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Official: The Journal of The'Galin

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7/9/2008 15:30:51   
Legendary Loremaster

The Journal of The'Galin

Comments Thread is Here

I am begining this record of what its to come so that there is some accounting of the events that will undoubtedly end with my death at Feldrin's hands. I have come to the realization that escaping his machinations is nothing I can do in the long term. If what I seek to accompllish is to work I must transfer my estate and wealth to another before time that his machinations come to fruit.

The planting season is among us. By the harvest, I will be dead. By the harvest, I will have either succeeded or this great plague of corruption that has taken root within the world will consume us all. I have learned through my allies in the guild of theives that Feldrin has moved forward the time of Jacobi's trial tommorow secretly without informing me. He clearly seeks the child's parents estate.

I have seen some evidence that Feldrin is the one who hired the assassins who took out the boy's parents. I cannot prove this of course so I can only seek to thwart his efforts more directly. I only hope I can make it in time. Lauren has gone to the next village to procure supplies.

It is my hope that she retuns in time. For should she not Jacobi's fate is sealed.

The'Galin son of Galian

Moved to Collaborative Fiction due to the natue of the final entries and the fact that another will be posting my final chaper for me

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3/13/2007 21:24:06   
Legendary Loremaster

That damnable Feldrin has managed throuugh machination to have pushed up the timeframe of the trial of Jacobi even further. Lauren has just now returned and his trial has already begun. I am going to fly across the city in hopes that there will be some delay. Some hope of accomplishing the impossible for that child.

I hold little faith. I fear I have failed this one.

Goddess bless my steps. Lest your child is taken by the hands of greed.

The'Galin Son of Galian

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3/16/2007 22:40:19   
Legendary Loremaster

I have rushed away from house guests to make this entry while it remains clear and because it is significant. I am delighted. I have succeeded in rescuing the child from Feldrin. Feldrin was livid and he went so far as to make direct threats. The significance of the fact cannot be understated. Feldrin is far enough along in his plans thaht he considers himself untouchable and my fate inescapable. Likely this is true. However if I can take him down and strike a blow to the heart of Tjeli in the process I shall do so.

I have however even more pressing and unusual concerns on my miind. The reason that I was able to delay Feldrin was because of the kind intervention of a most peculiar group of strangers at the city gate. I cannot help but feel there is some momentous portent in their presence here and even more that they are messengers from some very far off place indeed. I wonder even if they might not be her agency at work. I had prayed even as I fled to save Jacobi and they appeared very much as an answer to that prayer.

However if they are agents they perhaps know not the extent of their nature. They seem foppish and somewhat disorganized. They also seem to apport freely and slide in and out however their reactions to the process confirms for me that it is neither volitional nor under any of their controls.

This if nothing else verifies the fated nature of their arrival it is that fact. I do not believe in coincidence. I also do not believe in fate in the strict sense. However I do believe in preordination of individual events. I can only assume that this meeting was preordained and a direct response to my inquiry.

Still I fear them. I fear them greatly. For I sense in them and in their interactions with me a deep chasm. Knowledge that they have which would be very very dangerous to know. I must tread with care. I only hope they do the same.

The'Galin son of Galian

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3/20/2007 17:14:20   
Legendary Loremaster

The odd nature of my house guests has been even more confirmed by the strangeness of their departure from my estate. Much as they came they simply vanished into thin air. I have no idea what the nature of their arrival was and I have no further information on the nature of their leaving. I only know that their arrival was a blessing and their departure may be even more so. For I still am made uneasy by the nature of their appearance in my home. Still I owe them a debt and I shall one day repay it if in fact I have the means.

It shall never be said that a son of Galian forgets their debts or betrays their honor, like a common thug. Ah.... but this makes me long for my brother and sister so far distant from me. I wonder not for the first time what their families might be doing. While I love every one of my children here at the orphanage, I still at times question the fact that by spending all my resources on children I take by adoption I shall never have children of my own tree. I must rely on my siblings then to carry on my Father's noble line. Even though as first born I hold and some would say squander the wealth entrusted me.

I am reassured by the fact that my siblings and indeed my father never begrudged me my altruism. Indeed they have always supported my philanthropy even at great personal loss.

Still as Feldrin continues his machinations and I see the corruption of others I begin to think that honesty and caring are marks of a dying breed. A breed being replaced by those who lust for power, wealth, and station.

The'Galin son of Galian

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4/5/2007 13:13:46   
Legendary Loremaster

This day shall be ever recorded as a day of great darkness in the land of Inilar. I was accosted this morning by Feldrin and Gelidar one of his willing servitors. Feldrin begged me for help against Sieleidari. At first I rebuffed him but what Feldrin has told me has made my blood run cold. Sieleidari is the leader of the Reclaimers guild and he profits 1000 C. for his services A paid murderer he has thought to advance his position in the council by making sweeping changes. To this end he called a meeting in the middle of the night and invited only those he had in his pocket, who might agree with him under persuasion, and who might be needed to assume the vote had the neccesary numbers even if they disagreed. A law has been enacted that has outlawed the care of children not related to one by blood. Only those whose bloodline has worth are to be spared. Further the law shall be retroactive for the last 100 years. Any who do not or have broken this law shall be also reclaimed for their raw materials. Likewise one other from their bloodline shall be purified for each violation beyond the first.

