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Lucian Clan Stories

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12/4/2006 19:19:34   

Post your stories about Lucian here.

This thread can be used to post any stories you want about Lucian however it is specifically designed for short stories.

Any Stories can have their own thread in Creative Writing however if it is only short you may want to add it to the whole.

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6/5/2010 10:39:08   

A TALE OF THREE DRAGONS. or Where did the pets go!!!

Stratos woke in the darkness. He had an uneasy feeling that something was wrong.
Searching the gloom of the weyr with his eyes he looked for anything out of place.
There was nothing.

Lunum was gently breathing over on his pile of Z’s. Liora was in her usual resting place. One eye open and looking directly at him.
“You feel it too?” she asked mentally.
Stratos nodded.
“Lunum, please wake up now.” Liora requested, as the Old Dragon continued to snooze on his pile of shiney Tokens.

“Huh! What’s wrong now Li? Are your Tokens not comfy enough?” Lunum teased the matriarch of the Lucian Dragons.

“Feel it….” Liora projected.

“That is, rather odd.” Lunum agreed.
“Okay stretch your wings. We are going to do something about this.“ he ordered, as he rose and leapt into the sky.

“Shouldn’t we mention this to the humans?” asked Stratos.
“No. This is Dragon Business.” was Lunum’s only reply as his great wings took him higher into the bright dawn light, above the city of Olympus Lux..

Liora and Stratos followed Lunum up above the Lucian Peak and then Westwards towards the mainland of Lore.

Circling the bridge, a quick disussion was held by the three.
Stratos went north to the Dwarfhold mountains.
Liora went south to Dragon Claw Island
Lunum went straight on to Battleon..

Triangulating their feelings of foreboding they projected a target area to each other. It was far to the West of the Westguard forest.

Okay this is going to take some time.

Flying high above the clouds they basked in the rays of the sun as they cruised towards their goal.

With their feelings growing stronger they converged on a soaring peak shaped like a dagger thrust into the sky. Circling around to the south of the jagged slopes they dove downwards.
They arrived in a mountain valley high above the treeline.
Standing on a flat piece of ground that formed the stage of the natural amphitheatre of the valley, there was a dark green dragon, descended from the line of the Earth Dragons.

“Do you see?” Stratos eagerly asked. Liora and Lunum nodded in assent.

Before the twisted shape of the Green Dragon knelt a blue energy Dragon…….

The Earth Dragon was Strange and spikey in appearance.
It was holding a device. As the three Lucian Dragons watched, the device sent forth a beam of light to bath the Energy Dragon in a strange pale glow.
Slowly the Energy Dragon's form began to change. His legs and muscles bulged as his wings shrank and faded away. Spikes grew from scales along his arms and sides and down his spine.

“Stop what you are doing!” Ordered Liora.

“I certainly will not” said the Green Dragon in a strong and powerful voice. “I am Fendrath and I do as I please.”

“This is an Astramorph. Device and we are using it to become stronger so that we can take back our rightful place as the Dragon Lords of Lore”

“This is wrong.” Lunum stated simply “and we will not allow it.” He said

“Behold I am Hendred” said the Energy Dragon as he rose to his legs and launched himself at Stratos.

Grappling the youngster Hendred drove his arm spikes into the skin of Stratos. He roared in pain as blood oozed from his wounds.
His wings were not pinned so Stratos flew low and scraped Hendred along the rocks at the side of the valley.
The monstrous grip of the Energy Dragon was too tight. The spikes on his skin gave off a shower of sparks but they protected Hendred from harm.

Fendrath laughed as his companion and Stratos fought.
Making no move to intervene.

Then Stratos flew straight up into the Sky, until he suddenly dove, twisting and turning to try and dislodge his enemy.

