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RE: =AQW= New Server changes - More Feedback Needed

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5/1/2017 16:43:34   
Battleon Sorceress


This is from Yorumi:

Even though this isn't what you was saying i feel the point being made is that we should get rid of mana regen models. create a standard mana regen on all classes, maybe, and i stress maybe a few special ones for fun classes. we may have to rebalance mana costs some doing that but it probably would make things better overall.



Now, I don't comment here(much) these days, but I feel I should comment on this. I've been an avid class collector for a long time, and I enjoy revolving my different classes. I enjoy having that variety for different purposes, however I have some classes that feel...off, these days. I want to start with discussing potential issues with regens, model, and enhancements. I'm sure that these have been covered before, but every voice makes a difference. I'm going to be stating from my purely subjective experience with how classes tend to feel. If anyone wants me to specifically test any classes to give a feel, I have a large variety of them, and I intend to be watching this thread.

Warrior mana regen is generally underwhelming in the system as it is, due largely in part due to the warrior model and fighter enhancements having the haste of a brick. When relying on hitting, and being hit, to generate mana, a slow hit rate can cause very bad stuttering in skills, and can make it hard to enjoy some classes, especially those with below average speed such as Glacial Warlord. I recognize that the speed difference is compensated by damage increase, but it makes the class feel sluggish, and hard to control. I've experienced this issue with other warrior model classes, although Glacial Warlord was an extreme. A potential fix to this is giving some method of increasing haste, although that depends on balancing and whatnot.

Thief/rogue mana regen tends to be helpful...so long as you're alone. When you have other people, I find that it tends to drop massively due to a lack of being targeted. While the dodge rate and haste are often spectacular if not insane on a thief model with thief enhancements, there are issues when using in multiplayer that I've experienced. Coupled with some high mana costs, many rogue regen classes can suffer if you're not careful, and even in duos can create large mana issues. I've experienced this plenty with my Blade Master, which I use as a lovely support(I realize there are better out there) due to the Sever ability. While more difficult, a suggestion might be to implement either a higher mana income on hitting your target or rebalancing mana costs to consider the multiplayer aspects of this model. Naval Command also suffers heavily from mana issues, in my experience, due to the fact its a party class with a poor dodge rate, that uses thief regen.

Mage mana regen has become the norm, with so many classes being built on crits. However, it is still a highly fluid regen, as I've found with my original Dark Caster Class. With a low crit rate, however, the mana regen can still suffer without an HP-to-MP conversion skill. I prefer to use wizard enhancements on mage class models, regardless of the crit rate, as the base damage is improved, and I prefer the reliable noncrits. One suggestion for this mana regen model is to scale it to non-crit values primarily, where you can have a steady flow with noncrits, while the uncommon/rare crit provide massive bursts. I realize this would likely be difficult to do, but would likely help in leaning away from crit reliance.

Mana regens that rely on a skill effect to be active, in my experience, have always been poor and unenjoyable to use. I often find it hard to keep the skill up and regain mana, due to it effectively relying on the standard warrior regen with a mana input. A simple suggestion to this would be to improve the regen rate so the generally poor crit crate is providing a steady flow of mana. I find most of these classes to already have high mana costs, which only makes it harder to manage mana properly, and potentially frustrating.

Hybrid models are nice, and allow for choice between how you want to build, but their respective enhancement falls short. I find the Hybrid enhancement to be highly underwhelming, and the Spellbreaker isn't much better in my experience. I tend to sway towards wizard on physical/magical hybrid classes due to the general better boost to everything I felt with the wizard enhancements. I'm unsure how to improve this, other than generally providing better haste and damage increases than it does now.

Luck models are...well, interesting. Perhaps making them function as intended and relying on the Luck stat would be best, similar to how mages are meant to function and rely on Int/Wis.

Overall, my biggest problem I find is the non-crit mana flow. I find that it is generally underwhelming in most cases, and that leads to classes suffering in their enjoyment.

These are my thoughts an opinions regarding classes. I have not sat down to test on the testing servers, but these comments are how I've felt on the current live servers. I apologize if I missed anything, and I do hope this helps! Have a good day, and thank you for reading!
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 26
5/1/2017 16:50:45   

That honestly does sound appropriate. It might also be easier than changing individuals, and allow for a greater streamlined balancing to occur. It would resolve some classes having that overabundance of mana that they have while also resolving the significant lack. Proper mana flow would likely make a lot more classes feel appealing to use, if not more fun.

I'd like to ask, though, for the thief/dodge class models to keep the regen HP on dodge if possible. Its really helpful for solo runs.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 27
5/1/2017 16:54:24   
The ErosionSeeker

Even though the test server is objectively faster, the fact that haste, crit, and dodge are gutted make most classes much more sluggish. The asks for people to change from LDK full luck to full hybrid is two kicks in the pants, one that luck is gone and that hybrid is significantly worse, and a second when they realize that secondary stats are also reduced and monster regen is a thing.

The parry/dodge/resist/spellresist system on top of the existing combat is excessively complicated. While AQW with just 5 skills is not necessarily complex, having multiple layers of damage resist systems is widely reviled.

"People shouldn't go mono-type for everything"
In that case the enhancement does too much.
The most painless way to fix luck is to remove the damage multiplier, and then have classes that benefit from different enhancements.
Crit damage boosting effects would suddenly become relevant, because things like UOK's Invictus apparently boosts by 20%, although the visible effect is less than 7% because of Wizard having an existing high luck bonus.

Retire the current Fighter/Thief/Wizard/Healer/Hybrid/Luck system. Classes are split between 3 things, there should be no question why players would beeline for enhancements that boost the single most prominent stat, and then maximize that across all of the enhancement categories.

