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RE: =AQW= New Server changes - More Feedback Needed

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5/2/2017 17:16:32   

Just Kidding, seriously, i'm probably repeating what others players want, but a server with a ''hardcore'' difficult with awesome rewards is such an amazing idea!
And do this class system of distributing points on the class. Since the release of the PaladinSlayer Class i want to live and die with that class. Maybe with this new system, my dream can finnally happen :')

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DF AQW  Post #: 76
5/2/2017 17:20:59   

If you can't nerf one, why not buff the other?

I mean, people rely on luck because it is the most efficient enhancement for farming in a farming-centered game. If people want to actually have to decide which enhancements are better, then it's time to up the other enhancement's game. Somebody already mentioned here that using a full set of a certain enhancement, which focused on haste or hit chance, barely increased your haste or hit chance. So, just make it increase your haste/hit chance by lot. Like: "If I use full luck, I have a lot of damage. But If use full intellect (or whatever enhancement affects a mage haste and raw damage), my cooldowns are almost halved, and the monster on that map doesn't really have that much HP."

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AQW  Post #: 77
5/2/2017 17:24:34   

Well, this does ease the NSoD grind, I'm mudering the Void Dragon left and right, faster than ever (except when we had the bugged damage boosts).

Now that I can actually see the stats, I do have a couple questions about what exactly is going on with the crit modifier.
This is just 1 example.

Undead goat.
Full luck build: 3.71 crit mod, ok, that seems about right.
Cape switched to Fighter: 2.75 crit mod, ok.... I see, it's a steep slope.
Helm switched to Fighter as well: 2.79 crit mod, WHAT?....
Weapon switch to Fighter: 1:84 crit mod, I'm not even gonna question it anymore.
Full Fighter enchanted: 1.88....

It seems to be the same with Dragonslayer General.

So it seems like every 2 Luck enchant greatly increases the crit mod, is that why we have had such an insane crit mod to begin with, I mean, Fighter provides a higher crit mid if it wasn't for that huge jump with every 2 Luck enchantments.

Btw, thank you for finally fixing the enchantments on testing servers, no more relogging to change enchants.

I'm still wondering how you are going to balance it out to make people want to not run purely luck, maybe the HARDCORE servers will need us to actually have semi tanky builds to not die instantly(?).

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AQW  Post #: 78
5/2/2017 17:27:52   
Aura Knight

I'm liking things with luck on test servers now. Damage seems to be pretty close to regular servers. Same as previous post in terms of enhancements and damage.

Before: Base Damages

Auto Attack: 180 non-crit 287 crit
Touch of Doom: 225 non-crit 359 crit
Soul Siphon: 144 non-crit 230 crit
Legion Dark Blast: 360 non-crit 575 crit
Imminent Doom: 396 non-crit 633 crit 75 DoT

Now: Base Damages

Auto Attack: 234 non-crit 817crit
Touch of Doom: 292 non-crit 1023 crit
Soul Siphon: 187 non-crit 653 crit
Legion Dark Blast: 468 non-crit 1636 crit
Imminent Doom: 514 non-crit 1800 crit 127 DoT

I don't want to include the damage with 15 touch of doom stacks so hopefully just base damages will be okay.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 79
5/2/2017 17:36:28   


If you can't nerf one, why not buff the other?

I agree, I don't think that luck should be the only enhancement used as there are many others in the game. Buffing those other enhancements so they're at the same level of luck would be a good choice IMO.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 80
5/2/2017 17:38:40   

Interesting, it seems like using 2 "recommended enchantments" and 2 luck is the way to go, I seem to be pumping out both higher crit and non crit damage with VHL with this setup. Preferably using the non luck enchantments for the class and weapon to pump up your main stats as much as possibe.

