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Timeline (Book 3)

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Timeline (Book 3)

Access Point: Book of Lore -> The End of Magic -> The Timeline
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: January 25th, 2019

  • Help
    –This is the timeline of major events and quests in DragonFable's Book 3: The End of Magic.
    –Click and hold on the background and drag to move the timeline left and right, or use your mouse's scroll wheel.
    –Click on a node on the timeline to learn more about that section.
    –Horizontal scale may not be accurate to the passage of time, but positions of nodes are accurate relative to each other.
    –These are just the most major stories in Book 3. We encourage you to explore Lore on your own, as there are many quests, locations, and people to meet who are not on this timeline.

    The End of Magic – A Hero is Thawed
    Key Events: Hero is Thawed, Back in Oaklore, Back in Falconreach, Player Hatching

    After so long encased in Jaania's ice magic, you've finally thawed out. Now it's time to see how much the world of Lore has changed– and what your dragon has been up to as well! You head back to Oaklore and then to Falconreach to discover what has happened in your absence.
  • A Hero is Thawed
  • To Oaklore
  • To Falconreach

    Tomix Saga: Aspar – To Ravenloss, and Edelia!
    Key Events: Return to Ravenloss, To Edelia

    Night falls on Falconreach, and the portal to Ravenloss, undercity of Falconreach, opens. There you find an old friend, Tomix, recovering after the betrayal of his SoulAlly Aspar. Now, Aspar has fled into the Void, and the Void is leaking into Ravenloss! It's time to recruit some help, and where else to find those knowledgeable about the situation than the weaving school in Edelia?
  • To Ravenloss

    Calamity – The Rise of Valtrith
    Key Events: The 13th 13th, The Evil Artifact, Serenity Before the Storm

    A mysterious cult of worshippers of Evil and Doom has emerged and is attacking Falconreach, using war as a distraction to summon the ultimate villain: Baron Jaysun Valtrith. You must fend off his attacks and with luck defeat him... but will you succeed? Or will the ultimate villain be victorious?
  • To Castle Valtrith

    Tomix Saga: Aspar – Building the Void Ship
    Key Events: The Gnomes Gnow, DeepVoid, The Codex

    With Danyel's students in tow, it's time to set in motion the plans to stop Aspar and save Ravenloss. To traverse the Void, though, you'll need a ship. A Void Ship! And a crew! Meanwhile, Aspar's plans in the Void unfold as he follows his own path...
  • To Pellow Village

    The End of Magic – Cinquefoil's Request
    Key Events: The Rosewood, Sands of Eternity

    During your time frozen, Jaania has created an organization known as The Rose– and they are currently widespread across the continent. In the Surewould Forest, east of Falconreach, you met the enigmatic Cinquefoil, who claims to distrust The Rose, and requests you to look into their affairs in the Sandsea.
  • To Surewould Forest

    Blood and Roses – Roses
    Key Events: Full Moon, Swamp Lake, Neron's Request

    The more things change, the more they stay the same... or do they? Amityvale has embraced Rose occupation, and it seems to be working it protect its citizens from the dangers of the Doomwood. But the attackers grow stronger with each passing day. Even if it means working with The Rose, you must protect Amityvale and its citizens from these new threats!
  • To Amityvale

    The Shears – Oculus Tower
    Key Events: The Shears, Oculus Tower

    The Rose has established dominion over this section of Greenguard, and a lone inn, The Shears, serves as headquarters for a small band of rebel knights. Led by Sir Leon, they are doing what they can to save and protect those oppressed by The Rose. Luckily for the rebels, you're here to aid them.
  • To The Shears

    The End of Magic – Sulen'Eska
    Key Events: Discover Sulen'Eska

    In South Falconreach, you learned from the wind elf smith Sielu about a potential haven for those opposed to The Rose, located deep in the southwest Betrubung Swamp. In your travels, you came across this swamp, as well as Sielu's friends. In joining forces with the resistance, the fight against The Rose can begin in earnest!
  • To Sulen'Eska

    Tomix Saga: Aspar – Into the Void
    Key Events: Into the Ynnungaap, The Last Chapter: War at the Core, The Last Chapter: Aspar, The Last Chapter: Tomix, Epilogue

    You've completed the Void Ship and found a trustworthy crew to helm it. It's time to set sail into the Void, and hunt down Aspar. What could go wrong?
  • To Pellow Village

    The End of Magic – Against The Rose
    Key Events: War of the Dragon Rose, The Fairy Court, The War Room, Mission Possible

    The Rose has become more emboldened with their recent aggressions, and tales of their misdeeds and oppression have spread. The resistance in Sulen'Eska is not taking this without a fight, however, and war breaks out against The Rose. But as the resistance grows stronger, so too does The Rose...
  • To Sulen'Eska

