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11/9/2014 15:50:31   

Just realized we could change the C to mean Creations (since the A&Rs, FSGs, and some PAMs have storylines thus making them unofficial works of literature). Besides that, are there any specific kind of A&Rs people want to see?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 926
11/9/2014 16:13:04   
Daimyo Daimyo

I don't really know what I want. What ideas have you wanted to implement?
MQ  Post #: 927
11/9/2014 16:23:55   

Well, there's "The Demon Academy" which is about young "demons" being trained about their fantastic world. Then there's "The Way Desires Change", which is about blessed humans in service to Angels killing evil creatures called Darima. I would of done Sword of Queen's Faith's general concept as an A&R, if I believed anyone would want to play an A&R with pretty much only girls allowed as PCs. Though since even PMing people about one's game is illegal, and given nobody joins my games of late, it's too difficult for me to run A&Rs anymore.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 928
11/9/2014 17:06:07   
Daimyo Daimyo

Could you elaborate more on Demon Academy and The Way Desires Change?
MQ  Post #: 929
11/9/2014 17:12:48   

Well, Demon Academy is a pretty School-ish thing with a weird magical boarding school with secret crap to discover. In addition to that, "Angels" will progressively become more and more of a problem until it culminates with the school being attacked by them. The Way Desires Change is focused a lot on the mind, as Darima (Dark Imagination) are born and feed from negativity. Most are invisible to normals, but powerful ones can by seen by everyone. There would also be Fallen Angels and dark/traitorous Mentalists (the blessed humans) to worry about, who want to use the Darima to destroy the balance the Angels have been protecting.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 930
11/9/2014 17:20:36   
Daimyo Daimyo

They both sound intriguing to me but TWDC more so. Do demons also exist there?
MQ  Post #: 931
11/9/2014 17:41:21   

The Darima or Fallen Angels can be considered demons, but other than that? No. In addition to those two, there's also Destiny Drive which is about humanity fighting off creatures known as Eldritchians that want to destroy them. Pretty much everything I do is more complicated than it first seems, which really makes me want my projects anime'd/webcomic'd/etc since writing simple text is boring for me.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 932
11/23/2014 8:36:16   
How We Roll Winner

Hey everyone. I am back. :)

What happened to the Ban Game...?
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 933
11/23/2014 13:15:04   

It's still in the game making section since Chazero had to go for a bit and it went too long. We are currently waiting for the 14 day complete limit so Chaz can PM a AK.
DF  Post #: 934
11/23/2014 13:29:27   
How We Roll Winner

Oh I see. Meanwhile, let me see what I can think up.

Since I am now in college, I might have a bit more time to dedicate to UCaG. :)
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 935
11/24/2014 6:15:07   

Well, I was thinking, recalling a old game that did not last long, it might be a fun idea to have a random adventures A and R. Have people make a char from anything, put them all in a forest somewhere, and see what happens, the only rule being don't kill each other.

...Though to be honest I'm just looking for a excuse to bring back Bob The Exterminator Dalek. XD
DF  Post #: 936
11/24/2014 15:25:32   

I checked back here just out of curiosity....

And the Ban Game is gone. O.O
What on earth happened?!

EDIT: Just realized that it's already been asked. Nevermind.

Also, who's left? The last post from bok I saw was last year, when I was still around... Has he left?

< Message edited by Legendium -- 11/24/2014 15:32:33 >
DF MQ Epic  Post #: 937
11/25/2014 18:03:59   

Actually I do have internet. I just haven't been able to come here as often as I want too... :P
Currently living abroad and learning alot of "computer science", doing a BTEC course, so... Lots of assignments. I will try to pop up now and then. Perhaps not as often, but I'll still stick around. ;)

< Message edited by bokterier -- 11/25/2014 18:15:17 >


AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 938
11/26/2014 1:03:33   

I'll just keep lurking around.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 939
11/28/2014 7:38:47   
steel blade


