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=WPC 2023= Finals OOC

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2/12/2023 17:34:50   

Chromatic ArchKnight of RP

Welcome and congratulations to all who participated in this yearís Where Powers Collide! Welcome to the Final Battlefield!

Thank you to everyone who took part in the tournament this year. Iím extremely impressed with the skill, creativity, and collaboration of all of our writers, especially with the new ones this year. Iíve had a blast acting as your director for the first time, but I know weíre all here for one reason. So, without further ado, I present, in no particular order, your finalists.

The 2023 Knights of Order
Captain of the Nightmare, created by Starflame13!
Thorn, created by Apocalypse!
Kasdil, created by markthematey!

The 2023 Knights of Chaos
The Parodist, created by Roseleaf320!
The Vessel Bearer, created by ChaosRipJaw!
Ferdinand, the Inevitable, created by Sylphe!

The music inspiration behind the Final, and the First, Battlefield, can be found here.

All non-finalists who survived the trials may either continue to fight, or return to their own realms. You are welcome to write about the return in an exit post in the appropriate Battlefield. If a character has perished, their corpse is returned instead.

All chosen Knights, PLEASE READ THE REST OF THIS POST IN ITS ENTIRETY. Anyone else, feel free to skip to the final paragraphs after the line break, with info as to where you can go from here!

All of the same rules from the initial OOC thread apply - with the exception of extensions. Everyone in the Finals now has either two 12 hour extensions, or one 24 hour extension at their disposal. I will do my best to continue to give people 24 hour idle-out warnings, but this is the Finals. You are ultimately responsible for posting on time, so plan your posting schedule accordingly.

Once your character enters the Final Battlefield, you start with a clean state. Writings from the Trials will be evaluated again only if a tie-breaker is absolutely necessary. Here is where you truly need to focus. Communicate and collaborate with each other, ask questions when needed, proofread your posts, and have a blast showing off your writing skills and abilities. While you are not required to collaborate with every single person on your side in the coming battle, keep in mind that you are working together towards the common goal of defeating the enemy - so try not to harm or hinder your allies!

Finals are structured differently than the Trials. Everyone is given time to make an introduction post and preferably a second (more action-oriented) post. At this point, the Judge will dismiss two Knights - one each from the ranks of Order and Chaos (Note that additional posts after your second will not be considered when deciding the first cuts). The tentative date for this first cut is Monday, February 20th, at 11:59pm server time. Knights will continue to be dismissed every 8 days until only one fighter for each side remains, at which point a victor will be chosen. If a contestant idles out, they will take the place of the Knight dismissed from their side.

The victor will be crowned as a Champion of either Chaos or Order, and earn a blessing from the Power that they follow. As they have fought in this war to tip the scales in favor of their side, upon returning to their own realm, the scales will thus be tipped in their favor in whatever type of conflict or struggle they are involved in.

There will be an in-thread announcement when the Knights are dismissed, but each Knight will have some sense or awareness when their time to depart comes. Upon being dismissed, your character is faced with two choices. They can Concede personal victory and withdraw from the Battlefield, thus being returned to their own realm. Or, they can Sacrifice themselves for their cause and make a single, final attack against the opposition. If you choose this second option, your character is then left to the mercy of those remaining in the Battlefield. As such, to any fighter targeted by such an attack, please treat it with appropriate severity. In the case of a Sacrifice, the post must be made within 4 days of the announcement. If not, it will be assumed your character has Conceded and left the battlefield.

As with the Arena OOC threads, I will be editing in any questions about the Grand Arena in general here! Starting with:

What are the dimensions of the Final Battlefield?
The Finals are on a square battlefield. Each boundary ďedgeĒ is 120 feet (36.6 meters) long, and the distance from the geometric center to any of the four corners is approximately 85feet (25.9 meters). The boundary edges have no walls - and being thrown off will result in the character flying off into the void. A rough map of the battlefield, to scale, may be found here. The river of colors that represents Chaos is 25 feet (7.6 meters) overhead - and while it is not solid, it is still opaque.

