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Pirate Class

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5/25/2007 17:08:37   
Elemental Leviathon

Pirate Class (Pirate's Cove)

Location: Travel Map > Pirate's Cove
Level Requirement 25 30


If you haven't finished the introduction to the pirate class before, this happens:

Rhubarb: Ahoy, me hearty! Alas, I'm here with grim news. A mysterious new island appeared just off the coast recently-- and at the same time, many men have been disappearing!
Rhubarb: Aye, ye heard me right. MEN. Not women. Only male sailors and fishermen are vanishing, a few every day! And no-one knows why!
Rhubarb: I've been doin' some reading, though, and methinks this island may be the legendary Krakathan! There be a story that goes something like this...
Rhubarb: Centuries ago, a pirate, name of Captain Sharktooth, was lookin' for a place to hide the biggest treasure hoard ever gathered. An' after some thinking, he realized:
Rhubarb: What better place to hide the hoard than on the LIVING ISLAND of Krakathan-- a hiding place that could defend itself, and was ever on the move! A moving, living island...
Rhubarb: Sharktooth went back to reclaim his treasure later, but something happened and he and his ship and crew were destroyed! And ye know what THAT means, don't ye?
Rhubarb: THE TREASURE MUST STILL BE THERE, Matey!! So I have a deal for ye: A lot of me crew has disappeared lately, so I need help.
Rhubarb: If YOU help me find this treasure, I'll train ye in the ways of the PIRATE! So, do we have a deal?

  • Yes! Let's find that treasure!
  • No, maybe later
  • Special challenge! Ninjas?!

    If you click 'No, maybe later' you return to Battleon.
    If you click 'Yes! Let's find that treasure!' this happens:
    If you click 'Ninjas?!' you will fight Night of 100 Ninja If you win, you may either "replay" the battle or "skip-it".

    Rhubarb: AAARRRR!! Ye may just be ready for yer sea-legs yet!! Let's sail!

    You go on Rhubarb's ship

    Rhubarb: Shiver me timbers! Do ye hear that?? A sweet melody being sung over the sea!! It's a lovely tune... but can't be natural!!
    Rhubarb: We're approaching Krakathan Island, but there seems to be a smaller rock in the water offshore! What is it--??

    You see a rock just ahead of Krakathan Island, and there are three Sirens on it.

    Siren: hmmmm......mmmmmmm....mmm...mm......mmmmmmmmm....hmmmmmmmm
    Siren: Mmmm.... Heloooo, Sailors.... Why don't you come visit us??
    Siren: We've been waaaiiiting for you soooo long.... mmmmmmhhhhmmmm....mmmm...mmm...mm

    Stat Roll!
    Avoid the rocks!
    Captain Rhubarb and much of
    his crew are being hypnotized
    by the Sirens! Can you shake
    them out of it??

    Difficulty: 100 65
    Stat used: Charisma
  • Roll!

    If you fail, Krakathan eats Rhubarb's ship, Red Betty.

    Krakathan, the living island,
    has lured you into its trap and
    eaten the entire Red Betty and
    everyone aboard!

  • Try again!
  • Go Home

    If you press 'Try again!' you return to the stat roll, but now the Difficulty is 20
    If you press 'Go Home' you return to Battleon

    If you succeed, this happens:

    Rhubarb:Yaaarg!! Ye did it-- ye resisted the Siren's song and steered us clear! Now-- take a skiff out there and stop them!

    You fight Sirens

    Rhubarb: The Sirens seem to have sunk under the sea-- but I'm surprised they didn't jump off of their rocky perch and try to get on your skiff!
    Rhubarb: Makes me think that maybe the Sirens were something MORE than they appeared... maybe-- they were PART of the--
    Rhubarb: AVAST! Hard to starboard!! Something is coming right at us!!

    Stat Roll!
    Evasive maneuvers!
    Something is raising out of the
    Great Sea and heading
    straight for the ship! Can you
    steer it to safety in time?

