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Bargain, The

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8/11/2018 21:45:22   

The Bargain

Location: Falconreach (Book 3) -> Ash -> Quests -> Six Heroes -> The Bargain
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Apprentice
Release Date: August 10th, 2018

Objective: Falwynn has a LOT to learn...
Objective completed: You might want to sit down for this.

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Scholarly Noble



*Lysander is eagerly playing a game of chess with a visiting noble while the two of them sit on a cushioned window sill at sunset.*

Lysander: I do believe that's checkmate.

*The noble is utterly shocked by his playmate's move. He knows perfectly well that a checkmate is an automatic victory for his opponent. He leans forward to get a closer look at the board.*

Scholarly Noble: What? But that's imposs-
Servant: A moment, sire?
Servant: I'm here with the latest reports.
Lysander: Ah. Thank you.
Lysander: I apologize, Your Lordship. We'll have to play again sometime.
Scholarly Noble: Yes, yes, of course.
Scholarly Noble: I'll beat you one of these days, Lysander.
Lysander: I look forward to it.

*The noble departs off-screen, allowing Lysander and his servant to discuss their motives freely. Some time has passed and the resourceful man continues to share the reports with his master who is holding onto a knight piece with his left hand.*

Servant: ...next, with the recent success of our trials, we've moved into the final phase of our plan.
Servant: Preparations are under way, and we can begin full-scale operations within the week.
Lysander: And the Rose?
Servant: Our contacts are fully prepared to cooperate with us. Theano even sends his personal regards.
Servant: Should they move out of line, they will be dealt with accordingly.
Lysander: I see.

*Lysander smirks malevolently after a moment of silence in the room. The servant is curious about the sudden change in his master's facial expression.*

Servant: My Lord?
Lysander: I was just thinking. The red-eyed man you mentioned before...
Lysander: I believe it's time I pay him a visit.
Servant: Shall I inform-
Lysander: No. There's no need.
Lysander: I'll see to it myself.

*He places the knight piece back on the chess board. Meanwhile, back in the forest, Faust has managed to get you and Falwynn down from the snare traps after enduring hours of hanging upside down and yelling for help continuously prior to his arrival. While you and Falwynn are grateful for the aid, Faust himself is not as impressed.*

<Character>: Ugh... thanks.
Falwynn: Yeah, we really owe you one-

*Falwynn jerks her head up for a moment and immediately recognizes Faust as a former fellow contestant in the Tournament of Champions. Her gratitude turns to fright.*

Falwynn: Wait a minute! What are YOU doing here?
<Character>: Yeah! What gives?
Faust: I live here. I'm homeless.
Falwynn: That's-really?

*There is a brief moment in silence in the area in which all three of you exchange awkward glances at one another.*

Faust: Is something wrong?
<Character>: Your name is... Faust, right?
<Character>: Why did you... run off? Back at the tournament?
Falwynn: And where'd you learn to fight like that?!

*Faust's stern glare drops when he realizes that Falwynn is briefly starstruck by a memory of his swift tactical abilities. His mood shifts to awkwardness as well.*

Faust: Do I know you?
Falwynn: I'm... from the tournament, too! Remember?
Faust: ...No. Sorry.
<Character>: He wasn't in the same block as us, remember?
Falwynn: Oh yeah...
Faust: *thinking* What are they whispering about...?
Falwynn: <Character>, if he's homeless, we should take him in...
<Character>: I don't really think he's homeless...
Faust: Anyways, something else required my attention that day. And I've had my share of experience in battle.
Falwynn: It must've taken a lot of training to get that strong!
Faust: Quite.
Faust: Now, do explain why you two are in this forest.
<Character>: Well-
Falwynn: I'm here 'cause <Character>'s teaching me how to fight! To beat strong guys like you!
Faust: I see.
Faust: Well, if that's all, then I'll be on my way.

*Falwynn excitedly elbows your left arm.*

<Character>: Ow!
Falwynn: <Character>! This is our chance!
Falwynn: Let's find out more about him!
<Character>: ...Uh?
Falwynn: Wait!

*Faust's eyes turn toward Falwynn just as he was walking away from the area.*

Falwynn: Do you... um...
Falwynn: Do you think you could give me a few pointers in fighting? You know, since you're already out here and all?

*Faust rolls his eyes indicating that he is reluctant to stay, but nevertheless agrees to do so.*

Faust: Very well. Allow me to give you a demonstration.
???: Faust?

*Faust's eyes widen in a brief moment of shock when he realizes that . He regretfully closes his eyes upon realizing that he is needed.*

Faust: ...I was mistaken. Some other time, then.
Falwynn: But-!

*Faust departs from the area for good before Falwynn could finish what she was saying. She was still determined to learn from him, however.*

Falwynn: Come on, let's go after him!
<Character>: Falwynn, we really shouldn't be doing this...
Falwynn: But isn't this a part of adventuring? Stalking people?
<Character>: *thinking* Oh, boy.

