

"A very expensive prize...." Darin commented looking about the grounds.

"I never would have expected that of you Vandarian"


"Remorse, regret, You seemed the less fanatical when I met with your general, but I heard the news later that you were the real driving force behind the fanaticism. You have changed..."

"As I said once, I am a vampire. I latch on to what makes me survive"

"That is not Vampirism" Delnar responded.


"No" he affirmed "That is humanity"

Tralin moved from Myr to Darin deftly his emotionless features chilling in their inexpressiveness now that Darin knew just what they might conceal.

"Commander" Tralin Said "Are you ready"

"I am my Lord"

"Then let us go. I imagine Jano is anxious to be freed from his obligations considering his apparent reluctance when I last left him"

"Good By Sir Delnar"

"I am no longer a Knight. Lord Tralin."

"And I am no longer your Lord, so we are even." Tralin looked at him again "Though I suppose that you will be a knight again. Your temple employs them."

"Yes" Myr responded with a chuckle "It Does"

"Flee now if you know what’s good for you Delnar." Darin advised mockingly "I recognize this conversation style. Last time it was employed on me I ended up commanding the front line."

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Falerin, Mar 23 2003 15:56:34

Tralin sat in his cabin the ship moving up and down on the waves, he moved ever so slightly as the ship when down and then spoke aloud.

"I know that you are here moglin. If you wish to sneak up on me you shall have to try harder then that."

"Tralin!" The moglin bounced happily "I have heard they are making you king... I had to come."

"And you had to give it one more try did you?"

"One would think you would learn the foolishness of that course. The first several times you attempted to sneak up on me you got wounded for your efforts and I myself am not in the best of places now old friend." Tralin was not really mad at the Moglin, whose name was Nel. Far from it his companionship was appreciated. They had met when Tralin was much younger before his course as T'palo was even considered. In many way's the Moglin were as mysterious a race as the Drakel to the humans, but the Moglin were generally considered unassuming, probably because of their general demeanor, while the Drakel where considered with suspicion and alarm.

"You are always so very Serious. Furry Lizards should be cuddly not somber"

"I am NOT a furry Lizard, Nel."

"You look like one..." Nel countered with a bounce. "I found something for you Trae"

"Did you?" Tralin asked wondering what it was, and wondering also for the first time how it was the Moglin had come to be in Stone Deep and aboard this ship heading for Derin to begin with.

Nel pulled open his belt pouch revealing a small tattoo on his forearm a green-feathered serpent, the No'ata, a nearly extinct jungle variety that was widely considered to be a token of good fortune when seen. The bright green of the serpent was very visible against the dark red of Nel's skin.

"You've had yourself inked. The No’ata I see...."

"Of course Trae. I remember the jungle." Nel Responded "Don't you Trae"

"I remember Nel"

"Everything is different now Trae isn't it. They say the Devourer has come..."

"They say that yes..."

"Has he?"

"I believe so. Certainly the evidence supports that conclusion"

"That’s Bad... That’s why then..."

"That’s why what Nel? And what have you for me."

"A letter. I came to look for you because my cousin Twill told me that he has heard rumor of the elves and the Krutha'ri fighting in there. Why would your people fight the elves Trae."

"The Drak..." He said starting to use the human word that had so become part of his tongue over the years. "The Krutha'ri are tormented by their demons, but mostly they seek some power against the Devourer. The elves are prideful, they long considered themselves the elder race and that the Krutha'ri and the Moglin can claim to be older galls their pride. They consider themselves immortal after all. What comfort then in one who recalls a time before their coming"

"They should have pride though Trae you know..."

"Of course they should, I never meant that they had no right to pride in what they were. Only that pride can easily become hubris and it is often the case that it does. Most likely the Krutha'ri decided that what they were seeking was in the forests of the green folk and went to take it."

"And the elves objected?"

"The Dark forest is sacred to them, and the Krutha'ri would no sooner tell the elves their purpose then they would tell the humans..."

"Yes that too... that’s the other reason I came... it's what I have for you a letter from Jano"

"You have met Jano?" Tralin responded "And what did you think of the regent then"

"He is a kind and capable man. Who once shuddered under the impression that his own friend was among the most evil men he had ever known. He is burdened always by questions. If he remains regent it will kill him. He is an honest ruler but it is not a job that could ever make him happy."

"I feared as much" He seemed reluctant when I left, at the time I thought it merely the jitters of an unfamiliar position but it seems more...

"And no wonder Trae... The people have taken the southern countryside"

"What?" Tralin asked surprised. "What do you mean?"

"The Brilhado and the Undead attacked Derin, and from no where the Krutha'ri came to their aid, but they demanded the country around Derin as their own. They drove all that lived in the reaches around from the city or to the opposite side. Jano was beside himself that he let Draynor's landfall into another hand but what could he do. And then when the courier arrived that Draynor was dead and that you were returning.... Well I had come to Derin, so I managed to secure transport on the ship coming to retrieve you, and volunteered to serve as the courier for Jano. Though I suspect his letter contains little more then what I already told you Trae"

"Suspect?" Tralin asked incredulously "You don't know for sure..."

"I did not open your letter Trae. What kind of Moglin do you take me for."

"It is not the KIND of moglin I take you for that is at issue. I take you to be Nel. Besides it is obvious to me the Seal on the scroll has be melted. You softened the Wax read the scroll and tried to seal it again without breaking the seal. You did a good Job but I am not blind."

"Ok so maybe I peaked a little."


"You know... Same stuff.. only more worried... he is always worried. Something about the First Knight in there too..."

"What's that..."

"Oh nothing much... Just that he is a spy for the temple..."

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Falerin, Apr 03 2003 12:00:57

Jano stood on the balcony overlooking the city, below a mob of angry citizens jostled for his attention. Some had lost land or property in the Drakel invasion, others were having their business or lives interrupted by the disrupted traffic through Drakel controlled areas.

Jano was not yet a target for their anger but logic demanded that in time, lacking the ability to focus on the real source of their fury, they would target him instead.

Jano sighed and withdrew from the window.

"I have not even told them the news." Jano said to Cerin sadly.

"That’s probably best" Cerin replied "It might lead to riots if they knew the King was dead. Right now they view his return as their chance for liberation."

"A king shall return..."

"Yes" Cerin hedged.

"Yes But? " Jano asked sensing his reluctance

"Yes, but Tralin is a Drakel"

"The people were all for Tralin being Draynor's heir. Darin tried to incite trouble, I was his agent for it. We failed miserably."

"True, but that was before Draynor was dead and before the Drakel invaded our lands."

"Tralin will have no choice but to deal with this problem promptly"

"It is best" Cerin Said "In my experience, Not to say what Tralin must do. In my experience Tralin often does the inconceivable."

"How comforting..."

"Actually it should be. You are right at least that he won't ignore it. If he does the people will overwhelm him. I cannot yet imagine how he will deal with it however. I doubt he can just ask the Drakel nicely to leave."

"You worry about his return though. Why? If you are sure he will work things out you should be anxious for it."

"As King" Cerin replied "Tralin will be required to act where you have not. I will likely be ousted from the Knighthood"

"Perhaps" Jano replied

"Can you imagine any other recourse? Tralin is not about to hide it... He is too forthcoming..."

"Let us not guess what Tralin will do" the regent answered "As you said, it’s a pointless effort"

"They should be on their way by now" Cerin responded "I imagine that Moglin has delivered our message"


"So now..."

"So now we wait. We have no other recourse"

"Waiting is incredibly difficult when disaster is breathing down your neck My Lord."

"Tell me about it..."

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Falerin, Apr 08 2003 21:14:51

Nel jumped in surprise and stared at Tralin in alarm.

"What is it Nel?" Tralin asked concerned

"Your hair is on fire Trae, and your eyes are all yellow"

"What?" Tralin asked putting his hand to his head and feeling nothing looked confused. "I'm not on fire Nel"

The moglin extended a hand cautiously toward Tralin's head and touched in gently. He appeared even more startled then before. "It looks like yellow and blue crackling fire but its cold."

"Magical Energy..."


"I am leaking magical energy..."

"Why? How?"

"I consumed particularly strong Metanoia in Stone Deep"

"Trae!" Nel scolded severely "You could have died...You are smarter then that..."

"I was sapped Nel and someone needed to deal with the undead... The side effects will wear off with time"

Above board a ships hand shouted "Land Ho."

"So we return...." Tralin sighed "Now to deal with the Drakel."

Tralin went above and approached Darin who looked at him with Alarm.

"I need you to bring Cerin and Jano to the ship quietly."

"Why. We can just land and you can see them in the palace"

"No. I will be king of Derin before I leave this ship. I need the current regent to release the throne and I need the knight to coronate me."

"Court politics are beyond me..." Darin sighed shaking his head. "What’s wrong with your eyes?"

"Metanoia..." Tralin answered

"You should have listened to Myr."

"That’s enough Commander. Please do as I have requested."

"Yes master" Darin said marching off abruptly and appearing hurt.

"You were hard on him Trae" Nel scolded.

"I know him Nel. You need to be direct for him to do anything."

"Maybe. But maybe he cares what you think and how you treat him?"

"Darin does not like me. He can hardly be bothered by this."

Nel grunted disagreement and Tralin not knowing what to say lapsed into silence.

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Falerin, Apr 08 2003 21:29:15

Darin marched through the streets of Derin conflicted by Tralin's behavior. He was angry that it bothered him as much as it did. After all he started off hating the Drakel and all he represented.

Arriving at the castle Darin noted the swarming mob protesting and jeering in the courtyard and quickly altered his route to a heavily guarded secret pathway. The castle guard stationed within began to challenge him and then recognizing him saluted.

"Commander!" The man, whose name Darin vaguely recalled was Theldar "Is the King Back..."

"You don't know?" Darin responded surprised.

"Know what?" Theldar asked suspiciously

"Theldar. Draynor is dead."

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Falerin, Apr 08 2003 21:42:55

Theldar laughed nervously. "Oh yes, I meant Tralin. Jano is at wits end. The people do not know about Draynor yet you know..."

"Yes Tralin mentioned Jano's reluctance to tell them. Given their apparent mood I can relate to the decision."

"Tralin is well loved among the people"

"Yes but he is Drakel and the Drakel are a sore point now... With him actually here they might adjust, but if he were absent and did not respond..."

"I can see what you mean"

"Listen, send a knight to get the Regent and the First Knight" Darin requested "Tralin needs to see them before he returns to the palace."

"Aye sir" Theldar replied and made to comply

"That will be unnecessary Theldar" Cerin said rounding the corner. Darin noted dimly that he wore the aquamarine robes of a communicant of the Water Lord. This contrasted overtly with Delnar's sword hanging t his side.

"Cerin" Darien said unsure if it was a question or a greeting.

"Darin" Cerin replied then turned and looked down the corridor. "Come Lord Regent the way ahead remains clear."

Jano moved quickly around the corner and seeing Darin hugged him swiftly.

"Darin" He enthused "It is great to see you were greatly missed"

"You are only so excited to see me because my return means you can leave the throne." Darin laughed

"I confess that's a relief but really I was at my wits end. Every one I knew well was gone and I was left trusting advisors I did not know. While I know their value as Draynor trusted them all.. I felt useless..."

"Well your time as Regent draws to a close. We need only get the First Knight and yourself to Tralin for his Coronation and all shall be well.."

Jano noted the unusual hesitation in Darin's statement and was going to comment on it when Cerin spoke.

"I'm sorry Cerin replied, but I cannot coronate Tralin as King of Derin"

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Falerin, Apr 08 2003 22:22:34

"What?" Darin and Jano objected in unison.

"I am not validly the First Knight of the Knights of Derin, I cannot validly act as Chancellor in a coronation."

"Why?" Darin asked noting that Jano fell silent.

"As a chosen communicant of the Water Lord my obligation to the King cannot be considered unwavering and I am thus ineligible to have the position of first knight."

"Who has the authority to strip you from your position?" Darin asked

"The king or his chosen representative only."

"Well Draynor is dead so there is no king. By default that makes the Regent the King pro tempore"

"And I have already said I will not Remove him." Jano replied "So lets get on with this coronation. At the moment you act with the authority of the crown. If Tralin takes issue with your divided devotion he can remove you as king himself."

"What Irony. I coronate the man who strips me from my position."

"If he strips you." Darin responded

"This is a matter of Honor and I therefore he must. Tralin appreciates the responsibility of order and tradition."

"Aye. That he does it seems."

The group fell silent and moved through Derin quickly and quietly after pushing through a small crowd that had become aware of the Royal Navy at port they boarded the ship and moved to Tralin's cabin.

Darin knocked twice hard.

"Enter" Tralin said from inside

Darin entered the room and approached Tralin.

"Lord Prince, the Royal Regent and First Knight." He said stiffly and withdrew.

"I am sorry Darin" Tralin responded his demeanor and voice showing genuine remorse.

"Your forgiven" Darin replied startled and then withdrew

"Stay Darin we need witnesses. It is fitting one of my newest and one of my oldest friends should be here at this time..."

"Shall we commence?" Jano asked

"Yes let us finish this" Tralin responded grieved

"Lord Regent, here presented is the Heir to the throne of Derin. Do you recognize his claim and relinquish to him in perpetuity your claim to the throne of Derin?"

"I do." Jano replied anxiously

"Lord Prince, do you accept the throne of Derin in full knowledge and acceptance of its responsibility and obligation to the Nation and people of Derin?"

"I do" Tralin responded.

"Do you verify the Death of the King of Draynor, your father"

"I do"

"And are you aware of any others who by right of birth or position might have priority of right to the throne."

"I do not. There is none."

"Then kneel" Cerin said moving to the table and taking Draynor's crown .

Tralin kneeled and Cerin lowered the crown upon his head.

"By my authority as Royal Chancellor and First Knight, representing the royal family of Derin, I coronate you and Proclaim you King over Derin and all of its environs, and territories."

Tralin rose.

"Long Live the King"

"Long Live the King" The others echoed.

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Falerin, Apr 08 2003 22:34:53

'Now I must inform you as is my Duty that I am the chosen communicant of the Water Lord, stand ineligible of my position. By right of authority I should be stripped of my power"

"Knights can be priests, kings can be priests even" Tralin responded

"Yes but the First Knight may not, unless I were the communicant of the same God which my king served."

"True. But as you are First Knight in absentia, your remain the Second Knight and are authorized to remain communicant, unless the first knight removes your authority"

"What?" Cerin responded confused.

"You are however required to return the First Knight's sword."

"What?" Cerin repeated

"It is very simple. The first knight, barring his official resignation, which I have not received, is Delnar."

"Delnar is Dead" Cerin said baffled

"Not quite" Tralin replied "Is there any text within the code of Derin which forbids a First Knight from any race?"

"No" Cerin responded "Any who is loyal may be first knight"

"So an undead may be first knight"

"What?" Cerin asked, startled.

