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Hawk in the Sky

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7/2/2023 1:09:38   

ArchKnight DragonFable

Hawk in the Sky

Location: Outpost Yeden -> 2 Right -> Up -> Quests! -> Hawk in the Sky
Requirements: Completion of Project Casca
Release Date: July 1st, 2023

Objective: The time has come to put the plan into action.
Objective completed: The shield falls...

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(5) Energizer
(11) ManaHunter
(5) Manahuntress
(9) Rose Steamtank
(8) Spellseeker

Queen Victoria
Rose Soldier

Academic's Ring (I-V)

Access to HitS Loot for DCs.

  • Alteon joins you as Guest A.
  • Amadeus joins you as Guest B.

    *In Swordhaven Castle's strategy room, Alteon, Amadeus, you, your dragon, Zvezdana, Ostromir, and Vseslava have set up a communique from Outpost Yeden's Common Room to Queen Victoria, Warlic, Eirn, and a recovering Circe via a Magesterium beacon on both parties.*

    <Character>: ...So while we can't share the details of Project Casca...
    <Character>: ... the remnants of the Magesterium have agreed to work with us to stop Jaania and Akanthus.
    Queen Victoria: Good work, <Character>. And thank you to Ostromir and Vseslava as well.
    Queen Victoria: I'm sure they had their part in encouraging the Magesters to accept your group!
    Queen Victoria: But on to the matter of this planned ambush... Eirn, where is Yix now?
    Eirn: According to the tracker, and my calculations, I would estimate that he, and the airship, are currently making their way over Kaer Sierra.
    Eirn: Yix's tampering with the power flow has slowed their progress, and the winds of the Steppes probably aren't helping.
    Queen Victoria: Then... this could work!
    Warlic: I will warn you... Jaania is a powerful mage. Even with the Magesterium's support, you may not be able to bring the airship down.
    Eirn: The trithril plating might be a problem, too! If they managed to repair the hole Circe made, it'll be hard to punch through.
    Warlic: ...And even if everything goes to plan, you'll still need to find a way to deal with Akanthus...
    Eirn: And don't forget about Yix! He doesn't deserve to get mashed after all he's been through!
    Circe: Are you trying to get <him/her/them> to give up on the plan?
    Queen Victoria: Circe, are you sure you shouldn't be resting? You're still—
    Circe: I've...
    Circe: ...had worse.
    Circe: <Character>. I've seen the way you operate. Whatever may come, I'm sure you'll find a way to haphazardly smash through it.
    <Character>: Um. Thanks, Circe.
    Queen Victoria: We all believe in you, <Character>!
    Vseslava: I will stay in contact with Eirn, and convey the status of the airship to the other Magesters.
    Zvezdana: ...This entire plan is dependent on a... potato?
    Eirn: That's actually a rather complicated philosophical—
    <Character>: Well, his name is Yix, and he's a gnome. Inside a potato.
    <Character>: ...Temporarily. I think.

    *Zvezdana is surprised that you and your allies' plan relies on Yix's potato form.*

    Zvezdana: How... interesting.
    Zvezdana: If we have a chance to take the airship out of the sky, we will take it, whether your potato is aboard or not.
    Eirn: ...He understood the risks when he decided to stay behind.
    Eirn: ...
    Eirn: Yix... you deserve better, you old gnome.
    <Character>: I'm sure the Magesters will do all they can to spare any potatoes.
    Zvezdana: I make no promises. Taking down Jaania is worth the life of a single gnome.
    Amadeus: Agreed.
    Alteon: ...
    Eirn: It's... alright.
    Eirn: Yix wouldn't want us to fail on his account.
    <Character>: ...Right.
    <Character>: Now, there is the matter of Akanthus' Doom device.
    <Character>: While I'm sure the Magesterium wouldn't mind letting it detonate wherever it falls—
    Zvezdana: Do not assume, Hero. The lands of Hawkscry are ours by right.
    Zvezdana: They must not be sullied by such pollution as you've described.
    Alteon: Doom has brought great suffering to Greenguard. I don't know the specifics about this device, but I do know it cannot be unleashed.
    Queen Victoria: I would ask that this be part of our official alliance. The Doom device must not be allowed to detonate.
    Zvezdana: Rest assured, we will do all we can to preserve the integrity of the device.
    Queen Victoria: Good.
    Zvezdana: Amadeus has intimate knowledge of its workings. He will provide us with any necessary information.
    Amadeus: ...Very well.
    Zvezdana: Unless there are any more concerns, let us discuss the current situation.
    Zvezdana: After control of the Proclamation was lost, Rose activity near the Fissure decreased, as expected.
    Zvezdana: Our patrols in the area reported only a minor encampment remained, with less than a handful of researchers.