The two fought like this for quite some time, until Stratos magaged to shake Hendred loose, throwing him down to the ground, a thousand feet below. Stratos prevailed and rose into the sky.
Hendred was defeated and Lunum turned to Fendrath to ask
"Where did you get such a device?"
"I will tell you so that you might bow down before him. He is Rath the Great Dragon Emperor."
"Now I have more work to do…" and with his last words he vanished.

"I thought that was too easy" said Liora.
Turning back to the battle ground she continued "Now we had better get some answers from Hendred before he…"
"Now where has he gone?" asked Stratos, as he landed beside Lunum..

"I was about to heal him, when a human hand appeared through a tear in reality.
It grabbed Hendred's shoulder and just dragged him through the tear!"
Liora concentrated for a few seconds.
"I can feel them"
"They have gone to K'eld Alorin on Vandar, away over the Great Sea."

Stratos clawed the ground where Hendred had fallen,
he was eager to follow them.
Lunum had other plans.
"There is more to this than we first see. I can feel something else…somewhere closer…There to the east… in Greenguard Forest a gathering of the Darkness dragons."

"We had better go there first " agreed Liora.

Part Two of Three will follow soon.....

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8/6/2010 7:23:47   

The Element Thief
Paxia is in chaos. The race of Garitia which emerged from the ruins of old conflicts are destroying clans bit by bit. Amongst all of this havoc, elements are being stolen by a mysterious thief. Will the conspiracy be uncovered and Paxia saved?


“Have you ever wondered, when you look up and see the starry skies? No further than that, past what we can see, past the boundaries that we call our solar system, our galaxy, and even our universe. You may guess and wonder, but I know exactly what's out there. Out there are wonders beyond imagining, orders of life different from our own, different rules and different powers. But what happens when these two different universes collide? When lives of mortals and divine are affected to the point of no return? I've come to Lore for one reason and one reason only. If I hadn't, I would never see my darling wife again, 'nor my beautiful daughter. I'd never be able to tell the woman I love just how much she means to me, or my baby girl just how proud she makes me. No man could take that, that's why I'm here. It gives me hope. But recently, when I've looked around me, I've seen nothing but war. War, and chaos. That chaos has grown out of control, I can see they've not learned from their experiences with The'Galin, and now they'll pay. They've had their chance and they blew it... Now, they deserve everything they're going to get...”

...A brilliant light appears in the skies of Paxia. It slowly descends into the ruins of the first clan wars...

Chapter 1: Lucian perspective - The strange Light

The next day, the crystal towers that made up the palace of Lucian echoed with silence. All that broke this eerie peace was the sound of claws scratching on the marble floors. Scrolls and broken weapons were strewn about the floor, but there wasn't a soul in sight to pick them up.

The sound of those claws scratching slowly grew louder, until what seemed to be a great silver wolf appeared from round a corner. An unfamiliar sight in the great hall on the palace indeed...

“Wow boy, calm down” I said towards the beast.

The wolf complied like it understood the tongue I spoke clearly; it wasn’t that surprising considering this wolf is my pet. His name is Loki, fitting name as he can be mischievous.

“Loki, you know you shouldn’t be in here. Ugh... Go... look out for anybody who isn’t of the Lucian clan.” I said but was interrupted by a familiar voice. “Wolfie!”

I turned around to see one of Lucian's three Head Representatives, the Professor. His hair was medium length and dark, the same shade of brown as his eyes. His skin was rather tanned (this happens when you spend a lot of time in a glowing palace) and he had a long thin scar which ran down his left cheek. He wore a white robe, patterned at the trim. On his torso was a shining plate armour, trimmed with diamond and on his left hand, was a gold wedding band.

“Your game is up Wolfie. I know precisely where you're from, so don't try to hide it from me. I do not, however, wish to punish you; I'd have done the same as you did in your situation. What I asked you here for is to tell me about that light that fell into the ruins last night. Do you know anything of its origins?” the Professor asked me.

I was sort of surprised that he knew my secret, but then it couldn’t be helped. People liked to gossip.
"Thank you Professor, but I was caught up in the Library all night. I did not see any light except the shine from our walls."

