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Irismancer, The

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3/5/2007 15:33:46   

The Irismancer

Location: The Irismancer, As Good As Gold, All That Glitters...

Quests given

Shops owned

The Irismancer

The Irismancer: I see! I see so many things. I see that you have come to my temple to stop my servants and stop me, The Irismancer.

The Irismancer: How can I explain this to you when there is so much that you do not see?
The Irismancer: I see the past, the present and the future. You can hardly see past of your nose. But I will try.
The Irismancer: I see the wars coming. I see the shadows falling. I see a time when only the most powerful will survive.
The Irismancer: I see some will use their power to protect others. I see some will use their power only for themselves.
The Irismancer: ...and even though he hides, I see the one behind it all.

The Irismancer: Ha. I indeed see Sepulchure. His path is so very like your own. But, Sepulchure is not the one I speak of.

The Irismancer: I see that you would like answers.

The Irismancer: Fight me <Character>, and face my mastery of Wind magics. If you defeat me, then I will tell you what I see.

After the battle is won
The Irismancer: Well... *cough* ... Well done, hero. I am defeated. I will not be able to hold this form for long.
The Irismancer: It is time to claim your prize... ask what you will.

  • Who are you?
    The Irismancer: I am The Irismancer. I was once a flying eye, and a pet of a powerful mage.
    The Irismancer: Most other flying eyeballs were trapped for centuries until Zarek and Palladia released them, but not me.
    The Irismancer: I spent all those years reading over the shoulder of my old master until I learned enough to take this form that you see.
    The Irismancer: My powers have grown even more since then. When the other eyes were released a large portion of them were drawn to me.
    The Irismancer: With their help... seeing through their eyes.. I can now see nearly everything.

  • Why attack town?
    The Irismancer: As I said before, dark times are coming. They will be upon us soon.
    The Irismancer: I see powerful forces all moving at once. They are all grabbing for power so when dark times arrive...
    The Irismancer: They will have more power than the others. They will be in a position to win the battle for their chosen side or for themselves.
    The Irismancer: One such source of power is what the Guardians are guarding. The tower at Falconreach is one of the few still standing.
    The Irismancer: MY eyes went searching for this power, and when they found that tower, I made my own grab at that power hidden below it.

    The Irismancer: I am sorry <Character>. I cannot tell you that. I see that is not my place to tell you, but know this...
    The Irismancer: When the times comes.. you may be the only one who can use that power.

  • Sepulchure?
    The Irismancer: Not long ago he was a hero who accomplished many great deeds. He had made many good friends in his adventuring, like you.
    The Irismancer: Then he lost something that was dear to him. He felt that if he had more power, he would have been able to stop this event.
    The Irismancer: In his obsessive search to become stronger he withdrew from his life and his friends. They tried to help him but he wouldn't let them.
    The Irismancer: Then he discovered his cursed weapon, the Necrotic Blade of Doom.
    The Irismancer: His weapons did make him stronger but poisoned his mind further. Then it began to poison his body.
    The Irismancer: The armor that he wears, the armor of the Doom Knight...it actually wears him.
    The Irismancer: He has become something else, bound to the darkness.

  • Doom Weapons?
    The Irismancer: Ah yes, the powerful Doom Weapons. Lore had never seen anything like them until they appeared a few years ago.
    The Irismancer: Several spirits of pure elemental darkness came to our world from their own plane.
    The Irismancer: It is difficult for a spirit of pure darkness to remain in our world. The light from a single candle could destroy them in their natural forms.
    The Irismancer: There are many ways for an elemental spirit to remain in our world but the most simple is to become bound to a weapon or item.
    The Irismancer: Thus, the Doom Weapons were born. Weapons of purest darkness with corrupt and evil minds of their own.
    The Irismancer: Everyone can ignore their whispers for a while, but in the end they end up dead or mad or worse... like Sepulchure.

  • One Last Question
    The Irismancer: I... uh... you can't just.... It's not like that, exactly...uh...I'm fading! I can't hold my form any longer! GO AWAY!

    As Good As Gold

    ???: Of course it is...
    ???: But why bother with the piddly fortune of an obtuse and foolishly benevolent King...

    ???: ...When everything you've ever wanted could be yours at the snap of your fingers?

    The Irismancer: Of course I can, with the help of my Master.
    The Irismancer: IF you do me a small favor.

    The Irismancer: I will do better than that. Much, much better!
    The Irismancer: Hehehe!

    The Irismancer: ...

    The Irismancer: ...
    The Irismancer: I'm not just going to GIVE you gold. Any fool can collect gold.
    The Irismancer: Thanks to the power of my Master- and soon to be YOUR Master- has granted me, I will MAKE you gold: your body the essence of gold.
    The Irismancer: Your very BREATH will be gold!
    The Irismancer: In fact... since you said you love even the taste of gold...

    The Irismancer: Whatever you kiss from this moment on will BECOME gold!

    The Irismancer: In return, you will teach those foolish heroes...
    The Irismancer: And especially <Character>...
    The Irismancer: ...The power of gold!
    The Irismancer: he/she might have shamed me once, but YOU will teach him/her the folly of his/her hubris!

    The Irismancer: *(sigh)*
    The Irismancer: Yeah, I was thinking more along the lines of a war.
    The Irismancer: Turning monsters to gold, gilding the cities of Lore, distracting <Character> that way while some...
    The Irismancer: ...other plans...
    The Irismancer: ...are put into motion.
    The Irismancer: You know, a LOGICAL use of your newfound power.

    The Irismancer: *mutter* Madman! Madmen and fools. Master was right when he said that's all he had to work with...
    The Irismancer: Now, if only <Character> is kept busy enough!

    All That Glitters...

    The Irismancer: Aahah, I have found you. Here, all alone, left to rot in a cell. Perfect.
    The Irismancer: You have failed my Master! YOU no longer have your powers. You're of no use now!
    The Irismancer: AND all your monsters have been defeated AND <Character> suspects our involvement!
    The Irismancer: Failure. Must. Be. Punished.
    The Irismancer: But what is the appropriate punishment for one as greedy as you?

    The Irismancer: Aaah. Ah, yes. I have it.

    The Irismancer: Let THAT be a lesson to those who would fail my Master!

    Faded Irismancer

    Thanks to
    -- A_T for dialogue.
    -- pahezir for pointing out a typo.
    -- ILmaster13 for reformatting part of the post.
    -- Stephen Nix for post reformat and image.
    -- Chaotic Chaos for the fading image.
    -- Doomstalker for correction.

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