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5/11/2013 3:02:51   
Voodoo Master


Location: Smoke in the Trees, Chains of Command, Caught in a Vise, Trust, Melissa, Lost and Found, Severed Hope, Fight, Flight, & Fire, On Broken Wings, Homecoming Hurts, Words and Deeds, Queen of Swordhaven, Three Questions, The Queen of Roses, An Elegy of Ice and Fire, A Petal Falls, Plans Entwined, Out of Control, The Spells We Weave, Direct Current, Broken Circuit (Part 1), Reasons to Fight, The Way Forward, Twin Tides, The Point of No Return (Part 1), The Point of No Return (Part 2), Fallen Facade, From the Embers, Hawk in the Sky, Crash and Burn, Threads of Trust, The Flame Within, The Final Steps, Convergence (Part 1), Convergence (Part 2), The Mana Core

Quests given

Shops owned

Smoke in the Trees

Akanthus: All we have are rumors and whispers. How have they not been found by now?

Akanthus: Excuses, Z! That's all you ever have for me.

Akanthus: It is not enough. Ever since we crushed the Sanctuary, the Vind has been an annoyance.
Akanthus: The buzzing mosquito that threatens to breed.
Akanthus: I don't care if you have to burn the swamp and all in it to the ground.
Akanthus: They must be eliminated now, before word of their cause spreads further.
Akanthus: Get out from behind your desk, and do not fail me, Z.

Akanthus: Such filth must be swept away. The reach of The Rose cannot be stopped by mere insects.

Chains of Command

Akanthus: You had her, Z.
Akanthus: You had her and you let her slip away on the wind.

Akanthus: Hmph.
Akanthus: <Character>... <Character>... You'll have to tell me more about this <Character>.
Akanthus: But worry not, Z. Your shackles aren't the only way to control creatures.
Akanthus: Diplomacy. Alliances. History, and politics.

Akanthus: But a back up plan is always welcome. Just in case, fit those shackles of yours...
Akanthus: For dragons.

Caught in a Vise

Akanthus: And what of the dragons?

Akanthus: A shame that the political option has been removed.

Akanthus: Prepare the forces to attack the Haven. And when the dragons get there, see if you can put some of Z's new tools to work.

Akanthus: The Sanctuary... The Haven... Wherever they flee, whatever they name it...
Akanthus: They are dangers to Lore. Unpredictable pockets just waiting to explode.

Akanthus: But of course you understand that.

Akanthus: Do not fail me.


Akanthus: The Vind, again, Lady Jaania.
Akanthus: They released a number of dragons that we had planned to secure, as well as some stray Dravir that were en route to Swordhaven.

Akanthus: Indeed. It seems that this <Character> is quite the formidable asset.

Akanthus: The Vind are clearly out of control. Rabid. If you would allow us to burn the swamp–

Akanthus: It is well within your–


Akanthus: Have you given more thought to King Alteon's request?

Akanthus: To attempt a parley with the Vind.

Akanthus: Peace negotiations.

Akanthus: Lady Jaania?

Akanthus: Would you have plans to attend, should such an opportunity come to pass?

Akanthus: ...Very well.

Lost and Found

Akanthus: Tell Lady Jaania and King Alteon that The Rose shall accept the Vind's invitation to parley.

Akanthus: Do you think their hero will be present?

Akanthus: Would s/he be a threat?

Akanthus: Peace.

Akanthus: Do you think me a villain, Amadeus?

Akanthus: Amadeus, you have been hurt by magic, have you not?

Akanthus: There can be no peace while magic remains in these lands. Surely you can recognize this fact?

Akanthus: Ah, my apologies, Amadeus.
Akanthus: As a spymaster, you must have plenty more to do than listen to the ramblings of a man beaten down by the forces of Lore.

Akanthus: Then please, do not let me keep you.
Akanthus: You are excused.

Severed Hope

Akanthus: So.

Akanthus: This is the leadership of the Vind. Kara SuLema.

Akanthus: Lady Jaania declined to attend. I believe she has more pressing matters keeping her attention.