The Knights of Order are on the western (left) side, and the Knights of Chaos are on the eastern (right). You may choose amongst your allies the exact order/position of yourselves along your side, and may be any distance between the center and edge as you see fit. All Knights arrive at the board at the same time regardless of posting order.

How do our characters get transported to the Final Battlefield?
Once a Pawn is removed from their first Trial, you are free to perceive the transition from that point in whichever way best fits your narrative. You may return to the Chequered City, speak with a representative of the Powers, or even return to your home plane shortly before you are transported in some way to the Final Battlefield. While not required, each combatant has the option of a full heal/restore (as well as the restoration of any ammo/armor/weapons that were damaged in the first Trial), enacted however they wish to in the transition. Please reach out to me if you have specific questions about this mechanic or are intending to do something more unusual with your restore.

What is the lighting like on the Battlefield?
The primary light source comes from the set of scales, which glow brightly with a flat, white light that casts shadows as normal. Picture them as a grand chandelier. While the outskirts of the battlefield might be slightly dimmer, there is no significant lighting difference. The scales are 20 feet (6.1 meters) overhead in the dead center of the battlefield.

What is the temperature like on the Battlefield?
The natural temperature of the Battlefield is much lower than usual, cold enough that breath is visible, but not enough to become dangerous to the Knights or hinder movement.

Can the tiles be damaged?
The tiles cannot be chipped or damaged this year. The grip Order has is too tight.

What are those pillars?
5ft both north (up) and south(down) from the center stands two pillars of carved ice stretching to the set of scales above. These pillars are 10ft across on each side. They are not smooth; instead they are made of a variety of icy weapons that stick out from them at different angles, both blade first and handle first.

Can I draw those weapons?
If a character grips the blade or handle of a weapon from the pillar with the intent to pull it out, it slides out smoothly. Any conventional melee weapon can be drawn in this way. If a character that already has one of these weapons attempts to draw a second, their first shatters into tiny, useless shards as their second is drawn. Weapons can sized to be usable by the character that draws them, but do not HAVE to be. I.E, if you would like to draw an unusably large or small weapon, you may, as long as it is within reason.

How strong are these weapons?
Once drawn, a weapon is enchanted to be as durable as a regular weapon of decent quality. As they are still ice, however, they can melt when exposed to intense heat.

how intuitive is it that knights can just grab weapons?
The handles are out enough that some blades are visible, it would be easily understandable that these can be drawn.

What happens if I collide with the pillar otherwise?
The weaponís handles will snap off and quickly melt if they are collided with or grabbed without intending to draw them out.

Once again, thank you to everyone for participating in Where Powers Collide! Even if you did not make it through to the Finals, stick around to watch and cheer on your favorites, both here and in the Discord server!

In addition, I would love to hear feedback on how YOU, the players, felt this tournament went! The feedback form may be filled out anonymously, and can be found here.

For anyone who would like to continue improving their own role-playing skills, I encourage you to check out either the Role Playing Academy or the Combat Training forums.

Additionally, keep an eye on the Role Playing General Discussion for any future, member-led RPís, or feel free to look into creating your own! Additionally, I am happy to give feedback on individual performances in WPC. People are welcome to PM me to ask for said feedback, but please be patient if it takes a while for me to respond as I will be slightly busy judging the Finals Phase.

Best of luck to all of our Knights!

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2/16/2023 20:40:56   

Requesting a 12 hour extension, please.
DF  Post #: 2
2/17/2023 0:12:30   

Chromatic ArchKnight of RP

@Sylphe - Extension granted (Late, oops). Your new deadline is Friday, February 17th, at 12:00pm server time. You have one 12-hour extension remaining.
Post #: 3
2/17/2023 8:48:28   

Chromatic ArchKnight of RP

@Sylphe has requested their second extension, which I am granting. Their new deadline is Saturday, February 18th, at 12:00am server time. They have no extensions remaining.
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2/18/2023 11:48:26   

Post was written with collab from Apocalypse for the Unmakyr appearance
DF  Post #: 5
2/21/2023 22:59:38   

Chromatic ArchKnight of RP

Every single year this only gets harder as you all improve and match each other. Congratulations to all of our knights for entrances filled with horror and humor and drama. Thereís been some extremely unique stuff this year, but unfortunately I must do my duty.