    Calamity – Sorrow
    Key Events: The Valtrith Tomb, Breaking Down

    With the loss of Serenity, and the destruction of Falconreach, Valtrith seems to have the upper hand. You must learn what you can about this enigmatic foe. But while you are busy, the forces of Doom gather power...
  • To Castle Valtrith

    Calamity – Caitiff's Studies
    Key Events: Shattered, Madness, Weal

    Caitiff is not impressed with Valtrith's last attack on Falconreach. Unknown to him, Caitiff begins doing research of its own, finding out just what makes the Hero (that's you!) so powerful. Will the pupil surpass its master? And what will happen to the world when it does?
  • To Castle Valtrith

    Blood and Roses – Blood
    Key Events: The Locket, Blood and Roses

    The town of Amityvale is in uproar against The Rose! The Doomwood is more restless than ever, and now, with Thursday gone missing, the future of Amityvale is hanging by a thread amidst the chaos. You must work with Magus Neron of The Rose to put an end to the attacks that plague Amityvale, and save Thursday!
  • To Amityvale

    The Shears – Joining the Resistance
    Key Events: Shear Destruction

    Sir Leon has had enough of being unable to do more to help those oppressed by the Rose. He plans to join forces with the resistance in Sulen'Eska, but they are secretive and not the most trusting. And Sir Leon has a plan to both gain the trust of the resistance, and bring hope to the people of Greenguard in one decisive move.
  • To The Shears

    Ravenloss – Just Chillin'
    Key Events: Just Chillin'

    After the events unfolded in the Void, and some time has passed, your SoulAlly and friend, Aegis, is hanging out in Ravenloss. Maybe you should pay him a visit!
  • To Ravenloss

    The End of Magic – Espina Rosa
    Key Events: InspecZion, DragonRider War, Starcrossed

    Under the direction of Kara SuLema, leader of Sulen'Eska, and the resistance, you're going undercover into Espina Rosa, the Rose high security prison, to liberate a very important ally. But while you're away, trouble brews for the resistance.
  • To Sulen'Eska

    The Nest – The Rose Orphanage
    Key Events: The Nest

    You received a letter from Messimy, caretaker of an orphanage run by The Rose, inviting you to visit, and to see the gentler side of The Rose operations. However, trouble starts to rear its head when a shapeshifting mage shows up with unknown intentions...
    This quest chain is available from The Nest in the Greenguard region on the travel map.
  • To Travel Map

    The End of Magic – Meeting The Rose
    Key Events: Unbound, Timelines

    Elryn suggested you give Swordhaven, capital of Greenguard and headquarters of The Rose, a visit. Much has changed in your time away, and the presence of The Rose is widespread. In the library, however, you meet an old acquaintence who may be able to help you finally meet Jaania, and perhaps learn more about her motives.
  • To Swordhaven

    The Thorns – Dark Devices
    Key Events: Dark Devices

    You've received a message from Galanoth, the DragonSlayer, requesting your aid in dealing with The Rose. It appears that a group operating under the banner of The Rose is seeking out ancient secrets and are operating with brutal and ruthless techniques, even for The Rose. Who could be behind such atrocities?

    Talk to Ash in Falconreach to explore this story.
  • To Falconreach

    Calamity – Doomed
    Key Events: Corruption, Doomed, Old Friends, Black Winter, Calamity, Epilogue

    With its studies complete, and the destruction of Valtrith, Caitiff is confident in its ability to take you down. And it starts by targeting the one closest to you– your dragon! Will you be able to stop its plans? Or is all of Lore doomed to fall to calamity?
  • To Castle Valtrith

    The Thorns – Theano
    Key Events: Enigmatic Epidemic, Artifact Heist

    Belle, a Soulweaver spy for the wind elves of Sulen'Eska, has asked for your assistance in dealing with a troubling new development in the town of Clearwater. There, you find Theano, leader of The Thorns, and must pursue him before he can commit any more atrocities in the name of The Rose.

    Talk to Ash in Falconreach to explore this story.
  • To Falconreach

    The End of Magic – The Tournament of Champions
    Key Events: Tournament of Champions

    After meeting with Jaania, and learning of her goals with The Rose, you're set to return to Sulen'Eska when something on the Swordhaven bulletin board catches your eye: The Tournament of Champions, hosted by King Alteon! Not one to back down from a challenge, it's time to earn favor in high places– as well as an audience with the King himself!
  • To Swordhaven

    Six Heroes – Falwynn
    Key Events: Return to Lymcrest, The Apprentice, The Bargain

    After the Tournament of Champions, during your travels, you returned to the mining town of Lymcrest, abandoned after The Rose took charge. There you met up with Falwynn, who you faced in the Tournament of Champions, and somehow, she's joined you as your apprentice! There's no way this could bring any trouble. Nope, none at all.

