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Nocturu Clan Stories

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12/4/2006 19:21:08   

Post your stories about Nocturu here.

This thread can be used to post any stories you want about Noctuuhowever it is specifically designed for short stories.

Any Stories can have their own thread in Creative Writing however if it is only short you may want to add it to the whole.

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8/9/2010 18:27:34   
Riffus Maximus

The Element Thief
Paxia is in chaos. The race of Garitia which emerged from the ruins of old conflicts are destroying clans bit by bit. Amongst all of this havoc, elements are being stolen by a mysterious thief. Will the conspiracy be uncovered and Paxia saved?

Chapter 1: The Stange Light - Nocturu's Perspective

Silence reigned in the halls of Nocturu's Castle. These days, there werenít many activities going on inside the castle. The only sounds that would sometime be heard were the moaning of the injured and the footsteps of the skeletons guarding the gates.Much of the castle was deserted because of the current war, and sadly, many of the High Council members had resigned from their duties, except from a lady that occupied the Revenant seat and a lone ninja, with his shadow, that took upon himself the Scion of Data's duties. They were perhaps the only ones that didn't bother with the war. It has been so long since the Clans began fighting, in fact, they started fighting since their creation. Although they had grown tired of the war, the two members of the High Council never bothered to stop the others fighting. It would be meaningless, they would not stop anyway.

Max kept looking at the dark sky of his home, sitting behind his office's desk. From time to time, he would look at the people that came to Nocturu and join the clan, or he would simply revise the clan's resources. Being the Scion of Data was so boring at times like these.

As the Shadow Ninja was about to fall asleep in his chair, a sudden flash of light brought him back to his senses. This flash of light was unnatural, and a light which had descended from the heavens, to reach what seemed to be the ruins of the ancient war. As he approached the window to confirm the location where the light fell to, a shadow manifested beside the ninja, taking the form of a human-like person, but it was entirely pitch-black with no body features.

"Wow, that's kind of impressive. I wonder what it could be?" said Shadow, Max's companion since a long time ago.

"I do not know, but I doubt it is anything good." Max answered to his companion, with a calm voice, devoid of emotion.

Max turned his back to the window and walked away. He went to the closet, at the far left of his office. As he stepped in and out, his clothes changed from black mage-like clothes to his black casual ninja uniform. He tied his headband to his forehead, his scarf to his neck, and most importantly he grabbed his two swords that were left on a couch and fixed them on his back.

"So, you're going to see what this is all about?" Shadow asked, following Max closely as he left his office and walked in the dark halls of the castle.

"Indeed, for two reasons." Max said, making a pause on purpose. Shadow looked at Max, puzzled as they walked towards the castle's gates. "First, it is my duty as a member of the High Council, especially as the Scion of Data, to look into these kinds of events."

"And?" Shadow asked.

"Second, is there anything better to do?" Max said with some sarcasm. The duo grinned at the same time, looking at the beam of light. They stopped at the entrance of the dark forest, enjoying the silence for a few seconds.

"So, do you think Lucian is behind this?" Shadow quietly asked in an almost-whispering tone, barely breaking the silence.

"I doubt it. I don't think they have any interest in the ruins of the old war, much like every clan.Ē Max answered, his voice a bit louder than his comrade, but still low and deep.

On the way to the old ruins, the ninja and his shadow moved quickly, without making any sound.


Thanks to Balubamboto for correcting the text and helping me out making it more legible and less confusing.

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10/28/2010 8:21:09   

we need more chapters, just started and it sounds good
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10/28/2010 12:03:40   
Riffus Maximus

I'll try to continue making more chapters, since i've come back and it would be nice to continue that story.
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10/28/2010 14:40:10   
Riffus Maximus

Chapter 2: Collision

The duo made their way to the ruins of the Old War. This site was history for the original clans, and probably meant little to the others, but they were a historical site of Paxia, and that is why more or less Paxians respect those grounds. This place is the proof of what awaits those who seek war at all cost and supremacy over the others, death and destruction. Max never knew how the three clans just got destroyed altogether and forced them to retreat deeper in Paxia, but only the result mattered. Today, that was all but just a pile of junk and ruins scattered on the land.

Having reached the Ruins, the two brought themselves to a halt, and leaped into a tree, hiding themselves from the people who could be there. They watched below them, at the scene. Obviously, there was some action down there. Through the branches he was sure he recognized General Wolfie from Lucian fighting with monstrous humanoid beings. One thing got Max's attention, there was only one pillar before, and now there were several of them.

