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Igneus Clan Stories

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12/4/2006 19:18:05   

Post your stories about Igneus here.

This thread can be used to post any stories you want about Igneus however it is specifically designed for short stories.

Any Stories can have their own thread in Creative Writing however if it is only short you may want to add it to the whole.

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4/1/2007 0:14:23   

A Fallen Sun

A meteorite streaked across the sky, briefly illuminating the starry night. It was plainly visible despite the moon: half-full, and waning. Its power decreased as it slowly dwindled down to an empty void. It would shrink, eventually to become nothing. But there was always a reassurance that it would grow back to its former glory.

A fallen star, streaking down from the heavens. A fallen star, a fallen sun, a fallen angel. Where was ther divinity in a fallen angel? Only before had it divinity. Once before was it an angelic being. But that was before. Now, it plummeted down to its doom.

A shooting star shot down to its own doom, snatched from the heavens to be cast down upon the world. They say it was good luck to bear witness to its death sentence, that wishes made would become true. Yet the man trudging far below did not notice it. If he had, would his grim fate be forever altered?

The man walked slowly. Step after step, he walked ever further from his former home, his former life. There was nothing for him there. He had abandoned it. It was dead to him, dead like the fallen star, dead like his mythic ancestors that had laid down his path so long ago.

If he had seen that falling star, could he have been able to change his past? He would never know...

An outcast. An outcast walked in the featureless plains, ambling slowly towards his goal. A place where he would no longer be an outcast. A place told of in fairy tales, a place which adventurers spoke of with awe. It was his last hope, his last chance.

Eventually, he came to a lake, the crystaline waters reflecting the moon's light. It was quiet and undisturbed save for the crunch of grass as the man walked past it. No. Despite its beauty, that was not his goal.

He walked slowly along its shore. The moon gazed down at its exact duplicate in the lake, undisturbed save for the occasional ripple of fish swimming in its clear depths. The lake seemed to radiate a purity, almost divine. Its reflective surface caught the fallen star and captured its divinity for just three seconds. Then, it was gone. But the lake remained.

Finally, the man looked up. In the distance was a mountain. The mountain seemed to radiate warmth like a hearth fire. There was a reddish glow in the distance as if it seemed to capture the glory of the setting sun and eternalize it. That was his destination.

It lay forward in his path like a fallen sun, forever holding its glory.
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1/11/2008 12:29:05   

Igneus' Clan Pet Thread: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=12244072

NOTE: Only basic grammer is edited. More rewriting is going to happen later.

BY: Sacchi
EDITED by: Ricobabie

The Story Of Eddie

Not long ago a lizard was born, his name was Eddie. He and his parents lived peacefully together for around three years before a tragedy occured. He grew up in the island of Paxia in a world we call Lore. He never had any good friends due since the other lizards were stronger, bigger compared to Eddie; making Eddie the one to be bullied and insulted. With one more year gone, tales of wars in the far away continent spread through Paxia, but it was never given attention. Who could find Paxia? It was a small island in the middle of the sea, lost through time. That's what everyone thought, but they never realized how wrong they could be.

One morning, an entire army was rested ashore, waiting to attack. Archers, fighters, mages and many more waited for the opportune moment. While they settled near shore, everyone else within the island panicked; chaos soon spreaded. To be safe, Eddie hid with his parents in a cave, hoping the war to finish and prayed for peace to overcome the land once more. But it did not. Before long, a powerful mage, the one commanding his army, discovered a cave; a cave where Eddie hid. Only getting a glimpse of him in a short period of time, his parent’s lives ended in a flash. A blazing spell was casted upon his mother and father. Their lives were taken. As Eddie gazed upon this horrible site and the man who did this, he swore to avenge his family.

No doubt there was some way, some how that he could be stopped. But what could a small lizard do? Ignoring everything, Eddie, eagered for revenge, made for his enemy with determination. Before Eddie reached the mage , a flaming red fox attacked. Jumping over the mage with anger, and without thinking it twice, he bit his neck, killing him instantly.