Akanthus: You believe yourself more important than you are, elf.
Akanthus: Subjugation of the Vind and control of the swamp is only a step on the way to preventing magic from causing harm to the innocents of Lore.

Akanthus: Peace takes many forms. There is the sparking powder keg of a tense peace. And then there is the absolute peace of control.
Akanthus: You seem to want the former. To bide your time and grow stronger, unable to be stomped out until too late.
Akanthus: Already you've found more allies.
Akanthus: Fugitives.
Akanthus: Criminals.
Akanthus: Heroes.
Akanthus: Unstable, uncontrollable, magic entities.
Akanthus: And we're to simply let you... be free?
Akanthus: Free to spread across Greenguard, across Lore?
Akanthus: Are we to see another rampage of elves?
Akanthus: Another rebellion of so-called peaceful... creatures?

Akanthus: And how do you know?

Akanthus: Along with those who can, I'd say, judging by your well-armed cohort.
Akanthus: And vicious dravir, and wild clawkin, as well as other... myriad species, if my information is correct.
Akanthus: Do you truly know every soul you've welcomed into your swamp?
Akanthus: You've made... no mistakes?

Akanthus: Ah. A fairy. And here I thought we drove all of your kind out from the swamp.

Akanthus: They fled in such a hurry when they realized they stood no chance.

Akanthus: And a DragonLord! Does your little order know you're out here tarnishing their name?

Akanthus: And what on Lore are you supposed to be? A green skinned human? Yet another tragedy of unchecked magical influence, no doubt.

Akanthus: But what of you, hero? You who has earned glory and infamy from warfare and combat?
Akanthus: What drives you to strive for... peace?

Akanthus: And I wasn't talking to you, elf.

Akanthus: I did not address you!

Akanthus: ...
Akanthus: Or maybe, this was all a distraction to draw away the Vind's best while we put your little camp to the torch.

Akanthus: Yes, that's right. While you're out here, wasting your time and energy on empty words, we are simply doing our duty.
Akanthus: ...While you forsake yours.

Akanthus: And that looks like an act of aggression against an ambassador of The Rose.

Akanthus: Soldiers, arrest them all! This betrayal of our generous trust cannot go unpunished.

Akanthus: At last, we meet, <Character>. Do not disappoint me.

Akanthus: *Sigh*
Akanthus: Then there truly is nothing worthwhile to be gained from the magic of Lore.
Akanthus: Rose, we're leaving.

Fight, Flight, & Fire

Akanthus: Magic...

Akanthus: Worthless. Out of my reach... and I, out of its.
Akanthus: I offer myself to its power, to its might...
Akanthus: But it will not yield. Still it refuses to accept me. My monstrosity.

Akanthus: ...Then the campaign must continue.
Akanthus: The fabric of reality will accept me... or I shall tear it asunder.

Akanthus: ...DragonLords...

Akanthus: Very well. Order the retreat.

Akanthus: ...
Akanthus: Let us see these DragonLords, then.

Akanthus: The might of the DragonLords...
Akanthus: ...And yet...
Akanthus: Nothing.

Akanthus: I must ask Lady Jaania for more resources.
Akanthus: Pursue more options.
Akanthus: If all of Lore must be destroyed before me, then so be it.
Akanthus: It will accept me, or it will perish.

On Broken Wings

Akanthus: You were sure last time. How can you be sure this time?

Akanthus: I have a job to do, Saellah. I have to make sure. Both you and Zadd have not exactly been the most productive team members.

Akanthus: ENOUGH!

Akanthus: We did... have fun together, didn't we?

Akanthus: Your hatred got the best of you.

Akanthus: Does she still try to get in?

Akanthus: Worldview... I like that. I will have to use that the next time my methods are questioned. Now, back to where we are. Your troops are ready?

Akanthus: Wonderful. She probably sees it coming. Her and Kara, both. Bothersome women. I cannot wait to get rid of them for good.

Akanthus: Ahahahahaha!

Akanthus: I knew you wouldn't be able to resist, Elf. When you focus on a prize, you lose sight of everything else...

