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Dragon Eggs For Dummies

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4/8/2007 10:05:09   

Introduction: This is a complete Guide to all the quests in the Dragon Egg Saga. It Goes from Finding your empty Dragon Box, To Raiding a Dump and all the way to your ultimate prize, the dragon egg.


To Find a Section, Press Control + F and type in the keyword next to the title.

•A Hero Is Bored ch1

◘Black Dragon Box ch2

•Opening The Black Dragon Box (Robina) ch3

-Sneevil Dumpsite ch4.1
-Egg Recovery ch4.2

- Breakfast with Warlic ch5.1
- Crossing the line ch5.2
- Get Warlic's ingridients ch5.3
- Summoning Help ch 5.4

◘ The secret cave ch6


Step 1: A Hero Is born Bored ch1

This is your basic Starting quest. It introduces your character, the elusive black dragon box and a few important NPC's.

Location: Talk to Ash
Objective: YOur origins are a mystery, but your legend begins here in the forest of Oaklore!
<characters name>: It is the perfect day for adventure. Great things are coming my way... I can just feel it!
Dragon appears
<characters name>: A Dragon? I thought level <your lvl> characters were supposed to start off fighting rats or something easy!
Dragon: ?
<characters name>: Here it comes... the Dragon is about to attack!
The Dragon bows down and Twilly walks on it over to you
Twilly: Hiyas
Twilly: The path is clear Priestess
A priestess walks up
Priestess: Please pardon us we are just passing through
Twilly and the priestess walks away and the Dragon stands up and four yellow ? Appear around you
Dragon disappears
<characters name>: What is going on!? (And do i at least get experience points for sitting through this?)
+10 bonus exp
<characters name>: Woah... thanks!
You walk to the next zone and see the priestess and Twilly walk on and You get a tip
TIP: Click on the ground where you would like to walk.
If you click on the shiny bag you get
When you move on to the next zone
Found 20 Gold!
Priestess: Oh my. Who put this in the middle of the forest
Twilly: Oh noes! That is not a carpet Priestess... it is a Gorillaphant!
Gorillaphant: RAWR!
Twilly: I will protect you Priestess !
Twilly comes flying towards you and you get two options
Offer to Help:
<characters name>: Join my party little fela.... let's save her!
Twilly joins your Party
Twilly joins your party and you can move on to the next zone and fight the Gorillaphant
Punt it Back....:
<character name>: ?
You kick Twilly towards the Gorillaphant
Gorillaphant: Oooof!
When you defeat the Gorillaphant
Priestess: Thank you for saving me brave <your class>> Might I know the name of my hero?
Twilly: But priestess... you said his name was <character name> and he is the one who is destined to save the world!
<character name>: *blink* What?
Priestess: Oh... tee hee hee.... Twilly do not be so silly.
Priestess: Would it pe proper for a Priestess to punt a moglin?
Priestess: Well thank you again. I am certain we will be meeting again soon.
Twilly: Especially since he is going to take that Black Dragon Box and...
Priestess: Twilly..... *sigh*
The Priestess and Twilly walk off
<character name>: Well... I doubt my day can get any stranger than this. I should go to the Keep ahead and rest.
You can now walk to the keep and finish the quest

Note: Direct Quote From A_K's Guide to it.

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4/8/2007 10:06:52   


Black Dragon Box ch2

This Quest is basically the First REAL quest in the storyline. It introduces the BDB

Location: Oaklore Keep (Speak with Captain Rolith)
Objective: You have to find Lady Celestia before the Darkwolf bandits do, otherwise the Black Dragon Box will be lost!
Level required: 3
Monsters: Darkwolf Thug, Drakath
NPCs: Captain Rolith, Lady Celestia, Drakath
Rewards: Experience and Gold...Speak with Twilly to continue your mission
DA required: No

Captain Rolith: WHAT!?
Captain Rolith: You saw the Priestess on your way her? Why did you not tell me sooner!
Captain Rolith: ... and she isn't going to stop here at the keep? *Panics* The forest is crawling with bandits that are looking for her.
Captain Rolith: She is in grave danger... you must go after her!
It is hero time Go Save Her!

