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Out of Control

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8/24/2019 3:15:01   

Out of Control

Location: Sulen'Eska -> Up -> Up Vortex -> Up -> Kara SuLema -> Quests -> Out of Control,
Location: Sulen'Eska -> Up -> Up Vortex -> Mritha -> New Quests -> Visit Kara -> Kara SuLema -> Quests -> Out of Control
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Plans Entwined
Release Date: August 23rd, 2019

Objective: Just as Robina begins to acclimate to her throne, dire news emerges from Doomwood.
Objective completed: You know the red flashing lights are bad when even the Magesterium starts panicking.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(5) Energy Elemental
(3) ShockDrake
(2) Shockwisp
(2) Thunderhead
(1) Zemzana, (1) Shockwisp, (1) ShockDrake - Boss

Guard Nomas
Kara SuLema
Magus Neron
Victoria / Queen Victoria

Overgrown Signet (I-VII)

Access to OoC Loot for DCs.


*In Swordhaven, Queen Victoria sits on her throne as her subjects request an audience with her one by one.*

Victoria: I am aware of the increased monster activity in the areas around your farm, but I just—
Victoria: I'm so sorry, I just can't send my guards there at the moment.
Victoria: You could post about your problem on the city board, perhaps some kind soul can help you...

*The subject looks down, dismayed by Queen Victoria's response.*

Victoria: Alternatively...
Victoria: *Sigh*
Victoria: I could request some Rose recruits help you with your issue.
Peasant: Thank you, Your Majesty! Long may you reign! And thank the Rose!
Victoria: Mhm...

*Queen Victoria looks down, resting her head on one hand, tiring of her newfound responsibilities.*

Victoria: Dad... how did you manage all of this?
Victoria: Please send in the next audience.

*While Queen Victoria is still looking down pensively, the next subject approaches her for an audience.*

???: Greetings, Your Majesty.

*Queen Victoria swiftly sits upright, alarmed by the apparent familiarity of the subject's voice; it's Jaania.*

Victoria: Lady Jaania.

Victoria: May I... help you with something?
Jaania: Brittany's health seems stable for now. Our best researchers are doing whatever they can.
Jaania: However.
Jaania: Would it be possible to hasten the rebuilding of my chambers, Your Majesty?
Jaania: My temporary quarters negatively impact my own research endeavors.

*Queen Victoria ponders Jaania's request.*

Victoria: What a shame.

*Jaania does not react to Queen Victoria's sarcastic retort.*

Victoria: If you tell me about the incident, I will see if the renovations can progress faster.
Jaania: It was simply an experiment gone wrong, My Queen.
Victoria: I—
Victoria: Um...

*Queen Victoria knows Jaania is lying, but is initially unsure how to respond to her. She takes a deep breath, composes herself, and takes a more stern approach to dealing with Jaania.*

Queen Victoria: Lady Jaania!
Queen Victoria: I order you to tell me what happened in your tower that day, causing damage to the infrastructure and the populace of Swordhaven...
Queen Victoria: ...or else you will be thrown into the dungeon!
Queen Victoria: And believe me, it is much more uncomfortable than your current temporary quarters.
Jaania: Please accept my apologies, Your Majesty. I didn't mean to anger you.
Jaania: Two of my old acquaintances invaded my tower, uninvited, and caused the incident. They have been dealt with.
Jaania: I assure you, something like this will never happen again.
Jaania: I have already put it onto myself to personally help and reimburse the people who were caught up or injured in this incident.

*Queen Victoria appears shocked by Jaania's honesty.*

Queen Victoria: G—good. Thank you.
Queen Victoria: I will see what I can do about your old quarters.
Jaania: Thank you so much, My Queen.

Jaania: Long may you reign.
Queen Victoria: Hold.

*Jaania had turned to leave, but stopped per Queen Victoria's request.*

Queen Victoria: There is another matter which I must discuss with you.
Queen Victoria: We have welcomed the refugees of Duat into Swordhaven, and while we have the resources to support them for now...
Queen Victoria: It has come to my attention that the Magesterium attack was stopped not because of the Rose...
Queen Victoria: ...but despite your refusal to send troops or investigate personally.
Queen Victoria: I am sure I do not need to remind you, but the safe harbor of Swordhaven was provided under a condition.
Queen Victoria: The condition that the Rose protect the citizens of Greenguard.
Queen Victoria: I understand that most of your forces have been tasked with moving south, outside of the kingdom.
Jaania: I believe the solution to the eternal protection of the Kingdom of Greenguard, no, all of Lore, lies with unlocking the secrets of the Fissure.
Jaania: As such, it is imperative that the Rose occupy this territory above all other priorities.

