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9/13/2013 13:59:41   

The Question

Hello Everyone,

I'm your fellow new AK for AQ Suggestions. So... I'm new to this, do spare me if I might not be good at doing this. Here's some 'basic' things for this thread.

Um... since traffic would be low, I can answer up to 20 questions/person/day. Yea... that's a lot.
No personal questions as well, since its against rules.
Also, do follow the Forum Rules too, this MtAK is no exception to forum rules.
I'll answer your questions in this colour: My reply would be in this colour

Yep... think that's all. Fire questions away.... *pew pew pew* *rat tat tat tat*


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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 1
9/13/2013 14:17:09   
In Media Res

Hey! So I had a few questions, but I ran them through the Bad Translator. What I want you to do is to answer the questions, but run your answers through the Bad Translator again so that we're all speaking the same language! (For best results, run multiple answers through at the same time.)

As the infant is formed?
Does not a it be not

The vous of Equilibrez that the procession does?
"A train yaar? "

Whose life that she lit to in the breaks upper? They lose-no; she lightens of life?
break their life to light other superior

Who carries she?
does i have it door, no?

She supports the cannibalism of imagination?
Kannibalismusuntersttzungen dnrm overbearingness

She considers the America of lack the strike?
the america lacks strokes, it is not wrong

As much as bananas that she has?
The fruit of the tree is my

By that does not do the kiss?
Let's Kiss! Right away! <---- so random!

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AQ  Post #: 2
9/13/2013 14:23:29   
Retro The Watcher

Another poor soul *Cough*. I mean, hey! Congratulations!
Well, poor in cash-sense, yes. LoL.

So, hmm... Questions... Let's mix it up a little shall we ^.^?
Mix it up real good, and add on if you wish to ask more.

1) What is the origin of your name?
It came as I grew up. I come by many names, but all stem from an origin unbeknownst to many. G, is known as a Protector. A, is one with wings. S, is Ag. K, is one that leads many. A, is one with wings. L, is one that howls. Hehehe.

2) What's your favorite FF Game (If applicable)?
FF Game? Final Fantasy I presume.... I'm sorry that I never played those games. Any game bought, is a game I do not possess. That's why I play AE games!

4) Ponies... Or PONIES?
Ponies. I'm not too overly zealous about them.

3) Would you help me in my uprising against the Dark Lord Nightly?
I'll help you in your uprising against the Dark Lord, definitely. Nightly? Can't do that sir. =)

Well... That's all!

Byes ^.^!

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Post #: 3
9/13/2013 15:46:16   

A few inquiries, my dear fellow.
But many replies my dear fellow.

Your favorite moment in adventure quest?
Uhh.... wow.... hm.... I'm guessing Truphma? I'm very philosophical about morals and stuff like that. LB's storyline was humourous. Other than that.... yea just Truphma. Heh, I would like to see what Miss Vox would come up. =)

Mario or luigi?
I never touched a Mario before, hence don't know who luigi is. Sorry about that. But I'm gonna go with the underdog I've never heard before. Luigi!?

Is peppy talking about as barrel roll or is he mistaken?
Who's peppy? =| I think he be mistaken.

What is the true color of the sun?
Here's a few assumptions we can make.
- If we were to view the sun from our current position on Earth: It would look like a bright blinding white light
- Viewing it from or in space: It would most probably look the same as we were on Earth, probably only have a better view
- However, because we all know that the sun is burning, and it is fire, it most probably has the colour of orange-red-yellow. As we see in NASA's pictures
- Hence the true colour of the sun is probably within a spectrum of white, red, orange and yellow. I think I saw green once too... and blue

How did bowser survive being in the epicenter of a red giant?
Ehh.... who?

Godhand or devil bringer?
I'm all for God. Godhand.

Are you burnin out the day and night?
I burn inside out. Goodness me I can take the heat where my brethren are unable to. But freeze where my brethren are warm.

Are you burnin, are you burnin, are you burnin for you?
I'm freezin, oh yea I'm freezing, freezing for her. =)

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AQ DF  Post #: 4
9/13/2013 16:11:57   

Well, I can't say I didn't see this coming. Ok, maybe not this particular forum, but I knew you'd be an AK soon enough.
Huh... really? I'm so quiet, I never even saw it coming. I usually go unnoticed. Me ninja.