So I'm interested in participating in the creation of a game that would be a spiritual successor of Smiths of Testopia. Players from three to four years back might remember this game, but for those who don't, it's an economy-based game (as this is how I define the game) where the players are smiths, crafting weapons for adventurers in a beta-era of DragonFable. I used to have a copy of what the game looks like, but I lost it along with many other files when my hard drive broke. But I think Mr. Kkutwar has a back-up of this. Back to the subject matter, my idea is to expand on the idea of the economy-based game. As such, the game will not be limited to only a smith as a 'class', but there will be also other sorts of artisans, such as an alchemist for example. It also has crossed my mind on further expanding this idea into a town-managing game, but I think that would be too ambitious. But if the initial idea is implemented and then grew prosperously, it may as well evolve into that idea.

Also, I'm also interested in making a forum strategy game based on the Battleships board game, only this time with twists. There would be different map designs/terrains, ship 'abilities', and movement of ships as well. But that's just the rough sketch of the idea.

Basically, I'm asking if anyone's interested in, not only in playing those kinds of games, but also in making those. I may make those games myself, but due to my history in making forum games, I may not be the most dependable person to do so. But I'd be glad if there's anyone who could assist.
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 940
11/28/2014 8:05:33   

I would be interested in playing such a game, though I expect I would be bad at it. However, I most certainly am not capable of helping one be made. I tried to make a similar idea called Kingdoms Of The Hill which was to have GoT style kingdoms based around a economy like smithing or a magic user kingdom and backstabbing while trying to team up to survive against a super powerful player Outsider. I could not run something so complex. I would like to help, but you will need a better man then I.
DF  Post #: 941
11/28/2014 11:06:12   

Sadly Mr. Kkutwar did not make a back-up of it. Don't think I would be very interested in those ideas either way. However I can't get any games off the ground as nobody wants to join the few things I do try, so somebody making a new A&R would be much appreciated. Otherwise I would like to reuse the ability system I developed for Kingdom Hearts: Collapse into Darkness (crazy insane possibilities ahoy!) and run a Superhero thing. There is a Robot/Universe kind of thing I've been working on recently that I want to run.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 942
11/28/2014 15:31:35   
How We Roll Winner

So would you guys prefer Daemon Hunters in a new, more restricted form or something else...? Perhaps something I might have made earlier...? Like Regaliours...?
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 943
11/28/2014 17:25:14   

Ooh... Here's some of your old threads!


Spirit Dwellers: Among Two Worlds

What went wrong:
In the city of New York, there once stood an ancient altar, somewhere below the Museum of Natural History around a 1000 years ago, but the altar was broken in a war fought between spirits and humans. The war threatened to destroy the whole of what is now called New York, but 1 person, an immortal warrior stopped this seemingly incessant war by sealing the human leader and the spirit leader in a large rock placed on the altar, times passed and the rock was removed and re-removed, when finally one American historian noticed the strange markings on the rock and had it placed in the museum, the rock stood there until that fateful day.....

Guns flared, people screamed, they ran here and there, saving their lives, on one side were people in black uniforms and on the other people in random jackets and trousers, both sides were firing ceaselessly trying to hurt the other side. And, on the middle of the battle field was the very same rock in which was sealed the spirit and the human.
During the shootout, one of the terrorists whipped out what looked like a grenade launcher and launched it, but not before getting hit by a bullet.
The grenade went flying and smashed into the seal breaking it.
The shootout hadn't stopped, there was a purple mist everywhere when 8 new people joined the fray, from the good side, they were random civilians with guns and they helped the police.
The purple mist thickened and filled the great hall until nothing could be seen...

Now starts the real terror........

The Human Side:

Organisation 0: A secret organisation bent on opening a portal to the spirit world and conquering it, their head is Allen Marx, a 70 year old man who is the founder of the whole Organisation franchise. This guy owns over 200 branches all over the world, and he will not stop at anything to get what he wants.