So let us begin.

From the side of Order, the knight dismissed is Kasdil. MarktheMatey, every year your writing improves by leaps and bounds, and you hit me with some incredible scenes and moments. Kasdil was such a drastic turn from Lune of last year, but had by far some of the strongest single lines that left me actually speechless as I read them. I cannot wait to see what you do, both in future competitions and even just in exiting this one.

From the side of Chaos, the knight dismissed is The Vessel Bearer. ChaosRipjaw, your work with Vessel Bearer presented a really interesting style with its own unique flow. It felt extremely fitting for such a forlorn yet determined character, and was a joy to read. I look forward to your next character and your next competition!

If you are sacrificing, you have 4 days from this announcement to make your post. Otherwise you will be assumed to have conceded and withdrawn, and may post that exit either before the next cut or after the competition has ended. Regardless, please inform the other writers of your decisions.

Flavor text will be posted in the thread. The next cut will occur 8 days from the original intended time: 11:59pm ET (Server Time) on Tuesday, February 28th.

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2/24/2023 22:03:13   

Posted with approval from sylphdrake.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 7
2/28/2023 14:40:50   

requesting a 12-hour extension, please!
Post #: 8
2/28/2023 16:50:35   

Chromatic ArchKnight of RP

@Roseleaf315 Granted! Your new deadline is Wednesday, March 1st, at 4:54am server time! You have one 12-hour extension remaining
Post #: 9
2/28/2023 21:47:22   

posted with collab from sylphe.

Timing-wise, feather attack will be resolved next post.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 10
3/1/2023 0:00:16   

Chromatic ArchKnight of RP

And so we come to the second cut, and our final cut before the final decision. This was very, very difficult for me, but I have come to my decision.

From the side of Chaos, the Knight dismissed is The Parodist. Roseleaf, you tackled something unique this time around. The Parodist left me chilled and glued to your words, with a new style we donít often see making for some really potent scenes! Excellent work treading new ground, and I hope to see something different again next year!

From the side of Order, the Knight dismissed is Thorn. Apocalypse, you crafted a beautiful style with Thorn, leaving me stunned at how you approached such an inhuman character both in how you wrote their senses and their actions. Thorn had this quiet menace to him that truly made him stand out. I hope to see another excellent character from you next year!

Like last time, if you are sacrificing you have 4 days from this announcement to make your post. Otherwise you will be assumed to have conceded and withdrawn, and may post that exit either before the next cut or after the competition has ended. Regardless, please inform the other writers of your decisions.

Flavor text will be posted in the thread. The battlefield thread will lock 8 days from tonight on Wednesday, March 8th, at 11:59pm Server Time. After that I will take time to reread and prepare my final decision, and announce it within a few days after.

Starflame13. Sylphe. Congratulations, you are now alone on the Battlefield. You are safe from idling, though I do recommend fitting two posts each into these next 8 days. I expect your best work to bring this yearís war to an end.

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3/14/2023 11:18:33   

Chromatic ArchKnight of RP

This yearís finale has arrived. Both finalists crafted incredible stories, working with their fellow writers to pull at my heartstrings and leave me at the edge of my seat. I am honored to have witnessed The Captain and Ferdinandís struggles within our Final Battlefield.

The Decision.

This victor of this yearís war is the Knight of the Sea, The Captain of the Nightmare, Miriam! Please congratulate Starflame13, our 2023 Where Powers Collide Champion!

The thread is now unlocked for any remaining knights to make their exit posts. Flavor text will be in the thread itself. Apocalypse, if you feel that anything in your Blessing would impact the other characters or their direct surrounding demi-plane, please run those details by me prior to posting.

Please fill out the feedback form here to let me know of any improvements I could make for next year. I will keep this open for a few weeks.

If you enjoyed the fighting style of the WPC, I recommend checking out our Combat Training forums For those who like general practice, I recommend checking out either the Role Playing Academy, or the long-standing Yulger's Inn Roleplay. For those who would like something more story-driven, look into which RP's are recruiting in the OOC section, or even create and host your own!

Once more, thank you all for participating, and congratulations!
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