"No rule prevents an undead from being First Knight of Derin?" Tralin responded

"No but..."

"Well then I rest my case. Delnar remains First Knight of Derin as he is a Death Knight residing in the Vandarian city of stone deep."

"Um" Cerin responded confused

"Wait" Darin replied confused for an entirely different reason "Delnar has accepted service to the Shadow Lord. He is therefore himself ineligible to be First Knight."

"Having spoken to the Lord of Shadows himself I do hereby recognize that his devotion to the temple is completely compatible with his Loyalty to the throne and the church of the King."

"The Church of the King?" Darin and Jano asked simultaneously "You have always stood independent of all temples"

"We are nevertheless the servant of the powers. The church of the King of Derin is that of the Spirit Lord, and we are the Spirit Lord's chosen communicant."

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Falerin, Apr 09 2003 19:23:21

"The Spirit Lord?" Darin responded startled "A creature of legend. No one serves the creator."

"I have always served creation Darin" Tralin responded "You know that well. Your problem with me was my heresy of the elemental conjunction."

"Indeed it was" Jano reiterated. "He was very vehement about that point"

"Yet all things happen for their purpose, I can imagine no one else better..." Tralin trailed his voice cracking and bolts of electrical energy suffusing his being, he gave a brief shudder and a rain of ice began to fall inside the cabin.

"What is going on?" Jano asked alarmed

"Tralin took some kind of potion in Stone Deep. The king seems to be suffering numerous after affects from it."

"Metanoia?!" Cerin asked incredulously "Your majesty. That potion is dangerous even in the physiologies it is designed for. You are a Drakel, there is no telling what kind of things it can do to you..."

"I have taken Metanoia..." Tralin paused and waved his hand dispelling the ice storm "I have taken the potion before, but never this much and never did I so close push myself to death."

"You must not take it again. You have apparently become very sensitized. Another potion and you might burn up with magical energy from within."

"Your well placed concern is noted now can..." Tralin halted and for a moment the assembled thought another wave was coming but then they heard what had caught Tralin's attention shouting had come awfully close to the ship.

"LORD REGENT" a voice cried out "You were seen boarding... We Need to see you it is urgent!"

Jano sighed and moved toward the door, but Tralin placed a restraining hand upon his arm.

"Your help has served us well and we would like very much to maintain your aid, but this is our problem."

Tralin moved to the cabin door and opened it stepping out of the cabin.

"Lord Tralin!" The crier proclaimed then turning to his colleagues whispered excitedly "The prince..."

"We are sorry to inform you of your ignorance in such a manner, but I am no longer price of this nation. I am its king. Draynor is dead. I have been coronated."

This proclamation had the desired affect the men fell silent in shock.

"Who are you that demands our Regent's attention?"

"I am Clay, A traveler from Battleonia and beyond."

"All the way from Battleonia?!" Nel chirped shocked. "I have family in those quarters."

"As you have come a fair distance you shall not be denied, even though our day of coronation should be a celebration rather then a business day. We shall hear your concerns in our audience chamber."

"Must you talk like that Trae..." Nel said stepping beside "This weird first person plural."

"While on official affairs of state I must Nel. It is expected. In chambers and in meetings I have more leeway, but I must make my claim and announcement quite clear and there is language with which that is accomplished as well as protocol."

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Falerin, Apr 13 2003 21:24:49

Tralin led the group through the palace corridor and threaded his way various turns and twists stopping at the entry to the royal audience chamber. Opening the door he entered and looked about. For a moment his face betrayed strong pain and then with a sigh he moved to and sat in the throne at its center, a seat unoccupied since Draynor's departure. In assuming the throne he proclaimed himself Derin's king.

The others followed in and held their tongue about Tralin’s evident distress and reservation. With direction Tralin turned his head to the messenger.

"Clay of Battleonia, we await hearing your pleasure with us..."

"I come from Battleonia your majesty with reports of the growing conflict among the people. Your people make war on the elves and moglin. you are known to be most reasonable. We hope to persuade you to oppose these invasive practice...."

"We are sympathetic with your concerns, but had you not noticed the Drakel have harried our borders as well..."

"Ah, yes... that is the other reason for my coming your majesty. We landed at Port Alder"

Tralin reflected that the small port village, and the city of Derin's immediate neighbor were undoubtedly among those environs of the nation of Derin, which had fallen under the Drakel control.

"How did you convince the Drakel to allow you passage to the Capitol then?"

"They demanded I bring a message to the Regent to be delivered to the King. Since you are the king..."

"Indeed, and what was the content of their missive?"

"They request public audience, and the kings assurance that such will be met without public hostility..."

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Falerin, Apr 13 2003 21:30:22

"I take them to mean that they wish the Crown's surety... we cannot defuse the hostility of the citizens of our nation. Especially when it is deserved. Very well the crown will pay you handsomely to carry a return message to the nearest Drakel encamped around the city. Will you accept our charge"

"Will it aid in our efforts?" Clay asked pragmatically

"It may... regardless it is necessary"

"I accept"

"Very well inform the Drakel that they should come without delay. We are disinterested in great games. Further inform them that the king of Derin grants them their surety for now... It is time this issue be addressed..."

"I will do so"

"Darin order this man paid 10000 gold for his services, and Clay...?

"Yes your majesty?"

"Do not inform the Drakel that I am king of Derin, let them labor under the false presumption that Draynor yet lives"

"As you wish Lord Tralin..."

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Falerin, Apr 14 2003 21:46:18

The Drakel contingent entered the throne room and fixed their eyes upon Tralin who sat upon the throne. Darin and Cerin stood at Tralin’s left while Jano whispered something into Tralin's ear.

"T'palo..." their leader an enforcer demanded "Where is the king..."

Tralin pointedly ignored the interruption and whispered back to Jano who bowed and left the throne room.

"Denda Kruatha'ri Nect Re'edi c'tal defo Lin" Tralin proclaimed and enraged the Drakel shot his hand for his sword.

Darin drew his own. "Surety is forfeit if you show violence here Drakel. Lord Tralin is within his rights with his be gone. That if the Drakel are incapable of respect they CAN take their leave from here..."

"Stay out of this Human... this is none of your affair..."

"On the contrary as a commander in his majesties army it is my business how you treat Lord Tralin"

"Concern yourself first with your life and then with your king... The T'palo is our issue..."

"You are in error. I concern myself with my king and then with my life, and Lord Tralin's treatment is therefore an ultimate concern."

"I warn you human..." The Enforcer began irritated

"No." Tralin barked "We warn you... You are trying our patience foot soldier of the Drakel. We will not brook your continued assault on our officer or on our throne. You seek the king of Derin, I am he. Speak your piece..."

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Falerin, Apr 14 2003 22:03:35

"You?" The Drakel enforcer stated in shock his face torn between rage and horror.

Another of the contingent stepped forward even as the enforcer opened his mouth

"You are lying" the enforcer began but the caster shook his head "Enough... I shall deal with this myself, Take your position"

The enforcer frowned but complied without comment.

"So Draynor son of Vanyen is Dead?" The Caster asked

"The Late king is dead" Tralin confirmed. "We have lately assumed the throne, now speak..."

The Drakel raised his hands placating.

"T'palo" He said "Your Majesty. We do not seek hostility. We hold your land in an iron grasp, you know well you stand little chance of simply taking it back from us. We have come in peace to discuss with the throne of Derin an offer of great importance. We will pay the throne of Derin rent for the land we have seized for as long as we maintain it..."

"Rent upon what is stolen from its rightful possessors? How noble" Darin commented, Tralin raised his hand to silence the Headstrong commander.

"And..." Tralin asked knowing there was more to this.

"In exchange We shall maintain ownership of the land unopposed for as long as we desire, we shall more then compensate the losses of those who suffer. We will allow free conduct through our environs though we cannot allow unescorted travel within the region..."

"A very bold offer but we are unimpressed. Our citizens are out of their homes. If the enemy returns they are without recourse or defense."

The Caster raised his hands again in the placating gesture.

"Your concerns were expected and in Good faith we offer that refuge will be granted in the K'eld Ner."

Tralin and Darin looked dumbfounded while Cerin who did not understand the Drakel tongue merely look shocked.

"You are offering us sanctuary in the Walled City of Ner?" Tralin asked

"Indeed no" The Caster responded "What good faith would that show. We will allow you to openly take possession of property within the K'eld and have free travel to from and within it..."

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Falerin, Apr 16 2003 16:06:36

Darin inhaled sharply at the Drakel's proclamation but Tralin maintained an impassive demeanor.

"You have given Us much to consider. Please retire to your provided lodging. We shall consult with our advisors and get back to you promptly."

The Drakel looked as if they wished to argue but the Caster merely nodded and lead them from the council chamber.

"They wish to give us land in their walled city?!" Darin Blurted "It is a Trap!"

"No" Cerin responded "There is no benefit in them trapping us in that way they have our land already. They have the advantage."

"Indeed" Tralin said looking to the two of them. "Though the Enforcer likely would like to see me dead. No the offer is genuine. which is considerably more disconcerting."

"How so?" Darin asked

"There must be something that my people value in the countryside of Derin very much to go to throw years of tradition away for it. Further they have already asserted we have no chance of reclaiming our land. We can take that as fact. If so that they still wish to negotiate means they do not want to spare their men to defend the land and want as many as possible working on their discovery..."

"So do we cooperate with them or try to discover their real motives." Cerin asked

"Those pathways are not mutually exclusive" Tralin responds "Though you shall be doing neither. You are obligated to take the next ship to Stone Deep and present yourself to the first knight of your order for further direction. In doing so I wish you to carry several messages to them as well. One to Xander, one to Myr, and one to Delnar himself."

"Who are Xander and Myr?" Cerin Asked

"Stone Deep's Military Commander and their Religious Commander respectively. Xander is a Shadow Knight and Myr is a Communicant for the Shadow Lord... Where is Nel? I sent Jano to fetch him nearly 15 minutes ago..."

The others shrugged and for several moments’ silence reigned before Nel and Jano finally entered the Chamber.

"We need to... " Tralin began but was silenced by the seemingly odd way Jano and Nel were interacting. "What is it?"

"Hmm" Jano responded evasively.

"Come out with it. What is it that you know. Reveal it."

"I have to go Trae...." Nel said anxiously

"What? Why?" Tralin asked

"It's my village. We have joined with Moglin Forest...."


"And Moglin Forest is at War with the people. I have to go aid my family."

"How interesting" Darin said and chuckled

"What is interesting?" The moglin asked clearly distressed

"We have just been offered admittance to K'eld Ner." Darin responded "We are debating allying with the Drakel..."

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Falerin, Apr 16 2003 16:23:01

Cerin creased his brow and stated the obvious objection to this bold statement.

"We are not uniting with the Drakel warring with the Moglin and the Elves. These are the Drakel of Derin there is a big difference"

"Is there" Tralin stated. "No Cerin there is not. Have you ever known the Drakel to war among cities. Drakel culture is not set up the way others do. Divisions are few and they are based on creed not geography. The Drakel of one city are interconnected with the Drakel of another. If we agree to an alliance with the Kruatha'ri we make alliance with them all..."

"Oh..." Darin said contemplatively

A loud knock resounded on the door.

"Come" Tralin commanded and the Drakel Enforcer entered quickly his demeanor lacked the hostility it had betrayed before replacing it instead with an anxiousness that spoke volumes.

"What is it."

"C'tal Efo Lin Degi" The Drakel said " Noma D'ak'i"

"I see..." Tralin groaned echoed by Darin and Jano. "I will give the decision within the hour then..."

"What is it?" Cerin asked even as the enforcer left

"He says that the demons return. They were spotted 1/2 a days travel from here and move this way... Nel and Cerin I suggest you two go to the docks and book your passages now... they shall be here within 10 hours"

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Falerin, Apr 18 2003 17:30:43

Darin found Tralin's implacable demeanor to be discomfiting. He knew that a war must go one in the king’s head. A debate between his home and the loyalties there, and his crown. A debate also between intention and social appearance, but Tralin remained silent waiting to be spoken to.

"Accept their offer" Darin said finally. "Traditional expectations, alliances and prejudices have NO place in this decision. We are faced with a simple fact, the Drakel have successfully driven off the Brilhado before, no conceivable ulterior motive exists behind their search here excepting the possibility they have found an artifact of value in their struggle. Since their struggle is WITH the Brilhado it behooves us to act in their favor. We are continents away from Battleonia the affairs that occur there only peripherally can interest us. What happens in our own backyard is far more important."

"Isolationist view points will not help us Darin" Jano interjected

"I am not espousing Isolationism, quite the contrary I am supporting an idea that our culture open itself to places it has NEVER been before that we take this opportunity for all it is worth. On the grounds that we get a glimpse inside the Drakel world alone it should be worth any risk, never mind the increasing of relations with them. How can we even consider rejecting it?"

"They want something. They have found something" Jano said

"That we should probably not keep from them anyway, If it can stop the Brilhado we should be encouraging its location. We should personally deliver the item to them. Heaven knows we are ill equipped."

"While we are uncertain we agree with the sentiment that we are ill equipped, we concur on most everything Darin has other wise said. He really has spent time with Drakel culture, even if it was among the water casters. It is still not that simple however. Our own local neighbors will weigh in with our sudden changing of alliance. Your own Vandarian’s may have much ill to say about this situation"

"With respect your majesty my own people are even more ill effected by the undead then Derin. Look at the mess in Neld and at Stone Deep. They will support ANYTHING that opposes the undead armies."

"Very well then we have made our decision. Call in the Emissaries"

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Falerin, Apr 18 2003 17:40:16

The Drakel filtered into Tralin's throne room and waited expectantly for his answer.

"We have found in favor of your offer. The crown of Derin grants lease to its land contingent upon the immediate execution of restitution for those who suffered loss and the continued payment of rent as agreed. Further we request immediate access to K'eld Ner as diplomats to assess our situation and make the requisite arrangements that society, respect, and culture demand. Unfortunately I cannot come..."

"But you must. Protocol demands that as a sign of trust..."

"Protocol demands that as a sign of trust The Dignitary or his T'palo come to the city." Tralin shifted to a more familiar conversational style "Indeed, but my obligation to the throne and my own obligation as outward T'palo require me to wait a period of some weeks before I can go myself, as the Brilhado are at our backs I cannot wait. So in the proprietary of tradition we have chosen and instated our T'palo. He shall be the first Human ever to hold the role. Jano."

Jano nodded and stepped forward. "I am uniquely qualified. I acted both as kings Regent for Derin and as a social ambassador and diplomat for Vandar. Further I am well trained in espionage and diplomacy."

Darin's eyes widened at this admission but the Drakel Caster merely nodded appreciatively.