So then, a few questions designed to torture welcome you!
"How can you know pain if you've never felt pain?", yeaa bring it onnn! (Masochist, LoL)

1. Favourite storyline in any AE game, and why?
AQ: Truphma so far.
DF: That ended quickly.
MQ: That was long.
Winner: Truphma!
Reason: Philosophical concept and debate. I Love to debate/argue. But to put it better, I'm a Truth-Seeker.

2. Favourite non-AE game, and why?
That is hard! I play all C&C games for those who know what that is. But ehh... that is really hard.
I can say.... C&C GZ.

3. What is opinion on the concept of honour in modern society?
It is vastly undervalued and a dying trait. Going out on a limb here, I take honour as the highest regard in my personal life. Like a Samurai or a real Knight. And I am highly annoyed by those who live their lives without a code of honour, or do not know how to honour others. It boils down to one's character. I had this saying in my old school that went like this (there's a few other variations online you can search for): Men with power are feared, men with wealth are envied; but only men of character are respected.

4. Have you read my suggestions?
Yes, indeed I have.

5. Do you realize that this MtAK is pretty much the one spot of fun you'll get as an AK, unless you're one of the cool people who see responsibility as fun?
Not at all. MtAK is as I now see so far is for others, both fellow AK and forum-members to get to know the AK. I see responsibility as I see honour. Its not that fun, but it is an honour to be given such a responsibility. A great honour. But like honour; undervalued and a dying trait.

6. Did you get any Momo memos?
He's been eating me. Yup... good thing I got high speed regeneration.

7. Do you like waffles?
I have never eaten waffles. *True story*

8. Are you excited that this is the first Friday the 13th in 14 months?
Eh... no. I'm a rather apathetic person, nothing really excites me at all other than doing my job. Wow I'm so weird.

9. Are you intrigued by the variety of my questions?
Yes, and I am very glad to share.

10. Ninjas or pirates?
Ninjas. Although they use deception, their style and methods are not without honour. I believe a true Ninja keeps to his words. No offense to any pirate-fans. But our good Captain Rhubarb is honourable.

Well, I can't think of anything else, for now. I bid you farewell.
As do I.
PS: Thanks for leaving me an extra line per question, it helped me from having to hit 'Enter'. Hahaha.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 5
9/13/2013 16:22:27   

well, since I love these threads so much, I'm really going to enjoy this. Hope you do too! Firstly, congratulations on your appointment, as I always say:

Weirdest boss you've ever faced (this doesn't have to be aq)?
Weirdest boss.... Korin

What is an anomalocharid?
It got spelling-checked to: anomalous

If you read this question, how will you answer it?
I will answer accordingly as I've read the question correctly.

Do you like gweens?
Got one as a pet. Great Earth pet.

pink daffodil geese or radioactive 3-horned bears?
Huh, huh and huh?? Radioactive I'm guessing. Wait... Mutant better.

What should I do with this problem? (I also put this through the bad translator)
You should deal with it at the bud before it grows into a tree; then you'll have a great big problem.

Speaking of the translator, have you used it, and if you have, any funny results?
Until IMR told me, nope. No idea how to use it, other than that it gives a few language translation and reverses it back into English.

Thanks, and congratz again
Thank you again, have a good day/night.

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AQ  Post #: 6
9/13/2013 16:43:59   
Dwelling Dragonlord

ArchKnight AQ / OOC / L&L

*A cloaked figure rises from the shadows.*
*An Angel descends from Heaven*

Greetings GASKAL.
Greetings Dwelling Dragonlord

What is thy favourite monster in AQ?
Thine favourite monster would be one thine smites - that'd be you! *draws sword for epic battle*
Just kidding. Umm... Dracopyre, Bane was it?

What is thy favourite monster in DF?

Does thou ever venture into the L&L?
I will now.

Congratulations and may thou persevere in thy duties.
Thank you. It is of great honour to be given such.

