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12/8/2013 9:54:01   


The group sitting around the fire place begins to go quiet as the old man stands up to address the group.
“Tonight, as on every night, I have a tale to tell.”
The group has finally hushed completely, aside from a few slurps of the remaining stew and the rustling of people’s parkas on their seats.
“This legend is an old one, but one of the most well-known here in the north.”
Snow begins to fall, muffling the far off cries of elk and howling wind.
“This is the legend of the Aurora, a tale of adventure I’m sure all of you know well. But this story won’t just be for entertainment, no.”
The elder rose to his full height, causing the shadows made by the fire to dance among the dark pines behind him.
“Let this tale serve as a reminder as to why we’re here. Why we have traveled this far for what many call a myth.”
Fully quiet now, the group listened expectantly as the old man started the story. The only sound left was the voice of the old man speaking, and the crackling fire. The dancing shadows behind him seemed to take the vague form of a stout man.
“Once upon a time…”

Pide wasn’t feeling well when he entered the bar. It had been raining and cold outside, as it often was in Swordhaven during autumn. He’d had a really bad day, as far as bad days go. Finally coming home from a journey to find that you’re out of work, low on money and ill from a cold generally qualifies as a bad day.

The bar was well known in Swordhaven for being a busy and happy place. Its warm cedar and stone walls and roaring hearth attracted all kinds of people, especially on a rainy autumn day. Due to the large amount of constant visitors, Swordhaven’s Adventurer’s Guild had set up a notice board for its members’ use. At the time that Pide was there, nearly all the tables were full and the sounds of merrymaking resonated around the bar. This served only to contrast Pide’s black mood.

Pide was in his mid forties, tall with well muscled legs from travel. He had well-combed burgundy hair and a thick beard, which helped when travelling the colder regions of Lore. Both had straks of grey though. Having just arrived back from his trip, he hadn't changed out of his travelling clothes; a thick linen cloak and hood, hide pants, a dark green shirt and his knapsack. And of course, his trusty walking stick.

Pide was a pathfinder, or had been at any rate. He would be paid to manage the commutes of the wealthy and help ensure to keep them on the safest and fastest routes. He knew every inch of paved road from Swordhaven to the coast. He could tell you exactly where bandits and monsters made their homes on the road. He knew which ways to go to avoid tolls. He knew the best roadside inns and towns, and could plan every trip in advance. He had worked for a larger group of people who specialized in this, and they had been doing well, since it was a relatively untapped region of the market.
But then Pide arrived home to some terrible news. He could still visualize the note on his door.

“I’m sorry Pide. We cannot go on. Ranell has betrayed us. Apparently he’s been working with bandits, planning routes that lead straight into traps. We only just found out, and the town criers seem to have as well. I’m sorry. But now no one is going to trust us anymore. We’re out of a job. I’ve left a sum of money in your house. I hope you can use it to find another place to work.
- Jamien”

The words echoed around in Pide’s head as the barmaid walked up to him.

“What will you be having?”

Pide handed over a few of the coins Jamien had left in his house to the barmaid in exchange for a drink. He took a long, silent swig in memory of his tarnished reputation. What options were left to him now? He would never go back to work on a farm. His entire family had been farmers, but Pide knew he was meant to be more than that, which led to him becoming a path finder. He despised his family’s traditions so much he had changed his name from Silas to Pide. So he would never go back to menial labor such as that. He could become a scribe, if it weren’t for his lack of being able to read or write. If he had an education that wasn’t about plowing a field or breaking your back during the harvest, he might be able to join the Mage’s School. He could become a shop vendor or town crier, but both of those positions required him to have a loud voice and social skills. He lacked both.

In despair, Pide took another sip from his glass. He looked around him, hoping to find inspiration. And surprisingly enough, the world offered him some.