"Tal Li Vago" He Responded

"Tal Li Vago" Jano answered

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Falerin, May 03 2003 23:55:58

He fled through the darkness his breath coming hard and fast, pain filled his being. He would have flown but the injury to his wings was substantial and the caked blood matted his feathers. He had to press on, to reach the city, he knew that if he fell all would be lost. The others would take him and all would be in vain.

He crested the hill and made the final dash he vaulted to the city wall and with a jump he opened his wings wide allowing the draft to carry him unto the castle turret. The guard drew his sword and approached rapidly.

"I come in peace" he said and then the Brilhado worn and weary collapsed into silent unconsciousness.

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Falerin, May 10 2003 20:49:10

Jano crested the ridge and for the first time saw the vaulting world that was K'eld Ner. The huge walls encircled the city, which was itself built on the side of Mount Ner. The sheer massiveness of the walls took Jano's breath away.

"There lies the K'eld" Shirian the caster intoned. "We shall arrive within two days"

"Two days?" Jano asked startled. "Why so long"

Shirian laughed. "You interpret the size of the walls as proximity. What you see as 200-foot walls half a day away are really 2000 foot walls more then a day away.
The way ahead is treacherous and we will need to rest and eat therefore it will be two days I assure you"

"2000 feet tall?" Jano said astonished how large is the city itself.

"250 square miles"

Jano blinked... "How many Drakel live in K'eld Ner"

"25 million"

"10000 people per square mile"


"That’s immense"

"It’s also misleading. Density is closer to 75000 per square mile in many areas. In the capitol it is far less 1000 per square mile. However the city is built on several levels. So surface area is not an accurate measure"

"How many doors are there into the city?"

"There are but four. Precisely located at the compass directions. The north door leads to a inaccessible plateau. The south door to The port of Gliding Waters. We approach the west door ourselves."

"If the city needed to be evacuated there would be mass death..."

"If something bad enough to warrant evacuation took K’eld Ner entire we would die regardless."

"Where does the east door lead?"

"Into the mountain itself...."

Two of your doors lead out to places that are no refuge or escape"

"They are not meant to be escape routes T'Palo"

"If something great enough to topple the K’eld were to come... the world as we know it would be ending..."

Jano noted the approach of another Drakel from a small village set on the stream proper.

"Sithian" Shirian nodded solemnly

"Delbek X'tchai" the newcomer responded causing Jano to frown sharply. Something was amiss.... clearly....

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Falerin, May 10 2003 20:57:23

Darin pushed through the crowd milling around taunting and jeering. The thrust sticks at their cornered victim and leered darkly. Darin was reminded uncomfortably of sharks in a feeding frenzy.

"Fall Back I say or I shall arrest the lot of you.."

"Commander" Several people said breaking the circle but the worst of them would not be dissuaded from their mischief. Darin noted with dismay that some of the city guard were among those vaulting attacks.

"By my sword I will arrest the lot of you and any under the kings employ I find engaged in vigilante justice will find themselves on charges of subversion of their station"

"Commander" They shouted and finally fell back allowing Darin to finally see the victim of the hostility.

Darin gasped allowed at the sight of the injured Brilhado. For a moment he was at a loss for what to do. Then he spoke authoritatively "Fall back all of you.. Guards clear the way I am taking the man from the turret into the castle proper."

"But Sir..."

"The gods take you man... I will brook no discussion. I order you as c commander of the Royal Armies to make the way clear..."

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Falerin, May 12 2003 18:46:39

Darin listened to the raging mob calling for blood outside the castle.

"All my best work failed to get them to turn on you. Yet the man falls from the sky and they are transformed into a wild mob in moments"

Tralin sighed deeply. "Draynor is dead, the Drakel have taken large parts of traditional land, and something I myself have since countenanced. The Brilhado are directly or indirectly tied to all of our miseries. They are scared, tired, and angry. Can you expect any more of them?"

"I suppose that I should not" Darin replied "Oddly however I did. I had come to view the Derenian people as very calm and reasonable. They seemed perpetually optimistic even in the face of disaster."

"It is very easy to handle small set backs when your world is secure. The world is no longer secure for them..."

"The world is no longer secure for anyone."

"Indeed not. That most unfortunate fact is the great problem I fear"

"Will he live?"

"His injuries are quite severe and unfortunately Brilhado physiology is somewhat of a mystery even to me. However he seems to be recovering his color and his pulse rate is steady"

"It makes little sense. What are the Brilhado up to sending a single man here. Do you think perhaps he is a spy who encountered something he could not handle?"

"There is that possibility" Tralin responded

"What will we do with him..."

"We will determine what he knows, what he was/is doing, and from whence he came. We will make no assumptions. I will handle this as Draynor would have wanted me to. I will not dishonor his castle or his memory with pointless violence or speculation"

"Hmm?" Darin Grunted


"I was just thinking that it is fortunate that this Brilhado arrived now. Had he arrived just after our return to Derin what would you have done then..."

"I refuse to speculate on such rhetorical foolishness..."

Darin stared at Tralin pointedly.

"My king..." He began calmly

"No. Your right of course" Tralin said sighing deeply "I most likely would have killed the man myself..."

"I am not afraid to say that you frightened me..."

"Frightened you. You who calculatedly tried to pit the people against each other in civil war just to advance your religious and personal fanaticism. In the words of the great moglin humorist. You Know Your own Self best"

"You are implying that we are alike?"

"In many ways. Certainly you are less precise and controlled then I generally am, but that in itself only means that when I do loose my wrath It is all the more fierce for it"

"What will we do about the people? They will not be denied."

"I fear you are right"

"Yet we cannot give them what they demand."


Clay entered the chamber. "King Tralin the Brilhado awakens"

"Here is hoping the answer presents itself to us..." Darin said

"It is rarely so simple"

"I know it very well."

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Falerin, May 12 2003 19:36:45

Jano stood outside the vaulting gate of the K'eld Ner. The large number of Drakel who lived outside the city walls startled him, and he remarked upon them.

"Why do they not live in the City?" Jano asked inquisitively.

"They are De'me'thar" Shirian replied matter of fact.

"De'me'thar?" Jano asked

"Yes. Drakel who are denied Citizenship within the K'eld"

"What have they done to be exiled?"

"They are not exiled. They never have lived in the city. Exiles cannot live within Drakel lands at all. De'me'thar are quite different, they are denied life in the city not for what they have done but for what their ancestors did."

"What their ancestors did?"

"All of them have family by blood or marriage who lived outside of or broke Drakel law and customs, and consequently they are not allowed the privileges of the K'eld"

"How many generations does this restriction extend."

"Permanently. Only T'palo or Bond Servants of the Crown can ever move outside the ban"

"But T'palo cannot return until their mission is completed."

"Yes but their descendants are citizens. Those who swear their lives to the crown too can enter."

"How many of these are elementally aligned casters?" Jano asked

"None. Those who are sworn to a temple can not live this close to the city..."

Jano frowned softly, what kind of sense did it make to hold a child from privileges based on the acts of their ancient lineage.

"If a citizen of the city marries one of those without they must leave..."

"Indeed and their families. It rarely occurs"

"I see..."

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Falerin, May 13 2003 22:51:31

"I beg of you King Tralin" the Brilhado reiterated "Grant me asylum"

Darin looked at the injured Brilhado severely, he was uncertain what to make of the plea for refuge. Tralin was uncertain as well as a Drakel ruling over a human city he was in an extraordinarily unusual situation as it was, all the more so since he allowed the Drakel to occupy Derenian lands in their frantic search for something to stop the devourer. Still he maintained an illusion of passivity.

"We find your request to be difficult. Our people call for your blood. The Brilhado are responsible for the Death of our king and had they not attacked Derin the Drakel would not be in the position they now hold. We are mystified. Clearly you have suffered some great injury, and far be it for me to assume that all members of your race are of one mind and accord. Clearly, your singular presence here indicates that they are not. You have not however given me any recourse to explain why I should offer you, ostensibly our greatest enemy, sanctuary within these walls."

The Brilhado looked crestfallen. "I feared you would feel that way. I knew it. It is justified, but I had no idea where else to turn or go with this. I assure you I come in peace"

"Yes" Darin expressed shifting his weight nervously "But we have no reason to expect that your peaceful overtures have anything more then your current state of injury as motive. Worse they could be an attempt at infiltration into our courts as we are famously forgiving and considerate."

"My life is as good as Dead should I return to my people Lord Darin. King Tralin I am anathema to them. I have turned my back upon our tenets I have defied service to the Devourer. By doing so I have marked myself. I fled the rite of initiation and it was there that I ran into the Dragon he was rampage through the hills."

"We have heard rumors of Akriloth's rage" Tralin responded "Certainly if you interfered in his search, whatever the cause, you would have been the target of his fury, Your injuries are consistent with such a bloody quarrel, but Angel though your people appear they are fallen, Masters of lies, It will take considerably more then your assurance that you were injured by the Dragon while fleeing your people. His rampage takes place a full 2 continents away A journey that takes considerable time. Your flight must have been swift indeed to have reached our shores as you did. Subsequent to your encounter our agents report that the great wyrm has done massive damage throughout the countryside and completely decimated at least one village in his furious search for something. Given the constant fight of the Brilhado to advance their position we would be likely to believe that you are responsible for the Dragons fury."

"I cannot pretend that it is impossible that we were somehow involved but I was just to be initiated. I do not know anything of whom the Brilhado targeted nor whom their allies are. Yet surely you do not believe that we are the singular source of despair in Lore."

"No" Tralin responded "Indeed we are well aware that Lore is rampant with those who by direct action, selfishness, or manipulation serve the purpose of the Uncreator. Irrespective of this fact you are still a Brilhado and the people of Derin scream even now for vindication"

"Vindication or Revenge?"

"In War there can be little differentiation between the two extremes. They share the same root emotion."

"Desperation drives people to do many things which are later regretted" The Brilhado responded sadly. "For your people it may be the calling for my head but for me alas it is my flight for Derin, I thought that here of all places I might find rest, I might find acceptance. The Drakel oppress them yet they laud a Drakel king. In no other land are the races so harmonious."

"Lore by and large has little problems with racial discord."

"Not openly but in all places there are segregations and separations. There remain suspicions and distrust. Deren has been equated with a utopian ideal"

"Draynor did wonders for his people and had he lived you may have found it that simple." Darin responded "I Directly sought the destruction of this kingdom before the coming of the undead and yet I now command its armies. Draynor was a great man, but he is dead, dead by Brilhado hands. Where does that leave us but desperation."

"I am sorry. I cannot grant you the respite you ask" Tralin responded "I must not further alienate the people. Yet I will not dishonor the kings memory by handing you over to them as a sacrifice either. I know that would disgust him. We will make a way for you to flee the city without our losing the peoples' faith but we can do little more."

"I will die regardless regretfully. Surely even now my people seek my blood. Alas I cannot blame you for your reticence but I am... Very well... Then we have little time. I will tell you what I know of the Dragon's rampage and then we can begin my funeral procession"

"A moment your Majesty" Darin asked touching Tralin’s sleeve "I beg your forgiveness Brilhado but this cannot wait"

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Falerin, May 13 2003 22:52:19

Darin moved from the chamber into the hall with precision his demeanor suggesting great agitation. Tralin followed reluctantly, he could imagine that Darin wanted to have the Brilhado sent forth at once. Tralin knew that on some level that is what he should do, for the longer the Light Demon lived in the castle the more agitation the people outside felt.

"What is it Commander"

"I certainly hope my lord that I misread your intention for this man..."

"Darin" Tralin interrupted "Another hour will make no difference to the people, they are already incensed. Hearing him out might at least make this somewhat easier. If there is any chance whatsoever that his information about Akriloth's attack is founded then we need to be aware of it. Now I realize that we are distant from this and there is little I can do but Nel's people live in the Moglin forest. They have already been scourged by the search of my own brethren. I owe Nel at least some sign of the truth behind our years of friendship. He is the oldest and truest friend I know."

"So you will use the Brilhado for the information he has..."

"And then send him away. I tell you another hour will not incite the people any more then they already will be when they learn of his escape."

"Your majesty I beg you to reconsider this travesty..."

"Really Darin an Extra hour it is hardly a trav..."

"MY LORD" Darin yelled in frustration "Please might I be allowed to express one sentence without your interjection. I apologize for speaking out of turn and with frustration to you and if you want my position or my life for my treason then.. then so be it but I cannot keep quiet and you are simply not listening."

"You cannot! Must Not! Turn this Brilhado..."

"Darin... I cannot simply give him to the people. While as a strategist you might find turning him loose to be an unacceptable risk I cannot betray Draynor's trust that way."

"Lord Tralin you are not listening to me at all..." Darin Sighed "I do not wish to suggest you turn the Brilhado to the teeming masses. I pulled him from those self same vigilantes. If I were to encourage justice of that sort I would demand instead you bring him up on charges of crimes in war. Yet I tell you with strongest assurance that my motive cannot be further misunderstood then you have made it. You are a self-proclaimed communicant of the Great Creator god. I tell you Lord in the name of all that is Good, In the name of Draynor's memory, and in the name of your own life long professions that every person is an individual to be judged as one, that you would be making the single greatest error of your throne and perhaps of your life entire should you turn this man away when he so strongly begs you for solace. Brilhado he is, but he has also offered us information about a greater danger at the present time. Do not now show such hypocrisy and turn you back on all you believe in a moment of fear about the people. I know you well enough. You yourself compared us. I know you well enough to know that no good will come of such a decision. You shall never be able to take it back. If nothing else speaks for the Brilhado's sincerity his willingness to share what he knows of Akriloth even in the face of being sent out to die convinces me thoroughly. Such an act is selfless and I have never seen another Brilhado act in a selfless fashion"

Tralin sat in stunned silence absorbing the full impact of Darin's tirade.

"You are the same man who planned my destruction and sought to drive the people against me because you believed I betrayed your God? You are the same close-minded fanatic that manipulated hundreds of thousands, nay an entire nation to drive your own desires and passions? I can scarce believe my ears Darin of Vandar."

Darin looked crushed under the assault of Tralin’s perceived rejoinder. He had no good response to it because it was based completely on the truth. "My Lord. Draynor saw something in me. He believed in me though I was once his great enemy. I have served his throne faithfully in spite of my once staunch support of militant democratization. Your accusations are all true. You know well my crimes. I sent spies into this very house to advance my plans to control the people and increase my power. Ostensibly I did this to advance the position of my own nation, Vandar, but as you say my reasons were much more selfish. Even when I believed I acted for the Water Lord the truth is my actions were really motivated by my own ambition and prejudices. I've changed. Surely you believe or had believed that or else I would not be anywhere near the position I now hold in your army. I am proof that an individual even in the darkest hole can be redeemed. Even were this Brilhado personally responsible for his peoples atrocities based on that potential alone I believe Draynor would wish him spared, but from all appearances his only fault is one outside his control and that is that he had the misfortune to be born of Brilhado parents. You know as well as I that if he is even beginning truth with us that he will be killed if the other Brilhado recover him. We know the Brilhado well enough to know how they would deal with dissention in the ranks. Just that we have seen no Brilhado other then those single minded servants of the Devourer is proof of how they deal with questioning and discord."

