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Outpost Yeden

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5/20/2023 21:25:00   

Outpost Yeden

Access Point: Swordhaven Castle -> Queen Victoria -> Quests! -> Convergence -> Outpost Yeden,
Access Point: The Fissure -> Outpost Yeden -> Travel,
Access Point: Timeline (Book 3) -> The End of Magic – Convergence -> To Outpost Yeden
Requirements: Completion of Welcome to Outpost Yeden
Release Date: May 20th, 2023

Quests Available
Welcome to Outpost Yeden

Outpost Patrol
Probing the Outskirts
Outskirts Hunt
The Mana Tree

Project Casca
Hawk in the Sky
Crash and Burn
The Only Path
For the Fallen
Threads of Trust
The Arrival
The Flame Within
At Fissure's Edge
The Final Steps
Convergence (Part 1)
Convergence (Part 2)
The Mana Core
The End of Magic (Part 1)
The End of Magic (Part 2)

A&A Dome Drone
Busy Citizen
Busy Magester
Calm Magester
Cordial Magester
Managing Citizen
Proud Citizen
Quiet Citizen
Studious Citizen
Tired Magester
Wistful Magester
Worried Citizen

Yeden Supplies

Yeden Upgrades


Calm Magester: How are you recovering? Have the pains returned?
Tired Magester: They come and go. I fear it will remain chronic until... Until...
Calm Magester: Our timeline for Project Casca is distressingly short. We must find new candidates soon.
Tired Magester: Yes. But the Shapeless wills that we take things one step at a time.
Tired Magester: We will find them. Whether here or back in Azaveyr.
Tired Magester: The Magesterium... The Empire... It will survive!
Calm Magester: The Magesterium will be reborn.
Tired Magester: ...Do you have... regrets?
Calm Magester: Always. But the Shapeless keeps me strong. When my time comes, I will be at peace.
Tired Magester: You mean "if". You Golden Hand have a chance, at least.
Calm Magester: Ah. Hero. I hope you are prepared to do your part, as well.

Golem: Welcome. To. Outpost. Yeden.

  • Replay Intro - begins Welcome to Outpost Yeden quest.

    Supply Area

    Managing Citizen: And there's the latest flour requisition!
    Managing Citizen: Luckily our supplies are well stocked.
    Managing Citizen: ...Shipments from the homeland have been fewer and fewer though...
    Managing Citizen: Perhaps we should begin to explore some agricultural options... We could try some murshroms from the next batch, perhaps?
    Managing Citizen: We are running out of space in the outpost, though. And the Magesters are busy with their project, not expanding the walls.
    Managing Citizen: No matter. When the Empire is reclaimed, trade will pick up again.

    Studious Citizen: You are a hero, are you not? That is good.
    Studious Citizen: I was a farmer back in the Empire. Was saved by a group of three such heroes, and then Magesters put me on a boat over here.
    Studious Citizen: Life here is not so different, really. We all work for the glory of the Shapeless.
    Studious Citizen: But I do miss my home. If it even still stands.
    Studious Citizen: Ah... but we can always rebuild. We can always start over.
    Studious Citizen: And I must return. Or how else could I properly thank those heroes? I will not soon forget you, Captain Bronimir!

    Outside the Dome

    Ostromir: Ah, it is like home away from home! How are you doing, <Character>?

  • Talk
    <Character>: I'm well, Ostromir, thank you. You seem happy to be here.
    Vseslava: I have never seen him smile so often.
    Ostromir: The Magesterium survived, <Character>! There is still hope for the Empire! How could I not be hopeful for the future?
    Vseslava: There is still much work to be done. But this familiarity is comforting.
    <Character>: I'm glad to hear it.

  • Project Casca
    <Character>: So... what's Project Casca?
    Vseslava: You will learn soon enough, I am sure.
    Ostromir: The Magesterium's grand undertaking...
    Ostromir: We will be part of history, <Character>! You will be a legend among heroes!
    <Character>: I already—
    Vseslava: Let him have this, <Character>. He has had little cause to celebrate in recent times.
    <Character>: Right. You got it, Ostromir. We're going to be legends.
    Ostromir: Ah, if only my family...