Akanthus: Zadd, if you would do the honours?

Akanthus: Now... you are mine.

Homecoming Hurts

Akanthus: She can't hear you. She hasn't heard anyone in a while, actually. She talked too much and I tired of it.

Akanthus: You have no idea how accurate that statement is. She is my toy to prove my point. Besides, she is useless now... well at least to you.

Akanthus: Just look at her! How can THAT be any kind of rallying point for your pathetic cause?

Akanthus: You and what army?

Akanthus: You people never learn. My plans will not be thwarted. Not by you. Not by her.
Akanthus: And not by anyone else who thinks they have power in this world.
Akanthus: Take her if you want but know that this is far from over. She's broken anyways.

Words and Deeds

Akanthus: Apologies, my Lady. I was occupied elsewhere. I came as fast as I could.
Akanthus: I shall gather troops and pursue <Character> at once.

Akanthus: <Character> and her/his associates have kidnapped the king and fled Swordhaven.

Akanthus: It is possible I was mistaken.
Akanthus: But I can think of no other reason why the king would need to be unconscious, if he were leaving by his own will.

Akanthus: It was already too late. Forgive me.

Akanthus: As you wish.

Queen of Swordhaven

Akanthus: Why were they here?

Akanthus: The Magesterium. Why was the Magesterium here?

Akanthus: ...Which is?

Akanthus: Amadeus, do you value your position?

Akanthus: Have you forgotten I can see through your illusions? All of them?

Akanthus: Who you really are is none of my concern, as I have told you.

Akanthus: In truth, I don't care about your secrets.
Akanthus: All I care about is for you to give me information I desire. For you to do your job as researcher... and Spymaster.
Akanthus: And what I desire right now... is what the Magesterium really wants from Jaania.

Akanthus: The Fissure... Ah, I see now.
Akanthus: This is... intriguing.
Akanthus: You could say that.

Akanthus: I came here to escape the Magesterium's grasp, after all.

Akanthus: From now on, I want to know everything Jaania does... regarding the Fissure.

Three Questions

Akanthus: ...

Akanthus: You could have at least worn more inconspicuous clothing.

Akanthus: They are about to, given the incident involving your people at the royal gala, in the capital of this kingdom.

Akanthus: Don't think so highly of yourself, magester.
Akanthus: The Proclamation channeling has begun, I presume?

Akanthus: And the Magesterium still needs to place the focus points. You have one of them on you, isn't that right?
Akanthus: One... that has to be placed in Swordhaven?

Akanthus: You won't be able to smuggle it into Swordhaven, not with The Rose on guard.

Akanthus: But I can.

Akanthus: I want to help you.
Akanthus: I feel like we... have a connection. I know that you don't particularly agree with the rest of them.

Akanthus: I have plans.
Akanthus: Which reminds me... I have a question about the Fissure.

The Queen of Roses

Akanthus: Don't you ever knock?

Akanthus: ...

Akanthus: Have you read this?

Akanthus: ...
Akanthus: This... this is certainly interesting.

Akanthus: The Fissure...
Akanthus: You're dismissed.

An Elegy of Ice and Fire

Akanthus: Have you considered that she's being poisoned?

Akanthus: Hmm.

Akanthus: Lady Jaania, you know where he is. There is only one place he could be.

Akanthus: Say the word and—

Akanthus: I was mistaken, my Lady. In the chaos of the situation, I erred. I apologize sincerely for my inaccurate report.

Akanthus: A spell that can envelop the entire mana core, cutting out its influence...
Akanthus: It sounds... like a temporary solution.

Akanthus: We can't afford temporary—

Akanthus: They are... being problematic.

Akanthus: My apologizes. I tried my best to follow in your footsteps—

Akanthus: ...
Akanthus: It's not against you... it just doesn't care about you. Or anyone.

A Petal Falls

Akanthus: Are you sure it is wise to ignore the Magesterium threat, Lady Jaania? Is it not a declaration of war?

Akanthus: As you say.