“I see, I'm glad to hear you've been in study. Would you please accompany me to the ruins? I must determine what this light is, and whether it threatens our clan.”

"Very well, and I thank you again. You have a great respect for people's privacy."

“Your secrets are your own business, my discovering them makes no difference to that. I may have ensured that your secret couldn’t have spread much further, but you earned that through your gallantry against The'Galin. Now come, let us go to the ruins.”

“I did not see any light except the shine from our walls." I said quietly to the professor.

I turn towards him.

“I had to make that comment.” I laughed.

“I know, that was brilliant!” he replied with a grin.

“By the way, General...”
The Professor addressed me with respect.

“It's Prof, to my friends.” He said.

"I prefer to call you the Professor... It makes you sound more mysterious" I laughed

The Prof was a friend of mind; we fought side by side during the battle against The’Galin. Since then we stepped up our game in Paxia, to try and keep the peace and promote unity among the clans and Paxia. But our attempts mostly fell on deaf ears. The clan war continues to rage and it’s getting worse by the day. And in a time like this he worries about a light that fell into the ruins? It must be something of importance to keep The Prof on his toes.

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8/11/2010 11:36:30   

Chapter 1: Strange Light, part 2

The previous night...

What do you do when you're given a task with rules that make it impossible? When you have to defend something, but fight it at the same time? You just can't do it, so you have to pick a side. There's a man of elvish decent in the Library, he is this world's Loremaster. He knows me inside out; what I am, where I came from, but he's never addressed it. He is showing that he doesn't want to interfere, or perhaps he has some other reason, beyond my understanding. He is clever, he understands that interfering directly will only result in disaster. I can only hope the greatest heroes of this world are just as clever as he is. I can only hope that they open their doors, and take a leap of faith by believing in something they quickly lost. But it is their choice; they may well stay behind those doors.

The light was directly above the man and slowly falling. Many people of Lore worshipped light and the Light Lord, but this light wasn't of his doing. It was totally alien to this world, but the warrior knew of it. It was familiar to him like his... his home. Oh how he'd have loved to be b...

No! He couldn't let those thoughts invade his mind.
He closed his eyes to focus. He wouldn't let himself become distracted. When he opened them, the light had rooted itself to the ruins... He had to try and stop it as he knew whatever is hiding within the light, it couldn't be good.
A warrior walked out of the blinding light. He bore wings, black as night, and a longsword. He seemed similar to a Brilhado, but he didn't have the right colour of aura... No, this was definitely some kind of human.

The man shouted at the winged warrior, having realised what his aura smelled of,

“You have no business here, be gone!”

The mysterious winged man gave his sarcastic and patronising reply;
"What's wrong with you, coward? Are you annoyed that your game of hide and seek didn't go to plan? You are a fool, Lifebinder..."

"The stench of The Traitor doesn’t belong here! Are you so foolish as to try to invoke the wrath of other Pantheons? Or perhaps your master went insane? The troubles of our Pantheon must not spread here! Get back from whence you came!"

“Lifebinder... a name given to Ventures... And now you we...” The winged warrior was interrupted.

“YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT!” shouted the Lifebinder as he drew his sword. “You don’t have the right to say his name, Fallen One. You don’t have the right; you lost it when you gave into his whispers and became his. You are nothing but a mere puppet!”

The winged warrior, ignoring the Lifebinder’s outburst, continues and demands.

“Your world is in suffering, your pantheon is crumbling and we have taken the well that you tried so hard to protect. You have failed, once more. Give up Lifebinder and we will grant you an honourable death. We might even spare the lives of your family...”

The Lifebinder calmed down as the Fallen One finished speaking, and in confidence pointed his blade towards the winged scum.

