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RE: =ED= Feature and Balance Suggestions

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7/10/2018 13:19:04   
One Winged Angel1357

@SSM If it was a nerf I would agree with you but it isn't a nerf. When running the idea against builds with greater than 69 base tech you get a delta of (-18)-99 damage while the bot is in cool down with a loss of 10-58 bot damage*. You also gain an additional 10-54 defense but lose 14-92 resistance while still having 32 stat points free and no modifiers applied.

*This is based on the change in the range limits. Primary and aux increase from 90-108 to 102-123 so it is still possibly for them to hit lower than before at (-6) but they can also hit a possible 33 points higher. Sidearm increases from 75-90 to 85-102 giving them a delta of (-5)-27 so using them would result in more favorable results at the lower end, (-17) instead of (-18), but it could cost you on the higher end with a maximum 93 instead of 99. Bot damage goes from 333-360 down to 302-323 so in the best case scenario you lose 10 damage in the worst you lose 58.

When looking at this on my build I took 10 points from health, 125 HP, and 1 from dex and tech to get the twelve points needed to put my build at the "new" numbers. Primary damage increases from 454-477 to 463-488. Sidearm damage decreases from 471-498 to 470-496. Auxiliary increases from 470-488 to 482-503. Bot damage decreases from 530-562 to 528-560. Defense decreases from 314-369 to 312-367. And last but not least resistance drops from 328-380 to 325-376.

My only concern looking at these numbers is I have about one less hit in me but with the recent changes to debuffs I have more than enough tools to mitigate that. Still not likely to remove my pyro fly because it is one of the best answers to burst damage builds but it might be worth looking into the Bunny bot or Bio Borg if strike based builds prove too much for the lower HP
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 26
7/14/2018 6:44:09   
Silver Sky Magician


We’ll have to see how it works out in practice I guess, I have seen a few successful non-traditional 5 focus builds around lately.

On the topic of wars, I think we should have repeatable war missions (not dailies) where you get 1 super bomb for every 10 wins, or at least 1 regular bomb per 5 missions if the devs want to be more conservative. Can be a bit frustrating to not see any drops in a while, and this can alleviate the RNG somewhat.
Post #: 27
7/14/2018 13:25:10   
.Lord Ginger.

Exile drop rate is lower than legions, still, and it's very annoying. I don't care what y'all say about the drop rates being the same, anyone who has been exile and legion knows the truth.
AQW Epic  Post #: 28
7/14/2018 13:40:59   
One Winged Angel1357

I wouldn't even go for making them missions just RNG protection of every # of wins you get a bomb and every 2# of wins you get a super bomb. This way you can work on other missions for more credits while helping the war effort.

That said my ideas for the war have always been against how the devs are doing things
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 29
7/17/2018 2:39:27   
  Teufel Hunden

King of the Gods - ED GD, ED Bal

I am looking at suggestions offered by the player base and looking into things im seeing myself, as well as Nightwraith and the other testers. We are heavily looking into player discussions and feedback to see improvements moving forward. Hope everyone is doing well and keep those suggestions coming, we are not ignoring you! We hear you!

~Teufel Hunden
~Da Bomb Expert

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AQW Epic  Post #: 30
7/17/2018 4:47:40   
RYL Crown

1. Add more music to the game not the annoying ones
2. Increase duel rewards
3. Reduce the worlds to 3 so people get to interact with each other
4. Make daily log-in rewards
5. Make sets that cost 100+k credits for people with a ton of credits (can't be bought buy varium)

Merged with suggestions thread ~WhiteTiger

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7/18/2018 5:02:42   
Daph Duck

@ RYL Crown

1. what is annoying music?? ed literally has no music at all, besides the error sounds, little sound effects when you do some stuff, george lowe, and friend notifications. i think it is perfectly fine that we don't have music because we can pick our own battle playlists and that is really cool. maybe some ambience in some areas would be cool but that would require people to actually put effort into deciding what music to put or commissioning someone to make music that is licensed for ED and i dont think that is ed's biggest priority nor will it bring back more playerz

2. good idea i guess but we already have power weekends so i am not $ure if this is necessary???????

3. no thanks, some of us enjoy our privacy.

4. pretty good idea.

5. we already have tons of credit sinks, ED should make more money by making more varium weapons.
AQW Epic  Post #: 32
7/18/2018 9:29:41   
One Winged Angel1357

@Daph we have run this experiment before when it comes to making money. If they gear doesn't offer some form of power then it doesn't shift units. Most obvious example is the Legion and Exile tank packages that not many players purchased
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 33
7/18/2018 9:41:34   
.Lord Ginger.

^ Still a broken promise since they only made that up once they decided to not put the promo back in and everyone got angry.

