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[ARCHIVED] A Guide to AQWorlds Farming

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9/4/2013 12:26:05   
The Arcane

A Guide to AQWorlds Farming

Previously owned by Laos
Originally owned by PD

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. General Farming Tips
  3. Gold
  4. Experience & Class Points
  5. Reputation
  6. Legion Tokens
  7. Credits


What is Farming?


1. You think you found a Quest/Place/Battle that offers good Experience/Gold/etc.
2. You will do that Quest/Place/Battle over, and over, and over again (this the truly repetitive part of "Farming").
3. Slowly, you build up a massive pile of Experience, Gold, or others.
4. Once you have done that Quest/Place/Battle so many times, you will have found yourself with a large amount of Experience, Gold, or others, depending on what you did to acquire those rewards that you have desired so much.

That's what Farming is and how it works!

Taken from PD's MechQuest Farming Guide.


Do you have a suggestion to add, change, or delete something in this guide? Great! This guide is always trying to absorb the most select feedback there is. Please post your suggestion here, using the following format:
[b]1. What is being farmed? (Gold/Exp/etc.):[/b] 
[b]2. Location and routine:[/b] 
[b]3. Monsters/quests/items being farmed:[/b]
[b]4. Rewards and reason to suggest this area:[/b] 
[b]5. Advised level range:[/b] 
[b]6. Farm solo or as a party?:[/b]
[b]7. Requirements (if any):[/b][/b]
[b]8. Advised classes (if necessary):[/b]
[b]9. Will it remain permanent content?:[/b]

General Farming Tips

  • It is always better to farm together, rather than farming alone! - Take advantage of the fact that you're playing an MMORPG, farm together, host parties or join them by using the =AQW= Let's Party! thread in the AQWorlds General Discussion forum.
  • Use the best advised locations - Sure, you can kill lots of level 5 Zardman quickly, but is it as effective and rewarding as breaking down furniture at Sleuth Hound Inn? Location is also very important when it comes to farming.
  • Make sure your enhancements are maxed out! - You need to be dealing as much damage as quickly and as hard as possible, otherwise, all I can say is that you aren't hitting hard enough, and that it will slow you down when it comes to farming, and the whole cause of farming has been lost.


    Game boosts are incredible, and essential if you want to farm a lot faster. When you activate a boost, it DOUBLES your rewards! These are the following available boosts:

  • Experience: 1 hour, for 150 ACs or through special offers; Doom 1 hour, every time you spin the Wheel of Doom you will receive one of these for free; 10 minutes, a free reward from Faith's quests.
  • Gold: 1 hour, through special offers; Doom 1 hour, through merging the free Doom 1 hour XP boost.
  • Class Points: 1 hour, for 150 ACs or through special offers; Doom 1 hour, through merging the free Doom 1 hour XP boost; 20 minutes, for 3 Realm Gems in the Reward Gem Shop.
  • Reputation: 1 hour, for 150 ACs or through special offers; Doom 1 hour, through merging the free Doom 1 hour XP boost; 10 minutes, a free reward from Faith's quests.

    Check out A Guide to AQWorlds Boosts to see what other items can help you farm more efficiently.

    The Ideal Class

    The Darkside and Chunin classes were made for farming! If you are lucky enough to own either of these classes, then you'll find farming a lot easier! Other classes ideal for farming solo include Alpha Omega, CardClasher, Darkblood Storm King, Evolved Shaman, Necromancer and Troll Spellsmith.

    When farming in a party, it is more ideal to have classes which allow you to support each other, such as Alpha Omega, Elemental Dracomancer, Healer and Thief of Hours.

    Note: Many of these classes have multiple ways to purchase them. The ones I've linked are only one way. Check the Wiki to see how you can obtain these classes via ACs, as a Legend, through Reputation, or merging items.

    For more information on Class strategies and Enhancements, please see the Uselful/Recommended Class Builds Guide.


    The Gold cap is currently set at 5,000,000. However, after reaching 4,000,000 Gold you can only obtain more by selling items.

    1. Cleric Dawn's Quests (/join portal)
    Levels Any

    Basic Analysis: In Portal, Cleric Dawn has 3 quests (a different one available each day, and you can only do one once a day). Upon completing a quest, you will receive an item which then sells for 12,500 Gold. Note that there is a permanent version of the 'Fire Gem' quest in Portal Undead (/join portalundead) which you can complete every day.