Feldrin cares for his late sisters child and so even he is ill effected by this law. However he knows that I am guilty of no less then 100 violations. We agreed to help each other escape the city by combining resources. I have no choice but to place my trust and care in the hands of the man who wants me dead. Lauren and the city have already successfully escaped with the children and with Feldrin's nephew.

I will write as soon as I have moment.
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4/12/2007 0:07:09   
Legendary Loremaster

What has happened It is unspeakable.

I can scarcely believe the depravity of the people of Inilar. Their corruption has long been known to me. Their machinations. This however sinks to a new low.

My young daughter... The things she suffered before they ended her life on that road. I cannot even bring myself to record what has occured. I cannot begin to understand and process the evil that such acts required. She was but 7 years of age! How could they. What harm had she ever done to have her innocence so destroyed even before her life was taken. Anleya my sweet Anleya. There shall be a reckoning for this horror. There shall be a payment extracted. I am beside myself. There is no single suffering great enough to avenge what has been done.

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4/25/2007 16:51:32   
Legendary Loremaster

Today I buried Lauren. My life may as well be ended.

It has been over a year since I have written anything in this book. I had forgotten it. I had tossed it aside after Anleya's brutalization and death. For a good two months I lived for seeing vengeance against the crowd that did this to me and my lovely daughter. She was a poor innocent and she was deflowered and defiled. I sat in the darkness for that period and my soul blackened until I found myself turning into the very things I hated about my fellow man. Rather then working to change the institutions that lead to the events that destroyed my daughter I found myself working to use them to hurt others. When I realized this I became shocked and horrified by just how corrupting the influence of political machinery can be. I was becoming the victimizer and the very thought that I could turn against others was what pulled me back from the Edge. That and Lauren. Lovely Lauren gave me strength, she held me and supported me. Until the death of Anleya I had always considered Lauren the Nanny a friend and a motherly figure.

When Anleya died however and I saw how deeply the act hurt Lauren I began to fall in love with her. Lauren took the event if anything harder then I did. It was as if she took the blame personally, as if she knew it was coming and chose to do nothing about it. She told me that she felt pain everytime one part of creation senselessly abused its ability to decide to harm itself. That every choice that was made.....

[The writing is blurred here in the original with severe tear stains and a smear of spilled ink]

...Lauren my Lauren. I thought the Loss of Anleya was hard. Feldrin has tried to hold me up but he too has been shaken by your Loss. Since his son was killed by those raiders he has not been a strong man. Feldrin my dearest friend how I wish I could have saved your son even as you tried to save Luca and Heldi. You have become my brother and I am at a loss for I know the signs that you too are dying from the plague.

The disease was made by the people of Inilar to enforce their edicts. That the government could so turn life against life and set it against its own people....

I have lost 12 children and Lauren to this plague. I lost Anleya before and Luca and Heldi to the those Tjelian pirates that we call the Council. Rages may not help but I find myself in despair. I know that Feldrin will live a month more at the most. I myself show no signs but how much longer can I hold out. Sieleidari has unleashed the plague of reclamation on the land. He is the instrument of the Council. It is clear that corruption has become deep rooted in Inilar. It is only tales of bountiful lands outside our continent that keep me living. Were it in my power I would cast Tjeli off into the ocean and send it into the Deepest Despair forever after.

I ... I needed to write. I needed to express my pain and my lament.

But I do not know when again I shall have the strength.

Creation's greatest enemy and the source of its ultimate demise cannot be underestimated.

Creations greatest enemy is the Created.

Today I buried Lauren. My life may as well be ended.

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4/27/2007 13:43:23   
Legendary Loremaster

I have just been to a farm at the outskirts of the city of Tegril. On this farm I saw a fascinating thing. The farmer set his own crops ablaze. For some time that field burned and I had to turn and ask him just why he would do such a thing. I could not comprehend the mindset that would destroy that food. In most of Inilar such an act would have been considered wasteful. Economy drives all things to those in my homeland. The farmer told me an interesting thing. Even as the crops burned their nutrients returned to the soil from whence they had arisen. The food had already spoiled and become corrupted and so this practice destroyed the corrupted vegetation even while returning the nutrients to the soil so that succeeding generations might grow healthily. It is necessary he said to sometimes "Uncreate" in order that creation may flourish anew.

I have come to appreciate this wisdom.

There may indeed be some light left in Lorithia's bosom even though I have suffered great loss in the past year. Anleya and my other children, Lauren, even Feldrin has but a week or two more according to the temple physicians. Yet I have hope, I see some light in King Deren and his people here that I never saw in Inilar and in its capital of Tjeli. The Kruath'ri of this place are a different sort entirely the many living in a harmony. New and interesting beings bear hope that there is yet some creation worth saving.

The pathway of salvation lies through this land I can be assured. It was for me anyway.

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5/10/2007 17:04:05   
Legendary Loremaster

I have decided to settle in Deren. While the citizens of this world are kind and gentle clearly they too have problems that my expertise are useful for, We have decided to found and orphanarium on Cilegi peak that will serve the children of all of this Continent. King Ansera himself has overseen much of the intial construction and the Royal Treasury of Deren has been generous in helping me with this goal. My children have decided to help staff it and we have the resources now not only to operate as a orphanage but as a boarding school and college as well. These children who have lost so much shall be given opportunities far beyond their imagining. We shall offer them resources that they could only begin to consider.

