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1/5/2008 9:32:26   
Supa Killa II


Location: Undead Assault, And So It Began..., Sepulchure's Flying Fortress, The Hatching, Friday The 13th III, Finale!, Icemaster Yeti's cave, Sepulchure, Popguns, Sitcom, Ex Machina, Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad, Gnome?, Epilogue, Share and Share Alike, Risen, Mission: Improbable, Spy Saga: Beach War, Earth and Entropy, The Final 13th, The Flying Fortress, Beast of War, Sepulchure (Final 13th), After the Ice Orb, Dying Light, Sepulchure's Fortress, The Ultimate Orb, The Dragon Drakath, An Unlikely Duo, Shattered, Tea For Three, Out of Control, The Spells We Weave, Sunfall: Part 2, Ambition's Crossroads, Direct Current, Broken Circuit (Part 1), Roots of Change, Into the Abyss, Crash and Burn, The Only Path

Quests given

Shops owned

Undead Assault

Sepulchure: Speak, Necromancer.

Sepulchure: ...

Sepulchure: Everything is going according to our Master's plan.
Sepulchure: You are dismissed.

Sepulchure: Yes.

Sepulchure: Unlikely.

Sepulchure: You mean that adventurer?

Sepulchure: ?

And So It Began...

Sepulchure: Speak Necromancer.

Sepulchure: ...

Sepulchure: Everything is going according to our Master's plan.

Sepulchure: You are dismissed.

Sepulchure: Yes.

Sepulchure: Unlikely.

Sepulchure: <Character>?

Sepulchure: ?

Sepulchure's Flying Fortress

Sepulchure: Prince Drakath, you are a FOOL!

Sepulchure: Our agreement was BOTH dragon Boxes! Black AND White! I only see the White Dragon Box before me.

Sepulchure: I think, perhaps, that you are still focusing too much on your energy taking on King Alteon's throne...

Sepulchure: BE SILENT! As I have promised, bring me BOTH boxes and the power...and the throne...will be yours.
Sepulchure: Do not interrupt me... or return here without both dragon boxes... ever again.
Sepulchure: Do not fail me a second time, Prince Drakath.

The Hatching

Sepulchure: With the might of this dragon at my command, the world will bow at my feet.
Sepulchure: The age of Darkness begins, as soon as my dragon takes its first breath.

Sepulchure: The Dragon Amulet, Drakath. With the power of the Dragon Amulet, the dragon will assume its fully grown form at my command.

Sepulchure: It it time.

Sepulchure: Is that better my little dracolich? I think I'll call you...
Sepulchure: ...Fluffy.

Friday The 13th III, Finale!

Sepulchure: I do not have patience for your games Xan. Is it done?

Sepulchure: Good. What of your illusion? Is there a chance that the people of Falconreach will find out...
Sepulchure: ... that one of the people in Falconreach has been replaced with one of our spies?

Sepulchure: The two of us are the only ones that know of the replacement but the Necromantress is no fool. She might uncover her real role in this.

Sepulchure: ... Not yet, she is nearing the end of her usefulness, but she has not reached it just yet.

Sepulchure: You have done well Xan. You may return to your plans regarding Warlic.

Icemaster Yeti's cave

Sepulchure: We've done tests. The moglins healing abilities do not work on the undead. They are useless to us...
Sepulchure: There will be no payment...

Sepulchure: We will not pay for useless goods. I'm sure that you can find something to do with them...
Sepulchure: ...You look like you could use a snack.
Sepulchure: *Disappears*


Sepulchure: Like a rat to cheese... <Character>, you're so predictable.

Sepulchure: Don't flatter yourself. I've just been too busy to bother with you.

Sepulchure: HA! You're funny. No one told me that. No, I'm still a very busy man, but when you recaptured the Wind Orb from my servant Drakath...
Sepulchure: ... I was forced to start considering you a nuisance, like an insect in my food... an insect to be crushed.

Sepulchure: ...

Sepulchure: You're right. But I'm not exactly human anymore... and my master is nothing like human.

