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10/12/2013 12:35:03   
Legendary AdventureGuide!


Location: One Step Forward, Supply and Demand, Trust, Melissa, Severed Hope, Changing Winds, Fight, Flight, & Fire, A Day for Farewells, On Broken Wings, An Uncertain Future, The Gala, Words and Deeds, Queen of Swordhaven, A Petal Falls, The Greenguard Alliance - Vind Faction -> Down Left, Daybreak (Vind), Into the Light, Collapse, Sunfall: Part 2, A Storm in the Night

Quests given

Shops owned

One Step Forward

???: Let me through! I have to speak to Karla! Kareena? Whatever her name is!

Melissa: I'm Melissa.

Melissa: Ah, right. Let me just...

Melissa: Ahem.
Melissa: Greetings, Kara of the Vind.

Melissa: And assorted leadership.
Melissa: I am Melissa, princess of the Fairy Court.

Melissa: I have come as a representative of my people, the Fairies.
Melissa: To humbly request your aid.
Melissa: Queen Maeve believes that The Rose is targeting our current grove.
Melissa: And they may make their move soon.
Melissa: We believe that with the aid of the Vind we- blah, blah, blah.

Melissa: Look. We need your help, okay?
Melissa: The Rose has been getting a bit too close to our grove for comfort.
Melissa: My... mother, Queen Maeve, that is, refuses to let me fight them off, and we heard about what you did for the dravir and the clawkin.
Melissa: You're the resistance, right? Can you do some resisting for us? Shoo away The Rose or something?

Melissa: You know, in all my years, I have somehow, by some miracle, never heard that one before.
Melissa: If you want to keep all your limbs, I suggest I never hear it from you again.

Melissa: It's fine. She speaks her mind. I like that.
Melissa: So, about the help?

Melissa: Great. Sounds good. Let's get going.

Melissa: Okay.
Melissa: Nice tree you have here.

Melissa: Right. Private. Gotcha.

Melissa: Welcome... to the Fairy Court!
Melissa: I...

Melissa: Hold on. Where is... everyone?

Melissa: Stop. No...

Melissa: Mother... you wouldn't...

Melissa: That must be it.
Melissa: You were too slow! Mother must have had no choice...

Melissa: How could they leave me behind?!

Melissa: If they were going to leave anyway... why?
Melissa: Not even a trace to follow...

Melissa: Yeah. In front of the whole court too. As if I didn't have the training. Or the skill.

Melissa: You mean...

Melissa: But... everyone else...

Melissa: I... I need some time to think. Please. Leave me to my thoughts.

Supply and Demand

Melissa: ...Why am I even here?

Melissa: Yeah. So? What do you need me for?

Melissa: ...And?

Melissa: ...

Melissa: ...Never had much interest in the whole leadership thing.

Melissa: I'd say do what you have to.
Melissa: What's the point of building a resistance, breaking people out of prison, and saving people from The Rose...
Melissa: ... if you can't be bothered to risk more to defend them?


Melissa: This... spy tried to ambush Niki while we were scouting the area.
Melissa: He stinks of Swordhaven.

Melissa: Obviously magical?

Melissa: ...
Melissa: What do you think, Mritha?

Melissa: ...As you say.

Melissa: You were going to stop The Rose all on your own?

Melissa: Hmph.

Melissa: I could do with some more action.

Melissa: That's it? That's it?! We're just letting him go?

Melissa: And what if he's lying? I don't like this.
Melissa: The entire resistance could be at risk—


Melissa: ...What's s/he doing here?

Melissa: ...
Melissa: That's it? That's really it?
Melissa: Do you actually think The Rose will stop trying to find Sulen'Eska?
Melissa: That with every victory the Vind achieves, The Rose will just... shrug their shoulders?
Melissa: The Vind is supposed to be the resistance! We should be doing some resisting!

Melissa: Please. Explain, then.

Melissa: ...That was the resistance before the Vind, was it?

Melissa: And you're afraid what happened to them will happen again?

Melissa: ...
Melissa: ...I need to go swing my sword at something.

Melissa: I'll stay in the camp.

Melissa: Kara sent you to check on me, did she?
Melissa: Make sure I'm not out of control?

Melissa: They had it coming.

Melissa: ...I was joking.

Melissa: It's... It's frustrating, you know?
Melissa: I want to do something. I can't just... wait.

