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=AQW= Guide Requests

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7/25/2013 19:37:15   
The Game
Pegasus Overlord

If you have an idea for a new guide topic that is not already covered by an existing guide, please use this thread to formally propose your suggestion.

Topic: What would be a working title for this guide?
Purpose: What does this guide hope to achieve? What is the objective here?
Reason: Why is such a guide useful?
Checked Threads: What threads have you checked to confirm that there is not already a guide on the topic in question, and what makes it different from other guides?
[b]Checked Threads:[/b] 
The AQW Guides AKs will be editing in feedback on your suggestion, mainly evaluating its feasibility. If the AQW Guides AKs find your guide topic useful, it will be added to the Guide Vacancies thread where prospective guide writers can fulfill the request. Note that if your request is approved, your post will be deleted.

The following guides have been discontinued. The AQW Guides Team is appreciative of the effort that has been put into these guides, but the topics in question are no longer needed. They are straightforward and can generally be completed without an aid.
  • Earth Day
  • Easter
  • Heroes Heart Day
  • Lucky Day

    Thanks to Pae for the above template.

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    7/27/2013 22:36:18   
      Mecha Mario
    Hero of the Kingdom

    Topic: Guide to Obtaining the BLoD and Sepulchure's Armor
    Purpose: To help show how to complete the BLoD and Sepulchure's Armor quest chains the quickest and easiest way possible.
    Reason: These two quest chains are some of the toughest quests to complete in AQW to date. While the quests are in a straight-forward manner, not everyone does understand which quests they should be doing as they progress in the chain, since your not required to do all the quests to finish them. Even the order of the quests you do in later on could have an impact on how quick it takes you to finish the two quest chains respectfully. It could also help cut down some of the questions being asked in the Q&A as well if done right, such as which metals to get for each quest chain.
    Checked Threads: A Guide to Completing BLoD and Necrotic Light of Destiny - However, its locked, and wasn't quite too helpful as most of it were just pulling quotes from the wiki. How to farm for Blinding Light of Destiny. - Also locked, looks like quotes from the wiki were pulled, and not really formatted too well.

    Watashig asked about having a guide like this up again assuming it was done well and had enough input (not just wiki quoting). After reviewing a bit, we gave him the okay to try it. He decided to go for it himself, doing some research to see what would be needed. It's been a while ago, though, so I'll give him a poke and see where it's at currently. ~Tech
    Update: After discussing the potential of this guide(s) with the AQW Guides team once more, and receiving notification from Watashig, a comprehensive legendary items guide may exist. Added to the Guide Vacancies thread. ~Zyrain

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    7/31/2013 7:40:55   
    Retro The Watcher

    Topic: Guide for Dage the Evils Saga (and quests).
    Purpose: To explain the expanding DTE's story-line and his Legion Quests.
    Reason: As Nulgath has his own guide (even though it is zone based) I believe Dage now needs one too. He has a multitude of difficult quests that are constantly asked about in the Q&A section and he is now starting his own Saga/Mini-Saga, meaning a guide to explain it would be useful. It would be better to start one now, instead of when we are deep into his story.
    Checked Threads: Plank's Guide to The Undead Legion

    Edit: Thanks to Rickyb20 for finding the old legion guide.


    After evaluating the usefulness of a Dage the Evil guide with the AQW Guides team, we decided a comprehensive guide may exist. However, it should explain the items, quests, storyline, and location related to Dage the Evil. Added to the Guide Vacancies thread. Thanks! ~Zyrain

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    8/3/2013 10:04:46   
    Retro The Watcher

    Topic: Guide to SpellCrafting.
    Purpose: Similar to Tomboy22's guide, it would explain how to use each spell, and in what situation to use it in (or not).
    Reason: I believe it needs a guide, due to the vast amount of spells available.
    Checked Threads: None. It is a new release.


    I've been hesitant to approve this guide as I haven't been sure on if it was truly necessary due to the explanation in-game and the resources at the Wiki. However, after talking to a few others, I do feel that a guide on how to use the spells and their effects may be helpful. Added to the vacancies thread. ~Zyrain

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    10/29/2013 9:41:20   

    Topic: A concise guide of story arcs and order of map locations.
    Purpose: A guide aimed at returning players which should be useful for new/inexperienced players too. The guide I have in mind would be simple, essentially a list of story arcs each with a sub-list of map names in the order of which you will visit them.
    Reason: As a returning player myself I find myself swamped with a lot of content of which I do not know where to start. MOST of the lords of chaos story arcs provide decent directions of where to go or where to back track to but not always; there is also a number of quest lines that occur over several maps that I have accidentally stumbled in to half way through or near the end and I've no idea how I would get to those points as was intended by design, or likewise the next step is unclear and a point of reference would be very useful. I have been using the book of lore to follow non-main story quests but the progress meter doesn't tell you what you're missing, I have a few sections there that do not say I've progressed 100% yet I can't work out from the game itself what I haven't done or what I have missed or if there are maps in the arc that I haven't visited.
    Checked Threads: I've had a look through the current and pending guides and saw nothing like this. There are a handful of current guides that direct players step by step through story arcs but they mostly just cover story, greenguard and seasonal events and all are detailed. I understand it is not necessary to have a detailed guide for each quest line in the game, I also understand that some people prefer not to use guides (I am one of these people) but would simply not like to spend time running around the game looking for the next step which is the main reason I propose a guide like this. I think I agree that it's probably not particularly necessary for the masses but I am sure it would be beneficial to many.

    An example using things I already know about would be:


    <Quest line title>
    <"Name of starting NPC"> - <Any brief details relevant to finding this NPC>
    <first map name>
    <second map name>

    "Yara" - Enter /battleundera via /Cellar or the secret entrance in Warlic's shop in /battleontown.

    The Black Knight
    "The Black Knight" - (By Arcangrove exit in /greenguardwest)

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    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 5
    1/29/2014 21:06:59   

    Topic: Guide to Legends
    Purpose: To elaborate on the perks you obtain upon purchase of membership; what are the things you should really look out for?
    Reason: As a new Legend, I am of the mindset that with only 6 months, I want to make the most of the things I can get. This guide would bring out the most relevant Legend Perks, such as: what daily quests you should be doing, what quest-lines are legend only, legend only zones, items... this would not be a list, merely a brief summary of what you should be doing to maximize your time as a Legend. E.g. It is easy to not realize you get 2 free magic keys a month, as that is not widely advertised.
    Checked Threads: There are guides that elaborate on most efficient use of AC's, but none for member legend-ship.

    There is already a Legend's guide to AdventureQuest Worlds guide being worked on within the Pending section. ~Zyrain

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    7/8/2014 16:02:24   

    Topic: Guide to animations
    Purpose: To show people the items which have animations as well as a picture of the animation happening for people to see that animation as well.
    Reason: Animations are a new idea which have been released. A guide would help people see the different animations which occur, and therefore allow everyone to enjoy them. Also, if people are considering buying a certain item for the animation, it would help them choose the items based on the animation.
    Checked Threads: No guides have been created due to it being a new concept being introduced.

    NB: May I please make the guide if it has been approved

    Request denied. I don't feel this topic is guide-worthy; it isn't something that needs explaining in any great detail. If you wish to discuss this decision please PM me. Thanks. -Laos

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