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12/10/2011 2:17:50   
Voodoo Master


Location: Reagent Race, The Wizards Apprentices, Playing With Fire, Revenge, Petty Squabbles, The Duel, Wrath of Wargoth, Disarray, The Merge, An Uncertain Future, The Beast, Timelines, Tournament of Champions, Calamity, Epilogue, The Gala, Are Rocks Evil?, Queen of Swordhaven, Three Questions, The Obsidian Tomb, The Queen of Roses, An Elegy of Ice and Fire, Heroes, A Petal Falls, Plans Entwined, Loose Ends, Out of Control, The Golden Hand, The Greenguard Alliance - Choose a Faction, Into the Light, Collapse, The Spells We Weave, Sunfall: Part 2, A Storm in the Night

Quests given

Shops owned


Reagent Race

Jaania: Hello.

Jaania: I'm looking for Brump's other apprentices?
Jaania: I'm sorry for running late.

The Wizards Apprentices

Jaania: I'm Jaania. Is Brump here? I really should check in...

Jaania: Oh, ok. Well, I'll just wait here then.

Jaania: Hmm...

Jaania: Vele's Guide to Elemental Healing.
Jaania: It's a fascinating treatise on using non-traditional elemental sources as possible sources of healing.
Jaania: Not many believe in the possibility of using darkness, energy and other less traditional elements to heal.
Jaania: I really should find some of the resource materials as well as competing theories.
Jaania: The scrolls and tomes I'd like are very rare though.

Jaania: There are five resource materials that I need to reference. Do you think you can get them for me?

  • Instructions

    Jaania: If you can find the right scroll and get it to me before I finish the section, that would be ideal.
    Jaania: Just follow the path through the library and bring the material to me.
    Jaania: Make sure to stay on target! The resources are very old and valuable and mustn't be damaged!
    Jaania: If the center of the guide target drifts off of the path, the resources will be damaged. If it is too damaged, we will lose valuable information.
    Jaania: Thank you so much for finding them for me! I'm going to continue studying.

  • Levitate!

    Both are random dialogs after clicking Levitate:
    Jaania: I'll just be over here if you need me. Good Luck!

    Jaania: Okay! I'll just be over here if you need me. Good Luck!

    If the reference was ruined:
    Jaania: Oh no! The reference was ruined! I hope the library has another copy.

    After a successful attempt:
    Jaania: Wow, that was impressive work! You found it so fast! Thank you so much.

    After 5 successful attempts:
    Jaania: ???
    Jaania: Wh-what happened?

    Playing With Fire

    Jaania: I'm not sure what even happened....
    Jaania: I was just studying....

    Jaania: ...

    Jaania: Well, there are several magical ley lines in the area that I was hoping to study...
    Jaania: ...as a side project on how the intersection of the lines could help in the manifestation of portals.

    Jaania: !!!

    Jaania: But... how?
    Jaania: If your magic ability advanced enough to make portals, why are you an apprentice?

    Jaania: Where are we?
    Jaania: Alex... what's wrong?

    Jaania: Alex?

    Jaania: Can you conjure another portal to get us out of here?

    Jaania: Come on, you're an ice mage. I'm sure you can destroy anything we find in here.

    Jaania: I told you you could do it, Alex!


  • His morning tea...
    Jaania: I must thank you for inviting me over, Warlic. I just love tea.

    Jaania: Oh, you're sweet. Ok, you try it first then.

    Jaania: EWW, Warlic! Is this some kind of sick joke?!

    Jaania: You're so gross...

  • His toothpaste...
    Jaania: Oh, I hope I studied enough.. I was up all night going over some parts.

    Jaania: *blush*

    Jaania: Oh. why thank you. That's just what I--

    Jaania: Just what I-- Just... I--?

    Jaania: YesexactlyokweshouldprobablygetgoingseeyaWarlic!

    Jaania: *whew* Thank you, Alex. I didn't know what I was gonna say...

    Jaania: My goodness... What do you think was the matter with him?

    Jaania: Eww...

  • His wardrobe...
    Jaania: Oh, I hope I studied enough.. I was up all night going over some parts.

    Jaania: *blush*
    Jaania: Hey... do you smell something?

    Jaania: Oh dear! Oh my goodness... I *cough*-- WHAT is that smell?!

    Jaania: *cough* But Warlic... we couldn't smell it until you walked over here. Well, until you got within 30 feet anyway.

  • His spellbook...
    Jaania: Uh oh...

    Jaania: *snicker* Oh, Warlic, hahahaa! Oh, how embarrassing...

    Petty Squabbles

    Jaania: Oh, hello Alex. Just look at this elemental bouquet!
    Jaania: Isn't it beautiful?

    Jaania: It's still pretty!

    Jaania: Oh no!

    Jaania: Oh no!

    Jaania: ...
    Jaania: Are you coming, Alex?

    Jaania: Don't work too hard now...