    What you need to do: Accept one of Cleric Dawn's quests -- whichever one is available to you. You need a lot of luck on your side as the quest items have low drop rates. For the 'Fire Gem' quest, defeat Skeletal Fire Mages found in Portal Undead (/join portalundead). For the 'Gold Digger' quest, defeat the Lich found in Marsh 2 (/join marsh2). Finally, for the 'Lodes of Gold' quest, defeat Chaotic Draconians (beware, a much tougher opponent!) found in Dwarfhold Keep (/join dwarfhold).

    2. The Black Knight (/join greenguardwest)
    Levels 20+

    Basic Analysis: The enemy here that is being farmed, is the one and only Black Knight. He is an HP beast, totalling at a grand 50,000 HP. You may think this is going overboard, as well as not deserving a spot here, but believe me, here's the catch -- the drops that the Black Knight has sell for 6,250 Gold each! Also, since you are able to bring in ten other people, taking down this boss will be relatively quick, and since the Black Knight drops often, he's like a Gold Piņata! Beware of lag though.

    What you need to do: First, you must have completed the quest Hardly Suiting Armor and have the Black Knight Orb in your inventory. Go to the Black Knight Ghost in Green Guard West and summon him. Once you have defeated the Black Knight and obtained a few of the drops, open up a shop via the Game Menu or your Book of Lore to sell them.

    3. Tainted Elemental (/join nulgath)
    Levels 20+

    Basic Analysis: Although Legend-only, this is a fast and easy way to farm gold compared to The Black Knight. However, the drops sell for less, ranging from 125 Gold to 6,250 Gold. The monsters in this map have artificial intelligence, so there's no time to heal! If you have the Oblivion Blade of Nulgath or Crag & Bamboozle pets, you can accept quests to obtain Escherion's Helm which then sells for 12,500 Gold.

    What you need to do: Join the location and head towards the Tainted Elemental by going right and right again (it's a hidden location, but just walk right as normal). Once you have obtained a few of the drops, open up a shop via the Game Menu or your Book of Lore to sell them. It might be useful to have a healing class as, due to the AI, it is hard to get a chance to heal properly. If you have the Oblivion Blade of Nulgath pet, accept 'The Dark Deal' quest to turn the Tainted Soul into Escherion's Helm. If you have the Crag & Bamboozle pet, accept the 'Bamboozle vs. Drudgen' quest to turn the Tainted Core into Escherion's Helm.

    4. Berzerker Bunny Armor (/join greenguardwest)
    Levels Any

    Basic Analysis: Unfortunately, this is a seasonal event. However, whenever it is Easter in AQWorlds, a great opportunity to farm gold appears! The quest is easy and super fast, and you can sell the armor reward for an easy 6,250 Gold.

    What you need to do: Travel to GreenGuard West and head towards the Wereboar. You must have the Vorpal Bunny Pet available to access it's quests. So if you're not a Legend, you will need someone who is! Accept the pet's 'Bunny Berzerker Armor - Were Egg' quest. All you have to do is defeat the Wereboar who has a 100% drop rate for the quest item and turn it in to receive the armor.

    5. Lake Hydra (/join hydra)
    Levels 15+

    Basic Analysis: Relatively easy farming, solo or as a party.The drops here sell for 1,250 Gold to 8,750 Gold, however, they are rarer than the above strategies. The Hydra Heads are easier to kill though.

    What you need to do: Join the location which can also be done by speaking to the Time Travel Fairy in Mobius (/join mobius), and make your way to the Hydra Heads. There are 3 of them, so if you are a high enough level, use a class with area of effect skills to take them all on at once.

    6. Vasalkar's Lair (/join lair)
    Levels 15+

    Basic Analysis: There are two different areas to farm here. Firstly, the Draconians which have items that sell for 500 Gold to 3,750 Gold. The other area is to farm the boss, the Red Dragon. This boss has rare drops, but has many of them -- the highest ones selling at 12,500 Gold.

    What you need to do: For solo farming, head to the room with the 3 Draconians (Purple, Bronze and Venom). If you're a high enough level, attempt to attack all 3 at the same time using an AoE skill. If you're able to farm as a party, take on the Red Dragon. Fighting this boss is pretty simply, and doesn't require much tactics, however, if you're a lower level, make sure you bring a healer!

    Experience & Class Points

    The Level cap is currently set at 60. Classes level up to Rank 10.

    1. SleuthHound Inn (/join sleuthhound)
    Levels 1-15

    Basic Analysis: A great area for beginners. The monsters are relatively easy with low health and high Exp. There's also a lot of them. And with friends, you're going to level up today!