Sepulchure: There was a prophecy which said that there would be born two dragons... one would save the world and the other would destroy it.
Sepulchure: We were concerned when you hatched the dragon from the black dragon box. The prophecy said that this dragon was the one to destroy the world.
Sepulchure: I was able to hatch the saviour dragon from the white dragon box. Once Fluffy had been corrupted by Darkness...
Sepulchure: ... the dragon who was meant to save the world became another of my undead servants. At that point the prophecy was broken.

Sepulchure: Believe what you like. My master set all of these events in motion when mankind was still crawling in caves hiding from the sun.
Sepulchure: You were a tiny part of the master's plan, and you have played your part. With the prophecy broken, you're just an irritant to be swept aside.

Sepulchure: I have no interest in fighting you. It would bore me, so just step aside.

Sepulchure: It's true that you've proven more powerful than even I suspected, but fighting me is suicide. I'm out of your league.
Sepulchure: I'd rather wait until you've developed your skills. At least then it would be an interesting fight.
Sepulchure: Last chance, <Character>. Run or die.

Sepulchure: Very well, let's begin.

Sepulchure: Heh, I gave you a fair warning. You were not ready for me. Now prepare to pay the price.

Sepulchure: No. I will not give this cretin mercy! We will destroy her/him, NOW.

Sepulchure: ... No. I obey. It looks like you will have another chance, <Character>. Make next battle more interesting for me.


Sepulchure: ...Is in the town below us. I know.
Sepulchure: I can sense him(her). That power is unmistakeable.

Sepulchure: I fear nothing. <Character> is powerful but he(she) is only a single person.
Sepulchure: One small hero is no match for the Shadowscythe.

Sepulchure: All over Lore, people huddle in pools of light... terrified. Trying to keep the Darkness back.
Sepulchure: It is a losing battle. The light is fading. <Character> is one of the few remaining candles of hope.
Sepulchure: I will be the one to extinguish that candle.

Sepulchure: I grow tired of this scheming, and I grow tired of <Character>. If we cross path's again...

Sepulchure: We shall see...
Sepulchure: But for now we must concentrate on getting the energy orb.
Sepulchure: Time grows short and that orb must be ours soon.
Sepulchure: DRAKATH! Prepare the skeletal army. Tomorrow we begin our siege of Popsprocket...
Sepulchure: ...if we're lucky, <Character> will just get caught in the crossfire.


Sepulchure: ...MY Fortress, Drakath. There is only one person on LORE who would dare risk my wrath. <Character> will pay for this insult!

Sepulchure: No. <Character> knows that he could never get to me within my own fortress.
Sepulchure: I have no doubt that it was some ill-conceived plan to spy on me.

Sepulchure: Then he must have left something within the fortress.

Sepulchure: Yes.

Sepulchure: Yes, something like that.

Sepulchure: What are you prattling on about, Drakath?

Sepulchure: Drakath, you IDIOT. This was flying behind me the whole time you were describing our plans?

Sepulchure: That didn't strike you as a little ODD?

Sepulchure: Stand aside, Drakath. I will capture it.

Sepulchure: Let that be a lesson to you, prince of fools. And as for YOU....
Sepulchure: ...It does not matter that you know my plans. In fact, I invite you and your friends to try and stop me and my undead army.
Sepulchure: I have been forgiving so far, <Character>, but that time is over.

Ex Machina

Sepulchure: AHAHAHA! And <Character> will be fighting my minions AND these machines!
Sepulchure: It won't be MY fault if he fails to survive. AND I'll have the Energy Orb.

Sepulchure: *sigh*
Sepulchure: I don't CARE if there are cyklons left over. They can attack the rest of the towns on Lore, for all I care.
Sepulchure: Any havoc they wreak only plays into my plans.

Sepulchure: ...
Sepulchure: Yes.

Sepulchure: <Character>!

Sepulchure: So, a pre-emptive attack of my well-defended fortress? How brave of you. No... not brave. What's that other word?

Sepulchure: That's it!