    Jaania: Hahahaha, you're so funny Warlic!

    Jaania: Yes?

    Jaania: Oh, Alex! Are you alright?

    Jaania: Maybe one of your reagents fell, Alex?

    Jaania: Please, I don't want my friends to fight! Why can't you two get along?

    The Duel

    Jaania: *sniff*
    Jaania: *sniff* I just wish..
    Jaania: I just wish they would stop fighting.

    Jaania: !!!
    Jaania: They're at it again! I need to put a stop to this...

    Jaania: Alllee...

    Jaania: ...Xaaaannnnn.........

    Wrath of Wargoth

    Jaania: No!


    Jaania: Hmph.

    Jaania: Haven't you all cast enough spells?
    Jaania: Look. Look at what you've done. The forest is on fire. Cities are flooding. Winds blow others apart.
    Jaania: Now you're looking for more magic to add to the chaos?

    Jaania: Stop.
    Jaania: Are you...
    Jaania: ...are you really him?

    Jaania: Well enough? Well enough?
    Jaania: I have spent years upon years trapped in a magic prison!
    Jaania: The last thing I saw were my two friends fighting. One screaming in agony as he was burnt alive.
    Jaania: I lived with that...
    Jaania: ...as time ticked away, never knowing if that would be that last thing I saw... hahaha....
    Jaania: Then when I am finally freed... I find Alex... Xan, trapped in his own magic prison...
    Jaania: ...and the other... split in two, with one half bent on destroying the world itself with his infinite power.
    Jaania: How do you know Wargoth and you merging won't destroy the world anyways?

    Jaania: Then I hope to see my old friend Warlic soon.

    The Merge

    Jaania: Listen.

    Jaania: ...
    Jaania: Hmph.

    Jaania: I can take care of myself.

    Jaania: You...

    Jaania: I have spent years, frozen in time. Waiting. Wondering.... wondering if I would ever see you again.
    Jaania: Look. Look at what you, what magic has wrought.

    Jaania: You destroyed an entire planet and enslaved it's inhabitants!
    Jaania: Now, they're stuck in the desert, burnt by the light. You would have destroyed this world. Our world... as well.
    Jaania: And you say you wish you had done things differently?
    Jaania: Hahaha....

    Jaania: ...
    Jaania: Whatever it takes.

    An Uncertain Future

    Jaania: I can't persuade you, can I?

    Jaania: Does it? I've seen...

    Jaania: I don't think so, Kara. I haven't had what you've had.

    Jaania: .......

    Jaania: You aren't taking this seriously.

    Jaania: I don't know, Kara.

    Jaania: At first, after I was brought out of the freeze and saw all that Xan and Warlic had done, I was angry. So very angry.
    Jaania: They were irresponsible, hurtful, driven the world into an unbalanced chaos.
    Jaania: This made me realise that if we just didn't have magic, then this stuff, like Xan's curse, or Warlic's craze, wouldn't be able to happen.

    Jaania: I don't have to. Most of the world doesn't know what is good for them.

    Jaania: No... no, slaves were not. Slaves aren't what I stand for... I do not make slaves.

    Jaania: I just want a world of peace. I want to avoid the mistakes of the past. I want... my heart to feel as if it wasn't weighed down by pain and loss.

    Jaania: You really cannot be persuaded?

    Jaania: Then, you can never leave. You are too dangerous. I see how people follow you.
    Jaania: As long as you are here, I can go about my plans.

    Jaania: I can't. You will make my job harder. Perhaps, though, I will have you brought to me, away from here. That way, if I need you, I can visit you easier.

    Jaania: You can never be free.

    The Beast

    Jaania: The front door was available, <Character>. Antagonizing my Beastmaster and his charges... was unnecessary.


    Jaania: I'm sorry I wasn't here to greet you. How have you found Swordhaven, <Character>?

    Jaania: The last time I saw Alexander it was through the wall of ice I was trapped in after his head had been set aflame.
    Jaania: Imagine my surprise, after what seemed like eons of being entombed...
    Jaania: ... at seeing his grinning skull still burning and seeing all of Lore at the mercy of of the one that set that fire.

    Jaania: Alexander was ally when you freed me, <Character>. You were working together... all to save the one that threatened to consume Lore with fire.

    Jaania: You may have fought Alexander in the past, you may not have liked him, but you chose to put aside your animosity.
    Jaania: How was I to know how entangled you were or were not in his madness?

    Jaania: So you think I would trust any conversation with maddened fiery shell of a former friend or his apparent ally?

    Jaania: I loved magic once, <Character>. I found wonder in the Arcane and using it to learn and to help others. That wonder and naivety was ripped away.
    Jaania: For all the good that magic can do... it is still a weapon. A weapon that in the wrong hands... with the wrong twist of fate... can destroy everything.

    Jaania: It's the remains of Swordhaven... the remains of all of Lore... in a timeline where you failed to break my crystal prison.