???: Give the box Priestess, and we'll kill you quickly.
Lady Celestia: <Insert Character Name Here>! We must protect the Black Dragon Box at all costs!
<Insert Character Name Here>: Leave them to me, Lady Celestia.
<Insert Character Name Here>: I don't know who you are or why you want the box but you'd better...
Drakath: My name is DRAKATH! I am the leader of the Darkwolf bandits and the rightful ruler of this land.
Drakath: That box is the key to my throne, and there's no way that I'm letting a peasant like you keep it from me.
Drakath: Stand down or, like the trash that you are, you will be blown away by the winds of my great destiny!
<Insert Character Name Here>: You talk big but you don't look so tough. I was just going to take the box and leave but you just made it personal, Pal! Let's see what you've got!
Drakath: Get him!
Battle: Drakath!

Drakath: Impossible! You got lucky this time <Insert Base Class Here>!
Sneevil: *snort* Oooooh box!
<Insert Character Name Here>: Luck had nothing to do with it, and the name is <Insert Character Name Here>. Remember it!
Drakath: Oh I will... You can count on that.
<Insert Character Name Here>: Lady Celesita, I'm glad that I got to you in time.
Lady Celestia: Thank you, I am grateful for the rescue. Alas, the box was taken by a sneevil while you were busy smack-talking.
<Insert Character Name Here>: What?! Why didn't you say something? !
Lady Celestia: Well, you were really on a roll. I didn't want to interrupt you.
<Insert Character Name Here>: ...
Lady Celestia: You must recover the Black Dragon Box before it falls into the wrong hands.
Lady Celestia: Travel to the town of Falconreach and meet with Twilly. He has friends who will be able to help you find that Sneevil.
<Insert Character Name Here>: Alright, I will travel to Falconreach... but what about you?
Lady Celestia: Well... if you are going after the box with Twilly, then... *thinks* ...I am going to teleport back home and have some tea.
Lady Celestia: Thank you. Bye!
<Insert Character Name Here>: !
<Insert Character Name Here>: What could be so important about that box?

Objective Complete!: You saved Lady Celestia and defeated the Darkwolf leader Drakath (He seemed mad about it). The Black Dragon Box was stolen by a Sneevil. Now you must head to the town of Falconreach and speak with Twilly!

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4/8/2007 10:07:57   


Opening the Black Dragon Box ( Robina ) ch3

Location: Surewood Forest > Talk to Robina > The Black Dragon Box
Pre-Requisite(s): Complete A Golden Opportunity, Give Until it Hurts
Objective:You have done everything that Robina the hood has asked and now it is time to recieve your reward... THE BLACK DRAGON BOX!

Level required: None
NPCs: Drakath, Robina
Monsters: Drakath, Krakhim

EXP: Scaled
Gold: Scaled
DA required: No

Robina: Wow <Your Character>! You did a great job. You have held up your end of our deal so you may have the box.
<Your Character>: I can have it? Just like that?
Robina: Yup, just like that. What did you expect?
<Your Character>: I don't know. For something so valuable, I was expecting a tougher fight. I was expecting some boss to pop up and...
<Your Character>: AH... that's more like it.
Robina: You!
Drakath: Ah Robina, thank you for keeping the Black Dragon Box safe for me. I see you've met my new friend, that's wonderful.
<Your Character>: Drakath, didn't you learn anything from last time?
Drakath: Yes, I learned that you are a fool for letting me live, this time I'm prepared for you... BOTH of you...
Drakath: Now... I WILL have my BLACK DRAGON BOX!

If you choose "Battle" and are victorious:

You fight Krakhim and Drakath

Drakath: NO!!!!! IMPOSSIBLE!
<Your Character>: You say that word a lot.
Drakath: Fine, I'll finish you fools later, but the BOX IS MINE!
Robina: No! <Your Character>, you can't let him open the box!

If you choose "Run Away"...

You abandon the quest and have to live with the fact that you are a coward

Quote Taken From TolkienFanatic

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4/8/2007 10:09:28   



Sneevil Dumpsite ch4.1

Name: The Sneevil Dumpsite
Description: One Sneevils trash is just about any other man's treasure! Somewhere amongst the strange and valuable items the Sneevils dumped here is the Egg from the Black Dragon Box.
No DA required
Location: East of Falconreach
EXP: 415
Gold: 20

Objective completed: Leggo my egg crow! Actually, it was a Vultragon... and a VERY large and scary one at that. There is no time to spare. Valencia will know what to do next... right?