  • Magesterium
    <Character>: Have there been any updates from the Shapeless Empire?
    Vseslava: They have been sporadic. And not all good news.
    Vseslava: Many perished after the Seym fell, Magesters and citizens.
    Ostromir: Some survivors have made their way here, to Outpost Yeden.
    Ostromir: We have ships transporting refugees and supplies as needed, but it is not a quick journey.
    Vseslava: We cannot disclose more than that at this time. But with Project Casca, we will reclaim our lands once more.
    Vseslava: I am sure you will learn more when the time comes.

    Cordial Magester: Your domicile awaits, hero.

    Inside the Dome

    Common Area

  • Quests! - opens the scroll.
    Zvezdana: Do you have some time, hero?
    Zvezdana: Seeing as you have put a dent into our patrol golem numbers, we have had some trouble keeping beasts away from our walls.
    Zvezdana: Try not to wander too far. I shall have a drone watch your progress and guide you should you lose direction in the grass.

    Zvezdana: How are you finding your abode, hero? If you have the time, there are a few matters that could use your talents.

  • Quests
    • Patrol
      Zvezdana: Seeing as you have put a dent into our patrol golem numbers, we have had some trouble keeping beasts away from our walls.
      Zvezdana: Try not to wander too far. I shall have a drone watch your progress and guide you should you lose direction in the grass.

    • Probes
      Zvezdana: We are about due for another assessment of the local mana levels. Three probes must be placed in specific locations.
      Zvezdana: While ordinarily a Magester would be assigned such a delicate task, your presence allows us to forgo unnecessary risk.

    • Survey
      Zvezdana: There have been sightings of an unknown creature that appears only at night. Our drones have only caught glimpses of it.
      Zvezdana: You are to head out and find this creature, and help us catalog its behavior and appearance.

    • The Mana Tree
      Zvezdana: In the heart of this mana-touched land stands a massive tree, looming over all.
      Zvezdana: The Magesterium is interested in some of the fruit that grows high in its boughs.
      Zvezdana: While it is unlikely, it is possible that the fruit borne from the tree could be used to temporarily extend the tenure of the ignominious...
      Zvezdana: ...Or even ourselves.
      Zvezdana: Such a task is best undertaken by a small force, such as yourself, so as to not draw attention.
      Zvezdana: A drone shall lead you to the base of the tree, if you accept this mission.
  • Shop - opens Yeden Supplies shop.

    Hero's Lodging

    Drone: Greetings, hero <Character>. How may I assist?

  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

  • Dragon?
    Drone: Your presence as a hero of the Magesterium is greatly appreciated.
    Drone: You are welcome to make yourself at home.
    <Character>: Is it really okay for <Dragon> to be out here like this?
    Drone: Your dragon has received special approval to exist within this Magesterium outpost.
    Drone: I have orders to keep it satisfied to prevent any unnecessary conflict.
    Drone: In return, it is asked that you do not panic the citizenry with its presence.
    <Character>: ...I see...
    <Character>: ...I think <Dragon> might need a few more snacks.
    Drone: As the hero desires. It will be done.

  • Outpost Yeden
    <Character>: What can you tell me about the outpost?
    Drone: Outpost Yeden was first established in ages past for a classified purpose.
    Drone: Now, it exists to monitor the Fissure and any activity or change from it.
    Drone: With the temporary loss of the Seym, Outpost Yeden now serves as a prosthetic heart for the Shapeless Empire.
    Drone: Magesters and Golden Hand, along with any displaced citizens, are welcome while steps are being taken to reclaim our home.
    <Character>: I see. Thanks.

    Amadeus and Alteon's Lodging
    (before The Only Path)

    Amadeus: What do you want?

  • Talk
    <Character>: Hello, Amadeus.
    Amadeus: <Character>.
    <Character>: ...
    Amadeus: ...
    Amadeus: Surely you have better things to be doing with your time?