    *Zvezdana laments that the Magesterium should have wiped the Rose stationed on the Fissure.*

    Zvezdana: ...We should have wiped them out when we had the chance.

    *Zvezdana pauses again before continuing.*

    Zvezdana: After we lost the shard of the Mana Core, however, our attention was understandably diverted onto other matters.
    Zvezdana: While we are struggling to survive, The Rose has been reinforcing and expanding their operations.
    Zvezdana: With our limited numbers of golems and ignominious, we cannot launch a proper assault.
    Zvezdana: We may have our powerful magic, but we would be quickly overrun by Rose troops and machines.
    Zvezdana: But now... Now we have you.
    <Character>: Um. I'm sorry, did you say Rose machines?
    Zvezdana: Yes. Metal constructs, powered by steam and clockwork. Have you not encountered them?
    Eirn: Gnomish Steamtanks! Those traitors!
    <Character>: I can't say I've had to fight them yet, no.

    *Zvezdana glares at you.*

    <Character>: But I'm sure they won't pose any trouble for us!
    Zvezdana: They better not.
    Zvezdana: Now, on to the plan.
    Zvezdana: This will not be a head-on assault.
    Zvezdana: We Magesters will gather within range of the airship's trajectory.
    Zvezdana: You and your fellow outsiders will be deployed to defend us from the counterattack.
    Alteon: Just the three of us?
    <Dragon>: Don't forget me! | *Angry hiss*
    Alteon: Sorry— four of us?
    Zvezdana: You will have the support of whatever golems we can spare.

    *Alteon is shocked that he and his allies will have support from the Magesterium's remnants before moving his head slightly.*

    Alteon: ...Oh.
    Amadeus: Sounds like a simple enough job, if the former king has recovered from our "practice" earlier.
    Alteon: I... I'm not excited to be fighting my own people. But I am ready for whatever may come.
    Amadeus: They're choosing to fight us. That is their own decision to make.
    Alteon: It was my rule— my own shortsightedness that led to the choice being presented at all.
    Amadeus: If not this war, then—
    Queen Victoria: Ahem.
    Queen Victoria: If you two are done chatting...
    <Character>: Thanks, Queen Victoria.
    <Character>: So, do you have any more information on what we might be facing?
    Queen Victoria: With Hansa's help, we've secured the Ivory Tower. It's... mostly empty.
    Queen Victoria: Meanwhile, the forces stationed at the various towns such as Amityvale and Duat are still intact...
    Queen Victoria: The majority of The Rose appears to have been moved south in anticipation of Jaania's arrival.
    Amadeus: You didn't notice the shift in troop movements?
    Alteon: She was clearly occupied with ruling–
    Queen Victoria: No. Jaania's machinations escaped my notice.
    Queen Victoria: I thought, after the rift above Swordhaven was neutralized, that she saw the error of her ways.
    Queen Victoria: I took my eyes off her. I was wrong to do so.
    Amadeus: Hmph.
    Zvezdana: ...This information is in line with our observations.
    Zvezdana: We'll catch them off guard, so I doubt they will have time to send their entire force at you, but it will not be easy.
    <Character>: We'll be fine. Some soldiers and steamtanks won't be nearly enough to get past us.
    Zvezdana: Then let us waste no more time. We set out for our staging point when you are ready.
    Queen Victoria: Be careful and stay safe!

    *Scene fades to black and back in; back in Swordhaven Castle, as their Magesterium beacon becomes inactive, while Queen Victoria laments that she could have helped more, she and her allies make their next move.*

    Circe: They'll be fine out there. <Character>'s leading the charge.
    Queen Victoria: I just... I wish there was more I could do!
    Queen Victoria: It pains me to just be sitting here, waiting, not knowing anything until the next communication.
    Warlic: ...
    Warlic: ...I should get going.
    Circe: Oh?
    Warlic: Some of the things left behind in Jaania's laboratory are quite concerning. I'll have to return to my tower to confirm my suspicions.
    Queen Victoria: But...
    Warlic: Do not worry. I will stay in touch.
    Warlic: And I have my own means of reaching out to our friends if needed.
    Queen Victoria: ...Good luck, then, Warlic.
    Warlic: And to you.