Directly in front of Pide’s table was the notice board for the Adventurer’s Guild. Swordhaven was well known for it. It was a big stone building, filled with all sorts of people with all sorts of tales. They would put up notes on all of the Guild’s Boards to look for people willing to help them find treasure or slay some beast. Best of all, they were known to accept anyone into their ranks. Treasure hunting was no menial labor, required no exceptional education and didn’t need the best social skills. Anyone could learn to swing a sword and anyone with a sword or bow could join their ranks.

The more Pide thought about it, the more it seemed like a good idea to him. But where to go? The Guild did not pay you for your adventures. They simply made it easier to do so by keeping everything you needed accessible. Pide thought back on his maps of Lore. There were many places worth adventuring for gold, but there was only one that could get you rich enough to go once and retire for good; Braughlmurk Cape, the biggest abandoned paladin fortress in the Swordhaven area. It was a long walk away, but Pide knew those lands like the back of his hand. With a few companions and a weapon, it ought to be easy enough to get there and back again.

And so, the next day, the notice board in the bar had a new request. Pide was waiting in the grand hall of the Adventurer’s Guild with a shortsword at his hip and a crossbow slung over his back. His backpack was filled with maps and his mind was filled with possible routes to take. His bag was filled with provisions, torches, a tent and potions. His purse, unfortunately, was empty.

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12/8/2013 11:43:39   

Bob touched the paper softly, with hands barely calloused by heat and hard work. His attention was focused on the listing, which advertised for a full adventure to Braughlmurk Cape. Bob wasn't much for treasure, but company and a journey would help at least a little bit. Hopefully their guide was halfway competent. He stood at the entrance to the inn, deliberating quietly whether to give the posting full merit and credibility. It was dangerous. He knew about Braughlmurk. He wasn't a fool. He knew why it was abandoned, the reason the paladins had turned tail and fled. He knew to where they ran, exactly. He knew it very well.

"Only you know what is best for you." His mother suddenly appeared before him, her long, tough arms peppered with burn marks and scars where her haphazard, full-body approach to smithing had taken her health and her outward beauty. Yet, he saw past her marred visage, through the ravages of the cranial affliction, into the sparkling mind and loving eyes of his mother. She could not pull him close, but she wrapped herself around him, kissed his brow, and faded away.

"You know which path you will take, already. Nobody can change that, but they can change how much you enjoy it when you do it if you let them." His father, cautious and academic, stood strong and tall, as he did in the forge whenever tasked with something difficult. His expert hands had measured once, twice, three times before they made the swift, sure cut that brought his mother's hammer crashing down on the cooling metal, moving it with just the right amount of force; as hot-tempered and excitable as Bob's mother was, her flaring exuberance was tempered by his father's caution and exactness. They were a good team. His father ruffled his hair a little bit and vanished.

"I know which path is best for me," Bob murmured, and began to walk towards the Adventurer's Guild.

It was far too early for anything in its right mind to be awake, so Bob sat and read in the dim predawn light. He pulled what had to have been the largest book ever to exist from his backpack and flipped to a dog-eared page that was depressingly close to the beginning. When Pide arrived, he tucked the weighty tome into his pack and approached the armed traveler.

"Hello. You must be Pide," he said in his deep voice. "I am Bob Smith; I saw your posting. I wish to accompany you."
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12/8/2013 12:12:28   

A stranger in town, clad in leather armor, walked towards a bar inside the city of Swordhaven. It was raining, and it was cold, so it was no surprise he was heading that way, although he was here for an entirely different reason. When he opened the wooden door of the bar he could hear the loud jeers and cheers of the many men and women having a boisterous good time. It was warm, loud, and a cheerful place to be. If one was having a bad day, at least they could count on the bar to have a good time. It almost reminded the stranger of home: a cold region up north, Asgeir, where mead halls and joyous times were commonplace.

He took off the piece of cloth covering his head, a Ki'gar, something all Varan from Asgeir greatly valued. He had been using it as a make-shift hood to conceal his identity and to keep from getting his head wet. He would have folded it around his neck, much like a scarf, the way all Varan do it, but then everyone would know a Varan was here. Instead, he stuffed it between his belt and his hip where no one would pay attention. He scanned the area, looking for someone in particular. He had been tracking a certain individual for several days until he entered Swordhaven. There, in the corner, with a woman. Toric made his way towards them.