*Bows while succumbing into the shadows.*
*Bows and ascends back into Heaven*

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 7
9/13/2013 17:36:32   
Heroes of the Scape

That was quicker than I expected. See, you know what your doing.
Lol, no. Miss Vox replied shortly, so yea...

1) Do you think that someone will reach 20 questions?
If they are curious enough, yes.

2) Are you happy to be working with Eukara?
I'd guess so. Looking forward to having my first talk with her.

3) What is your favorite thread to post in?
None in particular unless I find that I have to post my opinion(s) or thoughts about it.

4) Are you glad I left room for your answers?
Yes! Very much!

5) Who is your favorite Staff Member?
None. Staff Member as in AE staff? None.

6) Have you looked at my suggestion thread?
Er... does everyone ask this? But yes.

7) What do you think of my suggestions?
I'll have to answer in your thread I guess.

8) Favorite Superhero?
Batman. Live by a code of honour, morals, principles and values. No less than them.

9) Lost my train of thought.
Then you might want to jump in a car instead. Slower pace.

10) What is your favorite AE game?
AQ. Although it's just clicking, I just somehow love that interface. I'm not much into walk-arounds even though it may take up to only 4 seconds to 'get there'.

11) Favorite NPC?
None. Or...

12) That's all for now, Congratulations once again.
Thank you once again.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 8
9/13/2013 18:42:43   

Favorite cheese?

?Ninjas or Samurai?
Hard to say. Fighting style would be Ninjas. Samurais would be their honour-code. Did you know Ninjas are just Samurais but stealthier? That's what I know, but may not be true...

Do you have a jar of dirt?
This one really got the Heart of Davy Jones.

What do you most want to do as an AK?
Lead by example. Its a responsibility, not a privilege. Do the best that I can as an AK could do best, and keep trying to be better. That said, I'm not perfect.

If a laser squid flies at 500 miles per hour what color is the bagel in its pocket?
A squid has no pocket. You sure are tricky.

I`ll add any more I think of.
Keep'em comin'

Did you watch Bill Nye as a Kid?

Do you find poodles creepy?

Is your day job being a secret government super computer?
Maybe in the future. But not for the gov.

What does being catapulted taste like?
Till I get there, nothing.

How many question marks are there in this post?
As many as one can count if one bothers to count.

Did you find it or did you get the wrong number?
I got it - indirectly. =)

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 9
9/13/2013 19:42:43   
Daimyo Daimyo

I)Do you read Creepypasta stories or horror in general?
No idea what 'Creepypasta' is. Horror doesn't horrify me at all. I do enjoy mystery.

II)Do you get paranoid or are afraid of being alone after watching/reading something scary?
I don't fear anything much. Only annoyed. If a demon was to appear in my bedroom like in Insidious, it'd better be prepared for one good fight. (I once almost punched my mum because I thought she was a burglar when she stood next to my bed just to check up on me, LoL)

III)Are you good at crossword puzzles, and or, like them?
I'm okay. Not that great, not that bad. Depending on level of difficulty or my vocabulary.

IV)Can you cook? And if yes, then what can you make?
Yes. Instant noodles. Although most people just boil it down the cup and add in the seasoning, my dad taught me a recipe that I have yet to entirely master but I'm getting there from instant noodles. I don't cook a lot. But when I do, it gonna be a good one.

V)Do you have a pet? Is it hard to take care of him/her?
Nope. Never had one.

VI)What would you do in a zombie apocalypse? Would you survive?
The question should be: What would the zombies do in my apocalypse & can they survive me?

VII)You see a giant cockroach in your house. What do you do?
Ah crap, hate insects a lot. Except spiders. I'll probably just wait for my house lizard to eat it, or I usually grab my wooden sword and stab it.

VIII)You've been turned into your favorite food. You will turn back to normal if you can survive 24 hours without being eaten. Are you doomed?
Eh... I don't have a favourite food. So I won't turn into anything. And I won't get eaten if I don't turn into anything. Hence, I am safe. But if I did... well... I'll just come out brown right?

IX)What do watch when you need a good laugh?
Goodness, I hardly laugh. Umm... I don't actually. Really, I don't watch anything just to make myself laugh.