    Jaania: No. Listen, <Character>...
    Jaania: I know you have knowledge of other timelines. I know you know of the Time Travel Fairies.
    Jaania: My heart isn't totally frozen. I wish there was a better way but...
    Jaania: I've seen both the worst and best that magic has to offer this world, <Character>.
    Jaania: I've seen it through that mirror... it's a window to other timelines. And I can view them all.

    Jaania: It doesn't matter if you do or not. I've seen worlds where your cruelty rivaled the Mysterious Stranger...
    Jaania: But more often than not you've preserved as a force of good. I wanted you to have that chance in this one as well.
    Jaania: You can go.

    Jaania: Go.

    Tournament of Champions

    Jaania: Enter.

    Jaania: No Amadeus.

    Jaania: Go ahead. I could use some distraction.

    Jaania: Impressive.

    Jaania: Ah... so that's what I felt back then.

    Jaania: I'm... glad.

    Jaania (thinking): Kara...

    Jaania: Notify Akanthus.

    Jaania: ...
    Jaania: Investigate. Do not engage.

    Jaania: I know. I'm respecting Alteon's wishes... ... for the time being.
    Jaania: Anything outside the kingdom?

    Jaania: It's about time.
    Jaania: Send a letter that I will be arriving soon. I need to see it for myself.

    Jaania: The ball?
    Jaania: Oh, this... gala for ambassadors and dignitaries.
    Jaania: Ugh... after.
    Jaania: Why does this tournament have to happen now? I can't focus in these conditions...

    Jaania: Hmm.
    Jaania: I do not recognize this emblem...
    Jaania: Exactly how unusual?

    Jaania: This... is going to pose problems in my future plans.

    Jaania: Amadeus, send this back as my reply.

    Jaania: Someone called "The Magesterium". The letter was sent from the Capitol, in Azaveyr...
    Jaania: Also, have someone look into this... gathering. They appear to be an influential and problematic bunch.

    Jaania: How are you feeling, Amadeus?

    Jaania: Are you feeling well?

    Jaania: Is anyone bothering you?

    Jaania: That's good to hear.
    Jaania: Neron wears them proudly, but I know he's suffering.

    Jaania: I know.
    Jaania: You can go now.


    ???: How touching.

    Jaania: Such a cold reception...

    Jaania: I'm here to help.


    Jaania: Good people of Falconreach, please, calm down.
    Jaania: I'm here now. And I'm here to hel-

    Jaania: Protecting Swordhaven was my first priority. I was tasked with it by the king himsel-

    Jaania: I didn't say that-

    Jaania: Please-

    Jaania: I assure you-

    Jaania: ...

    Jaania: I... see-

    Jaania: It's fine!!!
    Jaania: I'm fine.
    Jaania: I can read the situation. I see that I am not welcome here.
    Jaania: You don't need my help... and I respect that.
    Jaania: I will make sure Swordhaven provides you with necessary resources and supplies.
    Jaania: I am...
    Jaania: I am sincerely sorry I couldn't be here sooner.
    Jaania: Farewell, people of Falconreach. The Rose will not bother you anymore...

    The Gala

    ???: Hello... <Character>.

    Jaania: I've heard you will be gracing us with your presence.

    Jaania: Thank you.
    Jaania: You look lukewarm, at best.

    Jaania: Oh, you are hilarious.

    Jaania: What is it?

    Jaania: And this is urgent how?

    Jaania: You are excused.

    Jaania: ...
    Jaania: I hope this event is to your liking?

    Jaania: Do we really need to do this? Can't we be civil?

    Jaania: You are exhausting, as usual.

    Jaania: I beg your pardon?

    Jaania: You might want to be careful, everyone is listening.

    Jaania: You are such a brute, <Character>. You need to be in the center of the attention, don't you?
    Jaania: You crave it.
    Jaania: You are the hero, aren't you? Always the center of the attention...
    Jaania: Well, let me tell you something!
    Jaania: You are not the only one who can bear this title! You are not special!
    Jaania: You were not the one who woke up in a world on the brink of destruction, caused by your closest friends.
    Jaania: I was!
    Jaania: You were not the one who tried to help people when all of the elements were ravaging throughout the lands!
    Jaania: I was!
    Jaania: You were not the one who managed to calm the destruction, saving countless of lives, and the one people turned to!
    Jaania: I was!
    Jaania: You were not the one who had to deal with all that pressure and still come up on top!
    Jaania: I was!
    Jaania: You were not the one who, in the midst of all the destruction and chaos, founded an organization that to this day is bringing peace to this land!!
    Jaania: I was!
    Jaania: You are not the hero of this story!!!
    Jaania: I AM!!!

    Jaania: Who are you...?

    Jaania: They are no one, I will take care of them. Stay out of it... Your Majesty.

    Jaania: Or what?

    Jaania: ...
    Jaania: <Character>, escort the king and the princess to safety.