"It seems like Lucian is not likely to be involved with these structures. What should we do?" Shadow asked silently to Max.

"Usually I would rather stay here and watch as the events unfold, but I cannot stay still when an ally is fighting these monsters by himself." Max said with a bit of concern.

Shadow approved with an agreeing nod. The duo dashed out of their hideout as soon as three shot could be heard. The monsters fell on the ground, but one had appeared suddenly from one of the pillars, rushing at the Lucian Paladin. With quick reflexes, Max unsheathed his two black katanas and Shadow manifested his two shadowy katanas. The two engaged in a cross slashing attack from above, slicing the being of both its two arms and legs. It dropped on the ground, growling insults at the sneaky fighters.

"How nice, I don't recall having met this kind of monster previously on Paxia." Max said with a grin as he looked at the creature who lost his limbs. He kicked the body aside as he went to see Wolfe. "Watch it for me, Shadow. We can perhaps get information out of him once I'm done speaking with our friend here.

With a nod, Shadow pointed his blade towards the monster "I recommend you to don't move if you don't want your life-force sucked out of your body."

Max walked slowly towards Wolfie, speaking to him on the way "I assume Lucian doesn't have anything to do with these would-be-called pillars of light, am I right?"

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11/15/2010 22:01:34   
Riffus Maximus

Chapter 3:

Just as Max was about to get an answer from Wolfie, two people came towards them. One was probably a Lucian, seeing as he seemed to know the General that Max was talking to very well. The other was a lady wearing red armour riding on a kind of giant insect, surely a Dynamian, from the looks of her weapons and mount. Without a word, the first Lucian left the ninja and went to see his friends. Standing right where he was, Max was listening to them talking, understanding that this Dynamian was the one shooting from afar with her long-range weapon. That was a convenient weapon, Max could already imagine how great it should be for assassination plots.

After a minute or two, the Lucian newcomer came to him,

"Good day, ally," said the Lucian, "I'm the Professor, Head Representative of Lucian. I understand you want some information about this light?"

"Greetings, I am Max, Nocturu's Scion of Data. Yes, if you could provide me with some information about those strange pillars of light and the monsters that emerge from them, I would be grateful."

Although Max was listening to the Professor, he gave a telepathic order to Shadow.

"Shadow, I want you to watch and listen to everyone except the Lucian in front of me. I want as much data as we can get." Max said telepathically to his shadow twin.

"Roger that." Shadow telepathically replied to Max.

The Professor replied,

"We know very little for certain just now. It would seem that this light is called "The Tear", and appears in places of past conflict. It duplicates when attacked, and I have deduced that it is a portal to another world, possibly another universe... These strange creatures would appear to have emerged from the portal. That's all I can say with certainty. I do fear, though, that the purpose of the portal is to send an Army to the humble land of Paxia..."

"Then it seems that Paxia will have to be unified once again in order to fight off this army." Max replied to the Professor.

"A prospect I very much enjoy the thought of, my friend." smiled the Professor, "Now, may I ask who your friend guarding that creature is?"

"Him? It's Shadow, both my twin and my friend. Very few see us together, as I usually leave him in the castle, fulfilling my duties while I'm out." answered the ninja, looking at his dark twin who was suddenly fading away.

"Then excuse me while I give him a hand." replied the Professor, brandishing his diamond edged sword. The Professor leaped in Shadow's direction, landing on the creature he was guarding. With a single slice he slit the throat of the creature, killing it instantly.

"Something I forgot to mention," said the Professor, as he got to his feet, "These things can absorb your powers as you fight them, their skills vary based on who they are up against."

Having some information about them, Max didn't care much for the creature. With a farewell nod to the Professor, Shadow vanished, leaving only a faint whisper behind

"I'll return, new duties awaits me."

Max walked towards the monster's corpse. He examined it and took note of it's limbs and body as he listened to the Professor.

"So it means that we'll fight something like a copycat of ourselves, but deadlier?" Max wondered, "I guess killing them before they absorb our powers is the key to fighting them?"

"That would make sense." returned the Professor. "I suggest you return to your clan base, and ask your head of military matters to look into devising a strategy for fighting these creatures. "

"You are right. I'll be on my way then. Send my regards to General Wolfie and the rest of the Lucians." Max bade farewell to The Professor, then left, running quickly to Nocturu's base.