< Message edited by .Lord Ginger. -- 7/18/2018 9:57:19 >
AQW Epic  Post #: 34
7/18/2018 15:21:24   

First of all, shoutout to Nightwraith for taking the time to at least give the game something, something is always better than nothing. Now, a quick question, do you think Nightwraith, or should I say the team trying to get Epicduel into maintenance mode? Which is just another way of saying are they trying to get the game to a point where everything is more evenly balanced so they can sit back and do what they have to do with the other Artix games in development so that they can transition back into the development of Epicduel? I've seen games do this in the past. I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was actually a promotion going on, to my knowledge the development/releases were on a halt until further notice.

With that out of the way here are my ideas/suggestions for epicduel as far as the features would go.

1. I strongly agree with Mother on making power weekends every weekend as the game hasn't been getting much development and thus making power weekends only on certain events kinda lack. This will be a great opportunity for people getting back into the game gather the experience needed to get the ranks necessary to compete with other high tier players, as people who've been playing have that large power spike with the legendary points, this will help with even leveling, the underdog system is here, yes but it's non-comparable to actually be the same level as your opponents.

2. Shared inventory system, I think it would be a fun idea and addition to having a bank that you can put items in and can be grabbed by any character on that account. I could understand why it wouldn't be implemented though being as in the past varium packages and promotions were strictly for the character you bought them on.

3. As far as the balancing goes I feel like this time around you guys did a great job and I'm glad to see some serious balance patches roll out so good job on that.

4. 2018 rare item additions, as the new promotion shows I think this is a great idea, it allows newer players and old the chance to grab items that maybe they weren't around for or simply couldn't get at the time, and with adding the 2018 tag to it, it allows the players to experience the weapons without slapping the Alpha/Beta or whatever phase the items are coming from in the face by making sure that their copies of the items are the true copies. Plus I feel like it's going to be a very popular addition, profitable at that, I'm not sure exactly where EDs profits go but it would be a good idea to get some more fiscal stability in hopes of maybe returning full time to this game, or part time with at least monthly updates and releases instead of the staple weekly releases.

Thanks for taking the time to read this if you did and let me extend a personal thank you to you and Nightwraith in an effort to keep this game going strong, sending a lot of respect your guys' way.
Epic  Post #: 35
7/19/2018 16:04:09   
One Winged Angel1357

@above profits from each game go into the same company pot but they do keep track of how much each game makes and that's how they are deciding which games will be getting returning support. NW is an outlier to this metric and I don't expect NW to stop work on the game anytime soon. But for anyone else to come back they are looking at sales figures as well as player counts.

@Lord Ginger EpicDuel has a storied history of breaking promises. At least this time it rewarded those who took the initiative instead of punishing them
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 36
7/19/2018 16:29:06   

@OWA Thank you for taking the time to clarify that for me. So basically what we're looking at is, for every game all the funds go to the same spot, and regardless of where said funds come from, game-wise they just put it towards the most popular/profitable game at the time? With that said, I think Epicduel is still in a better spot than some of the old AE games that I'm pretty sure aren't getting updated often or none anymore, such as like Oversoul and MechQuest as an example. But with the explanation, you gave me that doesn't put us in a very good spot as far as development goes as it's going to be extremely hard to get the player base to a stable higher number as it used to be. But with that said NW is still doing an excellent job at doing what he is doing and I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say we appreciate the efforts he's putting in to keep the game still going. Who knows maybe he'll make that one change that just floods people back. Just have to wait and see I suppose. Again thanks for the info and your reply!
Epic  Post #: 37
7/19/2018 18:17:38   
Daph Duck

Target Ping Suggestion

in league of legends we have an option to target ping, like we press a button and then click the enemy we want to attack and it signals to atack that enemy, wel how about we have that option in 2vs2.
AQW Epic  Post #: 38
7/19/2018 21:34:11   
One Winged Angel1357

@adoshia correct the company moves around employees to where they are needed and where they will best benefit the company going forward. So if a game isn't making money then they employees from that game to a different game. In the case of AQ3D it was life or death, might be a slight exaggeration, at the start as was discussed with the Kickstarter. The mobile games were an easy way to get teams up to speed with the new technology as well as try at the lottery that it mobile gaming.

