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Undead Assault
DragonFable's very first War

Other names: Invasion Of The Undead!

Location: Testopia -> Undead Assault -> To Battle!, Time Travel Fairies Time Tours -> Undead Assault -> To War!, Timeline (Book 1) -> The Orb Saga Undead Assault! -> To War!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: May 28th, 2006 January 1st, 2010

Objective: DragonFable's very first war!
Objective completed: And so it began...

Scaled Yes/No: No

Introduction/War Meter

Wave 1: (7) Deadwood, (1) Flying Eyeball, (3) Skeletal Minion, (5) Slime
Wave 2: (1) Deadwood, (1) Flying Eyeball, (3) Skeletal Minion, (10) Slime
Wave 3: (1) Deadwood, (3) Flying Eyeball, (1) Skeletal Minion, (8) Slime
Wave 4: (6) Deadwood, (5) Skeletal Minion
Joke Wave: (1) Slime "Oh my... is it your unlucky day."


Time Travel Fairy Ticketstub
Defender's Medal


Old Man Grizzleguts says, "There is a strange red glow in the sky. Rumors are spreading faster than peanut butter and jelly on my sandwich... Mmm... peanut butter. Dangit! Now I am hungry. Undead? Oh... right, villagers have spotted flying eyeballs which seem to be acting as scouts and spys for this advancing army. Trees are uprooting themselves and lumbering towards town! The footsteps of the skeletal forces are posioning the ground causing bubbles of menacing slime to appear! They will reach town soon!"

  • Battle! - takes you to the war waves.

  • Town - takes you back to town.


  • Image: Victory Scene

    Thanks to
  • Peachii for entry rewrite.
  • Sagrym for images.
  • SalvationXI for reward information.
  • Soulwraith and Suikoman444 for dialogue.
  • Gabriel Castro, Sasuke Uchiha, and Stephen Nix for corrections.

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