*Fades to black. Fades back in to depict the brown-haired woman wearing a knight's mask in another area in the forest, calling Faust's name a couple more times. Each time leaves her more concerned than the last.*

???: Faust? Faaaaust?
Faust: Sophie?
Sophie: Ah... there you are!
Faust: Are you all right?
Sophie: I'm sorry, I was just worried...
Sophie: Did something happen?
Faust: Yes, but I've taken care of it.
Faust: Now come on, let's get you inside.

*He and Sophie go back indoors in the room where they previously were before. The latter continues to tend to the former's injuries.*

Sophie: ...It doesn't hurt! I promise!
Faust: I'd rather not risk you overexerting yourself.
Sophie: You're right. It's just...

*Sophie looks down at the ground after a brief second. She is again concerned about Faust and most likely her own well-being given that he travels frequently.*

Sophie: Must you leave again, Faust? You only just go back from Volkenraand...
Faust: Yes. I'm going to find it if it's the last thing I do.

*Sophie's sorrowful mood does not change, but Faust smiles for her to give her some degree of reassurance that he will be alright.*

Faust: I'll be back before you know it. Safe and sound.
Sophie: You're certain...?
Faust: I promise.
Sophie: Then... I'll hold you to it. That's one bargain you must keep, dear sir.

*The front door mysteriously opens and Falwynn trips on something hidden under the rug.*

Falwynn: Oof!

*Faust and Sophie immediately turn around to discover that you and Falwynn have not-so-discreetly arrived. While Faust is obviously surprised by yours and Falwynn's sudden arrival, Sophie appears to be more curious.*

Falwynn: Ooow ow ow oow...
Sophie: Um... you are...?
Faust: ...er...
Sophie: Do you... know these people, Faust?
Falwynn: Mhm! We met at the Tourname-
Faust: Friends. They're friends of mine.

*While Falwynn lays down on the rug to look at Falwynn with a dreamy look on her face, Sophie's curiosity increases after a moment of silence.*

Sophie: ...What did you say?

*Although Faust is embarrassed that Sophie discovered that he has been briefly associated with you and Falwynn while he was out, he decides to come clean with Sophie. He closes his eyes and gives her an abrupt answer.*

Faust: I have friends.
Sophie: You have-!
Sophie: Oh, you should have told me they were coming! I'll go make tea!

*She turns around to walk, but she mysterious trips and Faust quickly grabs onto her before she falls flat on the floor.*

Faust: Sophie!

*Sophie musters the strength to bend her head forward.*

Sophie: I... I can do it. I'll be all right.
Sophie: Thank you.

*You and Falwynn both watch Faust help Sophie back up on her feet in grave concern. Not long after Sophie is able to stand on her own again, she proceeds to brew tea as she stated before. Faust glares at you both once again, but he is sterner than he was when he found you two in the forest.*

Faust: What. Do. You. Think. You're. Doing?
Falwynn: Um... eavesdropping?
Faust: I have half a mind to-
Sophie: Ah, forgive me! I never asked your names!

*There was another moment of awkward silence before Falwynn confidentially broke it.*

Falwynn: ...Oh! My name's Falwynn! And this is <Character>!
Sophie: Falwynn and <Character>... I see! It's very nice to meet you.
Sophie: My name is Sophie. Sophie Helmstep.
Falwynn: It's nice to meet you, Sophie! I'm... really sorry if we're causing you trouble...
Sophie: We hardly ever have company... so it's a pleasure to have you here!

*Fades to black. Fades back in to depict that some time has passed since your arrival and Sophie has not only prepared tea, but delicious cookies as well. Both you and Falwynn regale Sophie of your adventures together and meeting Faust at the Tournament of Champions.*

Sophie: ...a tournament, how exciting! I'm glad Faust was able to meet you both.
<Character>: Er... if you don't mind me asking...
<Character>: How do you two... know each other?
Falwynn: And why are you wearing a helmet?

*Both you and Faust are shocked by the two questions Falwynn just asked Sophie, realizing that her condition may most likely be a sensitive topic for her to answer. Falwynn, unfortunately, does not. She takes a bite out of a cookie.*

Falwynn: Does it have to do with your last name? Helmstep?

*Faust slams his fist on the table and glares coldly at Falwynn for her oblivious insensitivity toward Sophie's condition.*

Faust: That's quite enough.
<Character>: Falwynn! You can't just ask that!
Falwynn: Ack!
Sophie: No... wait.

*There is another moment of silence. Faust looks at Sophie with a worried look on her face, hoping that the mere mention of the topic doesn't hurt her feelings.*

Sophie: It's okay. They're your friends... right?
Sophie: I think they have a right to know...
Faust: But-
Sophie: Besides, this is one burden you've carried for far too long. It's okay to share.
Faust: ...
Sophie: Now, you're wondering how we know each other?

*Fades to black.*

Sophie: Where do I start...?

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