Sepulchure: Might makes right, and I am VERY mighty. If that gnome who has it now can stop me from taking it, he can keep it.

Sepulchure: *sneer* you underestimate me, machine. My powers far outstrip those of some buckets of bolts.

Sepulchure: Be quiet, Drakath. I'm boasting.

Sepulchure: You will see, machine...
Sepulchure: You and <Character> both! You doubt me?! I will obliterate ALL the Cyklons!
Sepulchure: This is how the DARKNESS takes care of problems! And we're...
Sepulchure: ...STARTING WITH YOU!

Sepulchure: And as for you, <Character>...
Sepulchure: Since you kindly obliged me by entering my fortress voluntarily, why don't I just take care of you now?

Sepulchure: Drakath, go do something useful. NOW.

Sepulchure: <Character>, get out. Go gather your precious allies. I will crush them all. War is coming!

Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad, Gnome?

Sepulchure: That orb was supposed to be MINE!

Sepulchure: But <Character> is RIGHT. THERE!

Sepulchure: *rage*


Sepulchure: ...the Fire Orb is MINE.
Sepulchure: You, Konnan, were able to draw more power from the Orb than anyone...
Sepulchure: ...and I am going to take you apart piece by piece to find out how.

Mogloween (Chapter 4)

Share and Share Alike

Sepulchure: What do you have to report?

Sepulchure: Good, another distraction for our "heroic" friend.
Sepulchure: It will keep her/him busy for now. You have your orders, be ready to make your move.


Sepulchure: The Orb, give it to me.

Sepulchure: Without the orb to protect them... to increase their power, they are inconsequential.
Sepulchure: Were you suspected at all?

Sepulchure: Good. I want you to return, but first....
Sepulchure: ..Tell me more about the elf girl.

Mission: Improbable

Sepulchure: Do you think me a fool, woman?
Sepulchure: You played your hand without my permission.
Sepulchure: You disappoint me. I have spies installed in every major town in Lore and you dare to place it all in jeopardy.
Sepulchure: Hahahaha...
Sepulchure: What major elemental orb is unaccounted for? Can you tell me that?
Sepulchure: Fire and Water are in my grasp. Light, Wind, Darkness, Ice, Energy are all accounted for and being watched.
Sepulchure: The Stone Orb is in play... but it cannot be in Falconreach...
Sepulchure: ...And the Nature Orb, hahaha, some foolish girl in the woods has it, and it will be mine soon enough.
Sepulchure: There are no elements left, fool.
Sepulchure: As long as <Character> continues to fail to realize the potential of the Orbs and leave them scattered s/he will be nothing more then an annoyance.
Sepulchure: <Character> still stumbles around blindly without seeking out most of the Orbs.
Sepulchure: The Orb s/he did seek, s/he was foolish enough to leave in the hands of a mercenary. No, I think my need for you has long passed, Which means...
Sepulchure: That your employment must be... terminated.
Sepulchure: I've already had to replace your illusion once, Sabrina.
Sepulchure: You have failed me for the last time and for that, I'll be sending you back into the Darkness Realm... in the most painful way possible.

Spy Saga: Beach War

Sepulchure: I do not have patience for your games Xan. Is it done?
Sepulchure: Good. What of your illusion? Is there a chance that the people of falconreach will find out...
Sepulchure: ...that one of the people in Falconreach has been replaced with one of our spies?
Sepulchure: The two of us are the only ones that know of the replacement but the Necromantress is no fool. She might uncover her real role in this.
Sepulchure: ... Not yet, she is nearing the end of her usefulness, but she has not reached it just yet.
Sepulchure: You have done well Xan. You may return to your plans regarding Warlic.

Earth and Entropy

Sepulchure: Hmph.
Sepulchure: Don't you ever tire of interfering?
Sepulchure: Put your toys away.

Sepulchure: You were foolish enough to find both halves of the Earth Orb for me, I could crush you where you stand.

Sepulchure: Hmm, he chose rather poorly....