Akanthus: No, but the people may. Even now, Magus Hansa leads the refugees from the Sandsea here, to Swordhaven.

Akanthus: What do you require, Lady Jaania?

Akanthus: It shall be done.

Plans Entwined

Akanthus: You have a report written up, I trust?

Akanthus: I see. This does indeed appear to be a significant find.
Akanthus: And everyone is out or accounted for?

Akanthus: Good. Please, place the artifact down.

Akanthus: Gently.

Akanthus: I must have Amadeus inspect this personally.

Akanthus: Thank you for your service.

Akanthus: What a shame the traps here were so deadly. Our next expedition will have to be more careful. In the meantime...
Akanthus: We'll have to get you somewhere safe.

Out of Control

Akanthus: You would rather Jaania learn that you're... hiding something?

Akanthus: It is an artifact of immense magical potential. I care not of its origins.
Akanthus: You will activate it and adjust it to my specifications. Or Jaania will learn that her dear researcher has been hiding... secrets from her.

Akanthus: Then I bring you down with me.

Akanthus: As I said, I care not of its origins.
Akanthus: Will you or will you not complete this task for me?

Akanthus: Good.

The Spells We Weave

Akanthus: What is so important that you require that we meet immediately in the middle of a battlefield?

Akanthus: And this concerns me... how?

Akanthus: So you came to brag about your ambitions.

Akanthus: ...

Akanthus: You have wasted my time, Magester. This information does not change the path I have chosen.

Akanthus: Petty ambitions, empires, and kingdoms.

Akanthus: None of it will matter.

Akanthus: Then you better not make one.

Akanthus: Good.

Akanthus: And why do you offer this warning?

Akanthus: Curious.

Akanthus: No. Am I supposed to recognize you?

Akanthus: Then I will tell Jaania–

Akanthus: Assuming you leave this room alive.

Direct Current

Akanthus: Thank you, my lady.

Akanthus: Regrettably not, my lady. We did find some burned remains of a small abode in the woods.
Akanthus: It may have been a waystop for his captors.

Akanthus: It would not surprise me that they might take interest in a man of his talents.

Akanthus: As you say, my lady.

Akanthus: Does this mean that you've found the breakthrough you required?

Akanthus: ...

Akanthus: One of my greatest failures.

Akanthus: Threads.

Akanthus: An interesting theory. I believe the Magesterium has some research on the topic–

Akanthus: A worthy dream, my lady.

Akanthus: Understood, my lady.

Akanthus: So you see, Magus Z, this device will be able to act as an... efficient power source for the entire airship.

Akanthus: A most lucky find, I will admit.

Akanthus: I assure you, from my research, it is perfectly safe. Otherwise, why would I keep it in my lab, under the city of Swordhaven?

Akanthus: Well? Can it be done?

Akanthus: Good. I will see it to its destination personally, then. It would not do to let such a precious artifact go attended by lesser minds.

Akanthus: About that.

Akanthus: I don't suppose I can trust you to keep this between us?
Akanthus: As friends?

Akanthus: I may have been unduly harsh on you in the past. And for that I apologize.
Akanthus: Jaania clearly sees you as a Magus of formidable skill and ability, and it's about time I've opened my eyes to the same, wouldn't you say?

Akanthus: And we know Jaania doesn't want to be bothered by all the... minutiae of the preparations, right?

Akanthus: She wants things done, and she wants them done well. And that's what we're doing.

Akanthus: Precisely, my friend.
Akanthus: Now, let us run along and do what must be done, yes?

Akanthus: Hmph.

Akanthus: And if Jaania will not do what must be done...

Broken Circuit (Part 1)

Akanthus: What of the last tincture you had me make?

Akanthus: I see.

Akanthus: No, Lady Jaania.

Akanthus: I wouldn't dream of it.

Akanthus: Such afflictions are not unheard of.
Akanthus: Your research is progressing well, then?

Akanthus: I am ever at your service.

Akanthus: Do you require my assistance? With Amadeus still missing, if you need anything, you need only ask.