"If you are quite done we have something to say," Tralin responded formally. "Now it is you who misunderstood Us Darin of Vandar"

"I did not mean to accuse you of anything" Tralin admonished softening slightly. "I was merely expressing my astonishment over just how much you have changed in the past year. When I came in here I expected you to encourage me to send the Brilhado away at once and I was tired because I feared inside that though it would not be what Draynor would want or do that it would be the right decision regardless. Instead you wished to beg that I reconsider, a daring enough position given your very obvious discomfort with me since the incident at stone deep. You are of course correct. Draynor would never countenance what it is that I have suggested. Yet I am left with an impossible position how can we just give the man refuge in spite of the people’s outcry. A king is no king when his subjects scream for his blood."

"We must determine the truth of the Brilhado's words and we must gain his help against the Uncreator. There is no surer way to turn a peoples view of someone then to make him a hero."

"You want to press him into the Derenian military"

"No not press him, merely to suggest that it offers us a way to give him refuge and demonstrate his veracity. Have you a better suggestion?"


"Well Then"

"Well Then Lord Darin you are the commander of the Military. Enlist the man..."

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Falerin, May 13 2003 22:53:56

Jano looked at the large stone doors as slowly open and felt strongly mixed emotions. All he had seen of the Drakel lands suggested a very advanced people whose magic and technological innovation rivaled that of the temples themselves. A people locked behind thousands of years of isolated innovations. The culture however was leaving him cold. It was as if he were sent back three hundred years in Vandar. Back before the peoples rebellion when the ruling council of nobles ruled the peasants with an iron fist getting fat off their blood and sweat while their own effort was in perpetual wars with neighbors and the occasional drunken hunting expedition.

Only in some ways the Drakel situation struck Jano as worse. How could such a highly intelligent people countenance a social structure based on stations and social order when they themselves had established hundreds of years before that intelligence, and promise were not a function of genealogy but of opportunity. Rather then using this knowledge to select the most promising Drakel to advance their society they seemed to consider this as evidence for the need to continue long standing social arrangements.

"Those who are gifted in the ways that you say, invariably are those who choose to serve us. Witness Tralin himself, clearly one of the most gifted minds of the age, he realized the benefits and wisdom of our system and chose the honorable work of T'palo. His wife and children benefit from it even now. They hold a position of honor in the K'eld."

"King Tralin has a Family?" Jano asked discomfited by this revelation.


Jano was even more greatly disturbed by the culture in light of this fact. How was he to act as T'palo knowing that to for those of this culture a T'palo could never see their family or loved ones. That must have been what Tralin had meant when he said it was beneficial also that he had formed no permanent attachments.

"Honored T'palo" The Guard at the Gate sad falling back and bowing to one knee. "Welcome sir to K'eld Ner. You are the first human to enter these walls in 1500 years, and the very first to do so as T'palo"

"Other Humans have seen the inside of the K'eld?" Jano said surprised.

"Occasionally in the times when the world was younger a human would wander into the woods and become very lost. The De'me'thar would aid them but invariably they would decide that their fortune would be better sought inside the K'eld in spite of the ban."

"What happened to them."

"The ban is most specific any seeking service must be granted entry, but adult humans could not possibly serve as T'palo so they ended up serving as bond servants" The Drakel guard looked at Jano "No offense is intended by this Lord T'palo. You are a T'palo from the humans to the Drakel. They sought to be T'palo from the K'eld not to it."

"No offense taken" Jano said but he could not help but wonder about the reasoning of the Drakel. Clearly the station of T'palo was taken quite seriously, the Drakel tended to his needs as if he himself was a king.

"The Council wishes to see you for an evening meal as soon as you are comfortable in your chamber and have had time to clean up." The guard said "Le'tho lead the T'palo to his chamber"

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Falerin, May 13 2003 22:55:11

The servant Drakel nodded solemnly and Jano followed him. He was led along a twisting road to a sprawling estate at the edge of a small terrace on the mountain. He noted with pleasure a vast series of interconnected gardens. Some of these were floral gardens others held a variety of herbs, others too were more utilitarian food gardens. These last stood at the edge of a vast orchard. The grounds were immense. A bubbling pool steamed at the center of the rear area. After leading Jano around the lands the Servant stopped and waited."

"Tal Li Vago" Jano said to the Drakel whose eyes widened visibly at the proclamation wishing him long heath. He nodded politely and gave the hand gesture that meant the same thing but he still did not speak.

"Can you not talk?" Jano enquired. "C'fa li daliva"

The man nodded the affirmative.

"Then speak please."

"As you will Lord T'palo. Servants are forbidden to speak unless directly bidden to."

"Where is my chamber?" Jano asked disturbed by this greatly.

"This is your chamber my lord" the man answered relatively confused

"This entire estate is my chamber?"

"Of course my lord. You are a T'palo."

"And you... you are my servant"

"One of them my lord. I am your.." The Drakel searched for the word in the human language. "I am your head servant in your tongue I might be called a butler."

"I see. I request that while in my presence and the presence of those on these grounds you speak openly as if you were at your home. Will you have great problem with this" He asked this last because he had heard of even paid servants who living in strict households could not engage in conversation openly. Worse it might be greatly against some cultural norm."

"No Sir, very many of the councilors make the same request of their household based on their preferences. Rarely do T'palo do so though as they consider their honor above such things."

Jano was dumbfounded by the logic. If most T'palo came from the De'me'thar why should former outcasts suddenly consider themselves above their fellow De'me'thar.

"That shall not be the case in my household. I will not abide solemnity or silence. I wish this a place of joy and revelry."

The Drakel smiled openly. "Would you like children here then? Servants can have their families with them and aiding them but only if the house owner wills it"

"By all means yes... Children are just what this place needs. Though I do not desire the children to fear me or live in some kind of false awe. I want them swimming in my Bath and eating at my table. If culture demands they work then give they work but clear any assignments for children through me. Am I clear in this?"

"You are sir..."

"Very Well... Bring my bags to my bedroom. Do I bathe in the central bath."

"Many do sir, but you have a shower in your room"

"A shower?" Jano asked confused "A rain shower. You control them"

"No sir. Water heated to heat the household is gravity fed to a wire mesh which allows it to cool somewhat and rain over you."

"I think I will stick to the bath for now. Maybe I will feel more adventurous tomorrow."

"As you will sir. I will have warm towels brought to you."

"Thank you Though before you leave I should know your name."

"It is customary to call people by their station. It shows respect rather then familiarity."

"Yes and ever shows what their station is. Would I be disrespecting you to call you by name."

"No but it would show you place me on equal level with yourself... and or that you consider me a friend"

"Good. Since both of those things are true I need to know your name."

"Draslin sir" He responded doubtfully

"Well then. Thank you Draslin, will you come back after my bath. I need to know what to expect from the council"

"Yes Lord T'palo"

Jano considered reinforcing his feeling by insisting the Drakel call him by name as well but decided that pushing the issue to hard would lead only to discomfort and unpleasant attention.

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Falerin, May 15 2003 21:10:38

Tralin treated the Brilhado’s wounds with delicate care. He had taken over personally care of the ailing light demon. He trusted his attendants with his life but not to keep their tongue. Indeed Draynor had been known to deliberately say things he wanted quickly disseminated among the servants, knowing that with an hour the entire city will have heard of his confidences.

"You are king, You should not be wasting your time tending to my injuries I will recover."

"I am also one of Deren's most esteemed physicians and you are a very special case Giliara. Do you wish to be able to fly again?"


"Then I suggest you let me tend you without fussing. You have taken massive damage to your wings and if you ever expect them to work as the Light Lord intended you had better trust my ministrations."

"I do not understand why you reversed your decision. How can you trust me in a position where I am directly involved in your protection. "

"A friend gently reproved me and the nation of Deren has not gotten by without taking suggestion"

"Darin? That is why I am to be in the military working close to him? Because this was his idea?"

"Indeed. Though we have devised a way you may be able to aid us far more greatly and prove yourself at the same time. The temple to the Lord of Light in Neld was sealed with the coming of the undead war. We are uncertain if any survive. What we are certain of is that the Undead first arrived in Neld through a portal opened in the temple of Dark lord in that complex. We have good reason to believe that the temple was sealed because it contained something of value against the Uncreator."

"Are you not concerned that I will turn on you and hand the item sought over to the Devourer myself?"


"How can you be so certain. To give me a chance is one thing but to trust me implicitly is quite another."

"Giliara we are not concerned because only a Communicant of the Light Lord can open that Seal. No malice or good intention of this world can open what the Lord of Light has sealed. You are extremely uniquely qualified to serve in that capacity. If you are genuine the temple will open and as a Communicant you shall not wish to betray us. If you are misleading us you will be no threat a continent away and the temple will never open to you..."

"I see... You want me to become a Communicant"


"But how can you be sure I can even be a communicant?"

"You represent a race of beings created as the Light Lords personal guard you are attuned to him uniquely" Tralin looked at Giliara directly

'There are other signs as well' he thought deliberately.

Giliara's answering gasp told Tralin all he needed to know

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Falerin, May 16 2003 00:22:27

Jano swam through the warm water allowing the effervescence to drain the stress from his weary form. He could almost forget that he was in a foreign land, among a race of people he could barely understand.

The social structure of K'eld Ner gave insight into Drakel culture but not understanding. He could not comprehend how people who so completely understood the nature of potential, who warred so vehemently against the Uncreator could be so singularly ignorant.

The people deliberately prevented people from reaching their potential by locking them behind strict cultural barriers. The reason for this was quite simple from all Jano could tell, the Drakel feared disruption of their society. Those few who broke cultural norms were expelled from society very quickly, made into De'me'thar or worse. To make it worse they punished the entire family of such a dissident.

Draslin approached from the main house. "Lord T'palo all is prepared"

Jano sighed and rose pulling the supplied robe around his flesh. While the Drakel who traveled to the outside were all of a singular fashion within the K'eld itself comfort and color were far more common.

"I have a question. You said your name was Draslin but the Drakel at the Gate called you Le'tho. Is that your title?"

"No. Le'tho is the name my parents gave me at birth. The gate guard was a member of my family and so he drops proper decorum, when I accepted service to the crown I was renamed to Draslin to reflect that I was no longer De'me'thar."

"They strip you of your identity?" Jano asked

"Not really. Members of my former family can call me what they like but culture dictates my name is Draslin, a bondservant of the council and now of you. It is the only way a person can be truly redeemed outside of their family."

"Hmm" Jano interjected "But I was told Lord Tralin's family held a position of honor."

"T'palo are a different matter my lord. I am not qualified so I can redeem only myself not my former family. My former wife and children have themselves joined in other assignments I am happy to say."

"Yet you are no longer family,"


"What is to stop you from merely remarrying your wife"

"To do so would reflect badly. It shows I have not genuinely repented my life as De'me'thar. The masters would never permit such a marriage, and as I can only marry by their leave."

Jano scowled bothered by the tenor of the conversation entirely. "Repented of your life as De'me'thar. Repented? What did you do personally of which you should repent. How absurd..."

"Lord T'palo no one is made to repent. Repentance reflects a true remorse about the wrong that was done in the past and a desire to redeem oneself."

"That sounds religious..."

"It is, deeply"

"Yet your people refuse the temple."

"We do not refuse the temple. We refuse to ally ourselves singularly as doing so reflects choosing sides. We choose balance. To do so means that in the next world none of the powers will have reason to hate us..."

"Except for the Devourer. Your people oppose him."

"Not so. The Drakel oppose how his will and purpose are interpreted in this world. He is a natural reflection of creation."

"That may be your peoples official position but their actions says otherwise"

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Falerin, May 16 2003 01:31:00

Darkness hung over the Shadow Mines but the darkness was not still. Within the shadows something moved and shifted. Within something foul moved its attention fixed upon its grim purpose. A purpose built on power. He collected the shadow energy to himself replenishing his form, draining the life from the shadows itself.

To most the idea of using shadows as life energy was laughable but this denizen of the Darkness reveled in it. For days he had fed in the deep recesses of the earth. Very rarely a denizen of the upper chambers moved down into the darkness, this too met the Creatures purpose. Those who came left changed he took the life from them and replaced it with a mockery, so carefully constructed that only the most skilled artisan of the magical arts could detect it, and even then they would have to be looking for it.

The creatures created were as different from normal undead as the undead were from the living. They were a very odd form of metalife. Their flesh remained alive but their soul itself was undead, some diabolic form of possession. The darkness replaced their soul and their will changing them into something other.

His purpose was nearly complete. There was a certain Irony in the situation. Above in a frantic frenzy one of his greatest enemies did his work for him. The people barely recovered from the undead invasion warred among themselves, and the new menace again pitted element against element.

Someone, invariably the wrong someone, inevitably took the blame for the destruction caused. It was little wonder the masses lived under such complete misapprehension about the nature of the powers. The powers served as excellent scapegoats if something happened that related to one of their elements the appropriate power lost favor and was invariably blamed. Even among the communicants who knew much more of temple politics this illusion was on occasion wielded to great advantage. The dedicated servants of a God could be manipulated into doing the most delicious things when they believed their lord was under attack.

Reality was all about manipulation and appearance and the shadow creature was a master of both. His creations appeared, acted and felt human as their fleshed lived. They returned to their families loved and lived, but in a moment they would turn and kill to serve their true masters. They were automata, going through all the programmed motions until such time as they were needed. The beauty of this was that they did not themselves know anything of what they had become. Lost to their souls demise they thought they were themselves until they were commanded. Like doppelgangers they infiltrated the lives of those they impersonated, but unlike doppelgangers they themselves had no idea of their true nature so no mystical means would detect the deception. True sight would reveal no difference. The operation was so refined that the magic’s required to detect such a invasion were very costly and very difficult.

The change was so complete that should he desire to do so the creature could take a temple communicant and have fair confidence that even the power would not detect the change. It was in fact this that drove his dark purpose now. Having incited a disaster in the world above, and having slowly subverted the workers of the mine the dark creature prepared to take his prize and succeed where the Brilhado had failed utterly.

He lied and waits knowing that Myr would come... In time... He always did.

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Falerin, May 16 2003 15:51:35

Delnar descended into the mines with purpose his communicant’s robes drawn about his shoulders. He had been uneasy for several days now but he could not discern the reason for his distress. Delnar purposefully avoided the mine guards, he was not in the mood for the inevitable round of idle conversation that would arise, often about temple politics or worse about when he though the Brilhado would return. Delnar did not envy Xander his position. Having lead his own army of knights Delnar could well imagine the amount of stress the peoples demands placed upon him. As if any in the city knew when the Brilhado would make their return. It was almost as if the people were eager for the dreaded event, had not the brief uprising in the undead populations been sufficient to slake their thirst for pointless slaughter.