Say, something like the following:
Classes can only boost STR/INT/DEX
Weapons boost crit/critdmg
Helms manage resist/spellresist
Capes affect haste/hit%
Necklaces affect boosts
DF AQW  Post #: 28
5/1/2017 17:13:18   


Things like the concept of "Damage/Heal Over Time" doesn't even exist on the TS, what is substantial for a bunch of classes. It's only 1 tick per DoT/HoT applied. For example, if I apply a DoT of 12 seconds, the rate of ticks is 1 tick to each 2 seconds, so I will get 6 ticks, but on TS I only get only 1 tick. Another thing is with the stackable DoTs, Let's suppose the same example DoT is now stackable up to X times, I apply it, then I get the first tick (sometimes the huge '1 tick only'), but when I apply for the second time, it doesn't apply anymore and I don't even get any ticks because of the first problem. This problem only occur in some classes.

Besides this, the enhancements aren't working as it's supposed to do. Like the comparison of stats, even when I put the right enhancement to get more Haste, I only get... 0.03% of Haste. Some simple things to the classes doesn't work like the skills' mechanism "using it will do X, if Y is applied it will place Z", there's only X, even with Z, or always Y even without X. And I don't think this is even a bug anymore because it exists since a long time on TS and it's a VERY NOTICEABLE situation to no one still haven't reported it. This is why the current state of the Testing Server doesn't seems to match what is supposed to be the standard server after the Rewrite to me, the fact of some basic mechanisms don't even work. So, it feels very unfinished and I'm fearing the TS is what you guys wanna show to us as AQW after the Rewrite.

Also, about all this problem with the Enchancement's choice: "Lucky is the easier way to go". The current problem of the Enhancentment's system is because AQW really only have Fighter, Wizard, Thief and Lucky as the really useful enhancements and because there's only two/one option of enhancement to use, it's: Full Wizard to the Casters, Full Thief to the Physical Evasives or Full Lucky for everyone. For example, the Mage class. Full Wizard is the obvious choice, it increases in a decreasing way: INT (damage and haste), WIS (crit chance and hit chance) and LCK (useless to the mages attack power, but increases the useful spell power damage). Mage is knowed to have a poor Hit Chance (98% with full wizard). So, let's try Spellbreaker, because it improves WIS better than Wizard but it gives less INT than Wizard do. WIS improves crit chance and hit chance on caster classes, right? But when I have a Full Spellbreaker Mage, my Hit Chance only increases incredible 1%! Now I have 99% of Hit Chance! See? There's no noticeable change, with this I only lost damage power but I gain nothing good with this trade. The current system doesn't give to us good choices, it's only one useful enhancement type to go or go with Full Lucky. Full Lucky is easier because I can simply put it on all my items and I won't need to change my current equipped items to use a class that requires a different build. I have good hopes on the Rewrite because I hope this can change. Make some real difference on the lack or the abundance of some stat (besides which increases damage because this is the only noticeable one) really noticeable on the gameplay. Sorry if I'm not being too clear, English isn't my first language.

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5/1/2017 17:30:59   

Honestly what needs to be fixed right now it's when you farm and gets multiplie drop items and accidentally clicks on one twice. *Kicks you out immedently from the server. I mean come on when I farmed for the BLOD last year I had this struggle every time, it's a pain when you farming. Also when it comes to this you don't get the two things that it drops in your inventory just one, that ateast was the case.

The other thing that I want to take up is that with the drops feels not quite right, rigt now in the game. It's like sometimes drops twice under 1 minute,(I'm talking about a 5% drop item now) and sometimes even up to 30 minutes. It's feels like meh. I know that it it's challenging when it comes to farming, but it has to come in to a point. For example that depending on witch items you farm to, it doesen't have to be a legendary item like BLOD I mean those style of farming quests are good, but none legendary item like an awesome rararity like the recent ones. For a gold armor (the paladin or something) for 100 slimigeld, drop for 5% for one.

To make AQWorlds more awesome you guys need to be more focused on the farming section of the game cause it's all there is to it, it's where it's shines for 80% of the players the whole reason why they play the game and what it makes it fun.
Sure some items will always be difficult to farm to like the legendary ones, or even the awesome rarity ones. Yes I know in AQWorlds it's the farming feast with quest to armor, but I think you guys on the team to introduce another fun thing to do in the game, not pvp cause it already exists, but something else to make it more enjoyable. Just for the fact we are all getting bored to farm for items all over and over again. I'm no creative person to come up with a idea that could fit but I'm pretty sure some of you will do it eventually. If not well does not really matter to me, cause I really like the game as it is. No one has delivered the message yet, as for now.

Riec Steel signing out.
Post #: 30
5/1/2017 17:37:17   

- MMOs
Not everyone plays MMO for the sake of multiplayer, but because they like that game. There are actually a lot of MMOs where players can/want to play solo, and the multiplayer part is just an optional feature for them.

- Classes on testing servers
I also think another issue with the luck nerf isn't just the damage, but the MP recovery. Most (still accessible) popular classes relies on crits or crit damage to recover a decent amount of MP. When crit occurrence and damage are lowered, a lot of classes do get indirectly nerfed. And that does increase the time one has to spend farming. Some items require a lot of time and hundreds/thousands of mobs defeated. Increasing that time doesn't make the game any funnier.
Leaving everything that regard stats to classes sounds like a good idea. Currently, it's a bit of a hassle having to change your whole set or enhancements every time because you changed your class. This can save a lot of inventory space and time for everyone.

- Fun
I have a lot of fun farming in AQW. It's something that really entertains me for a lot of time. Be it because of a hardcore item or a new faction. I always enjoy farming and the feeling of accomplishment you get when you finally reach rank 10 in THAT faction or make a great progress towards one or more items. I normally prefer to farm solo and avoid playing in groups for two reasons:
1 - It's very ANNOYING when everybody is in one spot to clear the room/beat the boss, and then a random player joins the room and attack the boss/monster from a different spot, making the monsters/boss run around the screen, which renders short-range auto attacks/skills useless, reduces mana intake of everyone in the room, and disrupt farming speed/efficacy.
2 - It's hard talking to people when there are a lot animations popping everywhere on the screen. This causes a huge delay to conversations. By the time you finish typing, the game is still trying to process the first few letters, and you can't act in-game until the game finishes processing all the inputs, 2 or 3 characters/sec in severe situations.