"Heed my warning, Fallen One, heed it well! You've got until tomorrow to leave this world. If I find that his stench remains in this world by tomorrow, then you better pray to the gods of this world to hold me BACK! As I swear on all that makes me a guardian, one of us will not make it through tomorrow.” Then the Lifebinder turned and walked away, ignoring the Fallen One’s reaction.

Friend... what a useless and vile word. Throughout my existence, I’ve been betrayed countless times by those who I called my friend. And despite these sins that the mortal existence continues to commit... I forgive them, I make new friends... I make new bonds... Am I that gullible? Or is my hope that we can succeed? The oath I made as a mortal remains to this day... I will continue to protect and serve... no matter the cost.
But maybe that’s why I continue with my duties... Because I know that we all make mistakes through our curiosity to learn, even now, as the mortals of this island rush here to discover the origins of this light. To help this world remember... I will have to commit a sin that goes against everything I believe in... Every single thing I believe in...

At least this strange light will be the perfect distraction for my first target.

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The Prof

Strange Light, Part 3

Wolfie and the Professor finally arrived at the seemingly abandoned ruins of the old Geoto tower, where only the strange light which had taken root was present.

"That," said the Professor, gesturing toward the light, "Is why I've brought you here. It is quite unlike anything I've ever seen on this world... I thought that perhaps with your... experience in otherworldly matters, you might be able to help me work out what it is and why it's here."

I walked towards the light; it was curious indeed. This was a strange light and it seemed familiar, I swear I read about something with a description similar to this light... I turned towards the Professor...

“The Tear... in my ten years of travelling I’ve collected many books. One contained the story of the Tear... It’s a strange light that represents pain. Despite its unnerving meaning, up-close I've never seen it before... it’s beautiful, more so than what the texts describes. “

"I see. Do you know why it might be here?" asked the Prof, "I can see a link between pain and the clan wars, but surely there are places in the universe which have seen more pain than these ruins..."

I didn’t answer him, my attention was snatched away. There was something making a noise, a beating sound.

“General?” said the Prof, snapping my mind back to focus.

“Hmm... Sorry... I thought I heard something. Anyway, that is up for debate. The countless wars here can put it down as target for ‘a’ location of the Tear. But only one? There’s normally more than one in ‘a’ location and besides...”

That noise! Where did I hear it before?

“Da dumdaden dun dan” I said.

“I beg your pardon, General? ” said the Prof, looking somewhat confused.

“That’s the sound I can hear. Da dumdaden dun dan... Listen carefully Professor.” I said.

The Professor and I fell silent and waited to hear a sound. I looked around suspecting to see something, but nothing turned up. Maybe it was just a figment of my imagination.

Just as I was about to let down my suspicions, the beating is getting louder. It's... it’s a war beat? By the look of mild surprise on the Professor's face and his raised eyebrow, I could tell he can hear it now as well. The Professor cautiously drew his beautiful diamond edged sword, and pointed it towards the Tear, so I turned towards it and approached it closer. I put both hands on the Tear, it felt almost like a wall of wool... Even with the strange texture I could feel a slight vibration.

“Professor, come here and listen.” I told him.

I leaned my head against the Tear to hear the beating clearly... it sounded like drums... War drums... was an invasion really on its way to Paxia?

“Is there something in there...? No, impossible. It clearly can't hold anything, so it must be some kind of... portal?” said the Professor, demonstrating aloud his remarkable mind, “The question is, what's on the other side of it that's making that noise...? Have you any idea, General Wolfie?”

“I know that sound, it's the warbeat of the Garitia!” I realised.

“Are you suggesting that that's what's on the other side of this portal? What do you know of these creatures? ” asked the Prof.

“They're very hostile, will suck souls and their strengths and weaknesses depend on who they are fighting.” I answered light heartedly.

“This is far more serious than I had first imagined, we must set the Palace on full alert! We need to get back now, and on the way we can think of a suitable defence strategy...” replied the Professor, looking rather concerned by the news.

“Hold on a moment. I'm gonna try to get rid of the threat at its roots...” I said.