Sepulchure: You may have managed to destroy my Entropy Dragon... but it looks like I'm left with a new set of minions.
Sepulchure: I have more pressing duties to attend to. Minions, get the sword.

The Final 13th

Sepulchure: Excellent.
Sepulchure: See to it. Do not fail me, Draketh.
Sepulchure: Falconreach...
Sepulchure: Prepare yourself.

Sepulchure: Unleash doom.

Sepulchure: Hmph.
Sepulchure: FALCONREACH!
Sepulchure: On this day... you will know your place in the order of things.
Sepulchure: The tale of your destruction.. shall be told for thousands of years!
Sepulchure: NO ONE stands against the mighty Sepulchure!
Sepulchure: NO ONE withstands my wrath. Your fate is sealed!
Sepulchure: Today.. you will witness the birth of a legend! Today.. I will destroy EVERYTHING you love.
Sepulchure: And when your heart is filled with pain and sorrow, and your mind is crushed under the weight of despair..
Sepulchure: I will claim the Orb of Darkness, and this world shall be MINE.
Sepulchure: There is nowhere to run.
Sepulchure: There is nowhere to hide.

The Flying Fortress

Sepulchure: ...
Sepulchure: If that shrivelled old prune is meddling with my affairs.. you and her will suffer greatly for this.
Sepulchure: SILENCE!
Sepulchure: I will see to this matter personally.

Sepulchure: Leaving so soon?

Sepulchure: You shriveled, old...YOU WILL PAY DEARLY FOR THIS, PEASANT!
Sepulchure: Then let it crash.

Beast of War

Sepulchure: Next, we remove the wall they hide behind.

Sepulchure (Final 13th)

Sepulchure: Hmph.

Sepulchure: I've been waiting a long time for this, <Character>.

Sepulchure: Recently hatched.

Sepulchure: His father happily welcomed him into this world.

Sepulchure: Your circle of allies grows smaller, <Character>.

Sepulchure: You will watch your friends... your towns... fall to me.

Sepulchure: You will be the last. And there will be nothing you can do to stop me.

Sepulchure: Hahahaha! Defeated my army?

Sepulchure: Did you think it would be that easy? That was just the first wave fool!

After the Ice Orb

  • Search for the Ice Orb
    Sepulchure: Too late, <Character>.

    Sepulchure: Yes, <Character>, another bauble to add to my collection.

    Sepulchure: My spy has done well.

    Sepulchure: I'm sure I'll see you again soon, <Character>. Hahahahaha!

  • Fight Titan Undead Akriloth
    Sepulchure: No.

    Sepulchure: I believe you've borrowed something of mine, Pyromancer.

    Sepulchure: Hmph..

    Sepulchure: The hero lives... he/she gets to watch as I pull this world down into darkness.
    Sepulchure: I have no use for minions who wish to exact their own revenge before my own.
    Sepulchure: Consider the... extinguishing of your powers a lesson.

    Sepulchure: Yes, <Character>, another bauble to add to my collection. My spy has done well.

    Sepulchure: I'm sure I'll see you again soon, <Character>. Hahahahaha!

    Dying Light

    Sepulchure: Oh, bad child, you can't break my toys...
    Sepulchure: You'll have to be punished. Hahahahahahaha!

    Sepulchure: Finally.
    Sepulchure: My new fortress lies north of Willowshire in the Deadlands, "hero".
    Sepulchure: You're invited, if you dare, to see my ultimate victory unfold. Hahahahaahahaa!

    Sepulchure's Fortress

    Sepulchure: It is time.
    Sepulchure: Oh "hero", so glad you could make it.

    Sepulchure: I wanted you here to see my ultimate victory. To see that everything you've done to try and stop me has been in vain.

    Sepulchure: Stand together? Hahaha, oh <Character>...
    Sepulchure: Only you are invited!

    Sepulchure: The new moon rises tonight, <Character>.
    Sepulchure: As total darkness overtakes this land I will unlock the ultimate power of the eight Orbs.
    Sepulchure: Come alone... and don't be late. Hahahahahaha.