Of course what bothered him most about the questions they asked him was how little answer he really had. The undead had been defeated relatively painlessly on their last excursion. Except for brief mention of the necromancers being spotted the Brilhado themselves had not been seen, reports of the Light Demons being seen near the sights of Akriloth's rampage had recently arrived but they were disjointed and less than comprehensive. The Brilhado described were foot soldiers, hardly the malevolent beauty that so marked the angelic host. That the Brilhado had disappeared so utterly, without a resounding defeat, bode very ill indeed. Somewhere they survived and somewhere they planned menace.

Distracted Delnar stepped into a particularly Dark patch of shadow stuff and was startled by the appearance of movement deep within the shadow. As a new communicant of the Dark Lord Delnar's eyes were not as attuned to subtle variations in shadow density as the long standing servants but he was nearly certain he had seen something move from one outcropping to another, something large.

Delnar moved toward the near outcropping slowly a sense of unease filling him. It was ridiculous that a communicant of the Shadow Lord should be scared of the Dark, yet Delnar could not overcome the sense of oppressive dread, which clung to him.

"Lord Delnar are you down there" A voice called from above and Delnar turned abruptly. He felt uneasy and retreated toward the voice but made a note of his location, he would investigate it later, maybe discuss his concerns with Myr.

"What is it?" Delnar asked moving into the lit corridor.

"Lord Communicant" The Day watch said solemnly "I regret disturbing your meditations but a ship has arrived from Deren. A Derenian Knight, dressed in Communicants Robes bearing the sigil of the water lord, is aboard and he says he has something of yours and a message from the King."

"Where are they know?" Delnar asked wondering also what knights that Tralin would send directly were servants to the Temple of Water.

"The Temple Antechamber Mi'lord"

"Very well. Send dispatch that I will be there presently. This fellow did he say his name."

"Yes lord. Sir Cerin of the Knights of Derin"

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Falerin, May 19 2003 00:02:35

Jano sat in the trolley which ferried himself and Draslin through the series of corridors leading through the capitol section of the city doing his best to note the layout of the city thought its vast expanses quickly made it difficult. The speed with which the cable car moved him was also dizzying. He had seen some of the more affluent estates near Deren use a system of pulleys to lift travelers to houses set on cliffs and escarpments and he wondered if in fact Tralin were not responsible for these advancements, but these trolleys were something else entirely they interconnected and switched lines dynamically and quickly and moved at up to a hundred miles an hour through the streets. Jano had never imagined their like.

True to the word of the Caster who brought him into the city the population fell dramatically at the capitol center as did the number of chariots, coaches, and boats which ferried the people through the cities streets, skies and waterways.

He was caught short as the trolley abruptly stopped at one of the buildings. Draslin helped Jano from the car to the steps and Jano moved into the building. A circle of Drakel sat on pillows eating fruit inside the chamber. One of them leapt to his feat and grabbed Jano's forearm in a greeting similar to those used in parts of Neld.

"Lord T'palo Tal Li Vago"

"Tal Li Vago" Jano answered

"Please sit join us the teller of tales is about to begin the creation cycle"

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Falerin, May 19 2003 10:25:21

In the beginning the elemental realms were as one. Lorithia, the Great Creator, shaped the world of Lore and presented it to her brethren, a vast land of great beauty. Its varied climates held the elements in balance.

The elemental lords were these Creation, whose power ruled above the others, Water and Earth, Light and Darkness. , Light was wed to the Darkness, and their children were Heat and Cold. Water was Wed to Earth also and their children were Energy and Wind. Lorithia felt alone and looking at her brethren who were paired and who had children also paired sought to make for herself a consort from creation and she imbued of herself the energy of the gods to her creation so that the two were of one power. The new lord found no interest in the creation and sought instead to live among the gods in peace. The youngest of the brethren he sought to learn and grow..

The other gods looked at creation and saw a vast potential unrealized, but they did not agree on how it should be realized. Then Lorithia said. Look all of you each have your elemental servants and these are the creatures of life and that is all. Let us instead cause the earth to live and grow. So the Dark lord and his companion the lord of light created life and with it death so that the land might be peopled and that the people might grow, and reproduce and love and in the fullness of time die. The world would then not be overrun. Then the Earth and Water Lords created the ancient peoples, in the mountains forest arose the Drakel, in the desert the Silari, in the lowland forests and planes the Moglin, the deeps were home to Amilani. They filled the land also with all manner of life that might grow into its potential, the plants and the animals, every thing that had life. These were the first born of creation. Seeing the earth and the seas full of life the Wind lord looked to the skies and saw them as expanses unexplored and he created the Githari the great intelligent eagles, and the Elemental Dragons also that they might rule the sky. Then he created every manner of bird also to fly and live therein. So it was written in the book of life and the cycle was begin and for near a thousand years it continued unchanged. The elements interacted on every level. Without all of them life was impossible. The people reverenced the world as a whole and their magic’s and learning’s used the cycle in its fullness.

Now Lorithia's consort, who was entropy, looked at the world in a moment of unease and beheld creation and was jealous and concerned. "Sister, Wife, Creation is full of peoples, look how they live and grow and learn. In just a thousand years see how they have advanced their power. They will advance their power and thus their position surely they will over take us should we let them, Let us then stop this."

Lorithia loved creation and to see it grow and live and would not be persuaded.

"It is best this way." She chided and her consort grew more discomforted. SO the Uncreator sought to divide creation from within. He found among the Silari a warrior of great ambition whose name was Xilar and he trained him as his tool of war. He then turned him loose among the people. Between the Drakel and the Moglin he built distrust by suggesting each sought the others forests for their own. He turned the Githari against the land by playing on their dread of the dry height, yet none was as damaging as what he spread to his own people and to the Dragon kind. He turned the elements against each other.

"Look Brethren" Xilar proclaimed, the God's are at war in the heavens. Every day we see the struggle of the Dark lord and the light lord. Now the light that we can see is war and safe and has no secrets but the dark is not warm and has many shadows. The nights grow longer even as the days grow shorter. The gods war and surely the darkness is winning."

Now the people did not trust this proclamation for surely the coming of seasons always foretold this transition. Yet still the learned people paid much closer attention to the cycles and they noted that surely the darkness grew longer and that they days and nights grew colder also. So they turned to Xilar to seek more.

"Be wary Xilar proclaimed for it is not only these who war. Look upon the sky as the warm and cold air collide."

"We mark it"

"they war themselves but they hide a more vicious war also. Look how the Energy and Water Lord turn their animosity toward each other. Even as the rain strikes the earth the thunder bolts fly to dry them up into vapor lest the water lord gain greater dominion."

The scholars looked and it was just as Xilar said always when the Water Lord's fury shown so did the energy lord make his response.

"Mark the fire and ice war also"

Now the people were confused for they thought the ice to be but frozen water.

"Nay" said Xilar "Better you mark him as the cold lord for even as there is warmth there is cold. And surely they war For we build a fire to drive off the chill and use we not ice to drive away pain when touched by the fire?"

The people were afraid for they knew these things too were true and their was much distrust and wars broke among the people who chose one side over the other in hopes of bringing prosperity. Xilar watched and seeing that his master’s will was done retreated to the temple.

The Center Drakel who had spoken on Jano's arrival raised his hand. "That is enough for now. Lord T'palo you must hunger and thirst let us eat and drink and speak of other matters, we shall continue the Cycle of Creation later."

Jano nodded though on some level he wished they would continue now he had found the Drakel accounting of the original creation fascinating. He had known there had been other ancient races before, but never had he heard their natures and of their kingdoms. He tried to imagine what life would be like with the elements in harmony but found it to be unimaginable. He knew however that his time among the Drakel was to be long so he allowed himself to fall into the other conversations.

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Falerin, May 21 2003 00:40:48

The page entered Tralin's audience chamber and stood at attention.

"You summoned me your Highness"

Tralin put down the folio he was reading and looked at the page considerately.

"Yes Indeed. Tell me has Lord Darin set sail for Neld yet?"

"He has my lord"

Tralin sighed "I had hoped to relay a message to him. Oh well it is for the best anyway. It is even more important now that his mission to Neld is successful. Something the necromancers desired was in that city and I intend to discover what it is."

"My lord?" the page said questioningly

"Nothing. Do the people still call for the Brilhado's blood?"

"They do my lord..."

"I suppose the time has come to respond to this new threat."

Tralin moved from the chamber to the balcony overlooking the court below. His arrival caused at first an even greater clamor from the crowds below but this was quickly matched by a silence. The people knew that the King intended to speak and since he had remained quiet for so long they needed to hear what it was he had to say.

"Our Loyal Subjects, Brethren, Long have we loved you. Draynor entrusted you to our care. We have no intention of leading you astray. You call daily for our attention, but the throne cannot in any conscience grant your request. The creature you seek is even now gone from this castle. He is an agent of the crown."

This proclamation was met by gasps, shouts, and words of derision.

"Verily I tell you that the Giliara the Brilhado you seek is no friend to those who do us harm. He has even now brought us information about the raging Dragon Akriloth. This information has been validated by reports immediately emerging from the front. The necromancers who raised the undead army who so auspiciously vanished have stolen from the fire wyrm a pearl of great price. This bauble they have given to a great and terrible shadow creature that will use it to strip the fire kin of power while advancing his own domain. I need to reiterate that the Brilhado worked directly with the Necromancers. Nor can this be a coincidence. Few races are old enough to understand the orb of power. The necromancers alone could never have thought to accomplish this task."

"Giliara and Commander Darin have gone to Neld to attempt to restore the temple of Light. The Light Angel has sought to become a communicant to aid this effort. Even now Lord Jano is residing within the Walled Drakel city of Ner. He goes as ambassador to the crown. The Drakel have given us monies to repay you for your losses. Those whose land remains occupied will continue to receive payment until it is released. Further any individual who wishes will be granted land within the Drakel City. I realize that prospect is frightening for many, but for the more adventurous souls imagine the opportunities you can find, and I assure you given the nature of this exchange that you will live very well within the Drakel society. Now come make order. Make a record of all your claims and submit it to our court through the couriers and pages, but trust us as Draynor did. We shall reward your loyalty in abundance. The Brilhado are our enemy but the specific Brilhado Giliara is not..."

Tralin fell back into the corridor and sighed. Turning to the page he asked "Do you think they will listen."

"Some will not. There are always dissenters but as for the most... Open again your window and see your response..."

Tralin did and was greatly heartened, apparently he had not lost all faith in the people for even now they cheered him and chanted his name.

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Falerin, May 21 2003 01:58:58

Jano finished the last of his meal a desert course of an unusual hybrid fruit the likes of which he had never eaten.

"This is magnificent"

"Fruits and plants grow in K'eld Ner which grow nowhere else even in other K'elds. Some have been extinct for centuries others are our own experiments in botanical arts."

"Whichever this was I count it a success"

"The Later and yes its creator is most pleased with its reception"

Jano turned back to the storyteller for it was clear he intended to resume his tale.


Now servants of the Lord of Light saw this and they took it as ill. The peoples of the world were dividing and choosing sides one against the other, and they fought amongst themselves. So the Brilhado went to the lord of light and cried out to her.

"Lady! Let us end this folly for surely their war will turn to us in time. They are driven for blood even to destruction of all we work for."

But the Light Lord reproached them and said "This must be allowed to go as is for it is part of the cycle we have made"

The Uncreator overhearing this saw much opportunity so he presented himself to the Brilhado and spoke to them.

"I tell you I am sore afraid. I have seen the peoples how they learn grow and advance. They will come into this kingdom in time. I have spoken this to my consort but she has denied me saying 'they should be allowed to continue as they choose.' but I say we must protect our own"

This swayed many of the Brilhado but the Uncreator was unsatisfied. "How can we protect ourselves if we are divided within. Among you there is doubt and fear. Let only those who are certain beyond all doubt come unto me."

The Brilhado fell aside and many returned to the Uncreator. The lord of darkness saw this and was troubled "What folly is this that you are mislead by fear and let him reign so."

Yet many Brilhado stayed with the Uncreator who saw a great opportunity cried out to them. "Look how the darkness lord makes to use us. Better you use him, for surely he intends to turn on us and his element is your downfall. He is opposite to you even as death is opposite to life. Let us raise an army that defies both death and life and create something that is in it neither. The Darkness lord himself has researched the possibility and in this shall it be realized. In this neither death nor life shall turn aside what we make"

The Brilhado consented but they asked of the Uncreator "who would serve as the foundation of this. Of the people of the earth we shall raise wizards to make us more but we must start somewhere."

The Uncreator then did a most wicked thing. Let us find such among your brethren who fear to serve who doubt. Let us release them from their doubt into true immortality. Lest they turn upon us in ruin. In doing so we will be sure that the Brilhado are undivided. So the Brilhado went out and slew their own and raised the beginnings of the Army of undead, even as the Uncreator corrupted several of the Darkness Lord's own necromancers to his purpose.

The Others were outraged and afraid.

"Lorithia your mate seeks to destroy creation"

"Indeed. I fear your cycle is broader then you expected."

They tried to get her to move further but she demurred. "We cannot directly save creation among ourselves brethren. If it would be saved it must redeem itself from within."

The powers saw the wisdom of this but saw also that the Uncreator interfered directly. They decreed that what he would do they would as well and they called from among the temple people the first of their communicants to serve as their mouth pieces in the war to come.

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Falerin, May 21 2003 10:59:14

Delnar looked at Cerin dumbfounded "You are a communicant of the Water Lord?"

"Yes Lord Delnar. I am still rather taken aback myself. You are alive." Cerin looked about and then gathered himself "I have submitted that I should be dismissed but the king refuses. He believes that since you remain First Knight it is not his position but I gather that he had no intention of dismissing me from his service nonetheless."

"Tralin has a way of surprising people. He still declares me first knight even after encouraging my service as communicant of the Shadow Lord."

"He does. Much is changing in the world. He feels distinctions based on faith have been rendered irrelevant with the coming of the Devourer"

"An apt enough description..." Delnar was brought short by Myr's entry into the chamber.

"Lord Myr this was or apparently is my second in the Knights of Delnar, Cerin. Cerin Myr chief communicant at the temple of Stone Deep."

"Good day" Myr said and turned to Delnar "You wished to see me urgently?"

"Yes but it is a temple matter."

"Do not mind me I can explore the city and then return" Cerin said smiling.

"This man is your second?" Myr asked "And Tralin’s trusted aide?"

