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RE: =AQW= New Server changes - More Feedback Needed

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9/13/2017 21:57:02   

Ultra Blood Titan on ptr server is bug and glitch like the hp keep blinking show red bar and black bar also it run out of the screen when i try to attack it

Mutated Void Dragon from bosschallenge so op on ptr server u cant even tank it with stonecrusher

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Post #: 201
9/13/2017 22:24:05   

When I tried MVD just now on Safiria, it was far, far weaker than it is on normal servers. Primarch, too.
Post #: 202
9/14/2017 0:19:21   
The ErosionSeeker

Monster damage on the PTR is standardized among levels, so those easy picking level 99 Nothings suddenly hit like a truck while MVD stops being as threatening. Probably a good change, but those special cases will have to be looked at eventually.
DF AQW  Post #: 203
9/14/2017 0:51:41   

Wait, if monster damage is standardized among levels, does that mean someone will have to go and change the damage values of every monster in the wiki once the testing servers go live?
AQW  Post #: 204
10/1/2017 10:42:12   

What's up with the test servers?
I can only see Zorbak and I can't even log-in for some reason. I just keep getting stuck at Initializing Client.
Post #: 205
10/1/2017 10:49:35   

Smol Goat Child of AQW GD/Q&A

The PTR Servers have been acting up all weekend and most were taken down until they can get fixed.
DF AQW  Post #: 206
10/3/2017 0:11:06   

It seems that AFDL bonus damage and boosts doesn't work anymore.
Still got bugs like, a dead monster has some hp left, and you could use your skills on it and just do nothing and go on cooldown.
Damage range seems pretty much the same with normal servers.
Why oh why?

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10/3/2017 2:01:43   

What do you mean AFDL bonus damage and boosts doesn't work? It's worser than normal server?

Removed bug abuse discussion. ~Shadowhunt

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10/3/2017 7:21:13   

I just tested my AFDL with NSoD, NSoD alone, and no boosting items. They are stacking and seem to work as intended.

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AQW  Post #: 209
10/3/2017 10:16:28   

Well Test servers are finally back but the XBAWKS HUEG damage is gone.
I'm not doing the 5 digit crits that I used to do with my non-Evo Leppy classes that I used to be able to do. But at least Boosts still stack and that's really the only truly important thing.

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Post #: 210
10/6/2017 20:05:48   


Because we did not return the great damage we did earlier on the PTR server, but with a few fixes, because the truth was too much power and I just felt very OP.

Character Power Evolution

Because not to do as a kind of evolution of the character in terms of power.

How could that be?

Good that for each level uploaded our base damage increases in + 10 (for all types of damage) and the stop would be + 1000 (by level 100 to be reached one day) and the current stop it would be with the LVL 85 with +850 damage (if included).

In addition to adding power differences per level as a percentage.

How would it work?

It would be a difference of this type:

[Current lvl (player)/lvl current (opponent/mob)] x 100 % = All in (damage) to that opponent

This will cause that if your player is of higher level than the player of the (opponent) or mob, do much more damage.


LVL 85 player vs LVL 70 monster

(85/70) x 100% = 121.428%

That is to say you would make the mob or lvl 70 player a 21.4% extra damage.

To understand the percentage:

Suppose you do 100 of damage (by an unstable weapon), then 21% extra (ignoring the decimals In case you don't need to increase a point by rounding) would be 21, in that case you would do 121 of damage instead of 100.

because: 100 + 21 = 121

The same applies to the opposite only that dividing its level between ours.

(70/85) x 100% = 82.35%

And this is the damage that makes us the opponent/rival to us, 18% less damage, because (82% is lower than 100%).

Now suppose that he makes us 100 of damage, then 18% less (obviating here also the decimals) would be 18, in that case he would make us 82 of damage instead of 100.

because: 100-18 = 82

With this in my personal opinion, now would feel an evolution in the time to raise the level of the character, instead of just increasing the damage adding + power to perhaps the enchantments and another small part by the level (which in case the power increases does not feel almost) , until you love the Amras, armor, etc. ..)

Of course I think my idea is not very clear but I hope it serves to improve the game.

New Damage Limit of the Weapons

Before the limit is 60, Now the limit is 100, and that also says that the damage ranges will also change.



Before , Now .

30-30 , 50-50


Before , Now .

27-33 , 45-55


Before , Now .

24-36 , 40-60


Before , Now .

20-30 , 35-65


Before , Now .

15-45 , 25-75


Before , Now .

10-50 , 15-85

Super Unstable

Before , Now .

0-60 , 0-100

Uber Unstable (Have a small chance to heal the enemy)

Before , Now .

-2-62 , -5-105

By each level increases at 5 points in the max damage in the case of the Super Unstable, and 2,5 between max and min damage in the case of Static, Stable, Semi-Stable, Medium, Semi-Unstable and Uber Unstable.

If that is the case the the level 60 the damage would be 0-400 [Super Unstable] 200-200 [Static] 195-205 [Stable].

These ideas will alterate very much the game (more in the case of the DPS that anything else), but I think it would be a good time to put to test this idea.

I will add more.

In that case Thanks for Reading My Idea.

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AQW  Post #: 211
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