The fox looked at Eddie for a few moments, then turned around and headed for the exit. He was gone.

It started raining by the end of that day. The war had ended, and corpses rested in peace; some were waiting to be burn to hell. Those who survived, looked back at their villages finding only rest of what had been once their home, and hoped for a better future. Nevertheless, it soon spread the word of a giant living rock, with 8 arms and 4 feet, living at the east of the island.

Eddie didn’t think twice, he prepared himself and abandoned the island in search for the creature. If this creature was looking for trouble, he would not simply hide this time. He found the creature, finally after a week of traveling, through the desert lands of Paxia and the old battlefields. Along with this creature, Eddie found the fox that had put end to the war. Proudly he stood infront of Eddie. They were talking; Eddie, small and quick peeped through the bushes and tried to hear their conversation.

“You have proved to be brave, honest, and a good leader. For that, I now give you the gift of fire.”
Amazed by these words, Eddie continued listening and proceeded closer. Afterwards, a frog that was passing by walked over to the fox, they started shining. Eddie felt as his veins burned, his skin became stronger, and other emotions that cannot be described with simple words.

“Interesting," said the 8-arm creature. "This lizard and the frog got the powers too. Their hearts are pure and brave; so you may keep the powers too. You are now brothers, of blood and power, be unite and you shall always win.” Afterwards, the mysterious creature vanished further into the distance, while the frog jumped again and disappeared in the bushes.

“Noble brother, you must find out third brother. Dark times are approaching soon and we must be prepared, and united as brothers. Your strength is nothing compared to mine, but you will learn and grow in power and intelligence with the time. We are not alone, other allies will help us when the time comes, that's what the creature has predicted. Go on my friend, and start your quest to prove you're worthy of the mighty powers that you have just received."

And so Eddie started his quest to find his lost brother. His powers were still unknown and he was still a weak lizard, but who knows; he could one day save us all from that evil that was approaching.

Chapter Two of the Eddie Chronicles:

Sulva's Chosen Heir

Eddie awoke on a small ridge near the bottom of Mt. Inferno, the supposed place where fire itself was born. It was known now that the clan of the Igneus resides within the Volcanoes searing hot depths. Eddie was to go here to enhance his power before his search for his brother could ever hope to continue.

Eddie’s treacherous climb to the peak of the fiery mountain came to a slight halt when Eddie’s eyes caught a figure’s shadow cast upon the smoke of the brimstone. Eddie moved forward. "Who dares to try and scale the mountain of Fire's birth!" Eddie quivered. "My name is Eddie the Lizard, I have come seeking to enhance my fiery powers with the ashes of the Great Fire Spirit! To continue my quest to find and save my brother!" The figure disappeared with a faint echo in the distance, Eddie's mind could only manage to hear a scare amount of the words. "Come..then..where..all.else..ha--"

Eddie closed his eyes and walked forward, remembering the shadow’s words, trying to find their meaning. Eddie’s scales had not yet been developed fully as he was still very young, and the hot rock and ashes burned his tiny feet to the point of disintegration. Eddie groaned and climbed the mountain until he arrived at the peak. Then he heard the same faint voice.

"Those who wish to achieve the power of Sulva, dive into the fiery abyss your sought power has been birthed from."
Eddie’s tiny weak body fell into the abyss at his own will....he knew if anything, his painful torment would end if this power would not be his. His suffering was enough to drive elves, humans, and all animals alike to the brink of madness.

His body flailed and shook against the roaring steam and Eddie’s eyes closed as his dead body fell into the fiery pit, where he was thought to have met his doom.

Suddenly, the volcano started to rumble and its top smoldered and erupted with a vicious force. Some said entire cities were destroyed shortly after the top was blown.

The ashes began to writhe, and soon a small clawed red hand pushed its way to the surface, Eddie’s spirit and body had been reborn from the ashes of Sulva's blessing of fire. Soon a trail of flame flowed out of the volcanoe’s peak and flew into Eddie. Ensconcing him with the flames of Sulva itself.

