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Save the Muhrbles!

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5/7/2007 18:08:53   
Elemental Leviathon

Save the Muhrbles!

Location: Travel Map Zorbak's Hideout Save the Muhrbles!

Zorbak: ...but if we don't stop them, they'll control the distrubution
Kabroz: Pah! I told you this would happen. I knew letting you handle this was a mistake
Zorbak: How was I to know they'd figure it out? Orcs are idiots, after all...
Kabroz: *mumbles* Takes one to know one..
Zorbak: What was that?
Kabroz: Never mind. The point is, we NEED those resources. I'll go take care of it.
Zorbak: No way! It's MY turn to go!
Kabroz: Pah! Absolutely not, last time I let you do something like this you failed miserably.
Zorbak: Meh! If I let you go, I doubt I'll even see my share!
Kabroz: Hmmm... What we need is some fool... err, brave soul to do the work FOR us!
Zorbak: Yeah, but where will we find someone like that around here?

Your name: There you are Zorbak! And Kabroz! What are you two up to now?
Zorbak and Kabroz: Meh heh heh... perfect
Your name: What?
Zorbak: Oh nothing.... nothing... Say, how'd you like to help save the world?
Your name: Since when have YOU been interested in saving the world?
Zorbak: Well, I can't RULE it if it's been destroyed can I? Meet me in the forest outside and I'll explain more...

You get two choices:
-Accept Zorbak's quest
-Return to town

If you choose 'return to town' you go back to Battleon

If you choose 'Accept Zorbak's quest':

Your name: Now, where is Zorbak? This is where he said to meet him.
Orc: Look! A spy! Attack!!
Your name: I KNEW I shouldn't have trusted that little blue fur ball....

You fight 3 battles against orcs

Zorbak: Excellent job! I knew you could handle these pests.
Your name: No thanks to you.... what is it you want anyway?
Zorbak: As you can see, the orcs have invaded the forest. They appear the be collecting a valuable.... resource.
Your name: What KIND of resource?
Zorbak: Oh, nothing much. Just a small, glowing marble-looking object. Almost inconsequential, I'm sure..
Your name: Uh-huh. So why are YOU concerned?
Zorbak: Because anything the Orcs want that badly can't be good. I'm sure they're up to something sneaky. And sneaky is MY job!
Your name: If this ''resource'' is that dangerous, why should I let YOU have it?
Zorbak: Well, err.. because... HEY LOOK! MORE ORCS!

You get two options: Continue or run away

If you continue you fight 6 orcs. After each fight you find something that looks like a marble

Your name: This seems to be where all the orcs are coming from..
Your name: The source of those marble-like objects must be inside!
???: bluuurb flurpplllle!!!!!
Your name: uh-oh... That sounded both a little cute and yet angry...

You fight Mama Muhrble

Your name: Hey, these aren't marbles! These are.... EGGS!
Zorbak: Yes, they're eggs. Specifically, Muhrble eggs.
Your name: You'd better explain yourself, Zorbak!
Zorbak: Muhrbles are a race of creatures that Orcs use to power their forges and create weapons. They have elemental breath like dragons, but are much more docile and easy to control.
Zorbak: Why, most of them can't even move under their own power! A perfect slave race!
Your name: ...That's just...Wrong...
Zorbak: Kabroz and I figured that Muhrbles would be the perfect fuel source for our own experiments.
Zorbak: Plus we can sell the excess eggs back at a tidy profit to fund our research.

Big treasure chest comes out

Zorbak: So what do you say Hero? I'll cut you in on the profits, and even sell you an egg at cost if you like... or are you going to be all goody-goody on me?

You get two choices: Side with Zorbak or Say no to Zorbak

If you side with Zorbak:

Zorbak: Mehehehehe! I knew you were EBIL like me!

You go to the Muhrbles shop (see below).

Zorbak: Excellent choice! Enjoy your new sla.. err, pet! Oh, and here's that share of the profits I promised-- don't spend it all in one place!

You get to fight Zorbak's payoff

You battle Shoulders McGee

Your name: Thanks a lot, Zorbak! The next time you ask me to side with you, I think I'll pass on it!

If you say no to Zorbak:

Your name: You tricked me! I won't stand by and let you enslave any more of these poor creatures!
Zorbak: Somehow I knew you'd say that. Very well...

You fight Zorbak

Kabroz: Idiot!! I should have known better than to trust you with this!!
Zorbak: Meh! I'd like to see you do any better!

You fight Kabroz

Kabroz: Uh... I have an idea..
Kabroz: Let's get out of here. Muhrble feed would end up costing us more than they're worth anyways

Zorbak: Mehehe, you didn't stand a chance...
Kabroz: Another word and you'll be hanging upside down in the Inn's attic again, where I found you...
Your name: Now what do I do with these eggs? I don't really have time to sit and hatch them... er, do Muhrbles sit on their eggs?
Your name: Plus, poor Mama Muhrble needs some help too. Aria will know what to do.

Aria: Oh thank you for saving those poor little creatures, (insert your name)!
Aria: Mama Muhrble is resting, but she's very happy that her babies will be safe from the orcs. A few have hatched already! Would you like one to care for?

You go to Muhrble shop (see below).

Aria: Goodbye for now!

At the end, you get two choices:
Return to town

Muhrble Shop
Blue Muhrble (10/35/70/90)
Red Muhrble (10/35/70/90)
Yellow Muhrble (10/35/70/90)

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