I have faith that with time we shall set the model for institutes of learning every where. We have named the orphanage Alorin which means "The Mind of Lore". If we can build a better world we shall strive for it. If we can awaken the desire to learn and the thirst for creativity we shall awaken it.

Today is a bright day. The world is full of Hope. The possibilities are endless.

I have moved into Alorin and the beginning of my new life has begun.

I saw Lauren standing under the tree in the front courtyard of the school house and smiling warmly.

I do not know how it is possible but I know it was true.

We cannot possibly fail...

I leave you exuberant.

The'Galin son of Galian

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5/14/2007 23:54:07   
Legendary Loremaster

The growth of Alorin and it's mission has exceeded my wildest imaginings. Vandar and Battleonia have both sent students to my academy and our orphange has three times expanded under the tutelage and generosity of our king. I am somewhat concerned however by recent interest of Tjeli in Derenian affairs. Against my expectations Inilar has sought admission to the Academy and wishes to send several students. I am torn about how to handle this fact. On th one hand I promote unity. On the other hand I mistrust the government of Inilar and nothing I have heard recently succest Tjeli has improved its practice.

The other concern is one of the king's advancing age. He has been a bastion but he will not live forever. What will become of us when the king passes I cannot imagine. I can only hope that his son Draynor is as capable a ruler as he.
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5/19/2007 9:44:31   
Legendary Loremaster

Well despite my great reservations Inilar has been allowed to send students to Alorin. Of the students I can honestly say they are the best of Inilar. I begin to think the point is not to disrupt my effort but rather the crown of Deren. I am concerned for both Draynor and their father, They are not remotely familiar with Inilar politics and they expect the best in this.It was naieve to think I could keep Alorin defended indefinitely. None the less to aid my efforts I am having the School of Thought create a transference spell of power enough to move Alorin. I pray I do not need to use it. However I have little faith.
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5/29/2007 12:40:54   
Legendary Loremaster



"What exactly is it you are planning? I begin to think you know this all just as you have before"

"You begin to think Melaris" I replied to him cooly "One would think you know how well I know this. I am but the world awakening. There is always darkness before there is dawn"

"Your mechanism is bound to self destruct"

"Bound? Fate defies free will Melaris and I constantly defy expectation. I am not a mindless automata. My actions are neccesary"

"Neccesary. Endlessly you repeat that warning yet you employ those very mechanisms which serve as threats in your own mind. It is you that bring them to my doorstep"

"Have you not heard the wisdom of Terra, Melaris"

"Which wisdom"

"He is referring to the statement about enemies" it was the voice of Lorithia soft and sweet there hanging on the wind. "Hello Love"

"Hello Love, I have missed you sorely"

"And I you. We could be done with this you know at a moment"

"You know as well as I that cannot be"

"Yes I suppose that I do. I was right about Myr. I was right about creation."

"I am counting on the fact that you are my love."

"What is that the terrans say about enemies" Melaris asked impatient with our distraction

"They say to keep your friends close but keep your enemies even closer"

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5/29/2007 13:04:46   
Legendary Loremaster

Alorin will be moved. Though I have changed my mind, the other governors disagree and insist on the move if there is any chance of a threat. In my mind, to move the academy is to betray its purpose. It was meant to be a place of learning for all people to move it away would be to isolate it as a place in isolation. We have made a compromise. Alorin shall move to vandar with those who seek it's relocation. The others shall form a school here on Deren in the capital itself. Close enough to protect with the full might of the kingdom should it be needed. This new academy shall be called simply the school of thought. I can only hope this association holds firm for I feel again as if I am dealing with the slippery eels of Inilar even now.

The king has passed and Draynor has been coronated as King. A noble Kruath'ri but I still do not know if he is capable. He will be a kind leader and generous but he lacks his fathers eye and treachery is all arround. We can only hope that things go well.

For my own part I have been studying agriculture even closer since my experience in Tegril. I have come to the cold region of Ranfjord at the southern extremes of Deren and watched the farmers there. Uncreation is not a choice here it happens as a part of the cycle. The cold destroys that which is not hearty enough to survive. The flames of Ranfjord are those of ice. Yet in spite of this harsh winter and a relatively mild summer Ranfjord is a relatively lush place with life in abundance. How this came to be is an interesting thing.

Farmers out of neccesity selected seed that would survive the harsh extremes. At the end of the season after crops were gathered for food they put to the torch any but the most hearty and most corrupted of the remaining survivors. They selected for food not the best of the crop but rather the second best. The best was set to seed the next year. Always however they cataloged and kept some of the worst and most corrupt of the seed. This process had been repeated every season for some 2000 years according to the people of Ranfjord. The result of this was that the hearty crops began to breed true. The seed that survived from one year to the next was the best of the year previous. Over time corruption and impure seed would arrise again but the pragmatic farmers would merely cull this out when they saw the levels begin to threaten the livelihood of their crops. Such is the method of this place. A selective and continued guidance.

I wondered at first why they would keep the corrupt seed. The most weedy and least palatable.

It was eventually explained to me clearly. Not all beautiful seed breeds true. Corruption may lie dormant beneath the surface undetectible for generations and then come out when the right triggers come out it can unleash a famine in a short time. To prevent this corrupt seed is used to detect corrupt seed. For in the presence of corruption those inclined toward week impurity will often show what their true colors are. They then shall burn the next year. Except for a portion of the whole. For as long as there is selection perfection can never be obtained. Perfection however is relative. For with each cycle the seed of Ranfjord grows better suited. There has been no famine in this place for 500 years.