    Sepulchure: Your time is running short, "hero". You spent too long making your way through my fortress. I hope you watched your step... Hahahahaa!

    Sepulchure: You still don't understand the scope of my power! Make your way through my Tower of Darkness and watch helplessly as I create the Ultimate Orb!

    The Ultimate Orb

    Sepulchure: Then you better hurry "hero"....

    Sepulchure: Ah, you made it through, "hero". Just in time.

    Sepulchure: Have you learned nothing?
    Sepulchure: You cannot stop me! I will become the darkness itself and bring Doom to this world!

    Sepulchure: Watch now, <Character>...
    Sepulchure: Watch as I become the master of this World!

    Sepulchure: I...
    Sepulchure: Cough. You think this will stop me, fool?! I will not be killed by the likes of you, worm...

    Sepulchure: Your living body cannot handle the power! I will watch you burn and then spit on your ashes!

    Sepulchure: NO!
    Sepulchure: AARRGGHHHH!

    The Dragon Drakath

    Sepulchure: NO!

    Sepulchure: *grunt*
    Sepulchure: That sniveling worm is MINE!

    Sepulchure: DRAKATH!!!
    Sepulchure: You are worthy of NOTHING! I will crush the life from your bones!!!

    Sepulchure: This is not your fight, <Class Title>. Do NOT get in my way!

    Sepulchure: You have no say in the matter!


    Sepulchure: He is MINE, fool. I will not suffer his betrayal


    Sepulchure: Nothing is over...
    Sepulchure: ...but my revenge comes first
    Sepulchure: Call your World Destroyer, <Character>. We have a dragon to kill

    An Unlikely Duo

    Sepulchure: Drakath. Must. Die.

    Sepulchure: YOUR TIME IS UP, WORM!!

    Sepulchure: Better then what you deserve, traitor.

    Sepulchure: But... but I am a creature of the darkness! I was promised this world!

    Sepulchure: WHAT?!

    Sepulchure: ...
    Sepulchure: No.... no... Lynaria....


    Sepulchure: Your living body cannot handle the power! I will watch you burn and then spit on your ashes!

    Tea For Three

    ???: Gravy, I'm home!

    ???: I'm so sorry, princess!

    ???: Now, can you tell me why the guards are all beaten up?

    ???: Oh...
    ???: Lynn... have you been sneaking out again? We've been over this—

    ???: Heroic... deeds?

    Sepulchure: It's...

    Sepulchure: Yes...
    Sepulchure: From...

    Sepulchure: ... work.

    Sepulchure: ...

    Sepulchure: ...

    Sepulchure: ...
    Sepulchure: I could never be mad at you, princess.

    Sepulchure: You're... Gravelynn's guest.

    Sepulchure: I... won't.

    Sepulchure: You're welcome, sweetie!

    Sepulchure: A what?

    Sepulchure: You should.

    Sepulchure: I am.
    Sepulchure: If you tell anyone about this, I will kill your loved ones, destroy you. and obliterate everything you hold dear.

    Sepulchure: But my daughter... really really likes you, for some Avatars unknown reason...
    Sepulchure: You are permitted to visit her again in the future, but if I am in the vicinity, you will not speak to me nor make an eye contact with me.

    Sepulchure: You will visit her in the future!

    Sepulchure: She needs—

    Sepulchure: I—
    Sepulchure: Nevermind.

    Sepulchure: I will walk you out.

    Sepulchure: Listen. To. Me.
    Sepulchure: I wasn't joking.
    Sepulchure: I may be a shadow of my former self, but I can still inflict a great amount of pain to you and those around you.

    Sepulchure: No one can know about my daughter. About who and what she is.
    Sepulchure: Especially The Rose.
    Sepulchure: ...
    Sepulchure: I've helped you before...
    Sepulchure: ... now it's time for you to return the favour.
    Sepulchure: Do not tell ANYONE about this!

    Sepulchure: Wh—
    Sepulchure: Why are you being like this?!

    Sepulchure: If you can call them that...