He grabbed the woman's shoulder and leaned in close, "Excuse me lady, you're gonna have to go, now." The woman huffed and got up and left the table, probably some strumpet looking for someone with coin.

The man called out loudly, "Hey man, what the hell's your deal?" He said, throwing his hands up and looking angrily at the stranger. The Varan quickly sat down, drawing his iron sword and pressing the tip of the blade against the man's stomach. He did it in a discreet manner, and no one in the bar noticed the blade beneath the table.

"One wrong move and I'll end your life friend, got it?" the Varan explained. The man across the table, surprised and afraid, shook his head quickly. "Good, do you know who I am?" he asked.

"No! I don't know any... wait, I saw you at that inn just a few-"

"My name is Toric Valgard," the Varan said, using his free hand to grab the Ki'gar and throw it onto the table. As soon as the man saw the Ki'gar and heard the name he became more worrisome. This man clearly knew that Toric was a Varan, but he wasn't going to let up so easily, although this knowledge clearly shook him.

"Son of a... alright, alright man, take it easy. Look, just tell me what it is you want and I-"

"A group of slavers baring this same mark," Toric grabbed the man's hand and flipped it over, a symbol was tattooed on his wrist, "purchased a group of Varan slaves from Asgeir several months ago before selling them in Swordhaven recently. I need to know who they sold and where they are." Of course, Toric was told these people had a tattoo on their wrists, he wasn't sure if this was the same symbol or not, it was just a guess. But as soon as he spotted that symbol back at the inn he knew he had a lead.

The man, still worried, looked Toric in the eyes, "I don't know for sure... we sell them, don't keep check on who-"

"Who?" Toric asked loudly, drawing the attention of some others in the bar.

"Farmers! The farmers buy the men! That's all, I promise!"

"And the women?"

"Farmers don't want the women! But that damn Adventurer's Guild usually mucks up all of our transactions down here! Perhaps you could talk to them about her? I'm sure they know more..."

Toric looked down, easing his grip on the sword. He figured this was all the information he'd get... besides, it was causing to much attention. "Good enough. But I ever see you again, I'll kill you." Toric stood up, sheathing his sword as discreetly as possible. He walked to the barkeeper and decided to stay the night. "One room please, for one person." The barkeeper nodded, counted his coins, and gave him a key with the number '7' on it. He'd sleep in tonight, then find the guild by morning.


The next day he asked around and finally found the Adventurer's Guild. Although not looking to join, he'd seek information. He walked into the building and looked around, waiting for someone to greet him. No one seemed to notice him at first so he leaned against a wall and crossed his arms. Two other men were speaking. One revealed himself as Bob, referring to the other as Pide. Unsure if these were members or not, Toric cautiously asked "Are you two part of the guild, or just waiting for someone?"

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Ryu Viranesh

Hours before the sky had been clear, its boundless blue expanse seeming to stretch on as far as one’s eyes could see, an endless sea above their heads. Then the clouds had come, marring the beauty of this natural wonder and diffusing the light of the life-giving sun, a haze descending on the lands below. The air grew steadily heavier as the cloudbank darkened and writhed, lightning flashing and thunder booming on the horizon. As the first of the droplets descended from on high every last person on the path dashed for the nearest cover; each of the stray trees along the sides of the road soon had a small family of people huddling beneath them. Yet not Abby - she continued onward, heedless of the raindrops starting to pelt her head and the wind whipping at her cloak.