I can't say much about the story of some sagas, because when I started playing AQW I didn't even know basic English, so I just auto-skip every cutscene. The first time I paid attention to a cutscene was during the Throne of Darkness saga, and to my surprise IT WAS SO GOOD. Now, I'm trying to read everything regarding the Queen of Monsters as well.
AQW  Post #: 31
5/1/2017 17:56:44   
AQW Lead Coder

I'd like everyone to look a little more broadly at the question. This isn't so much about fixing the enhancement system as a more broad look at what you, the players, enjoy in AQW, what you'd like to see and what isn't right. In terms of the stat system, I mentioned a beat 'em up. Now I wouldn't build this exact type of game but the idea is would you rather have a system where you don't control your stats at all. Basically equip a class and go fight, no buying enhancements or anything. You would never need to care about your stats and you wouldn't be able to control them at all. Alternately, do you prefer to micromanage your stats? Do you want to control every stat, have builds, and have both very right and very wrong ways to allocate your stats?

There are no right or wrong answers to the above questions. It's all about what you personally like. I'm also looking more broadly at the game, what do you like doing in AQW? What don't you like doing? Do you like farming? Crafting? Long term goals? Short term goals? Do you like being challenged? What would make AQW even better for you?

We want to make an AQW that's fun for all of you. I fully expect different answers from different people, and at times even conflicting answers. Your input though will help us make AQW better.

@MoonShine I just implemented a fix for dot/hots. It was a recently introduced bug that caused them to do the one tick only. As far as stats on the PTR servers go, the system was redesigned with the rewrite so you won't have the exact same stat values as live. The goal from the beginning was to fix and update the stat system while keeping the overall power level of classes the same(the feel if you will). Luck was nerfed to provide greater variety in enhancement choice but I don't think we've accomplished that goal. All I've really done is shifted it from luck being good for all classes to there being one good enh based on class type(fighter, thief, or wizard). That's overall how we've arrived at this point now. Hopefully I can get a system that works for everyone and makes AQW even more fun when we're ready for the new server.
Post #: 32
5/1/2017 18:10:41   

Honestly I would prefer the "this class is X" system vs stat builds, especially if it's like dragonfable where you get more and more stat points and it costs more and more to reallocate them as you change classes.

I would prefer being able to pop from a fighter to a support without having to head into town and go broke making myself effective again.
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 33
5/1/2017 18:17:39   


would you rather have a system where you don't control your stats at all. Basically equip a class and go fight, no buying enhancements or anything. You would never need to care about your stats and you wouldn't be able to control them at all. Alternately, do you prefer to micromanage your stats? Do you want to control every stat, have builds, and have both very right and very wrong ways to allocate your stats?

I prefer to manage my stats, that way I can put a build together that works for me even if it may not work for someone else.


what do you like doing in AQW? What don't you like doing? Do you like farming? Crafting? Long term goals? Short term goals? Do you like being challenged?

I like farming, running tests with classes, and fighting hard bosses.


What would make AQW even better for you?

Harder enemies and bosses (not in farming areas though), small quality of life improvements (the quality of life thread on the forums pretty much nails it), and existing class buffs.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 34
5/1/2017 18:22:27   
The ErosionSeeker


Now I wouldn't build this exact type of game but the idea is would you rather have a system where you don't control your stats at all. Basically equip a class and go fight, no buying enhancements or anything. You would never need to care about your stats and you wouldn't be able to control them at all. Alternately, do you prefer to micromanage your stats? Do you want to control every stat, have builds, and have both very right and very wrong ways to allocate your stats?

I like optimizing my stats for efficiency, but if there's a loadout that's obvious (casters almost always have to be full wiz), then managing it any differently doesn't accomplish anything.
Could all current stats be stacked onto the class, and then secondary traits on the other equipment slots?
Maybe weapons could have some degree of damage range control (0-60, 27-33, 30-30) or something.
DF AQW  Post #: 35
5/1/2017 18:49:30   

Moving past simple game play involving the feel of classes as a whole, I think there should be a method to train solely classes. In the upper levels, I find it difficulty to rank up some classes, especially AoE ones, without relying on other people. It feels forced and less enjoyable to try it that way, especially with classes unable to support themselves.

I've never been big on farming, its hard for me to keep my attention span for it. While I don't particularly enjoy farming, I can tolerate it decently well until it comes to RNG-based farming. When I'm relying solely on luck to have any sense of progress, it is highly demoralizing and it makes it hard to press through. That's just a personal problem with it, but then again I spent days farming DF wars for a single pet back in 2010.

When it comes to combat, I absolutely LOVE static weapons. I wish there were more static range weapons for nonmember, or even a dynamic range people could apply to (some) weapons at will.

As a personal preference, despite it being an MMO, I don't like being forced to have help to accomplish things or progress. I prefer to go solo, with the option to get help. But once again, that's a personal preference. Not much of a fix to it to mind.

In all honesty, what I love is testing and playing with classes. Finding different skill sets, using them, employing a role play aspect with them, probing to find strengths and weaknesses...Its why I started to become a class collector years ago, and why I continue to strive for it(I realize I missed many classes during hiatuses and I have others left to farm rep for). Classes truly are the most enjoyable aspect to my game play.

As for the question regarding stats, I wouldn't mind being able to micromanage, but preset groupings similar to what are there now are good...as long as the stats actually benefit the class type. Overall, it doesn't really matter to me, but I know that other people would prefer the option to customize with a preset option available for those who prefer less complex game play.