X)Do you know what Neopets are?
First online game ever with RS. Do you know what RS is?

I'd assume RS stands for Runescape, in which case, yes I do know what that is. I don't play it anymore but I suppose it was somewhat fun.
Yes, it is. I played RS for the longest of all and I still do now; but only to spin wheel for reward and just check updates. I was a PKer and a lot of other things. Veteran you might say....

XI)I liked reading the Neopian Times, selling stuff in my shop, getting prizes from the Advent Calendar in December, and doing the occasional story plot and war. What did you do on Neopets?
I just played games, gathered money and tried to upgrade my pet every chance I got for battles. Can't remember doing anything else... oh yes I put up a store for stuff I didn't need as well. Lupe was my pet, as it was like a Wolf to me. =)

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MQ  Post #: 10
9/15/2013 18:47:47   

I don't have time for too many questions but just wanted to stop and say congrats!
Thank you.

1. If you could have ANY item from the game, rare, non rare and what not, what would you pick and why?
Oh... Wow that's a toughie. Platinum series has always been on my mind. Simple and elegant.

2. If you could choose to be one NPC in AQ, who would you be and why?
Another toughie. Eh... Hope. Cos' that's what I need IRL.

3. Who would win a fight: Twig or Twilly?
Twig. He's really evil you know. The other side of him that is.

4. Why is your avatar a picture of The Question from Justice League? :O
Now that's The Question. Here's a Question, an answer to your question: Why is The Question, The Question?

5. What languages do you speak? (It'[s a bit random but just curious)
Well the default would be English. Other than that, hardly anything else.

Congrats again! Hope you like your new shackles.. I mean hope you enjoy your new position as AK!
Really? Shackles. Well AQ Sugg has little posts, so =)

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AQ AQW  Post #: 11
9/16/2013 4:46:51   

Congrats man! Uh, answer these questions the BEST way they can be answered.

Which is better COD: Ghosts or COD: Black Ops 2?
I only played COD:MW2 once or twice... =( So I've never played COD games or series before.
But looking at the gameplay, I think Ghost(?) is better...

Which is better Battlefield 2 or COD: Black Ops 2
Eh...I dunno.

Which looks better- Golden Gween, or normal Gween
I think... normal gween.

Who will win-Zorbak or Kabroz
If Zorbak is an anagram for Kabroz and vice-versa, who is the original one? I know they're brothers, but I'd say Zorbak.

Who'll win-Chairman Platinum or Zorbak?
Zorbak won didn't he? He was like the Chairman of ShadowScythe in MQ... IIRC

What would ya do if ya found out you've been zombified?
I'd eat my own brains.

What will ya do if a new gween is made?
What kind? Or better yet - what colour?

What would ya do if I die?
I wouldn't know. Literally. At all. Nothing. I got nothing.

What would ya do if the Terrible 12 and Sinister 7 come together to form the nociceptive nineteen??
I'll call in The Justice League.

Thats it and congrats again! Hope ya dont have too much trouble :P

Truth-seekers always get into trouble. Unless one is skilled in evading them.

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AQ AQW  Post #: 12
9/16/2013 15:15:36   
t track

first of all congrats on knighthood.
Thank you.

1. Whats it like being an archknight?

2.As archknight of suggestions what are your duties?
Um... just anything to keep the forum rules and ensure others follow those rules.

3.How much interaction do you get with the staff?

4.Zombie apocalypse and you can only bring three things that are not weapons. what are they?
"Everything is a weapon" - Jackie Chan

5.werewolves or vampires? (ps no werepyers or dracopyres etc...)

6.Ninja's or pirates?

7.yes or no?
No. I'm a realistic-pessimist.

Signature removed in compliance with Suggestions Forum Rules - Lord of Nightmares

I'd better put that up on needing to conform to rules still...=\

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DF AQW  Post #: 13
9/22/2013 20:03:11   
The Arcane

*snugglehugs GASKAL*

Congratulations, and welcome to the madness!