The young, blond-haired girl cast a curious glance at all of the shivering souls, receiving more than a few incredulous stares in return. Her face scrunched up for a second before Abby’s lips turned upward in a soft smile, shaking her head and shrugging her shoulders softly. She didn’t understand why it was such a big deal; some rain had to fall in everyone’s life, so why not make the most of it when it came. Abby danced forward, one leg leaping out in front of the other, its twin dragging behind as she spun around, then twisted forward to perform the same action again. This time she wasn’t as lucky, the moist earth beneath her feet sliding and pitching her forward. Gasps could be heard from the crowd beneath the nearest tree, a couple involuntarily wincing as the girl’s body rushed toward the path. Then suddenly, her hands shot forward to impact with the ground, a soft grunt escaping her lips as she arrested her descent.

After a few moments of heavy breathing, Abby picked herself up and nonchalantly rubbed her muddied hands on her cloak; some of the dirt came off onto the blue garment, but a few clods stubbornly stuck to her skin. The girl cast one final lingering glare at her onlookers, as though willing them to forget that they’d ever seen her or her mishap, before she returned her gaze to the path ahead, resuming her travels as the rain continued to fall in sheets.


It wasn’t until the next day that Abby finally managed to arrive in Swordhaven, forced to stop at an inn the previous night when the weather had finally become too violent for even her to brave. She’d done her best to warm up and scrub her hands clean, but had only achieved partial success in both. Still, she felt well enough to set off early the next morning after devouring a small meal - all that she could really afford if she wanted to save what money she had left. The rain had abated somewhat, but the sky still spat at her on the final leg of her journey, her carefully braided hair soon sodden once again. The guards at the city’s gates hadn’t given her a second look as she wandered in; now, she was just another wanderer with a pack over her shoulder and a staff at her back. Before though … they’d have kissed her feet, her inevitable smile going all the way to her hazel eyes.

She halted and clenched her fists as she took her first look at the massive southern city, home to adventurers and all those who were trying to find a place to go. People like her. That’s all I am now - just another face in the crowd. The girl that could bring everyone she looked at to their knees might as well be dead now. She wouldn’t be able to survive all of the hardship … all of the pain that she-I mean that I’ve been through. Abby choked down a sob as a few tears leaked from her eyes, a soft mewling noise all that emerged from her throat. Realizing that she was probably drawing unwanted attention to herself, the young woman wiped her eyes and made her way away from the gates and into the city proper. She would need to be more careful now that she was in such a populated place; she couldn’t afford to let another outburst like that one happen again.

It wasn’t long before Abby started to hear rumors of what she’d been searching for: the Adventurer’s Guild. It was one of the premier organizations in Swordhaven for those who needed to seek either employment or help. Or, in her case, provided people who were searching for one with a purpose. It would probably be shallow, but it was better to live for money than to wander through life without any goal at all. If “He Who Cleansed” favored her, she might even find something more meaningful, slim though that chance was. Still, that chance was all that she had.

From what she understood, jobs through the guild were most commonly acquired through a notice board posted in one of the city’s busiest taverns. So it was there that Abby made her way, the establishment’s warmth rushing to meet her as she pushed the heavy cedar door inward. The young woman got a few looks as she entered the bar’s massive common room, but assumed that the people were annoyed she’d let the cold in for a few brief seconds; though she was still too young to actually frequent a tavern, she usually looked just old enough to pass muster.

The people returned to their own devices as the door slammed shut, Abby leisurely sauntering toward the guild’s notice board; it was large enough that it was impossible to miss. The girl spent a fair amount of time examining all the requests present before she finally settled on which that she wanted to pursue. If the texture of the paper was any indication, the job was newly-posted and promised a fairly large payoff should everything go as planned. The sheer generosity of the payment offered probably meant that the job was more than a little risky, but what was life without a little uncertainty and fun?

Smirking to herself, the young woman smoothly plucked the parchment from the board and departed the bar, more than a little eager to get started. The Guild Hall was easy to locate and before long, she found her way to grand hall, where most of the people who posted these jobs waited to hear back from those interested. Abby found the person who’d posted the request she held, a man named “Pide” already surrounded by two other men, both appearing to be a bit older than she was. Unwilling to allow herself to be shut out of this chance, the girl strode right up to Pide and stuck out her right hand, dirt stains still littering the skin of her palm, hazel eyes boring into him.