    Talk to Ash in Falconreach to explore this story.
  • To Falconreach

    The Maleurous – Champions of the Avatars
    Key Events: Sinnocence

    You've been chosen, along with an elderly hero named Uaanta from an unknown continent, by the Avatars of the Elements to become their champions against a new and growing threat: The Maleurous– the remnants of some of the evils that were previously imprisoned in Valtrith's Mask, then released when it was destroyed.

    Talk to Uaanta in Falconreach to explore this story.
  • To Falconreach

    The Shears – The Crimes of The Rose
    Key Events: A New Discovery

    After the Tournament of Champions, Sir Leon contacted you with an urgent missive: Someone mysterious is providing tips to find secret Rose research facilities, led by Akanthus. What depravities and research were being conducted under the supervision of Akanthus?
  • To The Shears

    ??? – ???
    Key Events: Hero meets Secundus

    A series of mysterious vials has led you to a hidden pocket of... somewhere... in Ravenloss. Who awaits you there, and why?
  • To Ravenloss

    The Thorns – Belle
    Key Events: Fear

    With Belle safely training under Warlic to develop her newfound abilities, you return to exploration, coming across the village of Verteroche, where it seems that many have gone missing. This reeks of Theano's doing– and you must put an end to his plots before he can harm any others with his schemes.

    Talk to Ash in Falconreach to explore this story.
  • To Falconreach

    The Thorns – Unraveled
    Key Events: Unraveled, Epilogue: Loose Ends

    Theano's plans are nearing completion! With a newly trained Belle at your side, will you be able to stop him before he completes his spell? And what are Belle's new abilities?

    Talk to Ash in Falconreach to explore this story.
  • To Falconreach

    The End of Magic – The Gala
    Key Events: My Spot, The Gala, Tea For Three

    With your victory in the Tournament of Champions, King Alteon has invited you to the royal gala. You return to Sulen'Eska to debrief Kara on your findings, and prepare to attend the gala! Parties and schmoozing await...
  • To Sulen'Eska

    The End of Magic – Across the Sea
    Key Events: Across the Sea!

    After the Royal Gala was interrupted by mysterious Magesters aiming to apprehend Jaania, you return to Sulen'Eska with a wounded King Alteon. Kara suggests that perhaps these Magesters might prove to be useful allies in the coming turmoil against The Rose. Since Kara is taking care of healing the king, you must find your own way across the oceans to Azaveyr, home of the Shapeless Empire, and the Magesterium. You make your way to Swordhaven's southwest Helm's Harbor, where you meet a friend who is willing to help you make the journey.
  • To Helm's Harbor

    The End of Magic – Nieboheim
    Key Events: Explore Nieboheim

    You've landed in Azaveyr, and after a slight misunderstanding, you make it to Nieboheim, capital of the Shapeless Empire, and home of the Magesterium. Now, you must explore the city and seek an audience with the Magesters. Will you find new allies against The Rose? Or will this journey be for naught? Meanwhile, back in Greenguard and elsewhere, events unfold while you are away.
  • To Nieboheim

    The End of Magic – Coming Home
    Key Events: Coming Home

    Time has come for you to leave the shining city of Nieboheim, capital of the Shapeless Empire, and seat of the Magesterium. Your requests for aid for the resistance against the Rose were denied, and the Magesterium is planning... something. There's no time to waste! It's time to head home— but why not stay to see the famed Harvest first?
  • To Nieboheim

    The End of Magic – A Petal Falls
    Key Events: A Petal Falls

    Home at last, you return to Sulen'Eska, but there's no rest for heroes! Something has happened in the Sandsea, and an unlikely voice calls for aid. What could this mean for the future of the Rose and the Land of Dragons?
  • To Sulen'Eska

    The First Weaver – ???
    Key Events: Vaaloirr, The End of the Beginning

    In the near future, a portal from the Void opens in the land of Tkaanie. The First Weaver returns to Azaveyr, home of the Shapeless Empire and the Magesterium. And there is nothing that will stand in the way of his goals.
    This quest chain is available from Ull in the Tkaanie region on the travel map.
  • To Travel Map

    Other information
  • Replaced 'The Story' section of Book 3 in the Book of Lore.
  • Additional information on the Book 3 Timeline can be found in the January 25th, 2019 Design Notes.
  • A timeline tracker was introduced for The End of Magic stories on August 30th, 2019; more information can be found in the August 30th, 2019 Design Notes.
  • A timeline tracker was introduced for Ravenloss stories on September 27th, 2019; more information can be found in the September 27th, 2019 Design Notes.

    Also See: Timeline (Book 1)

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