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RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules

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11/4/2017 1:03:12   

I was playing the Halloween release a few weeks ago and had a thought: what would happen to guardians who go to the terror dimension? compared to the base classes the guardians use a separate type of magic than what mages of lore use and the terror dimension seems to contain mages already as evidenced by the pumpkinmancer armor and the witch and warlock dungeon bosses. My initial thought was that Eve would probably attempt to either copy or to assimilate the guardians once they'd entered her domain, corrupting and twisting them into slaves of her will. After coming up with some concepts I eventually drew up what I feel to be a solid concept for what a guardian would look like after being turned into a soldier in Eve's army.
The OverGourd
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 501
11/4/2017 3:22:29   

Customizable Keyboard shortcuts

If we were able to customize a keyboard command, such as "Shift+U" or "Function+O" to equip something, it'd make things a lot better. The specific thing I have in mind is transformations; if I had a shortcut instead of having to go into the menu and select the shadow wolf or the horse mount, the game would be a lot more convenient and I'd be more inclined to use those tools.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 502
11/20/2017 9:21:24   
Spartaneous X

Hmmm Skills and Pets( I know they are on the way)
Skills like fishing potion making etc
New Travel forms :Skateboard or Long board would be cool. plus more mounts who are also bank pets.

PVP colisieum area with viewing stands for spectators.

A quest to earn the sword given in the sanctuary much like the blade of awe quests.

Badges for those who wielded Artix's Very own Blod. (I did once thanks again Adam.)

Guilds for certain class types.

Weapon enhancements like in AQW

Mini games involving your other games like customizable mech battles or saber fights in mechquest to dragon fights in dragonfable.

random events that teleport a player somewhere for fun side quests.

Clan guilds and bases.

larger dungeon raids requiring alot of players.

different weapon archetypes with customizable animation stances for each arch type 2h swords duel wielding sword and shield.

pet accessories for custom unique pets and character.

Alpha Knight Class
armour is cool but an alpha knight class would be even cooler.

AQW Epic  Post #: 503
12/12/2017 21:07:20   

I just have a simple request/suggestion. Please release a *blue* variant of the Eternal Chronomancer armor from the 2018 calendar. AQW did this through an AC version, which was free for people who own the calendar version. More than anything though, its just that the blue version looks very, very nice. I'd like to see it in AQ3D.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 504
12/14/2017 23:11:42   

I have a suggestion that would make aq3d a much more active game bring back the book of lore and give the player a sense of completion, if you release a new area with a quest line we finish that in what 1h? the addition of ranking up made it a little more enjoyable but i think we still would like some button that would show our rank in the different areas like in aqw, back to my idea i was thinking in book of lore having the areas all quests available all dungeons and a section for collectibles in each area imagine in darkovia the armor set the tree drops should be part of a collectible for 100% completion of that area and when you collect all the parts you should have a model where you can see the full armor set and this is just another suggestion make it like the badges shop in aqw whenever we wanna use that armor we can just like get i tback from the model instead of farming it all over again or wasting bank space cause farming a whole armor takes up a lot of space but this is up to the dev team, back to the book you could also add to the collectibles weapons, that way when people finish an area they could have something else to do there farming in a dungeon or a boss for the armor set or the weapon so they can complete that area 100% and maybe have an extra collectible section for legendary armors and weapons like the crimson staff of the abyss and those really rare drops!
Post #: 505
12/16/2017 11:42:21   

Just thought I'd drop by a CardClasher concept. With the Card game said to be coming back it would be a great way to promote it and hopefully sell more copies of the card game.


Made it in a google docs, posted the full link to show it's safe to click and such.


Post #: 506
1/12/2018 12:31:09   

@above: as someone who owned clasher in aqw I confess I would totally drop tax refund money on an aq3d clasher class. Theyd have to wait until houses are implemented to give the house of cards though...assuming they did it the same as aqw

Something I think would be useful would be prioritizing areas for good and evil factions. A lot of people go nuts over aesthetic pieces, and having areas which are scaled to 5, with high quest requirements and/or items with high token requirements would encourage play long term.

Focusing on the generic good and evil areas would allow you a base area to expand on over time with minimal upkeep aside from the occasional arm and a new quest every once in a while.

Survey says people love skulls. Have Dage whip up an insanely awesome armor with requirements similar to the necropolis weapons in aqw and boom in game to do list expanded

People start getting the new armor and you need to focus players back on playing? Pop in one new armor with more nuts requirements

Edit: a bit of background to support my point of view. Ive got all the armor I want to max stats, farmed scale slayer, farmed all the the bank weapons, did defender up to 25, and got my yettun horns last year. I log on to spend my 20 dungeon keys to hunt for a doom ripper and log off. Im actually more concerned with what I would do if I found the doom ripper than not lol

While I can acknowledge its not a perfect solution, giving players SOMETHING to work towards long term would give them a reason to play longer

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