As a personal preference for what would make AQW better for me...as someone who owns multiple rare classes, I'd enjoy being able to share the skill sets with other people, but that's a very hot topic to avoid.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 36
5/1/2017 19:02:04   
joey 810

After having played AQW for a while now, off and on, i find myself only playing a lot when something new comes out that i want to farm for like the void paladin set. Otherwise I only play the new release then log off, which is okay, but there are times when i am bored and just go stand afk in Yulgar because i don't have anything to do. As for things i like/ think are fun about AQW:

Farming- Definitely what i spend most of my time on in AQW, its really satisfying getting that SDK armor or NSod blade, I would enjoy some new endgame items to give me something new to farm for.

Talking to others- I used to play with my friends a lot when we were younger, but now basically all of them don't play anymore so i generally just talk to random people, which is fun sometimes, but most of the other people in Yulgar are afk-ers like me, so generally its hard to start up a conversation.

I'm not really a big fan of pvp, but that's just because I am not very good at it.

Even though it is an MMO, i like being able to accomplish things by myself, and not having to rely on others to try and do something. I remember when i first started and basically couldn't kill anything without a group, it was really frustrating trying to get anything done.

As for the class system and stat control, I kind of like the format it is in now, where it is not super complicated but there is definitely an optimal and sub optimal way to build every class. As someone who has max space, I really do not want to go through all of my items and micromanage a bunch of different stats on all of them.
Also, I think the classes should be balanced on a get what you pay for kind of scale now that there are so many. If i farm really hard for Void Highlord, I want it to be overpowered.
Post #: 37
5/1/2017 19:19:48   

Well, when I stated in AQW, I was only 11 years old and I loved the game for all the fun and, some times, no sense humor. The gameplay was soft and the class system was cool because we can be who we really want to be. Now, with the server rewrite I think the changes in classes can bring something new and bring a little of pain, several classes in the test servers become weaker and the changes in luck enh isn't the problem. I Think the game need bring the sensation of the power, the power of our character( and I am not talking of killing mosters with a single hit), I am talking of the feeling of power in our hands to become greater.
AQW  Post #: 38
5/1/2017 19:22:56   


would you rather have a system where you don't control your stats at all. Basically equip a class and go fight, no buying enhancements or anything. You would never need to care about your stats and you wouldn't be able to control them at all. Alternately, do you prefer to micromanage your stats? Do you want to control every stat, have builds, and have both very right and very wrong ways to allocate your stats?

I am personally someone who likes this aspect of any RPG really, customizing your character's stats for the best result is one of the most enjoyable things IMO, trying different builds to squeeze out a slightly better overall performace, or maybe to try and fit my own playstyle more.
*I still can't kill this boss? Well, let me try switching to a more defensive build and taking it a little slower, see if that helps. Maybe the problem is that I actually need to have a more aggressive build and go for a "kill or get killed" strategy*
Experimentation is very enjoyable to me, I like trying out every possibility, even if it seems illogically stupid sometimes (I once ran full wizard on Dragon Shinobi because I hoped the DoT would get crazy high and it kinda worked).
In short, I think AQW will be more enjoyable if we are able to increase our odds vs certain enemies by using different combination of stats/builds, adding a small aspect of trial and error, if you will. There should be a wrong choice, definitely (putting a lot of INT on a purely physical class and vice versa).


I'm also looking more broadly at the game, what do you like doing in AQW? What don't you like doing? Do you like farming? Crafting? Long term goals? Short term goals? Do you like being challenged? What would make AQW even better for you?

I like trying out different classes versus different bosses, seeing how each performs and challenge each one of them with a suitable challenge, when Healer got buffed, I was actually on a quest trying to solo Ultra Blood Titan with it and it seems possible. Soloing Maximum Slugfit with Dragonslayer General, not an easy task, but very possible. Also with less good classes, trying to take on midrange bosses, this is probably the most enjoyable, taking a class that is considered pretty bad and killing bosses I thought it was never going to do.
I guess I should also put farming on the list as I would consider myself quite the avid farmer.

On the topic of the whole mana regen issues, I think it would make the game a little more enjoyable if certain classes didn't have infinite mana because of the mana regen, we can still have classes with mana regen abilites with their kit, that's fine, but I don't think any class should have "infinite mana", only because of the mana regen model alone.
As much of a hassle it is to use warrior regen classes, I generally find them more enjoyable, needing to manage my mana and save mana for crucial abilites, yes, even VHL easily becomes unenjoyable from time to time. As much as I adore the class for what it does and how it functions (a risk vs reward playstyle, to a lesser extent), it still doesn't hide the fact that you litterally can't run out of mana, nor hp if you just pay the slightest attention, the only real way to play it wrong is to kill yourself (which is the most likely way of dying).

What I'm trying to say is, I like in combat management, as much as I like out of combat management. AQ3D needs you to manage your mana well, because you only get so much per fight, unless you use potions or the like. I'm not saying that AQW should have a limited mana pool, but it can get boring when a class just boils down to "spam everything", Stonecrusher, Lightcaster, Void Highlord, Legion Doomknight (old and new), Darkblood (to a lesser extent), Pyromancer, Eternal Inversionist and Artifact Hunter, all of these classes just spam everything, for the most part and never really cares about mana whatsoever, I see less enjoyment in this kind of play, where it's just smashing your head against the keyboard.

Other classes like Dragonslayer General, Legion Blademaster Assassin, even Ultra Omniknight is more enjoyable, because every skill use is thought about, I need to sometimes hold back and think about how the fight will go and how much mana is needed in x amount of time. It's not something that can be calculated as crits and getting hit/dodge is a factor in your mana regen, but it's more of a feeling that develops as you play with a class more and more, you start to figure out how low on hp you can go with Legion Blademaster Assassin, be able to deliver a huge hit and then get back up, how many skill uses you can do with Ultra Omniknight and still be able to loop invictus etc. small things in combat that makes me think about the moves I do and increasing my efficiency with set class, this feeling does not exist when using the above mentioned classes, it's just "get crits, get mana, get more crits".