    Difficulty: 60
    Stat used: Dexterity
  • Roll!

    If you fail, Krakathan eats Rhubarb's ship, Red Betty.

    Krakathan, the living island,
    has lured you into its trap and
    eaten the entire Red Betty and
    everyone aboard!

  • Try again!
  • Go Home

    If you press 'Try again!' you return to the stat roll, but now the Difficulty is 25
    If you press 'Go Home' you return to Battleon

    If you succeed, Krakathan misses the ship

    Rhubarb: Blow me down! Ye seem to have found yer sea-legs, matey! We'll drop anchor here and go ashore on the Krakathan's island!
    Rhubarb: Accordin' to legend, Captain Sharktooth used big stones to mark the spots where the treasure is buried! Let's find it, then catch the first whisper o'wind off this island!
    Rhubarb: Search the island for some treasure and bring it back to the ship!
    Rhubarb: In the meantime, I'll make ye a level 1 Pirate already!
    Rhubarb: Ye are now a PIRATE! Yaaarrr, matey!

    If you have finished the introduction to the pirate class before, this happens:

    You have already succeeded
    in the introduction to the Pirate
    Class! Would you like to play
    it again, or continue straight on
    to Krakathan Island?

  • Play it again!
  • Skip it!

    If you press 'Play it again!' the same thing happens as when you haven't finished the introduction to the pirate class before.

    Talk to Captain Rhubarb

    Rhubarb: Yer hear to find treasure and better yet-- learn the ways of the Pirate-- am I right? Get yerself the Swashbuckler's Rainment in me shop, along with some other useful items!

  • Quest
    Takes you to a pirate class quest (2-10, look below for more info)

  • What is a Pirate?
    Rhubarb:Being a Pirate means many things to many people, not the least of which is an outlaw who sails the high seas. But those outlaws give us all a bad name...
    Rhubarb: Not all of us Pirates rob merchant ships or ransack port towns. Some of us, meself included, are Pirates for the freedom living on the seas!
    Rhubarb: My crew an' I travel the oceans searching for adventure and treasure! We live by a code of honor, as well, and our Captains (that's me) are actually VOTED on!
    Rhubarb: Aye! That's right! A pirate ship is a democracy, and we all have a say. There are always a few bad apples it seems, mutineers who want to take everything for themselves.
    Rhubarb: So maybe ye can help watch my back while yer on deck! Oh, and if ye happens to lose a limb in service aboard a pirate ship, we have QUITE the insurance policy.
    Rhubarb: Losing an eye pays 100 pieces of 8, losing a leg pays 600 pieces of eight! What's a piece of eight, ye ask? Why, maybe ye need to do a little pirate homework later on! Har har...

  • Captain Rhubarb's Shop
    Pirate Class Shop opens and you can buy:

    Wit (25 Energy / 57 Fire)
    Bucaneer Pistol (25/48)
    Thundering Flintlock Z
    Vile Cutthroat's Cutlass
    Ungrounded Flintlock
    Dread Pirate's Cutlass
    Electrified Flintlock Z
    EnergiZed Flintlock
    Zapping Flintlock

    Swashbuckler's Rainment
    Sea Scurge

    Octopirate (10/35/65/85/95)

    Rhubarb: Ahhh, now those are some fine goods! I'd make an excellent merchant if it wasn't for me need to cruise the world!

  • Back to town
    Takes you back to Battleon

    Class Quest 2-10

    Rhubarb: Ahoy matey! Yer quest is far from over!As a level 1 Pirate I know ye can find all of that buried treasure!

  • Quest
  • Turn down the Quest...