Also you and I share the same conclusion. All of the games that want to get development restarted are in a bit of a pickle because the weight is on the community to get player counts up and to get sales up. Oversoul is leveraging their community run tournaments to try and get player counts up but they can't really touch on sales because they don't have a NW making them new promos to drive sales. I also don't know how their sales model works whereas with EpicDuel I got to spend a lot of time talking with the devs about sales, what worked what didn't. All of that said $50 promos is this games best bet with getting the funding levels met
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 39
7/19/2018 23:24:43   

@OWA - So with that information there, essentially NW and all of the Mods/testers and everyone else still contributing to Epicduel is buying time in a sense, with him doing what he's doing he's keeping at least the dedicated part of the community playing to keep the numbers in a relevant (but not comfortable) spot. And yeah I also enjoy seeing the new promos coming out, not only because I like the items because i've bought packs I really didn't care for but I wanted to support the team so I got them anyway. And I just really love seeing him furthering the content and the extensive balancing has been nice and well needed. Like you said it's not only on NW's shoulders, us as a community can also be helping and need to be doing so. As you stated by making the new promos it also shows that the game still has a potential to pull in profits. So I'll definitely be evaluating how I can at least help benefit this community. I've been here so long and love this game so much to where I feel it would be bad not to. Let me also extend a thank you for having these chats with me and exchanging information. It's been insightful and helpful and I appreciate it.
Epic  Post #: 40
7/20/2018 11:45:49   
One Winged Angel1357

@adoshia No problem mate. I wrote for the game for roughly two years, wow it was really that long, and acted as some form of game historian and community liaison so I have learned a ton of stuff that isn't really public knowledge but isn't covered by my NDA because it is all something I had to post to the forums at one time or another. Keeping the community informed with the goals of the developers makes conversations less one sided because, unless the back end of the forums log-in has changed, it is a pain in the butt for the developers to actually post here and give their side of the conversation. That is why we have this "We're listening" thread and why I did focus feedback threads on Monday's back in the day.
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 41
7/26/2018 23:24:35   

I suggest the implementation of a special shop at the Junker that allows you to repurchase sold items.
AQW Epic  Post #: 42
7/28/2018 23:17:47   
.Lord Ginger.

AE will give them back if you email them


Energy Version of Chairman's fury


BH Smoke can get an advantage with it

How aboout a TM/CH malf?

Also a physical version of shards?
Not called Frost shards obviously...

Merged ~Battle Elf

< Message edited by Battle Elf -- 7/29/2018 9:08:58 >
AQW Epic  Post #: 43
7/29/2018 11:31:59   

Before I get into this suggestion post, I would like to thank NightWraith for his honesty/transparency regarding EpicDuel. I have, in the past, been a huge critic with how the developers handled EpicDuel. As a matter of fact I still am. However, I do appreciate the work NightWraith is putting into the game and for that I do thank him, nobody else deserves any thanking at this point in time.
Now that that is out of the way I will get into some thoughts and suggestions I have regarding EpicDuel. Everybody is entitled to their own personal opinion, so nobody reply with stupid comments regarding this. I am simply voicing my thoughts. Also, I will not be discussing balanced changes etc as I do not feel entitled to comment in regards to this. Having not battled in over a year, I have no idea what changes are needed etc. My suggestions will be regarding everything aside from the balance aspect of EpicDuel. Furthermore, having read NightWraith's recent Design Notes post, I will write my thoughts and feelings in regards to this

The first thing NightWraith mentions in the Gameplan post is the factions flag designs. Although this is not something huge, it will provide a fresher look for many factions. However, what I would like to mention, and NightWraith does make a small mention of this in the later stages of his post, is that factions need to be made worthwhile again. This problem has been around since the introduction of Omega. Three factors were essential in keeping factions competitive. They were battle token doations/war kills/battle influence. The standout one was battle tokens which were donated towards flags. This resulted in factions constantly attempting to keep their flags and/or gain a flag. Of course, nothing of this sot will probably be implemented again, however it would be very refreshing to see something similar to this in order to increase faction competitiveness and importance. This would also arguably be a big step in possibly bringing some players back who decided to take a hiatus from the game. Also, it is important that faction members have an objective outside of the current wars. The current war system is structured in such a way where the players have a break between wars. Faction members during this break have nothing to do, so something similar to the flag system would also solve this dilemma.

NightWraith did mention in his post about the Infernal War and the fact that many players who played the war have fond memories of it. Having played in the war myself, I know exactly how good it was to have had that war. This would take a while to introduce but I do think also that a war similar to this, or perhaps even similar to the Frysteland War, would be good for the game. It would reignite many things EpicDuel currently lacks, and would most definitely attract newer players. The current war system is repetitive and boring. Each war is the same, so while an infernal war type system may take a while to work on, perhaps small changes could be made to this current system. Also, one major factor in this current war system is that exile always wins, which means Legion players lack motivation to play. This also would need some attention. Fairer wars would, again, most certainly increase player activity and participation in wars.