People say that the mage regen model provides a more stable mana regeneration, this is not true from my persepctive. When I use a class with such regen model, I could get mana starved, or I could get more mana than I would ever need and it's completely out of my control *ahem* Lightcaster *ahem*. Thief and Warrior regen (in solo battles at least), mostly warrior though, provides a better average mana per second than the Mage model.

I'm also a fan of consistency, which goes back to what I just said above, but also when it comes to enemies, I LOVE Blood Titan as a boss. Apart from the damage range being quite high, from personal expirience, the fight results are for the most part very consistent, because the average damage per second does not fluctuate due to random crits or attacks getting dodged. I would like to see more of these kind of bosses in AQW, bosses that are consistent, it can be annoying to very easily solo a boss once, then never be able to do it again, because you just got a super lucky streak of it not critting/missing/getting dodged a lot.

I have a feeling some of what I said, mostly the mana regen part, is not the most popular opinion, I just felt like I needed to come out with it and this felt like the perfect time to do so.
AQW  Post #: 39
5/1/2017 19:29:55   

Well i prefer being able to manage them even if most builds will be obvious i find it funny to be able to do it anyway, that way in the future some classes can work with barely 3 or less than the normal(stats) and with that we can add some variety to the game. without a doubt i go for let player build their own stats. Besides why not both somehow? we can have this and some auto-build up button (that will notice the class you have and pum you are auto-builded).
I mostly enjoy rewards, rewards and hard earned rewards that unlocks other rewards that unlocks OTHER rewards, did i say too much rewards? I like when AE put some plus in some hard-earned items, that is why i still waiting to see what NSoD is gonna have under the curtain. I enjoy maybe more than most things, the history in aqw even when there are people that say it sucks i enjoy the very little lore-info that rolls all over some talks that we have with NPCs. specially the ones at /Dreadrock map an i quote from ("???" npc) "If you consider Nulgath the Archfiend or Dage the Lich King to be powerful beings, then you are sorely…mistaken."
I also enjoy to see in aqw the crossed history between games.
i also enjoy when things need to be done in group like the hyperium map that kind of things brings laughs and joy to anyone who have ever played them.

AQW  Post #: 40
5/1/2017 19:32:09   

The game doesn't feel right

Classes are way overpowered
And it's killing the need for players with these classes to team up
because they can solo anything.

The amount of HP bosses have is just to make the kill longer not fun
And the reason why i believe this was desided was because of the self healing-overpowered classes, i'd like to address this is a problem
Because if you take away the need of using potions there is no point
Why they should be in game

when you have many classes that can heal you and your allies plus deal massive damage to the target.

Game play doesn't feel right after some levels are reached.

The damage dealt by new classes is way too much.
Everytime a new class is released it beats all the others with a few exceptions but it increases the need for better yet Bosses with massive Heath Points that for a player with one of this classes will just take longer to kill and not so fun.

Players now days can kill anything by themselves. Which highly affects the game.

Players have fun in a game with a another player that enjoys the game with them.

Challenges done in groups is probed to be more satisfying than By yourself.

Making a boss strong is a good idea but if you give the option to single kill this boss players will lose sence of participation and won't ask for help to their friends because they can kill this boss themselves alone and this can affect in various ways how players interact with new players and form friendship

Ofcourse this is all my point of view it's what i'v been experiencing for the past years.

To me is more important the need for team work.
The magic of AQW from my point of view is the ability to make friends and new arriving and existing players join you for a same cause. And this is very IMPORTANT in a game.

Now i may not know that much about classes stats. And enhancing materials but it's made very dificult in game to understand this. PVP and PVE can be done with just a single enhancement and for players who'd like to build their own class enhancements this doesn't give them allot of options.

I Suggest making two types of enhancements PVE and PVP. One that allows you to balance your class to the PVE area and another with better standard's that include a open varienty of items that can give you the stats that this enhancements already have in them. To put this in simple words

Build a rune based system and items with PVP only effects

Build a enhancement system that don't require a unique type of class to work with.
That is both comprehensive and easy to understand.

I have many ideas that by reviewing some other games i'v come across as being the most effective for a better gaming experience in which skill and player creativity is essential

I apologize if some of my in-game veiws don't follow some of yours
i just wanned to express my opinion and help the cause.

If any of you believe that i'm wrong or my point of viewing the game is misguided please let me know what you think.

Post #: 41
5/1/2017 19:45:31   
Aura Knight

I like not having to rely on others to progress through areas. The thing that prevents me from doing that is sometimes my chat lags so much that I can't even type anything at all. I'd prefer it if the game chat could have a pop-out window that is independent of the game. I don't want my skill animations to slow down my typing speed. Maybe it has something to do with the browser. I've been using firefox to play this game as opposed to google chrome. I'm not sure if it's better to use chrome for the game. If I didn't have any chat lag, then I'd use public rooms a lot more.

I won't say I hate working with others towards a common goal, but I don't see it necessary because of how powerful this game makes us.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 42
5/1/2017 20:22:01   

Going back a bit, I think the problem with Luck as an enhancement isn't so much what it does, as it is how predominant it is- And moreover, how lopsided the actual enhancements are, in terms of distribution.

For example, a luck armor enhancement of 65 has 10 in every stat save luck, where it has 49. A wizard armor enhancement of the same level has 49 Intellect and 20 luck, while a fighter Enhancement has 43 strength but ZERO luck (And a LOT of Endurance, but most classes don't really need too much of that from Enhancements anyway). This is probably why the removal of luck as an enhancement is such a nerf physical classes- As the primary physical enhancement, being heavy in endurance and the main stat of choice, is not equivalent- Fighter is the counterpart to Healer, not to Wizard.

