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RE: what are some of your (least) favorite missions

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6/14/2013 21:59:10   

favorite mech so far: wolfblade elite, huge damage. 200 power + 100 luck
Post #: 401
10/6/2013 19:57:05   

I love my skullcrusher mech ( cuz I can rip mechas' arms off and slap them across the face with it :D )


AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 402
10/7/2013 0:21:04   

I have 2 favorite Mechs
Non-Rare: Vladic Knight - Oh..how sweet..a little Bat...aarrggghh
Rare: My Siamex Duo.....fight him and you see what i mean
DF MQ  Post #: 403
11/6/2013 21:51:12   

Fave Mech: None so far.... But I want one with lots of missiles, serious looking guns, and have a more realistic approach to what mechs should look, like Hawken Mechas Although, WolfBlade Elite has my eye...
Fave Enemy: EC04. I love the design and it's a literal walking tank with nice animations. I wish they could release an equipable version.
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 404
7/9/2014 17:35:55   

Knightron AU
Skullcrusher Ultimate
Sepulchure Ultimate
Gold Nubertron SE
Golden Star Newbatron V3008

are my favorite mechas cause most of those are super like founder only rare to those who've played since 2007 the sepulchure ultimate is just awesome offense and defense and the skullcrusher is just cool at least that i can remember havent played in over 3 years now
MQ  Post #: 405
9/27/2015 8:25:07   

Favourite mechs...
Void Infused Drakel Armor (awesome body ability, wish it affected DoTs though...)
Dark/Doom Rider X 50 (darn, too bad I can't get the power of the dark rider and the looks of the doom rider in one )
TerriFi (nova) (THE DAMAGE IS UNREAL!)
Skelepunk (nova) (awesome power and animations)
Vladic Black Knight (my go to mech when I want to destroy people in PvP)
Mechula (with awesome cape )

My most hated mechs...
Warbear (does too much damage, I hate fighting it in scaled battles... it evens challenges my level 50 mechs at level 33!)

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MQ  Post #: 406
10/4/2015 18:20:55   
How We Roll Winner

My top 4 favorite mechs are the following :1. The football-like skull faced Wolf Mecha. (the one we use during the GG).

2: The Nemesis: There's something satisfying about it. It really makes me smile.

3: The Uber/regular Jameson Mecha: I'm a serious Friday the 13th movie fan and this is a terrific way of holding onto that terror. Great job.

4: The dragon mech (The one that does the stance like Bruce Lee): Putting a mech together like Bruce Lee was a major yay from me to the MQ team. That will remain in my inventory of mech's for years to come!

Favorite weapon: EvilJim's Axe.

Favorite Quest: I have 4. The yearly mogloween quest series. The Maegwyn diner series. The shadow scythe Grand Finale event. And lastly the whole vampire-area map. I just love going there from time to time to fight the creepy creatures.
AQW Epic  Post #: 407
7/16/2017 21:40:20   

Well. Too years have past and I have obtained (about) 30 more mechas so... I have new favourites

Favourite Mechas I own:
1. Supreme Jameson: So disrespectful! I love the Ultimate Devastation attack; and I love using it against Universo (No biggie, I will just pick up Universo and toss him around like a rag doll haha.
2. Dragonguard: I have only owned this mecha since last week and it quickly is becoming on of my favourites. The additional EP/HP regen and already high stats make it great for long fights (Body attack kind of sucks though... I felt underwhelmed by it).
3. Miiziiga Sneigapika 41NG-Complete: Ultimate counter against those pesky Runehawks! Extra large EP reserves and does extremely high critical damage that will surely deplete their own energy if they have the nerve to use their mana shield... also has the most broken alterative head weapon... Reaper Lens...
4. 141dB Nova TerriFi: Awesome mecha and still is among my favourites.
5. Doom Rider X50: I have a little history with this mech. I remember back when I first played the game I saw the Doom Rider X50 in the NG shop and after just looking at it, I wanted one... but I was a F2P player at the time so Nova Gems were non-existent... later (about four years) I heard Jack (the NPC) talk about the Horseman returning (and for some reason I got super excited because I thought it would be a F2P version of the Rider) but then I got bitterly disappointed after I found out you got Shelly's mech instead (I tried it got though... it wasn't very good...). The following year I bought Star Captain and Dragonguard packages and bought every Nova gem mech from the Halloween event (because why not).
6. Void Drakel Armor: Ashendal did a good job making this mech look very sleek. He could have made it a tad bit stronger though for the challenge of getting it (my only complaint with it).
7. Frakenmecha OC50: Helped me so much back in those days as a Non-Star Captain. Still use it in fact to this day too! I just wish their was a nova-gem version with slightly better specials... (maybe with those 2012 external weapons...). Great mecha and was pleasantly surprised to see it upgrade automatically after becoming a Star Captain!
8. CW5 Tactical Land Assault Mech: Basically this is the Deluxe Hammerhead reborn. I love the look of the older arts so it was always nice to see it reused.
9. Yeti Leader. I remember buying the Yeti Flag Officer and having fond memories of it exploding constantly against Jimmy Eyepods. I don't know what I saw in the nova version at the time, but I am glad I picked it up. The Yeti Leader is easily the definitive version and only version of the Yeti series anyone could ever use as it has MUCH stronger specials, damage and constant specials (The Flag Officer kind of just nerfed the enemy when it felt like it... it was so annoying!). Seriously comparing the Flag Officer to the Leader is like comparing faecal matter to gold... I was really surprised with the difference. They really need to buff the Flag Officer thinking about it...
10. Anni-Volt Spear: It isn't the strongest mech I own (in fact, far from it) but there is some charm in it's simplicity.

Favourite mechas I will never own :(
1. Pirate Admiral... saw the mech at Crows Nest... saved up Novas for it, then puff... it was gone. I kind of like the Navigator that replaced it, but it isn't the same...
2. Pirate Raider. I like the pirate mechas... they look cool.
3. Skullcrusher. After Sephulchure returned I was hoping I could also get a "doom" version of the Skullcrusher. Sadly that never happened though...
4. Saimex Dou. Although the Mechquest Poster is still in stock the shipping cost and the poster combined is too expensive (if I do the poster it would literally just be for the Saimex Dou because this is the ONLY Artix game I play)... To add insult to injury, you fight one during the Shadowscythe March, which again reminds me of it's existence...
5. Ubertron. Loved the Nubertron and I found it really annoying they made his bigger brother... nova gem exclusive for 24 hours only at a ridiculous price tag of 2K nova gems! I was really surprised it never returned in a Flavescent Friday sale (considering almost nobody brought it... geez, I wonder why?).
6. Corrupted Horse Mechas... They were too expensive at the time and never returned.
7. Kaendal Snake (from Flavescent Friday sale). I originally held off these because I thought they would return (as they were Weston mechas rescaled to higher levels, but nope...).
8. Chrono Mech/Corruptor. Missed out on both of these. I would like to see them return...
9. Pirate Duelist/Sniper (complete). They don't exist (even though they should). I hope they get added eventually!
10. Elite Wolfblade/Runehawk. After saving the universe the least you can do is cut me some slack and let me use the other house mechas! It seriously drives me nuts being limited to one house. It is why I wanted the corrupted mechas so bad because they are "technically" shadowscythe mechas instead and don't get disabled for switching houses...
MQ  Post #: 408
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