I already like this much better and not only because I can kill bosses super quick with full AFDL and VHL.
AQW  Post #: 81
5/2/2017 17:40:00   
Snow Angel, Bug Hunter, Class Tester

Lucky currently gives a bit of each stat and a lot of Luck, right? Maybe a tweak to that could be putting it solely into Luck, so you don't get the benefit of the other stats, and maybe Luck only increases the crit modifier or something? That way, if you want to, you could potentially hit some really high numbers, but at the cost of everything else being not so great? I don't really know enough about stats to know how much of an impact removing the others from Lucky enhancements would alter things like dodge, haste, etc. unfortunately.
AQ AQW  Post #: 82
5/2/2017 17:49:49   
  kaos rules x

Shadow Slayin' ArchKnight of AQW GD

So I'm playing with Starlord on the Testing Servers and I couldn't help but notice that I have a higher dodge chance with a full Luck set than I do with a full Thief set.

Full Luck Dodge: 0.253000
Class Thief/Rest Luck Dodge: 0.205
Class Luck/Rest Thief Dodge: 0.1
Full Thief Dodge: 0.052

While I think it's good to return critical hits to a normal (if inflated) value, I don't really like to see Luck become so universally used once again. I was looking forward to use a few more enhancement combinations but there doesn't seem to be much reason if this trend is uniform to all classes.

The only things that are higher with a full Thief build is Parry chance and Resist Mod. Everything else is higher with a full Luck build - crit chance, crit modifier, haste, resistance chance, and even hit chance are all higher with Luck.
I've included all of my screenshots above, just in case anyone was curious.

EDIT: The same thing happens for Dragon Shinobi. Luck seems to provide a better dodge, haste, and critical values. While the critical values makes sense, shouldn't a high Dexterity build have better haste and dodge values? On a high note: DoTs work on the Dragon Shinobi again, and boy does Flaming Dragon hit hard.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 83
5/2/2017 18:00:45   

Sure, you look at the stats and go "well, full luck is the best", but what you don't see is the difference in the actual numbers, the difference in a fighter build and a luck build in terms of damage on VHL is pretty much doubled non crits, which says a lot. If anything, if this is how it actually works, run 2 Thief and 2 Luck instead, to gain that way increased crit mod and keep most of your stats, while keeping the non crit potential.
I will agree it's super weird that luck would outdo thief in a dodge aspect and haste as well and since dodge is the most important aspect of those classes, luck might just be the best as of the server's current state, which is sad.
Take a tip and try out the class under different enchantment builds and see the numbers for yourself. Fighter enchantments seems to work incredibly well for physical damage overall.

A couple things I have found in my last hours of testing.
DoT's seem to fluctuate, one example is that Void Highlord's first DoT tick seems to be about 1.5 times bigger than all the others.
Legion Blademaster Assassin's self DoT also suddenly ticked me for 1.7k, it seems to do about 560ish otherwise, which is still a death sentence....

So apparently, it seems like every 100 luck stats gives you +1 to your crit mod multiplier. Is this intended?

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AQW  Post #: 84
5/2/2017 18:15:52   
  kaos rules x

Shadow Slayin' ArchKnight of AQW GD

The problem with that is that a Full Thief build doesn't gain you any stats. You lose them all, since full Luck has better almost-everything. I'm fighting against Living Ices in /battlegroundd and I die whenever I use a full Thief or Class Thief/Rest Fighter build. When I use a Class Thief/Rest Luck build, I have no issues. Haste is enough to keep me auto-attacking quickly and gaining mana, dodging is a better source of mana regen and survival since Luck is giving me more dodge chance, and the critical chance is high enough to actually proc more than a few critical values.

If I were to switch to a full Luck build, I'm sure I would be even more well off with my stats. Sure, I would lose a bit of base non-critical damage, but I would gain a much better dodge chance, a better hit chance, a better haste, and noticeably higher critical values. Maybe a class with better self-buffs would be able to compensate with using less Luck enhancements but that's not the case for pretty basic classes like Starlord.

Edit: I'm trying to use Starlord for the fact that it doesn't buff itself in anyway with it's first 2 skills. I can test the basic enhancement feel with each change of equipment. With Luck, I dodge and crit far more frequently than the other 2 melee based enhancements. Fighter should give me the best critical chance, since Strength should increase crit chance and base damage. Thief should give me the best haste and dodge, since that's Dexterity should increase both. That doesn't seem to be the case, at least for a class that cannot buff itself.

Edit2: Here's something weird. I'm wearing Guardian class on the Safiria server.
This screenshot is my stats of Class Lucky/Rest Fighter.
This screenshot is my stats of Class Lucky/Rest Thief.