New Generation: A rebel group of fighters who have been hiding all over New York since when it was founded. Good guys from our perspective, they are well-armed, well-informed and they have a cool leader, Will Wordsworth, son of a very big business man, but he left home to help Generation.

Paranoia: A highly mysterious organisation rumoured to have warriors who are skilled in the art of detecting people whose spirit side and human side are separated. The reason being that they too have separate spirit forms.

And then there's us: The incident separated your human form and Spirit form, the Spirit Forms are in a totally different dimension but the human side's still here. You get a physical and mental boost but you don't know what the hell is going on..
Be aware, you and your Spirit form share physical well-being,immunity, resistances and exhaustion levels.

Identify yourselves:
Primary weapon(your gun):
Battle experience(Karate, Judo, Boxing, Wrestling, etc.):
General fight advantage(very fast, very strong, very stealthy, etc.{select any one}):

Spirit Side:

Fleet of the Arcane
The conquering army from the Spiritual Plane, the Commander, Veriuz Mycrost, plans to destroy the real world after the events to their leader a thousand years ago. But it seems that there is more to that plot than Mycrost knows.

The resistance who assumes peace for both worlds. The leader, Locke Asphord, was known to be a royalty until he knew the state his world was in. He ran away and founded the resistance. THe resistance are well-armed and sufficed in magic training.

Denizen Keeper
An unknown army known to be tormenting all spirits who have their human sides. But as soon as they do, all they want is to retrieve answers from the spirit. What kind of answer? None has ever known except but Mycrost. There is an intelligence that the Denizen Keeper works for the Fleet.

And this where you come in
A weary spirit who tires from hiding from war, you try to contact your human side for help. The quest goes on as you try to find a way to the human world as you stumble many hindrances.

Forum Name:
Character Name:
Job/Class: <anything medievalistic>
Weapons: <Medieval weapons please. Two weapons are allowed.>
Magical Specialty: <Choose five.>
Berzerk Transformation: <Choose only one. Make sure this is a monster.>
Skill Speed: <How fast do you fight, based on your berzerk form?>


Daemon Hunters Nine

A 100 years back, gates appeared on this Earth, they appeared all over the world spreading like a dreadful contagion that threatened to harm the very existence of humanity on this Earth, however, nothing happened, they just stayed, without moving, like sentinels of darkness guarding the city. Days passed by and the people learned to accept these gates as harmless beings that were as good as non-existent until that fateful night. A terrible energy began emanating from the gate and spread out to the city in waves, it killed some in the process, it turned some, and it merely touched others, the effects were apparent. The ones that died, remained dead, the ones that turned, well, they just turned, and the ones touched were blessed with demonic powers of Demonic strength, Demonic sight and Demonic Walk. A few of such blessed people decided to band together and end the contagion forever, they named themselves, the Omega 9, they lived for just one purpose, hunting the demons that appeared from the gates and destroying the gates forever. Unfortunately, they met with their end by just destroying 5 of 10 gates, no one knows what befell them, and no one ever will. But when one generation dies out, someone has to take mantle.
10 years later, a group of nine banded together to form the Daemon Hunters Nine, they were all unique in their own ways, blessed with unique powers and full of vigour, their only mission, annihilation of the last remaining gates. The end remains to be seen.

A Basic Knowledge about this world.

Daemons: Daemons are basically humans blessed with the demonic powers of sight, strength and walk, the ones with sight can see the demonic structures or Secret gates located all around the city. The ones blessed with strength are capable of razing Demonic Structures or objects that cannot be scratched by someone who does not have this power. the ones blessed with the walk have the ability to use the demonic technology spread all around the city to travel unfathomable distances and depths with relative ease.

Drive Function: The Drive Function is a specific Daemonic Function that lies dormant in every Daemon's body, it only activates when it senses absolute danger, for eg. Face off against a much larger and stronger demon, under such circumstances, it will secrete a special demonic fluid into your bloodstream that will enhance your Daemonic Power, the ones blessed with Sight will be able to detect all the Demon's weaknesses, the ones granted with the Walk will have access to almost invisible portals all around the battle location and later on, gain access to Demonic Tech and the ones with Strength, well, you can guess.