So, as others have said before, another enhancement would GREATLY benefit physical classes, that IS the Wizard equivalent.

Hybrid could probably still use some fine tuning, as that ALSO provides more luck- And it occurs to me that the only two enhancements used with regularity are the only ones with high amounts of luck. So yeah, nerf luck, but GREATLY increase the effects of Strength and Intellect on actual damage numbers. Because as it stands, Wizard is dominant due to providing a smattering of luck with that Int, not because Int itself provides more damage than an equal amount of Strength would.
AQ MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 43
5/1/2017 20:26:37   
Snow Angel, Bug Hunter, Class Tester

In terms of stats: I would prefer to be able to manage them the way that I want to. I was never a huge fan of the AQ system of it because it felt like it was forcing you to make a build for one or a few classes (or whatever they're called in that game. I stopped playing a long while back). AQW's current enhancement system helps because you can tweak it a little more, but I'm still willing to bet many people don't realize there are differences in the amounts of stats gained by enhancing different pieces of equipment (wep, helm, cape, class) and thus a 3+1 or 2+2 setup for mixing enhancements actually does make you have to pick how much overall effect you want each of the enhancements to have. This is why, as I've been thinking more on it since my first post, I really think that the best system would be all stats allocated via the class. Here's what I envision.

You get a new class, and you go to a map that is dedicated to "mastering classes". You hit an "Allocate Stats" button, and on the left side it brings up a billboard-like thing with each stat and what raw increases it will do to your class (i.e. Endurance: Every point of Endurance raises your health by 10 HP, gives you an additional .5% hit chance, and decreases damage taken by .25%). Note that I just sort of made up that example, I'm not sure what all Endurance actually does. Then you just have a little menu thing on the right with the class title at the top and number of points you can allocate below it. Arrows or a slider or a number entry box would be present for each of the stats, and you just simply put whichever ones you want wherever you want them. The only thing I'm not sure on is whether to have all classes with 0 base stats in everything or have them start with base stats. I think it could be best to just remove base stats entirely and have no "bases" (Mage, Healer, Rogue, Warrior, Berserker, Spellbreaker, Lucky, whatever else I'm missing). How you allocate stats would depend on what you want to do with the class as well as the type of damage it deals. Similar to the current system, if Magical attacks draw on Intellect then you'd do well to put a lot of points into Intellect on a class that does Magical damage, but you could still do it for a class that does Physical damage if you wanted whatever other benefits Intellect provides (crit chance? If you're smart about your enemy you know where to hit them). So, allow us to manage stats the way we want to, but simplify the system some so that each stat affects each class equally by removing bases and move all stat points to classes rather than spread across all equipment.

As for what I like to do, at this point it's mostly farming for things that interest me. I do releases occasionally, but I tend to let them pile up for a few months before doing them all in a chunk. The story doesn't really engage me all that much so I don't feel like I miss out on much by not playing the new release as soon as it comes out. So mostly I just do farming endgame stuff. I like to have the best equipment I can get in terms of altering gameplay, which is why I've gotten ArchFiend Doomlord, BLoD, etc. And of course, I enjoy expanding my Paragon Pet collection and testing them out (unofficially, though hit me up if you want to make it official Alina ) to see how they stack up against one another and against other methods. That said, some of the farming is rather dull. While I'm looking forward to eventually getting Void Highlord, some of the repetitive nature of just killing a ton of easy mobs to get some drops to turn into reagents means I'm not very motivated. I like having a long-term goal, but some of the short-term stuff required to get there is a drag.

I do like to have some challenging fights against bosses. Not so much HP sponges that just take a lot of wailing on, but things like Binky that really require a team to work together, coordinate classes, and time things out well in order to win. So basically, that means bosses with skills and effects. I'm hoping these become more prevalent post-rewrite as I'd love to encounter a few more of them. Doomkitten's a good example too! It seems rather simple, but if you go in there with your usual boss-fighting strategy then you're not going to do so well. It requires a different strategy in order to succeed.

I definitely like being able to do most things in game by myself. Like I said, I tend to leave releases to stack up for a while, so it's nice to be able to go do them by myself rather than have to try to find people who can help me through it. I'm one of the people who has the mentality of "It's a multiplayer game when I need it to be, but a single-player game when I want it to be". I don't like having to be forced to work with other people for all aspects of the game. If I had to find a group of three other people just to help me level up my class, it would be really irritating.

Things that I don't like doing are rather limited. Rep grinds can be pretty bad, especially if there's not a whole lot of high-reward quests for it. Not all reps are bad, of course, but in some ways it's kind of irritating to go through an entire story, even sometimes doing it with a double-rep boost going, and still only be able to get to like Rank 6 in the rep. I feel that the main storyline for a faction should get you almost all the way to rank 10, since you're doing a lot for these people, and only some final small side quests should be necessary to get to Rank 10. Perhaps part of it is that there's not linear progression of the rep ranks. If each rank was 30.2k or so (1/10 of the 302,500 I believe is needed for 0 to 10) then being Rank 5 would mean you're about halfway through. As it stands, the true "halfway" point is something like rank 7 or 8, which seems off. So, having to grind rep is something that I'm not a huge fan of. I'll do it eventually most of the time if I want the class at the end of it, but sometimes it is with a lot of teeth grinding. Another thing I'm not really a fan of is PvP. I just never really understood the point of it or the appeal of it in this game. It's pretty easy to avoid doing it if you don't want to and I know there are a lot of people that do like it so by no means do I think it needs to be removed, it's just one of those things that the game offers that I don't like doing.
AQ AQW  Post #: 44
5/2/2017 0:29:38   


I'm also looking more broadly at the game, what do you like doing in AQW?