Much can be learned from the farmer.

The'Galin son of Galian

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7/11/2007 15:45:07   
Legendary Loremaster


I realize that this narrative ends abruptly and for that you have my sincerest and most heartfelt apologies. If there are additional entries in this Journal I have not yet found them and though I have made a point of seeking all over lore for the fragments of this document I have not located anything. I have however determined many things about what happened in the immediate aftermath of the division of Alorin. Alorin after its relocation became an exclusive community somewhat to The’Galin’s dismay. His idea of an open school of learning was translated into a place of unity but only for the elite. This concept of elitism and value seemed to stem with the citizen’s of Inilar. It did not take long before the trend infected much of Deren. The`Galin struggled against it. What started out caring for the underdog became another place of exclusion against them. Soon even his close friends in the community turned against him and he was forced to watch his family disintegrate. The growing war and disunity of Lore became more and more apparent. The`Galin became more and more despondent over the matter. Friends and family betrayed him and ultimately the citizens of Deren turned him over to the council of Inilar as a peace offering to help prevent the war. A political prisoner who’s head hung ever under his sentence The`Galin son of Gallian was put to death by his own people handed over by his very friends. Thus ending his story…

And beginning ours…..

I will update this only should I learn more.

Falerin Ardendor, Loremaster


Edit: I have located evidence of a final entry apparently posted after the death of The'Galin. I cannot retrieve it given my other responsibilities so I am sending others to Tjeli to do the task in my stead. They owe me many millions of times over and this is in their interest regardless.

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7/31/2007 2:21:57   

This final entry in The'Galin's journal was recovered through the collaborative efforts of the Loremaster and the Truth Seekers. It was recovered from an excursion into the Ice Wastes to the continent of Tjeli, where the remains of The'Galin's hometown were preserved.

As the Loremaster has been otherwise occupied the task has fallen to us to archive its contents. As the resident Archivist I volunteered for the job and shall endeavor to do so to the best of my ability. As is my nature I have also inscribed the events that led to its collection, and have archived them here:

Recovering the Last Journal Entry - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

* * *

I was put to death. I cannot provide words to describe the experience fully. Safely though you may assume that the leaders of Tjeli did not considerer mercy to be important in their process of recycling. I maintained full awareness downright until the point where my body gave out the pain echoed for sometime thereafter and even now I sometimes feel a twinge of that violation.

I felt myself die in agony as the people of my own homeland sent me to my grave, and as my friends caught by the bonds of those same people sentenced me to death one might have expected me to feel anger and disgust. I felt only great sorrow and deep sadness.

For all my efforts to accomplish things in the end I had failed my people. I had failed to redeem even one of them from the path on which they had slid so clearly down. The corruption that had overtaken them was institutional.

This is my ultimate agony that in life I could not save to world I loved so fully. I could not make of it anything of value. Indeed not one life I tried to better lasted and it haunts me.

I have now since my awakening begun to feel anger. The anger is slight but growing in magnitude by the moment. This anger however is not at where one might expect. I feel no rage at Seideilari and his ilk. These who so clearly are gripped by their own fear and delusion at least sought to do something, however pointless and wicked. My rage is instead toward those who sought not to use their will at all or who sought advancement only through complacency. I cannot abide them, who sought the easy route to nothing but their own aggrandizement. These are the corrupt those who let this slide happen daily through ineptitude. It is difficult for me to accept that they cannot gain the motivation required to exercise the gift and curse they have been given who would instead seek to be lead mindlessly like sheep. I can handle the wicked, I can handle the good, I can handle the outrageous, and I can handle the meek. What I cannot handle is the insipid and those bred of it. The later who take on a sort of pseudo-action are really just products of that environment who take no responsibility for what they do or the damage they cause, indeed they often revel in it, warring because it causes them delight alone.

The Elemental Powers of Lore consider themselves immune to this influence and threat. Even should the corruption not lead us those like Seideilari who lash out against it irrationally and in their own wickedness will eventually turn to the heavens because of what that corruption means for the world of Lore? I take solace only in the creator herself who has faith in her creation. A faith I once shared but find, waning by the day. I have tried to convince her of the error but it she who more and more convinces me. She who has raised me and set me aside she who has loved me as the example of what creation brings.

She said it clearly to me. “The corruption has indeed unleashed the worst in all, it has indeed created the darkness, but it has also unleashed you love. What would you have been in a world untried?”

For better or worse it is difficult to tell. I may never know the answer to this question but can I speak to it for sure. I believe the world can know goodness but I believe even more surely now that I can look and see the expanses of time that it shall never reach that goal unaided, and Lorithia only laughs and cries and says that in the end I shall do as I am meant to do.

I do not wish it. I do not desire to be this being so different from that I have always been. I cannot imagine it.

“Who would better serve? Would you rather the likes of Seideilari, he would accept. So would many others. Your resistance is why you are the only appropriate choice. You will do what you have to and I will do what I have to and it could not be any other way, while mortals always have free will gods most often must bow to other pressures. Trust in creation.”

I try to trust listening and hearing her laugh and cry. The laugh and cry is at once sad and joyous, painful and happy. How can she entertain such duality such conflict. She has agreed to allow things to proceed in their course and in the end the conclusion cannot be denied. If anything whatsoever can be salvaged in this it shall be through the fire and the threshing floor.