    Sepulchure: Precisely.

    Out of Control

    Sepulchure: Even here... even now...
    Sepulchure: I cannot escape this presence!
    Sepulchure: ...for Lynn... for my daughter... I must... succeed...

    The Spells We Weave

    Sepulchure: You would attempt to slay me over such a realization?
    Sepulchure: Do you know who I am– what I have done?

    Sepulchure: I refuse to work any further on this device.

    Sepulchure: You don't know what you've seen.
    Sepulchure: Any other person on this continent would have dropped in terror!
    Sepulchure: Jaania wouldn't believe you. Nor would she care, once I've told her myself.

    Sepulchure: You are a fool, Akanthus.

    Sunfall: Part 2

    Sepulchure: Nnngh...

    Sepulchure: Pack your important things, princess. We're leaving.

    Sepulchure: I appreciate it, sweetie, but even this is out of our hands.

    Sepulchure: We are leaving.

    Sepulchure: What have I taught you?

    Sepulchure: That's a good girl. Let us move with haste.

    Sepulchure: Your... pet?

    Ambition's Crossroads

    Sepulchure: A moment, Lynn. I believe...

    Sepulchure: We have reached our destination.

    Sepulchure: Blue mage.

    Sepulchure: You've been spying on me.

    Sepulchure: Why?

    Sepulchure: ...
    Sepulchure: You will call me Amadeus.

    Sepulchure: Lynn, stay by my side, and touch nothing.

    Direct Current

    Sepulchure: Xan.
    Sepulchure: So this is where you've been hiding all this time.

    Sepulchure: Yes, blue mage, what is he doing here?

    Sepulchure: ...
    Sepulchure: You're looking... well.

    Sepulchure: Was it guilt?

    Sepulchure: Pity?

    Sepulchure: What is your intent behind helping that... madman?
    Sepulchure: And what is your intent behind helping me?

    Sepulchure: Guilt, then.

    Sepulchure: So why am I here?

    Sepulchure: Lynn wouldn't have it any other way. And I had nowhere else to turn.
    Sepulchure: But the convenience of the situation does not escape me.

    Sepulchure: You want something.

    Sepulchure: Very well.

    Sepulchure: It's fine.

    Sepulchure: I said, it's fine.
    Sepulchure: I'm used to it.

    Sepulchure: Yes. I'm okay, Lynn.

    Sepulchure: Right.

    Broken Circuit (Part 1)

    Sepulchure: So. Blue wizard. What did you want to know?

    Sepulchure: I am well.

    Sepulchure: Lynn is enjoying your hospitality.

    Sepulchure: Very well.
    Sepulchure: General Akanthus joined The Rose during Jaania's defense against Yalla.
    Sepulchure: Where he comes from is a mystery. From the information I've been able to gather, he's told many different stories to the right people.
    Sepulchure: Whatever he needs to say to gain trust and stop further inquiry.

    Sepulchure: He seems to have an easier time obtaining information and goods from the Shapeless Empire.
    Sepulchure: I would presume that he may have at least spent considerable time there.
    Sepulchure: He also claims knowledge of the south, past the Fissure. But I cannot verify his claims to such.
    Sepulchure: I cannot say with certainty from where he hails, besides most assuredly not from Greenguard.

    Sepulchure: As enigmatic as his origin.
    Sepulchure: Despite the trust and responsibility Jaania places in him...
    Sepulchure: ...he has made considerable overaggressions and he also funds various... extreme subsects of The Rose.
    Sepulchure: It would be easy to view him as an incredibly passionate yet somewhat inexperienced general.
    Sepulchure: Yet his actions all appear to align with The Rose.
    Sepulchure: Except for the device.

    Sepulchure: That device is a thing of Doom. I believe it was some sort of power source, full of Darkness magic, and worse.

    Sepulchure: He had me work on it. Threatened to oust my true form to Jaania.
    Sepulchure: And so I converted it into a weapon, an explosive to be detonated.