    Jaania: Please... do as I say. Protect the royal family. It won't be safe here in a while.

    Are Rocks Evil?

    Jaania: You have some nerve, attacking a palace during a peaceful royal celebration...
    Jaania: Do you comphrend what you may have started?

    Jaania: You realize that now I want to do it even more, don't you?

    Jaania: What is it that you so desperately protect? That you are ready to start a war for?
    Jaania: The Fissure is simply a geyser of raw mana... it's not even on your territory.
    Jaania: You're trespassing.

    Jaania: What? You didn't realize the extent of my power?
    Jaania: Your... colleague, or whoever he was, underestimated me, and look what he has brought on himself.
    Jaania: You will end up like this too.
    Jaania: Therefore, before it happens, explain to me everything you know.
    Jaania: I'd hate for your knowledge to go to waste, you see.

    Jaania: I see...

    Jaania: *pant* *pant*

    Jaania: This is your magic source, isn't it?

    Jaania: You use people as walking nexuses? That's despicable.

    Jaania: ...
    Jaania: I will repeat myself. Tell me what the Fissure is.
    Jaania: It'll save me time, I already have people investigating it...
    Jaania: I'll know sooner or later, might as well be sooner.

    Jaania: You have attacked a royal court and infiltrated the castle. I assume you have more of those... golems of yours, scattered throughout it.
    Jaania: I even assume that they have attacked the king himself.
    Jaania: Granted, <Character> most likely took the king to safety...
    Jaania: Nonetheless, you have foolishly started a cascade of events that will inevitably lead to an intercontinental conflict.
    Jaania: All because of me.
    Jaania: I'd say I'm flatttered... *pant*... but I'm not that petty.
    Jaania: Was it worth it?

    Jaania: *pant* It's... *pant*... about time you've showed up...

    Jaania: ...
    Jaania: What do you mean...?

    Jaania: What?!

    Jaania: ...
    Jaania: Then why didn't you STOP him/her!?

    Jaania: Leave me...

    Jaania: This day can't get any worse...

    Jaania: Huh...?

    Queen of Swordhaven

    Jaania: A few weeks from now, at the most.

    Jaania: Akanthus.

    Jaania: What is he doing now?

    Jaania: Keep an eye on him. Just in case.

    Jaania: Have Z study one of the golems, please. I expect results when I'm back.

    Jaania: Time to see what this Fissure is all about.

    Jaania: Princess Victoria... greetings. I'm glad to see that you are alright. I haven't yet had the chance to-

    Jaania: It was the right thing to do. People have to know-

    Jaania: Oh?
    Jaania: My sources tell me otherwise.

    Jaania: You were... what?

    Jaania: I see.
    Jaania: Can you tell me what happened, then?

    Jaania: Where did he/she take the King?

    Jaania: I'm having a hard time understanding. If the King was injured, why has <Character> taken him? Why not call for help? Why didn't you stop him/her?

    Jaania: *thinking* Woman? Kara...?

    Jaania: ...

    Jaania: I see... I will not question your judgement. Thank you for telling me this.
    Jaania: I will settle these things, on my end, when I'm back.

    Jaania: Yes.

    Jaania: To see exactly why a foreign kingdom would attack us.

    Jaania: ...
    Jaania: I'll be off now.

    Jaania: Farewell... Queen Victoria.

    Three Questions

    Jaania: This...

    Jaania: This is... beautiful, isn't it?

    Jaania: It's... certainly troubling to hear.
    Jaania: I saw the Fissure, from the sky. It's much, MUCH bigger than I anticipated it to be.

    Jaania: How close can we get to it?

    Jaania: Yes?

    Jaania: Intriguing.

    Jaania: Certainly, although I have one question that is of utmost importance.
    Jaania: It has recently come to my attention that the Fissure is not just a geyser of raw mana. Is this true?

    The Obsidian Tomb

    Jaania: It is.
    Jaania: It very much is!
    Jaania: This...
    Jaania: This is what I have been missing. This will solve everything!
    Jaania: The catalyst... that will change the world!
    Jaania: I know what to do now!
    Jaania: Agrimonia... I know what to do now!!! Your team has done an exceptional work!

    Jaania: For so long I thought I've burned myself out. I began doubting myself...
    Jaania: But this!
    Jaania: This will save the world!!!
    Jaania: I can't believe something like this even existed. And the Magesterium wanted all of this to themselves!?
    Jaania: They wouldn't know how to utilize this! I do!
    Jaania: I need to begin preparations! At once!
    Jaania: Send these to Amadeus. I must return immediately...
    Jaania: *muttering* I'll need these...
    Jaania: *muttering* This too...

    Jaania: *muttering* Every book on this subject...
    Jaania: *muttering* The gnomes... I'll need the gnomes...

    Jaania: And I need an airship...

    The Queen of Roses

    ???: That's not how a queen should act.

    Jaania: Greetings, my Queen. I just wanted to notify you that I've returned and I'm ready to serve you as you see fit.