I try to trust but it is an endless sea of thorns in which I make my bed.

She says trust but how can I trust myself no less that very creation that burned me. How can I trust what is apparent. What I must be has become clear and I do not desire it. The Elemental Lords will do nothing in complacency removed from that which they wrought. They are transcendent, I must be imminent. I must become the enemy of creation to preserve it. The mirror shall show the image true.

I know it. I shall try to trust it but for you who now bear my words beware for I am coming.

Know me. Know my words.

I am creations greatest enemy. It is I who speak it. Creation’s greatest enemy is I for creations greatest enemy is itself. I come to test and to destroy and hope only to fail utterly as I failed in life. For in failing I shall succeed. Those who know this and understand may come to understand me. Be ready I am coming for you and I shall not be merciful.

So ends this my Journal oft neglected. So begins the Journal of Creation.

I am no longer the son of Galian. I am only…

The’Galin, The Uncreator, The Devourer.

* * *

The epilogue to follow will be a compilation of reflections by the Seekers. May those who wish to know the Truth continue to strive day by day to uncover it.

Keep Hope within.

Lkeas, Archivist and Prophet

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8/3/2007 1:42:50   

Well I must say it has been an interesting journey. Especially for those who have been here from the start. Which would not include me. But still.

I know not if these testimonies may find their way into The'Galin's hands, though it is exceedingly likely. I don't doubt he knows of the journey many have taken in their quest for Truth. And now...we know at least a little bit of his own journey. The quest for Truth has been fraught with discovery; The'Galin has morphed from the apex of all evil to the most virtuous mortal to ever have lived. We have seen his homeland, the corruption, the spreading taint. We have seen The'Galin's anger, and The'Galin's love. We have seen him broken and dying, and then raised as divinity. We have seen what he has done with that gift.

So...my reflections?

I am honored to have known him. He was a great man, and is now a great god--that none can deny. He has put all of Lore into a frenzy over his coming; he has involved deities from other realms, he has caused some of the greatest changes known to our world. And we have been gifted with a window through which to see The'Galin, the man. For he is very human, even in divinity.

And this is what continues to vex us about him. This is what vexes all gods, how mortals can live so much in so short a time. Mortals are the fireflies flitting about the Eve of Creation--a brief flare, then gone. The'Galin is a burning flame, a light to some, a brand to others. A warning of death. A sign of hope. The'Galin's mortal essence has been encased in immortality, his qualities not changed, but magnified to unthought-of proportions. The'Galin's humanity allows him to be corrupt, and pure, and hateful, and loving. Vengeful and forgiving. Such is the mystery of The'Galin. That is what defines him. He does not act like a god because he is not of their kind. His humanity transcends that. And it makes him terribly appealing to us.

The'Galin is, always has been, and likely always will be my Enemy. I am honored to have known his life, his death, and his ascendance. And, given the chance, I would be honored to kill him.


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8/3/2007 10:26:09   

How often that when we think of the worst of man often reveals himself to be the best of them. I came to Lore and Caelestia with an intent - to stop The'galin, the Devourer as Lorians call him. I exist under the illusion that he was responsible for the demise of my world, I am terribly wrong. Yet, I continue to seek for The'galin has piped my interest. Many a times I wondered to myself, why test us? Why torture us when he has the powers to just make it all disappear within a blink of an eye? As I continue seeking, new information arrives. I must thank the Loremaster for managing to retrieve The'galin's journal. It provided more insights into his life as a mortal, the anguish he felt as his homeland fell to corruption of pure laziness. Yet, he remained determined to save the orphans, to make a difference not matter how small.

I recall a Terran tale about a girl saving starfishes that had stranded up on the shore. Asked by an old man why did she do it even though they will die, she merely replied, "At least I made a difference to this one." How true. Such passion is seen in the one we had called The Devourer. He had shown himself to be the best of man by choosing not to be angry over his betrayal. Instead, he blamed himself for not being able to save even one of them.

His unwillingness to become the enemy of Creation has marked him the best candidate. He who resist powers are often entrusted with them. The'galin can't trust himself to wield such power, to judge Creation and pass his judgement. Such is the man who has lived through corruption and survived still uncorrupted. Who said that Gods have no feelings. I have been close enough to one to know. It is The'galin's humanity and love for Creation that led him to where he is now. To protect what he loved the most, he must become the enemy of it. For that, I respect you, The'galin. May your plans fail so that you will ultimately succeed.
Zeltan Zarkary'melarin
Drak'eren of Elden'thas

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AQ  Post #: 17
8/3/2007 11:04:31   

So the journal is finished, all the pages are found, and an end to one part of the journey has been seen. I guess I should feel happier, but I can't. All the hardships this man has faced, it reminds me of my own in some ways, I'm sure everyone has some experience like it, but reading this journal, I feel The'Galin has had a few more hardships than he should have. I want to feel empathetic, believe me I do, I just can't bring myself to do it. I see The'Galin as some...Shining Knight, ready to save us all from our fates, After reading this I see him as some scared child, just needing some love. I don't pity The'Galin, why should I? He's a god, with a very large following. I admire the guy, he's been through all this, he's loved and lost, and lived more than I have, and yet through it all, I believe he's come out a better...being, not person, as he's clearly surpassed that.