Shades: Shades are blank wisps of black smoke that are scattered all around the city, they can be seen by all Daemons, but can only be used by the ones blessed with sight. Legend has it that looking into these wisps will show you visions that may help, but then again, there are those that will throw you off-track.

Barricades: Barricades are rotting barriers of Demonic aura that block access to certain areas that may hold something of importance, these barriers can only be broken by those blessed with the strength.

Bridge Sentinels: Bridge Sentinels are hovering blue wisps of light that if used in a proper manner can allow access to bridges across the city. They are scattered above the buildings. Those blessed with the Walk can use them.

Know your Demons:(The list will get updated as you go on)

Turned: The Turned are the demons of the lowest order, those humans that were turned.They are relatively easier to kill and don't harm much. Their strength lies in numbers, not in force.

Known Locations:(The list will be updated as you travel)

Sanctum: Your city, shrouded by dark clouds and the shadows of the towering gates, the city lies in a state of half-death with the amount of human population, about 1/4th of what it used to be, Turned roam the corners and even stronger demons wander the areas near the gates.

Application Format:

Preferred Clothing:
Primary Weapon:
Auxiliary Weapon(s):
Demonic Blessing:

Name: Your name
Age: How old are you?
Gender: There's just two basic ones, thank you.
Preferred Clothing: Create a fashion statement.
Primary Weapon: The weapon you will use for close combat.
Auxiliary Weapon: The weapons you will use for long range combat.
Demonic Blessing: Which one do you want, the Strength, the Sight or the Walk?
Personality: What kind of a person are you?



-Based on The Silent Knight Concept

The Blood Tournament begins.....


Regaliours: Judgement is an A&R genre game where I post the action and the players post their reaction in their own posts. The players play as Assassin Knights known as Regaliours. The ultimate goal of the players is to carry out the missions and accordingly assassinate each and every King assigned to them ultimately reaching the final boss. Players have steeds upon which they can travel across the lands. The game info is given below:

Year 3043.11.8
Galaxus City

A truly cursed year, wars broke out all over the Continent City, Kings and Queens fighting among each other to gain superiority. Knights clashing on the battlefields, swords drawn, shouting war-cries. All this saddened Apollyon who decided to leave this life of terror and false tyranny to go in search of a better life. Apollyon gave up his crown only to be killed by one of the Kings' Assassin Knights. Apollyon's throne was taken over and his crown shattered. The seven pieces of his crown were buried together in the midst of this very city, Galaxus, only to be forgotten. And one day, Apollyon's son, Baddon decided to seek the pieces out and reforge the crown for his benefit. Sadly enough, he found that the pieces had already been discovered. In order to claim them back, the Tyrant Baddon declared the First Heathen War, a war in which participated all the Kings and Queens of the land, the prize for victory was one of the seven pieces. Rumour had it that possessing one of the seven pieces granted the King power to command a fifth of Apollyon's army of Assassin Knights, known as the Regaliours. And so, war ensued.

Year 3066.09.02
The ruins of the old city of Galaxus which were destroyed in the First Heathen War. The Kings have their Crown parts and are raring to go against each other. From their respective kingdoms, the Kings threaten each other. They threaten to awaken their Assassin Knights and set them on the others. The others, thinking this to be a bluff rest easy until...... the Prophecy comes true. The seven Crown pieces shine and shake violently as Apollyon's army is awakened, awakened to serve their respective masters. The Regaliours arrive to judge the dark.

One of the seven Kings, King Zereth is one of the last to achieve his five Regaliours. Unknown to him, the prophecy had also stated that Five Regaliours, different from all others will be born, and it is them who will bring down true judgement upon these corrupt kings. And so, Zereth turned out to be the King of Destiny. What happens now..........is Legend.