Farming for items I want to use/might use in the future, or that are just really hard to achieve (BLoD level or harder).
Getting reputations to rank 10 (still waiting for a Treasure Hunter farming quest and/or an increase in Blacksmith limit to rank 10, Alina).
Opening Treasure Chests (about time those get a luck-based class in them, just saying).
Collecting classes with different skill sets.


What don't you like doing?

PVP. There's no ranking, not a lot of rewards (it could use a class as reward tho, just saying˛) or incentive. There's really nothing attracting to it.


Do you like farming?




If you mean merging, I like it.
If you mean potions and scrolls, then it feels kinda useless and expendable.


Long term goals?

Try and help the Brazilian community that doesn't know English.
Get to rank 10 in Treasure Hunter faction (I still believe players with OCD will be able to look at their reputation list someday).
Farm some daily quests everyday because you never know what lies in future farming quests.
MAYBE read through some storylines as I normally just skip every cutscene.


Short term goals?

Get Void Avenger Scythe, ENNH and some items from "Juggernaut Items".


Do you like being challenged?

By other players? No. By tough bosses that have unique skillsets and passives, like Binky and Blood Titan? I love it.


What would make AQW even better for you?

- Lots and lots of hardcore farming... and adjustments or better rewards for NSoD, because out of all hardcore items in this game that weapon really doesn't make up for all the effort and time it requires.
- I don't care much for a facial expression system because I won't/can't see my character's face while farming or just because the "camera" is far. But I think some people would still enjoy it.
- Shortcuts to equip a whole set that is in your inventory, like a some sort of "Favorite" Tab where you could equip 4 pieces of each type (weapon, armor, cape, helm) in one or two clicks.
- Preview item in bank.
- Fusion system to add a passive effect of one item to another of the same type. NSoD with +50% dmg2human and +51% dmg2undead because a BLoD was fused into it. Weapons that were fused into could be recovered through buyback unless the player paid at least 1 AC to get them.
- Recycle that Treasure Potion shop in /airstorm or just remove that from the game. It's been there for years and it's just sad seeing it collecting dust like that.
- Give some love to Legend players. Aside from some weekly rare items, the Legend status seems to be losing its use. Recent factions from Glacera until Monster Hunter don't have a single Member-only farming quest. At late game, Legend is only being used to preview new classes, give access to some quests related to Nulgath, and Awe enhancements. As releases come and pass, Legend feels more and more expendable.

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AQW  Post #: 45
5/2/2017 0:32:08   


As I am sure other players will do a much better job of specific class details, I will instead opt to focus on the bigger picture.
The TL;DR for this post, however, may be something like this: Having extensive stat customization doesn't make sense in AQW, due to the core game mechanics.

Obviously that is a bit of a heavy opinion, so I will try to back it up when I can. I am also writing this for a reader who has little to no knowledge of the examples I am using, so forgive me if I set things up from time to time....like now!

Back in the day of tabletop games, when the computer was a human Dungeon Master (DM), each and every player had to maintain total confidence in their individual stats, abilities, feats, traits, backstory....you get the point. Loading all of that on one DM would mean games would take far longer than they already did, so each player had a 3-5 page document with all that info for them. Each stat was incredibly important, as not only did it effect combat, but also playstyle when role-playing your character. A bard human may have a much better go of persuading the NPC to give them information than a 7 foot tall Orc Berzerker; that player would probably choose to intimidate instead. While Persuasion and Intimidate were based largely on those stats (in this case, Charisma), other influences, like being an orc, or a bard, meant one was almost definitely a better choice than the other.

In today's games, the computer does everything (and thank god for that. Can you imagine 1 DM for 10,000 players at any time?) But it also means that the player no longer needs to see those crucial stats, merely their effects. When I play AQW, my stat screen may as well look like this: http://prntscr.com/f311xp

The stats just aren't important or useful to me in this game. What matters first and foremost is usually the power/DPS of whatever I am using to attack with, and my total HP. That's it. A large amount of this game's content can be done with thinking about those two stats alone. Maybe if you want a Boss-fighting, supporting, or farming class would come second (and usually just the first or last, since not many battles have need of any sort of support).

In this game, we seem to have both heavy stat customization, (which implies we have the ability experiment with builds, and make off-meta ones), and heavy class customization. That's fine, but really you don't need both. Games like Dungeons and Dragons or League of Legends had crazy in-depth stat customization because there were limited classes/champions (shhh, I know LoL has a lot of champions, but bear with me) to choose from, BUT each class could be built in several ways, like tank, off-tank, DPS, Jungle... AQW's current 'meta' on the public servers is quite the opposite: everyone uses one enhancement, and instead switches the classes themselves around the task required. These are both effective styles of play, but trying to do both would mean a LOT of customization and tailoring, and that's not even mentioning the aesthetic side of getting crazy awesome looking gear! It just doesn't make a lot of sense, especially for a game intended for a younger audience.

Because this game is, to put quite simply, not a hardcore game. You needn't learn muscle memory, or crazy boss fight patterns. It IS a solid game, and one of my favorites, but it isn't trying to be as complex or challenging as Dark Souls. And it doesn't HAVE to be. So, why add in things that are unnecessary for a game like that? You don't need to worry about persuasion, acrobatics, or stealth checks in this game. To be fair, it does make sense to have Endurance work for HP, or Wisdom for mana. But I feel that, if you are only going to use half of a system, there may be a better alternative.