So I end up here again eh? I once thought that, I could join The'Galin of my own will, without any consequences, I was gravely mistaken. I know now, that to join, means actually betraying the ones that have stuck with me for so long...and haven't tried to kill me...Well a few have, but that's not the point. The point is, How can I make such a decision? How can I betray my friends? I can't, so I guess I have to consider them, as just another group of beings just like anyone else on LORE, Terra, or wherever the hell else. When offered, I think I know my decision, but if they think they can evade free will so easily, they'll learn. It may be my decision to join and betray, but it's the Seeker's decision to live and survive, killing them, uncreating them, destroying them wont be an easy task. If an agent or two thinks they can get the last laugh, they won't, I probably won't either.

Where's the road end? Does it fork? I don't know, will it be hard? You bet your ass it will. In the end, I just have to buck up and live with my choices, as that's all anyone can ever really do.

"Do you hear the wind? It’s not dying, It’s singing, weaving a song about the president saluting the trust, The past in each of us...."

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 18
8/3/2007 11:38:15   
Shade F. Ravenwing

Like most Lorians, I came to assume The'Galin was an exceptionally powerful being who was on his way to remove us all from existence, because he was evil. Then, after a time, I met these people known as the Truthseekers. Then the arguements began.

At first I merely watched, but then, my curiosity piqued, I decided to attempt to locate these documents they all were touting as evidence. And Lo and behold, I was given the opportunity to read this powerful being's days as a human.

What did I learn? I learned many things, but most of all I learned that the universe isn't black and white. This god, while still a human, showed great courage and fortitude in the face of corruption and in the face of hardships. He managed to make a goddess, Lorithia, the creator, fall in love with his purity. And when he died, she raised him to be like her. And then...he became the Uncreator. A task that I will say I find unenviable.

What do I think of him? I think he believes he is doing the right thing. And as I constantly say this, I can't fault him for this either. He judges he is doing the right thing, and he has no one else's judgement to use.

Do I disagree with his methods? Yes. If I ever were to meet him, would I say that to him? Yes. Whether he uncreates me or not. But truthfully, from what I have learned of him, I don't think he will. I think he would be willing to listen to what I have to say, and then judge me from their.

This path is still continuing, in truth. What will we find at the end of the path? Maybe a door to an even longer path...who knows? All I know is, if his agents come for me, I will fight them...and I intend on winning, too. If he comes for me, what will I do? That, I'm still not sure. I reserve my judgement, and yes, I presume to judge a god, for when, if ever, I meet this being. For now, I suppose I must continue on like usual...defending those I love, helping those who need it, and making a few mistakes on the way. Sure, their may be pitfalls and monsters just lying around the bend, but hey, without them, where would the challenge in life be?

To The'Galin, if ever he reads this-Make your judgement as you will. I lived my life and loved it. I have made my mistakes, and I have done my best to correct them. One day I am sure I will meet you, and on that day, you can tell me what you have judged. I'll be honored to face you.

Shade Fenris Ravenwing,
ShadowWolf Angel of Pain
Member of the Brotherhood of the Covenant.

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AQ DF  Post #: 19
8/3/2007 11:52:18   

Korban: The'Galin... a man like all others, a god like no other. He sought peace, unity, and all together happiness for the world. His goals, were they so different from that of all good men. To pursue happiness over all obstacles, to feel it at the tip of your fingers, then watch it speedily slip through just as hastily as it came. I will make this known, The'Galin, no matter who he was, is no longer, I do not condone mass murder, or Uncreation if you wish to make it sound in someway less heartless. Nor do I wish to help him further his "machinations". But that does not change the fact that the man, had a heart. One of great size, but after the loss of many in his life he became what he feared most. Hmm, it's quite funny actually the very idea that he now employs, the burning of crops and what not, was used upon himself before he even learned of such things. The death of his child, was not a choice it was necessary, so that he may fall in love with the one he calls Lauren. Fate, I would say, though don't go by my words if they seem foolish.

Let us not forget the fact he was sacrificed by his own people, the very ones he treated with so much respect, generosity, and care. They destroyed him, in order to save themselves from an impending war. So selfish. Yet he chose to pity them, not seek revenge.
To have such a heart, is to truly be free in the world and imprisoned within yourself. But... none the less he has chosen the wrong side of the path, corruption of man unlike that of a plant, can not simply mean that that man does not get to live his life, to feel what the good feel, to enjoy himself, however he chooses to do so, be it the most foul or most unthinkable. Non one, not even Lorithia herself, can deny that. And if there is corruption, so volitile, so destructive, then it's counter part should be most applicable for the task, no? For are the good people of Lore, the ones that wish to watch it prosper and never become some barren wasteland, to go without say on their own existence? Yet so much more suffering has come from what he employs on that world then, in my opinion, anything that can come after. For he speaks of remaking the world as the farmer does his crops, but the mighty god of Uncreation has forgotten the one soul fact that all must live with, for good or worse. There is no such thing as perfection. as long as Lore survives, corruption will return, famine will return, death will return, for if those do not exist, how can it have a counter?

In conclusion, I answer this. Do I respect The'Galin? Yes, more then some will ever know. Do I agree with his action after ascension? Hell no. Plain and simple clear as day, I wish nothing more but the end to a twisted manipulative Devil, whatever it is that helps him look in a mirror and give reason to his actions, is his problem.