Current Day
New Galaxus City

A letter from King Zeneth to King Madare

King Madare,

You have dared to spark a conflict between our kingdoms by trying to assassinate me by sending your Regaliours after me. Unfortunately, my own Regaliours proved to be more of a challenge for them and 2 of your 5 Regaliours were swiftly disposed off. I am now sending my own Regaliours to kill you. I just thought it prudent to warn you of your fate beforehand. Do all you can to protect yourself. You shall fall!

Accessible Locations:

Galaxus City
A continent-city where over a hundred kingdoms are situated. This city is said to be the origin of all that has come to exist in World. A conglomeration of both old medieval technology and technology of the future, this city is a perfect place for a new start. It is rumoured that King Apollyon was the one responsible for the unification of the various kingdoms to create Galaxus.

Aftermath can be better described as a ruin of sorts. Where once stood the glorious older counterpart of Galaxus city now stands Aftermath. It has been named so because the First Heathen War had been fought here and the aftereffects of the war ravaged this once beautiful city. It is now home to numerous monsters ranging from Swamp Goliaths to Rogue Battle Armors.


This will house all the monsters and antagonists you face while carrying out your missions.

Application Format:

Forum Name:
Regaliour Name:
Age(15 years to 45 years):

Primary Conflict Weapons(Weapons equipped all the time and during normal battles):
Weapon of Legend(Slightly OPed weapon only equipped during boss fights, not otherwise):
Conflict Armor Description(Armor equipped all the time and during normal battles):
Armor of Legend Description( Slightly OPed armor equipped during Boss Fights only):
Elemental Powers(Upto 5 and not OPed):

Bio(At least one paragraph):

Steed Info

Name of Horse:
Appearance(Armor included):
Steed's Powers(Only two, and not OPed)(Shadows Speed is default and not included in the two):


The Shadow Blades


Earth - The Past- Age of Peace

The Age of Peace, or a better excuse for a temporary period of silence as the common people had dubbed it was an age when the Kings and Queens weren't at war, for the first time in so many years. One of the Kings, King Amadeon was a very powerful and influential King. He was both physically strong and magically potent. He had a dream, a very evil dream but a dream nonetheless. H e wished to see the world at war once again, to move it from its Age of Peace and to bring upon it, Chaos. So he decided to summon the spirit of the Legendary Shadow Assassin, Elvervon who had long since been felled by Kings of Old, and enslave him to rewrite a history of war...in blood. He invited 6 of his greatest friends to witness this event and to partake of its greatness.

Elvervon, the Legendary Shadow Assassin was summoned and immediately clapped in strong White Titanicum shackles. In a fit of rage, the famished Assassin spirit broke through its bonds and devoured the 6 Kings and killed their guards. The 6 were turned into Shadow Wraiths, spirits of no soul or will other than to serve their maker. When Elvervon came upon Amadeon, the King's immense potential and talent appealed to him and rather than eating him, Elvervon ripped his soul from his body and took its place inside Amadeon.

Together, Elvervon and his 6 Shadow Generals wrought chaos upon all that was man-made and amidst all their handiwork, disappeared into nothingness, promising to return with power, and forces...

But was all at an end?

Earth -Present - Stone Age of Information

A most curious structure of stone has suddenly appeared out of nowhere and it hovers over the Earth with all its massive and bulky glory. No one knows where it floated to from and no one knows where it will go. People have named it, the Higher Hell for demons and other dark and eldritch creatures are rumored to make an appearance from this "Hell" and destroy cities in nights. A massive Sky-Way has been built leading upto the Higher Hell, and that too by its own residents, comprising of Dregs, Golems, Punks, Construct and heaven knows what.

The call has been made, rumours have been spread and applicants have started to arrive. The King of Ciol City, King Mazar is looking for six brave Knights to whom he shall grant the six parts of his continent city, Ciol. Provided, they win the contest of survival. The task is to survive seven days and seven nights up in the Higher Hell. Are you up for the task, brave adventurer?