While Max and the Professor were speaking, Shadow faded away. To be more precise, he transformed into a shadow on the ground and made his way closer to the Paladin and the Dynamian. There, he would stay hidden into the shadows that the ruins were casting. From his point, he could hear and see what the two were talking about. From what he could understand, they were creatures that were somewhat feeding on magic, coming from another world, and their number could easily outnumber the people on Lore. What made Shadow more curious about those "Garitia" were the fact that they were "shadows of mortals". In someway, Shadow was just like them, except that he had never had any thirst for magic before, since he was somewhat at one with it. Whenever he tried to understand what he truely was, his soul ached and burned, and eventually he had to stop thinking about it. Another fact, it is recommended to kill them with a single but powerful shot, just like the woman that blasted a grounded Garitia when the General demonstrated what those monsters could do.

When they seemed to quiet down, Shadow sent the data he received from what he gathered to Max. However, he would stay there until there was nothing more to be learned.

Max received the data from Shadow, which was a bit more precise than what The Professor told him. He was quite surprised by these beings, but not that they had decided to invade Paxia.

"So if these monsters are here for invading Lore and feeding on our magic, then we must prepare for an invasion." Max stated.

Shadow appeared beside Max as he was running towards the castle.

"So I guess that we must once again fight together for the survival of not only Paxia, but for Lore as well?" Shadow asked.

"I would assume so." replied Max, "However, if their numbers are really that great, then we must also find a way to stop them from entering or creating more portals."

"So what can we do about this?"

"I think it would be best to ask Wolfie if there's a way to shut those portals and do something so that they can never come back and create any more portals."

"What you need me to do?"

"Go back to the Professor, ask him if he knows a way to shut the portals down. Meanwhile, I'll warn the High Council of this threat, then assemble all Nocturans. We need as many as we can to defend Paxia. Then, when everyone seems to be there, I'll split the forces in two. One force will stay at the Castle and guard it, in case some clans or enemies take this opportunity to take the Castle down. The other force will come here and help with these portals."

"Alright, I'm on my way."

Shadow vanished, only to reappear beside The Professor.

"Max sent me. He would like to know if there's a way to shut down these portals?"

"It's possible to destroy anything... Unfortunately I don't know how to destroy these portals... For now we must simply neutralise the threat, by destroying the monsters. When we get them under control, then we can look into disabling the portals."

"Understood. I'll be on my way." Shadow said. He disappeared from sight, and after a few minutes caught up with Max and appeared beside him.

"It seems like the method of destroying those portals is not known yet. The Professor suggested that we destroy the Garithias and hold our grounds until we get the situation under control." Shadow said to Max.

"Fine, let's hurry to the Castle, then I'll call for a war meeting." Max answered.


As always, here's the credits:
Thanks for The Prof to take some of his time to make this collaborative post and correct my grammatical mistakes.
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11/28/2010 17:45:29   

Two words: Epic Win
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12/6/2010 17:49:22   
Riffus Maximus

Chapter 4:

By the time Max reached Nocturu's Castle, it was night. Max sighed as he reached his clan's gates, tired of running without taking a day of rest. Even after the council's meeting, there would be no time to rest. The two skeletons at the front gates gave him a slow but firm salute as Max went trough the doors. He quickly walked in the dark corridors of the castle, turning a few corners, then entered a rather large room. In this room, there were one big stone table with five stone chairs sitting around the table. This place hasn't been used for quite some time, even if it would, not much people would gather around this table. The majority of the High Council is vacant, only Max was around to fulfill the duties of the Council. As the sole member of the Council, it was his duty to take leadership of the High Council until someone would rise and become the next Revenant, the leader of their Council. Max never thought of himself as a leader, but it was for the good of his clan that he was assuming leadership, to guide them when it was needed.

At the sight of the vacant room, Max sat on a chair, one of the Revenants, and Shadow took the other Revenant's seat.

"Alright, the Council is here, let's get down to business." Shadow said, laughing.

"Keep jokes like that for yourself, Shadow. I hate the sight of this empty room." Max answered with a growling tone.

"Ease up, it's not the first time it happens. Still, we must discuss it and be sure of what we will do before taking actions."

"Right. So, we gathered some infos about those ennemies, what they are, where they come from, and what is their objectives."