    What you need to do: Once you have arrived at the inn, simply go up the staircase in the Main Lobby where the Inn Owner is, and go left, where there is a room of two furniture ghosts, that are close distance of each other. Simply beat down the enemy on one side, and then other. There you go, you have just defeated two level 15 monsters, in just 1 minute's time!

    2. Dwarfhold Keep (/join dwarfhold)
    Levels 10-20

    Basic Analysis: Not only is this a place that lets you rack in Good EXP, it also lets you bring in a juicy amount of Reputation. The enemies here have low HP (save for the Chaotic Draconians) and are high level, which means this place is farmable!

    What you need to do: Once you have arrived at the City (if you are using this place for EXP purposes), simply beat down any Drow you see, going from one room to another as you wait for them to respawn.

    3. Hachiko Temple (/join hachiko)
    Levels 10-20

    Basic Analysis: Not only is this a place that lets you rack in Good EXP, it also lets you bring in a juicy amount of Reputation. The enemies here have low health and are high level, which means this place is farmable!

    What you need to do: First, there are some pre-exquisites. You must have finished the Ferry Boat Quest, as well as beat Ryoku in the Tournament. After you do that, you are able to access Ai-No-Miko's Quests. Hachiko will be unlocked! The enemies here have low HP, and are all level 18. Simply Beat down any enemy here, and you are farming!

    4. Arcangrove (/join arcangrove)
    Levels 20-30

    Basic Analysis: The monsters here are relatively easy, although the Gorillaphants do have easy health. Ideal for farming in a party and with AoE skills too.

    What you need to do: This place is great for EXP. Although it is not required, a class that can multi-target is a good thing to have here. If you can meet the preferences here, this place is no doubt an excellent place to farm. The most common room to farm in is on your first right upon joining Arcangrove.

    5. Chaos Gemralds (/join blindingsnow)
    Levels 20-35

    Basic Analysis: A great farming place for lower levels in a party, or solo if you're a higher level. The monsters have relatively low health and can be easily farmed.

    What you need to do: To be able to access the Northlands Forest, you need to have completed the 'Chasing After A Girl' quest to be able to access the monsters. Travel to the screen with three Chaos Gemralds and farm here.

    6. Undead Pirates (/join pirates)
    Levels 35-40

    Basic Analysis: The pirates area is a great place to gain EXP. Although they are still a tough fight all at once, it is still much easier than Time Space. Just make sure you're in at least a small party. AoE skills are great here.

    What you need to do: Make your way to the platform with 3 Undead Pirates. Reaping the rewards is easy here as you don't need to do anything special to gain maximum EXP. You're going to want to kill the Undead Pirates repeatedly.

    7. Time Space (/join timespace)
    Levels 40-45

    Basic Analysis: Ideal for area of effect farming in a party. However, be careful as the Astral Ephemerites do have high HP and high attacks if you are attacking them as a group.

    What you need to do: Head to the screen with 3 Astral Ephemerites and begin farming. Beware of the lag, as it may cause the monsters to take longer to respawn. It is a good idea to have a healer in the party, whilst the others all have AoE skills -- taking on one of the monsters by yourself, whilst also dealing with the others can easily drain your HP.

    8. Ultra-Tibicenas (/join cleric)
    Levels 35+

    Basic Analysis: With the quest from Cleric Dawn accepted, defeating this boss provides 10,000 EXP as well as 10,000 Gold. However, this method is only accessible for Legends.

    What you need to do: First things first, travel to Cleric (/join cleric) and accept Cleric Dawn's quest 'Dys-Geni-c Chaorruption?'. In a group of 4+, travel to the Djinn Realm (/join djinn) and make your way to the normal Tibicenas, then select to fight the ultra version. Chaorrupter Locked is an essential weapon for this fight. With the correct strategies, this fight can be won.

    9. Shadow Realm (/join shadowrealm)
    Levels 45+

    Basic Analysis: Essentially, this is a better version of Time Space for those who are Level 45+. The rewards are greater and are ideal for higher level player farming.

    What you need to do: Head to the Shadow Realm, which only allows players level 45+ to enter. The room limit is only 4, but even a small party is essential for faster and repetitive farming. Follow a similar pattern to the Time Space method, killing all monsters as they spawn.