The change in Dexterity and Strength stats literally changes nothing in the Dodge, Crit, or Haste values. Either the character screen isn't showing proper changes or Strength and Dexterity do little beyond altering base damage or the new Parry stat.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 85
5/2/2017 19:41:01   

I think instead of trying to fix what you guys think shouldn't be there, you should just update the game with the new features such as the bank previews, the house bank etc... and just keep things there that are fine as they are instead of having to fix something that isn't broken. Such as the luck enhancement, why fix it 9 years later? No one has complained about it, instead they say it's OP and it's just in general a less of a concern when it comes to dealing the most damage you can with a class. Although sometimes having the Wizard enhancements are a lot better than all luck. For example, Lightcaster class because the 3rd skill increases your stats enough to make the luck enhancement unnecessary, considering you can spam it continuously during combat. Bringing in new enhancements will only make us feel like we're playing a different game. If I owned a game, I'd fix the bugs that allowed people to do things easier and in some occasions, avoid payment, as well as decrease the overall latency of the game. The only thing that I'd suggest introducing are new features, and what you guys have done with the bank previews is perfect, and it's definitely going to make looking at items in the bank more efficient.

I noticed in the testing server there was a change in the UI? Where some of the temporary drops showed up slightly to the right. I wouldn't call that a bug but small adjustments like that also help overcome some troubles such as drops getting in the way, and that's definitely an improvement that would save time!

There's not much for me to say other than the whole change in enhancements may just kill the game... the luck enhancement especially, a nerf to the point a full fighter enhancement would perform better than a full luck enhancement would be fine but with the way it is now, there's no point in it being there. The stat pool system doesn't seem like a good idea either, although it helps people to be unique with their stats, I think it'd be harsh on the new players. And again, why change it 9 years later...? Some existing players may be put off by it.
Post #: 86
5/2/2017 20:32:17   

Alright, let's try out these changes shall we?

Void Highlord vs Red Dragon

Full Luck:

1. 13.32

2. 11.07

3. 11.23

4. 15.04

5. 12.73

Full Luck Testing Servers:

1. 13.72

2. 16.30

3. 14.45

4. 14.86

5. 14.46

Well this definitely looks better than before. My Crit Mod stat on the testing server is now 3.72, up from 3.35 on the regular servers; however, my average still slightly higher than on the regular servers, likely due to the attack power stat. Now it is possible for me to raise the Attack Power stat using fighter enhancements, but doing so causes my Crit Mod stat to drop.

Also there's something I'd like to point out. If I use 3 Luck, and Fighter on the helm for Void Highlord, my crit mod drops to 2.76, but if I use 2 Luck and put Fighter on my Helm and Cape, my Crit Mod increases to 2.79. This makes no sense because Fighter Enhancements don't even provide any Luck, and even if there is another stat that slightly increases Crit Mod, my Crit Mod should still be higher with 3 Luck, 1 Fighter that it is with 2 Luck, 2 Fighter.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 87
5/2/2017 21:12:17   
Rancore AQW

I am facing problems with LightCaster on testing servers.The class heals 592 max instead of the common 2000-4000 on normal servers.Ench used full wizard.Stable weapon (BLoD).Will luck ench it's even worse.It heals 399.Same thing noticed with Stonecrusher,the HoT is down to 50 instead of 200 or 400.The damage from lightcaster is small as well.From 5000-9000 critcals and 2000 normal dmg down to 1400 normal damage and not criticals at all after a lot of stacking too.Only the normal damage as Yorumi said was the same both on testing and normal.

For StoneCrusher and Lightcaster i used stable weapons and full wizard ench.No dmg bonus items either.

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Post #: 88
5/2/2017 21:44:25   
Doxus the OverLord

First, I must admit I'm not testing to say it the proper way.