Melissa: Alas, that seems to be the case.
Melissa: Unless...
Melissa: How about we spar? You and me?
Melissa: It'll be good training. Real training.
Melissa: For whenever... whenever the day comes.

Melissa: Prepare yourself, <Character>! I'm not holding back!

Melissa: Ha!

Melissa: Yes!
Melissa: Yes! That's what I'm talking about.

Melissa: Well, you beat me! I'm... ouch.
Melissa: Yeah. You definitely won.
Melissa: I can see now why Kara and the others hold you in such high regard.
Melissa: Not that I had many doubts from the stories I've been told, but...
Melissa: Well, it's another thing to experience it first hand.

Melissa: Better now. Alive! Good.

Melissa: I don't feel like I need to go and tear up a Rose checkpoint, if that's what you're getting at.

Melissa: Yeah... I think Mritha mentioned something about that...

Melissa: Yeah. Yeah, I know.
Melissa: I'll stay out of trouble, I promise. I just hope Kara can realize that, even should the worst come to pass, we're not helpless.
Melissa: We can fight back. Reach farther. Make a difference.

Melissa: Right. Yeah.

Severed Hope

Melissa: And if they're not interested in peace? What if this is all just a trap?

Melissa: None of us are without flaws. And Kara does her best!

Melissa: You...

Melissa: I ought to—

Melissa: I—

Melissa: You... utter... monster!

Melissa: Don't you dare just walk away!

Melissa: One that I...

Melissa: One that I fell for.
Melissa: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Kara. Everyone... I don't... Again... I...

Melissa: ...Yeah.

Melissa: Okay.

Changing Winds

Melissa: If you insist on shutting us out, you're going to lose us whether you want to or not.
Melissa: The peace talks were important to you, but even if they failed, we can still move forward, right?

Melissa: We won't let that happen!

Melissa: He's manipulating them!

Melissa: So the prisoners are ready to talk, are they?

Melissa: Do you recognize this one, <Character>?

Melissa: Money and fame over morals, was it?

Melissa: We just have a few questions for you.
Melissa: Answer truthfully, or... um... hm...

Melissa: Yeah! What the dragon said!

Melissa: Kara's impression of the situation seems more and more like reality.

Melissa: So what if we brought it all to light? Showed the people of Greenguard what The Rose has been doing?

Melissa: As much as I hate to admit it, Kara's option of going into hiding seems more and more like the safest choice, for now.

Melissa: We can't just let them go.

Melissa: Something tells me the well-being of the soldiers isn't a priority in Akanthus' mind.

Melissa: Then we'll have to give The Rose a show to remember!

Fight, Flight, & Fire

Melissa: Perfect.

Melissa: What's going on in the Northlands?

A Day for Farewells

Melissa: You and Mritha getting worked up about some Rose soldiers. I don't understand it.

Melissa: They signed up for war.
Melissa: Don't you remember what they did to the Clawkin? To all the other refugees who have passed through?
Melissa: To my people. To my family!

Melissa: Do you truly expect us all to, what, just sit down for tea and forget everything?
Melissa: No. I'm not interested in that. Nor, do I think, are The Rose.

Melissa: Let them come. They'll be taken by fire and swamp until they learn better.

Melissa: Good thinking. Take out the top and the rest crumbles.

Melissa: And I'll organize the patrols to find any remaining Rose stragglers or scouts.

On Broken Wings

Melissa: Mritha's right. And you disappearing without much of a heads-up wasn't exactly wonderful.
Melissa: I had a lot of people asking me where you were, why you were missing and why you wouldn't tell anyone anything.

Melissa: I am honoured that you think that highly of me to entrust this whole settlement...
Melissa: ... the people who love you and trust your leadership and the movement of freedom, to us.

Melissa: You can't be serious!!

Melissa: You won't be sneaking into the camp of some substandard brigands- you'll be sneaking into a camp full of DRAGONS.

Melissa: But... Kara...

Melissa: You make it sound like you are planning for the worst case scenario.

Melissa: Yes, Kara.

Melissa: Svera, you know this is a bad move, don't you?

Melissa: It has to be something incredibly painful to haunt her so.

An Uncertain Future

Melissa: Something... bothers you Kara?

Melissa: You... you had an audience with Jaania!?

Melissa: Know what?!

Melissa: Wait, so you are saying that Jaania actually has no idea if she is doing the right thing?

Melissa: But, Kara... that is--

The Gala

Melissa: Are you done cozying up to the high and mighty?

Melissa: Ugh...

Melissa: I. Hate. Dresses...