    Sepulchure: But I never finished it. Knowing the destructive power of what I had been ordered to create, I refused to continue.
    Sepulchure: And so, he attacked me.

    Sepulchure: He didn't recognize me. But he created that wound which you and the half-dragon tended to.
    Sepulchure: And so we fled.
    Sepulchure: I don't know what he intends with the device. He doesn't aim for Swordhaven, so Falconreach may be a possibility.
    Sepulchure: Given his past aggression, I could see him using it against the settlement to reignite the waning hatred of magic.
    Sepulchure: Or perhaps he has grander goals.

    Sepulchure: Jaania looks toward the fissure.
    Sepulchure: I do not know what would happen if the device were dropped into it, but I know it would not be good.

    Sepulchure: She trusts him with her life.
    Sepulchure: I believe the story goes that during the campaign against Yalla, Jaania and a group of guards were ambushed by elves.
    Sepulchure: Akanthus threw himself in front of Jaania as magic rained down, and somehow emerged unscathed.
    Sepulchure: Jaania was able to retaliate with a spell, but they were the only two survivors.
    Sepulchure: And before you ask, I do not know how Akanthus survived. He is powerful. Incredibly so. But I do not know from where that power is drawn.

    Sepulchure: So it would appear. Jaania is no leader. She is naive. She tries, but her own interests keep her attention.

    Sepulchure: I doubt she'll listen to you after your stunt with... Alexander.

    Sepulchure: I will stay here, for now. But if you decide to go after Akanthus, I will join you.
    Sepulchure: He threatened me, and therefore threatened Lynn.

    Sepulchure: And so he must die.

    Sepulchure: So be it.

    Roots of Change

    Sepulchure: Is there something you require?

    Sepulchure: Emotions.

    Sepulchure: Crushing denial.

    Sepulchure: Burnt to the core.

    Sepulchure: Are you still in pain?

    Sepulchure: Hmph.

    Sepulchure: What do you want from me?

    Sepulchure: I am waiting for the right—

    Sepulchure: I fear nothing!

    Sepulchure: ...

    Sepulchure: ...I am waiting for Warlic to prepare.

    Sepulchure: And what are you doing in all of this?
    Sepulchure: You speak of guilt, and pain, and fear, but all I see you doing is warming the furniture!

    Sepulchure: ...

    Into the Abyss

    Sepulchure: I am ready.

    Sepulchure: She's safe in her room. We're leaving, blue mage.
    Sepulchure: Now.

    Crash and Burn

    Sepulchure: It... it is done.

    Sepulchure: Save it, Alteon. I... need to rest...

    Sepulchure: What do you think...?

    Sepulchure: Touch me and die.

    The Only Path

    Sepulchure: Your whining isn't helping me recover.

    Sepulchure: You were weak. As you've always been.
    Sepulchure: Your people suffered because you were unable to reconcile that I was no longer the man you once knew.
    Sepulchure: You refused to take arms against me, denied to yourself that your old friend was gone.

    Sepulchure: And then if that wasn't enough to teach you your lesson, you stood back while Jaania and The Rose took over!

    Sepulchure: ...Hmph.

    Sepulchure: Whatever you say.

    Other information
  • Sepulchure is derived from 'sepulchre'; a small room or monument in which a dead person is laid or buried.
  • Sepulchure previously appeared in the retired quest Tea for Three; any retired content has been archived on its respective entry.

    Appearance with Doom Blade
    Front View Appearance
    Book 3 Appearance


    Also See: Amadeus, Nifaria, Valen

    Thanks to
  • Jay for image, appearance with Doom Blade and front view appearance images, and spoiler information.
  • Occavatra for Book 3 appearance image and information.
  • Barong the Demigod, Pink_Star, and Voodoo Master for location links and additional dialogue.
  • SalvationXI and Stephen Nix for additional dialogues and corrections.
  • Alteon1, ArchMagus Orodalf, Highlord Sendai, Mazera123, and Supa Killa the II for additional dialogue.
  • Andy8 for location link.
  • ILmaster13 and Super Nova for information.

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