No questions from me, just popping by to say good luck and have fun!
Hello Zyrain. Boy, I'm really not a hugger. Gettin' all these hugs is making me feel very embarrassed. Hahaha, but thanks to everyone for the wishes.
Hey there Zyrain! Lookie lookie here at this colour! Hope you can see and will read this message. Heh heh heh. -GASKAL-
<3 ~Zyrain

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 14
9/23/2013 1:12:30   

I've always seen you helping out a lot in the suggestions section! Congrats on your AKship.

Just one question from me - how devoted are you to Adventure Quest (and the other games/community etc).
Devoted. It's free, I play every other day. I spend approximately 6hrs a week on all games combined.

That's it from me.

Good luck on your future thread lockings and further advice in the suggestions thread :D.
Thank you. Just doing my best.

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Thank you for 1K subs! <3

AQ Epic  Post #: 15
9/25/2013 19:59:17   
Tha Killa

Gween here just want to pop in to say CONGRATULATIONS!

~So, questions:)

1.Favorite video game?
None... yea... really... I've got about the most deprived childhood ever for a modern-first-world person. But then again, that's what makes me, me.

2.Do you play Final Fantsay, and if so, which is your favorite?

3.Hallow or Gween?
Hallow... never heard. So Gween. Coming soon I think.

4.Golden Hallow or Gween?
Golden Gween. Oh wait, now I know what's a Hallow. Gween still.

5.Golden Gween or Hallow?
??? Above? Or not the same? Golden Gween just to be clear.

6.Your opinion of what it is to rate people?
Rate people... IRL or AQ? AQ would be that it is going to be rather hard due to a lot of people suggesting Z-Token and rares...

7.Why don't you rate people?
Apparently, no one uses Tank Builds as much.

8.Favorite War?
None. I just fight when I can. Got no opinions or emotions towards them.

9.Breaking Bad or Walking Dead?
Never heard of the first, and never watched the latter.

10.Thor vs Hulk?
Hulk. For obvious reason like asking Superman vs Goku.

11.Favorite movie?
This is HARD, I got no favourites. RED, Bourne, Batman, Spider-Man, Bleach, too many.

12.Opinion of me?
Um... this prolly the most questions I'm answering. One of the most. Haha, which is good.

13.For or against the Gweens?

14.Worst thing that happened to you in AQ?
None. Prolly just the GGBs luck...

15.Favorite saga?
Prolly Truphma due to the philosophical Questions and debate that hovers over it. Devourer could do a re-make though, the end parts had about the same enticing philosophical stuff about it.

16.Will you be participating largely in the upcoming war?
Which? My participation is usually only 2 hours at most.

17.Favorite rare?
Platinum Edge was the most elegant to me. But it isn't my favourite, given that I don't have rares. I'm quite the utilitarian when it comes to things like tools. If it works, it works. Otherwise, get a better one.

18.Least favorite war?
None. I got no favourites.

19.What did the five fingers say to the face?
They are unable to speak.

20.Red lion horse NUGGET!!
Black Lioness Stallion Rock.

Once again congratulations!!! You deserve it!
See you on the battlefield hopefully:)
Thank you. And you prolly would...


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AQ  Post #: 16
9/26/2013 9:07:45   
Tep Itaki

*puff of smoke comes out of nowhere followed by a horde of cheerleaders* Woot! I give you congrats on your AKship in the pit/prison/Suggestion Forum!
OK... never seen a cheerleader in my life other than shows, movies, posters, advertisements... until like last year in school while I was doing work in the open.

*dismisses the girls* So I have some fill-in-the-blanks/questions for you *puts on glasses*

1. A banana is...
Potassium, some energy substance that many - if not all - marathoners take before running.

2. Lest you try you will...
Never know? Sadly, sometimes you just know the outcome before it happens. It's a curse really, though many would say its a gift.

3. What happens when you combine Peppy with a Dragon MC set?
Unstoppable Dragon Slaying. And what if Galanoth got a hold of it instead, which I suspect he would be in the storyline, along with the Dragon-Kins...

4. When Killa gets a Gween armor what will he do?
He'd go Killa frog.

5. What's your prisonposition like?
Keyboard warrior and mouse-clicking

-8. No escape?
You can't even catch me...