    Requirements to Level

    1-2: 20 Exp
    2-3: 100 Exp
    3-4: 300 Exp
    4-5: 600 Exp
    5-6: 1,000 Exp
    6-7: 1,500 Exp
    7-8: 2,000 Exp
    8-9: 2,550 Exp
    9-10: 3,200 Exp
    10-11: 3,850 Exp
    11-12: 4,600 Exp
    12-13: 5,450 Exp
    13-14: 6,450 Exp
    14-15: 7,700 Exp
    15-16: 9,200 Exp
    16-17: 12,900 Exp
    17-18: 15,150 Exp
    18-19: 17,650 Exp
    19-20: 20,650 Exp
    20-21: 24,150 Exp
    21-22: 28,150 Exp
    22-23: 32,650 Exp
    23-24: 32,650 Exp
    24-25: 37,650 Exp
    25-26: 43,650 Exp
    26-27: 51,650 Exp
    27-28: 63,150 Exp
    28-29: 79,650 Exp
    29-30: 101,650 Exp
    30-31: 131,150 Exp
    31-32: 170,650 Exp
    32-33: 223,150 Exp
    33-34: 293,750 Exp
    34-35: 312,500 Exp
    35-36: 331,250 Exp
    36-37: 350,000 Exp
    37-38: 368,750 Exp
    38-39: 387,500 Exp
    39-40: 406,250 Exp
    40-41: 425,000 Exp
    41-42: 443,750 Exp
    42-43: 462,500 Exp
    43-44: 481,250 Exp
    44-45: 500,000 Exp
    45-46: 518,750 Exp
    46-47: 537,500 Exp
    47-48: 556,250 Exp
    48-49: 575,000 Exp
    49-50: 647,500 Exp
    50-51: 843,760 Exp
    51-52: 954,670 Exp
    52-53: 1,001,300 Exp
    53-54: 1,090,000 Exp
    54-55: 1,150,000 Exp
    55-56: 1,250,000 Exp
    56-57: 1,300,000 Exp
    57-58: 1,450,000 Exp
    58-59: 1,500,000 Exp
    59-60: 1,550,000 Exp


    Class Rank Requirements

    1-2: 900 CP
    2-3: 2,700 CP
    3-4: 6,400 CP
    4-5: 12,500 CP
    5-6: 21,600 CP
    6-7: 34,300 CP
    7-8: 51,200 CP
    8-9: 72,900 CP
    9-10: 100,000 CP


    Reputations level up to Rank 10.

    For an in-depth guide on how to farm Reputation for each Faction, please see the Reputation Farming Guide.


    Reputation Requirements

    1-2: 900 Rep
    2-3: 2,700 Rep
    3-4: 6,400 Rep
    4-5: 12,500 Rep
    5-6: 21,600 Rep
    6-7: 34,300 Rep
    7-8: 51,200 Rep
    8-9: 72,900 Rep
    9-10: 100,000 Rep

    Legion Tokens

    Legion Tokens currently stack up to 10,000.

    For more information on what you can use Legion Tokens for, please see the Guide to Dage The Evil & the Undead Legion.

    1. Legion Tokens


    04Sep13 - New guide created. Thanks to Laos and PD for the previous versions of this guide, and the others who contributed to them.
    04Sep13 - Thanks to Retro The Watcher for information on ideal farming classes, and suggesting Cleric Dawn's quests, the Lake Hydra and Vasalkar's Lair methods.
    04Sep13 - Thanks to PhoenixIce for suggesting the Tainted Elemental method.
    05Sep13 - Thanks to Hardcastle McCormick for suggesting the Berzerker Bunny and Ultra-Tibicenas methods.
    22Sep13 - Thanks to .Shadow// and Kaloderma for further information on the Tainted Elemental method.
    24Sep13 - Thanks to .Shadow// for the banner.
    23Nov13 - Thanks to Sato for suggesting the TurkeyChampion Helm method.
    01Dec13 - Thanks to .Shadow// for suggesting the Shadow Realm method.
    02Jan14 - Thanks to Class Meister for suggesting the Chaos Gemralds method.