Melissa: Magic.
Melissa: Hopefully subtle enough to not raise attention. It's working, for now.
Melissa: I can hide my wings very easily.

Melissa: As for the ears, I cut them.

Melissa: That was a joke. I am known to joke.

Melissa: I concealed them with magic too.
Melissa: Ugh, this dress is so constraining. My sword is sticking to my thighs...

Melissa: Good.
Melissa: Have you spoken to the king yet?

Melissa: Well, get to it then. I can only keep this up for so long, and we don't know when—

Melissa: Lady Jaania, Lady/Lord <Character>... I bid you farewell.

Words and Deeds

Melissa: There you are! You could have warned me you were going to be leaving the scene, <Character>!

Melissa: Oh. Right! Um, hello, Your Majesties. I'm Princess Melissa of the fairies.

Melissa: Got a problem with that?

Melissa: I can take it from here, <Character>.
Melissa: Magic... is the life and soul of Lore.
Melissa: By your standards, I'm a magical "creature". Evil. Dangerous.
Melissa: But I'm a person, King Alteon. A person, just like you.
Melissa: Magic touches all things, whether we want it to or not.
Melissa: The Rose is using that as an excuse to persecute whoever they wish.

Melissa: Fresh air, finally. I've had enough of this... edifice.
Melissa: I'm... I'm going to go on ahead. I need to stretch my wings.

Melissa: What are you do—
Melissa: I left you alone for one moment! What happened to the King?

Melissa: ...

Melissa: Follow me. I know where to go.

Melissa: Sulen'Eska.

Melissa: Well, it's the only one we have right now! Kara will help. I know she will!

Melissa: <Character>!

Melissa: We're taking him to Sulen'Eska! Now!

Queen of Swordhaven

Melissa: I made the most sound tactical decision, given the position we were in!

Melissa: ...

A Petal Falls

Melissa: What?

The Greenguard Alliance - Vind Faction

Melissa: Hey, <Character>!

Melissa: Well enough, well enough.
Melissa: I'm just glad that with my return to Swordhaven, I don't have to wear that awful dress!

Melissa: Agreed!

Melissa: They're out leading some expeditionary forces currently. Speaking of which, I must get back to preparations.
Melissa: It was good to see you!

Daybreak (Vind)

Melissa: This is really bad, Kara. Many of the dragons and their riders are still recuperating after the defense of Atrea.

Melissa: Kara, what's on your mind?

Melissa: Perhaps <Character> and I can meet with them to set up a plan?

Melissa: Then we will pass on the message that you wish to speak to her personally.
Melissa: Right, <Character>?

Into the Light

Melissa: Unfortunately, Your Majesty, our Dragonriders are finding it difficult to reach the creature.
Melissa: While we can draw some of its attention from the city, its retaliations are too frequent to sustain a defense.
Melissa: Combined with the heat, many of our riders are struggling to stay in the air for long.

Melissa: By the way, Lady Jaania, Kara has expressed a very insistent wish to speak to you personally.

Melissa: Do it!


Melissa: As you command.

Melissa: How long will this hold?

Melissa: We can deal with them as they come! But at least now, we have the time to–

Melissa: Of course.

Melissa: ...If I must.

Sunfall: Part 2

Melissa: Great job, <Character>!

A Storm in the Night

Melissa: You're our leader, Kara. The Vind needs your guidance on the front lines.

Melissa: While you do what? Jaania isn't going anywhere.

Melissa: This is so unlike you, Lady Kara.
Melissa: Your personal desire for redemption cannot outweigh the needs of the Vind or of Lore!
Melissa: If you give in to that obsession, you'd be no better than Jaania.

Melissa: No offense, Hansa.

Melissa: Go on, Kara. It'll be something to take your mind off... things. I'll stay here to help with the rebuilding.

Other information
  • Melissa previously appeared in the retired quests/zones B.F.C., The War Room, Choose, The Gala, Are Rocks Evil?, and Queen of Swordhaven; any retired content has been archived on its respective entry.
  • Melissa previously offered the retired quest Help Melissa; any retired content has been archived on its respective entry.

    Front View Appearance
    The Gala Appearance
    Are Rocks Evil? Appearance

    Also See: Melissa4Bella (forum user)

    Thanks to
  • Jay for image and corrections.
  • DemonicDarkwraith for front view appearance, The Gala appearance, Are Rocks Evil? appearance images, and updated dialogue.
  • FlameWolf for information.

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