I ground my teeth together, trying to build up a flow of magical energy around me. I took my golden axe in my left hand, holding it behind my back. I could feel my weapon slowly growing in size as the holy magic coursed through me to my very soul. Finally, I pounced at the Tear, and swung my axe into it with almighty force.

“Holy Might!” I cried, as my axe hit the Tear.

The Tear was ripped into two and a yellow fog was released from the now destroyed Tear.


"... Oh Lord, this can't be good," said the Prof, staring into the fog, "I recommend we keep out of that fog, as I can't say whether it may harm us..."

"Shh," I said as I watched the fog drift to the sky. As it got to a good height the fog revealed another Tear which slowly floated down to the ruins...

"Definitely not good..." sighed the Prof, "General, ready your blade."

"At least we know where the other Tears were hiding." I chuckled.

The fog continued to drift into the sky, revealing more and more Tears emerging from what it seems to be a portal hidden in the sky.

"These Garitia... when you said their strengths and weaknesses depend on their adversary, do you mean they mimic your strongest fighting style?" inquired the Professor.

A rustling sound could be heard from behind us. "I think we might be about to find out Professor." I said as I turned and readied my axe. "Who's there?"

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Attack of the other clans! PART ONE CHAPTER 1...

"Where should we attack them?" A lucian clan member wondered.

"Not now Lucia we still have work to do attacking the Paxia clans is to much right now we will decide that later right now we are figuring out where we should attack first." The alpha lucian member growled at her.

"But Wolfie this isn't fair, it just doesn't seem right I'm trying to do this as fast as I can and you just keep on holding me back.…"
"I am the Alpha Lucian NO ONE CAN TELL ME WHAT TO DO!" and with that he stormed out of the room sending a giant blast of ice right at Lucia!
Lucia sighed, she had never had much luck with Wolfie before she hated him because he never let her try anything new it was ridiculous

Because she had let him do whatever when she was king of the ice tribe but know that he was back he was treating her worse than ever, she really felt like blowing something up, thats what the paxia clans were for though, right?

The next morning when Lucia woke up from her long slumber she came out of the tiny cave in which they lived in took out some tools and started building.

She felt sort of bad doing something that she knew she wasn't supposed to do but it was what someone she didn't like wanted her to do so it was still fine right?

After 23 hours of hard work Lucia had built her creation it was a laser but not just a laser, it was a laser that could get through anything at all. all she had to do now was to simply get all of

The clan members from every single clan to get here, but how?

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The Ajamara is with you....
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Next thing that she new it Lucia was trapped in complete darkness, Lucia felt a strange coldness creep up on her, the kind when the Glacius clan was up next to her, then she felt a strange

Burning warmth that was WAY TO HOT! Then a really windy tornado came and swept her away. Since she was part of the light clan nothing felt right to her. Maybe she should have picked a

different clan she wondered thoughtfully then I would have a different leader and I could live happily ever after the end but that wouldn't be fun she wanted to stay in a clan to fight,but then

Again she wouldn't be able to fight n the clan that she was currently in so she was confused. But a huge fire blast right her chest interrupted her thoughts and knocked her unconscious. she

Woke up in front of ever single clan member except for in the light clan. She felt something hard in her hands it was HER LASER! Someone had framed her for attacking some people in some

of the other clans now what was she going to do, none of her clan members were there so she couldn't go straight of reputation she had to just go off of pure luck but how was she ever going

to get them to believe her? Chapter one other half of part 1


The Ajamara is with you....
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Chapter 2; Collision.

I was really hoping that was just clan radicals attempting to ambush us. If so, it was a total failure, they probably knew we were watching them; so why hadn't they retreated?

"Wolfie?! Do you see anything?" asked the Professor.