"Yes." Delnar responded

"He is a friend to our temple and thus is welcome to stay"

Cerin smiled and Delnar shrugged continuing "I was in the Lower mines today and encountered something in the shadows. I am not sure what it is but it is malevolent. I fear our inner sanctum has been breached"

Myr frowned severely "You are certain?"

"I am certain something was within the shadows. I cannot speak for sure to its nature but it filled me with great dread. I suspect our enemy lays a trap"

"I fear you may be right. It is well known that I spend hours in those mines. They have tried to abduct me before. If some being waits in the shadows he may well wait for me."

"It is important that we do not reveal to him that we know for sure his presence, yet we must find a way to flush the beast out."

"That will not be necessary" Xander said entering the chamber severely. "It is far more necessary that we determine which of our own citizenry are under the creatures influence"

Cerin turned in surprise at the shadow knight’s arrival.

"You know something of this Xander?" Myr asked

"Several individuals reported sighting of a huge shadow dragon. Descend upon the mines days ago. Initially we did not consider it an issue but we have just received missive that the Necromancers and the Brilhado have stolen an artifact from Akriloth and that it was give to none other then the Wyrm prime"

"You mean...."

"Yes I do. Don't even utter his name lest panic ensues, but it seems very likely that the enemy has joined with him. Very soon after the message from overseas arrived the Dragon alighted from the shadow mines but he could not have survived in there for days without detection, he must have taken some of our own"

"You are right we must root them out at once. It will NOT be an easy task but it is early enough that his power may still be reversed if we can determine the victims we will need greater power and quickly..."

Delnar and Cerin looked at each other meaningfully.

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Falerin, May 23 2003 00:16:34

The Drakel storyteller paused to drink water and Jano shifted his position and looked around. Despite his reservations about the Drakel culture he was finding it very pleasant to be their honored guest. The storyteller’s manner was masterful and the food was quite excellent. He could almost allow himself to forget his misgivings.

As it happens it was one of the senior councilors who brought the issue to his attention afresh during the break.

"I imagine you will wish to see Lord Tralin's Family tomorrow. I am sure he took this opportunity to send a message to them."

Jano weighed carefully how to respond. The council could reasonably know of his ignorance in this regard and might find out later.

"I desire to meet the T'Palo's family yes" Jano said "But I do not bear missive from Tralin. He has never mentioned his family to me. I suspect the late king knew of it but I was never privy to that confidence."

"Ah yes. Tralin does seem to take his role rather seriously, stoic even."

"That is a word for it... having however seen the depths of his fury I am sure its a social presentation."

"Of course it is." The Drakel responded "Social presentation is much"

Jano felt discomforted anew. Why had Tralin not told Jano about his family. Surely Tralin knew that when Jano acted as Tralin had instructed him his family would suffer for it. Jano was bothered that he was to be the instrument of innocent suffering in a culture he could not begin to understand no less agree with.

The Drakel position on taking the side of ANY deity was clear. When Jano revealed, as Tralin had instructed him, that Tralin had openly announced himself communicant of the spirit lord there would be very real repercussions; Jano had no reason to believe they would be anything but swift in their response.

Tralin's breech might be taken all the more seriously since he was supposed to be T'palo.

"Shall we continue?" The storyteller asked "Yes? Good...

The Brilhado's arrival from the other world was quite a shock to the temple of light. They attempted to compel them, as you might have already heard, but the results of this attempt were a fabulous failure. Hundreds of faithful followers of the Lord of Light were slain that day. When the temple called down the ban on the Brilhado and named them fallen, demons, they reveled in the charge.

The people already warred and the Brilhado used this to their advantage. Indeed they selected a time of war to begin their march precisely because others would do much of the damage for them and be unprepared for their wrath.

The first target of their rage was the airborne Githari. In their efforts the Uncreator aided them. The Elemental Dragons already were caught in their rage for supremacy of the skies and the Githari were a natural obstacle. Even while the Dragons fought themselves they all turned on the Githari. The Githari were generally peaceful, predators to be sure, bun unequipped to go to war with the likes of the Dragons and certainly even more so unequipped to deal with the raging Brilhado.

The angels descended on their rookeries first killing the young and the infirm in mass. Their violence knew no bounds and no mercy. Not a single fledgling was spared their raging bloodshed. Even while this happened the Dragons were whittling away the number of Githari warriors and bringing them low. The results were devastating, and the Githari numbers rapidly plummeted to critical levels. Left with no place to hunt, and their aeries and rookeries destroyed the Githari tried to seek the aid of the Land Dwellers below, but most mistrusted their motives and others feared that aiding the Githari would turn next the Brilhado on them.

They suffered the false belief that the Brilhado raged over the sky and would not turn on them. The Githari were left defenseless and the conclusions drawn were severe. Trying to gain mastery they sought to steal the Wind Orb from the Air Dragons, hoping to increase their natural defense and survive.

The Air Dragons were wise to the ploy and the Githari suffered utter defeat in their attempt. To the knowledge of the peoples the last of the Githari died in that attempt, but not before they destroyed the Wind Orb. They believed that this would weaken the Brilhado as it weakened all other airborne creatures, they were unaware of the Brilhado's true nature and the results for the air dragons and for many of the other wind creatures was swift.

In a way this proved a boon, the fire dragons seeing how fast the Brilhado turned on the air dragons surmised correctly that their rage would not end so long as they did not rule the world entire. They took the fire orb and sequestered themselves deep within the mountains. They shunned the skies except for flying short distances to hunt. The other Dragons too became leery of this and fell back from the ravaging Brilhado. That is to say most did, several individuals bent on their own power stayed and aided the Brilhado in their destruction, confident that in time they could turn upon the would be oppressors.

It was this turning to ground that likely saved the Dragons from extinction. The Silari were not as lucky. A desert people the Silari's only camouflage was the raging sands. These the Brilhado used to their advantage Driving the sands into fierce storms and forcing the Silari to come to ground. The Silari were the great victims of the plague of undeath. Given the fear of many undead of sunlight one would think it not so, but the Brilhado magic aided them in this attempt at dawn the sands of the desert filled the sky so completely that the sunlight was blocked and then submerged the wandering dead beneath the sands until the new day dawned. If anything the dry desert environment strengthened the undead for it retarded decay and preserved those who would otherwise quickly rot.

The Silari finally abandoned their homes for the plains and low land forests of the Moglin. The Moglin at first feared to receive them but in the end the very small number, less then 200, who survived were secreted into the moglin caves and burrows. The Silari proved adaptable and it is from these races that the Elves, and probably humans as well arose. We cannot speak with any assurance about the humans for they developed many hundreds of years after we ourselves had gone to exile in the walled K'elds.

In effect the Uncreator felled three of the ancient races and the Brilhado and the wandering dead fed in fear. The Drakel people were not immune to the influence of the Uncreator's manipulations and unfortunately the Amilani were the unwitting aids to this effort. We did not know that the Amilani could live on land at all and less so that they could interbreed with others, so we were surprised by they arrival in our cities. They argued that they were likely to be the last target of the masses because of their watery homes but that they still wished to Aid us because they knew in time the Uncreator would turn to them. It was Amilani who discovered the Drakel's talent for science was backed by a talent for the Arcane Sciences as well. Prior to the Amilani coming no Drakel knew the Magical Arts but their arrival forever changed that. The Amilani also had many communicants to the Water Lord with them and these set to work establishing their religion among the Drakel people. The Amilani were backed by the arcane and for 50 years we drove off the Brilhado with their aid. We kept our warriors at the fore but ashamedly we became sure that the Brilhado were gone. Water Casters and Communicants among the Water Lord abounded. Several mages considered that if Drakel could gain power by serving the Water Lord what power might they gain by turning to the other elements as well, and in time Drakel mages were dedicated to each of the Gods. All the while the Brilhado, and the Uncreator, watched and waited. With the Amilani we researched several very powerful magic’s and we sent them out among the other people to help the few survivors resist the wandering dead. Unfortunately they sought to use them amongst themselves.

Then Xilar long silent spoke anew. In the midst of this he rose and spoke of elemental supremacy. To the peoples he spoke long of the heavenly war and that it was a war to be fought here. We must sunder the Brilhado and determine forever what the master element would be.

The Drakel were by now leery of Xilar, we had come to suspect that one of our own though he may be, he was an agent of other forces. Amongst us we rejected this decree but the Amilani took to it. Water creatures, protected by the depths, and did not all life and all creation depend on water. It was not obvious that energy or cold or heat was needed for survival but water was undeniable. Seeing this a council of Drakel was convened. Amongst them were the most reasoned mages from every sphere. They agreed that the elements were more powerful in unison then alone and reasoned also that it was in the singular nature of the Brilhado that they might be defeated. We sought to gather back our artifacts and to prepare an assault on the Brilhado, but such was not easily done.

We cast out first the Amilani who returned to their depths, later they would breed with the Elves and the Water Elves were born, ocean dwelling tribes likely have Amilani blood as well. By the time of their interbreeding however the Amilani recanted of the Uncreator’s influence. For all we know the Amilani people the great depths even today but as the undead soon took over the seas as well we cannot say. We can only say that none have been seen whatsoever in the 200 years since we first sent emissaries out beyond the K'elds.

Yet I get ahead of myself. The mages decreed that none should focus solely on one power for if Uncreator encouraged it surely it must be our downfall. Many however had been born and raised by that time loyal to their element. Among the most numerous of these were the Water Casters. It was met and discussed and finally the Water Caster's agreed to quit the K'eld. For there part it was a natural choice anyway as they could be closer to their magic sustaining waters outside of the Drakel walled cities.

With great magic’s we combined forces and built the great walls around the several K'elds and set to battle the undead. Our armies were killed in mass Very few survived the slaughter that resulted. To our dismay several of the other races, including the giant cave dwelling spiders, the Kresh, joined the Uncreator in his forces. We cannot conjecture the reasons for this but it was clear we were outnumbered and that we could not gather the magical artifacts we needed, not only from our own people but also from races older in the magic then us. From the dead Githari, from the Dragons, from the Hills and Forests and at last we discovered from the powers themselves. Scattered throughout this creation items of extreme power that were given as gifts by the powers when the world was very young and the gods yet walked on it directly.

We searched and we died. Finally we determined to drive of the Brilhado and we gathered at the place known now even as the hills of blood for the blood that was shed there. All of the races fought, Dragon, Moglin, Amilani, Silari, and even possibly some few remaining Githari who managed to survived. Reports after the campaign were varied. We can only report what we ourselves saw. The Mages gathered together and using our strongest magic opened a portal to another land. We drove many of the Brilhado and the wandering dead into this land and lost several of our own to it as well before the portal closed. It was not until much later that we realized what damage we might have done to that other world for we knew nothing of it. The Brilhado that remained we attacked with fury, it was the rallying dragons which made the difference in this effort, but many of their kind were slain by a great shadow dragon that served with the Brilhado. His malice was legend and the other shadow dragons greatly feared to attack him for he possessed the Dark Orb.

In the end the casualties on all sides were enormous Creation had been destroyed. Not a tree grew in the forests so had undeath pervaded. Plants even knew the kiss of undeath and their dark was pervasive. We withdrew in horror. The Brilhado had been driven off but at what cost was their coming and their going. We shut our borders down utterly. Few knew even of the Drakel's existence for our magic kept wanders away even from those Drakel living in exile outside the cities. For 300 years the exit doors opened only to exile those found guilty of breaking laws to the De'me'thar. No De'me'thar could return and their families went with them at first out of love and loyalty and later out of fear that seeking revenge families would turn. After 300 years we opened once every 4 years to accept applicants to the position of bondservant and after 600 years we resurrected the position of T'palo and allowed the De'me'thar and the other outcast people to apply. For the last 200 years, a full 2500 years since the fall of the Brilhado and the loss of the peoples, we have finally opened our doors again and began our search on the outside. In the past fifty years we began to see evidence of the wars among the humans and of other activities, which suggested that the Uncreator was again at work. We learned quickly that among the general populous the Powers had been thought for hundreds of years to be warring in the heavens. The dark legend renewed. We began to fear the Brilhado return before it was even evidenced slightly. We knew that not all had fallen, and certainly they could reopen in 2500 years a portal to another realm.

We heard legends of eerie calls and undead rising in the people’s tales and we became certain that in fact the Brilhado and the Undead had already made raiding parties. It is unfortunate that some among the temple of the Dark Lord Resumed the practice of Necromancy. They assured that the Undead were linked tightly to the Dark Lord, so rather then a god of sleep and rest he became one of rot and decay.

This Lord T'palo in brief is the History of the People. The Cycle of Creation. Still it turns. Still the wheel grinds toward infinity. This time however we can be assured that the Brilhado shall not stop. The Uncreator will not rest until all of creation falls to him.


Jano exhaled sharply "It is quite a story. One with many insights into your people and I appreciate greatly your sharing it. Though if it might be forgiven I grow tired and wish to return to my chambers."

"Yes of course" One of the councilors said "This has taken many hours in the telling. You are the first Human to enter this city since the last human bond servant and his family entered. You are the Only one to have entered this K'eld or any other as T'palo so we are eager to hear from you, your thoughts and insights, but it can wait till tomorrow evening. Now is for rest and tomorrow you can see Tralin's family and the other humans who live here."

"But you just said..."

"Lord T'palo. I said that you were the first human to enter the city. Humans of both genders have entered the city of old and have lived among us for ages. There are also elves and moglin in the city, and Other things in the mountain beyond... in due time you will learn much but please... rest..."

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Falerin, May 27 2003 17:32:18

Giliara stood before the temple of the lord of light and shivered. The Goddess had cast his people away and he now presumed to be good enough to seek her redemption. Tralin's plan was bold to be sure but Giliara was afraid deeply. Every bit of his training and youth caused him to shudder at the very thought of reentering the temple. Giliara tried to imagine what his family would say at his presumption and was not comforted.

Darin looked at the Brilhado considerately. "Do all of your people serve the armies of the Uncreator?"

"No longer. Not for generations. The army selects only the most elite and skilled to choose, only those who they believe ultimately dedicated."

"Begging your pardon then, but how would one who feels as you do every gain entry."

"Their standards have been reduced as the war actually comes again. They need to complete their numbers, to enforce their strength. I saw a chance to escape the land of my birth so I volunteered..."

"And when you saw what they wanted you rebelled?"

"More or less..."

"You fear the temple? Yet the Brilhado who attacked seemed to hold no reverence for it."

"They have the favor of the Uncreator to defend them against the Goddess' wrath. I am a traitor to my people, I can expect no protection..."

"From what I know of the Devourer I suspect that the Brilhado are expendable pawns. Their faith in his defense is likely misplaced."


"Well It is time to see if you can open the temple... have you ready Tralin's spell?"


"Very well then Giliara, Communicant. Open the temple of light"

Giliara concentrated on the words and gestures to unleash the ritual as Tralin instructed. A ritual designed to offer himself to the Goddess and open the temple to her new communicant. Giliara was filled with dread, but he uttered the words nevertheless pushing on.