“I’m Abigail, but you can call me Abby. I’m interested in this,” she held up the parchment clenched in her other hand, “and I won’t take no for an answer!”

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It didn’t seem to take long before the adventurers arrived. Pide had been standing around for much of the morning watching the comings and goings of the Adventurer’s Guild. It never seemed to sleep. When Pide had arrived earlier in the morning, the great hall was buzzing with activity that echoed around in the high vaulted ceiling, while Pide was hardly awake. People dressed in all colors, with all manners of odd and interesting weapons and gear convened to discuss the latest in news of adventure. Pide didn’t listen to it that much. He was too tired.
Eventually, after several hours, Pide got fed up with standing around doing nothing and decided to mill around for a bit. When he returned to the spot he was previously standing at, there was already a man there. The man was large and tough-looking, with olive-colored skin and well-combed hair. Despite this, he had a very rough look to him, like he worked in tough conditions. His beard, despite being well-presented, had an almost sooty look to it; as if it had been permanently darkened by smoke. The man’s clothes were faded red leather, pocked with tiny burn marks, though not fresh. The man’s hands were calloused from constant work.

Pide knew a smith when he saw one, since he had often planned out routes for ore carts. Pide was about to ask his name and whether or not he had come because of his posting, but the man quickly answered without Pide having to ask.

"Hello. You must be Pide," he said in a deep voice. "I am Bob Smith; I saw your posting. I wish to accompany you."

“Hmm. Are you good with a hammer? Never mind, it shouldn’t matter. So long as you can swing a sword, you’re welcome here. Besides, if you’re a smith, you ought to be plenty of use later on.”
Pide shrugged off his pack to pull out his maps. It took a while, seeing as he had a lot of them, and they were buried under all sorts of other tools. Eventually he pulled out the map he had been looking for.

Pide’s maps were all very detailed and made carefully by none other than himself. It was covered in marks he used to identify places, since he couldn’t read or write. This made it illegible to anyone else, seeing as he could not make a map legend due to being analphabetic.
“Anyways, as you know, we’re headed for Braughlmurk Cape. It’s a ways off, but by following roads we can get there pretty quickly. So far,” Pide gave Bob the map “I’ve come up with two paths that are best for us. We could take the fastest route, which is the main road that goes directly to the river and then follows straight up to the Cape. This is a bit dangerous though. I know from experience that the river is one of the most travelled roads, and thus a likely place to meet bandits. However, since the traffic almost stops once you reach the coastal mountains, due to lack of settlements, the bandits thin out as well. The only bandits you may encounter to the north are the Dark Hills Bandits. They’re notorious for being cruel, but they’re extremely dumb as well. Otherwise they would’ve settled further south. So, in order to avoid too much conflict, we could first head straight north to the mountains by the coast and then turn north-east to meet up with the river once it hits the mountain canyons. If we head straight north though, we might run into sneevils, but those goblins are hardly a threat. So, to put things short, we have two options; take the short route and risk getting robbed or killed, or take the long route with a higher chance of surviving. It’s up to you.”

Pide gave Bob the map for a while and let him examine the mapped out paths. During the short time, Pide noticed a figure standing near the entrance listening to their conversation. The man was wearing black and brown leather armor, wet from the rain outside. He had a soggy blue scarf wrapped around his neck, a shield on his back and a sword at his hip. As Pide turned to look at him more closely, he walked up to them.

"Are you two part of the guild, or just waiting for someone?"

“Well, both.” Pide replied quickly. “If you’re looking for a Guild official, you’d best ask elsewhere. I’m a new member here, so I can’t tell you much for now. We’re also waiting here for people to join us. I’m organizing an expedition into Braughlmurk Cape to search for treasure. If that interests you, feel free to join us.”