  • Alteon?
    <Character>: So... King Alteon...
    Amadeus: He is king no longer.
    <Character>: Er. Right. Alteon.
    Amadeus: It is amusing that his daughter has accomplished what Sepulchure could not.
    Amadeus: Dethroning that...
    Amadeus: ...It matters not. His power will be of use.

  • Lynn
    <Character>: How is Lynn doing?
    Amadeus: She is as safe as can be.
    Amadeus: ...
    Amadeus: <Character>. You are... resilient.
    Amadeus: If I...
    <Character>: ...
    Amadeus: Never mind. But you will visit her when this business is concluded.
    <Character>: ...I understand, Amadeus.
    Amadeus: Hmph.

  • Magesterium
    <Character>: What do you think of the state of the Magesterium?
    Amadeus: You want my opinion... hero?
    <Character>: I want your assessment, Spymaster.
    Amadeus: ...Very well. I presume the drone will not mind.
    Amadeus: The Magesters are desperate. The citizens cling to hope, but they have lost everything else.
    Amadeus: However, they all hold faith in their Project Casca.
    Amadeus: We should follow along. Their technology and power is undeniable.
    <Character>: Thank you, Amadeus.

    A&A Dome Drone: Greetings, hero <Character>. How may I assist?
    <Character>: You're watching over those two all the time?
    A&A Dome Drone: That is correct. They are currently not allowed to leave, and any sign of subversion of Magesterium ideals will result in punishment.
    <Character>: I don't know if you're going to be able to stop them by yourself.
    A&A Dome Drone: The dome contains a number of classified security measures. The Magesterium will be protected.

    Alteon: Hello, <Character>! This is quite marvelous, isn't it?

  • Talk
    <Character>: Hello... um... Sir.
    Alteon: Please, call me Alden. Or if that's too familiar, Alteon will do.
    <Character>: Right. How are you doing, Alteon? I know this might not have been what you were expecting from an adventure so far.
    Alteon: Are you kidding? This is amazing! I've never seen anything so fascinating!
    Alteon: The magic, the drones... When I return to Swordhaven... When I...
    Alteon: ...I will recommend to the Queen to invest more into the study of magic and mana manipulation.
    <Character>: That sounds like a worthy cause.
    Alteon: Did you see the way those golems move? We fought them before, and I noticed then, but their movements are so natural.
    Alteon: We must seem so primitive compared to the Magesters.
    <Character>: Alteon... The Magesterium is not as flawless as they may appear.
    Alteon: Yes, you're right, of course. I must temper my enthusiasm with the reality of the Magesterium's... endeavors.
    Alteon: I apologize. I have not seen such wonders in a long time.

  • Queen Victoria
    <Character>: So, about the Queen...
    Alteon: Victoria's done so well, hasn't she? Perhaps I was too strict on her in the past...
    <Character>: Alteon, it wasn't easy for her. She was forced to lead when she would rather be taking action.
    Alteon: Nothing is easy for rulers. Destiny called and she answered, as decisively as any could wish for.
    Alteon: Moreover, as you've seen of The Rose and... my own example...
    Alteon: ...Good leadership requires action.
    <Character>: You don't regret the struggles Victoria has had to endure without you?
    Alteon: I regret the pain. But the outcome has been all that I could have wished for, had I perished that day.
    <Character>: I see.

  • Amadeus
    <Character>: What do you think about Amadeus?
    Alteon: He was Jaania's research lead and advisor, wasn't he?
    Alteon: He is a capable fellow, knows his way around a blade, that's for sure.
    Alteon: His fighting style reminds me of the knights I used to keep, many years ago...
    Alteon: I have lost touch with so many. Perhaps we knew each other, once.
    Alteon: He seems disinterested in chatting with me now, though.
    <Character>: You're not... concerned about his magic?
    Alteon: Er, I was, but it seemed everyone else was okay with it and I didn't want to presume anything...
    Alteon: Should I be worried? It seemed a bit dark for my tastes.
    <Character>: Um. No, it's okay. Don't worry about it.
    Alteon: Thank you, <Character>. I'm trying to keep an open mind, after all.