*Queen Victoria closes her eyes, resting her head on one hand again, unimpressed with Jaania's reasoning.*

Queen Victoria: As per my father's decree, I cannot allow this.
Queen Victoria: The Rose's first priority must be to deal with any immediate threats to the Kingdom of Greenguard!
Queen Victoria: Lady Jaania, should you refuse to—
???: Your Majesty!
Guard Nomas: Ah, and Lady Jaania!
Queen Victoria: What is it?
Guard Nomas: An urgent message from Amityvale, your Majesty!
Queen Victoria: Proceed.
Guard Nomas: Another rift has opened near Doomwood. Amityvale requests aid!

*Both Queen Victoria and Jaania appear alarmed by this revelation.*

Queen Victoria: Lady Jaania, if you do not recall your forces to assist in the defense of the Kingdom...
Queen Victoria: ...I'm afraid I will have no choice but to terminate your base of operations here in Swordhaven.

*Unsurprisingly, Jaania appears even more alarmed by this threat.*

Queen Victoria: Do you refuse?
Jaania: I— No, your Majesty. The Rose is at your disposal.

*Scene cuts to black. Meanwhile, in Sulen'Eska, you and Kara reconnect after the events of the Song of the Ateala war in the Sandsea.*

Kara SuLema: <Character>! Thank you for coming. I have a new assignment for you.
<Character>: Has something happened?
Kara SuLema: Unfortunately, yes. Our scouts report that another Magesterium rift has opened near Doomwood, a ways away from Amityvale.
<Character>: Another rift? It took the sacrifice of the Atealan Empress to close the last one. How can we even hope to stop it this time?
Kara SuLema: I'm well aware of the direness of the situation, <Character>.
Kara SuLema: However, with our scouts scouring Greenguard, we've caught onto this much earlier than the Sandsea rift.
Kara SuLema: Your presence may help curtail any immediate threats.
Kara SuLema: It's possible that if we act quickly enough, we can slow down the enemy forces before they build up.
<Character>: I see.
Kara SuLema: <Character>, if you can somehow secure an alliance with the Rose members there for the defense of Amityvale, we will join you shortly.
Kara SuLema: If not, I still believe that it is undeniable that your presence there will be of great value, should this escalate further.
Kara SuLema: Our scouts will continue to keep an eye out for any Magesterium or abnormal Rose activity, and we will keep you informed.
<Character>: Of course. I'll head to Amityvale immediately!

*You fight your way through various elementals of energy as you approach Amityvale, where Magus Neron and Thursday await your arrival.*

Thursday: <Character>! You've arrived just in time!
Magus Neron: <Character>. Welcome.
<Character>: Hi Thursday, Magus Neron. How is the town holding up?
Magus Neron: A storm is coming, <Character>. Can you smell it on the air?
<Character>: I don't smell a storm, but I did have to fight an unusual amount of energy elementals on the way over.
<Character>: What's the situation like? Is the town safe?
Magus Neron: We've received a number of reinforcements from the Rose to help secure the town, and evacuate if needed.
Thursday: The extra Rose presence is keeping everyone calm for now...
Thursday: ...especially whenever that awful voice screeches about this being the fault of the Rose.
Magus Neron: That being said, the main force that emerged from the rift is struggling to make it through the forest unscathed.
Thursday: The werewolves, vampires, and even some undead are doing their best to hold the elementals at bay!
Magus Neron: Indeed.
Magus Neron: Now, <Character>, I understand you're working with the Vind.
<Character>: This is true, but the threat of the Magesterium—
Magus Neron: No need to justify this to me, <Character>.
Magus Neron: This is Amityvale. Our local Rose members are well acquainted with working with those of magical persuasions.
Magus Neron: If the reports from the Sandsea are true, however, then we need all the help we can get.
Magus Neron: If anyone has issues with the Vind backing us up, they can bring it up with me.
Magus Neron: I will personally educate them as to the primary focus of the Rose of Amityvale.
<Character>: That's wonderful to hear. I will send word to the Vind immediately.
<Character>: However, we must locate a method to deal with the rift as soon as possible.
<Character>: From our experience in the Sandsea, it seems that an immense amount of magical power is required to close a rift.
Magus Neron: That could prove to be a problem.
Magus Neron: The vampires and necromancers are the most proficient with magic in Doomwood, and not the most amicable of denizens.
Magus Neron: We could start by attempting to open a dialogue with them, I suppose.
???: Magus Neron!
Raven: An urgen—
Raven: Oh, uh, hi, <Character>!
<Character>: Hi, Raven!
Thursday: Hi, Raven!!
Raven: Hi, Thursday.
Raven: An urgent report has come in, Magus Neron, directly from Swordhaven!
Magus Neron: Yes?
Raven: It appears that other rifts have opened across the kingdom of Greenguard.

