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Are Rocks Evil?

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7/22/2017 23:37:50   

Are Rocks Evil?

Location: Sulen'Eska -> Up -> Up Vortex -> Up -> Kara SuLema -> Quests -> Are Rocks Evil?,
Location: Sulen'Eska -> Up -> Up Vortex -> Mritha -> New Quests -> Visit Kara -> Kara SuLema -> Quests -> Are Rocks Evil?
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Gala
Release Date: July 22nd, 2017

Objective: The Gala was supposed to be peaceful, but then it changed when the Magesterium attacked!
Objective completed: The King needs immediate help!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(6) Magi Guard
(7) Magi Sentry
(2) Magi Sentry, (1) Magi Guard - Boss

King Alteon
Princess Victoria

Royal Vault Dagger (I-V)
Royal Vault Staff (I-V)
Royal Vault Sword (I-V)

Access to Gala Part 2 Loot for DCs.


*Upon entering a dimly-lit passageway of the castle while you help Alteon and Victoria escape, the latter cautiously peeks from a corner and spies a strange inhuman knight with gold-trimmed armors.*

Princess Victoria: I can see more of them around the corner, father.
King Alteon: This is preposterous! How are there so many of them in MY castle?! Who are they!?
Princess Victoria: <Character>?
<Character>: Ugh, give me a minute, I am almost done here.

*While you change out of your gala outfit off-screen and arm yourself, Victoria peeks from the corner again to observe what is going on next.*

Princess Victoria: The guards are down as well...
Princess Victoria: Is this an attack? On our kingdom?

*She turns suspicious and ponders about what is the motive of the Magesterium's attack.*

Princess Victoria: *thinking* What did Jaania do...
King Alteon: I abandoned the guests and ran... I have to go back and make sure-
Princess Victoria: No, father! We have to evacuate, your life is what's important here!
<Character>: Phew, alright, I am done!
<Character>: Taking off that formalwear over my <Character> attire was harder than I expected...
<Character>: And I thought soulwoven outfits were supposed to be manageable... Danyel and I need to have a little chat!!
<Character>: Your Majesty, Princess, we are good to go.
King Alteon: I can hear screaming...
<Character>: We have to leave it to Jaania, my Liege. My prerogative is to get you to safety.
Princess Victoria: What about Brittany?
King Alteon: It won't be necessary, she is safe.
Princess Victoria: How can you be sure?
King Alteon: Her room is sealed by magic that only Jaania and I can open. It was my precaution.

*You peek from the corner yourself and you begin to worry.*

<Character>: There are a lot of them ahead...
King Alteon: Who are they? Who is so foolish as to attack the castle?!
<Character>: I don't know, your Highness. All I know right now is that this might be Jaania's doing.
King Alteon: ...
<Character>: Nevertheless... she's keeping the main threat at bay, so that we can escape.
<Character>: Please stay close and leave these armored adversaries to me.
Princess Victoria: I will help-
Princess Victoria: What?! Are you serious?!
King Alteon: I am dead serious! Princesses such as you should not-
Princess Victoria: No!
Princess Victoria: Just no!
Princess Victoria: You will not tell me what I can or can't do.
Princess Victoria: I am tired of you treating me like this!
Princess Victoria: Every time I came back from "delegations", I had to hide bruises from you because I knew you would not approve of what I'm doing!
Princess Victoria: But this ends now!
Princess Victoria: I am not made from porcelain!
Princess Victoria: I can take care of myself and others!
Princess Victoria: And I'm certainly NOT interested in "attracting a Prince,-"
Princess Victoria: "-when I'm gallivanting around the countryside engaged in such unsuitable activities", Father!
Princess Victoria: Yes, I still remember this!
Princess Victoria: I am going to take up my bow, rip up my dress and defend YOU, because I am more than just a princess!
Princess Victoria: I am your daughter!
Princess Victoria: And I am going to help you get out of here, whether you like it or not!
Princess Victoria: Because that's who I am!

*Alteon silently looks at her sadly, guilt-ridden for hurting his middle daughter without realizing it after all these years of raising her to be poised.*

<Character>: *thinking* Awkwaaaard...
King Alteon: You... have a bow with you...?
Princess Victoria: Let's go.
King Alteon: We will continue this conversation later...
Princess Victoria: Fine, I don't care, let's GO!

*Fades to black. You come out from the corner to face the invaders head-on. Loads Robina as Friend A. Meanwhile, back at the corridor where the gala was held, Jaania and Zlatomira are locked in a fierce one-on-one battle where their two magical attacks collide. Both casters try to overwhelm the other.*

Jaania: You have some nerve, attacking a palace during a peaceful royal celebration...
Jaania: Do you comphrend what you may have started?
Zlatomira: Whatever it takes! You cannot interfere with the Fissure!
Jaania: You realize that now I want to do it even more, don't you?
Zlatomira: ...
Jaania: What is it that you so desperately protect? That you are ready to start a war for?
Jaania: The Fissure is simply a geyser of raw mana... it's not even on your territory.
Jaania: You're trespassing.
Zlatomira: It's not yours, either!
Zlatomira: It is so much... more... ugh!
Jaania: What? You didn't realize the extent of my power?
Jaania: Your... colleague, or whoever he was, underestimated me, and look what he has brought on himself.
Jaania: You will end up like this too.
Jaania: Therefore, before it happens, explain to me everything you know.
Jaania: I'd hate for your knowledge to go to waste, you see.
Zlatomira: We will stop you!
Jaania: I see...