7. I shall grant you....
A girlfriend?

8. Favorite movie in the dark?
If you're talking about theatres, well, none. Got no favourites.

9. Favorite game in public?
I don't play any games in public. If playing games in public = playing on the phone while waiting for something, someone, etc. I don't. I just wait there patiently while thinking about many things that people always say I think too much about, to which I say that you are just afraid to think of it, or even bother to.

0. Favorite question in this thread? (this might be a rather evil question so you can skip it if you like >3)
None. I really do not have a lot of favourites. Lol.

11. What do you think of the new MC set?
How would I know until I've tried it on? Heh.

13. How did you get roped?
How... let's see. They tied a rope like a good ol' wrangler, tossed that thing over me and pulled me in. That my friend, was how I got roped.

17. Is it just me or did time just skip?
Time is capable of skipping, only due to the perception of our brains. Ever looked at a clock and then see that the hands somehow just seem to pause of more than a moment?

42. Favorite song to sing out loud like a fool in public?
I don't ever do that. Won't ever do that. Unless it's for a special someone.

122. What is the silliest war you can think of?
Fighting Artix. He is an army right?

666. Muahahahaha?
Those marked by it will fear me more. Or Him.

20. The game is afoot! You step right and see your foot! What do you do?
The game is a foot, I step right and see my foot. Riddle? Hmm... I'll have to kick my feet then.

Okay so...I think I took a few too many explosions to the face so I'll leave off here. Congrats on your AKship
Thank you.
*teeters off into the pit of no return* *explosions occurs*

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 17
9/26/2013 10:17:28   

Hey man, I'm back with a bit of new question for ye to answer!
Sure do.

Me asking questions is good or bad?

The Big Bang Theory[Comedy show NOT real theory] or How I met your Mother?
Hard to say. Both are good in their own respective genres. Being that TBBT is under sciences, nerds and geeks. Whereas WIMYM is under like... life.

Castle or Breaking Bad?
Never heard of either. What are all these really..

Revenge or Supernatural?
Never heard of the former, but SUPERNATURAL FTW!

Since there are not too many active members in Justice League, how will you deal with the Nociceptive Nineteen?
The what now? Google says some muscle substance whatever.... lol. Is this a trick question?

Favorite movie?
Never got real favourites, but plenty that I really do like.

Avengers or X-Men?
Avengers have A LOT of members. X-Men have theirs as well. But I'll go for Avengers, the real ones, not the movie one.

And thats it, be a good AK[in the way I think an AK must be... :P ]

Will do.

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AQ AQW  Post #: 18
9/26/2013 11:35:04   
Eukara Vox
Legendary AdventureGuide!

! So, you are an AK. What's your next big move?
Wait... omg did you just colour font all red for me? That is so very very very very very very (I should just use a "for loop" code to do this) nice! Thanks Miss Vox. But next big move would just be doing my best and see where that leads. I'm not ambitious unless it is something that is required.

@ Which colour best describes you and why?
Black. I've got a history of a lot of things. Black usually means evil or Darkness, which is how most people interpret it as. So that is how people would see me, and that is how I know who is good and who is not. Good people don't judge so quickly, and if they are brave enough to tread near me, then that means something. Other than Black, is actually Grey (not Gray) and White. As you can already see, the colour spectrum in my world has a very deep meaning and past behind them... Hehe, would share with you soon hopefully. =)

# Which angel is better, Cherubim or Seraphim?
Seraphim. Oh good, Love these kinds of questions. So much research behind them, but still insufficient. Back to question, Cherubims are usually those 'singers'. From what I so far understand, Seraphims are kinda like Warrior-types, Cherubims are more towards the... in-the-robes-type.

$ If you could ask God one question, what would it be?
Can I ask you more questions?

% If you could use one animal to describe you, which would it be and why?
Wolf. Wolves, the 'predecessors' of dogs, share a trait of loyalty. Wolves also goes in packs, have an Alpha and all that dog-wolf-thingy. But my Wolf is a LoneWolf. And that just sums everything.

^ Who is your favourite author? Book recommendations?
Good Old Daddy. The Black Indescribable Behemoth Likeable Entity. ~ The only real book that I ever really touch, cos' others are my school ones.