"No, but I... " he attempted to answer but was interrupted by loud gunshots from the distance. Wolfie turned his attention towards where he thought the shots came from, but couldn't see anything in the distance. Looking carefully he started to see hints of yellow fog. Somebody was clearly destroying the tears.
"Wolfie, look out on your right!" shouted the Professor; Wolfie turned his attention quickly to the direction of the bushes, only to see something coming straight at him. Not looking for mere seconds he jumped out of the way dodging it as it smashed into the ruined walls behind him. A cloud of dust covered all of them before Wolfie even gets the chance to see what came at him.

"General, you deal with that, I'm going to find that sniper!"

"Very well, good hunting." Wolfie said, pulling what seemed to be an arm towards him and away from The Professor. Holding the unseen target's arm with his left hand, Wolfie started to channel light magic into his axe, but his enemy stayed one step ahead of him and pulled him into melee range.

Wolfie fended off the clawing arm of his unseen enemy and swung his weapon downwards upon it. On impact, Wolfie's enemy screamed and the axe emitted a faint shockwave of light which spread the cloud of dust further. Pulling his axe from his fallen foe, Wolfie knelt down to see what he had just killed. The creature seemed to have rough and jagged armour, but Wolfie couldn't see clearly what it was. He stood up and looked around in the dust-cloud. A few figures could be seen through the dust glowing with light elemental magic. Their sudden appearance shocked Wolfie, but as soon as they had appeared, they were gone.

Wolfie reached for his sword but was struck by something at breakneck speed. It cut his face across the right cheek and disappeared into the dust before he could regain his composure. Another speedy strike caught Wolfie in the shoulder, causing him to lose his grip on his axe. On a third attempt to strike him down, Wolfie managed to catch it off-guard and tripped it over with a well place kick.

"Gotcha" exclaimed Wolfie as he got a clear picture of what he was facing.

Wolfie debated his situation, and prepared himself for another fast attack. He grabbed his Guardian Blade into his left hand and rushes towards his axe. At the same time an enemy rushed towards him, Wolfie backs away and unleashed a wave of light magic into the enemy hitting it out of sight, but you still could faintly see the creature's outline glow with an aura of holy magic which shortly disappeared. He picked up his axe and walked carefully forward with his guard up. Unnervingly it was silent. When he was out of the dust cloud, he tightened his grip on both of his weapons and turned towards the dust cloud which was starting to settle.

An expression of anger settled on his face as he saw his enemy as clear as day. They look like the typical humanoids but with bulky and deranged armour, their bodies were actually rotten flesh of a long dead mortal. Their hands and fingers were like sharp daggers and one of the three had charred and broken wings. One had a mouth hidden in its hands, which hid a long tentacle tongue which it could use to strike their enemy.

"Garitia!" he shouted.

While Wolfie struggled against his enemy, the Professor was struggling against the terrain. All the broken pieces of the tower had fallen in quite erratic fashion, making it difficult for getting through the field. His robe certainly wasn't helping him get through the rubble, but his skills in magic were. An occasional small of wind magic was enough to clear a fairly smooth path through the rocks. He wasn't the best runner though...

He did his best to hurry, but he was a mage who could fight, not a warrior who could cast spells. He was a man of intellect not strength of body. His mind was not easy to distract with physical feats. He began questioning himself, the whole situation. He had said he would try to find the sniper, a logical step, however, where had the shot been fired from? Was it just one person or more that were behind it? Could it be that they were a part of this... whatever was going on. He had to keep going.

A broken wall offered little resistance to the man on a mission, planting his hand for support on it as he leaped over, ducking another piece of debris right behind it, followed by a series of small jumps and hops. Being this out of character was really tiring though. But Wolfie probably would still like his help as soon as he found the sniper. How much time should he even spend on trying to find them?

Finally he arrived to the spot he had thought of as the best lookout position. A cliff that one could gaze upon the lake and the hills that surrounded them. He had never really been in contact with guns before, the Lucian Army never used firearms, or snipers. He had no idea what to look for, or what to expect.

That's why the sudden arrival of the sniper caught him by surprise.