    Jaania: My Lady... if you ever need advice, please don't hesitate to knock on my door.
    Jaania: I know a thing or two about managing people.
    Jaania: You said you can't sleep. I'll be more than happy to help you with that.
    Jaania: Although... a good leader loses sleep, so that their subjects can rest well at night.

    Jaania: Very well.

    Jaania: I'd make a good queen...

    Jaania: Ah, my apologies. Fare thee well, my Lady. I'll be in my study, if you need me.

    An Elegy of Ice and Fire

    Jaania: This is so bizarre.
    Jaania: With each day, she looks better after the treatment, then gets worse.
    Jaania: With each day, she looks better after the treatment, but when we check in later, she appears worse.
    Jaania: I can't figure out what's causing it.

    Jaania: It crossed my mind, yes, but it's impossible. Only you, me and the king can enter this chamber.
    Jaania: It crossed my mind, yes, but that would be impossible. Only you, me and the king have access to this chamber.

    Jaania: I'm worried she's not going to make it...
    Jaania: I can't have that, not with how little Victoria trusts me.
    Jaania: Do you know where the king is?

    Jaania: ...

    Jaania: I will not be conducting raids.
    Jaania: I will not be raiding Kara's little... resistance.
    Jaania: Let her have this little resistance group. Kara doesn't bother me anymore.
    Jaania: If we return the king against his wishes, the people of Swordhaven may turn against us.
    Jaania: Besides, I know that the king is in good hands. He'll most likely recover and come back sooner or later.
    Jaania: Besides, assisting the knights in their search has garnered much goodwill that we should not hasten to squander.
    Jaania: I still don't understand why you said he was kidnapped.
    Jaania: I still don't understand why you said Alteon was kidnapped.

    Jaania: With Victoria as acting queen, things will get a little... complicated. I need to finish the spell as soon as possible.
    Jaania: With Victoria as acting queen, things may get a little... complicated. We've bought some time and favor, but I don't know if it will be enough...
    Jaania: With all of the Fissure research, I feel reinvigorated.
    Jaania: But with the successful establishment of our research base, and all of the new Fissure research, I do feel quite reinvigorated.
    Jaania: Have you read them yet? What do you think of my plans?
    Jaania: Have you read my notes yet? What do you think of my plan?

    Jaania: Thank you for your input.

    Jaania: It will work.

    Jaania: Imagine...
    Jaania: Every new generation of Lore will be cut from the devastating magic indoctrination...
    Jaania: Every new generation on Lore will be cut from the devastating effects of magic indoctrination...
    Jaania: ... and every existing generations, until they die out, will be unable to tap into mana... but still be able to enjoy life.
    Jaania: ... and every existing generation, until they die out, will be unable to tap into mana... but still be able to enjoy life.
    Jaania: A life free of all the torment of magic. A life where they will never experience what I, and countless of others, did.
    Jaania: The perfect, elegant solution.

    Jaania: A brand new world...

    Jaania: Have the gnomes been cooperating?

    Jaania: And it's up to me to rebuild the trust that you have so foolishly ruined.
    Jaania: No doubt. And it's up to me to rebuild the trust that you have so foolishly ruined.
    Jaania: You and your division went out of line, and now I'm paying for it.
    Jaania: Always me... paying for everything.

    Jaania: It's exhausting...
    Jaania: And now I need the gnomes! I need an airship! How else am I going to interact with the mana core!?
    Jaania: And now I need the gnomes! I need an airship! And they are the only ones who have the knowledge to construct it.

    Jaania: Just because you tried your best, doesn't mean it was good enough!
    Jaania: You tried, but you took the wrong path. I expect better of you, Akanthus.
    Jaania: Stay here and monitor her.
    Jaania: Stay here and monitor Brittany.
    Jaania: I have to perfect the spell AND deal with this fallout.
    Jaania: I have to continue my research AND deal with your fallout.
    Jaania: *mumble* It's like the entire world is against me...

    Jaania: ... if it's enveloped in a barrier, then that only leaves out the leylines...
    Jaania: ... if it's enveloped in a barrier, then what would be the effect on the connection between...
    Jaania: ... however, if the core's influence is cut out, wouldn't it mean the same for the leylines... ?
    Jaania: ... however, if the core's influence is cut out, wouldn't it mean the same for everything else... ?

    Jaania: I don't know.
    Jaania: Do I have any books on this subject?
    Jaania: There aren't even any books on the subject. If scholars have been considering this from the wrong angle...
    Jaania: There has to be somethin—

    Jaania: What?!

    Jaania: No...

    Jaania: Leave.

    Jaania: ... the spell will take a while to cast, depending on the length of the incantation...
    Jaania: ... the spell will take a while to cast, but if there's no way to secure the aftermath...

    Jaania: ... but what about unforeseen complications...

    Jaania: ... it would be risky...