About the enhancements, why not making the enhancements the thing for some roles?
Fighter, think about it as a tanky one. Give it higher HP and mid damage.
Thief, why not giving it better dodge and haste? Like having half the cooldowns?
Wizard, make it the best DoT-based enhancement. Why not making it the best for DoT damage?
Spellbreaker, make it be a fast spellcaster. High haste (higher than thief) but without the dodge and only for caster classes.
Healer, best tanky enhancement in-game. Make it be the toughest wall but with very poor damage, lower than mid.
Depths (Dark Box reward enhancement), make it be the best spell-oriented enhancement for healing and damage, I'm not talking about crits, just pure damage by itself.
Hybrid, it can be the best of both worlds, having better than mid of the following: HP, dodge, haste (caster/physical) and damage (both, caster and physical).
Luck, the best damaging burst enhancement. It excels on chance of crit and high crits. Choose this only for delivering very heavy hits and sacrificing all the rest.

Making enhancements be "the role you play" would bring more roleplaying to AQW. And with tougher monsters, killing them on groups is a natural thing. So, why not supporting these roles to work them all together? This is what I like in AQW: each class is so unique and you can use all of them, you just need to change your gear/enhancements, nothing more.

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Post #: 89
5/2/2017 22:19:52   
Edme MacHeath

So from the old DNs


Parry and Resist were added to the game. Both work the same way, but parry is for physical attacks, and resist is for magical attacks. When you parry or resist an attack you reduce the damage done by an amount based on your parry/resist stat.
•Strength increases physical attack power, the amount of damage reduced by a parry, and for melee classes the amount of extra damage you get from a crit.
•Intelligence increases magical attack power, and reduces damage from a resist instead of a parry.
•Endurance still increases HP like before, but also reduces the incoming damage from all attacks. The higher your endurance the less damage you take from attacks.
•Dexterity and Wisdom are largely the same, except Dex works for melees and Wis for mages. These stats increase dodge, hit chance, haste, and crit chance for their respective classes.
•Dexterity increases parry chance, and Wisdom increases resist chance.
•Wisdom has one more effect - increasing all healing output. The goal here is to make Wis a healing stat.
•Luck has been significantly changed. Luck now has a very small effect on hit chance, dodge, and crit chance for most classes.
•Luck has a major effect on Luck-based classes: Cardclasher, Leprechaun, and a few others. (Luck enhancements are designed to work best this those classes. Mages and Fighters will want to use Strength or Int from here on out.)

•Wisdom has one more effect - increasing all healing output. The goal here is to make Wis a healing stat.
•Luck has been significantly changed. Luck now has a very small effect on hit chance, dodge, and crit chance for most classes.
•Luck has a major effect on Luck-based classes: Cardclasher, Leprechaun, and a few others. (Luck enhancements are designed to work best this those classes.4
Mages and Fighters will want to use Strength or Int from here on out.)

But here is what I think would be more balancing while still retaining some of these changes... and this is now accounting for the fact that we are keeping luck as is...

Fighter Enhancements: Basically buffing it's effect on physical base and crit damage to high proportions... to the proportions where it would be likely even better simply damage wise on crits and non crits when enhanced on a physical class. I think what I got was it'd be better than luck in damage but not in stats on physical classes. I was really hoping that the damage would be 120-130% of what luck enhancements would do on physical classes. making fighter...atleast on classes like warrior or dragonlord perform superior damage than they would've with luck but since it has such high END I would expect it to have extremely poor stats as it can't be a DPS/Tank enhancement and still have good stats.

Thief: more parry chance, so a chance to reduce physical damage, but with DEX already raising dodge so much i'm not sure some added damage resistance would make sense, this would likely make thief enhancements completely defensive and they don't quite deal as much damage as fighter or luck enhancements. But i'm not sure if simply adding parry would be enough. currently thief out of fighter,luck, it deals the worst damage out the 3. I guess that makes sense but it's way too low out of the 3. It's roughly 40% of what luck deals for thief classes. I think it should deal more like 75% of the damage that luck deals.

Wizard: Ok so I think wizard is quite fine as is... It currently deals the most damage, non crits and crits for magical classes,
Spellbreaker: This will be the DoT and Stat enhancement for magic classes... You're gonna have amazing stats and even up to twice as strong DoTs as you'd see with wizard, this may sound like a lot be we
need to keep it so that the DoTs and less damage equals the superior damage of wizard enhancements

Healer: I think that this should be the real healing class healing the most hp and having the highest resist and hp.
With the changes to endurance this would basically be the most tanky enhancement there is with poor damage but exceptionally high resistance and HP. the END on it could possibly even give it more resistance than fighter enhancements on physical classes.