They came from below, having skirted just above the lake and followed by a sharp ascent by the cliffside, a person still holding a long-barrelled gun of some kind, riding on top of a Dynami, the first looking sharply at his direction as soon as they appeared. It was not a mere notice, it was the eye that of a hunter scouting for prey.
There was a shout somewhere, that of Wolfie, but right now Professor could not concentrate on it, but on the two that rose ever higher in the air. At least the sniper's attention wasn't on him anymore, but to the direction of Wolfie. That's why he felt a dread as soon as he saw him raise that sniping gun, taking aim in what he just knew was Wolfie's direction. He had to do something, and fast. He grabbed for his sword, but the Professor was in so much fear for his friend that it seemed everything was going twice as slowly as usual and he could only move at half speed...

The Professor had barely raised his sword, or even considered a suitable manoeuvre, before the sniper had fired three times. The man reloaded and shouldered the rifle, looking down at him now. The Dynami began to descend, and not for one moment did he, the killer in red, take his gaze off from the Professor.

Wolfie smirked as his enemies lay before him, dead or dying; they were shot down from the distance. Not caring he placed his weapons on the ground and approached the wounded Garitia who was trying to crawl from him. With an anguish growl the Garitia cowered at the sight of Wolfie. The paladin kneeled down to the wounded Garitia and spoke to it.

"Why are you here?... You know who I am don't you?..." he said, and with a disappointed smirk he stood back up and waved his hand. Light started to bend to his will and formed the shape of a spear. The Garitia boiled with anger and growled at the paladin.

"Join the rest"
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1/9/2011 15:16:31   

Previous post involving the Lucian characters which follows up to this one..

The Paladin stood back from the dead Garitia and gazed towards the sky above them. He quivered in fear as something familiar enveloped the paladin's mind. The trio watched at the eye of the storm as many 'tears' were emerging from a portal at an increasing rate. A tear fell near them which fell silent like a planted seed. The paladin then turned towards the dynami scout and the professor

"Well it is obvious we need to stop this invasion from happening and the only way we can do just that is shutting down what is powering that portal." Wolfie explained
"Well, that's the most logical explanation," replied the Professor, "But how exactly can we close it? It's not elemental, and it doesn't appear to have any properties of the void... We don't have the kind of magic to work with it on this world..."
"We should use the Garitia, if they are coming through the portals then they can go back through." Wolfie explained as he nudged the dead body of the Garitia.
"That's very true... " answered the Professor. After a few brief moments staring at the twice dead Garitia on the ground, he asked, "Are you suggesting using a to open a portal to wherever they came from?"
"No. A dead Garitia will be useless, whatever is creating all the mess you see before us, the Garitias' are more likely bound to that same power. So. I will need to become a Garitia to open a portal. " he answered
"So you believe shape-shifting will give us the necessary properties to open the portal?" asked the Professor. "Or maybe you have a different idea?"

No words were spoken, but it wasn't hard to tell what Wolfie was planning, by just reading his body actions you can tell he was nervous and had all the right to be such. He was risking to become a mindless monster to open the portal, there were bigger things at stake than just his sanity.

The Paladin took a deep breath while simultanesouly removed his right guantlet, exposing his right arm. He approchs the dead Garitia on the ground and knelt down and took a small knife from his belt. Wolfie examines the runes on the Garitia's arm trying to get a clear picture of the language. Wolfie suddenly paused what he was doing and looked down towards the water for a moment before he began to carve the rune on his own arm. Slowly but surely Wolfie finished; the language was alien and wasn't seen before on lore but it was easy to duplicate from the dead Garitia. Wolfie let nothing more but a grunt as his cut rune bled. Blood starting to drip from his wrist as wolfie squeezed his arm below the rune. His left hand then starting glowing with a warm light, wolfie was trying to isolate the pain and magic in his arm and then stared at the rune carved in his arm and focused his mind.