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  • AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 1
    1/15/2014 10:57:39   
    OH HAI :I

    1. What is being farmed? (Gold/Exp/etc.): Class Points/Exp
    2. Location and routine: /join hyperium, killing the defense turrets
    3. Advised level range: 50-60
    4. Monsters/quests/items being farmed: Defense Turrets
    5. Rewards and reason to suggest this area: They give great xp, and if one can deal out 4.5k damage while the stun's active, it's great.
    6. Farm solo or as a party?: Being in parties would ensure more kills, but solo works.
    7. Advised classes (if necessary): Stun classes (Ninja, Alpha Omega, VoT, etc.) Or High Haste classes (Ninja and HE)
    8. Will it remain permanent content?: Yes. The player will, however, have to discover hyperium and start the j6 sidequests ('Zephyrus' Quest is the quest to go for from what I've heard)


    1. What is being farmed? (Gold/Exp/etc.): Gold
    2. Location and routine: /join elemental, /join gilead - Kill the Mana Golem/Mana elemental for the ' Nulgath Larvae' Quest
    3. Advised level range: Any level
    4. Monsters/quests/items being farmed: Mana Golem, Mana Elemental
    5. Rewards and reason to suggest this area: If the player receives either voucher or the unidentified 13, they can easily score 250k or 100k, respectively.
    6. Farm solo or as a party?: There's always a group of people farming off that quest, so party
    7. Advised classes (if necessary): High dmg-dealing classes (Mage, DBSK, TSS, etc.)
    8. Will it remain permanent content?: Yes

    < Message edited by OH HAI :I -- 1/19/2014 19:41:50 >
    AQW  Post #: 2
    4/4/2014 2:12:13   
    Red Blue

    1. What is being farmed? (Gold/Exp/etc.): Gold,legion token
    2. Location and routine: Bludrut, Portal Undead
    3. Advised level range: Any
    4. Monsters/quests/items being farmed: Broken Blade From Rock Elemental And Skeletal Fire Mage Quest Dage the Evil Endurance Test
    5. Rewards and reason to suggest this area: 1 Of the Dage Surprise Sell for 125.000 Gold, If you got 3 out of the 4 Suprise you Will Either Get 5 LT or The 4th Surprise that Sell for 125.000 Gold.., if you got Max Legion Token And the Other Surprise You'll only get This Surprise.., Bludrut is Where the Rock Elemental can Be Found and Portal Undead Has Alot of Fire Mage..,
    6. Farm solo or as a party?: Solo, Cauze the Monster Are Easy..,
    7. Advised classes (if necessary): Evo Dark Caster or Other Farming Class
    8. Will it remain permanent content?:Yes
    9. Requirment : Complete Fail/Hail to the King Quest

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    AQW  Post #: 3
    6/11/2014 17:01:07   
    The ErosionSeeker
    *insert cheesy pun here*

    1. What is being farmed? (Gold/Exp/etc.): Exp / Rep
    2. Location and routine: /join Swordhavenfalls (screen 3)
    3. Monsters/quests/items being farmed: Chaos Invaders
    4. Rewards and reason to suggest this area: These 3 monsters have some of the most disproportionate level-to-hp ratios in the game, they have between 2000 and 3000 hp, while sitting just under level 40. This works very well on screen 3, which has 2 Mage Invaders (level 38) and 1 Rogue Invader (level 37) due to Mages having ~2000 hp each compared to the 3000 of the Warrior and Rogue Invaders
    5. Advised level range: 30+
    6. Farm solo or as a party?: Either works, but certain classes will instakill them too quickly for them to recognize you as an attack target
    7. Requirements (if any): Swordhavenfalls unlocked, otherwise none(?)
    8. Advised classes (if necessary): All work due to the low hp
    9. Will it remain permanent content?: Yes
    DF AQW  Post #: 4
    7/30/2014 21:41:48   

    1. What is being farmed? (Gold/Exp/etc.): Gold/ Exp
    2. Location and routine: Nulgath(screen 3)
    3. Monsters/quests/items being farmed: Tainted Elemental
    4. Rewards and reason to suggest this area: Kill boss till it drops Tainted Soul(stacks up to 13), then sell and repeat. Simple boss with 3,685 health and 180-350 dmg range.
    5. Advised level range: 40+
    6. Farm solo or as a party?: Any
    7. Requirements (if any): Legend
    8. Advised classes (if necessary): Any healing or dodging class
    9. Will it remain permanent content?: Yes
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 5
    8/6/2014 6:27:21   

    1. What is being farmed? (Gold/Exp/etc.): EXP/Class points
    2. Location and routine: bludrut brawl
    3. Monsters/quests/items being farmed: restorers and brawlers
    4. Rewards and reason to suggest this area: even though its used for 8v8 pvp the restorers/brawlers give great exp and Class points even better at a private area
    5. Advised level range: 35-60
    6. Farm solo or as a party?: its an area made for 8v8 brawls solo if high lvl and party if mid/high lvl
    7. Requirements (if any):nothing much
    8. Advised classes (if necessary):high damage AOE classes(TSS,DBSK, Chaos Slayer,Chunnin,EDC) dodge classes(HE,rouge,blademaster) healing classes(healer,oracle,PHL)
    9. Will it remain permanent content?:[/b yea

    < Message edited by milt.wokfy -- 8/20/2014 10:28:39 >
    AQW Epic  Post #: 6
    8/26/2014 1:48:41   
    Snow Angel, Bug Hunter, Class Tester

    If I might ignore the template to give a strategy here?