Hybrid: I would see this as the STAT enhancement or as a all around enhancement like luck. You could make it give insane stats but perhaps poor damage or an all rounder.. It's the one enhancement that gives a decent amount to basically stat.

And then we're keeping luck as is...

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AQ  Post #: 90
5/2/2017 22:38:41   
Aura Knight

If luck is going to be kept exactly the same, what was the point of everything? Crit damage is useful and will remain useful so why should I care if some other enhancements are good now? Even if luck makes you a glass cannon, it works quite well for many things. Even caster classes do okay with luck. I thought the point of the rewrite was to make the other enhancements worth using to add variety to things. If luck will still be as powerful, it seems like everything was a waste. This makes things easy I guess since I probably won't have to think about enhancements but it took months to get to this point and we're at the exact same place we started?
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 91
5/2/2017 22:41:57   

ohh ok so this all i have to say..somebody has proven the void highlord enhancements having full fighter and having with few luck enhancements..there one thing that you should really fix is the effects because basically the luck just increase the crit damage compared to fighter it doesn't which is odd and doesn't makes sense..that's my only problem with the enhancements. Luck gives more power and crits and i totally agree that Luck has to be changed so we'd be able to use other Enhancements but the recommended enhancements aren't really powerful and slow..here's how i feel that it should be changed..what if fighter is somewhat similar to Wizard Enhancement but Slower because according to the Strength stat description..it boosts damage and crits when comparing to Wizard intellect increases haste and magic damage. so it tends to do powerful critical and magical damage at the same time wizard has little luck so why not somewhat add it to the fighter enhancements as well to increase the chance of criticals?..also if you dont want full luck for most classes why not add some small luck stats to some enhancements??? im ok with thief cause it boost dexterity and it gives a lot of stats like hit chance, haste and evasion..thief is ok because of that and thats fair so why not consider adding a tiny bit of luck to other enhancements then..
AQW  Post #: 92
5/2/2017 22:49:09   

I agree with the luck staying the same an buff all others, this is a comment i already did but i find it good if i put it again because it seems many people agree with this.


Maybe we are trying to resolve this the wrong way, we looked as luck as overpowered instead of looking all the other enhancements as nerfed-underpowered. If the enhancement that arent luck based can offer something good( even if it feel somehow overpowered) just as luck, maybe we can kill two problems at once?


As an adittion to this: my idea is if there is a full-wizard or luck against a boss that hits really hard it should at least suffer a lot more than someone with full warrior, a luck based could stay the same hitting always crit and that but i would be weak just like a TANK but with no defense. This way we can really make use of all enhancement in certain ocassion. But this has to come definitely with a change in how fast and easy you can change enhancements and being able to have multiple enhancements in the same weapon. For example clicking the item and an option appear to change the enhancement right there in the inv interface. Because any change we do to make players use all other enhancements are gonna make us lazy about changing them all time, so that is my offer: start putting the important part in all no-luck enhancements and make them powerful for what they are suppose to be powerful even if it sounds like a "high buff".

AQW  Post #: 93
5/3/2017 0:58:50   
Paulus Xiphos

I also enjoy the fight between Light and Darkness, although Legion Doom knight and Void Highlord seem to outrank ArchPaladin now except probably in farming.

AQWorlds will last a long time. Just look, the staff evidently care about their players a lot. That says a lot about the game and its essence.

Removed cheating discussion. Threads like these still fall under forum rules so unless there's a specific exception posted, you're still expected to follow forum rules. ~Shadowhunt

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AQW  Post #: 94
5/3/2017 3:47:37   

Just a thought talking about making servers better: Is there any features you would want in game? With me farming AFDL right now I'm hoping Set Bonuses do indeed get in game.
DF  Post #: 95
5/3/2017 3:55:55   
Dr Disrespect

I hope that a stack counter will be added to all classes that have stackable skills (much the same way as UndeadSlayer has now). Also a timer that tells you the amount of time remaining until your stacks expire would be nice.

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Post #: 96
5/3/2017 7:14:54   

On the Luck vs every other enchantment topic.