The scales of the lizard shone as bright as diamonds and were as red as the lava. His shape had changed, he looked more human that lizard and his horns had disappeared. He felt the strength run through his veins and the courage burning in his heart. He had actual hands and legs which allowed him use weapons. He can run faster and swifter than before. He had been reborn with greater power, a power only one other had been able to achieve. The fox who had befriended him, Lord Igneox of the Igneus Clan he helped create.

Eddie soon floated back to the ground and felt no pain from the searing brimstone and ashes. He was now one with the fire, one with Sulva.

Chapter Three of the Eddie Chronicles:

Ellena's story

This story is a short summary of what my life has been till this point. I was just a small lizard-woman when my parents were killed. Both of them worked helping the king of the lizard-men race, in an old castle far from my house. I saw them just a few hours per week, but I cannot say and will never say I wasn’t proud of them.

At home like the usual, my parents sat calmly on the couch, not sick and neither had a free day. Whatever their reason was to stay was a mystery. I played with my father all day, as my mother prepared me those delicious cookies she made. Unfortunately, the day ended as the sun set behind the horizon. The moon finally woke and rose high in the sky, as it was a signal for me to go to sleep.

Unexpectedly a noise interupted my sleep. It was still dark, in the middle of the night. In spite of that, I ran to my parent’s bed room. No one was there except for a light coming from my father’s office. I walked towards it, and peeped to see my father talking with my mother. I put my left ear next to the door, and tried to listen to their conversation.

“I know, we are doing the correct. We have few time left before Varieth kills us, we need to pass this time with our daughter.”

A week later, my parents were killed in a mass murder at the old castle, leaving me an orphan. Many people later wished to adopt me, I was intelligent and was very good at math, and I was a great strategist. I thank my parents for that important knowledge. So as I was saying, many wanted to adopt me, but I refused them all. I would not have any other father or mother that weren’t my original parents. The adults explained to me many times that bringing them back was impossible, but I continued with the same attitude.

8 years later, the city was attacked by Varieth. I recognized the name, the coward who had killed my parents, and so joined the resistance. There I met my first love, Maxilar. He was perfect, as a dream come true. He even made me forget about my terrible past when I was with him.

A month later, Varieth found our base and launched an attack on us. I was the only one who survived, thanks to Maxilar, who entertained the attackers and sacrificed his own life to save mine. I was alone again. I tried to make a new resistance group, and we used the old castle where my parents had once been murdered, which was now in ruins and was the last place where they would search us. There I met Havier, my second love. Havier resulted to be a spy from Varieth, who tried to kill me after I had told him everything, including our plan and our members. I luckily escaped, and now my home was lost.

Now I will start a journey; I will go east of Lore, where I shall try to find a calm island where to stay. I hope I find the place I’m wishing for, a place to call home, but I fear I will not love anymore. My love life has been a disaster, and I don’t wish to suffer anymore.

[Extracted from Ellena’s diary.]

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4/26/2008 11:22:37   

NOTE: this was written by dragonqueen7 from Ignues not I.

dragonqueen7's Version of Ellena's Story:

By: dragonqueen7

*ahem* A long time ago... On a planet called Sulva... Sulva was a peaceful planet where lizards and dragons lived in harmony. A great fire power was born there that can be given to those pure of heart when they are ready. There lived a teenage lizard named Ellena. She was trying to make the most of her teen years, but it was hard since she didn't have many friends because of her miscontrol of her fire powers which led to... temper problems. Only her parents were her friends because they we're always there for her, no matter what she accidentally burned up.