Darin flinched as a bolt of brilliant light surrounded the Brilhado eliciting a cry of pain and terror. When the light faded and Darin could again see the Brilhado was gone. A single feather marking the area where he had just recently stood...

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Falerin, May 28 2003 22:22:12

Darin sighed deeply and turned to one of the soldiers "Make ready for departure it would appear as if our communicant does not meet the Light Lord's approval."

The soldier nodded and moved off Darin meanwhile went to the site where Giliara had so recently stood with a sense of remorse. He had liked the Brilhado whatever his affiliations. There were no assurances of course that even should Giliara be genuine that the Light Lord would accept his service but Tralin had sounded confident. This was a setback in Tralin’s plans to be sure and Darin did not relish revealing to the King what had become of the Fallen Angel.

Darin felt odd being here the last time he had stood in the temple complex he was the Water Lord's chosen communicant. In the time since he had been in the service to the crown he had not ventured to the temple at Deren either. Yet here, in familiar circumstances Darin found himself drawn to what remained of the Local Temple. Fires set by those fleeing the rampaging undead had damaged most of the city but the temples oddly stood firm in spite of this fact. Of course it was not odd really the temples had many magical defenses against outside evil. It was evil from within for which they were unprepared.

Officially the Temple to his god was closed, the inner sanctum had been violated, and yet nonetheless Darin moved through the corridors toward that secret place that had lead him before. It felt like ages since he had been here, yet Darin knew that it was not even yet a year. Darin found the water temple torn open and in disrepair, abandoned as Cerin said it would be, and it was little wonder given the terrors that had happened here yet compelled Darin still descended the stairs to the communication chamber. He recognized his desire to see this familiar setting was unhealthy in a way but he was not deterred by the recognition and pressed onward. He came to the sacred chamber and sighed to see its Doors torn aside evidence of looting suggested that the undead or those few scavengers who survived their onslaught had ransacked even the innermost regions of the temple.

Darin entered and looked around with a sense of sadness. He had devoted himself to this place and to his home temple in Vandar and it lay a derelict in ruins. He had corrupted his faith, he knew that now, it had become an obsession more about his personal ideology and personal advancement then service to the Water Lord.

In this very chamber he had plotted all sorts of damage to the man he now willing served as king. The irony was bittersweet and Darin let out a sigh of nostalgic despair.

'Have you finally come then my Child' The voice came startling Darin utterly, with the temple abandoned he did not expect the Water Lord to communicate with him here.

'I have failed you utterly...'

'You have failed only yourself Child. As to me you did only what was designed. You always acted as and when I asked. Have you lost your faith and given up on me. I see that that is not so for I can still reach you. Yet you have long sought to avoid me...'

'What else could I do... Much has changed'

'What has come to pass was unavoidable. We have long known the day of the Uncreator’s wrath would return. He was never one to give up on his ideas. His jealousy and fear of the world has been since before human kind knew the world'

'I serve King Tralin now.. I am no longer a priest'

'You may no longer attend temple rites but you remain my priest. Once a communicant you are one ever after. You have not gone to another temple or had yourself cast out. You remain my servant. As to Tralin the Drakel, King of Derin, your service to him was planned for ages upon ages... Hatred and Love walk a fine line...'

'Cerin mentioned to me that you intended my service, I am not sure if I should feel used or grateful'

'Feel both. I am not bothered by your concern. I am bothered by your despair. You come here lost and afraid, you entered this temple in misery. What makes you weep?'

'The king had hoped that we might find a way to redeem Giliara the Brilhado into the Light Lords temple that he might be received as communicant but the light lord merely destroyed him for the effrontery...'

'She did? You saw her come and smite him with malice?'

'I saw a bolt of brilliant light strike him and heard him cry out and when it passed all that remained of him was a feather'

'odd that all that should remain of a person is a single feather. If the force used was sufficient to obliterate him how could that one feather survive? If it were not sufficient where is the blood and other remains?'

'What do you mean'

'Return to the Temple Courtyard Darin' The Water Lord said his voice fading

'Why what is it..?' Darin asked

But the Water Lord had fallen completely silent and the disrepair and desecration of the temple began to wear on Darin anew. With a sigh he began for the surface as commanded.

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Falerin, May 30 2003 23:13:56

The dark robed figure moved through the milling Undead with purpose and stood before the Standing Brilhado.

"Speak" The Brilhado demanded of the necromancer coldly, he was growing impatient with senseless interruptions.

"Lord, Giliara is Dead. He tried to breach the temple of the light and was consumed. Our posted agents remained long enough to determine that the Derenian's plan for withdrawal"

"So they presumed to used Giliara against us. It is amusing that they thought they could accomplish anything with a Brilhado. It is unfortunate, if they had succeeded we may have been able to acquire the temples wealth from them. So the light lord protects his treasure for another day. It makes no difference the goddess who rejected us will fall. What are you still here? What ever else do you wish?"

"My lord... Drakath is failing... he cannot hope to..."

"Drakath will serve his purpose... Do not concern yourself with the Shadow Beings. This serves our purpose regardless of the result. Should Akriloth recover his Orb, the creatures of shadow take the blame. The game remains as it ever was. Only a few realize and accept what comes for them. In time they shall know but by then the master will be ascendant. We have already enough to open the Doorway. Everything else is but tools for the masters armies..."

"Yes my lord."

"Sacrifice whatever is necessary to Drakath's cause... if it seems his failure is imminent withdraw those of the Dark army under our employ... If the Dark Dragon falls he falls. No need to waste our own energy..."

"Yes my lord..."

The Brilhado smiled wickedly his beautiful face made the expression somehow infinitely more frightful.

"Plans remain exactly on schedule..."

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Falerin, May 30 2003 23:24:49

Jano walked the grounds greatly troubled. The story telling and subsequent inquiry of Draslin at length had revealed much of the nature of Drakel society and cast considerable light on the reasons for their behavior. Oddly rather then easing Jano's discomfort understanding their purposes made the oddities all the worth. Drakel Caste was based on preventing dissention. By enforcing unified view the Drakel hoped to prevent the discord that Diversified Initiative brought. The fear of the effects of factionalism was very real. Given Drakel history and the effects of the Uncreator’s war on the world it was unsurprising they took this tactic but Jano could not help but feel as if the result was Stagnation of Drakel culture and preventing true potential. Isolationism and Caste rigidity served the Devourer nearly as clearly as factionalism and Xenophobia. Especially as Isolationism might be interpreted as Xenophobia anyway.

Jano was even more disturbed with the role he was to play in disrupting Drakel culture. What did Tralin hope to accomplish by revealing his break with Drakel tradition. As a noble himself he would be immune to the Drakel wrath but in betraying his position his family would suffer. Jano milled over it at length and decided at length that he had no answer but to do exactly as Tralin intended but he should at least inform Tralin's family of what was coming. It was useless to guess Tralin’s thoughts and Tralin had a better handle on Drakel actions then Jano could ever hope for.

"Lord T'palo" Draslin asked breaking his reverie.


"Lady Kithia is here to see you. Lord Tralin's wife..."

"Very well.. Show the Lady in..."

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Falerin, Jun 01 2003 00:51:57

Myr shuddered almost involuntarily. The conclusions that the Data presented were unavoidable. Revealing whom Drakath had effected among the mines was not an easy task but it proceeded with relatively little incident. With Drakath so decidedly distracted with Battle a continent away he was not focused enough to cause his tracks to be hidden. The clerics of the Shadow Lord worked long and hard to restore the affected parties Myr and Delnar along side them. Xander spent most of his time on dealing with the effects of this latest assault upon stone deep. It was the Water Lord's agent Cerin that pointed out the pattern among the men selected by the Dragon, they were all positioned in such a way so that the deepest mine levels were under Drakath's influence. The reasoning for this could be simple need to hide his presence but the way that they were selected betrayed a more sinister motive. 3 of the men were selected during the time of day specifically where Myr took his break in the shadow mines and 2 of the others were members of the church directly under Myr's supervision. The target of Drakath’s activity could be assumed to be Myr though the reasons for the Dragons interest could hardly be personal. Myr held little that an ancient shadow dragon, especially one as evil and powerful as Drakath, would find of interest. The conclusion was simple the Uncreator still tried to gain access to Myr.

"The Question" Myr Finally voiced wearily "Is what interest I hold for the Uncreator to make him desire me so badly. What is special about me that is different from any other communicant."

"Your question lacks an easy answer." Cerin replied "We cannot begin to predict the Devourer's purposes and intentions. We cannot presume to know how he thinks or what he is capable of... Perhaps he has heard some prophecy he believes refers to you. Perhaps he merely values you as one of his enemies great prizes...."

"Or perhaps" Delnar ventured "You really do have something incredibly vital to the Uncreator and we simply don’t know what it is... We cannot ignore that final possibility in any case. It has become clear that Stone Deep is not a safe refuge for you... Cerin I want you to take the Communicant to Deren upon your return"

"Don't be ridiculous" Myr responded "I cannot simply leave I am needed here. I cannot abandon my post..."

"You will no be abandoning your post" Xander said joining the conversation for the first time. "You will merely be extending it. You are not vital here Myr. As much as it galls you. You yourself have trained a new communicant, one who by your own admission is quite capable and uniquely qualified..."

Delnar smirked wondering if this was some of the planning around him that Darin had warned him to be wary of. "I can handle the temple duties. It is for the best that you flee. If we do not know what the Uncreator wants we must assume it is something most fell.."

"I... But..." Myr sighed and admitted defeat it was clear that they intended to send him on to Deren.

"Deren is somehow centered in this two in a way I cannot fathom. Even while the majority of the Wars have been set in other places..."

"No one is immune from this... From the Northlands of Battleonia to the Winding Sea. The Uncreator wants it all and shall not be happy until it is his..."

"I would be happier if I felt reasonably reassured that we were winning..."

"As would I but it is far from clear." Xander answered

"Not to be cynical" Cerin chimed "But this battle is older then are very race. I would not expect it is resolved in our lifetimes... Unless of course it is resolved in the Uncreator’s favor..."

"Need we be so morbid. We all have work to do.. " Delnar answered Cerin help Myr prepare for departure. Lord Xander I would appreciate it if you helped me assume the role of Chief Communicant..."

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Falerin, Jun 04 2003 13:57:04

The Brilhado turned to the Necromancer with a smile. "So you see Drakath's fall is not a concern. On the contrary the fire orb is even now being ferried back to Akriloth and our purposes are served again. Your fellow is even now working his magic on the Fallen Dark Dragon. Which renders an even more useful creature...."

"Pawns shift in preparation."

"As well they should..."

"They will not come together in time?"

"They are still locked in their pettiness. We still drive element against element. Be serious they are no threat to us. The greatest threat is the Drakel and they are locked behind the walls of their culture so strongly they are incapable of any threat..."

"What of Lorithia's servant in Deren... That particular Drakel may cause trouble for us yet..."

"Lord Tralin wont survive long enough to offer us that kind of resistance..."

"How can you be certain of that..."

"Tralin is about to make a mistake that will cost him his soul...He will compound the mistakes of others,"

"You seem quite sure."

"I am sure. Have you learned nothing of what came of the Fall of the Dark Dragon. What comes has been planned..."

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Falerin, Jun 04 2003 14:53:53

Jano considered the Lady Kithia with apprehension. It was pointless to judge Drakel beauty by human standards but even by those standards Kithia was beautiful. She had a bearing that did much to enhance this effect and Jano could readily detect what the reserved Tralin had seen in her.

"Lord T'palo" She said formally her eyes showing a spark of energy.

"Lady Kithia... I wish your visit to me were under more auspicious circumstances"

"More auspicious circumstances could hardly be imagined my lord. The culture has opened its doors to an unprecedented cultural exchange. Your admittance into council is completely world changing..."

"I wish that it were that simple my Lady... You may have reason to curse my presence in council soon enough..."

Kithia considered Jano with a considerate look. "Has my husband sent you with a message..."

"Yes... though the message is not for you it is for the council..."

"I see she said with purpose. I understand..."

"I am afraid you don't. I do not even comprehend it... he did not tell me of you, of his family at all.. but he instructed me to deliver a message to the council that will be extremely disruptive to his family..."

"Tralin has allied himself with a temple..." Kithia said simply and softly.

"What... I mean how..."

"I know my Husband Lord T'Palo. His thoughts are known as well. His family contains are large line of communicants to the Water Lord. He resisted long the call of the priesthood but it is in his blood and in his nature..."

"But why would he not mention you to me or tell me of you... This is hurtful to you. He takes it in his hands to crush his family and makes me his agent but he wont even let me know what it is I am doing..."

"Lord T'palo. You exist under a misapprehension. My family has been De'me'thar for countless generations. Tralin became T'palo against my desires because he wanted what was best for his family. None of this means anything to me... That Tralin reveals himself in this way now shows he has purpose. It also shows he has learned that life inside the K'eld is not the ultimate standard by which Drakel existence might be judged. Far from being upset by your news I am elated for it means I may go to my Husband... As to why Tralin kept you in the Dark you can gather that yourself... you said as much.... he did not want you to realize what you were doing. It was your feelings he was not disregarding my feelings he was protecting yours."

"I am bothered by Drakel culture.... its very trying to me... I come from a democratic society... we believed in self rule..."

"Perhaps Lord T'palo that is why you were selected by Tralin... I suspect my husband is being quite purposeful in his actions."

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Falerin, Jun 05 2003 23:37:08

The sudden explosion of force and light threw Darin back about ten feet causing him to land on his backside. He rubbed himself and let out a string of expletives even as he stood to see the cause of the explosion. The door of the Temple of Light was wide open and a large bright light streamed from its interior making it impossible to see inside.

"Lord Darin" A melodic voice spoke from the interior of the temple. "Please enter...."

Darin covered his eyes with his hand but even his hand did not dim the brightness of the temple so he resorted to looking down and away even as he approached the temple and passed over the threshold. He started for even as he crossed the door behind him swung shut and the bright light seemed to dim to a tolerable level.

A robed woman stood off to the side and Darin realized that she must have been the one who had spoken. Your coming was anticipated Lord Darin, please come with us into the temple.

"Sorry Anticipated..."

"Yes... please follow me..."

The woman turned and began leading into the depths of the temple of the light. The entirety of the place seemed to be lit from within. The effect was that it imparted an eerie glow to the entire temple. Inside however the effect was far less blinding then at the doorway. The woman led him through a series of corridors and through a sanctuary into what clearly served as the residence for the priesthood, she continued onward and out into what appeared to be an open courtyard. This baffled darin, for he knew that there was no courtyard in this temple. If there was anyone might access the temple from above. No something magic was responsible for the effect, which Darin found quite dizzying. Why the sky outside was overcast the sky in the courtyard was wispy with only a few high whippy clouds. The temperature inside spoke of a late spring day and the meticulous blue green grass was unlike any Darin had ever seen. Darin realized with a start that this must be the Communicants Chamber and was taken aback at being brought inside the holies of another temple. He knew that the penalty for violating such a space was death.