In this epic prequel to the unfinished tale, Regaliours: Judgement, find out what led to the Age of War, find out what happened to Earth and its people. And lastly, prepare to meet the Shadow Blades. Presided over by an unknown entity, the Blades are comprised of 6 Shadow Generals. Can you decode their secret? Would you dare to find out what made you the man you are now? What made you a Regaliour?

Then prepare to meet your Makers...


Players play as one of 6 Adventurer Knight who are trying out their hand at getting perhaps the biggest kingdom in all of Earth. The Shadow Blades is an A&R game with a linear storyline, focus on equipment, unique battle system resembling its predecessor and newly added Mission System and Leadership System. The gameplay, although pretty much similar to Regaliours: Judgement will be a notch down on the pace seeing as players play as the former selves of the Assassin Knights. Counters and QTE types will make an appearance.

Personally I'll be fine with any idea you try to work with, though if I have to choose then it would be an updated Daemon Hunters.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 944
11/28/2014 18:06:04   
How We Roll Winner

It'll probably be something akin to Arkham Asylum in its movement and stuff. Players won't be given an open world this time.
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 945
11/29/2014 15:51:10   

Would anyone be interested in a Crossover kind of thing (the "Crossover" part comes from them coming from other universes to the game's setting, recruited there like Reaper's formula for Fallen King PCs) or an RPG-ish thing like when I tried Kingdom Hearts: Collapse into Darkness (no complex stat system and you get limited points for combat actions each turn)? I'm quite fond of these latest projects, and the RPG-ish thing might develop some Alternate Universe/World stuff later on.

Further regarding the Crossover thing, the setting is an alternate Earth where upon hearing strange signals one day humankind found advanced machines at their locations. From this they end up developing weapons, culminating with them developing the Artium: Advanced Robotic Entities. They manage to perform warfare so well they begin being used for other things, though this ends up with the Artium proceeding to kill various heads of state to begin conquering the world. So humanity ends up developing the ability to tear open holes in reality once they start studying the signals and the machines' location more.

The RPG-ish thing gives the Players an evolving weapon (you need to kill the monsters it was made to fight to evolve it) and start off with one Mark (which serves as the basis for all the Magic/Powers you can perform). So basically evolving your abilities is a major competent to it, though you can collect new Marks or special enemy-only abilities by killing the aforementioned monsters. Oh, and your weapon comes in three types (Orderforger/Zerosigner/Chaosbringer) based on your choices when told to Accept/Ignore/Reject Love, Ambition and Hate.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 946
11/30/2014 17:10:26   

Guess who's back and it's not Claptrap! I've decided to bring myself back here after such a long hiatus. I have a few new idea to bring to the table. Though I wonder if anyone wants me to bring back some of my old projects. So who is still here anyways? Also I won't be very active till Wednesday since I have Finals on Monday and Tuesday.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 947
11/30/2014 21:34:07   

I'll be up for any A&R anyone wants to make. Won't make any myself if I don't think anybody wants to join mine.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 948
12/1/2014 18:58:28   

I remember that I had:

1. Hands of the Gods; you play one of six heroes chosen by the gods of a world to take the place of the original champions as the world is headed for disaster once more.(Thinking about changing up the whole chosen champion thing really.)

2.Return of Magic; magic returns to Earth and along with it, so do all the creatures of myth and legend. Why has magic returned now? Is there some greater power at work, or is it all just a coincidence.

3.Dark Infection(New idea); Sorta planning on doing a mini crossover type thing between RE and Parasite Eve here. Thoughts?

4.Soul Eater AU(can't remember the name); Shinigami and Kishin are long since gone, but problems still about. New meisters and weapons need to be both trained and readied for the storm ahead.

Kinda want to know what idea appeal more to people than to people.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 949
12/1/2014 23:10:23   

I still want to see what happens when a Witch is also a Weapon, but an Original A&R sounds better to me. Something that makes the monsters a major focus of the plot sounds interesting to me though, and generally exploring "What measure is a non-human". Up for a good old Superhero thing however, with wacky heroes and villains going off.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 950
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