Pide eyed the sword, wondering how well the man could use it in battle. With him on their side, they might be able to realistically take the main road and risk bandits, assuming he knew how to fight well.

“If you really need someone’s help, you should try talking to the Head of Communications. She generally knows most of what’s going on and can send anyone to the right person. I’d start there.”
Before Pide could turn back to Bob to get his opinion on the different routes and discuss the details, another person showed up. This time it was a girl, and a young one at that. She barged right into the group and stuck out her hand. Pide reached out and shook it, noting the dirt on her hand.

“I’m Abigail, but you can call me Abby. I’m interested in this,” she held up the parchment clenched in her other hand, “and I won’t take no for an answer!”

Pide sized her up, taking in her attire. She wore a blue travelling cloak, hiding all of her other clothing from view. Her hair was blonde, worn in a braid and wet from the rain outside. She wore a traveler’s pack on her back and carried a shepherd’s crook. If it weren’t for the necklace she wore, he would have thought her entirely unremarkable. The burnt steel disc was not a well-known symbol, but Pide recognized it from his travels. It had been worn by a group of clerics he had to escort to the Sandsea, although theirs had been made of bronze, not steel. If the girl was a cleric, however young, she would be a valuable asset. But Pide had to ask one more question before allowing her to join them.

“That depends. Can you do magic?”
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1/22/2014 14:15:03   

An individual named Pide spotted Toric approaching and answered his question. “Well, both. If you’re looking for a Guild official, you’d best ask elsewhere. I’m a new member here, so I can’t tell you much for now. We’re also waiting here for people to join us. I’m organizing an expedition into Braughlmurk Cape to search for treasure. If that interests you, feel free to join us.” Braughlmurk Cape, Toric thought. But no, he wasn't interested in treasure. About that time he noticed Pide examining his sword on his side. It was but a basic iron sword, but a weapon was a weapon, no matter how you looked at it. Pide continued, “If you really need someone’s help, you should try talking to the Head of Communications. She generally knows most of what’s going on and can send anyone to the right person. I’d start there.”

Before he could reply, Toric spotted a young girl dart in with high hopes of joining the expedition. That's when Toric cleared his throat and approached the group, preparing to speak. "I'm not much of a treasure-hunter, but I wouldn't mind accompanying you to this... cave," he said, unable to pronounce the name. "My name is Toric, I hail from the northlands of Asgeir, home of the Varan. I'm not much of a seasoned veteran, but my people are a strong and hardy people with an affinity to battle, and I'm no different." He waited a moment to let his introduction sink in. "I've been tracking a group of slavers for quite a while now and I'm sure the bandit camps around here have the information I need. My blade can be yours, so long as you promise to help me fight the bandits along the way."

Toric thought about his goal: charging headlong into every dangerous bandit camp until the rest of these people could claim treasure in a cave. But it didn't matter: Allona had to be found.

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Lunel looked down at the paper in her hand then up at the crowd of people in the Adventurer’s Guild. She was sitting on top of her traveling bag next to a group of four. Far enough to hear what they were saying but, but not be noticed by them. After seeing a young girl wave a paper that was similar to her own in the man’s face, who had introduced himself as Pide, Lunel decided that she had the right group and it was time to join in before someone else came along or they left. Standing up Lunel slung her giant traveling bag on her back and walked over to them.

“Hmm.” Lunel put her right hand on her chin and wondered how she could convince this man to take her along.
“I really need to join this team. What can I do?”
“Should I just bombard him with questions and answer them before that have a chance to speak?”

In her thought Pide spoke up.
“That depends. Can you use magic?”
Lunel looked up. He was still speaking to the girl in the blue cloak.
The man with the long blue scarf started to speak again but, Lunel wasn’t focused on hearing what he had to say.
“Well, whatever I do, I have to do it now.”
Lunel clapped her hands together and spoke up.
“You must be the team that's headed to the Braughlmurk Cape, right?”
All four of them looked around to see where the soft voice that was speaking to them had came from. Lunel’s travel bag however, was the only thing in their line of sight. Lunel waved her right arm over her head to prompt them to look down. Now that she could see their faces, Lunel squinted and looked all of them up and down sizing them up.
“He doesn’t look as rough as the last man going to the Cape.”
Lunel studied Pide for awhile, ignoring the other three.
“So maybe he’s kinder, but a little more sensible.”
“He’s also has had some kind of training, but I can’t tell what kind or how much.”