    Jaania: ... there cannot be any unforeseen complications...

    Jaania: ... it would be risky...

    Jaania: I'm busy.
    Jaania: Leave.

    Jaania: My Alexander died in that basement.

    Jaania: I do not care for love. Or for you. Or you.

    Jaania: Not anymore.

    Jaania: I do not care for love. Or for you, Alexander. Or you, Warlic.

    Jaania: Not anymore.
    Jaania: I am on a verge of something great. And you are inconveniencing me.
    Jaania: I am on the verge of something great. And you are inconveniencing me.
    Jaania: Leave... please.

    Jaania: No!

    Jaania: My research notes!

    Jaania: No!

    Jaania: My research!

    Jaania: He did it to himself.

    Jaania: Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

    Jaania: Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.


    Jaania: Know your place, Z.
    Jaania: You are here only to assess the airship progress.

    Jaania: Speaking of progress, I haven't yet had the chance to speak with you, tell me about your findings.

    Jaania: How so?

    Jaania: ... let me just- hmm-

    Jaania: Phylactery, as in necromancy?

    Jaania: I've figured as much already.

    Jaania: Barbaric, more like. If your theory is true.
    Jaania: Yet another reason not to concede to the Magesterium. Such horrific magics are not to be toyed with.
    Jaania: Cease experimentation immediately.

    Jaania: I'm glad we have an understanding.

    Jaania: Ah, greetings, sir gnome.

    Jaania: Greetings, Pozu. We are here to check on the progress of the airship.

    Jaania: When... will the airship be ready?

    Jaania: Please, again, accept my deepest apologies for what has happened to Popsprocket.
    Jaania: I will personally make sure that the people who were responsible for this are severely punished.

    Jaania: Yes, the people from my organization.
    Jaania: Please understand that my goal is not to destroy, but to save. I learned about Popsprocket only after the fact... and I was appalled.
    Jaania: I was, to be quite frank, furious.
    Jaania: The actions of a few insubordinates do not speak of my organization as a whole.
    Jaania: I acknowledge what has happened to your people and I bring further amends.
    Jaania: Namely, this and all of the other gnomish settlements will be given access to the Rose's supplies and resources.
    Jaania: Of course, we will have to set up a small presence to make sure our resources are not being misused...
    Jaania: ... but I assure you, such intrusions will be minimal.
    Jaania: On top of that, all gnomes are to be allowed freedom of research and experimentation within the Kingdom of Greenguard.
    Jaania: It has been brought to my attention that gnomish science is not the same as the destructive magics we seek to control.

    Jaania: I do.
    Jaania: I cannot turn back time and erase what happened to Popsprocket and all of its denizens, and it will forever weigh down on my soul...
    Jaania: ... but at least I can strive to fix these mistakes.

    Jaania: I couldn't have said it better myself.

    Jaania: I am glad to hear it! Thank you.

    Jaania: What is it, Z?

    A Petal Falls

    Jaania: That is for... the Queen to decide.
    Jaania: If— no, when we succeed, then the effects of their magic will cease. With or without her majesty's interference.
    Jaania: This merely means we must hasten our project in order to minimize the harm done.
    Jaania: It pains me deeply, but our forces cannot be spread out to the far reaches of the kingdom.

    Jaania: Akanthus, do you disagree?

    Jaania: And I expect Queen Victoria will be most generous and accommodating.
    Jaania: The loss of Duat is unfortunate, but we will rebuild later, after we sort everything out.
    Jaania: However, I do have a mission for you, Akanthus.

    Jaania: You may take the initiative for a counter operation against the Magesterium.
    Jaania: Whatever funds you require shall be yours.
    Jaania: Buy the Rose time.

    Plans Entwined

    Jaania: Thrithril?

    Jaania: Ah.

    Jaania: Continue.

    Jaania: I don't want you to believe, I want you to know.
    Jaania: The airship, and by extension us, have to be protected from the unknown influences of the Mana Core radiation.

    Jaania: Z.

    Jaania: I know you can do it.

    Jaania: No.
    Jaania: My schedule is very tight. The majority of my spell scrolls that burned in the incident have to be remade, and I have other business to attend to.
    Jaania: I trust you on this, Z.

    Jaania: You may go.

    Jaania: No.
    Jaania: I need a better synonym, the incantation has to flow naturally...

    Jaania: Magus Hansa, a pleasure.

    Jaania: Securing the Fissure is currently our highest priority. Surely you understand?

    Jaania: I am truly sorry for—

    Jaania: Dear Hansa, we do not lie to each other. When we have secured the Fissure, and my research is complete, we will rebuild.
    Jaania: When our plan comes to fruition, and Lore is saved...
    Jaania: ... these Magesterium attacks will cease, and in this new era of peace, we shall prosper like none before.

    Jaania: I am. You are a talented mage. I could actually use your input on some of my current theories.