    First off, I'm fairly sure the Berserker Bunny armor thing isn't Seasonal, since I'm doing it now to get Gold and it's waaaay past Grenwog... Day... Week.. thing.

    Anyways, onto how to do it!

    Step 1: You still are going to need the Vorpal Bunny so if you have it or can find someone with it, make use of it
    Step 2: Head over to the Wereboar with the Bunny or the person who has the bunny
    Step 3: Click the Bunny to open the quest box. If you're the owner of the bunny, good on you. If not, the owner can now leave, though they'll have to come back if you mess up, leave, or do anything else to close the quest box
    Step 4: Kill the Wereboar and turn in the quest for the armor and accept it
    Step 5: Open a shop using the Game Menu (you don't HAVE to keep it open but you should to be able to check that you do have the armor in your inventory) and find the Berserker Bunny armor and click sell
    Step 6: Instead of hitting Yes on the "Sell Confirmation" Box, keep on clicking Sell on the armor and stack a bunch of the "Sell Confirmation" boxes up
    Step 7: Click Yes on the "Sell Confirmation" box one time to sell the armor, then repeat the quest and get the armor to drop again
    Step 8: When the armor drops, click Yes to accept it, then you just have to move the mouse up a little and hit Yes on the "Sell Confirmation" box again to sell the armor once more
    Step 9: Repeat getting the armor and clicking the two Yes's to accumulate fast gold

    Once you figure out how to do this efficiently (as in where to have your mouse at what point) and have a good class that can quickly take the Wereboar down, it only takes about 10 seconds to accept the quest, get the armor, and sell it. So, 6250 in 10 seconds. Pretty dang quick!
    AQ AQW  Post #: 7
    8/26/2014 12:42:40   


    Perhaps AE forgot to lock the quest because they do it every year-post-Easter.

    Anyway, my suggestion:

    1. What is being farmed? (Gold/Exp/etc.): EXP & Class Rep
    2. Location and routine: dragonbattle and Screen 3.
    3. Monsters/quests/items being farmed: Chaos Soldier
    4. Rewards and reason to suggest this area: There are 6 Level 42 Monsters with significantly low HP. Also, the room limit is one so therefore monsters tend to respawn faster than a 6 man room.
    5. Advised level range: 20-60
    6. Farm solo or as a party?: As stated above, solo.
    7. Requirements (if any): Completed the Storyline up to Confrontation.
    8. Advised classes (if necessary): AoE classes.
    9. Will it remain permanent content?: Yes.

    < Message edited by Sato -- 8/26/2014 13:54:15 >
    AQW  Post #: 8
    8/29/2014 22:10:27   
    The ErosionSeeker
    *insert cheesy pun here*

    Building on to what Sato said, about three days later, the Drakath battle series now has an even higher-levelled group of monster with very low hp.

    1. What is being farmed? (Gold/Exp/etc.): XP / Class Points
    2. Location and routine: vordredbattle screen 3
    3. Monsters/quests/items being farmed: Evil Soldier Level 52
    4. Rewards and reason to suggest this area: Just like the area with 6 Level 42 Chaos Soldiers, the Evil Soldiers are extremely high level with very low HP. Since it's only a group of 3, it's better for classes that can only hit up to 3 monsters at once (Shaman, Evo Shaman, Chunin, Dragonlord) while still raking in the benefits of a zone almost on the level of shadowrealm.
    5. Advised level range: 42+, before which it's just still easier to do the 6 Chaos Soldiers on the screen before this one
    6. Farm solo or as a party?: solo
    7. Requirements (if any): Finished dragonbattle, can kill Drakath (60k hp)
    8. Advised classes (if necessary): whatever class that you're trying to rank up
    9. Will it remain permanent content?:
    DF AQW  Post #: 9
    9/6/2014 14:32:16   
    The Arcane

    I am relinquishing ownership of this guide. If you are interested in taking over, please post in the =AQW= Guide Vacancies thread.
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 10
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