<Your Charecter>: FINALLY! The Dragon Egg is mine! I've gone through a lot for this.
<Your Charecter>: Now, all that I have to do is walk five feet ahead and pick it up, and it will be mine.
<Your Charecter>: ...Yup. That's all that I have to do...
<Your Charecter>: ...I just need to reach out my hand and take my prize...
<Your Charecter>: ....and I WILL claim my prize, because I have earned it. I will claim it...
<Your Charecter>: ...in just a few seconds...
<Your Charecter>: I should know better than this but I really want to savor that moment of final triumph...
<Your Charecter>: ...After all, this moment only comes around once, and I want to enjoy it...
<Your Charecter>: ...so I'll just stand here for a few seconds and...
Vultragon: *KREEOW!* *KREEOW!*
<Your Charecter>: *blink blink* ARE YOU KIDDING ME? DOD TJAT JUST HAPPEN?!?!
<Your Charecter>: GREAT! Drakath, sneevils, now giant birds...WHAT NEXT?
<Your Charecter>: HEY BIRD... I BET VALENCIA KNOES WHERE YOU LIVE, and I'm coming for MY DRAGON EGG!


Battle sequence:
Screen 1: (1) Thisslock
Screen 2: (1) Thisslock. (1) Rummage
Screen 3: (1) Burrlap
Screen 4: (2) Rummage
Screen 5: (1) Thisslock
Screen 6: (1) Burrlap. (1) Healing pad
Screen 7: [nothing]
Screen 8: (1)Thisslock. (1) Burrlap.
Screen 9: End

Messages which appear when clicking at these places:
(From Left Up to Right Down)
Book: This book is called: How to find books under trees." Guess you don't need it.
Helmet: A family of spiders has made this helm their home.
(Next screen)
Sheet of paper: These are the lyrics to a song: "The ballad of Sanford and his Son"
Blue Chestplate: Lots of dagger holes in this chestpiece. No wonder someone threw it out.
(Next screen)
Pot: This cast iron pot has seen one too many bad stew recipies.
Sword: There is something... icky... all over the handle.
(Next screen)
(Next screen)
Skulls: There are a lot of these skulls. Sneevils mst have found a crate of them.
Green bag: A Mystery Bag that smells like gorillaphant feet! Better leave it there.
(Next screen)
(Next screen)
Stick: Wow. A stick.
Broken pot: A small voice calls your name from inside this vase, but you know better then to look in.
(Next screen)
Axe: This looks like a fine axe, but looking closer you see no STATS on it. Forget that!

Thanks To GhostBear5


Egg Recovery ch4.2

Name: Egg Recovery
Description: At the last second, the Dragon Egg was stolen by a large viscious bird called a Vultragon who makes its home in the Sneevil Dump Site. You must track down the egg thief and get your egg back!
No DA required
Location: East of Falconreach. Talk to Valencia
EXP: 812
Gold: 28

Tolkeinfanatic was so kind as to give us this map!

Objective completed: You found that the Ultra Vultragon's nest was filled with large eggs that ALL looked like your Dragon Egg, so you took all six...uh...five of the eggs.

Ultra Vultragon

<Your Charecter>: Ah HA! There they are! All... six... of them?
<Your Charecter>: OK, so there are SIX eggs. SO what? I'll take six and sort them out later.
Vultragon: *KREEOW* *KREEOW*
<Your Charecter>: I don't want to hear it. You stole MY egg in the first place. The rest of them are probably stolen too.
<Your Charecter>: Besides, Do you think I'm just going to stand around and talk after that LAST cutscene?
<Your Charecter>: No way, brdbrain! I'm taking all those eggs and I'm getting out of here as fast as I can.
Vultragon: *KREEOW* *KREEOW*
<Your Charecter>: I WANT MY EGG!

Battle Ultra Vultragon.

<Your Charecter>: AT LAST! I'm not sure which of them is my egg, bu I'm going to find out. Until then I'll have to keep them all safe.
<Your Charecter>: All six of...
*egg falls•
<Your Charecter>: um...
<Your Charecter>: ...all FIVE of the eggs!