    Jaania: I... No, you're right, of course.
    Jaania: We're just so close— I— I must have—
    Jaania: ... if the gnome project is completed soon, then that gives us a small window in which...
    Jaania: Yes. Yes, Hansa, would you be willing to remain if I provided you with the soldiers and resources necessary to take care of any refugees?
    Jaania: Queen Victoria has been somewhat of an obstacle in a few of our recent logistics.
    Jaania: Swordhaven has been very generous, but I fear that over time, even Swordhaven's generosity may run dry.
    Jaania: Take some time. Consider it. You are a tireless protector of the people of Lore, and this cannot have been easy for you.

    Jaania: Actions before words. I understand.
    Jaania: Thank you, Hansa.

    Jaania: It just doesn't make sense!

    Jaania: Where is Amadeus? I require his expertise on these matters.
    Jaania: Perhaps some of his experiments can shed light on the results I'm getting.

    Loose Ends

    Jaania: I see...
    Jaania: <Character>, let me start by expressing my sincerest apologies.
    Jaania: You must believe me when I say that if I had known what these... "Thorns" were doing, I would have stopped them immediately.

    Jaania: I am aware, <Character>! Do you think I like people dying? Do you think I like people seeing me as a villain?
    Jaania: I don't. I built the Rose with my bare hands. I wished for people to see us as something beautiful, something to look up to for protection.

    Jaania: And then monsters like this scurry in.
    Jaania: Trampling over the reputation of the Rose and its good deeds.

    Jaania: Pitiful.
    Jaania: I will make an example out of you, Theano.
    Jaania: And all of your "Thorns".

    Jaania: Worry not, <Character>, the ramblings of a madman do not sway me.

    Jaania: As for you, Theano, I admire the punishment that your daughter has seen fit to carry out.
    Jaania: Therefore, if you can do no evil, I will make it so you can see no evil.
    Jaania: Or hear no evil.
    Jaania: Or speak no evil.
    Jaania: This will not bring back those whom you have harmed, but...

    Jaania: I hope that their souls find solace in your misery.

    Jaania: Ahimsa, Tipu, take him to his cell.
    Jaania: And please inform Akanthus that I have another mission for him.
    Jaania: Would you say that his punishment was sufficient to his crimes?

    Jaania: As punishment for his senseless actions, I have rendered him quite literally senseless.
    Jaania: He cannot see, hear, nor speak. And we will maintain him in such a state until his final breath.

    Jaania: Now, about this Belle...
    Jaania: I understand that she is a scout for the Rose. To have awakened to such power...
    Jaania: Where is she?

    Jaania: What do you mean?

    Jaania: ...Sudden overload of magical flux... depending on the vessel...
    Jaania: I see.
    Jaania: Perhaps that is for the best, then.

    Jaania: And for that, I am forever grateful to her memory.
    Jaania: However, the power to control the fine workings of mana that maintain the—
    Jaania: I'm sorry, you described her power as an... unraveling?

    Jaania: Curious.
    Jaania: As I was saying, I have no doubts Belle was a fine woman.
    Jaania: However, such power brings on not only the threat of abuse, but inspires potential imitators who in turn may do great harm.
    Jaania: So while I would have greatly loved to thank Belle in person, I am also glad that she no longer poses a threat to Lore.

    Jaania: ...But that would mean the leyline theory is...
    Jaania: ... Have all these experiments been using the entirely wrong model?

    Out of Control

    ???: Greetings, Your Majesty.

    Jaania: Brittany's health seems stable for now. Our best researchers are doing whatever they can.
    Jaania: However.
    Jaania: Would it be possible to hasten the rebuilding of my chambers, Your Majesty?
    Jaania: My temporary quarters negatively impact my own research endeavors.

    Jaania: It was simply an experiment gone wrong, My Queen.

    Jaania: Please accept my apologies, Your Majesty. I didn't mean to anger you.
    Jaania: Two of my old acquaintances invaded my tower, uninvited, and caused the incident. They have been dealt with.
    Jaania: I assure you, something like this will never happen again.
    Jaania: I have already put it onto myself to personally help and reimburse the people who were caught up or injured in this incident.

    Jaania: Thank you so much, My Queen.

    Jaania: Long may you reign.

    Jaania: I believe the solution to the eternal protection of the Kingdom of Greenguard, no, all of Lore, lies with unlocking the secrets of the Fissure.
    Jaania: As such, it is imperative that the Rose occupy this territory above all other priorities.

    Jaania: I— No, your Majesty. The Rose is at your disposal.

    Jaania: To go this far... The Magesterium must truly be desperate.

    Jaania: Send word that we are recalling most of our forces from the Fissure.

    Jaania: If this was the goal of the Magesterium, then they've succeeded.
    Jaania: Sacrificing the Sandsea, even Doomwood as well, may have given us enough time to finish our work. But so many places at once?
    Jaania: The safety of the people must come first.

    Jaania: Yet the research must go on.

    Jaania: I wonder...