One day, something terrible happened. A team of galactic dragonslayers, led by someone named Varieth, invaded Sulva. Varieth's intentions were to seek and destroy the Blessing of Sulva inside the planet, and keep all of the Sulvians at bay so the Blessing will not reach another fire creature. The creatures of Sulva were abuzz with worry, for they had never seen humans before. Ellena didn't trust these humans, but the Sulvians didn't believe her, for she was just an outcast who is always burning up the wrong tree. But once the humans began to attack, the Sulvians had no choice but to fight back, not knowing of the humans' intentions with them. Ellena wanted to fight, but her parents held her back for they didn't want her only child getting hurt. Sulva was finally taken over by humans, for their Dragonslaying weapons were very powerful against them... Ellena's parents were very badly hurt, but they survived, lucky for Ellena. But many humans died in the process, too, but they still walked the streets of Sulva as the undead, and poor Ellena was forced to work for these disgusting beings. Eventually, the Sulvians became used to the humans bossing them around and keeping them away from the Blessing, until one day Ellena's parents were taken by the humans to do some "experiments". They took them and another human and threw them into two seperate chambers. Lights began to flash and the gasps of spectators filled the air, and before anybody knew knew it, her parents began to resemble them, humans. The ones who are destroying her planet and hurt her parents. But they seemed more of half-human, half-lizard... monsters. And that meant Ellena began to morph and change to look like her parents against her will. This did not help Ellena's social life at all, but many other Sulvians were also captured to do this. The humans grimaced at her parents... "These will not do. They will become to powerful. Put them in the dungeon," she overheard a human scientist whisper. Ellena could not bear to watch this happen and was completley devastated... even for the other lizards that had been her enemies. Ellena could not take it. She gathered together everyone and led a rebellion against the humans. The battle went on for days and days... until one day a ship floated down to Sulva in front of Ellena. It had a print of a flame-coated fox on it. "Come," the ship called to Ellena, "We can take you to a save place... away from any cruelty to peaceful beasts like you... a place called Paxia in the clan of Igneus in Lore." Ellena thought hard about this, for she had some hate for her fellow Sulvians for shunning her. But then again, she thought, we've all stuck together in this war, so we all deserve to leave, and get away. She told the Sulvians, aroused by the fact that they can be finally free. The Sulvians went onto the ship and started floating towards Lore, leaving the humans behind.

The beasts rejoiced in their new land, and were eager to explore it. Some of the human/lizard combos started a civilization called the Drakel. Ellena still didn't think she belonged there... in fact, she began to think she didn't belong anywhere. She wandered all across Lore, facing many strange looks by other beasts. Finally, she found a seemingly quiet volcano on an island. With her eyes squeezed tight and barely thinking about her descion, she jumped right into the volcano. if anything's down there, maybe i could be accepted..... Just as what happened with Eddie, her body began to tremble uncontrollably, absorbing the power of the volcano instead of getting burned by it. "You have now inherited the next Blessing of Sulva... You now have what you have been shunned for not having: complete control and immunity over fire and can become even stronger... you are truly a good lizard Ellena... go prove it," said the same voice she heard when she saw the Igneus rocket.

The sensation stopped and she fell though the magma deep into the volcano, right into the center of the clan. Ellena blinked several times, for she did think entire cilvilizations could live in a volcano. She scowled as she saw the humans walk by her, but some even stopped to say hi, like she was one of them. One even came up to her and said "Hey, welcome! Are you a new member? I think I know somebody that looks kinda like you. Come." The Igneus member lead Ellena to the deepest pit of the volcano... and saw a giant fire lizard on a throne. The lizard looked up, and could almost read in Ellena's eyes what had happened to her. "You've been through a lot, haven't you?" Eddie asked. "Take a seat next to me and let me tell you about this place. I think we have more in common then you think..." Since then, Ellena has been slowly regaining her trust for humans. Eventually, Ellena found out that she had been given the same power as Eddie had. By that time, Ellena had married Eddie and was accepted as the new pet/lord (dutchess) of Igneus. Finally, Ellena had finally found a place where she belonged, and who knew it would ever be with humans and a lizard?

...And there you have it! Not bad for not reading the Saga, huh? I applaud anyone who read this entire post! Oh, and the pic of when Ellena was working for the undead is shown in the post above Lord Asrius's ^. I think I've done my final revisions on this, also.