Then you get this:

Quote From GhostBear5

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Breakfast with Warlic ch5.1

Location: Warlic's Tent
Objective: Warlic has invited you into his tower to try and help you in identify which egg is the true Dragon Egg.
Level required: None
Monsters: None
NPCs: Warlic
Rewards: None
DA required: No
Pictures: Warlic's Tent, The Omelet

<Your Character>: Wow. This is a lot more... roomy.. then it looks from the outside. I wouldn't have expected stone walls inside a tent.
Warlic: Oh, we're not in a ten. That is just the portal that leads here to my Mage Tower.
Warlic: We pay a little more for the extra dimensions, but we thought that it would be worth the rent.
<Your Character>: "We?"
Warlic: Yes, me and my roommate, Cysero. He's a decent roommate... mostly because he's gone most of the time.
Warlic: Anyway, Twilly told me how these eggs came into your possession. You've had quite an adventure so far.
<Your Character>: Yeah. That's one way to put it.
Warlic: I have begun doing research on the Black and White Dragon Boxes. The texts are ancient and difficult to translate, but it looks bad.
Warlic: If I'm correct, the texts say that this egg will hatch the Great Dragon that will destroy all of Lore!
<Your Character>: !
Warlic: We may be able to avert this catastrophe but first we will need to reveal which egg is the true Dragon Egg.
Warlic: I have a good feeling about this one, but we will need a power spell to dispell the illusion.
<Your Character>: Illusion? I don't see any illusion.
Warlic: Of course not, it's an illusion. All dragon eggs have a natural magic illusion around them that helps protect them.
Warlic: I have to find a spell powerful enough to counter the dragon magic on the egg. While I do my research make yourself at home.
Warlic: Feel free to make yourself a snack while you wait. I won't be very long. Watch the egg that will destroy Lore carefully. *He walks away*
<Your Character>: *... Fix myself a snack?... *
... Ten minutes later...

Warlic: <Your Character>! I have great news!
Warlic: As it turns out, I believe that YOU have the egg that will hatch the dragon that will SAVE all of Lore from destruc... *sniff sniff*
<Your Character>: Don't worry Warlic, I already handled the problem in my own way... and it's DELICIOUS! Want some?
Warlic: Uh... No thank you. So you... uh... cooked the egg?
<Your Character>: Yup.
Warlic: You COOKED the dragon egg that would have saved the world.
<Your Character>: ... and then I ate part of it! YOU said that it was going to DESTROY the world! You said to fix a SNACK!
Warlic: Quickly... did the egg taste like Honey and Mackrel?
<Your Character>: EW, nasty! No, it tasted like a normal fried egg.
Warlic: Ok, then that wasn't the Dragon Egg. One sure way to tell if an egg is a dragon egg is the taste test.
<Your Character>: *Whew* So did you find a spell that can tell us which is the real egg? WITHOUT tasting it?
Warlic: Unfortunately, no. The magic is very strong. We will have to summon a creature that feeds on dragon eggs to dispell the illusion for us.
Warlic: I will need your help, hero. The Ancient Tome of Summoning lies high in my tower, behind a barrier that I cannot pass.
<Your Character>: Oh, some sort of magical force field that you can't penetrate.
Warlic: Not... exactly. The Tome is on Cysero's half of the tower.
Warlic: You see, his insane experiments and dirty laundry were driving me nuts, so we painted a yellow line separating his half from mine.
<Your Character>: ... Warlic, that isn't a very mature solution...
Warlic: Think so? Let's see if you feel that way after fighting past his magical accidents and his enchanted filthy laundry.

Quote From TolkienFanatic


Crossing the line ch5.2

Location: Warlic's Tent
Objective: Warlic has asked that you cross the yellow line in his tower and retrieve the spellbook that he needs from the half of the tower that belongs to his roommate... Cysero.
DA required: No
Level required: None

NPCs: None
Monsters: Bugbear, Dirty Sockmonkey, Laundry Golem
Boss: Boggabus

EXP: 998
Gold: 35
Rewards: The Ancient Tome of Summoning (does not appear in inventory)

Objective Completed!: After discovering that you were not walking along a hallway, but in fact walking SIDEWAYS UP the tower, and successfully fighting your way past Cysero's accidental creations and enchanted piles of dirty laundry, you have found the spellbook.

Next Up: Get Warlic's Ingredients

Quote From TolkienFanatic


- Get Warlic's ingridients ch5.3

Location: Warlic's Tent
Objective: Find four ingredients so Warlic can summon an unspeakably powerful creature to find the real Dragon Egg!
DA required: No
Level required: None

NPCs: Warlic
Monsters: Boulder Elemental, Dirt Beetle
Inferno Elemental, Lava Glob / Fire Guards
Boss: Stone Head

#1: Bag of Fire Yarn
Description: Venture into the Fire Cave, north of here, and see if you can find a Bag of Fire Yarn
Location: #1 on the map

#2: Indestructible Litter
Description: Go into the Earth Cave to the east. It is a dirty job, but you must defeat the Stone Head boss and take his rubble
Location: Go to #2 on the map, fight through the dungeon, and you will obtain this item