    Jaania: Golems... necromancy... elemental spirits... mortals...
    Jaania: Ugh, now I need to send for both Z AND Amadeus! Again!

    The Golden Hand

    Jaania: Forgive my interruption, My Queen, but that is not what you—

    Jaania: Rose operations have been constantly pestered by the actions of the Vind. This is unacceptable.

    Jaania: My Queen, it is not so simple. Our people have been in a prolonged skirmish. There are grudges and resentments on both sides.

    Jaania: The Vind kidnapped the King. Even now he is undoubtedly in their grasp!

    Jaania: Of course she'd deny it!

    Jaania: Unbelievable.

    Jaania: She's only telling you what you want to hear!

    Jaania: I... do not, Your Majesty.

    Jaania: If you so command it, My Queen.

    Jaania: I must send out our new orders and return to my research.

    Jaania: That won't be necessary, My Queen. My plan is—

    Jaania: I... I understand.

    Jaania: Behind me, Your Majesty. This magic...

    Jaania: Identi—

    Jaania: The Magesterium!

    Jaania: They must not be trusted, Your Majesty.

    Jaania: The voice screeching that it is, in fact, your doing, seems to indicate otherwise.

    Jaania: My Queen, you can't seriously be considering trusting them? They are our enemies! They attacked your father!

    Jaania: I cannot promise that.

    Jaania: I have an inquiry.

    Jaania: Where do the rifts lead?

    Jaania: Then we will find out on our own!

    Jaania: I...

    Jaania: Thank you, My Queen.

    Jaania: Yes, Your Majesty.

    The Greenguard Alliance - Choose a Faction

    Jaania: Unfortunately, my own tasks necessitate my full attention. It was with the greatest regret that I asked this of you, my dear Hansa.

    Jaania: Do decide quickly, <Character>. My research beckons.

    Jaania: Hmph.

    Into the Light

    Jaania: My research is progressing well. Pending response of the gnomes, I may be able to begin implementation of—

    Jaania: I- I don't know if I have the time to—

    Jaania: ...
    Jaania: Yes, My Queen. I believe I may have a solution.

    Jaania: <Character> is correct. We do not know what will happen if the Tytan is destroyed.
    Jaania: I shall begin developing methods of containment for the city, as well as redundant protections for multiple potentialities.
    Jaania: It may take some time. I have to check... no—
    Jaania: That is, I have to ensure that all probabilities are accounted for.

    Jaania: I- I have many spells that need—

    Jaania: I'll...
    Jaania: I'll consider it.

    Jaania: It seems the Tytan is now on the offensive.

    Jaania: I- I'm not sure if—

    Jaania: I think... maybe... but...

    Jaania: But... what if...

    Jaania: R- right.

    Jaania: This will take some effort to cast. It's been a while.

    Jaania: Defend me.


    Jaania: This will take some moments.

    Jaania: Defend me.

    Jaania: I told you to protect me!

    Jaania: Of course.
    Jaania: It will take slightly longer, and I must maintain concentration.

    Jaania: Understood, My Queen.

    Jaania: I'm ready.

    Jaania: I... *pant* I...

    Jaania: I... don't know.
    Jaania: I did all I could.
    Jaania: I made sure the city gates were excluded...
    Jaania: Did I calculate that correctly?
    Jaania: No no no...

    Jaania: What if I...

    Jaania: What have I done?

    Jaania: But I didn't...
    Jaania: The consequences...

    Jaania: NO!
    Jaania: I didn't, I couldn't–

    Jaania: The magnitude of such magic is beyond your scope of view.
    Jaania: Beyond mine.
    Jaania: I must know what the long-term effects are.
    Jaania: I have to know what... what I have done.
    Jaania: I need to consult my mir–

    Jaania: No.
    Jaania: You may be fine with diving headlong into changing the world and uprooting the order of Lore.
    Jaania: But I am not. I am responsible for my actions, and their consequences, whatever they may be.

    Jaania: It was by my hand.
    Jaania: My own hand...

    The Spells We Weave

    Jaania: I asked not to be interrupted!

    Jaania: They infiltrated the tower and no one stopped them?

    Jaania: So many possibilities... but which ones are true?

    Jaania: I cannot be sidetracked by these distractions. Have General Akanthus pursue the attackers.
    Jaania: And increase the guard. The magical defenses are still intact, so whoever took Amadeus must have entered the tower normally.

    Jaania: More and more choices, more and more branches...
    Jaania: Every choice, every moment. There must be a solution.

    Sunfall: Part 2

    Jaania: ...

    A Storm in the Night

    Jaania: Th-thank you, Kara.

    Jaania: ...

    Jaania: I... know.

    Jaania: I did no such thing.

    Jaania: ...

    Jaania: Thank you, Kara.

    Jaania: You have given me much to think about.

    Jaania: ...Control...

    Front View Appearance
    Book 3 Appearance
    Fashion Development Appearance(s)

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