& What is your favourite literary genre?
Mystery, with a little bit of Mythology, Philosophy, Religion & Supernatural...

* Did you read fairy tales as a child? If so, which was your favourite?
Reading fairy tales... not that I can remember. Although I do know what a fairy tale is. Probably favourite... got no idea.

( Do you enjoy mythology? If so, which mythology intrigues you more?
Depends. The last I read was.... wow a long time already... but the last one I read was maybe just a book about demonology and those things.

) If you were a roleplayer, what kind of character would you create to be and why? What kind of back story would said character have? (Don't be like me and have 20 characters where you are still trying to figure out if you are a victim of multiple personality issues or just insane.)
Oh, don't worry. I've been driven to insanity long ago, only that I controlled it and created up - but not limited to - 14 different personalities, just to keep myself in check. I went for a psycho test around this year because I wanted to be sure I was mad, but apparently, I wasn't. Apparently, it is normal as long as you can control 'them'. If I was to roleplay, I'd just 'play' a vigilante who does things just because it is good and right, and does so in secrecy. A backstory of a very dark past - mostly driven by revenge - then brought into salvation, and uses the power he finds for the better. Although the world is unkind, spiteful towards him, misunderstanding and isolates him, he still does it because of Love. Then falls in Love, but can never be anywhere close because of what he does.

+ Welcome and have fun. *gives brownies with mint chips. Green... gotta have green...*
Thank you. Having fun. *receives brownies with mint chips* You know, as a person, I don't eat a lot of tidbits/snacks/sweets. So its all very... opening for me with all these flavours everyone has. Hahaha.

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Seth Hydra
How We Roll Winner

Heyy, Congos on the AKship! :)

So whats it like? Any new shinies? =_=
Nope. Name change.

Who would win an.argument between.Sheldon Cooper, Tony Stark and Jack Sparrow
Sparrow. Sheldon would be too angry with his nonsense. Tony and Sheldon could have a great deal of physics-debate and engineering. Sparrow would just leave them both dumbfounded at his words.

Would you like to join them?
Heck yea.

666, 13 or 9.... Which is scarier?
I'm not scared of numbers. Although their representations and origins may be 'scary' to many, they are representations of the beings that they represent which are scarier than what is being presented as numbers. You still with me on this one? Hence, none and scarier than their former whom they represent of which would take on an ethereal/spiritual or even physical form, capable of inflicting terror, compared to the intangible and harmless numbers of these representations.

What would you prefer, Super Saiyan powers or Having Pokemon?
NEVER played Pokemon in my whole entire life. There's about only 3 'mons' that I know. Meow, That charizard dragon and pikachiu (and possibly some gun-totting turtle). Anyway, Saiyan please...

If you could change one thing about this world....
I'd change that people actually be good. That people's souls be touched by Love, driven enough to change for the better. There's just so much, but all-in-all, it's their souls that needs to be "changed".

Favourite NPC? ( You are under watchfull eyes )
Got no favourites. You gotta read the previous posts in this thread.

Favourite weapon in AQ?
None. If it works, it works. If it doesn't, then goodbye.

Enjoy!( and may your soul..... ) :P
Got no soul.

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Much grats Mr. Gaskal!
Thanks. This supposed to be an obsolete thread already...

What do you usually look for in a suggestion?
A good idea must consist of the following: logical/sensible/interesting/unique/useful suggestions/ideas.

Any particular bias on leans or weapon types? I know the majority of players on AQ are crazy about FO and melee.
FO and Melee are just about the most practical. I'm not much into blasting and all. I'm more of a consistent person, which speaks volumes in terms of personality type as well.

Colour of your shackles?
Transparent. If you see them as shackles, shackles you shall see.

Any food you really dislike?
A lot. I'm very picky, especially quality.

A funny/awkward experience in your life?
Crush drops hints of interest.

Do you ever watch nature documentaries? I'm currently watching Frozen Planet... surprisingly entertaining.
Not anymore. Only when I do come across them.