The man began opening his mouth to say something however, thinking it negative Lunel cut him off.
“I need to get to the Cape and I saw that you were also headed there. I thought it would be better if I went with a group instead of going alone but, the last group didn’t even bother to hear me out, rude right?”
“Rude, yet sensible,” Pide answered. “It’s dangerous and the Cape is no place for kids.”
Lunel squinted her eyes again at this answer.
“And what about her over there?”
Her eyes fell on Abby. She was barely older than Lunel herself was.
“This might be a little more difficult than I’d hope.”
Lunel looked back at Pide and smiled.
“Well I guess I can’t blame you after all. However, I assure you I’m not just added space.”
“You're probably wondering just what I can do, huh?”

“I doubt that anything you can do for us would make me decide to take you with me. But go on.”

“Well, I’m fairly good at magic and can wield a sword too.Not only that.” Lunel use her right hand to point at her head.“But I’m good up here to. I can use some good tricks to help you guys out in case you get yourselves in trouble.”
“Such as?” Pide interjected.
Lunel puffed her cheeks out at this question.
“Such as battle strategy. Don’t tell me you plan on going out there without someone who can order you effectively in a fight?”
Lunel paused at this and sheepishly said under her breath. “Of course, that’s a talent I gained being on the streets of Swordhaven.”

“That would be me.”
Lunel looked at Pide’s face and tilted her head slightly.
“Hmm, you know strategy in battle? You don’t look like much of a strategist though.”
“Neither do you, to be honest.”
“Point taken.”
Lunel then turned to Abby and started up again.
“I can also use my magic to heal and I’m sure that will be useful on your journey. Since I feel only a little magical presence in…..”
Lunel put her right hand on her chin again and tilted her head trying to remember the girl’s head.
“Come on, They just said their names to.” Lunel silently beat herself up over forgetting one of their names.
“I know it’s something with an A…..Ave? No…..Angi? That’s not it either. Ugh what was it! Abb? Abby? Abby! That’s it!”
Lunel continued as if she had never forgotten, ignoring the looks she got.
“In Abby.”
Lunel turned her attention back to Pide.
“Well? I’m sure that I can help you in at least one of these ways.”

“I’m sorry, kid, but I just won’t take someone of your age to the Cape. It’s not the right thing to do.”
Lunel sighed and adjusted the bag on her back.
“Well, I’d had hoped I could get a team to make things a little easier but, that’s fine, I’ll go there myself then. I bet I can beat you all there to.”
Lunel turned around and walked away from the group sorely disappointed, as this meant getting to the Cape would be much harder.

Pide barely heard the words come out of the girl’s mouth before shouting after her. So much for talking her out of it, he thought.
“Now hold on a moment, kid. If you’re dead set on getting to the Cape, we might be able to work something out. I don’t want to take you there. It’s dangerous, filled with undead and other nasties. Not the kind of thing I myself am keen on meeting. But if you’re going there anyways, you may as well have some protection. You can come with us, but don’t think this makes you part of our team. If we get in a fight, you are going to stay far and out of the way. Is that clear?”

Lunel stop and turned to face Pide. She looked at him in the face and blinked for a few seconds, confused at the change. Lunel then grinned widely and answered him with her hand outstretched.
“Sure thing, Mr. Pide!”
“By the way, my name is Lunel.”
Lunel addressed herself to everyone in the group. She paused, then shuffled to adjust the bag on her back and looked back at everyone’s faces.
“I’m really glad to be aboard, just please don’t stare at my eyes...it’s uncomfortable.”

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