P.S. : I'd like to remind my fellow seekers of this recorded event by the Uncreator himself, "Still I owe them a debt and I shall one day repay it if in fact I have the means.

It shall never be said that a son of Galian forgets their debts or betrays their honor, like a common thug." I suppose only time will tell the difference of an honorable man, now god, between the common "thug".

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AQ  Post #: 20
8/3/2007 16:51:26   
Legendary AdventureGuide!

From the various experiences of the people, and the experience of their creations, over which they are the writers, the Dhe Emns of, each person sees The`Galin in a different light. Each person understands a different facet. My characters are the ones who understand the pain, and sympathize with the fate that he has had, both as a human, and a deity. Between the two (or three, depending on how you look), my characters feel for him through his entire journey. I hope I can convey it well.

If one were to consider us a tag team, we have been with this the whole way through. We saw how bitter and evil The`Galin was made out to be, even before we learned his name. We heard of the atrocities that were supposedly his doings. Then... we learned his agents did much of it own their own, including Zephyr, and we learned of his life. We find him admirable. He's tried so hard, but has failed again and again. He hasn't managed to truly accomplish good, for everything has crumbled around him. Now, for the sake of our friends on Lore, and for the sake of The`Galin himself, we shall help make sure Lore finally stands firm, fights its hardest to live, and wins. We want to see him happy.
~Jeice and Geno

I became interested in all of this mess because of a debt. My history has been horrid, and those who know my story have agreed. My reflections of The`Galin are on the opposite end of The`Galin's life than the other two, for I have walked a similar path. The`Galin is the only one who has ever provided any comfort, or any hope of relief from the guilt I accumulated. He understood my pain, and provided hope. As a read the last entry, I realized why. Frankly, I think he's done far better than I in his task. At first I was heartless, but he has never been. What I've done may still eventually destroy my world. I hope that The`Galin's task goes infinitely better than mine. I hope Lore still stands strong after it comes out of the fire. I can do little to help, but I wish Lore well, and hope The`Galin rejoices rather than fall into the misery I experienced... that he has reason to rejoice, once it is over.

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8/3/2007 18:55:49   

Mail Moogle of AdventureQuest

"It's been a long road
Getting from there to here
It's been a long time
Well my time is finally near"

Throught this entry are the lyrics to one of my favorite Terran Songs, Faith of the Heart (Though not in the exact order it is sung). I felt it appropriate because the song can be traced to show similarities to this entire cornucopia of paradoxes. I guess you can say I was there from the begining, cause technically that's right. Right during the Future War I started seeing the thing pop up. Though, I will admit, it was a lot to take in, so I turned my attention to Paxia, never thinking to see everyone again. Little did I know that when our Paxian Summit got inturupted with a warnign from Falerin that Paxia was the hot seat of The'Galin's power... well, someone had to get involved. A crazy ride it's been.

"And I can feel the change in the world right now
Nothing's in my way
And they're not gonna hold me down no more
No there not gonna hold me down"

I always viewed you as an abomination, never really considering your point of view. After reading it, and reading the report on your government, it's a wonder that you didn't go crazy sooner. I've never seen corruption in a government like that in any documented history that the Archives have on board the Aerodu Airship. Ashame there wasn't some sort of revolution that could have offset the corruption. Usually something happens, but I guess they were just too in-grained for conventional methods to work. I do sympathise with you at the horrors of government.

"It's been a long night
Trying to find my way
And through the darkness
Now I finally have my day
And I will see my dream come alive in life
I will touch the sky
And they're not gonna hold me down no more
No there not gonna change my mind

So, I write this, now knowing that you're not a faceless enemy, which we often think of in war, but as a worthy opponent, much like how Aerodu and Geoto continue a friendly rivalry. I thank you for expanding our expierience, for hurling me together with some beings I wouldn't have even dreamed of meeting. Sure, we quarrel. Sure, it caused me to leave for a few months to focus all my attention on Paxia to stop the constant mocking of the place, but it worked. Paxia's finally got motivation to try to get a system going for friendly skirmishes, and more Paxians are taking an interest in this saga. Without you, I probably would have never expanded my repitoure to all of Paxia, and we still would have been an isolated island. I wish you luck in your efforts, and that ultimately all may suceed in their endeavors.

"I've known a wind so cold and seen the darkest days
But now the winds I feel, they're only winds of change
I've been through the fire and I've been through the rains
But I'll be fine"

I thank you for also giving us some action, after two Clan Wars, down time is incredibly boring. In fact, with out you, we probably wouldn't have an Aerodu Airship, and I might have chosen an entirely different path. I'm thankful that your interference shown me a life that I'm sure that few, if any others, would ever dream of having. With the formation of Aerodu, I found my first family. With the Seekers, I found a second, if slightly more dysfunctional, family. Truly, now that I think about it, without you, my life would be substantially different, and probably much more boring. While our lives are always constantly on the line, as well as risking a God War, it's nothing I'm not used to. Paxia proved a good training ground to be porportional to what the Seekers are doing now. I know that I still haven't contributed too much to them, but I guess because of you I'm always pushing myself harder, just to see how far I can go. Again, I wish you good luck in your endeavors, and I hope you return the favor.

However, just because I owe you much don't mean that I'm not going to stop fighting for My families' and my survival. On the contrary, I'll strive even harder to fight and seek the Truth. But, as I said previously, I see you now as a worthy oppenent, and I have the utmost respect for you.