    *Warlic leaves as he returns to his Tower; after Warlic's departure, Queen Victoria turns around to face Circe.*

    Queen Victoria: I just wish I could be doing something!
    Circe: ...Your people still need you, My Queen.
    Queen Victoria: ...Right. Whatever happens, times are changing in Greenguard...

    *Scene fades to black and back in; meanwhile, in Jaania's office on the Rose airship, Jaania reads a book that she is levitating when suddenly the Rose airship is facing an attack.*

    Rose Soldier: Lady Jaania!

    *A Rose Soldier approaches Jaania that the Rose airship is under attack.*

    Rose Soldier: We're under attack! A magical assault from below!

    *Jaania assesses the damage before giving orders.*

    Jaania: The shields seem to be holding, and the trithril should protect the hull.
    Jaania: Fire back with the artillery. I will be above deck soon to assess the situation myself.
    Jaania: Hesperrhodos, take a message to our allies on the ground.
    Jaania: Have them find and stop whatever is behind this assault.

    *Hesperrhodos disappears as it delivers Jaania's message to her forces.*

    Jaania: Now, let's see what this is all about then.

    *Scene fades to black and back in; back in The Fissure, while Zvezdana leads the Magesters' attack on the Rose airship, Ostromir and Vseslava appear to have trouble of setting up their device.*

    Zvezdana: Keep up the attack! Their magic won't hold for long! And get our shields up!
    Ostromir: Stupid device... Where did you pull this from? It is ancient!
    Vseslava: Focus, Ostromir!
    Zvezdana: Stop aiming for the hull! We know it is protected!
    Zvezdana: Fall back and recharge if you must!
    Zvezdana: And where are the shields?!
    Ostromir: Just... about...

    *Ostromir and Vseslava activates the device, shielding them and the other Magesters.*

    Ostromir: Done!

    *Through their artillery, the Rose airship fires back to the Magesters with lasers, with no avail.*

    Zvezdana: Finally! Golden Hand, support the gravity squad!
    Zvezdana: We will bring this airship out of the sky one way or another!

    *You fight your way through the Hawkscry ruins, battling various Rose forces along the way; after defeating all of The Rose forces, the Magesterium continue their magical barrage to the Rose airship, which is still shielded by its trithril plating, however, it is clear that it cannot sustain any longer; as Jaania and Akanthus assess the damage from the main deck, the Rose soldiers run and panic.*

    Akanthus: It appears the Magesterium will not be deterred. Our shields are struggling to hold.
    Akanthus: Your own magic would—
    Jaania: Conserving my mana is more important. If I must dive into the Fissure from above, so be it.
    Akanthus: Yes, but without the airship's trithril shielding, we will struggle to send a force into the Fissure after you.
    Jaania: And why would that be necessary?
    Akanthus: We've received word that <Character> is on the ground, along with Amadeus and Alteon.
    Akanthus: Somehow, they've arrived ahead of us. And they appear to be working with the Magesterium.
    Jaania: ...So that's how it is.
    Jaania: To think they would stoop so low as to ally with those monsters.
    Jaania: Begin a controlled descent. We will have to—

    *Suddenly, the Rose airship's shield starts to break due to the Magesterium's magical barrage, causing Jaania to panic.*


    *The Rose airship's shield breaks; scene fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot for DCs - opens HitS Loot for DCs shop.

    Other information
  • Stepping on a large blue reticle will remove 30% max HP from the player.
  • A circle of red mushrooms acts as an HP/MP healing source during the quest.
  • Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • Alteon: "Please, soldiers of The Rose! Lay down your arms! We don't have to fight!"
  • Amadeus: "Focus on our duty, Ald— Alteon."
  • Alteon: "...Right. They wouldn't be this far from home if they weren't so loyal to The Rose..."
  • Alteon: "And this must be one of those Steamtanks we've heard so much about."
  • Amadeus: "Looks like the main force is approaching. None shall pass our blades."
  • Alteon: "Looks like they're coming from the north..."
  • Despite everything, these healing mushrooms live on.
  • Amadeus: "Is this the last of them? Let's eliminate them before reinforcements arrive."
  • Alteon: "That statue... In its time, Hawkscry must have been magnificent indeed."

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