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Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice, both enemy’s of each other
Fire, which can put things on fire
Ice, which can make people walk on water
Fire burns Ice and Ice freezes Fire.
These two elements are equal to each other
Both got their good and bad qualities

“Fire shall burn for ever in the dragons heart.
Fire shall burn villages down, make people die!
We all shall hail Fire for our own purpose!
We, the Pyromancers, shall use this fire forever!
We must be prepared for the war against Ice!”

“Ice shall be frozen until eternity.
Ice shall freeze for ever in when the winter comes.
We shall use Ice to create peace and defend our selves.
We, the hailer's of Ice will use this for everyone in need.
We shall use Ice to protect ourselves and the rest against the fire.
We are prepared for the war against Fire.”

When these two elements will be fighting each other
The Elemental Lords will watch this fight
The was is endless until the Elemental Lords do something about it
And so it was. The war is over and the frozen and burned land is restored
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Chapter 1: Strange Light, Igneus' Perspective Part 1

The highest halls of Igneus' Mount Inferno were empty. Many of the high ranking members were absent from the great volcano, some were away on duty but most had left under unspoken circumstances.

The silence ended abruptly as footsteps echoed through the main hall. The woman they belonged to was physically unassuming with a slight build, but her footsteps were loud and heavy none the less. Her clothing was fairly monotonous, in shades of white and gray, comprised of a long-sleeved shirt, jacket, and pants, none of which were remotely remarkable. Her skin was remarkably pale with freckles dotting her cheeks and the bridge of her nose, her hair was black and cut slightly above shoulder length. Her eyes were the oddest part of her appearance though, the 'whites' were somewhat of a light cyan and the rest was a solid dark blue. Her name was Sarriya, she was a decently respected member of Igneus even if she had a reputation for being blunt to the point of a mace.

"Still nobody around, huh?" Sarriya mumbled as she looked at the empty rooms, not bothering to even open the door. "Looks like another day to myself."

She walked over to a door that was very different from all the others, it was smooth and metallic with a circle roughly the size of a hand next to it connected by something similar to a wire, as opposed to the other doors all of which had rather obvious handles and were hewn out of the rock of the mountain. She closed her eyes and pressed her hand against the circle. It hummed and glowed blue, and soon enough the same glow spread down the wire and to the door, causing the door to open.

Behind the door was a set of stairs, which Sarriya walked up. Eventually it took her to an odd room. It was neat and orderly, the floors, walls, and ceiling were constructed of smooth metal rather than carved out of igneous rock, except for a titanic window on the far southwest that could barely make out the ruins of the first clan wars. Aside from that window the room was mostly featureless, the only furniture was a desk and chair viewing the window straight on.

"Well I might as well do something." Sarriya muttered, grabbing some papers and drawing supplies out of the desk. "I was supposed to sketch up a new weapon for the nutcases downstairs to build...".

She drew and drew, her movements were flawless and inhumane. She continued for hours, without any consideration for food, water, or sleep. Finally in the dead of the night, her focus was lost.

"What in the worlds?" She groaned after a brilliant flash had made her draw a crooked line. She looked up, through the window and saw light. Her eyes took time to adjust to their brightness, and when they did she noticed it descend to the first clan war's ruins. She shook her head in disbelief before jumping out of her seat and running down the stairs. The door split open without any interaction and she continued down the hall until she finally came to a dining room.

"Woah, what's your hurry?" A voice asked from behind Sarriya, making her jump away. The man the voice belonged to was called NovaSpark, another one of Igneus' members. He was quite a bit bigger than Sarriya, although she always assumed that the bulk came from his armour. It was mostly jet black, although the chest and heavily articulated areas like the shoulders and knees had a red-orange glow from the cracks that looked like magma could seep out at any second. His face was concealed by a helmet, the same black colour and red-orange at the eyes, partially covered with a tattered black cowl.

"For the love of...don't do that Nova!" Sarriya said, walking back to where she was standing before with stiff movements.

"Nice to see you too Sarr." NovaSpark said with a chuckle. "Now are you going to answer my question?"