"It would seem those beings are called 'Garithias', an alien specie that is supposed to feed on magic and drain the abilities of their opponents. Their homeworld is not known yet, only that they come through portals called 'The Tear', which are in fact pillars of light that reach the skies. Each time the structure is struck, a yellow mist appears and one or more Garithia suddenly appears. When a pillar is destroyed, it would seem that several others appears after the destruction of the first. As for their objectives, it is unknown, bu their are possibilities that they would come on Lore to feed on the Magic Energy of this world, effectively invading it, perhaps taking this world for them when they would finish their job sucing the magic out of Lore."

"That reminds me of The Galin's invasion. Except that he wasn't interested in taking over the world, only destroying it."

"Yes, but if all of Lore's magic is drained, we might as well say that this world is destroyed."

"Indeed. So, what do you think we should do. Personally, I would call a meeting with all the other clans, put aside our petty querrels aside and unite once again to fight off this invasion, just like what we did when The Galin and his Network invaded Lore.

"I agree. Only through Unity Paxia and Lore can get out alive of this war. It worked with The Galin, I'm sure it will work against the Garithias."

Max rose from his seat. "Alright, we are all agreed. Let's call a meeting with the other clans. While we're waiting for the other clans' answers, we will send words for our troops to pull back from the war and come to Nocturu's Castle."

At the end of the meeting, Max wrote seven letters, applying the High Council and Nocturu's seal to each and sent an emissary to the seven other clans.


Members of the Elemental Clans,

Read this carefully, as it is a message of high importance for not only the safety of our clans and Paxia, but also for the safety of Lore and all it's denizens.
A few while ago, a new race of alien specie has appeared on Lore and proved to be ferocious and threatening monsters. We believe they might try an invasion on Lore to feed on our magic. It would be wise to call a meeting between the clans' leaders and decide what Paxia will do agaisnt this new threat. The meeting will take place in a neutral territory, where the Paxius satue lies.

I expect some of you to come and discuss about this important matter.
-Shadow Max, Scion of Nocturu

"Do you believe the clans will come to this meeting? Some distrusts the Darkness Clan, and probably won't show up." Shadow said, walking beside Max as they went towards Max's office.

"I hope they all do. The survival of Paxia depends on the Clans' Unity." Max silently said, staring at the moon from his window.


As usual I would be glad if one of my fellow story-teller would correct this part.

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12/7/2010 20:33:57   

Jeez, you have a knack for story telling alright. *Jelous eyes*
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12/8/2010 2:46:57   
Riffus Maximus

Something like that. I've been RPing for more than 4 years, and I've wrote a story (incompleted) on the Private Forums. I guess experience helps me for coming up with ideas for stories. Plus, I like writing stories. I've always been the kind of guy who likes thinking of stories and such.

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1/7/2011 18:29:48   

Well I day dream about stuff like that a lot, but when I get my words on paper I have trouble writing what i really want to write. It just sounds....not like it is supposed too.
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1/7/2011 19:42:38   
Riffus Maximus

Ah yes, it happens to me quite often. It takes a lot of time to think, and ever longer to write it. I've once started to typing a story on my computer, but I always found new things to add, or a few things to modify.

My thoughts on this is to write a few scraps of what you want to write. Try to assemble the ideas, make it look good. A thing I learned back then when I was at school was to put ideas on a paper, assemble them together with other ideas that was meant to put all the ideas. It might not sound clear, but it works for me.
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1/10/2011 16:57:11   
Riffus Maximus

Chapter 5:

"It is time..." Max pointed out after staring for a while at the moon.

"Is it?" Shadow asked, relaxing in the office's couch. "So, what are you orders before we go?"

"I'll go at the meeting 'alone'. As for you, you'll stay at the base. The other should come back from the current battles, and when they reach this place, I want you teach them what we've spoke earlier." Max replied, turning his back to the window and walking out of his office.

"Roger." Shadow stated, merging with the surrounding shadows.

The Shadow Ninja walked in the halls of the castle, making his way quickly to the back of the castle. He went outside, and let out a sharp and long whistle. Then, he left, running towards the rendezvous point with the other clans. As he was running, two figures wrapped in Ninja uniforms joined him. Not much could be seen about them from the outside, except the fact that they looked unnaturally skinny, almost bony-like, and their yellow glowing eyes. Without a sound, they followed Max behind, surprisingly symmetrical to each other as they moved side-by-side.


Some Nocturans began to arrive, arriving by the front gates in a hurry. When they reached the main hall, a shadowy figure appeared from the ground before them. As they began to fill the castle with greetings towards each others, other Nocturans came from the castle, greeting the newcomers.

