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Resolute -> Hot Plot (7/13/2007 17:04:24)

Hot Plot

Other name: The Plot Thickens

Location: Falconreach -> The Plot Thickens, Time Travel Fairies Time Tours -> Beach Vacation Invasion -> Friday the 13th INVASION -> Hot Plot!, Timeline (Book 1) -> The Orb Saga Beach Vacation Invasion! -> Hot Plot!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: June 13th, 2007 January 1st, 2010

Objective: HAHAHAHAH! You guys totally thought that the beach war had nothing to do with the plot! SUCKERS!
Objective completed: The Beach War was just a distraction? The Light monsters are actually Xan's fire minions? Do you have enough strength left to save Falconreach from a doomy fate? Only time will tell!

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0




Xan: HAHAHAHAHAHA! The Heroes of Falconreach are completely pre-occupied with my cleverly disguised fire minions.
Xan: You are free to make your move...
Necromantress: Cleverly disguised? They're on fire... all of them are on fire. How is that "cleverly disguised"?
Xan: ... the lavagoblin isn't on fire.
Necromantress: I have to admit, Xan, it takes an amazing amount of power to cast an illusion of an army of that size.
Necromantress: They really all seem to be aligned with Light instead of Fire. I'm impressed.
Xan: I'm not here to impress you Necromancer. This illusion is only a taste of the Pyronomicon's true power!
Xan: I am only here helping you by Lord Sepulchure's command. I'm wasting time with you while Warlic sits in his tent and...
Necromantress: Don't lose your focus, Xan. Once we are done here you may return to your obsession with the blue mage...
Necromantress: ... and I will return to my plans in Amityvale. You know the plan. Your minions distract the heroes, drain their energy and resources...
Necromantress: ... then my undead army joins your forces and together they lay waste to Falconreach once and for all.
Necromantress: Finally, we retrieve the Hatchling for Lord Sepulchure and claim our rewards.
Xan: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Not before my creation cooks dragon's master and the rest of those heroes!
Xan: Falconreach has already risen from the ashes once. I do not like leaving things unfinished.
Necromantress: Do not fear. Even if our combined forces fall to <Character>, our new powerful servants will finish the job!
Necromantress: These pathetic heroes are too tired to put up any kind of fight. Falconreach is doomed!
Necromantress: ...
Necromantress: ... Any chance we can turn down the heat in here?
Xan: I told you that you would regret wearing those robes. You COULD take your hood down.
Necromantress: No I can't! I have terrible hood-hair right now. How about a glass of water?
Xan: Water??! My HEAD is mostly made of FIRE! Why would I have water?!
Necromantress: *sigh* Nevermind.

Thanks to
-- Stephen Nix for tag information.
-- Tolkienfanatic for the dialogue.
-- Gabriel Castro for a correction.

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