    If you choose 'Turn down the Quest...' you go back to 'Talk to Captain Rhubarb'

    If you choose 'Quest', this happens:

    Quest Accepted!
    Search the legendary Krakathan
    Island for Captain Sharktooth's
    hidden treasure and take it back to
    the Red Betty! Watch out for
    monsters and mutinous Pirates
    along the way. You are now a level (insert your Pirate Class level here)
    Pirate. Find the next treasure box
    and your class level will increase to
    (your Pirate Class level + 1). You can rest up to three times.

  • Go!

    You fight a monster from the monster list below:
    (insert monster list here)

    Enemy defeated!
    Consider resting to regain some
    mana and health before you
  • Rest Now
    3 Rests Remaining

  • Continue!

    You fight 1 more monster from the monster list above. When you've won, the same poster as last time appear, but the amount of 'Rests Remaing' depends on whether you used a reast or not. This pattern continues until you've beaten 4 monsters.

    When you've fought 4 monsters, you find a Sharktooth's Treasure.

    Treasure Found!
    You found more of Sharktooth's
    treasure! Consider resting to regain
    some mana and health before you
    take it back to the Red Betty!

  • Rest Now
    X (depends on how many rests you have used) Rests Remaining.

  • Continue!

    Stat Roll!
    Avoid Mutineers!
    Sneak past Ratliver and
    Anchorhand, or one will fight
    you while the other takes the

    Difficulty: 20-(?)
    Stat used: Dexterity

    Rhubarb: Yaarr! Ye made it back to me ship, treasure in hand! Good work! I've got a bad feelin', though... Somethin's amiss.

    Krakathan rises up from the water

    Rhubarb: Avast!! Our searchin' on the island has stirred the beast again!! If that sea-devil eats me ship ye won't be learnin; anything but the whereabouts of Davy Jone's Locker!
    Rhubarb: Quickly, now!! Bring about the 6-pounders, and blast that thing back to dreamland!!

  • Open Fire!

    Rhubarb: Nice shot, me hearty!!

    Class Level Up!
    Captain Rhubarb has tought you a new
    Pirate ability! Now, you are ready for even
    tougher challenges!

    Level X

  • Done


    The treasure chest has been stolen!

    You fight Anchorhand or Ratliver

    Treasure Lost!
    The mutinous pirates Ratliver and
    Anchorhand have gotten the treasure!
    Don't give up-- keep searching for the rest
    of Captain Sharktooth's treasure hoard!
  • Continue your quest!
  • Give up...

    Talk to Captain Rhubarb part II

    Rhubarb: You did it-- all of Captain Sharktooth's long-lost treasure is ours, all except for ONE LAST hoard.
    Rhubarb: Now, I didn't tell ye this part of the legend, because I never thought we'd get this far... but thee last, and biggest, treasure chest is IN THE KRAKATHANS GULLET!
    Rhubarb: Aye-- that's right-- ye need to battle the Krakathan and DEFEAT IT to get the treasure hoard! I'll ram it with the Red Betty to wake it up again, and then it's up to you!

  • Battle!
    Takes you to the Final Mission

  • Captain Rhubarb's Shop
    Takes you to the Pirate Class Shop (see above)

  • Restore Pirate Class
    Makes your class a Pirate again.

  • Back to Town
    Takes you back to Battleon

    The Final Mission

    Rhubarb: RAMMING SPEED!

    The Red Betty crashes into Krakathan

    Rhubarb: Uh-oh... it's going to take a bit for it to wake up, but in the meantime, Ratliver and Anchorhand are trying to take over the ship! You have to put down their mutiny!

    Krakathan wakes up, and rises up from the water

    Boss Fight

    Rhubarb: Ye sent the Krakathan back to the dephts and got all of Sharktooth's treasure! It'll be a while before more sailors go missing again due to THAT beastie!

  • Battle Krakathan again
    Takes you back to The Final Mission

  • Captain Rhubarbs Shop
    Takes you to Pirate Class Shop (see above)

  • Back to Town
    Takes you back to Battleon

    Thanks to MTG and Archiv3r for the Night of 100 Ninja update. Additional thanks to Nex del Vida.

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