    Amadeus and Alteon's Lodging
    (after The Only Path)

    As original dialogue, with new dialogue from 'Talk' option; all other options becomes inaccessible when approaching Amadeus:
  • Talk
    <Character>: So... You and Alteon knew each other before... all this? He called you Valen.
    Amadeus: It's the past. I am no longer that man.
    <Character>: ...
    Amadeus: ...
    Amadeus: I will speak no more of it. Leave me to rest. I must recover before the next mission.

    As original dialogue, with new dialogue from 'Amadeus' option when approaching Alteon:
  • Amadeus
    <Character>: About Amadeus... You knew him from before he was Sepulchure?
    Alteon: I did. He was Valen then, and together with him... and another... we were heroes. Adventurers, much like yourself.
    Alteon: We travelled the land, protecting it, and its people. We took down King Slugwrath together. We were heroes.
    <Character>: What happened? Something must have turned the hero Valen into the villain Sepulchure.
    Alteon: I am sorry, <Character>. As much as Amadeus does not wish to speak of the past, I do not, either.
    Alteon: Perhaps when all of this business with The Rose is concluded, and if Amadeus himself is willing to speak of it...
    Alteon: But I will not tell our story without his consent and his participation. I owe him that much.
    <Character>: I see. Another time then.
    Alteon: Perhaps. If you do not mind, I... must... reflect on my thoughts.


    Wistful Magester: Perhaps, when all this is over, we will have laid the foundations for this outpost to become an established colony.
    Wistful Magester: Trade will flow, the glory of the Shapeless will spread...
    Wistful Magester: Perhaps I could even visit Nieboheim, should I last until then, of course.
    Wistful Magester: ...To see that day... To see the spires of Nieboheim once more...
    Wistful Magester: Yes... We do this for those who will come after.

    Worried Citizen: ...
    Worried Citizen: Oh, I am sorry. I did not see you there. I am... thinking of home, you see.
    Worried Citizen: I was only able to save a few books when I fled. It was... I...
    Worried Citizen: The Magesters have been very accommodating. They removed the... the idols.
    Worried Citizen: I cannot bear to see the form of our god. Nor can many others.
    Worried Citizen: ...But Nieboheim will be restored. Our home...
    Worried Citizen: I have faith. I have faith.

    Quiet Citizen: Did you hear? They are asking for volunteers to test for latent magical abilities.
    Proud Citizen: Again? They did that last week, did they not?
    Quiet Citizen: And the week before that as well.
    Proud Citizen: Do you think they have found any chosen by the Shapeless, yet?
    Quiet Citizen: I do not know. My duties keep me busy, after all. But perhaps I should find the time to try.
    Proud Citizen: You already find the time to gossip!

    Outside the Tower

    Busy Magester: It appears mana is flowing correctly, which means the problem must be mechanical.
    Busy Magester: ...But the latest shipment of replacement parts is long overdue without any contact.
    Busy Magester: Could something have happened...?
    Busy Magester: As frustrating as it is, we will have to make do with what we have until we hear otherwise.
    Busy Magester: Ah, Zvezdana's guest hero. I did not see you there.
    Busy Magester: Do you not have something better to be doing?

    Golem: Entrance. Is. Not. Permitted.


    Drone: You are not permitted past this point, hero <Character>. Please step back.


    Busy Citizen: Why am I doing the laundry and not the golems?
    Busy Citizen: There is much work to be done that is too delicate for the golems to handle.
    Busy Citizen: Even then, we do not have an easy supply of them, and our protection from the creatures that roam these lands is of the higher priority.
    Busy Citizen: Ah, how I miss the peace of Nieboheim...
    Busy Citizen: But one day soon, we will return. We will.

    Other information
  • Pop-up headlines in the area:

  • Better not wander too far out of camp without approval.

    Hero's Lodging
  • Looks like somebody's being pampered.
  • Completion of Welcome to Outpost Yeden teleports the player to Hero's Lodging.
  • Outpost Yeden was updated with two additional quests, a shop, and the addition of an Outside the Tower area on May 26th, 2023.

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