*Meanwhile, back at the dimly lit passageway, you, Alteon, and Victoria briefly stop at an area where the window behind you provides more light.*

<Character>: Are they in every corner of this castle? This was definitely planned.
Princess Victoria: But didn't it seem like they only came for Jaania?
<Character>: They could have known of her and taken precautions...
<Character>: I don't know. I'm just making assumptions based on available information.
Princess Victoria: ...
Princess Victoria: Fair point.
King Alteon: *pant* Can we... rest for a bit... ?
King Alteon: *pant* I'm not... made for running... *pant*... any more...
King Alteon: I'm too old for this... *pant*
<Character>: Very well, Your Grace, but only for a couple of minutes.

*You suddenly decide to take this moment to rest as an opportunity to finally enlighten Alteon. It was the sole reason you entered the Tournament of Champions in the first place.*

<Character>: Well, this is as good time as ever.
<Character>: Your Majesty, I want to have a word with you.
King Alteon: Oh, are you going to yell at me too?

*Victoria eyes him, still mad about how sheltered and controlled she felt.*

<Character>: Umm... no.
<Character>: Your Highness... I would like you to consider what Jaania is doing.
King Alteon: Which is?
<Character>: The Rose... they are not good people.
<Character>: Well, some of them are, but...
<Character>: No, that's beside the point.
<Character>: The Rose is doing awful things to magical creatures all over your Kingdom.
King Alteon: I know.
<Character>: You...
<Character>: You know?!
King Alteon: Do you think Jaania is keeping me in the dark?
King Alteon: I know that the Rose is taking in terrible beasts to the Beastmaster so that he can cure them.
King Alteon: I also know that the Rose is pursuing mages who are using magic for evil acts and then take them up for rehabilitation.
<Character>: That's... not true. Not at all!
<Character>: The Rose is hunting innocent creatures JUST because they are magical!
<Character>: For example, up until recently, I did not know that the Clawkin had their own culture and civilization. Or Dravir. Or many other species!
<Character>: They are being taken away, from their families and loved ones, because they are magical, and magic equals bad in the Rose's eyes!!!
King Alteon: ...

*Victoria looks at you and nods her head with a reassuring smile on her face.*

King Alteon: Magic is evil...
<Character>: NOT ALL MAGIC!
<Character>: Pardon the yelling...
<Character>: Not all magic is evil!
King Alteon: Then dangerous! Magic is dangerous!
<Character>: Rocks are also dangerous! Are rocks evil?

*Your blunt question surprises Alteon.*

<Character>: Your Highness, magic is a tool.
<Character>: And tools are not dangerous or evil by themselves. They are dangerous only by those who use them with that intent.
King Alteon: ...

*Victoria nods at you again. Her smiles widens, indicating that she realizes that Alteon is becoming doubtful about the biased information that was fed to him.*

<Character>: Magic is not evil... nor good. People are.
<Character>: Please think on that...
King Alteon: ...
<Character>: Now, Princess Victoria, do you-
Robina: Robina.

*Alteon looks down at the ground again, guilt-ridden once more.*

<Character>: ... Robina, do you know if there is some sort of hidden... room... or anything of the sort in this castle where you can wait out this little invasion?
Robina: I... I don't know.
Robina: Father?
King Alteon: No, there isn't...
King Alteon: It's a peaceful kingdom, there was no need for such a thing in this castle.

*You look down at the ground and think for a moment, but you are sadly stumped.*

<Character>: We'll think of something, let's continue for now.

*You, Alteon, and Robina press on through the passageway to continue combat the magi guards and sentries that stand in your way. If Robina is defeated in combat before the mid-cutscene or for the duration of the quest, she will be re-added as Friend A in addition to a refill on both of your potions whenever you approach the healing pad. Meanwhile, back at the corridor where the gala was held, Jaania and Zlatomira's magical attacks are still locked together, but both seem to be wearing down from the intensive energy they're putting into their respective magic.*

Zlatomira: My magick is much more powerful than yours! You... ugh... won't keep this up forever!
Zlatomira: You will tire eventually.
Jaania: *pant* *pant*