The next thing NightWraith mentions is the possibility of a buyback shop or a gender change. Personally, in regards to the buyback shop, I would be glad if they introduced this. However, my feelings regarding the gender change are conflicted. On the one hand I think its an opportunity for a new achievement, however to attain this achievement to then want to switch back would be a waste of varium. On the other hand I think that there is no real need for a gender change option as it has no actual relevance to EpicDuel. The buyback shop would be a great addition to the game and would be welcomed by many. I do think the buyback prices should be lower than what the original prices were and that a credit buy option should be available.
The credit buy option leads me on to my next point, and arguably MOST IMPORTANT point. Weapon prices are now extremely high. Achievements are now brought using credits also and a lot of these prices are extremely steep. There needs to be a better way of players earning credits. Many players were present during gifing which means they have many credits. HOWEVER, this also stands for the many players who were not present for gifting. These players have NO POSSIBLE WAY of getting enough credits to be able to buy achievements (some of which cos 4/5 million each to max out) and the weapons they want. It is ridiculously unfair on these players that they are not able to buy these things simply because they were not present during gifting. I would suggest that battle credits are increased significantly as this is peoples main source of credits. Doing this would also create more of an incentive to battle. Also, I would suggest increasing the current war prize (this would also increase player activity). One more possible way of increasing credit earnings is the introduction of new missions with greater credit prizes. Credits are key in EpicDuel now and the players need a way of getting them outside of gifting. This needs to be looked at now more than ever, as the latest introduction of the shark achievement leave many players unable to upgrade it.
Another recent introduction which hinges mainly from gifting is the attainability of arcade tokens. My personal suggestion would be to make tokens drop from random battles or to reward a token for every battle win. Another possible fix to this would be to introduce new missions which give greater token prizes.

Lastly, many of my points mention the introduction of new features and/or missions. This leads me to my final point which is the gradual progression of the EpicDuel storyline. The developers have an idea about where they wanted to take the storyline and perhaps if they briefly share this with the players, we can help with the creation of ideas in order to further EpicDuel. This would, ultimately, be the end goal for the players. To see the game progressing once more. A new storyline would provide opportunities to include my suggestions, as well as the suggestions of all the other players. One thing I would recommend with the new updates is to not reintroduce weapons which were previously rare. This take away the rarity and evaluability of the weapons. The players who brought them when they were originally released should be proud of having them and newer players should be able to buy newer weapons (perhaps new artists could be chosen to allow this to happen).

If you've reached this far and managed to read this all I would like to know your thoughts in regards to my suggestions, and I would also like to know your suggestions regarding the points I have brought up (or anything I might have missed).

Post #: 44
7/29/2018 13:04:44   
One Winged Angel1357

@Skullhax the outline for the main story for EpicDuel was created ages ago by BigTuna and even seven plus years on it is a really interesting story that guides basically all of the mission chains, as well as BioBeasts in a way, and I don't think it is going to change as we are actually pretty far into the thing. Now this document isn't public knowledge and I only know about it from being a volunteer writer but I would put some faith in it as it isn't a hard end to the game so players forging a story would fit in after it fairly well.

Also I would suggest a few more line breaks in your post as things you have in blocks are only loosely related to what you start off with saying you'll be talking about, example being an entire block on the story to call out returning gear at the end.

Finally the volunteer policy at AE seems to have changed so they are now per commission basis so finding new artists would mean finding more budget for EpicDuel and it just isn't there yet with the numbers but seeing Titan tweet out that he was working on something the last two days is a promising start
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 45
7/29/2018 16:13:11   

I suggest that the ED team don't worry so much about keeping the classes balanced and instead release new ways to gain more power regularly every now and then. I got a few suggestions:

Achievements gain you stats. New achievements are regularly released so this will keep us going. For example:
Sharpshooter: +10 sidearm damage
Stun: Increased stun rate for stunning attacks
Caden's Wheel: +10 tech
Kartherax Slayer: + 3 all stats
Dage's Helm: +15 all stats
Class/name change badge: Decreased cost for next change.
You get the idea.

Bike and home stats. I suggest they give stats and they all apply, not just the you have equipped.

As stats get higher they can increase the max level of skills to 20+.

Update: There should be a fame button above people's level circle in battles or somewhere easier. It's a little annoying to tick and untick the fame box so you can check their stats and do fame.

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Epic  Post #: 46
7/29/2018 16:29:03   
.Lord Ginger.

I suggest that the ED team worry about keeping the classes balanced and don't release new ways to gain more power regularly every now and then.

Because class balance matters to a lot of people.
AQW Epic  Post #: 47
7/29/2018 16:45:22   

Additional daily champ reward if already unlocked the daily achievements.
1v1 champ = 10k credits and 2500 experience
2v2 champ = 15k credits and 3000 experience
Jugg champ = 5k credits and 1000 experience
AQW Epic  Post #: 48
7/29/2018 17:26:32   
  Digital X

Beep Beep! ArchKnight AQ / ED

What's the current reward for daily champ, if any?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 49
7/29/2018 17:32:11   

you get an achievement and if you win again the number on it increases by 1 though not the rating
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