#3: Bag of Salmon
Description: Travel to the southern waterfall and bring back a Bag of Salmon
Location: #3 on the map

#4: Wind-Nip
Description: Mmm, wind-nip. Wind elementals just cannot get enough of the stuff. Search the Wind Cave to the north.
Location: #4 on the map

Rewards: Bag of Fire Yarn, Indestructible Litter, Bag of Salmon, Wind-Nip (None of these items appear in inventory)

Next Up: Summoning Help

Quote From tolkienFanatic


- Summoning Help ch 5.4

Location: Warlic's Tent
Scaled: Yes
DA: No
NPCs: Warlic

General information:
This is part of a string of quests that leads to finding out which of your eggs are the dragonegg. This is the last quest before you go back to twilly, and also where you finally find out which egg is the dragonegg.

You have gathered all the necessary spell components that warlic needs to summon a creature from the darkness who can sniff out the real Dragon Egg!
You saved the Dragon Egg from being eaten by the Doomkitten, and now you know which is the real egg! Once it senses that you have found a safe place for it, it will drop its illusion and show you its true form.


Next Up: The Secret Cave

Quote From DragonGuard

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The Secret Cave ch6

Type: Location
Location: Talk to Twilly, after you've found out what egg is the dragonegg.

You did it! You are now in posession of the Dragon Egg! Now, how can you make it hatch and become a Dragonlord? Visit you egg and watch over it. The real event is just about to start.


Twilly -
Amazing, [character name], you have the Dragon Egg! We better put it in a safe place. Hmm... Celestia told me about a secret cave!

---> The Secret Cave <--- Egg color effect information inside

Quote From DragonGuard

Thanks To everyone Who's Guide i used, this couldn't have happened without you. I Hope this helps everyone,


P.s, this is not my actual work, it is just an index of other peoples.

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4/8/2007 10:27:15   

I'll add bassault's assault, thx to Tolkienfanatic

Location: Falconreach > Trouble!
Objective: Drakath has called in a favor with the Pyromancer Xan. His firey armies are taking positions all around Falconreach, but a huge lava creature named Bassault is not waiting.
Level required: None
Monsters: Bassault
NPCs: Drakath, Xan
Rewards: Defender's Medals, Xan's Secret Plans
DA required: No

Xan: DRAKATH!? How dare you you attempt to give ME , the great Xan an order?
Drakath: I am calling in the favor you owed my father
Xan: Hahahahaha... *Cackle crackle*
Xan: Yes. *Sizzle* Very well. Hahahaha... I will honor this. The whole town you say? Hahahahaha!
Drakath: <Your Character> has humiliated me and must pay the price for his defiance
Xan: Good... hahaha good... I was looking for something to amuse myself with before I deal with Warlic.
Drakath: Excellent. How many of my men will you need?
Xan: *Smiles with flames* None...
Drakath: What? Are you mad?
Xan: Yes... haha... yes! Let's see... Haha... it will take one week for my army to arrive in Falconreach.
Xan: Look past my shoulder... hahahaha... I have already... HAHAHA sent them a little taste of what is to come! HAHAHAHAHA!
Drakath: .....
Drakath: O_O
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 7
4/8/2007 10:34:13   

I'll add The Wrath of Xan, thx to GhostBear5

Location: Falconreach
Release date: March 21 2007
Objective: With reinforcements sent directly from Kiing Alteon and the aid of your fellow adventurers... we must keep the fire monsters out of town!
Level required: None
Monsters: Inferno Elemental, Lava Glob, Flamewing, Jungle Fury
NPCs: None
Rewards: None
DA required: No

After each wave is defeated: You have defeated a wave of fire monsters! We must stop Xan and his forces here. We cannot let them break through our lines and pour into Falconreach.... battle on!
Defender's Medal
Helm of the 300 Flames

Different types of waves
Wave 1: 1 monster. Scaled Bassault. Text: "Oh. You again. Thats super."
Wave 2: 7 monsters.
Wave 3: 8 Monsters.
Wave 4:
Wave 5: 12 monsters.

Note: Each and every wave may contain a chest. Go to it and there is a shop:

Level 12
The First Frost Giant
The First Frost Devil
The First Frost Spectre

Level 20
The Second Frost Giant
The Second Frost Devil
The Second Frost Spectre

Level 28
The Third Frost Giant
The Third Frost Devil
The Third Frost Spectre
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