Therefore, I would suggest a few things.
1) Showing the players (if indeed you want to do enhancements at all) enhancements that are clear and concise. Every class in this game auto attacks. Almost every class uses skills (way to bring down the curve, No Class). But these two things can be boiled down to Physical and Magical attack damage. Perhaps something similar to Diablo 3's system would make sense for something like this. Each of their items DOES have stats under the hood. But for the majority of players, they also feature a handy baseline at the bottom (http://prntscr.com/f33rq1 <== an example, if you don't know that game well). Adventure Quest Worlds could benefit from this greatly. To be honest, I have absolutely no clue how much my enhancements increase from level to level. I have no idea if it is worth even the 3 extra minutes to do it, if the enhancement is only increasing from level 64 to level 65. If you used this way, you could still have stats that are unique to each type of class, but you wouldn't have to worry about players taking time to understand them if they didn't want to.

2) Less deciding, more playing While some classes can be built different ways, players aren't fighting crazy bosses that need teamwork and dedication for the majority of the game. Earlier in this, you mentioned having a jack of all trades sort of enhancement to replace Luck. This makes sense to me, and you should definitely pursue it. With all the possible weapons, armor, capes, helms, and more, it would be and is tedious to constantly switch enhancements for each piece of gear, just because I want to farm instead of boss-fight. Adding in this Balanced enhancement would help. Furthermore, perhaps a way to save a load-out of your current items(something like being able to save 5 sets of Helm, Cape, Weapon, Armor, Pet, and Class would be more than fine), and equip them all in one click would be a godsend Honestly, I would pay 200 AC's per loadout savable (Similar to bank slots, you could have load-out slots) to be able to have that function, or even have it be a Member perk(As I recall, Member perks are all about time saving anyway, so this fits in nicely). While I know many players, not the least of which myself, who have grown up with the games, and actively play for story reasons, boss fights, or even to chat and hang out, a large percentage are collectors (and obviously, those categories bleed over substantially.) To them, and to me, it can allow for fluid and dynamic class changes, that don't look silly because the only Wizard Helm enhancement you have is a blue tiger with rainbows shooting out of its eyes (which btw is awesome, but slightly clashes with Beleen's stuff).

3) If players are able to Min/Max their stats in the new server, allow them to see stuff*. I am really excited for the new server. With elemental statuses being a possibility, it makes sense to have those stats be visible to players, much like in Adventure Quest. However, if that is happening, might I suggest having an option in the setting file to turn on or off that particular display of stats? I wouldn't need to see them all the time, especially if I am just farming a new release casually. Some players, however, would love to use something similar to that to tinker with a full Critical chance build, or get crazy high resistances. This leaves room for both types of players to flourish.

4) Make each enhancement worth picking Finally, I would recommend adding in special bonuses (like awe bonuses) to equipping items with crazy enhancements. While this isn't required by any means, I would love to see it. Perhaps warrior classes receive a 10% damage buff to all physical attacks, or 10% HP boost. Perhaps mage classes get mana regen increases. The idea is to make each enhancement have value. Otherwise, there isn't a real good point to having so many enhancements, hybrid enhancements, or whatever. A great idea would also be to have bonuses for equipping staffs with mage enhancements, or having all 4 enhancements the same type enable another bonus. Going back to Diablo 3, they do this very well with what are called Set Bonuses. They make the game interesting and fun, and allow for some very great playstyles, and off-meta picks that are combinations of sets and their bonuses. To that effect, players could farm for (or pay with AC's) these interesting Set enhancements, allowing more interaction to class customization than equipping some enhancements, farming at a spot for an hour, and being done. An interesting conclusion would be to make the balanced enhancement not have the ability to have those bonuses, meaning players who want to go the extra mile are encouraged beyond +10 to strength, and +5 to HP. I know this directly seems to conflict with my previous statements, but I couldn't resist! I enjoy character customization, and if implemented, I can see myself doing this for 4 or 5 of my favorite classes, but not every single one.

In this game, I like seeing the new areas, exploring new places, developing characters I have known for years, and collecting sweet sweet loot. I feel these changes help supplement these endeavors.

Thank you for reading, and I hope I made sense! If you have additional questions, feel free to poke me on twitter or something.


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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 46
5/2/2017 2:20:09   

Why not make it so classes' base-states are customizable, and that you can change the damage types of your skills between physical and magical.

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AQW  Post #: 47
5/2/2017 2:44:16   
Aura Knight

I like the idea of being able to have certain sets which we could equip using a single button. If I may I'd like to use this concept and apply it to stat builds. If we could customize our stats and allow for different builds for various purposes and have it to where we can simply switch through each build easily, it could be something to consider.

I'd be lying if I said I knew how stats even work in this game and if there are guides, I haven't bothered to look at them. With how things work in this game knowing our stats is basically irrelevant. I don't know, nor do I care what a base stat build for each class is. All that matters to me is the damage the class does and how well I can use the class. Now, if we had control over out stats, I'd probably feel different.

I believe we should have personalized stat builds that get even more points added depending on the enhancements we use. Things likely work this way now but without control over the base stats as each class comes with their own. This is one thing to change.

But if we do get control over our stats, how would we know if the build we create is right or even fair? There should be some way to explain how to properly change our stats so that we don't ruin our own classes.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 48
5/2/2017 2:56:59   
Silver Sky Magician

Maybe we should think in terms of standards rather than solutions to keep things simpler. My personal expectation is to be able to get through a significant cluster of standard monsters before having to rest, and have powerful classes be able to solo a mid-tier boss with some difficulty, mid-tier being your run-of-the-mill release bosses like Zognax, assuming you're the same or higher level as the boss and are using classes accessible to you at that level. I'm cool with high-tier bosses being designed to require multiple players to beat, high-tier being major storyline bosses like Chaos Lords or explicit challenges.

The last time I was ranking up some of my mid-tier classes like Artifact Hunter and Sentinel, I could only get through maybe five Nothings maximum depending on the class - that's what I call standard monsters giving me trouble, and I don't like it.
Epic  Post #: 49
5/2/2017 2:59:24   

"testing, testing, 1, 2, 3, testing" that is how
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