I'm guessing your a DC/comics fan because of the Question avatar?
I'm not a direct fan of anything, but the concept of the character itself. Yes, Question is one of my favourites. And I acknowledge the concept of the character itself. People say I'm more of a Batman instead. So....

Any favourite heroes/villains?
Other than my Father, Batman, Questions, Rorshach, etc. (all heroes)

Were you sad when justice league(unlimited) ended :(?
Yes. It could do with a good reboot. YJ cancellation was even more disappointing.

Thoughts on Young Justice if you've seen it?
Too awesome. Huge waste it stopped. Wonder what the producers are even thinking.

I'm not huge on comics myself, but its something thats always interested me. Do you have any recommendations for some one whos looking for something dark and gritty similar to Batman, Spawn and Watchmen?
Hm... not really. Most of my life revolves around the fact that I really live like Batman. Rules, Principles, Values, Codes of Honour, Character, etc. You can look to Punisher for more extreme cases I guess.

Thats all for now, take it easy.
Thanks. No problem.

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Congrats, man!
Thanks. As previous post, supposed to be obsolete by now...

1: Did you notice that Turtle_King edited his post to have more questions?
Yup. That was long ago, no?

2: Name something or someone that you feel is underappreciated (a band, an item, a game, it could be anything.)
Wow. None? I could guess myself IRL.

3: Are your shackles too loose, too tight, or just right? Go on, GASKAL-locks, answer.
Neither. I like responsibility, as I know few can handle it. Burden as it may be, someone's gotta do it. Remember the quote by John McClane in DH4?

4: Did you enjoy my Goldilocks pun?
Didn't understand it. And to me, didn't make sense to be honest. So.. neutral.

5: Judging by that terrible pun, is it a smart idea to give me a computer when I'm running on no sleep?
I don't know. What do you think first?

6: Favorite band or individual artist?
DDL. Used to be DHC.

7: Favorite weird town name? (Examples would be the town "Okay" in Oklahoma, so it's "Okay, OK" and another would be "Grand Forks" in North Dakota.)
I don't live in States. So... can't answer.

From this point on, I'll be making matchups of superheroes. You pick a winner based on who would win in a fight or who is your favorite, and be sure to specify which it is.
As much as I'd prefer my hero to win, I'm more of a fair person. If it makes sense, then I go for it.

8: Aquaman vs The Flash (on land)?
Flash. Flash can still use his power in the water; although at a much decreased ability
9: Aquaman vs The Flash (underwater)?
Possibly Aqua. Though its more of who is able to master themselves better.
10: Green Arrow vs Hawkeye?
Hawkeye I think.
11: Black Widow vs Batwoman?
Widow handsdown. Widow IS a super-soldier experiment. Plus she has more experience, and her weaponry is meant to be for deadly-force.
12: Thor vs The Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)?
Thor. GL so far has proven to be useless from what I've seen. If Supes can KO him any time, Thor is about there.
13: Superman vs the winner of the previous matchup?
Supes. Indefinitely. The Asgardians so far have protrayed to be very mortal. Supes cannot die by all means as long as there's a Yellow-Sun "nearby".
14: Galactus vs Captain Atom?
Galactus of course. He's an entire entity by himself. CA has a limited amount of power, though that limit is very high.
15: Aquaman vs Batman?
Hard to say. Land or Sea? If Sea, definitely AM. If Land, maybe either, depending on their individual mastery of themselves again. "Master the enemy, master yourself"
16: Deadpool vs Goku?
Goku... Just need to Kamehameha DP once with everything Goku got.
17: Spike vs Jimmy (both from Ape Escape)?
18: Earthworm Jim vs Megaman?
19: Pilot (Centipede) vs Pilot (Galaga)?
20: What would you rate my questions on a scale from 1-10?
Different. If your suggestions were as creative (with details and good organization as well) as your suggestions, they'd catch the eye of the staff - maybe (by no means do my words here amount to anything of the staff's individual opinion. These are just MY personal ones).

And before I leave, it'd be a good idea to note that FF0000 is the color code of what you're editing in (unless I'm wrong, which I might be) so people can add in the color tags for you in the questions. And pardon me if I got it wrong.
You're correct. I decided to make it simpler for me and others to see and know. See ya around then.

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