That word was unique, strange and alien. That word means execute. Execute of such a manner that even outside powers were attempting to change the paladin's mind. This word defined the moment, the power, the hatred growing inside him. A burning sensation gathered within his exposed arm which was starting to burn up, literally as the flesh and muscle on his hand began degrading, mirroring the state of the Garitia. Then suddenly rune on his arm glowed furious with power, reacting with the magic inside the paladin. It was sucking out all the strength from his right arm as it continued to degrade in a similar state like the Garitia's arm.

Wolfie was sweating and his arm was bleeding uncontrollably, he gritted his teeth and tried to form some magic into his right palm. The paladin couldn't keep it up for long and he knew it, the rune was draining his magic to fast then he first comprehend. The paladin decided to move fast, he rushed towards the nearby tear that fell within the ruins of the Geoto tower. The crumbling ruins were in danger of falling into the water but that was the least of his worries as Wolfie stood forefront of the tear and pushed his arm through elbow deep. He widens his palm and unleashed the magic he has gathered and the tear started to break apart. The paladin struggling to keep the process up as twisting energies were lashing out at him, cutting his face, neck and damaging his armor. He closed his eyes to concentrate, he then pushed his arm forward into the tear sending a final surge of energy. The tear broke away and the paladin stumbled backwards holding onto his right arm which looked seriously burned. The results of his efforts was successful as all that remained of the tear was a blue portal. A sense of foreboding started to consume the trio.

"Remind me not to do that again." Wolfie said who attempts to heal his burned arm. Oddly the paladin didn't seem worried what he just inflicted on himself. But the paladin stood triumphant in front of the portal who sucessfully opened the portal. But for how long?
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A Tale of Three Dragons.
Part Two.

The three dragons appeared in the clouds above Greenguard Forest. Hiding from the massed black dragons waiting in the clearing below.

“We are not far from the Orc village.” said Lunum.
“Let us hope our brothers are not about to attack the green folk.” Liora thought.

“How can we approach the leader to try and talk with him?” asked Stratos.
“Follow me.” said Liora.
She dove out of the clouds and landed amongst the group of startled Dragons.
Her landing caused much wing flapping and dancing among the darkness dragons as they tried to avoid her.

Lunum glided down more serenely and landed in some clear ground near the largest black dragon.

“Welcome brethren of the Light.” said the leader.
“I am Serewing. What should we call you?”

Stratos landed next to Lunum.
“I’m Stratos, that is Lunum and my mother over there is Liora.”

“How can we help you today?” asked Serewing.

“We were just wondering why you had gathered here in Greenguard and what you might be planning to do next?” queried Lunum.

“I think I could say “That is not your business.” said Serewing
“But actually it probably is your concern?” he mused.

“We have been concerned about one of our kind, called Rath. He wants us to call him the Great Dragon Emperor.”
“We heard about that” interrupted Liora.
Arching an eye ridge the black dragon continued “Well we were just deciding what to do about this Rath.... and the legions who have decided to follow him.”

“Aren’t you gathered a little too close to the Orcs? They might take offense?” wondered Lunum.
Serewing said “ Maybe, but this is an ancient gathering place for my family line, so we care not.”
Liora looked at the 4 score of dragons and thought “A powerful family!”

She was about to ask Serewing how his family was so strong after the recent wars....when a rain of whistling arrows flew up from the forest edge and began their terrible descent towards the defenceless masses.

Serewing muttered a few words and a shimmering barrier of magic sprang forth between the dragons and their impending doom.
“…….We know how to defend ourselves.” said the Leader, as dozens of other magic shields joined the first.
The Arrows bounced from the magic in the air, breaking or harmlessly falling to the ground.

Immediately a tide of green warriors surged from the forest.
“Fall back! Regroup at Fairwind!” roared Serewing to his family,
Rapidly the black dragons began to Teleport away from the clearing.

Lunum thought to the others “Time to leave. Follow Serewing.”
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