*Jaania glares at the mana-powered human husk behind Zlatomira curiously.*

Jaania: This is your magic source, isn't it?
Zlatomira: ...
Jaania: You use people as walking nexuses? That's despicable.
Zlatomira: You're telling ME what's despicable?
Zlatomira: We did our research on you!
Jaania: ...
Jaania: I will repeat myself. Tell me what the Fissure is.
Jaania: It'll save me time, I already have people investigating it...
Jaania: I'll know sooner or later, might as well be sooner.
Zlatomira: No!
Zlatomira: Ugh!
Jaania: You have attacked a royal court and infiltrated the castle. I assume you have more of those... golems of yours, scattered throughout it.
Jaania: I even assume that they have attacked the king himself.
Jaania: Granted, <Character> most likely took the king to safety...
Jaania: Nonetheless, you have foolishly started a cascade of events that will inevitably lead to an intercontinental conflict.
Jaania: All because of me.
Jaania: I'd say I'm flatttered... *pant*... but I'm not that petty.
Jaania: Was it worth it?
Zlatomira: We've... underestimated you, that much is true.
Zlatomira: But you will be stopped!
Zlatomira: You should fear us, because the Proclamation magi-

*Suddenly, Akanthus impales her from behind, abruptly ending the Magesterium's attack on the castle. Meanwhile, back in the dimly-lit passageway, Robina excitedly points toward a way out.*

Robina: Here!
Robina: We can go through here and escape the castle!
King Alteon: And where will we go? Maybe we could hide in the city?
<Character>: What if they are there too? Too many unknowns.
King Alteon: I can't abandon my people!
<Character>: You're not-

*Suddenly, you hear Alteon cry out in pain. You and Robina look toward him and discover that one of magi guards and sentries has attacked the king from behind. He quickly falls to the ground.*

Robina: DAD!!!

*Abruptly cuts to black.*

<Character>: NO!

*Meanwhile, in the Magesterium's Citadel, a group of their acolytes had witnessed the entire battle through a rotating runic circle in the center of the room.*

??? (1): The link has been broken. We've lost visual contact. Such a shame...
??? (2): We have lost two.
??? (3): That simply means two positions are now open.
??? (4): That's very true.
??? (5): What now?
??? (6): Prepare the Proclamation, of course.
??? (7): Are we sure about that?
??? (8): There's no choice.
??? (8): We have started a war.
??? (1): A war? With the Proclamations, it's not adequate to even call it a war.
??? (2): Rightly so.
??? (3): It's about time we expanded our empire...

*Meanwhile, in the passageway in Swordhaven's Castle, a terribly worried Robina kneels on the ground to watch over her injured and unconscious father.*

<Character>: I didn't hear it coming! Is he alright?!
Robina: I don't know! Dad?!

*The two of you hear the sound of swords striking nearby.*

<Character>: What was that?!
???: And stay down...

*The sounds came from a brief skirmish that ended with Melissa emerging as the victor against five of the invaders. She turns around to meet up with you.*

<Character>: Melissa!!!
Melissa: <Character>! I used the panic to look for Jaania's room to see if I could find something... but it was sealed with magic.
Melissa: What are you do-
Melissa: Oh no... the king!
Robina: He's badly injured!!!
Melissa: ...
<Character>: We need to move! We need to escape, quick!
Melissa: Follow me!
<Character>: Where?!
Melissa: Sulen'Eska.
<Character>: I... don't think this is a good idea, Melissa.
Melissa: Well, it's the only one you have right now! Kara will help!

*You are briefly silent for part of you is still unsure.*

Melissa: <Character>!

*You are still unresponsive, but Melissa loses her patience.*

Melissa: Sulen'Eska! Now!
<Character>: Robina, come!
Robina: I-

*Robina looks at you with tears in her eyes and panics.*

Robina: I can't!
<Character>: WHAT?!
Robina: I can't come with you to-
<Character>: He's your father!!!
Robina: I-
Robina: P-please take care of him!!!

*She quickly runs away in the opposite direction, crying.*

<Character>: ROBINA!!!

*Melissa looks on at her, unfazed by Robina's outburst. As she runs away, Amadeus ominously glares at her with a smirk through one of the doors in the passageway. Meanwhile, at the corridor where the gala is held, Jaania and Akanthus have a worrisome discussion about the events that transpired.*

Jaania: *pant* It's... *pant*... about time you've showed up...
Akanthus: Apologies, my Lady. I was occupied somewhere else. I came as fast as I could.
Akanthus: I will gather troops and pursue <Character> at once.
Jaania: ...
Jaania: What do you mean...?
Akanthus: <Character> and his/her associates have kidnapped the king.
Jaania: What?!
Akanthus: I have seen it with my own eyes.
Jaania: ...
Jaania: Then why didn't you STOP him/her!?
Akanthus: It was already too late. Forgive me.
Jaania: Leave me...
Akanthus: As you wish.

*Jaania's eyes widen in shock and disgust. She leaves the corridor at once to settle down. Quickly fades to black.*

*A few hours later*

*At the Ivory Tower, Jaania changes out of her dress and gets ready for bed after a long, agonizing night. She closes her eyes and fears the worst.*

Jaania: This day can't get any worse...

*She sits down on her bed to go to sleep when suddenly, she notices a vase of Elemental Roses.*

Jaania: Huh...?

*As she begins to see the vase more clearly, she recognizes the roses for she is familiar with them back when she was an apprentice, however, she becomes instantly alarmed on sight this time. Abruptly cuts to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • DC Loot Shop - opens Gala Part 2 Loot for DCs shop.

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