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Dev -> Guide Owners Needed! (10/14/2011 19:19:57)

Guide Owners Needed!

From now on, this will be a semi-permanent thread in MQ Guides. You'll be able to find listings of all the available guides. Of course, you may create an entirely new guide - this sticky will just list recently "retired" threads.

Useful Links:

MechQuest Guides: The Rules
Read these before creating a new guide or taking over an old one

A Guide to Guide Writing
If you've never created a guide before and are interested in doing so, this link is for you

MechQuest Guides Approval Requests
Post a link to the finished guide here for AK or Mod review

MechQuest Guides Index
Check here to see if a guide you want to create has already been made


The guides listed below are those that need an owner. Please note: these are only the guides that have been previously made. Members are strongly encouraged to come up with their own ideas.

Newly Available Guides

A Complete Guide to Customization (NSC Version) Previous owner: Drakyloid

Please use the following format when requesting one of the above guides, or asking to make one that hasn't been done before:

Guide Writer:Your Forum Name goes in here
Guide: Which Guide(s) you want to write
Deadline: When will the Guide be ready?
Additional Information: If you want to write a completely new Guide that is not posted in here, please make a short description of it.

If you want to write a Guide, please post in this thread so that we and others know which guides are in progress. You donīt want to waste your time just because another member had the same idea and posted his Guide before yours is ready.

Selutu -> RE: Guide Owners Needed! (10/14/2011 20:15:15)

Guide Writer: Selutu
Guide: Mechquest Acronyms and Abbreviations
Deadline: 20th October 2011

Coded. It's all yours! Let me know if you need anything. ~Dev

PD -> RE: Guide Owners Needed! (10/17/2011 17:23:46)

Guide Writer: PD
Guide: List of Specials and Effects
Deadline: 10/22/11 at the Latest.
Additional Information: Was my guide a long time ago but nobody decided to take it over after I left it so I decided to take it back.

Go ahead. :) Gus

lloydbunyan101 -> RE: Guide Owners Needed! (10/27/2011 19:40:36)

can i have the dragonoid saga plz

Please use the format provided above, thanks! Once you do, you can go ahead and start working on the guide (Oh, and I coded the guide in case you want to use any parts from the previous guide). :) ~Gus

Thiefboy109 -> RE: Guide Owners Needed! (11/29/2011 18:40:41)

Guide Writer: Thiefboy109
Guide: The Dragonoid Saga : Walkthrough
Deadline: December 5, 2011
Additional Information: Mostly up-to-date right now, but because the saga is still being released, I would like to keep it current.

Go ahead. The guide is already in code form. :) Gus

Textwi -> RE: Guide Owners Needed! (12/31/2011 0:06:14)

Can I take a basic leveling guide for levels 1-35/45?

Seiyou -> RE: Guide Owners Needed! (6/19/2012 13:36:54)

Guide Writer: Seiyou
Guide: Gameplay and Interface Guide
Deadline: July 18th, 2012
Additional Information: I'll rewrite the main interface section, but that's about all it needs. Perhaps I'll add a few images, too.

Go right ahead. PM me if you'd like the coded version of the original guide. :) ~gus

1234567890k -> RE: <b>Guide Owners Needed! (6/12/2013 22:40:09)

Guide Writer: 1234567890k
Guide: A Complete Guide to Customization (NSC Version)
Deadline: July 18th, 2013
Additional Information: All the guide needs is a update; perhaps I will also modify some of the content itself; include general information about seasonal rares, toss in my own anecdotes, et cetera.

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