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Uncertain Future, An

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3/6/2015 20:50:39   

An Uncertain Future

Location: Sulen'Eska -> Up -> Up Vortex -> Mritha -> Espina Rosa -> Uncertain Future -> Quest!
Requirements: Completion of Homecoming Hurts
Release Date: March 6th, 2015

Objective: Let's catch up to Leon!
Objective completed: Kara has been retrieved, but will she still be the same? Where will the Vind go from here? And while all that's happening, what of Espina Rosa? Many questions, few answers.

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(3) Energizer
(4) ManaHunter (1)
(4) ManaHunter (2)
(3) Manahuntress

Kara SuLema
Sir Leon

Torn Windcloth Belt
Broken Links
Wind Fairy Dust
Magic Lasso
Howling Horn
Ornate Rose Belt
Faerie Lights


*Kara is wrapped in a blanket while her comrades keep her company.*

Kara SuLema: H-has Leon been thanked? I have not seen him, though I was told he.. he is responsible for getting me home.
Mritha: Yes, he was. He has other things to attend to, but he was quite adamant about being the one to rescue you.
Mritha: Not only for you, but to learn. And he learned much.
Kara SuLema: Good. If we are not constantly learning, then our q.. quest is not perfect.
Melissa: Something... bothers you Kara?
Kara SuLema: I have learned much as well. M-my heart is divided.
Bajacu': Learn something you did not wish to learn?
Kara SuLema: Yes. I learned that humans can be unbelievably cruel, heartless and empty.
Kara SuLema: I learned that... that the Rose isn't what we think it is.
Kara SuLema: And, I spoke to Jaania the one day Akanthus was absent.
Melissa: You... you had an audience with Jaania!?
Bajacu': What you see not what you wanted, yes?
Mritha: What do you mean, Bacaju'?
Bajacu': Before, I tell you misunderstandings are had. Misunderstandings still around us. Kara knows, does she not?
Kara SuLema: How did you know, Bacaju'?
Mritha: Know what?!
Melissa: Know what?!
Bajacu': I know many thing. World talk, I listen. You can not hear, though elf should. Fairy should. Dragon should. But deaf, all have become.
Kara SuLema: I think... I think something is wrong, even in the Rose camp. Jaania is not what I thought she was.
Kara SuLema: We spent all day talking. What she had to say is not what we have been led to believe.
Mritha: Tell us everything.

*Kara closes her eyes and tries to remember; meanwhile, Leon and his group are elsewhere, discussing another plan.*

Leon: Akanthus is royally ticked off at all of us right now. He's unpredictable and looking to lash out.
Leon: Be careful. We should make our way to Espina Rosa.
Dracelix: I think we should split up, Sulen'Eska is still vulnerable. Some of us should go to Espina Rosa, though.
Dracelix: Rumour has it that something is happening there and we could be helpful.
Gordy: If we come across any Rose Fighters, we are well equipped to deal with them.
Dracelix: I want to go to Espina Rosa. There are some questions that need to be answered up there. Leon?
Leon: Dracelix and Navon will take half our group and go up to Espina Rosa. Gordy, you and I will take the other half and guard Sulen'Eska.
Leon: Get there, learn and return, got it?

*The scene fades to black; the group splits into two and Dracelix's group travels in the forest.*

Navon: I've heard stories about torture, screaming, bad food.
Dracelix: I would consider bad food AS torture.
Navon: Aye, too true...
Dracelix: Are you ready to go unlock the mysteries of Espina Rosa and help <Character>?
Navon: Ready as I will ever be.

*Navon, Dracelix, and the group keep traveling; not far behind, your dragon pursues them.*

  • Equips Baby Dragon / Toddler Dragon / Kid Dragon.

    *Your dragon flies through the woods, reaches the beach, and catches up with the group just before they set sail.*

    Navon: Is this..... ?
    Dracelix: Shhhh... reinforcements are always welcome... just don't get too close to the fiery end of that one!