*You appear to be extremely alarmed by this revelation.*

Raven: The Queen has declared a kingdom-wide emergency, and the Rose and Knights are to be deployed to the following areas:
Bardaga: A new rift has appeared near Swordhaven...
Raven: ...the city of Dragesvard...
Tessa: ...and even the Deadlands.
Tessa: All regions are requesting immediate aid, Lady Jaania.
Tessa: Her Majesty, Queen Victoria has also formally decreed that these attacks are a declaration of war by the Magesterium.

*Jaania is in disbelief at the news; she knows she must relocate her forces from the Fissure to help the regions in need.*

Tessa: L—Lady Jaania?
Jaania: To go this far... The Magesterium must truly be desperate.

*Jaania looks down at her research notes.*

Jaania: Send word that we are recalling most of our forces from the Fissure.

*Jaania continues to look down at her research notes.*

Jaania: If this was the goal of the Magesterium, then they've succeeded.
Jaania: Sacrificing the Sandsea, even Doomwood as well, may have given us enough time to finish our work. But so many places at once?
Jaania: The safety of the people must come first.
Tessa: Understood, Lady Jaania. Our forces shall be redistributed at once.
Jaania: Yet the research must go on.

*Jaania continues to look down at her research notes.*

Jaania: I wonder...

Jaania: Golems... necromancy... elemental spirits... mortals...
Jaania: Ugh, now I need to send for both Z AND Amadeus! Again!

*Scene fades to black. Meanwhile, on Azaveyr, the Magesterium in the Seym are also discussing the attacks on the Land of Dragons; the four remaining focus zones are all flashing red, indicating their simultaneous activity.*

Magester (1): A worrisome development., Magester (2): Yet the Rose has retreated from the Fissure., Magester (3): Sabotage!
Magester (4): The results are beneficial for now, but the long term status is unacceptable!, Magester (5): This was supposed to be a siege, not a massacre!
Magester (6): The effects will go beyond their lands if we do not act., Magester (7): Who cares about some barbarians?, Magester (8): Who would have had the knowledge to disrupt our control?
Magester (9): We must end the Proclamation prematurely., Magester (10): The Shapeless is infuriated!
Magester (11): The Shapeless does not will us to destroy all of Lore!, Magester (12): We must regain control.
Magester (13): The Shapeless wills that we must send a diplomatic party to regain control of the rifts.
Magester (14): Diplomatic? Are we insane? We have just declared war!
Magester (15): Yet if we do not clean up our oversight, we will find all of Lore to be consumed in the ensuing chaos.
Magester (16): The Shapeless wills the deployment of a Golden Hand Division to Swordhaven for the purpose of readjusting control of the Proclamation.
Magester (3, 17-20) (in unison): The Shapeless does not!
Magester (21-26) (in unison): The Shapeless wills it!
Magesterium: The Shapeless calls for a vote!

*Scene cuts to black. Meanwhile, elsewhere in Swordhaven, Akanthus and Amadeus analyse the mysterious artifact retrieved during Akanthus' latest expedition.*

Amadeus: No. I refuse.
Akanthus: You would rather Jaania learn that you're... hiding something?
Amadeus: Do you know what this is, Akanthus?
Akanthus: It is an artifact of immense magical potential. I care not of its origins.
Akanthus: You will activate it and adjust it to my specifications. Or Jaania will learn that her dear researcher has been hiding... secrets from her.
Amadeus: And if I tell her that her trusted general is working behind her back—
Akanthus: Then I bring you down with me.

*At a standstill, Amadeus considers his limited options.*

Amadeus: This artifact is Evil, Akanthus.
Akanthus: As I said, I care not of its origins.
Akanthus: Will you or will you not complete this task for me?

*Silence follows as Amadeus realises he has no choice but to fulfil Akanthus' wishes if he is to maintain his illusion.*

Amadeus: ...It shall be done.
Akanthus: Good.

*Akanthus exits the room up a flight of stairs, and Amadeus prepares to activate the artifact. His illusion fades, cycling through various other illusions, before falling completely, revealing Amadeus to be Sepulchure. He falls to his knees, panting.*

Sepulchure: Even here... even now...
Sepulchure: I cannot escape this presence!
Sepulchure: ...for Lynn... for my daughter... I must... succeed...

*Sepulchure restores his Amadeus illusion and touches the artifact, activating it. An ominous noise sounds upon the artifact's activation, and the symbol of the Shadowscythe displays. Scene fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • Quest Loot for DCs - opens OoC Loot for DCs shop.

    Other information
  • Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • Amityvale is not this way.
  • Amityvale is not this way either.
  • Nope, Amityvale isn't there.
  • So close, yet so far. The other way.

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