The woman turned and smiled at Darin. "Lord Darin please wait here"

Darin watched her move off and wondered if the woman had falsely believed that he was to be the communicant that was coming to the temple. Darin was at a loss for what to do, but he discarded this conclusion. The woman had known his name. She could not have known it unless told it and if told it she could not be under the false belief that Darin was to be the new communicant.

"Darin" Giliara exclaimed descending into the room. Darin was mildly startled by this he had assumed the illusion of sky was closer. Not vast enough to allow the Brilhado the ability of flight. Darin considered Giliara then and noted that he seemed to be aglow from within and that his injuries were abated. His beauty had been very real before but now the Angelic figure was suffused with the same surreal light that flowed through out the temple. "How did you get in?"

"A woman let me in and told me to wait here, I assume for you."

"A woman? Darin the temple is empty..."

Keeper of the Lore
"I don't know what evil is but whatever it is I am For it 100%"

"Evil is as evil does. ...and no one does it better." -Wolfpac

Falerin, Jun 09 2003 23:30:33

Tralin came to the seaport to greet Cerin's ship personally. He
had need for the Knights services and his return was timely. He
was preparing even now to start an expedition to K'eld Ner and
The Knight would need to run day-to-day affairs for his brief
absence. Tralin considered appointing a Regent but had decided
that because Draynor had died while a regent had control that the
people might take kindly to having another so soon.

As Cerin left the ship Tralin registered with mild surprise that Myr
was traveling with him. He wondered why the Communicant would
come from Stone Deep, but even more he wondered why he had not
been informed of his coming prior to his arrival. Myr was a foreign
dignitary and it would have been appropriate to greet him officially.

Cerin saw Tralin almost immediately and frowned slightly. Tralin
personally choosing to greet him almost assuredly meant that he
already had duties for him and Cerin was tired from his overseas
journey. It had gone smoothly from all appearances but Cerin himself
found rest fleeting on the tossing ship. More to the point he had to
brief the king on the situation with Myr.

"Come" Tralin said directly abruptly putting an end to Cerin’s questions and proposed announcement. Taken about he and Myr merely followed to the palace.

Keeper of the Lore
"I don't know what evil is but whatever it is I am For it 100%"

"Evil is as evil does. ...and no one does it better." -Wolfpac

Falerin, Jun 09 2003 23:59:18

To Cerin’s surprise Tralin led them not to the briefing room but into the king’s private quarters.

"We have several things to address and very quickly. We have reason to believe that events are about to get far more complicated. Drakath has fallen but looters who went to take scales from his corpse for Dark Dragon armor among other things report his corpse is gone... Further necromancers are known to have been in the area. The entire battle with Drakath was entirely odd from what I gather. Toward the end Drakath's expected reinforcements withdrew allowing him to fall. Evidence suggests that both ends may being played. We have not seen the last of the Dragon Wars. The Fire Orbs location is not known... but it is known that Akriloth sought it... I expect that it is even now being delivered to the Fire Dragon..."

"That’s a bad thing?" Myr asked quizzically

"It could definitely be in better hands. Place one of the worlds fire artifacts in the hand of a powerful, but undeniably, self-serving wyrm. The Drakel have dealt with the dragons before... No... The game continues to move among unknown lines... I also know something else about Akriloth's claim on the Orb that I cannot reveal... It does not matter... I can guess what happens next... What concern me are the ulterior events that drive these battles. The Dragons have long been used to drive the Uncreator’s desires. Unwittingly in general.. still..."

"You have little doubt then that the Devourer is responsible for what is occurring in Battleonia?"

"The continent is under a Darkness and the Uncreator’s hand can be seen in all of it. The events that are coming spell a great deal of trouble for the people not only there but everywhere... I have theories about their potential course of action. I have sent Darin to Neld but he has not reported about his success there. That too is a long story... I am about to set about something that will change the face of the situation entirely.... It is requisite that you take control of the city in my absence Cerin... I leave promptly...Myr I am sorry I cannot talk now.. I should be back in a week... I am apporting to K'eld Ner...And Cerin demand the military be made ready... we may have war come to our doors if this goes badly..."

Cerin and Myr looked at each other dumbfounded by the disjointed fury with which Tralin made his pronouncement and in the end could only nod that they got the gist of the message. Tralin then gestured and with a flash was gone...

Cerin was flabbergasted. What was the king doing that could be so decisive and why was he so harried. As the king rarely showed anything but cool and very directly intentional action it was all together disconcerting...

"Well Lets get settled in..."

"Right" Myr answered dumbly..

Keeper of the Lore
"I don't know what evil is but whatever it is I am For it 100%"

"Evil is as evil does. ...and no one does it better." -Wolfpac

Falerin, Jun 10 2003 13:29:03

Jano stood and looked around the room his eyes moving from individual to individual. He carefully weighed what he was about to do. Though Kithia had removed some of the apprehension he still was sure what he was about to do would be disruptive to many people. His position demanded he do it but that made it no easier.

Jano wrung his hands and waited for a moment. The council head raised his eyes and spoke. "Lord T'palo you have our rapt attention. By all means please address the council."

"Councilors I come to you today as the Representative of Deren its chosen T'palo; The lord Sovereign sends his regards and wishes. It is the sovereign’s hope that he is along shortly... I am however left with the obligation to act as the Sovereign’s Agent in matters most grave..."

Jano was taken aback as a expulsion of air and clash of blue light indicating apportation silenced him. Tralin stood in the midst of the chamber clothed in temple robes. At his left side hung the Sword of Deren, a ceremonial weapon more then a combative one. The symbol of Tralin's robe was unfamiliar to Jano but he could guess its import. He felt both relief and terror about Tralin’s arrival in K'eld Ner. His direct apportation violated several acts of protocol and he was very early which suggested something was amiss....

"We thank our T'palo for his service. Please take an honored position. We shall address the councilors ourselves...."

Several of the standing Drakel gasped and looked undecided about how to respond to Tralin's intrusion. He had circumvented the magic’s that protected the city and violated every sort of custom in Drakel Society. Finally one of the councilors spoke...

"Lord Regent. Your rather unusual arrival is noteworthy you certainly have our attention"

Tralin spoke in soft and directed words. He did not speak the Drakel language but Common Derenian, which spoke to his alliances.

"Councilors. We are most pleased to be here our throne looks forward to a potentially benevolent relations with the Drakel people. However we have a serious issue to discuss... The issue of my service to the Krutha'ri. I hereby terminate my service to the People. I must for I am a servitor of the powers. I am a communicant for the Creator..."

Several councilors get to her feet and looked around... One sadly turned to a servitor. "Begin the Expulsion of the T’Palo’s family... They shall have no place in the De'me'thar or the K'eld."

"Not only will you NOT expel my family from this K'eld you will give them the land and respect due the Queen and Princes of a foreign nation...."

The same councilor turned less sad and more angered now. "You know the rules T'palo.... They are NOT to be circumvented even by you... The Krutha'ri will never recognize royalty organized among the outcasts... Or else we start toward the road of independent nations..."

"It is not nearly that simple lord Councilor. You will attend. If you plan to declare your obligations to Deren Nullified Deren will enforce her prerogatives!"

"You prepare for War against us? What is this madness?"

"This is a war the Krutha'ri bring. I am still regent by proclamation of the Late king Draynor. I am his son by adoption and the King of the Derenian peoples. There can be no question that my position is sealed and signed not by the outcasts but by a recognized nation. Are you prepared to dictate how non-Drakel nations choose their king. Are you prepared to tell them they may not have me as their king..."

"You have planned this to be a disruption T'palo... and a disruption it shall NOT be... Too much is at stake. Arrest him as an agent of an enemy force arrest his family and his T'palo as well... We shall..."

"If you place a hand upon US and we will level the walls of this K'eld in a moment... It is over. You have taken our land and we have catered to your invasion. You were the militant one. We have shown understanding in the events that took place because the Uncreator is everyone’s enemy... But the game ends here. You place yourself above Deren. You act toward war not us... Have no doubt I have NO further obligation to the Krutha'ri I am no Outcast... I am the sovereign of another nation. My loyalty is to my people and you are not it..."

"Kill him..."

Jano turned in horror...

"Use whatever force that is necessary to destroy the T'palo he is clearly a servitor of destruction and the agent of the Uncreator. He claims to be Lorithia's communicant but Lorithia has no temple... he will attempt to destroy us..."

With a lurching dread he watched as the Councilors began their magical assault upon his king...

Keeper of the Lore
"I don't know what evil is but whatever it is I am For it 100%"

"Evil is as evil does. ...and no one does it better." -Wolfpac

Falerin, Jun 10 2003 21:30:45

Tralin sighed deeply, he had hoped it would not come to this... Still he was disrupting more then a thousand years of Drakel Culture. The fact remained that the culture was stagnant and the Uncreator depended on that stagnation. He owed Draynor and the people of Deren more then he could ever state and he clearly needed to hold his position. He was left with no answers other then direct response.

Tralin took the artifact out with a sigh and activated it, Lorithia's gift. As the agent of the Creator he had to act. The powers depended on creation to save itself... It was the cycle. The results were instantaneous the magic being hurled at the King returned backward on the mages responsible. Tralin shuddered. The magic being employed was meant to kill him and consequently its effect upon the casters was predictable. Tralin watched as the people around him fell and felt a moment of remorse but just a moment. He twisted the artifact to himself and with a gesture the orb of creation vanished from sight.

"It is over. K'eld Ner has been taken in the name of the Crown of Deren we will brook no interference.... Lord Jano... go to the Gates of the city and cast them open... The De'me'thar shall no longer be excluded from this K'eld. Tralin turned to the others present. Take the one who ordered my death to the mountain gate and let him survive the mountain. Any who dislike this turn of events can either leave the K'eld peaceably or join the fate of others calling for my blood... Gather all of the messengers... we shall inform the other K’elds of the events here directly... I wish no further violence with the Drakel nation but I will be clear... I will be recognized!"

Keeper of the Lore
"I don't know what evil is but whatever it is I am For it 100%"

"Evil is as evil does. ...and no one does it better." -Wolfpac

Falerin, Jun 17 2003 16:36:42

Jano moved to comply with Tralin's order feeling dizzy with all that had occurred in so short a time. Something had clearly happened to accelerate Tralin's plans from a gradual change from without to a more hostile taking of K'eld Ner. Jano had been concerned about disrupting the lives of Tralin's family but now he was an entry into a disruption of the entire Social Structure of the K'eld.

The Artifact that Tralin had used inverted magic that much was clear. Jano concluded that it must have been the very artifact the Drakel sought in the Derenian countryside. Somehow Tralin had managed to acquire it first. Jano boarded the Steam Driven Cable Car and directed it toward the gate. The world was spinning out of control and he had no idea what was going on around him.

Arriving at the Gate he was greeted by the same Drakel guard he met on his entry into the city. He noted that Shirian was also present and recalled his entry into the city in the company of the Drakel. He recalled also Sithian's greeting to Shirian and frowned anew.

"Open the gates" Jano directed nervously, how was he to force the issue if they refused them. The gate Guard seemed confused and hesitated

"You heard the T'palo" a female voice said, and Jano was startled to see Kithia step out from the guardhouse. "Open the Gate..."

The Gatekeeper moved to comply with Kithia and Jano turned to her and Shirian considerately. With the two of them together he noted a strong similarity in their appearance. Mother and Son...

"You are Tralin's son." Jano said dumbfounded.

"Yes" Shirian responded simply

"Your father declares the Ban on the De'me'thar ended... they are to be allowed open access to this K'eld."

Keeper of the Lore
"I don't know what evil is but whatever it is I am For it 100%"

"Evil is as evil does. ...and no one does it better." -Wolfpac

Falerin, Jun 17 2003 16:54:24

"We are undone!" The Necromancer declared to the Brilhado with dismay. "Tralin has left Deren and disrupted our plans for him. Worse he is believed to possess Lorithia's Shield"

"I see..." The Brilhado said calmly. "Never mind him. Tralin will return and we will have time enough then to act toward our purposes. Lorithia's Shield will only reverse magic when he has it on his person and prepared. He shall be struck from within. Our plans are in place. Concern yourself instead with the Other issues at hand. Drakath has joined our army of undeath has he not?"

"He has..."

"And he is regenerative? As demanded?"

"He has already fallen several times but he returns..."

"Good. Our use for the Darkness dragon is not done. Concern yourself instead with stopping those who seek in the ice an aid in their cause."

"In the ice?"

"It will not take long for Akriloth's deception to be evident. Those who do not know already will discover quickly. You know what comes next..."


"So a delay is in order.... Enforce defenses. Its not your normal sphere but I am sure you can enable a delay..."

"Yes my lord"

"In the end of course the adventuring masses will accomplish their goals..."

"My Lord?"

"Do you understand me? They not only will accomplish their goals they must accomplish them..."

"My Lord?"

"Must everything be spelled out to you? Akriloth too shall fall. It is part of the design. The Dragon Kind has always been at the front of the actions. But they are just that a front..."

"Ah... So we are nearly ready for the next phase..."

"We are already prepared. At this point it is merely setting the stage..."

Keeper of the Lore
"I don't know what evil is but whatever it is I am For it 100%"

"Evil is as evil does. ...and no one does it better." -Wolfpac

Falerin, Jun 19 2003 00:52:17

The figure moved through the mists gathering energy and strength from the chaos that erupted throughout the world. Death and destruction brought him the energy he required filled him. The pain of the masses was his thrill. It had not always been this way. In the beginning he had feared them. In the beginning he had loved Lorithia as well. Now he recognized that the creator considered him a creation like all other. She treated him like part of the ordinary worms crawling the face of the earth.

Lorithia's love was her creation, all of her creation. He had no room for her masses. He had no room for her love. In the end he had no room for her. Through ages she was confident of her creation and through the ages he was met with half successes and rebirths. The durability of the creatures was both a source of strength and bitter gall to him. Age after age the cycle repeated and in the end he always was left short of triumph. The suffering he felt was intense. His misery born of her rejection.

Only once had he come truly close to succeeding when the Brilhado had joined him and opened the portal that allowed him to manifest in the world. It was then that he drove the races to dust. In the ages since he was content only with limited victories and petty wars but the time was come for his glory to again be manifest to the world. The time had come for his power to be feared and known. The fear that was power. The fear that was... Manifestation.

End of All that is Evil is Not Dark

Keeper of the Lore
"I don't know what evil is but whatever it is I am For it 100%"

"Evil is as evil does. ...and no one does it better." -Wolfpac
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