"There was a light in the sky and it just fell onto the old clan war site and I was gonna go check it out."

"In the middle of the night on foot? Maybe you should wait until morning. We can go along with anyone else who shows up."

"Yeah well I...guess I didn't really think this through." Sarriya muttered, trailing off. "Okay, tomorrow."
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Chapter 2

A large metal caravan, drawn by two large armoured salamanders rumbled towards the old clan war site. A group of Ignei had captured a pack of the massive fire creatures, and the clan had been using them as animals of war and burden ever since.

The driver was a man in concealing blue and white armour. His helmet showed nothing resembling a face either, with a faceplate covering up his mouth and coming up at a point to where his nose was. The rest of his face was concealed by a visor that was made of glass or something similar, and although it was opaque it didn't seem to have any effect on his vision. A gold cross was emblazoned on his right shoulder-plate and the hilts of two swords sat in between the shoulder plates and his head. The driver eyed the environment and nodded, confident that his destination had been reached.

"Stop!" He yelled and yanked his reigns. The salamanders ignored the signal and continued. "OI!" The driver screamed, pulling on the reigns as hard as he could and bringing the salamanders to a halt. "Stupid animals..." He said, pulling the curtains of the entrance open and walking in.

"Smooth stop Scypher." A man grumbled as he pulled himself up off the floor. He wore elaborate mage's robes emblazoned with runes of an origin unknown to all but himself. He was deathly pale with black hair that was cut short in all but the front leaving his bangs hanging over his face and red eyes.

"Yeah, yeah. Anyone else up?" Scypher asked walking through the small bedroom filled mostly with arcane scrolls and tomes, passing into a hallway.

"They're in the back I think. I'm assuming we're just outside of the ruins?" The man, known as ChaosFlame, asked in return while grabbing a staff alight with ever-burning flames.

"It's like a ten minute walk to the old Geoto tower." Scypher answered with a yell, poking his head through the last doorway in a series of small rooms. This room was notably larger than the others, with several padded benches built into the sides and an opening to a balcony on the back of the caravan. Three people were sitting on some of the benches. "Hey Nova, Poetic, Sarr, we're here. Let's get moving."

After several minutes of preparation a door on the side of the caravan swung open and the group of five came out.

"Geoto's old tower. It's been toppled, but it seems to be untouched by looters and the like." Sarriya said as her eyes brightened and irises shrunk.

"Even ignoring respect, bad things happened here. Don't think a scavenger would have the guts." Scypher stated.

"Ah, maybe we should just get going." Poetic Melody, a woman with long blond hair and healer robes with a flower motif, said while motioning to the tower. Somebody coughed and the group began walking to the tower through a valley choked with plant-life, until they came to gigantic boulder wedged between the two cliffs.

"This is getting ridiculous." ChaosFlame groaned. NovaSpark walked up to the boulder, placed both hands on it, and shoved.

"Okay, it's not going anywhere." He sighed after several minutes of trying.
"Then we can just go aro-" Poetic Melody started to say, but stopped when Scypher pulled out what appeared to be a grappling hook, tossed it over the boulder, and climbed over. "Do...do we follow him?"

"Hell no, he mind as well be part monkey. We'll do the sane thing and walk around." ChaosFlame followed his statement up by incinerating a tangled mess of vines that had overgrown a path up the cliffs. The group continued, cleaving their way through the vegetation until they came to the end of the path, and then quickly walked to the cliff face that had been facing the valley.

"There he is." NovaSpark said as he pointed to the glint of white and blue armour nestled in some tall grass at the opposite cliff. The Ignei walked across the boulder carefully and ran up to Scypher

"Okay, any reason you just ran o-"

"Ssh!" Scypher spat and motioned to get low. "We've got uglies." He pointed at four humanoids wearing bulky, disfigured armour, their flesh rotten and hands twisted into claws.

"I'm going to hazard a guess and say they're NOT friendly." ChaosFlame groaned.