Reasons to Fight

Akanthus: Lady Jaania! Is there something amiss?

Akanthus: ...And how is your investigation into souls progressing?

Akanthus: I see you still refuse to attempt to summon a Soulally.
Akanthus: The school in Edelia sees much success in their teachings, you know.

Akanthus: And you've been testing your theories on these souls?

Akanthus: If there were some way to use souls as you describe, I imagine the Shapeless Empire would have discovered and forbidden it already.

Akanthus: ...I believe so.

Akanthus: I–

Akanthus: I would caution against straining yourself in such a way, Lady Jaania.
Akanthus: Your barrier over Swordhaven took much out of you. Are you sure you're completely recovered?

Akanthus: If your experiments are to continue, and your plan to come to fruition, these souls may not be the only sacrifices you end up making.

Akanthus: Completely cutting off the Mana Core would likely be less of–

Akanthus: As you command, my Lady.

The Way Forward

Akanthus: Well done.

Akanthus: Yes?

Akanthus: In case of emergencies, of course.

Akanthus: I am, indeed. How long until we're able to set out?

Akanthus: You have a habit of talking back, gnome.

Akanthus: I am Lady Jaania's general, in charge of all matters that she cannot be bothered to deal with, with her... occupied schedule.
Akanthus: So please, give me the details, Pozu Funfoot.

Akanthus: ...
Akanthus: Z, make sure the gnomes have everything they require to finish their work.

Twin Tides

Akanthus: My Lady. From the state of disarray in the tower, I assume you have conducted another... unscheduled experiment?

Akanthus: ...And this thing must be the fruit of your labors.

Akanthus: As long as its presence hastens our departure, I have no complaints.

Akanthus: From the scattered trinkets around your office, I'd hazard to say you've managed to grasp the basics.

Akanthus: ...Very well, my Lady.

The Point of No Return (Part 1)

Akanthus: ...Well?

Akanthus: Your aptitude for magic is astounding, but do not push yourself too hard for the sake of one girl.
Akanthus: If you lose yourself, you will not be able to make it to the Fissure.

Akanthus: ...Very well.

The Point of No Return (Part 2)

Akanthus: I'm sorry, Your Majesty. I cannot allow you to enter while Lady Jaania is occupied.

Akanthus: You're welcome to try, mage. I will not stand down.

Akanthus: Understood.

Akanthus: Shall I...?

Akanthus: ...As you command.

Fallen Facade

Akanthus: I thought I heard mice scurrying about. And what should I find, but stowaways.
Akanthus: The Queen's spy.
Akanthus: Or perhaps saboteur, now?

Akanthus: What is it that you're trying to do here, I wonder?

Akanthus: No words for me? No matter, then.

Akanthus: Regardless—

From the Embers

Akanthus: Lady Jaania, vital repairs and preparations have been completed.
Akanthus: The gnomes assure me that trithril reinforcement can be done mid-flight.
Akanthus: We are ready to depart.

Hawk in the Sky

Akanthus: It appears the Magesterium will not be deterred. Our shields are struggling to hold.
Akanthus: Your own magic would—

Akanthus: Yes, but without the airship's trithril shielding, we will struggle to send a force into the Fissure after you.

Akanthus: We've received word that <Character> is on the ground, along with Amadeus and Alteon.
Akanthus: Somehow, they've arrived ahead of us. And they appear to be working with the Magesterium.

Crash and Burn

Akanthus: It is done, Lady Jaania. We can proceed.

Akanthus: Is something the matter, My Lady?

Akanthus: If you are wondering about that, the energy source, I felt it was prudent not to allow it to fall into Magesterium hands.

Akanthus: Are you sure it is wise to stay behind? The Magesterium will be sure to—

Akanthus: As you wish. Everyone, with me.

Threads of Trust

Akanthus: ...You asked for me, Lady Jaania?

Akanthus: Of course it is true.

Akanthus: It is the truth. I used you and your organization to further my own ambitions.

Akanthus: And what will you do with that truth?
Akanthus: You cannot contain me. Not with magic. Not by force.