"Shadow! What is it all about? Why did the Scion of Nightmares ordered us to retreat from the battlefields?" One of them asked loudly to the shadowy humanoid that appeared.

"Comrades, this needs the attention of every clan members. We shall wait until more of us arrive and fill the halls of our castle. Then, I shall explain to you." Shadow replied to the clan mate.

With a hesitant nod, the Nocturan turned and spoke to the others, discussing of random matters. After a few hours, more and more Nocturans arrived, until most of the main hall was filled with members of the Darkness. Then, Shadow appeared, standing on one of the pillars. Nocturans were quick to notice him, and they fell silent, feeling the Scion's shadow had something important to say.

"My fellow Nocturans. The reason Max, the Scion of Nightmares, called you out of the current battles is to warn you of a dire threat. Right now, a new race has appeared on Lore, in the ruins of the old war, to be more precise. These beings, called Garithias, are from another world, and intend to invade Lore for whatever dangerous purposes for us. Max gathered you here in order to be ready for this invasion." Shadow said his voice loud so that everyone in the hall could hear him out.

"Then I suggest we go all out at them and send them back home!" A black Knight yelled, followed by some battle cries of other warrior-type fellows.

"No! The Scion and I have discussed of this matter before taking action. We have agreed that we need to have both an offensive and a defensive approach of the situation. We've decided that we should wait for Max to come back with the answers of the other clans, and then we shall launch an attack on the Garithias gathering point, while half of us will defend the castle."

"Cooperate with the other clans? Are you mad? We cannot trust the other clans, especially Lucian." another Nocturan shouted.

"We need the help of the other clans. The numbers of the Garithia might even exceed the number of people on Lore. And you fool should know that Lucian is our closest ally, as it as been in the past, just as today."

The hall was filled with voices. Some were showing their disagreement to work with the other clans, others were reluctant as to cut the forces in two instead of going all-out, and others were approving with Shadow and were trying to knock some sense in the others' head. In the end, after a long while of discussing and debating with each other, the majority of the Nocturans were all agreed to work with the clans in order to fight off the threat.

"Alright, it seems most of us agree. But tell us, Shadow, what do we need to do for now?" A Dark Mage asked Shadow.

"Max learned that these Garithias were able to drain magic. He asked all of the Nocturans to come because he needed you to prepare yourselves for this." Shadow answered.

"So that means that the spellcasters would be pretty much useless in this war? But that cuts us of almost the third of our forces!" A fellow Necromancer affirmed.

"Indeed. However, Necromancers should be able to deplete their entire mana pool on creating undead and I am certain it could work. As for Mages, I fear that we'll need to deplete your mana pool before sending you to battle."

"But what good are we if we don't have our magic. We're not warriors, and fighting with weapons isn't something we do everyday." A black Mage pointed out.

"That is alas something that we must accept because of the enemy we currently face."

"But how could we deplete our mana? Shooting spells everywhere could be disastrous." another mage pointed out.

"Fortunately for us, we have a solution for that. If some of you donít know about the Mindlock Orb, it is a device that suppresses any use of spell and drains mana over time. Some Nocturan mages developed a prototype of a massive Mindlock Orb. Unfortunately, it failed on us many times, and one of these failures might just be the solution of our problem. One of these failures involved the drain of dark mages only, perhaps due to the prolonged exposure of the Castle's dark energy. We will bring that device with us and cut our magic off the battle, so that they will not drain us."

People were reluctant at first, other didn't understood a bit of what Shadow said, but thereafter it made sense.


It took quite a while for Max to reach the Paxus statue. It looked enigmatic, as always. The Shadow Ninja turned to the two beings clothes in black that followed him from the Nocturu's Castle.

"Hide somewhere you can't be seen. Show yourself only if something bad happens during the meeting." Max ordered.

With a nod, the two ninjas jumped out of sight. One hid himself in a tree, the other in a rather large bush. Max stood tall on a tall rock, overlooking the area, one of his swords unsheathed, waiting to see if someone would show himself at this meeting.
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5/8/2011 13:54:02   

The Dawn Fountain; a Tale of Nocturan Tragedy. (Incomplete as yet.)
TDF Comments go here?