"Since when is anything that looks like that friendly?" NovaSpark replied. "Anyways, there's five of us and four of them we should be fine. That would free up the fifth to go look for anything suspicious, or see if other clans are here too."

"...I thought you were supposed to be the quiet guy." Poetic Melody said in a confused tone.

"Everyone has their moments." NovaSpark answered with a shrug.

"Anyways we should probably send the fastest so..."

"Yeah, yeah I get it." Sarriya sighed, she looked down to her feet. Her shoes seemed to fold away into nothingness and sleek white armour formed not only on her feet but on the rest of her lower body if the slight bulges under her clothes were any indication. Two small covers slid open and two blue, translucent skates formed. Sarriya looked back to the group for a moment before speeding away, the skates gliding over the solid ground easily.

"Now let's clean up this mess." Before anyone could speak any further ChaosFlame hefted his staff and sent a bolt of flame at the Ignei's enemies. The largest of the creatures, with even larger and more threatening claws then the rest of his kin and spikes bulging from his armour, took the full force of the blast and fell to the ground still alight. The remaining creatures turned their attention to the group and started to advance. NovaSpark and Scypher slid down the hill drawing their weapons, a great sword and two long swords respectively. The two armoured Ignei met the two closest enemies, while the third snapped open a set of torn wings and somehow took flight, going over their heads and dropping in between Poetic Melody and ChaosFlame.

"Lorithia!" Scypher cursed as he watched the flier land next to the two less protected Ignei. He ran towards the hill but his enemy charged into him and knocked him flat to the ground. Scypher jumped back off the ground and pulled a knife from a compartment on his wrist and threw it at his target with all the force he could muster, the knife embedding itself in it's forehead. Scypher followed up by ramming it towards NovaSpark's foe, the two twisted humanoids collided and were knocked to the ground. NovaSpark took the opportunity and cleaved straight through a chink in the armour of it's right arm, the creature howled in pain and attempted to climb back up before Nova jabbed his sword through it's head. The other ran towards NovaSpark and lashed out at him with claws, knocking him against a wall. The creature walked up brandishing it's claws but Scypher rushed into it again, this time grabbing it's face. A cross on his shoulder pad glowed yellow and flame swirled around his hand and the creature's face. Scypher let go as the creature staggered back howling in agony and quickly grabbed one of his swords from the ground.

"Lorithia show mercy on your soul." Scypher hissed as jabbed his sword through the creature's stomach. He quickly removed the sword and let the body drop to the ground. NovaSpark motioned to the hilltop with their allies and the two began to climb as fast as they could.

At the top the two more magically inclined Ignei were locked in a stalemate with their skilled opponent. The enemy was far more skilled in melee but it was outnumbered and Poetic Melody could heal any wounds it inflicted on herself or ChaosFlame. The creature took a swipe with a blade-like arm at ChaosFlame. The mage did his best to parry with his staff, but the arm was knocked towards his face and left a deep cut on his cheek. The mage glared at the creature and replied by sending a bolt of arcane energy at it. The creature staggered slightly, and Poetic took the opportunity to hit it in the head with her staff. It turned to her enraged, and prepared to strike.

"I wouldn't." NovaSpark's voice cut through the air. The creature looked to the voice to see NovaSpark an arm's reach down the slope. At the same time Scypher coughed from the other side. Slowly the four Ignei walked towards the creature, leaving him no escape but up. It opened it's wings, but Scypher swiped at it and took of a large portion of it's left wing. It howled in pain and then looked to each of it's foes.

"You should probably start talking." Poetic suggested in a cheery voice. The creature simply scowled at the Healer, the flaws of its face becoming apparent like a cheek that was barely hanging onto the rest of it's face and a nose missing part of the bridge.

"You fools will DIE." The creature growled, it's voice twisted and guttural.

"Something tells me we won't get anything out of this guy." NovaSpark stated. Scypher shrugged, before lopping off it's head and kicking the corpse down the hill where it rolled to it's leader's still burning body. The Ignei turned away and began to walk down the opposite side of the hill, just in time to miss the leader's finger twitch...
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