Akanthus: In you, I saw a kindred spirit. You were finding your place in this world, same as I.
Akanthus: And I saw potential.
Akanthus: While I can do many things on my own, there is a certain... efficiency that can only be achieved with subordinates.

Akanthus: I will drop it into the Mana Core.
Akanthus: I will no longer be ignored.
Akanthus: Whatever happens after, happens.

Akanthus: If such a trinket destroys the world, then it deserves to be destroyed. But I doubt that would be the outcome.
Akanthus: Even this... Doom that the people of Greenguard fear so much. The Mana Core allows it to flow.
Akanthus: To it, Doom is natural, and I am the abomination.
Akanthus: You have seen the Ateala, yes? Alien to this world, yet still accepted without question.

Akanthus: The Mana Core accepts their mana, accepts their attachment— their interaction— without question, without pause. Naturally.
Akanthus: Beings from the Wastes, the Void, all connected, instantly, their mana hungrily, greedily, accepted. As though they were meant to be.
Akanthus: And yet the Core chooses not to accept me.
Akanthus: Perhaps it just needs to be... Reminded of my presence.
Akanthus: And I intend to secure its attention with the Doom device's payload.

Akanthus: If it does, then it is not doing much thinking.

Akanthus: Then there would be no question.
Akanthus: When you reach your lofty goal, when you wrest control of the threads of Destiny—
Akanthus: You could accept me.
Akanthus: You could save me.
Akanthus: Your goals are still my own. Trust me.

Akanthus: If you fail, I doubt you'd be in any state to care about what happens next.
Akanthus: Trust yourself.

Akanthus: ...Then I live. Perhaps I will take up carpentry.

Akanthus: Then I do everything in my considerable power to end your dreams.
Akanthus: We are on the same side here, Lady Jaania.
Akanthus: I simply have a contingency plan.

Akanthus: We are dreamers, you and I.
Akanthus: You have made sacrifices in pursuit of yours.
Akanthus: I made the regrettable sacrifice of your trust in pursuit of mine.
Akanthus: Show me the world you're dreaming of. Give me a place in it.

The Flame Within

Akanthus: Lady Jaania. I apologize for the interruption, but it appears the Magesterium have begun an assault on the encampment.

Akanthus: Are you sure that is wise? The Scaffold is not finished. Perhaps it would be better to eliminate—

Akanthus: As you say.

The Final Steps

Akanthus: Shall I go hold off our pursuers?

Akanthus: As you say, my lady.

Convergence (Part 1)

Akanthus: As you say.

Akanthus: ...Well?

Akanthus: It would seem that The Shapeless has other plan–

Akanthus: A challenge.

Akanthus: But not enough.

Convergence (Part 2)

Akanthus: I am disappointed, Jaania.
Akanthus: I believed in your strength.

Akanthus: I had faith in your plan.
Akanthus: And I was wrong.

Akanthus: Jaania has failed. However...

Akanthus: My plan has much less room for error.

Akanthus: Goodbye.

The Mana Core

Akanthus: And you are <Character>. Hero of Falconreach. Along with your companion, <Dragon>.
Akanthus: You tried to best me once, and you failed.
Akanthus: Do not be foolish.

Akanthus: Why not... talk? Or do you think your words will bounce off of me as your spells do?
Akanthus: Could you convince me to change my course at the last?

Akanthus: Am I? Surely you have some questions, having come so far.

Akanthus: ...
Akanthus: Look around you.

Akanthus: Do you think the ancestors of the Magesterium knew that their little project would succeed?
Akanthus: And then, when their time ran out and they returned, and returned again...
Akanthus: Carving into the Mana Core, to sustain their Shapeless Empire...
Akanthus: Do you think they gave a thought to the risk of Lore's destruction?
Akanthus: Despite what they would have you believe, <Character>, the Mana Core shards are not infinite.
Akanthus: Outpost Yeden is not just a monitoring position.
Akanthus: This is not the first time The Golden Hand has been tasked with Project Casca.