    *Your dragon is accepted into the group; meanwhile, back at the ranch, Kara starts to remember; she is hanging from the ceiling in shackles while Jaania sits down.*

    Jaania: I can't persuade you, can I?
    Kara SuLema: No. I know there is good out there. Good people with magic. Good people who use it for good.
    Kara SuLema: Yes, there are bad, but Jaania, the good always outweighs the bad.
    Jaania: Does it? I've seen...
    Kara SuLema: You've seen it destroy your best friends. You've seen it freeze you. You've seen it terrorise. I know.
    Kara SuLema: But, can't you think of anything good? Anything... wonderful?
    Jaania: I don't think so, Kara. I haven't had what you've had.
    Kara SuLema: When you studied in Swordhaven, did you not have teachers who showed you wonder, grace, and beauty of magic?
    Jaania: .......
    Kara SuLema: You were once the hope of all teachers. I know the stories. They are told in the quiet places when people wish to remember better times.
    Kara SuLema: you were so natural, so graceful, so perfect. You were the shining example.
    Jaania: You aren't taking this seriously.
    Kara SuLema: I am taking this seriously. You want to take from me something I treasure, love and enjoy.
    Kara SuLema: You want to take from me my power to help and hold. I don't want to lose this.
    Jaania: I don't know, Kara.
    Kara SuLema: What do you mean?
    Jaania: At first, after I was brought out of the freeze and saw all that Xan and Warlic had done, I was angry. So very angry.
    Jaania: They were irresponsible, hurtful, driven the world into an unbalanced chaos.
    Jaania: This made me realise that if we just didn't have magic, then this stuff, like Xan's curse, or Warlic's craze, wouldn't be able to happen.
    Kara SuLema: Is it really your place to make that decision though? You, alone, are making a decision that affects everyone on Lore.
    Kara SuLema: Not just you and me, but Dragons, Dravir, Clawkin, Fairies, Pixies... Have you asked what they thought?
    Jaania: I don't have to. Most of the world doesn't know what is good for them.
    Kara SuLema: Oh, I see.
    Kara SuLema: So, the magical, thinking, sentient, emotional beings like Clawkin or Dravir or Dragon, in shackles, is that what is good for them?
    Kara SuLema: They are slaves to the Rose, sent out to do their bidding, and being SLAUGHTERED the whole time!
    Kara SuLema: They are shells of who they are and slaves. Was slavery a part of your magical cleansing?

    *Jaania closes her eyes and looks at the floor with regret.*

    Jaania: No... no, slaves were not. Slaves aren't what I stand for... I do not make slaves.
    Kara SuLema: Jaania?
    Jaania: I just want a world of peace. I want to avoid the mistakes of the past. I want... my heart to feel as if it wasn't weighed down by pain and loss.
    Kara SuLema: Ridding a world built on magic of magic is not the way to go. I will not give up my magic. You will have to kill me, Jaania.
    Jaania: You really cannot be persuaded?
    Kara SuLema: No, and neither will my kin, and all other magic wielders who only want the best for the world around them.

    *Jaania stands up.*

    Jaania: Then, you can never leave. You are too dangerous. I see how people follow you.
    Jaania: As long as you are here, I can go about my plans.
    Kara SuLema: Jaania, please don't do this. Don't... leave me here. Let me go. Let me prove to you that magic is good, kind, wonderful, beautiful.
    Jaania: I can't. You will make my job harder. Perhaps, though, I will have you brought to me, away from here. That way, if I need you, I can visit you easier.
    Kara SuLema: You can always visit me, even if I was free.
    Jaania: You can never be free.

    *Jaania leaves the room and Kara starts crying; back in the present, she is done explaining the details to her comrades.*

    Melissa: Wait, so you are saying that Jaania actually has no idea if she is doing the right thing?
    Mritha: It sounds like she is trying very hard to tell herself she is right.
    Bajacu': Hurt chokes her. Soul fights to breathe, but it not easy. Kara can talk to her now.
    Kara SuLema: I've been taken from Akanthus. If Jaania gave the order, he did not follow it.
    Bajacu': No, you not listen. She say need to talk in future. You say she always can talk to you. One day, she talk again.
    Kara SuLema: If she asks, I will go. I need her to know she can trust me, magic and all.
    Melissa: But, Kara... that is--
    Mritha: --dangerous.
    Bajacu': That is Kara way. Taught well to think others better than they think themselves.
    Kara SuLema: Yes, if she asks for me one day, I will go to her. No matter what.

    *Scene fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest

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  • Guests are removed upon beginning this quest as of January 29th, 2021.

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