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5/18/2011 18:21:53   

Drell's Kitchen: A short reminder of a long reign as culinary king of darkness (and blackening)

"I'm so nervous! What if someone sees us?" Green eyes looked to the side in anger as two Glacians crept through the Nocturan forest. "Don't be such a sissy! We're just going to stop by, see the castle, and see if it's really true!" "But Erin, Nocturans eat people!" "You know that's just a stupid joke, Doug, forget about it." "Well, you're the one who really believes their high council is made of demons from another world!" "Shut up! ...I just want to check. They say that one of the leaders' own shadow walks apart from him!" "Now who's speaking nonsense?" Erin replied with a raised hand as a rustle came from nearby. "What was that?? What if it eats us???" "Quiet!" Pushing through the thick, brittle shrubbery, the two Glacians saw something unexpected--A neon sign, advertising a restaurant. I bold, red letters it said "Drell's Kitchen" with the image of a devilish chef glowing underneath. "See, Doug, they eat normal food! You're worried about nothing." "Well, that's a relief. But still, it looks scary to me." "Oh, please, you're more yellow than a Dynami glow worm. Let's go in..." Doug started to protest, only to see Erin walk trance-like towards the wooden front door of Drell's. "Erin! Come back!" he said in a stage whisper, still ignored. As Erin pushed in the front door, Doug ran to him. "Erin! I swear something's wrong he--"
"-Hello! Welcome to Drell's. Why don't I give you two boys a seat?" asked a normal-looking waitress, with long black hair and ice-blue eyes. "...Yes please." Erin said, then his eyes opened from the half-lidded gaze he had before. "Wait, Doug, how'd we get in here?" "You walked in, you jerk! How do we know we aren't the meal?" "You still on about that? Let's just go sit." Seeming to have forgotten his black out, Erin walked to the table where the waitress was standing. It was small and glossy black, directly in the middle of the dimly lit dining room which sat empty and silent. The room fell back in darkness, and neither man could see how far away the walls were. Erin and Doug sat down in the cold, stiff-backed chairs that waited them. "I'll go get your menus," The waitress said, and walked to the back of the room where there was a frosted glass door. She left them alone in the dining room, empty save but for the aromas that wafted through the opened door. "The food smells great...I'm sure they can't be all bad and make such good food." Doug said. The waitress walked back through the door with two, tall black menus under her arm and two glasses of icewater. After an attentive "here you are, hun" she left them alone again. "Everything on here looks good..." Erin said. He suddenly felt incredibly hungry, he noted after taking a drink. Doug felt the same. The waitress walked back in with two steaming plates of food. "I'll have that!" Doug urged, Erin nodding his agreement. Wordlessly, the waitress set down the food in front of them. This time she stayed at the table, and neither Erin nor Doug noticed.
As the two devoured the food, the waitress stood by.
Shortly after the first bite, both fell face-forward on the table, unconscious.
"Erin?...Erin?" Doug called out tentatively. Everything was dark, and Doug felt as though he couldn't move. His body was numb, cold coming to him from his back. There was a low hum in the air, then a loud, screeching buzz. Alarmed by the noise and the dark, Doug struggled to find some light. "Open your eyes, boy..." said a deep, echoing voice.
As Doug opened his eyes, he saw a tall man with long, stringy black hair. The man stood higher than any Doug had ever seen, and had red eyes that looked right through Doug to the cool, metal surface he lay on. The man brought his hand close and the screech stopped. Doug looked over and saw a blender, deep red goo slowly coming to a halt inside. "Erin?" He called out, once more.
The man grinned with a mouth seemingly too wide for his face, and took a large knife from a set of cutlery. Looking to his sides for any escape, Doug saw a frosted glass door to his right, and, while the man slowly fingered the blade, got up and ran. Bursting through the unlocked door, Doug froze--the room was identical to the one he and Erin had entered, but full of people. No, full of...things. Every creature in the room looked like a nightmare to him, all with human faces and monstrous forms. All were eating human corpses, ripped open at the sternum. The only other object found were smoothies, every table had one. A broad hand slapped down on his shoulder. "Back inside, little one" Doug whimpered, unable to disobey at the sound of the mans voice. It cut as much as the knife in his hand looked like it could. The man walked beside him, back into what Doug now saw was a kitchen. The man lifted him up onto the metal cutting board, where Doug lay on his back. looking to his left, where the blender lay, he saw a green eyeball bobbing in the goo, staring at him.
"Erin will be with you soon..."

(Forgive me if it's silly, I haven't written in a while.)

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Part 2 of my story The Dawn Fountain; a Tale of Nocturan Tragedy is up.
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