Akanthus: No. It is simply necessary context.
Akanthus: The Magesterium was not entirely satisfied with this arrangement, as temporary and dangerous as it is.
Akanthus: And so they sought out another source of power.
Akanthus: In their explorations of the Wastes, they discovered it.
Akanthus: A near drained capacitor, forged in another time and space. Alien even to the Celestials and Infernals.
Akanthus: A... relative of this device you see before you.

Akanthus: Mysterious, aren't they?

Akanthus: The Exalted experimented upon the capacitor. Used it to store their own vast reserves of mana.
Akanthus: And the capacitor, in turn, was used to power an unimaginable weapon that they turned upon their own gods.
Akanthus: The legends of the people of the Wastes describe it as tearing a hole through their sky.
Akanthus: Surely it would have been a magnificent sight, don't you think?

Akanthus: The Magesterium found the relic powering a grand city with the lingering, yet significant remains of its mana.
Akanthus: And the Magesterium coveted it. They saw only opportunity.
Akanthus: They tore it from its pedestal, stole it away, and experimented.
Akanthus: Yet despite their best efforts, they could not draw from it like they could the Mana Core pieces.
Akanthus: And so they turned to us. My "brothers" and "sisters".
Akanthus: Not by blood, but in blood. Orphans.
Akanthus: And I! I was the only one who survived! Out of countless children!
Akanthus: And that capacitor...
Akanthus: That relic is the source of my strength. My strength and my suffering.
Akanthus: Just as the Magesterium could not draw from it, I cannot draw from the Mana Core!
Akanthus: And all that is bound by the laws of magic holds no sway over me.
Akanthus: I am disconnected from the flow of souls and mana.
Akanthus: Alien as the relic is, I have no ability for manipulating mana.
Akanthus: A part of me is missing, <Character>. Replaced by a dying battery in an apathetic reality.
Akanthus: That part of me that is missing... I would do anything to reclaim.

Akanthus: I never chose to be this way!

Akanthus: The hubris of the Magesterium brought me— brought this upon the world.

Akanthus: If not me, then it would only be a matter of time before they, or another, reached too far!
Akanthus: ...
Akanthus: I want to live, <Character>. Even if only for a brief moment.
Akanthus: Others have had their lives.

Akanthus: I deserve mine.

Akanthus: Yes.
Akanthus: And soon, I will be human.

Akanthus: Aequilibria! Hear my plea and awaken!

Akanthus: ...
Akanthus: ...Awaken…

Akanthus: AWAKEN!

Akanthus: Every plan. Every contingency, always thwarted. Always failing at the last!
Akanthus: Ever since I crossed paths with...
Akanthus: You.
Akanthus: What did you do this time? You must have... tampered with the device somehow.

Akanthus: You were in league with Amadeus!

Akanthus: You colluded with the Magesterium!

Akanthus: Yes. Yes. That... that is the only explanation.
Akanthus: It must be. Yet again, you are the only variable I could not account for.
Akanthus: You and that dragon.

Akanthus: And you never will again!

Akanthus: Try me.

Akanthus: Could it be—?

Akanthus: Aequilibria! Hear me!
Akanthus: Accept me! Make me whole!

Akanthus: Yes! Cleanse me of this curse!
Akanthus: Give me—

Other information
  • Akanthus previously appeared in the retired quests Smoke in the Trees, The Fairy Court, Are Rocks Evil?, Queen of Swordhaven, Three Questions, The Queen of Roses, and An Elegy of Ice and Fire; any retired content has been archived on its respective entry.
  • According to geopetal, Akanthus is not from Maar.
  • Akanthus' Smoke in the Trees dialogue was rewritten on May 29th, 2020; more information can be found in the May 29th, 2020 Design Notes.

    Queen of Swordhaven Appearance
    Plans Entwined Appearance
    Appearance without helm


    Also See: Sobieslav, Tall Soldier

    Thanks to
  • Jay for images, other information, and corrections.
  • geopetal for other information.
  • Niki for corrections.
  • DemonicDarkwraith for spoiler information and without helm appearance.

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