"Cause I've got faith of the heart
I'm going where my heart will take me
I've got faith to believe
I can do anything
I've got strength of the soul
And no one's gonna bend or break me
I can reach any star
I've got faith
Faith of the heart"

Chief Engineer of Aerodu, Paxian Politician and Part-Time Mediator
May the Wind always flow beneath your wings

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 22
8/4/2007 2:25:23   

A reflection on the Journal? Where to begin…

I like so many others began this quest under the assumption that The’Galin was the ultimate evil, a god bent on destruction for no other purpose than to feed. I find however that as this quest continues my views change; I am drawn more and more toward the idea that The’Galin is not simply the villain I believed him to be. I feel that after reading his journal I can understand him a little better. It gives valuable insight into what his life was like, and even perhaps a glimpse into the kind of corruption he fights against, as well as I feel an example of how we are supposed to live our lives. It is clear now that The’Galin loves creation and cannot bear to see it hurt, by both himself and by the corruption that is slowly growing within it, and because of that he has begrudgingly chosen to become the enemy of creation.

The duality present in the journal is intriguing. Lorithia is portrayed as both sad and happy, and it occurs to me that The’Galin is portrayed in the same way. The’Galin, weather he succeeds in uncreation or succeeds in bettering creation, is going to bring an end to Lore in it’s current state. As such even if we are successful in convincing him to stop, he is still the harbinger of the end of our world, the Omega. However at the same time, again regardless if he succeeds in uncreation or succeeds in failing, he is also the creator (co-creator) of a new Lore, the Alpha. It is hard to believe that such a being can hold such a dichotomy, however I feel that this is true, and that the end of one thing regardless of in which way it will end, can only give birth to new potential.

Regardless of the outcome, this journal has thought me one thing. We must maintain our principles and strive to move forward and survive, because after all that’s what the human race is good at, surviving.


AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 23
8/5/2007 0:44:41   

It's been a long road coming here...

And now it seems the irrational is rational. The mind of a killer is now somewhat explained. And it seems, although paradoxical at first, I sympathize with The'Galin.

It seems only last week that our Terran analogs were pouring over "IRC" in "#755" on "The_Messenger's" every word. It seems only yesterday we were occupying Falerin's Dark Abode, being visited by gods and the like. And now, as if there had been an occurrence of the Terran literary device "deus ex machina", we are given this glimpse into the god that hopes to destroy us.

After the death of his daughters, his closest friend Lauren, and the loss of his joy in Alorin, I can see now what drove him to his conclusion on our world. Although he is a god, I can see he is still human. We all want perfection, but I think we can never realize it, unfortunately.

On the other hand, I also see a resemblance to a Terran novel character, Raskolnikov, of the book "Crime and Punishment." The'Galin may not be knocking on our doors bringing Uncreation in his wake for selfish reasons as Raskolnikov, but it is because of imperfection that they both committed their crimes (The'Galin has yet to Uncreate us, but let us not forget he's naught but a step away from it). Raskolnikov murdered that old woman for her money so he could go back to schooling and fix the world. The'Galin hopes to Uncreate us to fix the world.

Although I can now sympathize with him, I do insist that I plead with him as well. Uncreation is not the answer. All that is creation is not imperfect. I can only hope we pass your test, as there is probably little I could say or do to make you think otherwise. It is a little strange that the judge would want to lose, but this paradox does in fact prove our worth.

And I can concede to that, The'Galin, but many innocent lives will be lost. People, beings, animals, spirits, souls: anything that we could repair ourselves in a less lethal manner by learning compassion, brotherhood, respect, and dignity. With all due respect, The'Galin, this is madness. As my Terran analog would call it, "shotgun surgery."

Is collateral damage really worth it?

As my Terran analog would say, "Can't we all just get along?"

Former High Commander of Glacius

P.S.- My Terran analog also would like to offer you a snowglobe, although I warned him it would not change your mind in any way.

AQ DF MQ  Post #: 24
8/5/2007 2:09:54   

Well now....I don't know whether my view is one you might look for.

Just the thoughts of an ordinary guy, as he weaved in and out of the Saga. Not sure if I COUNT, as my interest has faded and returned. Regardless...


It's been a VERY long road(almost 2 years now, I think, off and on), and the journey still isn't really over yet. The setup to all this-the battle against the creature 'Carnax', and the 'Future War'-is something I wasn't even present for entirely.

Was it really that long ago that we were simply discussing the matters that have now become so important to the AQ world here, with little to apparently show for it? Was it that long ago that we were dealing with Truth, Lies, NOVA, and trying to work out what was REALLY going on in the manner of the finest conspiricy-seekers?

As the tale has gone on, the nature of the threat has also (apparently) evolved. From 'Destroy the world for the sake of it/unknown reasons' to 'Destroy the world out of apparent 'jealousy', to 'Cleanse the world of evil' to 'test the world to destruction'.

The nature of the tale has brought many changes to how we think. From a 'simple' Flash game we're getting crash courses in Alternate Timelimes and Time Travel, Philosophy, the basics of another(fictional?) language, and general 'thinking outside the box'. Not the sort of thing you expect from a 'simple' game.

More interesting was the usage of other sites to lend a sense of believability to it(E.G creating a Myspace for NOVA....I wonder if that's still around?)

Though it's been an annoying road at times....it's been an interesting one, looking back. Here's hoping it remains so...however it all turns out.

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