Fighter does provide better damage than Luck overall, especially since critrates seems to have dropped a lot.

Wizard is still strong as ever (for some reason, some wiz based classes deal massive auto attack damage, pyro as an example, does ~400 per auto, non crit with just a 15% boost on.)

Thief is just broken, litteraly not working as it should. This should be one of the priorities to fix, if you ask me.

I still think hybrid is kind of on the weak side, it doesn't really know what it want to do for the class.

Haven't tested anything with Healer or Spellbreaker yet.

With the way luck increases crit mod right now, you just need to reach certain threshholds and then go with the primary enchantments after that. It's kind of stupid that Luck wouldn't just be a static increase per stat to the crit mod, but rather every 100 luck gives you +1 to your crit mod. I'm not even sure the stat itself increases crit mod at all, if it does, it's not by much, as Fighter enchantments gives more static crit mod increase per stat of strength.

Overall though, haste is just so much lower for most, if not all classes without haste buffs, so the combat does feel slower than it does on normal servers currently. There's also the fact that crit chance has been lowered by quite a bit, which in theory makes Luck less useful, unless you have some 100% crit abilites. As an example, Glacial Berserker can only reach about 50% critchance, where it usually has close to 100% on normal servers. Speaking of Glacial Berserker, I found out that I could get a haste of above 1, it was pretty funny as long as it lasted.

Btw, are passives even working? I know VHL's rank 10 isn't, as I have as much hp as any class enchanted with the same enchantments, basicly. Legion Doomknight's haste buff also doesn't seem to work, both LDK and Classic LDK has the same haste modifier, but LDK should have +0.1 on Classic LDK


I was thinking something like small icons below your portrait, but big enough to be readable of course (readable as in being able to distingquish what the buff/debuff is), maybe with a section for buffs and one for debuffs. This could also be the case for the enemy.
AQW  Post #: 97
5/3/2017 11:18:40   
Void Walker


We are also going to change over to have 1-2 new Hardcore servers. These will have updated math, ultra challenge monsters with skills that hit HARD. You'll need to have the proper set-up, and you may just want to bring your friends. Yorumi and co will try out the stat pool set-up, and some other fun things he's had in mind to add more challenge to the game.

There will be exclusive drops and some additional rewards (that is not new... we have always put drops on ultra bosses... now new ones will just be restricted to a unique server).

This feature is great, but it's not that simple to implement (as I can understand...). Well, basically there will be 2 kind of servers (Normal and hardcore) and that means:
- Database usage (more costs to keep running those servers with updates, balancing, etc. We already have a lot of servers);
- More work to do (you could just add this Hardcore feature in the particular event, for example: Blood Titan normal and challenge mode. And you'll have to add the same new content on both servers, with diff properties, exclusive drops and stuff);
- Testing will take longer (Some bugs may appear while testing the release or after it and you be obliged to test on both servers, to make sure it has validation, safety, concrete data, and no redundancy).

Well, this is just a small part of the problem that whoever is going to implement/test the new servers are going to face. As I can see, hardcore servers ain't the main focus here, there are other things that need more attention than this new feature (Like balacing classes and combat, refining enhancements to have a great significance and use after SR, bug fixes and other major features).

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 98
5/3/2017 11:42:51   
Battleon Sorceress

Caesaris: yes, getting the server rewrite finished and live for the regular servers is the top priority.

After so many years, radically changing how AQW is played (and feels) would have a negative impact on most players (who look at this as a casual game). Adding in hardcore servers gives us a platform to create content for players who want to focus on strategy, numbers, etc. That way, we can build content for both types of players.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 99
5/3/2017 12:23:32   


In regards to the changes to luck, I don't like them. As someone with limited inventory space I dislike the idea of needing to have multiple items just to have various enhancements.

and here i am as someone with a lot of stuff in my inventory who doesn't like not having a 1 for half the classes enchantment due to how much gold it costs to keep my items fully enhanced. luck and wizard where always on par with each other anyway, it was always the other stats that needed a buff.
if any chance should be applied to luck it would be changing it from being named "luck" to "adventurer" as luck was always more of an adventurer stat in this game.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 100
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